Reflections: A Gamble

This is my first attempt at posting something on here so please forgive any mistakes in format or anything else.

Anyway here is a small teaser of a story that I have been kicking around for a bit. It’s still a bit rough but I figured let you’ll get a taste. It may be a little bit until I post the first chapter and really get underway I hope y’all enjoy.

Reflections: Gamble


A cry rent the night from the depths of the palace a cry not of terror but of pain and joy, The princess had been born.

Corey Needs A Babysitter


"Hey, Kaleb! Can you come over and babysit Courtney for a couple of hours?"

My neighbor David had just called. He and his girlfriend Jenny had just had a baby a couple of months earlier. I easily said yes. Not only is the baby cute as a button, I could engage in one of favorite activities.

You see, I'm a combination transgender teen baby. So, not only could I indulge in the simplicity of baby things, I could also rifle the drawers of the bedroom.

Parting of the Ways Part 5- Deborah the Mom


Deborah has a chance encounter with a ghost from her past that changes her life forever. The one thing she feared she would never experience is thrust upon her by someone who is in need. A simple request is rarely simple, but it's done out of love and affection.

Witchy Woman

Witchy Woman

Written by Nuuan

Patrick shook his head as looked at the cards in his hand, he felt like the cards were against him and he couldn’t get a break tonight. To his left his friend Stan tossed his cards into the middle of the table.

“It’s getting late, Gonna try to get home before the wife decides to make me sleep on the couch,” Stan chuckled.

Little Boy-Girl Part 25 the Neighborhood 1

This is the first part of four of other Trans-kids that need saving from the people that have either kidnapped them. Tried to hut them in one way or the other. Forcing them in to thing that could hurt them. And from a town that frowns at people that are different. It's called the Neighborhood.

The Best Diet Ever

Everyone told Lee that he and Lisa should become an item. The only issue, just because he was heavy, he wasn't interested in having a fat girlfriend.

After Lisa loses all the weight and becomes a "smoking hottie" all bets are off. When Lisa offers Lee a chance to go on the diet she did, he jumps at the chance, but the results weren't quite what he expected.


Little Boy-Girl Part 24 the McCann, Miller and Tucker girls New Home

With Carol has been reunited with her brother/sister Sandy/Maxine, and Tammy with her sister Danny/Daniela. And going to a new home things get better for them.

It was Morgan that said “what about us where will we live now.”

Ms. Van Horne said “we have a loving family that will love to have you.”

Then it was Cassandra that said “our daddy is going to jail and we won’t stay in no group home and if we do we’ll run away and you will never find us.”

Little Boy-Girl Part 23 the Search for the Missing Five

This Chapter has memories of forced incest and Memories

After Madison told me the story of how Carol told her and the other kids in the Smith’s house that they ran a kidnapping ring. Telling parents that if they have unwanted kids that they will take them in just for the money. Then not even using the money on us kids but on them.

Little Boy-Girl Part 18 and 19

Little Boy-Girl Part 17 a Very Happy Thanksgiving

It was the next day and after school the Vaughn and Davis family went to the hospital to see Zack. He was so happy to see his sisters Katie and Taylor and cousin Zoey that he started to cry. That’s when Katie and Taylor ran to the bed to give him a hug. And before they can jump on to the bed he said no “I’ve just wet myself.” The twins just looked at him and said “we did to.” And then they “giggled.”

That’s when he saw Ms. Van Horne and asked “when can I go home.”

Altered Fates: The Birthing

Altered Fates: The Birthing
By Ellie Dauber (c) 2007

A short interlude that I’m posting in honor of the PBS series Wolf Hall about Thomas Cromwell, the chief minister to Henry VIII.

* * * * *

"Tansie," Alyson Palmer yelled. "Get Her Majesty some more spiced wine."

Little Boy-Girl Part 12 Michael get to Know His Sisters Again

I was walking by Michael’s bedroom and I heard giggling. So I knocked on his door and then opened it. The Samantha and Sara Beth both yelled “DADDY!” I said “oops sorry girls and why are you naked in your brothers room” and that’s when I saw he too was naked. I said to them “get dressed and be downstairs in my office in ten minutes.” It was the first time any of the kids ever saw me mad. Well that goes for Sabrina, Nicole, Jenny, Jamie, Amber and Junior as well. Kylie said “what’s going on.” I said “the kids will be down to my office in five minutes.

Little Boy-Girl Part 11 Amanda and Maria are born and Michael finds his sisters part 2

Samantha and Sara Beth come in to Michael’s hospital room. And he says “Sissy Samantha, Sissy Sara Beth I’m so happy to see you.” They all “giggle” like little girls. I look at my two and say “you’ll get him in trouble if his parents come in to the room.” Ten minutes later a nurse comes in to change him and asks us to wait outside for a few minutes. Once she done she says “his parents want to talk to him alone for a while” I look at the girls and say “let’s go see mommy and the babies.” We pass the Davison’s on the way as they went to see their son.

Little Boy-Girl Part 10 Amanda and Maria are born And Michael finds his sisters Part 1

We were in the hospital when Amanda and Maria came in to the world. The doctor said “It twin Girls” Kylie was so glad that she cried. “Finally two girls of my own after all this time” I said I know“ We know of the issues you were having while carrying them and all but we want to run some test to see how rare this disorder is.” I say how will you going to do that. “Blood test.” Well about that time a nurse came to get the doctor that is doing the test and said “There’s a little boy about 10 years of age in the ER with something rare” I asked how rare.

Baby Grows Up

Just a word about this story

This story is the response to a trope (and a story on another site) where the main character has been trapped into a life of helplessness and not given a means to escape. It's an anti-trope?

There are no cautions selected for this story. If you feel that there should be some cautions made, please let me know.

A Medallion Trilogy - ANGEL (Continued)

A Medallion Trilogy - ANGEL (Continued)
By Anon Allsop

We spent about an hour getting me all "dolled" up, by the time she was finished I looked like Kathy did when she was out searching for guys. Angel handed me an extra purse and pulled me along the hallway and into the garage. I looked down at myself into the cleavage that Kathy possessed, expanding out from the silky blouse that Angel made me wear. My now smooth legs extending from the impossibly short mini-skirt and perched on the sexy looking pumps that I was quickly and effortlessly walking in. I was afraid that I am getting too comfortable walking in those things... it wasn't right, I knew it wasn't right... but it felt so normal.

I found myself beginning to sit like a female, to gesture like a woman. Every part of my mannerisms were becoming more and more feminine... that was very troubling. We ate at a quaint little Italian restaurant and danced at a local pub until late in the evening. At first we were dancing together and I was surprised that I could move like Kathy did... she was an exceptional dancer, moving in an arousing and sexually stimulating way.

A Medallion Trilogy - ANGEL

Many years ago, I wrote two stories called Angel and its sequel, Angel, A New Beginning. Ever since their posting, readers have been asking if I would ever write a third installment explaining 'Jeffery's Story'. I am happy to say that it is done and will be post here as the third story of the trilogy. Due to the years in between the first two and last, the writing style has changed slightly.

A Medallion Trilogy - ANGEL
By Anon Allsop

The pendant laid dormant in the plastic baggie next to my chair. I slowly looked from the clear bag, to the small infant sleeping quietly on the floor.

"What could have possessed you to try something so idiotic, Angel?" I sighed to myself. It had been almost three days since I had to transform her back.

I wiped a tear from the corner of my eye and dropped my head into the palms of my hands in exasperation, "Oh God... I am so tired!"

It seemed like it had been almost 72 hours since I slept last, because of her constant bawling... and the diaper changing. Looking at the sleeping form of Angel I sadly shook my head.

"I wished you would have never found that damn thing!" I looked back to the bag and its traitorous contents, "If only I would have known... I could have stopped her... now I'll never have my Angel again."

Hereditary Traits

First Bodysuit

First Bodysuit
By Stanman63
Thanks To Nora Adrienne for editing!
Synopsis:Many people have been Blessed with a totally new body that is free of any cancer and genetic defects as well as replacing lost limbs and healing any nerve damage. What you do not know is that I made the first bodysuit for myself and that if not for the help of my Beloved husband, it would have never been made.



Written by Dauphin

"A fanfic of a TV show, this story has enough magic for everyone. One wonders what happens in Dauphins' head?" Diana
"It was fun to write and does not follow TG stories, as there is a bit of everything. I suppose this is why some did not like it" Dauphin

Marilyn's Impossible Dream, or She's So Pretty -- Chapter 1

Marilyn's Impossible Dream, or She's So Pretty -- Chapter 1

A mother's affection for her lovely son stems from the circumstances of Merritt Lane's birth. This is the first chapter of a novel about a boy who was born to be raised at a time before the words “crossdresser” and “transgender” were in the vocabulary. Will young Evelyn, Merritt's mother, be able to raise this child the difficult days ahead?

Where is the love part one

Where Is The Love

Chapter One: Runaway!

Simon was getting worried, his twelve year old mind churning; the couple that had fostered him had locked him up in this bedroom three days ago. They only let him out to do chores around the house and hardly fed him. He sat on the bed in the room and he listened for the footfalls on the landing outside, this he was beginning to dread as his foster father had beaten him yesterday for dropping a plate the bruises still smarted. There came a knock on the door as Alison, the Rights youngest daughter, voice drifted through the wood.

The Green Fog~16

I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. In the distance I could see the huge mountain range that included our destination, Ben Nevis. We were so near yet so far. I could not believe that after all we had been through, we would have this horrid green splodge of death in front of us barring our way…



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