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The Boy Who Never Was Part 3 of 3

Robert has been asked out on a date as Bobbi. Can his feminine side make the evening a success or is he doomed to exposure and ridicule?

Chapter 3

Robert stood in the hallway for the next 5 minutes absorbing what had just happened. Then he went into the kitchen and stood there for another 5 minutes considering what he should do next. His appetite was gone so he simply grabbed a granola bar from the cupboard and began chewing on it. He walked into the living room and sat on the sofa, his legs tucked beneath himself.

Buyer's Remorse - Chapters 5 - 6

The Man in Red

Buyer’s Remorse Chapters 5 - 6

by Maeryn Lamonte
Copyright © 2023

This is an unpleasant couple of chapters. Please be cautious.

They involve a rebellious child who thinks he can get away with anything

An abusive husband who has similar self-centred views regarding his marital entitlements

The loss of pretty much the only friend in this lonely life

The former occupant of the life and her views on what she'd left behind

And the protagonist and her response to all of the above.

By the end, there are signs that the tide may be on the turn.

I should also mention that the manner in which the police respond in these chapters is purely fictitious and does not reflect actual practice in any way.

Pee Pot, Chapter 2

Sunday, July 22, 2007

As we approached the first anniversary of the change, I started to think about dating. I had dated before, but my last sort-of regular date had moved to California 3 months before the change and we weren’t close enough yet for me to quit my job and follow her there, so we split up. And I’d just never found anybody right in the 3 months after that before everything got crazy.

By Strange Ways, part 6 of 6

I wondered if she was asking the impossible. She had no work experience she could talk about, no references, and was a rank beginner at English writing and modern technology. Maybe there weren’t any jobs around here for someone like that that would also pay for transition care – insurance policies that covered it were rare enough as it was.

Roberta Galbraith - A Sleuth Awakens - Part 1

In a perfect world, Police Constable Roberta Galbraith would have been working in CID as DCI Foster had promised. She actually did spend a whole week in CID before a spanner somewhere in the multi-faceted works that make up the Metropolitan Police jammed something up and word came down from on high, 'I'm sorry PC Galbraith, you can't do that'.

Fifty and Out

Fifty and Out

By Dee Sylvan

June 2023

I’m sitting in my car wondering what in the heck has gotten into me. The Grande Ballroom is hosting my 50-year class reunion and I’m in the parking lot, ready to walk in, but…

18 months ago, somewhere in the Thumb region…

Rachel, one of my best friends from High School and the former homecoming queen, is showing up on my caller id. “Hi Alex, would you be interested in helping plan our 50th high school reunion for the Fort Austin Pirates?”

Who Am I?

“Bryan, where’s Martin?” Wendy said as he entered. They twins hugged one another.

“I can’t stay long. We broke up.”

“Really? W–?” Marisol said, also giving her brother-in-law a hug.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Bro.”

“There’s nothing you can do about it. We disagreed about something and neither of us were willing to change our positions. It was a mutual understanding that we’d grown apart.”

“You were together for five years.”

The Old Man

Maeryn Lamonte Copyright ©️ 2024

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming tonight. I realise it’s a little bit of an imposition for me to ask you..."

Everyone laughed politely, which only seemed to confuse the Old Man. I mean this was the New Year’s party, wasn’t it? And he’d all but told us attendance was obligatory. So surely he must have expected a good turnout.

How I Decided it was Time to Come Out to the World

How I Decided it was Time to Come Out to the World

Kristine V. Read

Angered by the continuing news of legislative attacks on the transgender community, Eric needs to make an important decision about coming out to his family, and the world.

The Boy Who Never Was Part 1 of 3

Robert looked at the beautiful young girl in the mirror. She was wearing a sleek red silk dress with Asian emblems on it, held on her slender form by spaghetti straps. Her modest breasts barely registered to the casual eye but the vivid red lipstick enhanced her mouth and the smoky eye makeup she had expertly applied gave her face a striking beauty and her long black hair that descended over her shoulders framed her beautifully, The dress ended mid thigh and then her slim legs showed down to the bright red 4 inch heeled shoes she balanced casually on.

Comfortably Numb. Chapter 4 of 10

Chapter 4

After that, Albert and I talked a bit of shop, but I tried to keep Raylene in the discussion, adding bits of information for her to add to whatever knowledge she had about running a Union. When I had paid, we stood and went to fetch our coats. Raylene gave me a hug, and then I did the same for Albert. I was happy that he didn’t recoil or flinch. Our time, tonight, had allowed him to think of me as a woman.

Buyer's Remorse - Chapters 3 - 4

The Man in Red

Buyer’s Remorse Chapters 3 - 4

by Maeryn Lamonte
Copyright © 2023

The new life isn't quite what he anticipated. He'd asked to be similar age, similar intelligence, same culture, not unattractive, and he'd been given all those things, after a fashion. What he hadn't counted on was being married to a fat, lazy and abusive husband with a couple of troubled pre-teen sons.

It wasn't the life she'd wanted, but was better than nothing?

Comfortably Numb. Chapter 3 of 10

Chapter 3

Cyril told her that it would be our pleasure to be close to the project until we had installed competent workers who could carry on. He even offered to alternate with me, as I had so many other sites around the country that I was needed at. That was a revelation, as he had become office-bound lately. We discussed what the contract between us should look like, and Janet walked us to our car.

Pee Pot, Chapter 1

Friday, August 4, 2006

It happened one morning. Like most mornings, I woke up and went to the bathroom to pee.

It started normally. I got a good stream going into the bowl as I stood in front of it.

But I was feeling drained. While a little residual tiredness in the morning was OK, this was more than that, and it was getting worse. And something weird was happening in the bowl. I leaned forward, one hand against the top of the toilet tank to support myself.

Comfortably Numb. Chapter 2 of 10

Chapter 2

After the others had left, I started making calls. If the girls I wanted to talk to weren’t at home, I’d leave a message for them to call before six-thirty today or tomorrow. By the time I put the phone down at a quarter to seven, I had a list of nine girls, who were all happy to be kept informed about a new site with female welders.

Trust Your Gut?

Life and love can yield turns, some welcome, some not. Leah, her friends and family would find that out over the years

Trust Your Gut?
By Marissa Lynn

New Year's Eve 2019

"Why am I here? I wasn't in a contest. It wasn't Halloween. I didn't finish last in my fantasy football league. Nope. I did this to my own damn self."

Jake was lost in his thoughts as Jasmine and Amy had run out of the apartment for God knows what to pull the look together.

Marriage Counseling

“He refuses to do any of the work you’ve suggested,” Susanna said. “You gave us that charm. He was me for less than ten minutes before he freaked out and we had to swap back.”

“I didn’t want to freak out,” Tyler said. “You didn’t warn me it was your time of the month.”

“It didn’t occur to me that would be a problem.”

“Are you telling me you didn’t freak out when it was your first time?”

She didn’t answer.

Carlos, their marriage counselor, said, “Did you?”

Boys Night Out

Boys Night Out Cover final.jpg
An executive discovers a mysterious package which allows him to become the embodiment of his greatest desire, and it makes an invitation from the boys at work an irresistible opportunity for self-discovery. However, the journey to understanding is fraught with peril, and hell hath no fury like a woman’s.

By Strange Ways, part 5 of 6

“Good evening, Jenny,” she said. “I swept the floor in the kitchen, but I can’t tell how you take up the carpet to shake it out. Do you move all your furniture every time?”


I suppressed a laugh. “No, we have a machine for that – let me show you.”

A Grumpy Old Man’s Tale 47 Increasing Independence

A Grumpy Old Man’s Tale 47 Increasing Independence

“That story Angus prised out of her concerning that Landrace boar her grandfather gave her as a piglet when she was what? six or seven was priceless! And her mum’s reaction when her lurcher pup her dad gave her just kept growing when she’d thought it to be a Jack Russell was out of this world priceless. That she raised the pig to killing weight, had it follow a bucket of feed to the slaughterhouse and insisted on watching every detail of its slaughter and butchering and being given explanations of what was being done and why was remarkable enough. But to cap it all that she helped process the blood, the head meat, the offal and all the bits and pieces was, I considered, amazing. When she said it had had a good life, but she’d raised it to eat and didn’t like her bacon so fresh that it could bite back, so it had to die, I had to struggle to avoid laughing, because she was absolutely serious about it. When she said that her next piglet, a gilt [an unmated sow], was given to her by the slaughterman, who is shortly to become her grandfather in law, so she could see the differences between sows processed for pork and boars processed for cured meat due to the testosterone boar taint I couldn’t help but laugh. Then when she said Grandad Vince the Mince obtained a barrow [a castrated boar] for her to raise to finally to complete the picture, which she then killed and butchered herself at the slaughterhouse. I had to look away because I’d tears of laughter in my eyes.

That Damned Rodent

Maeryn Lamonte Copyright ©️ 2024

You never expect Hollywood to get it right, do you? I mean not in the slightest. Because why let reality get in the way of a good story? Pure escapism, which isn’t to say pure rubbish. I mean we all need to get away from the real world every now and then.

So anyway. Time loops. More common than you might think.

Comfortably Numb. Chapter 1 of 10

Chapter 1

I didn’t mean to end up this way. It just wasn’t in my thinking at all. Somehow, every step along the way seemed the right thing to do. There was a point where I could have called a stop to things, but I was, to the core of my being, a ‘Union Man’, and the Union needed me.

A baker street drabble

“My God, Holmes, why are you dressed as a woman? “

“This is the real me. Watson. All the opium and melancholy were just trying to deflect my agony over living as a man.”

“Extraordinary! How long have you felt like this? When did you know?”

“When? Elementary, my dear Watson.”

Ghost Town

Ghost Town
I had small hope this year of achieving my New Year’s Resolution. Recognising that it was likely to fare no better than its predecessor of the year before, I’d varied it this time, but I had little faith. My basic need was centred on overcoming the temptation which surrounded me and which in the past I had proved too weak to conquer. The circumstance from which that delicious torment arose was that I was at home, alone, for long hours each day while Carole, my wife, was working. There was no escaping it.

Second Star to the Right? Newly unabridged

Maeryn Lamonte Copyright ©️ 2024
I doubt this’ll count as it’s about a thousand words short, but just for the fun...

“Mr Smee! What in blue blazes do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m steering the ship, captain, like you said.”

“Then why, pray, are we going in the wrong direction?”

“No sir. I beg to differ sir. Not the wrong direction at all. You said, ‘Second star to the right and straight on till morning, sir.”

“So do tell me, you imbecile, why it is that we’re steering for the third star to the right?”

Astralwife | efiwlartsA

My wife and I have a rather unique relationship. In fact, I met her after she had already died, and she had meet me after I already died. This was not at the same time, and, yes, we are both alive right now. And, no, it isn’t due to magic (which doesn’t exist) nor some kind of advanced scientific breakthrough. To put it simply, my wife is a 4 dimensional being primarily traveling the opposite way through space time.

(same text but backwards)
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Binding Resolutions Chapter 4.5 Interlude 1: Casting Call

**Trigger Warning: Explicit Content**

Dear reader, if you've followed us through the journey of this series, please be aware that just like its previous parts, this vignette unfolds with vivid and explicit storytelling. Your boundaries are valued and respected. Therefore I warmly encourage you to listen to your feelings and prioritize your well-being when choosing to engage with this content.

For those who find solace and excitement within my work, you are all invited to this casting call.

Binding Resolutions Chapter 4: New Beginnings


As you navigate through this chapter, you will witness a softer side of this tale, revealing a bond that may refuse to be defined merely by power and submission amidst newfound intimacies and unspoken confessions. It appears that love wears many masks, and the dance between our heroine and her mistress takes a curious turn towards the unsaid and the undone. What will become of our 'little Yvonne' when soft touches and stolen glances suggest a twist in the tale?

Perpendicular Time

It was for the start of 2010 that I’d made a resolution to spend more money on myself. Little did I know what the action I took to satisfy that resolution would mean starting months later. It changed my view of reality.

Like It's Your Last

Julia's known only to herself, as Steven to the rest of the world. Through circumstances out of her control, she becomes neither. Can she make things right? Can she get back home?

Like It's Your Last
By Marissa Lynn

2023 had not been a year full of highlights for Steven Kelly.

Not when the biggest moment was the breakup of his five-year relationship. They'd been drifting for a while. Ultimately, Kara had reached a point where she couldn't handle his dressing, not the fact that he did it, but the increasing frequency.

Through the Looking Glass Darkly

Maeryn Lamonte Copyright ©️ 2024

So I’d bought one. It’s not as if I have a lot of people in my life, so the Christmas present budget is light. Sad, I know, but then it means I can splurge on me a bit.

I’d wanted one since they came on the market, but could never justify the expense. At least not until this year. This Christmas they had a sale with a humongous seventy-five percent off. which still put the price tag at a grand, but that was just inside my budget.

As long as I skimped elsewhere.

The Long Way Back Home

In a St. Louis hotel ballroom, the camera flashed as the news photographer snapped a picture of Annie LaPorte at the dais receiving her Halfelven Community Service Award. Most of the audience clapped politely, though a certain percentage actually cheered. The award was honoring her for a project she had initiated to improve conditions in the neighborhood where she worked. It had brought many diverse people together, and ended up being more than the sum of its parts… it had turned into a huge success.

Space Queen Chapter 9

My guests were murmuring as I got up from my discussion with Braccious. This is what I wanted them to start doing, questioning who I would show favor to. The wealthy always want to find themselves able to make more money and status. I just gave that to one of their rivals, and they were not included in any discussions.

The Reluctant Housewife Part 2

The shower felt so good. I could not remember the last time I had showered or washed my hair. I was not dirty. Dr. Tom must have cleaned me while I was in the medical coma. Still, the warm water felt sensual on my now smooth skin. It's funny how you don't realise how you miss the everyday trappings of civilization.

The shower gel and shampoo were all heavily scented with jasmine and other flowery scents. I wrapped the towel around my waist and started to dry my hair. I walked back into the bedroom.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?"


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