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Playing with Alien Toys Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Alison left in the Tesla that evening. She reported that the roads were eerily empty. A few miles outside of town the road was destroyed. Since her android body was able to run up to about fifty kph, she decided to go on foot from there, but she examined the site to try and work out what type of weapon had been used.

The Mural and the Cabinet, part 06 of 21

Zindla liked having a little girl around, even if she was older than she looked, and used to be a boy. Seeing her cousins and other children who lived in the neighborhood, she’d sometimes regretted being an only child, and now she felt like she almost knew what it was like to have a little sister. Devi was so enthusiastic and curious about everything; having her around was like seeing everything for the first time.

Births Deaths and Marriages

Births Deaths and Marriages
A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

Allan Bingley was not the sort of man who you might think of as a criminal.

He has a small open and honest looking face on a small non-descript body, slightly flabby. He had very little hair on his head. Alopecia rather than pattern baldness, had robbed him of his hair when he was not yet thirty. His mother assured him that it would grow back. It never did. And now she was dead.


A married man with a secret addiction is found out by his first wife who divorces and socially slams him. He sets and obtains a goal of put his shattered life back together, then risks it all with a second wife, who unexpectedly brings with her a goal of her own, and the enticements to reach it.

Authors note: This work contains an unmentioned enticement of its own. It is the reader's choice as to if they will yield to it, or perhaps they will yield without even knowing it. In any event, may the reader find enjoyment within.

This is not me! - Part 3

[Phoebe was on the phone to Samantha Mason]

“Sorry for not calling you before this. Things have been a bit hectic since we met.”

“How? Well, I’m now unemployed for starters.”

“A bit of a long story but that isn’t why I called.”

Phoebe took a deep breath before she replied.

“To be honest Samantha, I could not get you out of my mind.”

Viper II - Mother of the Dragon Queen, Part 12

viper embroidery.jpg


Gently leading Mother Daniella after the priest towards the back door and the gardens I wondered if the Assassini were watching the back, too. If they were I would have to either bet on them still having no idea about what was going on and talk to her and then lead her back to her lodgings or kill those, that would see us. If they were not watching the back my best bet would be to make her disappear, so that she could give us all information she had. Then I would group my little force and raid the Vatican this night. In that case I would desperately need to talk to Carlo and Emberto.

Going to see a 1940 dance band

I came home from work to see the dress hanging on the back of a door.
'Wow that looks the business, real vintage I take it?'
Pam said nothing, I fingered the edge of the dress, 'it feels like real silk, you will look great in it.' I said confidently.
'Do you know nothing, look at the size of that waist, it is impossible.'
'Are you sure?'
'Dead sure, they even sent me an authentic corset to go with it!!'
'Still it will look great.'
'Which part of this are you missing buster, I am not being trussed up and paraded for no one.'

My Uncle Fifi: My Beautiful Laundrette

Trapped as a shapely French maid and hiding out from the mob, a smart-mouthed rogue must prevent his family from unwittingly being drawn into a criminal scheme even as he is confronted by his two most remorseless adversaries: Mom and Dad. It's a twisty whodunit with a thrilling hovercraft chase that--wait. No, it's not. It's a spirited comic romp with snappy banter, money laundering, and unspeakable acts with a ripe pineapple!


Trying something new

It only started with me sitting waiting, all ready to go out and Fay looking great as she fastened her ear rings on. An idle comment can have major consequences. I only said 'your dress looks great, those underskirts that make the skirt fill out are back in fashion, they always looked good in those old films.'
Fay smiled at me, 'yes it's new, I bought it last week, glad you like it.'
And then the comment that changed everything 'what does it feel like to wear? I mean the skirt is so full and the underskirts must feel different against your legs.'

The Spy Who Loved Me

The Spy Who Loved Me

Part 1

The mouse scratched at the walls of the small Plexiglas box it found itself in. It didn’t seem to notice when the lights in the room dimmed or when a robotic arm with a laser scanner descended from the ceiling and bathed it in a red wave of flickering light. A slight electrical hum filled the room. Moments later a shining object looking rather like a giant sparkplug lowered itself over the mouse.

A slightly hollow sounding female robotic voice echoed throughout the room. “Sequence initiation in three, two, one. Initializing.”



April 3, 2028

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the CEO of Future Global, Malcom Sanders.”

The lights in the conference hall dimmed and a spotlight appeared on a man dressed in jeans, tennis shoes, and a Hawaiian aloha shirt as he walked across the stage. After an initial robust round of applause the attendees fell silent. Malcom Sanders was the latest Silicon Valley technology wizard that had quickly established himself far above his competitors in recent years. His appearances were rare but always accompanied by life and market altering innovations.

Playing with Alien Toys Chapter 35

Chapter 35

I was relaxing in the spa with Karen, Susan and Alice while Alison and Hannah were playing in the swimming pool that was set a metre or so down from the spa. Alison and Hannah were laughing playing some kind of game that involved the waterfall so they were quite close. Alison froze mid-laugh and then quickly came into the spa to join us. I saw Hannah leaving the area towards her bedroom.

Playing with Alien Toys Chapter 34

Chapter 34

We had been sitting in the kitchen eating dinner and feeding the PEs so when Alison led us down to the basement we weren't surprised. In a corner of the room was what looked like a cupboard, at least from the outside. Inside it looked like a very small room, but when the floor dropped away we realised it was an elevator.

Playing with Alien Toys Chapter 33

Chapter 33

The next day was more of the same. We spent the day creating a library of patterns. Tara/ Susan queried Alison about creating a seed pattern library. Could seeds produced by the fabricator germinate and grow normally? Alison believed they could so we purchased as many seeds as possible. We were all hoping for the best, preparing for the worst and more and more expecting the worst to be our new reality.

The Mural and the Cabinet, part 05 of 21

“Do you want me to show you how to sew?” Pasyala asked. “Or has your mother already shown you?”


“No,” Devi said at first. “Girls do sewing and knitting and stuff.” But then he reflected: People go into other worlds to learn valuable lessons and have adventures and stuff. The portal made me a girl, so maybe it wants me to learn about girl stuff before it will let me go home and be a boy again? “I guess I’m a girl now, so I can learn how to sew and stuff.”

Playing with Alien Toys Chapter 32

Chapter 32

I woke up in a pile of naked limbs with a smile on my face. I had expected Tara/ Susan and Kay/ Karen to move to the other bedroom now that we had more than two. That hadn't happened and when I examined my feelings I realised being together in one bed made me happy. I wasn't going to discuss it, but we sort of had to when we started designing our underground bunker.

Castle The Series - 0089 Llyllabette, Yoomarrianna, Beth, Morris



Silverherb stopped the waggon and taking a stick with her hit the ground. The couple had wondered what she was doing for they had seen nothing, but their eve meal of barbecued snake was a considerable improvement on the previous eve’s meal.



Uncharacteristically, Amethyst hesitated before saying, “Take Beth to the healers, Beatrix. There are preparations the herbals produce which can reduce masculine development to naught and others to enhance her femininity, but they need to be taken before puberty has goen too far, they can not readily undo much development that has already taken place.”


JOAN (26) AND BRÆTH (28)

Bræth replied indignantly, “Of course I do. If I love you that means I love yours too, it is part of the Way.”



Gibb had had numerous complaints concerning Morris’ authoritarian stance, but was glad Morris was dealing with his staff in a long overdue manner that beseemt the situation.

N21 Part 2 Chapter 5

Part 2 Chapter 5

The next day, I went to the lab. I met Carla there and quietly explained what I suspected. “You know, we can’t have more children, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do. That’s why I came to you.” Carla had become a very good friend on the way home – no, not to home, but to Earth – from N21.

Playing with Alien Toys Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Alison didn't want to show herself as an illusion anymore, but she still spoke to us and directed us as needed. We explained to the gardeners when they arrived that the lawn only needed a quick mow as we would be dumping soil on top to be taken away later. We explained that we were creating a swimming pool in the backyard and we did this outside the front of the house and quite loudly, hoping the neighbours would hear. They still had a lot of weeding and bushes to sort out.

The Mural and the Cabinet, part 04 of 21

In the stories, kids who go through portals to other worlds need to learn something from it. Maybe there’s something I’m supposed to learn from being a little girl. And there’s definitely got to be something I’m supposed to do here, but I don’t know what yet.”

This is not me - Part 2

[The three friends are meeting up once again in London]

The girls laughed themselves silly when Phoebe said that she was not going to go on any more blind dates but that she’d signed up to a speed dating evening.

“But Pheebs…?” exclaimed Lana.

“But what?”

“But… you are just putting yourself… out there.”

“Isn’t that the aim of the game? To go out with some men in the hope that I find someone for a long-term relationship?”

“She’s right Lana,” said the third member of the trio, Sky.

Castle The Series - 0088 Sven, Claudia, Stacey, Topal


CLOUD (43) AND SVEN (45)

Cloud had a ripe and full body, and Sven ran his hands slowly and deliberately over her leaving no part untouched, savouring every detail, as if he were re-establishing the memories of the tactile sensations provided by a woman’s body.



Aaron was clearly awaiting the meeting to begin, and all considered it portentous that the chair Aaron had selected for his companion was one that had only ever been uest by persons of powers beyond the normal before.



Claudia still couldn’t think of growing bean sprouts as anything other than something children did in a jar. She had been astonished at the interest it had generated mongst the growers.



Margæt, who was not without a pair of hips herself, remarked, “We all hate our cotte, yet my man, who is no different from any other, would be upset if I doetn’t have it. I’d love to be slender and elegant, but he would hate it. They’re all for bosom and cotte, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could be grateful they are.”

Viper II - Mother of the Dragon Queen, Part 11

viper embroidery.jpg


I went to have a bit of rest then, as I wanted to go on my own to scout in the small hours. I was sure to be the most safe on my own, as none of the others knew the art of the dragons to melt into the shadows like Liu and I had done at Tivoli. I got up when my feeling said it was time. The clock said half past three in the morning. I put on my black fighting clothes and wrapped my now blond hair in a black scarf, that also covered my face leaving only my eyes free. I wore black leather gloves, just in case I met any assassini. Alphonso insisted on staying at the point where I penetrated the Vatican with his men and that was no problem for me. I was not going to be seen, even if one or two of the assassini would not survive the night, but the men could certainly help to dispose of the corpses if the need arose.

Playing with Alien Toys Chapter 29 and 30

Chapter 29

We had left almost everything behind with our old identities so we had nothing to connect us to our past lives which meant, all we had to pack was our recent purchases. We had all had a nice time shopping, but there were so many other things we wanted to do that it had only been a sporadic exercise and we really didn't have that much to take with us.

Playing with Alien Toys Chapter 28

Chapter 28

There was not much we could do for a couple of days, at least, in terms of advancing our progress. Alison was working behind the scenes to purchase a plot of land, a house, and have supplies dropped to them. If we waited until they were officially ours we would have to wait weeks, but Alison had negotiated our ability to start using them immediately.


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