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Lilith's Despair Chapter 7

In a nation plunged into the abyss of chaos and darkness, where the boundaries between the tangible and the otherworldly had evaporated, the President's authoritarian grip tightened, and his loyal advisors were bound to him in a sinister alliance, driven by anger, fear, and desperation.

Relevant Dress Code

As soon as I woke up I knew that this would be another scorching hot June day. It also meant that the boys’ decision to stage a skirt-protest against the dress code not allowing shorts would be implemented that day. I smiled. I had the most dashing skirt I was planning to wear. I decided to really girly up. Instead of having my long blonde hair in a low ponytail I decided to let it flow down to my shoulders over my ears. I picked my favourite white blouse and some thin tights. The tights somewhat negated the purpose of the protest but I couldn’t resist.

Daisy's Red Badge of Courage (3)

Daisy's Red Badge of Courage
A Prequel to “Daisy and Phantom Nurse”

Act III: A Bloody Red Badge

I felt myself being lifted off the ground a few moments later. At this point I felt a fever starting to form, and my fingers and legs were starting to tremble. I slowly opened my eyes and noticed two faces were peering down at me. Both belonged to teenage girls, one had blonde hair and blue eyes, the other had black hair and blue eyes. Angels? Had I really died and gone to heaven? 

Diva Dismayed 15

Diva Dismayed: Chapter 15 – Not a date
Despairingly I looked along the closet rail and couldn’t find anything which was new or newish and which hit the spot. I’d just resigned myself to defeat when finally a skirt caught my eye. It was straight and in a bright floral brocade and one I hadn’t worn before. The label told me that Mom must have found it in a sale. I stepped into it, pulled it up around my middle and fastened the zipper. I stood before the glass critically but thankfully it looked just right.

The importance of being a team player - Chapter 12

Fear can be such an incredibly basic sensation. Your body and brain detect danger, making you change your current actions into doing something to steer away from whatever it is that is causing the fear. It can make you run away from a dog that is behaving in an aggressive manner. It can make you run away from a bully who wants to ruin your day. It can even make you run away from your own mother and her judgmental gaze. All of this seems easy enough. But what if you’re afraid of something closer to home? What If you’re afraid of something you can’t run away from?

GunPrincessRoyale - Bk3 - Ch4

The ongoing trials and tribulations of Ronin Kassius as he assumes the identity of Isabel val Sanreal and returns to Ar Telica City. Having survived the encounter with the Gun Queen of Ar Telica, Ronin returns to Ar Telica and begins his/her new dual life as Isabel val Sanreal, illegitimate daughter of the uber rich Sanreal Family, and as the Gun Princess, Mirai, an artificially created entity with preternatural abilities.

Arctic Fox Book 3: Pursuit of the Dream - Chapter 26

The Arctic Fox 3.jpg

Cover photo by Jonatan Pie. Downloaded from Unsplash

Marcia is seventeen, and along with Darryl, has moved south in Alaska to attend the Anchorage campus of the Alaska State University. She wants to pursue her dream, but will it pursue her instead?
I want to thank Malady, once again, for his help checking through this story for the many errors I frequently insert, as well as listening to my sometimes completely crazy ideas about the direction of the story and telling me how crazy they are!

Chapter 26

July 29th, 2023

Palmer, Ak

10:37 AM

It was payday on the farm, and Mage was making her way around to the different workers, handing them their statements. It was the day and age of electronic payments, but she had decided to hand people their statements, at least, as it allowed her to chat with each of them and find out how they were all doing.

Bedwetters' Sleepover

I’m 16 and have just started HRT. Unfortunately, one side effect of spiro seems to be having to pee a whole lot. And with the way that lots of places want to criminalize being transgender, things are pretty rough. I have to excuse myself from class often to run down to the nurse’s room, the only place I’m allowed to use the restroom. As if that’s bad enough, I can’t even hold by bladder overnight anymore, and have had to start wearing diapers to bed. I wear size XL goodnites, and most nights I wake up with the diaper full of pee. I've lost all of my friends since starting HRT, so my mom has set up a bedwetters' sleepover with her friend's daughter.

WunderGirl ~ Chapter 1

Sam wants a summer job in the worst way. A poster attracts his attention with an offer that might be just that!
What started out as a way to avoid heavy labor turned into something very much else! Sam takes the first steps on what may be a journey that changes his life. Is getting a good start on his college fund worth it?




By Shauna

Copyright© 2020 Shauna J. Rousseau
All Rights Reserved.
(Cover image designed by Joyce Melton.)
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~ Day 0 ~


Daisy's Red Badge of Courage (2)

Daisy's Red Badge of Courage
A Prequel to “Daisy and the Phantom Nurse”

Act Two: A Fearsome Melee

I felt like a Roman gladiator entering into the Colosseum. My blood ran cold, it seemed the whole school was. The parking lot was jammed full of people. And at the center was the beast of the man. He had stripped himself of his collared shirt and tossed it to the side. His eyes burned like fire. The minute I entered into the circle was the minute all eyes turned toward me.

The importance of being a team player - Chapter 11

One would expect that after all the excitement of last week, I’d be enjoying the mundanity of Monday morning classes. Solving formulas during algebra, calculating vectors during physics, and reading about the War of 1812 during history. It wasn’t quite as engaging as the emotional rollercoaster I went through last week. Nonetheless, I needed to keep notes religiously trying to keep myself in my mother’s good graces.

(Rewritten) Doom Valley Prep School: Chapter 57

Doom Valley Prep School
Chapter 57
New And Unwanted Feelings

It was one of my worst nightmares.

I was naked in the middle of a crowded city street and everyone was looking at me. My nemesis, who had threatened to kill me twice, and was just as naked as I was, was holding me tightly against his chest. Our clothes had completely vanished, sucked up by a street cleaning machine, which was going on it's merry way completely ignoring us. And I couldn't breathe.

The Faerie Blade: Chapter 12

Faerie Blade.png


Chapter 12: Kaelyn's Heart

Kaelyn was just trying to fill her belly, but she got a lot more than she bargained for when she decided to save the life of a Faerie.


I attempted to shake off my melancholy as I considered Vesha’s words. “I do not think that I would have the money for such finely made instruments,” I told her with a sad smile.

Freedom of Naethari: Chapter 10



Chapter 10: It’s a Trap!

Naiya and her fellow Naethari have killed Edward Pierce and gained their freedom, but there are others who want the Naethari for their own ends. Can they keep their hard-won freedom?


“You sound American,” the senior Frost said with an uncertain expression.

Release Me Chapter 7- Next to You


I carefully stepped out of my second period class and checked if the William express was around. It was not, so I walked down the hall in my search for Anna. I had thought about asking her to go to the last game of the regular season. Since our school was out of the running for state I had to wonder if it would only be the two of us, the pep band and the cheerleaders. It would be cold, as it it usually became that time of year…except when I was next to Anna.

The importance of being a team player - Chapter 10

“Trying to be impulsive for once?” I jested back at Riley while rubbing the palms of my hands on my jeans in an attempt to distract myself from the pain.

“While I admire the gumption, this isn’t quite what I expected from your glorious return” Riley looked at me while shaking her head. “When I said you needed to break out of your shell, I didn’t expect you to take it so literally.”

Diva Dismayed 14

Diva Dismayed: Chapter 14 – When is a date…
Sure enough, the following morning, after a somewhat restless night for me, we set off for my ex-fiancé’s house. On the well-tried principle that knowing I was well-dressed would bolster my confidence, I took longer than usual to get ready. It also served to delay the evil hour of an encounter which I didn’t relish in the least. I’d brought with me the dress I’d worn to my last medical appointment. It was my current favourite so I felt it was a good choice for today’s visit.

Spending Vacation as a Girl

Alex loves crossdressing, and when he goes on vacation with his sister to celebrate graduating high school, she thinks that it is for the best that he pretends to be a 12 year old girl to make things easier on her end. It's hard to explain an 18 year old boy dressing the way Alex does. While on vacation, Alex meets a girl and develops a crush on her. Of course, if he plans to keep dating her, he'll have to tell her the truth. There's no telling how she might react.

Daisy and the Phantom Nurse (4)

Once I entered the cafeteria I paused and looked around. I  then closed my eyes and slowly opened them. I was ready for a nap, but food had to come first. So shrugging my shoulders I walked over and joined the line for the hot food. The other doctors and nurses in line only peered at me, none of them said a signal word. I guess most of them wanted to eat and go home. Which suited me just fine. Or on the other side of the coin they wanted to get a quick bite of breakfast before starting their day.

My Mom, My Cousin, and Me: Part 2

*** AUTHOR'S NOTE *** Hello, I'm Hibari and thank you for all the wonderful reception on my first story! I saw a lot of comments to continue the story, and that's exactly what I've done here. I have a lot of great ideas where I can take this story in future installments, but in order to explore a more interesting narrative I will have to delve into some more mature topics. For this particular entry I wanted to give a CONTENT WARNING in regards to some of the topics that you will read. Please let me know what you girls think, I hope to continue this soon!

The importance of being a team player - Chapter 9

“I’m changing!” I yelled out loud and fast. The door handle seemed to stop it’s downwards motion as soon as the air had escaped my mouth while time felt like it had slowed down to crawl. Turning on the light to prevent any more suspicion, I tried to play along with my mother’s beliefs regarding the ownership of the bags. “Just leave it there, Il bring it over to Riley’s tomorrow!”

Diva Dismayed 13

Diva Dismayed: Chapter 13 – On the road again
Della’s ability to leave me speechless had proved second to none, once again! All I could utter by way of a response was a nervous laugh. I desperately needed to change the way this encounter looked like developing and fast. Searching around for a safe topic of conversation, I hit upon the previous night I’d spent going out. Accordingly I asked her if she ever attended the monthly dances and mentioned how much I’d enjoyed the one which Rachel and I had been to the evening before.

GunPrincessRoyale - Bk3 - Ch3

This is the unpublished version of Book 3 of "Gun Princess Royale" a sci-fi, gender-bender, girls-with-guns, action series that I self-published on Amazon Kindle as eBooks in 2017. The series tanked in sales due to a bad story, very bad writing, and failing to put in the required time to develop the Gun Princess Royale Universe before releasing the books. Consequently, I never self-published Book 3. I did post a rough cut for Book 3 here on TG BigCloset. However, I was unsatisfied with the result, so I went back and rewrote the novel with a new approach. This is that novel.

Release Me Chapter 4- I Can Hear Music


The Den was a huge and recessed room with a large couch with a television on the wall. The pool table was a full-sized unit. I wondered how they got it into the house and into this room. The air hockey table was just as new looking and probably twice as heavy.
I admit I am terrible at pool. Anna went over the rules a little bit and we played one game before shifting over to air hockey.

Diva Dismayed 12

Diva Dismayed 12: Chapter 12 – A walk in the park
The next morning I woke to find that Rachel was up before me. When I surfaced I saw that she was engaged in looking through my closet.

She noticed my wakefulness straightaway. “Sorry if I disturbed you. Sleep well?”

I nodded drowsily. There seemed to be a golden haze about her and I heaved a sigh of deep content as I gazed. My friend however was in a more practical mood.

Wrestling my Little Sister and her Friends PT 2

After losing a bet and being forced to dress as a girl, Trevor (Tiffany) has more fun than they would like to admit. They even have a new girlfriend! But surely he's a manly man who won't lose another bet and have to crossdress again, right? Right?
Be sure to read part 1 first - https://bigclosetr.us/topshelf/fiction/99348/wrestling-my-li...


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