Nobody Doesn't Like

Sarah and Lee live a life of quiet desperation until Sarah decides to take over. Her first step is demanding that Lee buy her a lipstick.

Nobody Doesn't Like
by Angela Rasch

Sarah first decided to exert her control over me in Osco Drug. I had filled my cart with shaving cream, mouthwash, razor blades, and a dozen other necessities, when she directed us to the cosmetics department.

“I’ve been looking for just exactly that shade of lipstick,” she begged.

“What?” I asked with astonishment. Sarah had always been a lot more boy than girl; and she never before had been so pushy in a public place.

She pouted a bit before I relented. The black and gold tube looked horribly out of place amongst all my things.

“Did you find everything?” the lady at the counter asked. Normally her question wouldn’t have meant a thing to me, but it caused me to fumble, as I struggled to pull the right bills out of my wallet.


I knew if I could get Lee to buy me something — anything — I could take our little relationship to the next level. He obviously thought about me all the time, but he never seemed to do anything about it.

When we got home, I couldn’t wait to see if my new lipstick turned him on.

He watched me, seemingly taking great pleasure in how pleased I was with the sweet, deep-cherry coloring.

“Sarah, you’re beautiful.”

I thought for a moment as he caressed me that he would take me where we stood, but eventually we ended up in his bed. We made love as one; of course I knew exactly what to do to give him the most pleasure.


Immediately after we had sex, everything I hated about her came rushing back. She was totally wrong for my life; and it would be an absolute disaster if people found out or even suspected.

I had enjoyed what we did, but I could never do it again.


It nearly broke my heart when Lee told me how he felt. I knew what I wanted for us, and he just didn’t realize how really good things could be.

Nearly a month crawled by before I had another opportunity to urge Lee into another store. Luckily, I spotted just the right nightie within only a few seconds in the lingerie department. Lee liked it, mainly because I found it so quickly, but I went crazy for its darling soft-yellow fabric and the lovely feminine details that would float across my breasts.

He wouldn’t have lasted shopping much longer. I thought Lee would jump out of his skin when the saleslady asked to see his driver’s license to verify his credit card. He obviously didn’t want people to know about us. Couldn’t he see I had every right in the world to have something as cute as that nightie?


When we got home Sarah put her nightgown in a drawer in my bedroom, as if she lived there. God, what could she be thinking about? Someone could find it. I lived alone, but what if my mother or even my cleaning lady. . . . I asked her to be more careful.

Later, when we went to bed for the night, the soft, sleek material drove us wild. I played with her erect breasts through the silk for what seemed like hours, before getting down to business. In the end, she had multiple orgasms before I got any sleep.


That night had been an utter disaster. Admittedly, I had worked hard on Lee to take me out for Halloween. I had never been to his bar and wanted to meet his friends. I wore my nicest outfit and had worked for hours to be sure my make-up and hair were just so.

At first his friends acted friendly enough, but as the night went on they started saying nasty things and making weird faces. Lee put on a tough guy act, but they wouldn’t back off, and we finally just left.

When we got home he went a little berserk. He got out a garbage bag and went through my drawers throwing everything in it. Good God, it had been his friends who had been jerks, but he blamed it all on me. Lee wanted everything of mine out of his house and didn’t care if he ruined it in the process.

At first I tried to reason with him, but then I sat in a corner and did my best to disappear. Through his tears he vowed never to see me again.

He told me not to come back, but I knew he couldn’t mean it. How would we live without each other? He said I couldn’t be a part of his life, but I knew better.

Today, less than three weeks later, Lee bought me a whole new wardrobe and all the make-up I wanted -- to replace what he had destroyed. Not once during our shopping trip did he seem anything but determined to put our relationship back to where it had been, before Halloween.


I couldn’t live with Sarah; and I couldn’t live without her. My plan was to remain celibate, but once she got dressed and sprayed on her new perfume, all my good intentions meant nothing. You could call it lust, but maybe it was my acceptance of what had to be.


Before we got into bed, I made Lee promise to be as kind and sweet toward me after we made love, as he had been before. At first he got all, “What do you mean?” but I didn’t let him get away with that silly nonsense.

After we made love, I could tell Lee had a hard time keeping his promise, but I held him to it.

After a few weeks of my new “after-glow” rule, our relationship became less sex-based -- and more about being true to our self.


I took Sarah home to Mom and Dad yesterday to break the big news to them about my future. They expected me, but seemed shocked to meet Sarah.

At first Mom got teary, as if she feared losing me to Sarah, and then she realized she would be gaining a new girlfriend.

Dad tried his best, but as we stood in his front doorway, on my way out, he lost it. “You’re a damned fool.”

“Dad, please. . . .” I had a hard time maintaining my composure.

“Have you thought everything through?”

“Uh huh.”


He turned his back, and then shut the door in my face. Sarah cried all the way home.


“Sarah?” Dr. Reardon stared, and then shined one of those miniature flashlights into my eyes.

I tried to move, but spun in a world of pain and confusion. “Uhhhhhh.”

“Everything went perfectly, Sarah.”

“Please Doctor,” I said, coming out of a post-operation fog, “call me Sarah Lee. I want to keep that small part of my past.”

The End

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