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The role of a lifetime? The romance of my high school career?


Miss Recudes

by Angela Rasch


Synopsis: The head cheerleader and most popular girl in the drama class revolts. After working to win the part, she refuses to play Maria in the school play, “The Sound of Music.” Ryan is deeply in love with their teacher/director. Will the beautiful Miss Recudes persuade him to save the play?

The numbers spun in my head. I’m fifteen and she must be about at least thirty because she was a first-year teacher when my sister was thirteen; and my sister just turned twenty-one. When I’m twenty-two she’ll be thirty-seven. We can get married then!

The sound of an argument pulled me out of my steamy daydream. “Are you going to do what we asked, Miss Recudes?” Brianna stood with her feet apart, defying the woman I loved.

My thoughts of marriage were “steamy” in that I really didn’t think about matrimonial life much beyond the “bedded bliss” part.

Although I had never seen Miss Recudes lose her temper, she appeared to be headed in that direction. Her face was a shade that clashed with her always-perfect lipstick. Her dark red lips were one of the things I loved about my drama teacher and the director of our play. Our other women teachers wore lipstick, but not with the sophistication of Miss Recudes. Mrs. Grant made her mouth into a repulsive gash. Ms. Anno actually wore pink lipstick like those women out of the sixties in the Austin Powers movies.

Miss Recudes turned to the portable blackboard she used to block out each scene, and then wrote in big, sweeping letters, “The Show Must Go On.” She turned toward us, her face once again the gorgeous, natural color of sand on the beach at the lake — a wonderful shade of light brown that girls call “beige.” I would use the word beige all the time, because it sounds so neat, but guys never use that word.

She stood tall, at about six foot in her heels, but I would have looked up to her even if I wasn’t a few inches shorter. When she moved from place to place on the stage she would glide, in contrast to other women teachers who walked as if they were looking for a fight.

Miss Recudes stuck out her jaw. “We are going to do ‘The Sound of Music’ for our spring musical. If our soprano leaders don’t want to follow the rules, we’ll find a way to put on our play without them.”


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