Baby Powder Scent

Baby Powder Scent

The scent of baby powder often invokes the mothering instinct in many women. For some women that instinct may even overcome a man thought too big for diapers. Of course once diapered there's no good reason not to give that man a breast.

Baby Powder Scent

Players: John and Susan

The scent of baby powder often invokes the mothering instinct in many women. For some women that instinct may even overcome a man thought too big for diapers. Of course once diapered there's no good reason not to give him a breast.

John eased onto the stool exhausted. Too weary even for conversation he simply nodded at bartender Claire. Claire, with understanding and a sympathetic look she nodded back and slipped a frosted glass under the draft spigot. John's usual.

There was a soft smile when Claire came back with his beer just as Tracy, the bars only cocktail waitress, came up to the service bar with another order. John and Tracy shared a hello and a smile. John liked Claire's, but even better this night for a chance to finally unwind. Making it nicer still, it was a half block from his place so he didn't have to drive.

John also liked the clientele most nights and this night especially as the tall, buxom brunette took the stool next to him. Gorgeous John mused as he slowly and inconspicuously eyed the woman. He also decided very quickly that she was way out of his league. Out of his league in the real world perhaps, but the close proximity allowed him at least a brief fantasy.

A fantasy suddenly growing as he watched from the corner of his eye her crossing her legs. It wasn't seductively, that move, but he imagined it was as her expensive perfume slowly began to envelope him. Claire took the woman's order, a gin and tonic, then cautioned her about John although she did so in a light hearted way. The woman eyed John and nodded back at Claire.

Claire considered John almost a son given her age, and John felt the same way about Claire smiling over the warning. The woman smiled again at Claire, lightly nodded at John while pushing a five dollar bill across the bar for her drink. She swirled the ice with her swizzle stick after a light squeeze of the lime wedge before looking at John again.

"So I'm in danger am I," the woman said casually as she took a sip of her drink.

"Any other night, yes - maybe, but honestly not tonight. At least not this night, I'm just too exhausted," John said with a touch of sarcasm and a believable sigh.

The fact that she was talking to him was something. John's sarcasm was honed after so many years alone. Lonely years filled with getting told "no" more often than not made him less enthusiastic about even trying. Truth was most women wouldn't even sit this close, and those that did, did so reluctantly and they never talked.

"I'm Susan," Susan said extending her hand, but leaving off the last name.

"John," John said taking Susan's large feminine hand. His hand hardly wrapped around her fingers as he gave her a brief shake. Warmth greeted him and another measure on the differences in their sizes as her fingers nearly circled his hand.

"So a long day then," Susan asked.

"No, not so much long as it was difficult. I mean at least the day went by fast, but it definitely was not your average day," John said.

"I've had a few of those so I know what you mean," Susan said in an understanding tone. With that said she went silent and John followed her example. A couple of sips of her drink and then she cleared her throat.

"John, forgive me my boldness, and I don't mean to pry, but may I ask about your after-shave or perhaps it's your cologne. It's really quite pleasant," Susan said.

"Yours too by the way," John said then snickered before adding, "as for mine, it's Johnson and Johnson.

"Johnson and Johnson? Didn't know they make a cologne?" Susan said smiling curiously at John's reference.

"Actually that's a joke, or meant to be, and of course they don't. It's Johnson's and Johnson's Baby Powder", John said with a light laugh.

Baby Powder, as in b. a. b. y. powder," Susan asked with a surprised look on her face.

"Baby powder as in powder for babies," John said with another snicker. It didn't surprise him that question since dozens of people at different times and over the years asked that very same thing. Even the ones that didn't ask but wanted to often made him smile. It was an occupational hazard.

"Interesting choice for cologne," Susan noted with a pleasant tone and a curious look.

"Actually, it comes from the diapers," John said and added, "they use a commercial baby powder scent on them".

"Diapers," Susan asked with a curious look and added, "as in diapers for babies?"

"Diapers. As in diapers for babies. I'm a diaper tester which means of course I test diapers," John said with a casual seriousness before adding, "and when you test diapers all day you get the scent on you, like it or not."

"Diapers? You did say diapers? You actually test diapers," Susan asked with a very surprised tone before adding, "which makes what you do the most unusual job I've ever heard of."

"It is for a fact," John said.

"So if you don't mind my asking, what sort of diapers do you test," Susan asked.

"Disposables Diapers mostly. I work for C and C," John said.

"C and C? I don't know those initials," Susan noted.

"C and C? You know, Cute and Cuddly? C and C Baby Diapers," John said enjoying the changes in Susan's face with each small bit of information he was giving her.

"Oh, right! Of course C and C, Cute and Cuddly. Now I know where I've heard those letters before. They are the pastel pink and baby blue hugging bears," Susan said.

"That's the one," John said not adding any more than he had to.

"So you test diapers? I didn't know they used adults to test baby diapers or do they also make diapers for adults," Susan asked.

"Nope, just diapers for babies," John said.

"So I'm guessing it's because of your size then," Susan dared to ask.

"That's the reason. Babies obviously can't talk so they use guys and girls my size or smaller to test the diapers. Consider us as baby stand ins, and since we can talk, we give them the test results," John said.

"Interesting. Forgive me for saying this, but as occupations go that has got to be right near the top as the most unusual occupations in the world," Susan said.

"I should say so," John said enjoying this exchange immensely as he added, "and it pays well enough plus the works not that difficult."

"That's my next question? So how does one go about testing baby diapers," Susan asked.

"It's pretty straight forward. Someone working for Quality Assurance tapes me into a diaper, that's first. Another person tracks me as I go through a series of test routines like crawling, walking, running; then sitting and bouncing. That sort of thing," John said with another snicker.

"I see," Susan said as she twisted fully this time to look straight at John who was smiling broadly before adding, "and I'm getting a very distinct impression you're putting me on."

"Actually, I am. Sorry about that," John said as he added, "been that kind of day."

"I get it. So the baby powder isn't from testing diapers, but that still leaves you with that scent! It is baby powder scent, right?" Susan asked.

"It is. It really is, and I'm really sorry, but I couldn't resist. I'm feeling giddy from being so tired. And after this long I've gotten a little flippant with my answers. The baby powder scent is not hard to explain, Actually I rarely get a chance to and you've been nice enough for me to tease," John said.

"So what's the truth," Susan asked.

"Truth is I'm an electrician for C and C and from very early this morning, through most of the day I was trying to fix a damn relay switch on a machine. As it happens, it's a machine that adds that baby powder scent to diapers moving past on a conveyer belt," John said and added, "company use a concentrate that is mixed with water, and it's sprayed over the material. Pipe broke while I was working on the unit, and I happened to be right next to it when it let loose."

"Now that is disappointing," Susan said with her own snicker.

"Disappointing? How so," John asked smiling and thrilled that the conversation was still going on.

"Well, you've completely trashed a very wonderful fantasy I was having," Susan said.

"Fantasy? Now I'm afraid to ask, but I will," John said slightly taken back by her words.

"Ask about what," Susan said taking her own turn to tease John a little.

"About your fantasy of course," John asked.

"Oh, right! It's about that testing. Let's see, OK, in this fantasy of mine, I'm one of those QA people. Let me see how that might go? Got it, so I was imagining this room, a large room but extremely cute. It's all decorated, you know, like a baby's play room or something. It's full of baby toys, cribs, playpens and most importantly changing tables," Susan said looking thoughtful.

"You're still talking about testing right," John asked nervously.

"Sure! Anyway, there is a one way mirror and behind that mirror there are these women, me actually, and we're in white lab coats with name tags and we've all got clip boards. Those women and I are watching you crawling around in just your diaper while we make check marks," Susan notes with a pause before adding with a disappointing tone, "and now that bubble is all gone."

"You're scaring me," John said smiling.

"Sorry about that. Didn't mean to, but for a while there it was a really nice fantasy," Susan said wistfully.

"That's scaring me more," John said smiling nervously. Actually, it wasn't really scaring him as much as turning him on suddenly.

"OK, then perhaps we should change the subject," Susan suggested.

"Don't say change," John snickered while smiling.

"Sorry about that too," Susan added.

"So, you've got what I do, now what is it you do," John asked a little sad that their focus was shifting.

"Me? I'm in sales," Susan said.

"Really, so what do you sell," John asked before taking a sip of his beer.

"Believe it or not diapers," Susan said smiling.

"Diapers! Right, OK, you've got me. So don't tell me," John said giving Susan back her smile although his was a little forced now.

"I'm serious. Honestly, it's true. I sell diapers - disposable diapers," Susan said before adding, "actually I do the bulk sales for most of our major retail clients - you know, the big box stores."

"You sell diapers," John said sarcastically before adding, and you don't think that's just a little too coincidental?"

"Not at all. Don't you get it? Honey, if it's OK if I call you honey, that's why I was so attracted to your cologne," Susan said before adding, "by the end of some days I can smell like a baby as well."

"OK, so you sell diapers. Tell me Susan, if I may be so bold as to ask, who do you sell those diapers for," John asked with his voice dripping sarcasm, but deciding to let Susan tease him as he had her and, in a way, glad they had stayed near the original subject.

"Why for C and C of course," Susan said laughing.

"Right! So you work for C and C as well," John asked with a touch more skepticism.

"Going on seven years now," Susan said.

"Seriously, you work for C and C," John asked again and added, "and you let me go on about testing those diapers."

"I do work for them, and I let you go on because it really was such a cute notion," Susan said before adding, "and on a scale of 0 to 100 about a 99 for originality on pickup lines."

"And you just happened in here, tonight, on this night," John asked and added, "choosing that stool to sit on."

"Nope! Didn't just happen. Came in here on purpose actually," Susan said and added, "Came in here specifically to see you as a matter of fact."

"Me? Why? For what," John asked as the whole situation began to change suddenly.

"To thank you John. Fact is, I'd like to buy you dinner if I can," Susan said before adding, "give you a proper thanks."

"You want to buy me dinner? Not that I'm not grateful, but why," John asked before adding, "don't get me wrong, sounds wonderful, but again why me?"

"Are you kidding? For your efforts. For today. For this exhaustion. For your success and lastly for saving my bacon. Carl, your boss, told me, after calming me down, that you were responsible for getting that darn machine back on-line again," Susan said.

"I'm always fixing that machine. This time was only a little worse, but still pretty routine," John said and added, "certainly not really reason enough to buy me dinner."

"Well, it wasn't routine for me. Look John, one of my biggest accounts was about to walk away from us today because I couldn't get our factory to commit to deliver, and it was because of that darn machine. We would have lost them if I couldn't get their order finished and without that machine the order wasn't going to get finished," Susan said and added, "so yes, for no other reason than that. John, I owe you big time."

"Just doing my job but it's a nice gesture," John said and added, "so just out of curiosity, how did you know I was here?"

"Actually I didn't. I went looking for the guy, whoever that guy was, you as it happens, that fixed the machine in time to say thanks. After I found out you left I talked with your boss Carl again to at least get a phone number. Carl said if you didn't answer at home, that you sometimes stop here. You didn't answer your home phone and I didn't get your cell, so here I am," Susan said and added, "so seriously, how about letting me buy you that dinner?"

"Man that's a really nice gesture, really, it is, but I'd be lousy company tonight. I'm kind of sore and very tired. They called me in at two this morning and I've spent the better part of my time humped over that machine. Honestly Susan, much as I'd like that dinner, I'd fall asleep on you. Maybe a rain check or something," John said with genuine regret in his voice. The one time a woman wanted to buy him dinner of all things and he was exhausted.

"That's OK. Tell you what, I'm not that far from here, so what would you say to a quick home cooked meal? I'm not that bad a cook and you've got to eat anyway, right? Right! I'll take you to my place and put something on that's fast, I promise. At least let me do that much - please," Susan said and added, "seriously, I want to say thanks."

"A home cooked meal would be awesome. You said you're not far from here, so where do you live," John asked surprised again when she said she was close.

"Linden Towers. I have an apartment there," Susan said.

"You're kidding? I go right by that building to work," John said slightly taken back that she really was that close before adding, "seriously, I'm only another block past you."

"That's great. So what do you say? Dinner? Please," Susan said and added, "I promise something quick, and that's it."

"That would be nice, truth is I'm starved and too tired to cook," John said allowing the exhaustion into his voice, and added, "OK, yes. Dinner really would be great. Although I'd like to go home and shower first if that's OK. Try and get some of this baby powder smell off if I can. Shouldn't take me that long."

"I can agree to the shower part I guess, although I'm not sure you need it, and frankly your cologne is really working for me," Susan said and added, "tell you what, take your shower at my place while I fix dinner. Save time. You can just as easily shower at my place as you can yours."

"Thanks for the offer, but it will only take me a minute, and I hate to put you through the trouble," John said and added, "besides I need something fresh and cleaner than these to get into."

"Trouble? You? Don't say that! After what you did? Really, it's no trouble at all and you deserve those few extra minutes you'll have to rest," Susan said and added, "and you don't appear to be all that dirty."

"I was in coveralls," John noted.

"OK, so what if I insist you shower at my place," Susan asked.

"I guess I can. You sure? Trouble is I won't be able to change into clean clothes so I'll still going to smell like a baby," John said regretting he used the word baby instead of baby powder.

Susan smiled.

"What," John asked.

"Sorry about that. It was nothing," Susan said.

"What? Tell me," John asked again with his own smile as Susan snickered a little.

"That part about not having anything to change into. It left me with a funny thought and a really cute image again," Susan said and added, "imagination has been working overtime tonight."

"Should I dare ask," John said, but knowing exactly where she just went.

"Sure, why not. The thing is I've got samples, lots of samples, and I'll bet dollars to donuts you'd easily fit into our T 6 c diaper," Susan said.

"T 6 c," John asked not exactly sure what the designations meant.

"T 6 is T for toddler, and 6 is size 6. That C on the end is for chubby," Susan said before adding, "and that chubby size isn't meant to offend, because it's cubby for toddlers not adults. It's just that a chubby diaper for a size 6 toddler would easily fit around you."

"Thanks, but no thanks, I'll stay with my adult underwear," John said smiling to match Susan's. Trouble was he was suddenly forming his own images and a fantasy around that toddler diaper and Susan. Most of it around Susan and as a fantasy it was very pleasant..

"Penny for your thoughts," Susan asked watching John drift into something closer to day dreaming.

"Not these thoughts. No, not likely. These thoughts are definitely not for sale," John said coming back from his dream and grinning broadly.

"Bummer. Anyway, we should go so I can feed you and get you to bed," Susan said not missing the double meaning she'd inadvertently put into her statements as she added, "that didn't come out right either did it?"

"Depends," John said as he too realized he'd just added a little play on words imagining that adult diaper brand as he added, "and forget that reference to Depends."

"And my own slip of the tongue," Susan added as she grabbed her purse.

They both laughed as Susan stood, followed by John. Susan at two inches over six feet towered over John easily by a foot or more. As they neared the door their contrast brought a blush to John's face as one of the fantasies he was having came back with a new clarity.

"Something I said," Susan asked noting the obvious blush to John's cheeks as she turned and looked down at John. Her own fantasy, forming around that toddler diaper, left her with a slight flush as well.

"The beer rushed to my head when I stood," John said hoping she brought his excuse and thankful his light jacket was still zipped at the bottom. Zipped closed and long enough to hide his sudden erection.

She lived only a little before John's place.

Susan's apartment was luxurious and twice as big as John's. Clearly she made a good living from selling diapers in bulk leaving John curious as to how one went about pitching diapers to customers. Against the wall dominating her living room was a large bookcase and writing desk with a lap top open although that wasn't what caught his attention.

"You weren't kidding were you," John said.

"About what," Susan asked dropping her purse and jacket on one of the two couches that faced each other.

"You really do have diapers," John said before realizing his tone might suggest that thought excited him. Trouble was it did excite him in an odd sort of way and another blush formed as he added, "that is not me being excited over wearing diapers, but for the fact that you do have diapers."

"Yes I really do. Samples. Every customer that I pitch needs a touchy feel and even if they don't I make sure they do. It's good for sales. I take a few of each size for my new calls or when we've changed the designs or process in someway. By the way, those T 6 c are in that large purple package on the end. Say, what is your waist size just for curiosities sake," Susan asked.

"Don't even think about it," John said.

"OK don't tell me, but it's too late for that thinking part. However, I'll try not to add anything to it," Susan said laughing as she added, "seriously what is your waist?"

"Twenty two inches," John said shaking his head before asking, "why".

"Thought so. Amazing," Susan said moving to the purple package and lifting one of the disposables from it. On the front in a soft print the pastel pink and baby blue bears were hugging.

"Amazing? What's so amazing," John asked looking at the diaper she was now holding. Of course he's been around diapers for several years now but that one in her hand unnerved him.

"You and these! I mean you 'in' these. Actually I more or less knew these would fit. They go up to twenty six inches," Susan said and added, "these are longer than the other toddler diapers as well so they would also fit waist to waist.

"Waist to waist," John asked but cursing himself his curiosity.

"It just means that the fit would be better from front to back. Toddlers have short bodies. The chubby toddlers also have short bodies but they make these longer to take up the size difference," Susan added.

"Good to know - I think. Anyway, you just you go ahead and put it back," John said smiling nervously before adding, "and do it quickly before I start thinking about running for home."

"OK, but they are right here should you change your mind. Get it? Change? Meanwhile, showers down the hall to your right. Extra towels and wash cloths are in the cabinet next to the shower. There are cheap, but new tooth brushes in packages in the left hand drawer by the sink along with the toothpaste. Oh, and you'll find the baby powder in the medicine cabinet," Susan said laughing as sat the sample down on her desk.

"Baby powder," John asked.

"Be liberal," Susan added.

"Thanks. I mean thanks for the shower and towels that is. I'm going to do without the baby powder," John said moving to the hall. He was glad over the prospects of a shower and hadn't removed his coat yet.

"Can I take your coat," Susan asked.

"Not just yet," John added not thinking about what she might think.

"Honey barbecue or teriyaki glaze sauce for your chicken wings," Susan asked.

"Hard choices, both sound great," John said from the door to the shower.

"Never mind, I'll split them half and half. Half the barbecue, the other half glaze. How's that," Susan asked.

"Great, be right out," John said moving into the bathroom and thankful for the privacy.

"You want a salad as well," Susan yelled from the kitchen.

"Yes please," John said from behind the closed bathroom door.

Dinner was a large plate of chicken wings that Susan mixed with both flavors. She added a tossed salad and Texas toast with a new bottle of red wine. It was tasty, filling and between bites they got to know each other a bit more.

John carried his third glass of wine to the soft tan leather couch she insisted wouldn't be harmed by his clothes and they talked a little more. John's memory of that conversation ended with Susan talking about something as he began to lose his focus.

John opened his eyes. The room was darker, silent. John woke very confused for a time laying there in silence getting his bearings. He was in Susan's apartment still. He knew that much, but he was laying on the couch and covered. It was comfortably warm as John yawned, rubbed his eyes and struggled with a grunt to a sitting position.

John's jacket was laying over the sofas back still and his shoes and socks now were sitting together on the floor. He was still in his jeans and tee-shirt making him smile as he realized that he'd only dreamed about the diapers.

"Hey," Susan said laying her book down and removing her glasses. She was on the opposite couch, legs tucked under her, reading by a free standing light.

"Oh man Susan, I'm so sorry about this. Honestly, I don't usually do that," John said stretching, shaking his head and adding, "I remember you saying something, but not what was said and then nothing after that."

"Don't apologize. You were exhausted. Good heavens, there was wine and I filled your belly with food. Truth is I would have been surprised if you managed to stay awake.

"Still, it's not very nice falling asleep on your host," John said.

"Don't be silly John, and besides, it was kind of nice having that soft snoring in the background," Susan said and added, "place can get a little lonely at times."

"I really should go," John said stretching again.

"Please, don't. I mean I've been enjoying your company. It's been a long time since I've had a man up here," Susan said and added, "unless you've got something you need to do tomorrow. I've got a great spare bedroom and I've been told my poached eggs on toast with a thin layer of white aged cheese is second to none."

"Tempting, very tempting, but I've been in these clothes for way too long," John said.

"Tell you what, if this doesn't scare you that is, why don't you pass me those clothes to me from your room and I'll toss them in the wash. They'll be clean and dry by morning," Susan said.

"That would be very rude of me," John said but wishing he could.

"Nonsense, it's what, about ten seconds worth of work? I toss them in, add soap and turn a dial" Susan said and added, "the dryer is even easier, and we can talk more over breakfast. Come on, say yes! Besides, like I said, I like talking with you."

"Sounds tempting very tempting and nice. Real nice," John said deciding yes and thankful he didn't have to walk those couple blocks to his own place.

"Rooms right across from the bathroom," Susan said inviting John to walk down the hall. She took up the comforter and for the first time John saw it. It had the look of a knitted baby's blanket but very fancy and clearly much larger than a real baby's blanket.

Pretty fancy blanket," John said.

"Sorry about that. First one I grabbed. As it happens, I knit," Susan said and added, "it was actually one of my first projects."

"Very pretty," John said.

On one side of the blanket, the side he had been touching, was a soft satin in a pastel pink. The other side was made up of a series of soft fluffy yarns knitted into alternate squares of white and pastel pink. The squares were combined together and attached to the satin to make the blanket, with the entire blanket edged in a delicate soft lace.

Oddly, and almost instantly that blanket, as he turned into the doorway, fit the room perfectly. John was looking at a girl's room, a little girl's room with nothing suggesting anything masculine. It was incredibly feminine and childish with everything decorated.

"Sorry about the feminine touches, but I like to tole paint as well," Susan said as John surveyed the room.

"Toll," John said.

"Tole. T.o.l.e. It's an old decorating technique going way back to the 18th century. Tole means gilded or elaborately painted. Later, especially in Europe it became a single stroke technique for things like pottery. In our pioneering days It took on a newer meaning for people who couldn't afford to buy expensive things so they decorated them with paint. It's a kind of folk art that I'm picking up." Susan said with obvious pride in her work.

"Feminine," John said.

"It is. Oh, you know what, I'm sorry, I didn't even think about you and what you might think of a room like this. I mean as a guy. I mean what this room might do to a guy's consciousness," Susan said.

"Not an issue," John said and added, "Truth be known I'm too tired to care even if those sorts of things bothered me, and they don't."

"It's just mostly me finding a place to practice my art. This kind of art has always fascinated me and it does have a feminine flavor to it. Funny thing is, I never really had a real little girl's room till I got this place. Hope it's OK," Susan said and added, "hopefully you can't see most of it with the lights out."

Everything, or nearly everything that had a surface was decorated with pastels. Those pastels formed filigrees and flowers in various forms. There were small picture frames, a tissue box, even the furniture was decorated in tiny patterns or flowers or designs. Mostly in pinks, lavenders and pastels. Definitely a little girl's room.

"So you have a daughter," John asked.

"Daughter? No, not really. Not in the literal sense that is. I mean it's really my room or perhaps the room I'd have if I was still a little girl. OK, so the truth be told I'm that little girl," Susan said.

"So this is your room," John asked.

"Hard to explain John, but I grew up in several foster homes after my aunt kicked me out of the house, and another truth is I never had a, you know, a room of my own - let alone a girl's room," Susan said before adding, "look would you rather use the couch?"

"Don't be silly! This will be fine," John said as he looked longingly at the beckoning bed loaded with dolls and stuffed animals as he added, "wow, those dolls even look like real babies."

"My reborn dolls," Susan said moving to the bed to start taking the dolls from it. She held one dressed in pink as she added, "another art form actually."

"Reborn," John asked and added, "as in re-born?"

"Yes. Reborn. You take vinyl baby dolls and enhance their look using special paints and painting techniques to simulate skin, then customized clothing, to create the look of a real live baby. You get judged on how real they look. Not as easy as it looks but it's a nice past time once you master the techniques," Susan said as she lifted the bonnet off the baby's head to fix her hair.

"Amazingly life like," John said moving close to the doll Susan was holding.

"Gives me a chance to imagine myself a mom or, again, that little girl at times," Susan said laughing nervously as she put the bonnet back on the baby's head, "and I get to use some of my sewing skills as well."

"When do you have time to work," John asked going over the list of things Susan did as hobbies.

"That's the nice thing about not having a social life," Susan said and added, "lots of time to do other things."

"Tell me about it," John said wistfully as he thought about his own lack of company over the years.

"Not easy being at the extreme ends of average - is it," Susan said in the same tone as John.

"No it isn't. Everyone, at least most everyone that is average is automatically taller than me," John said.

"Same here, except in my case - shorter," Susan added.

"We can blame advertising. All you ever see, at least in those ads, are perfect people. Wouldn't it be nice to see someone like me or you making commercials," John said and then realizing that might of sounded insulting added, "I didn't mean that like it sounds."

"Actually, I took it the way you said it and I took it as a complement," Susan said smiling. Her close proximity was making John suddenly more nervous and slightly flush.

"Just wish I was a little taller right now," John said more to himself than to Susan and regretting it the instant he said it as he added, "I didn't mean to say that out loud."

"I just hope you're not wishing that for my sake, because I think you're nearly perfect," Susan said moving a half step closer.

"You're kidding, right," John asked.

"Not in the least. If you want to know the truth, I almost wish I was a foot or so shorter so I didn't make you so nervous," Susan said and added, "trust me when I say I find you very attractive."

"That goes for me as well. I think you're ideal just the way you are," John said wishing he was now more bolder suddenly.

"So, are we going to stand here all night trying to find justification to kiss each other, or are we going to kiss? That is if we find a way to stop talking," Susan said moving directly in front of John as she took his forearms in each of her hands. She gently tugged him close while coordinating and adjusting her own position so she could kiss him.

The kiss bent John's head back but not so much to be uncomfortable and John kissed Susan back as hard as she kissed him. He had imagined this very thing since Susan came into the bar and sat by him and it was much better than what he'd imagined.

When their kiss broke Susan smiled, but was still gently gripping John's arms as she said, "no sense messing up two beds is there?"

"Would be wasteful," John said softly matching Susan's mischievous grin. There was an eerie sense of foreboding for John since he still considered himself unworthy of such a woman. Would he "measure up" he mused.

"My bed is just down the hall," Susan said taking John's hand. They walked in silence and remained that way as they reached Susan's bedroom.

"I have to admit that I'm more than a little nervous," John said.

"Me too," Susan responded as she allowed John into her room first and added, "been a while."

"Long time for me to. So you're nervous as well? Over what pray tell," John said with no small amount of disbelief in his voice.

"That you'll like me," Susan said.

"You're kidding right? I mean look at you," John said.

"So you're not hung-up on having sex with a giant," Susan asked smiling but the tone didn't match.

"Only if you don't mind having sex with a gnome," John asked.

"Actually I do," Susan said.

"What," John said in shocked disappointment.

"Not a gnome. I'd rather be making love to a dwarf. A gnome often looks like a tiny old man and I'm not that old myself," Susan said.

"Oh," John said laughing when Susan began to laugh.

"Now then, let's stop talking," Susan said moving closer to John. She began with his shirt while adding soft gentle kisses between his mouth, cheeks and forehead.

John's clothes piece by piece lay in a pile at his feet before Susan finally stepped back.

"Does the word cute or adorable bother you," Susan asked.

"Not really, why," John asked standing there with a touch of shyness that he was still naked and she wasn't.

"Because, those are the words that come to mind just now," Susan said.

John blushed. Hung, masculine, macho would have been nicer words at the moment but he was use to words like that because of his size.

"You are also in very good shape," Susan said and added, "and nearly perfect everywhere else I might add."

"Thank you. When you don't have a social life you tend to have more time to work out," John said smiling as he stood proudly with his erection fully extended before him.

"I'm afraid that's just ended," Susan added.

"What has," John asked.

"Your non-social life," Susan said before adding, "if that's not too big a problem."

"Right now I see that as a positive," John said when Susan began with her own blouse.

Susan let her blouse fall and then undid the side button of her skirt. There was a small zipper and when that went down the skirt slid along the slip to her feet.

Susan was wearing a full slip in a shimmering soft pink nicely laced and as soon as he smiled she slowly moved the left strap so it fell off her shoulder. The slip still clung to her snugly, enhancing her supple shape. She did the same to the right strap before easing the slip down to her waist. With the slip resting on her hips she slowly undid her bra. John gasped hoping it hadn't been out loud, but fearing it had.

"So I gather you like breast," Susan asked as she stood with her arms at her sides. She had the bra in her hand and stood like Wonder woman might, John mused.

"I'm sorry about that. As to your question and those breast? Yes. Yes definitely," John said feeling his cheeks growing warmer and his erection becoming painful as he added, "and if you don't hurry, I'm libel to have an accident."

"I can see that. In fact, I'm thinking you're going to need protection," Susan said in a light hearted voice.

"As a matter of fact, that might help," John said in that same joking tone but also feeling himself on the verge of an orgasm he didn't yet want. Not yet at least as he added, "except I don't carry that sort of thing. Haven't since I was a teen. Did once, long time ago but I was more an optimist back then."

"Wait there," Susan said.

"Why," John asked.

"I like to undress slowly. I'm kind of an exhibitionist that way and it appears that you're not going to last without a little help," Susan asked.

"Where you going," John asked as she left the room.

"Just take a second. The thing is my dear, undressing slowly is part of my foreplay," Susan said over her shoulder before adding, "I'm sort of an exhibitionist that way."

"Then I'm definitely going to need that protection," John said looking at a very large and very erotic set of breast floating by him as she turned. They shifted, swung, rose up and down as she walked out the door. Disappearing in the hall she left john with a very pleasing image of her bottom covered in a soft pink nylon panty. John was completely naked and wishing with all of his might he'd kept the towel with him.

It had only been a moment before she appeared again.

"Here," Susan said coming into the room and heading right for John. In her hand a disposable diaper.

"Hold it! Wait? Susan, what are you doing? No diaper, no way. Come on, you've got to be kidding," John said as he started to take a step back before adding, "seriously, no way."

"Don't be silly! You don't have to wear it sweetheart, just hold it against yourself while I finish undressing," Susan said and added, "it will keep you from dripping all over my carpet."

"Hold it? Wear it? What's the difference? It's still a diaper," John said with not nearly as much conviction as Susan opened it enough to cover John and did so. She did it quickly and so softly that he hardly felt it till she pressed it against him. He could have said no still, even refused her forcefully, but he suddenly decided not to.

"Diaper or not, It's still protection," Susan said as she rested the open diaper against John's genitals with laughter as she added, "and this way if I decide to rub you there I don't risk you making an even bigger mess. Now go ahead and hold this while I continue to tease you till the madness sets in."

"Fine," John said with a smile as he put his hands down to replace Susan's. It seemed impossible that a diaper, a baby's diaper no less, could be so sensual but this one was as Susan stepped back a few steps to start undressing again.

"Now where was I," Susan asked.

You were driving me to that madness," John said ignoring the diaper he was holding against himself.

"You know, it would be much better if you would do the rest of my things for me," Susan said as she slowly rotated her hips suggestively as she added, "want to tug my panties to the floor?"

"Going to be difficult with me holding this diaper in place," John said slightly frustrated as he added, "but yes, I do."

"Well, if you promise not to protest too loudly, I could tape it on you. Only take a second," Susan said.

"I knew it. I knew you were going to say that! You planned this all along didn't you," John said with an annoying smile on his face but not nearly as hung up as he might have been. He was getting very horny and him in a diaper was clearly not a turn off for her. In fact, he was beginning to believe she really did plan this somehow as he added, "come on and admit it! You planned this didn't you?"

"Guilty as charge. Now, do you want to finish undressing me so I can ravage you for the rest of this night for being so cooperative, or shall we talk about your sexual hang-ups for a little while longer," Susan said standing with her legs slightly spread apart and hands on her hips.

"OK, first of all, and correct me if I'm wrong, but me not wanting to wear a baby's diaper is not a sexual hang-up," John said and added, "if anything, it's a guy thing. We tend to hate being babied after about the age of 4. Maybe it's 3! I forget."

"So I suppose that means you won't be breast feeding on these like a baby either," Susan said as she lightly juggled her massive breast with her red tipped fingers.

"I didn't say that," John said as he added, "and I'm feeling a trap forming. You know as in entrapment. Police use this sort of technique all the time."

"Breast," Susan asked looking shocked.

"Perhaps not, but still," John said as Susan moved towards him.

"Would it be a better trap if I said I'd go crazy with you on my breast and that diaper tapped around you," Susan said.

"Yes," John said with his head swirling. Truth was he could easily tolerate wearing that diaper under those circumstances. John was sensing that Susan had no qualms over that diaper. On or off him. Besides, the mere mention of her breast and him feeding from them left him dizzy.

"My breast are very sensitive, extremely sensitive at the moment and a set of lips sucking on them could put me well over the edge," Susan said and added as she lifted both breast slightly in her hands, "if I can get you to cooperate and try this, that is. I could really get off on someone nursing these if, again, that someone's bottom was slightly padded."

"I can't believe this," John said.

"Well? Is it going to be OK if I tape that closed," Susan said looking at the diaper John still held in his hands.

"Fine! But hurry then! Please," John said in agony. The conversation wasn't so much the issue as those breast he was looking at, and more, her suggesting he nurse them. He was on the verge of fainting. Worse, he was on the verge of losing his load right then and there and suddenly thankful to be holding onto the diaper. He was also wishing his hands free making her suggestion sound.

"Thought you'd never ask," Susan said moving quickly behind him.

There was a second when John was going to say no, but it came too late as Susan slipped behind. He wasn't sure but he sensed her sitting on the bed. He could feel her hand reaching between his thighs suddenly to bring the hanging diaper through them and up again to touch his bottom cheeks.

That touch, he mused, was the reason he moved his legs apart, but that wasn't all of it, he also couldn't help but notice as the diaper grew suddenly taught where he was holding it. He could feel her from behind pulling the diaper softly, wiggling it, then both hands moving it across his bottom before each flap joined the front two that he held.

He was being diapered he realized while he held one side as she tapped the other. He was being diapered and letting it happen he also realized as she drew the diapers slightly more snug. He could see the pink and baby blue bears knowing for sure he was in a baby's diaper. The diaper grew even more snug over his erection when she tugged at the final side.

It grew better, much better when he felt Susan's breast resting against his back as she used both hands to smooth the diaper first over his bottom again after both rested on the front. It was almost painfully erotic when she reached around with her left hand to smooth the front before adjusting one of the flaps. As she began peeling off the strip to move it he wondered why he'd been so hung up on this.

His knees felt like rubber as he was hugged from behind, Susan's breast were pressing firmly against him as she switched hands to adjust both sides. He kept his arms up and it dawn on him again that he was now officially wearing a diaper. Not just a diaper, but a baby's diaper colored in pastel bears he told himself again before his conscious mind gave over to his subconscious.

She was kissing his neck at the back with both hands moving over the diaper in front. She was teasing him slightly with her hands laying flat, fingers pointing down so both thumbs lay snugly against the sides of his erection. John could feel the knuckles of her thumbs gently caressing him. He didn't have much longer he mused but in his bliss too afraid to say so.

"It's going to be too late in another minute," John whispered in a mild, but happy, state of anxiety.

"Sorry about that, but I can't help it and if you do let loose so be it," Susan said as she straightened and added, "bet I can find a little more inside of you before dawn breaks. I'm good that way."

John thought she was going to begin undressing again but she tugged at him from behind and at his waist. He was being slowly turned around, guided by her large hands on his waist till she had him firmly between her legs. With only a light physical hint to join her John was lifted slightly and found himself laying bottom down across Susan's large legs. She was holding him in her arms resting over her legs like one might a large baby.

John felt his face flush and wasn't sure it came from excitement or embarrassment as he glanced at the softly mounding diaper between his legs. The diaper formed a puffy kind of "V" that started widely at his waist to narrowing between his thighs and he could feel the bulk there. She moved slightly so his neck was resting in the crook of her arm as she pressed him closer bringing her breast easily to his face.

If he wanted to talk he couldn't suddenly as her mouth moved to cover his. With their mouths connected her tongue slipped against his forcing his mouth open further while her left hand covered the front of his diaper. Their tongues touched, slid and pressed against each other as Susan played over the soft mound of white plastic now covering John.

There was a small amount of mental discomfort over his state yet it was incredibly sensuous as her touch echoed through the diaper to his erection. He could sense it and hear it from the diapers crinkling plastic and soft material moving slightly against his genitals and a nearly impossibly intense erection.

John knew he was going to lose it any second, but fought mightily against the urge to let go. It worked, but only so far, as the very act of his gripping back intensified his desire not to. He knew this was Susan's intent as she gently forced him towards and finally against her left breast. He took that large soft warm nipple fully nearly filling his mouth, and with the suction of a baby nursing he drew on it.

John didn't need to know Susan's state of mind, at least not in this regard because she moaned. She moaned and shivered while her hand over John's diaper intensified it's movement and pressure. Unbelievable John mused from his depths when it became maddeningly clear it was too late to rationalize or think over anything else but his orgasm.

The last time John had sex with anyone was in high school and while that was memorable, it had no comparison to what was happening to him now. Nothing matched what he was feeling as the undulations of pleasure swept him to the brink over and over again. John felt the pressure easing slightly but held each till each passed. His ejaculation was explosive as he jerked his legs and back to stiffness.

And he wasn't alone in that pleasure as Susan groaned softly in her own pleasant state. Susan shivered as if cold but held John's head against her breast even as the intensity of John's orgasm subsided. Susan's hand has forced itself between his thighs pushing firmly against his diaper to his prostate. A warm glow flowed over his entire body as if a blanket of warm air had drifted over his head to his toes. Another set of long minutes went by before Susan eased her grip on the back of John's head and from between his legs.

Both shared the afterglow of their individual orgasms for a number of long minutes before Susan bent to softly kiss John on his forehead. Reluctantly he eased his grip on her breast to join her own in a tenderly warm soft kiss. This time her hand, now resting over his diaper again, caressed him gently. She made small light movements over the slippery fabric through a second kiss.

"Penny for your thoughts," Susan whispered just inches from his face, as her hand holding him stroked his shoulder while the other continued softly stroking his diaper.

"Too jumbled right now," John said allowing his body to rest completely in Susan's arms.

"Well, I'll give you mine for free," Susan said and added, "and my first thought was that was incredible."

"That's a word I'd use but I'm still sorting through the list," John said smiling as he added, "and meanwhile, can I ask you a question?"

"Of course," Susan answered.

"Honestly," John asked now that reality was sliding back into his consciousness. He was now feeling very embarrassed laying there spent the way he was wearing nothing but a baby's diaper.

"Absolutely," Susan said without skipping a move.

"How much of this was planned," John asked.

"I'm guessing you're talking about the diaper," Susan answered.

"I am," John said as Susan's hand drew an outline at the edges of the diaper before a single finger played under the legs elastic.

"Let's see? A hint of this came when we talked about the diapers which was right after I arrived at the bar. It was just a fantasy then, but pleasant. It got stronger when you fell asleep on my couch. I wanted to diaper you while you slept but of course I didn't dare, so there is that second time. I guess it really became a plan when you stood there naked, dripping a little and looking so damn sweet and so horny," Susan said.

"Never before then," John asked carefully.

"You mean like did I pick up to diaper you," Susan asked.

"Something like that, so I guess yes," John said.

"No, I hadn't planned on anything other than buying you dinner. Although like I said, that changed a little when I noticed you getting excited while we talked," Susan said and added, "and the thought of sex came up when you did so don't blame me."

"No thoughts of me in a diaper," John asked.

"Not the way you're imagining it, but the thought of diapers was there when we talked. It was at least in the back of my mind but you can blame that on the baby powder scent and not on any conspiracy. John, can I ask you a question now," Susan said.

"Yes of course," John said.

"Did you enjoy this," Susan asked.

"More than I care to admit to as an adult male," John said and added in a softer voice, "yes."

"Because of the diaper, diapering or breast feeding in a diaper," Susan said.

"Yes, yes and yes," John added, laughed and said, "all three. Although I suppose it made me a little paranoid thinking about how you see me."

"How I see you," Susan asked.

"You know what I mean - if I'm still a man in your eyes and not some kind of weirdo," John said.

"John, I put you here! Literally, it turned me every which way but loose, but honestly if this bothers you, I'd be willing to put all of it aside when we make love again. John, I want to make love again so if you want to this behind us it's OK. Does that help answer your question," Susan asked.

"Yes," John said and paused. He stopped long enough to think a moment and added, "trouble is I'm not sure I'd want to set any of it aside."

"Serious," Susan asked.

"Serious," John answered.

"Then help me out of my things and we'll discuss this in depth between those sheets," Susan said.

"Fair enough," John said moving to stand up. He hated giving up the position he was in. He rose, stretched and became very self conscious how his diaper felt.

"Cute and adorable," Susan said as she stood before adding, "no, make that very cute and very adorable."

"You're pretty cute yourself," John said as Susan fussed lightly with the panties over her ample hips before those too fell.

"So what do you call panties like those," John asked curiously.

"These? These are called tap panties. The design comes right out of the roaring 20's. I make my own lingerie," Susan said as she lifted the panties from the carpet to give John a chance to see them in detail. She held them daintily in front of him, close.

"They are very pretty," John noted taking the hint as he touched the flared lags trimmed in a soft dripping lace. They were the same color pink as her slip and that's when he paid attention to the garter belt still clipped to her stockings.

"All of the pieces I'm wearing are straight out of the roaring twenties, including the back seamed stockings," Susan said.

"That is so sensuous," John said moving his hands to the lace trimmed straps that led to the grips clipped to her sheer nylons.

"Thank you," Susan said and added, "got a very pretty baby doll set that I'd like to wear to bed while we talk. If that's OK."

"Baby doll?" John asked curiously.

"Baby doll! It's a nighty styled from the 1950's," Susan said as stood and added, "got the pattern on Ebay a while back."

More than OK," John said and added, "and I take it this is all I'll be wearing, if I say OK to wearing this that is?"

"Actually no," Susan said.

"No," John asked with a little touch of disappointment in his voice.

"Sorry, I mean as far as the diapers, yes, if you're willing to wear them for me," Susan said smiling.

"I guess I am," John said.

"What I meant was I'd like to change your diaper before we get into bed," Susan asked.

"Oh," John said feeling the hint of another arousal as he added nervously, "but it's not wet or anything."

"Perhaps not a lot yet, I know, but the filler sometimes gathers or shifts after a time and I like moving my hand over something smooth, OK," Susan asked.

"Yes," John said as he continued touching the satiny laced confection circling Susan's waist as he added, "don't see this sort of stuff anymore."

"No, and that's why I like sewing my own lingerie. I do so love the feminine," Susan said.

"Me too," John noted.

"You love being feminine," Susan asked cautiously before snickering.

"Not on me, on you," John said laughing a short laugh with another touch of nervousness.

"Too bad," Susan said.

"Too bad? Why," John asked.

"Because I'd be willing to spend a few hours at my sewing machine to make you something suitable to wear with those diapers," Susan said.

"You mean something feminine," John asked.

"Not feminine, babyish," Susan answered and added, "for when you come back."

"So I'm coming back," John asked happily.

"I'd really like you to," Susan said.

"I'd like to," John said as Susan twisted away to walk towards her dresser. Covering her firm bottom were two other straps holding her stockings up as he added, "I'd like it a lot."

"Then it's only logical that we spend the weekend getting to know each other," Susan said as she opened a dresser drawer to tug something silky from it as she added, "if you don't have anything else planned, that is?"

"Nothing that can't be set aside - like - you know - everything," John said looking down at his diaper and wondering if that meant a weekend in more of those.

"I've got three packages of thirty in the storage closet and another twenty in the package by my desk," Susan said catching John running his hand over the diapers front. John's blush came on instantly as his question was answered before he dared to ask.

"Going to be a little odd running around this place in just these," John said. He wasn't sure why he said that nor if it was a good thing or not.

"I know, and I've been thinking about that. I may go ahead and try my hand at making you a couple of very simple tops," Susan said.

"Tops? What kind of tops," John asked.

"Something sensuous to the touch I suspect but most definitely cute and babyish. Something out of satin or nylon I think," Susan said.

"Something feminine," John said.

"Not feminine, sensuous," Susan said.

"OK, a top made of satin or nylon, for a guy that is, is feminine because those fabrics are feminine," John said.

"That's for guys with hang ups. Unlike most guys, and I know this for a fact, hint, hint, that you can get past those hang ups," Susan said looking directly at his diaper and smiling as she added, "if you're willing?"

"OK, OK, so I'll be willing to wear something sensuous," John said watching Susan move back to sit on the beds edge.

"Just how far are you planning on taking this," John asked.

"As far as you'll let me," Susan said.

"That didn't answer my question," John said as Susan slipped the short baby doll top on over her head. It fell just above the garter belt at her waist as she held the panties out before laying them down.

"Here, help me out of these nylons and perhaps, as you're doing that, we can define some of those other things," Susan said as she thrust a stocking leg between John's own legs before her toes wiggled. She bent her leg so the toes were directly between John's legs before playfully wiggling them firmly against his diaper as he bent to undo the garter straps.

"I'm trying to focus here," John said with a soft voice. His erection grew instantly as Susan's toes pressed against his scrotum before slipping higher to his penis.

"And I'm trying to convince you that your cooperation will be greatly rewarded," Susan said dropping her leg as John unhooked the garter from it.

"Can I ask what's in this for you? I mean what does me in a baby's diaper or whatever else you've got planned do to you that makes you want me to be in them, or for that matter those not feminine but sensuous tops," John asked as he wrapped his hands at the back where the garters were still attached and stretched.

"Age play for one thing. John, I really like the notion of being an adult to another that's sort of willing not to be - that is until I need him to be," Susan said with a mischievous grin on her face.

"As much as I've enjoyed what we done so far, I'm not sure I'm into, you know, acting like a baby," John said.

"And, as much as I like seeing you in those diapers, I'm not sure I'm looking for a baby right now. I sort of like the notion of you as an adult. With that said, I would like an adult that doesn't mind dressing as a baby. If that makes sense? John, I'm kind of edging towards the sexual side of this rather than trying to manage you into acting like a baby," Susan said and added, "frankly, I'm not sure of anyway since this is pretty new for me at the moment."

"Welcome to my world," John said and added, "so if I'm going dress up, what is it adult babies wear that you might get turned on by?"

"Wow, to tell you the truth, that's a fairly long list. but I'm sure we can start with the basics and go from there. I mean that's what I'd like to do if you're willing to play along. I really am turned on over the thought of at least dressing you more like a baby," Susan said and added, "is that scaring you too much?"

"Like you said, it's all pretty new for me as well, but if the rest of this weekend is anything like this past hour, I'm willing to forgo most all of my ego, hang ups and nearly all of my pride, and of course every ounce of logic I possessed when I came here," John said laughing.

"Fair enough and, for the record, this past hour is nothing compared to what I want to do to you so if that's what's holding you back, hang on," Susan said.

John shivered a little as Susan's toes on her other leg lifted and wiggled again. He released the remaining straps before he eased the freed stocking down Susan's leg. They were silky as he gathered them. She was warm and as silky as her stockings he mused. Yes he mused, he'd be willing to give up everything as Susan bent forward to kiss him.

Susan's baby doll panties, like her baby doll top were two layers of nylon. That first layer of pink nylon the layer against her skin was more snug than the second layer that hung slightly loose. In addition, that second layer was less opaque giving a hint of a view of the panties under it.

"Two layers of nylon has a nice feel to it," John said.

"That's what I've always believed," Susan noted as she ran both hands along either side of her hips as she added, "now lets get you into a fresh diaper, OK? You can caress me in my panties while I change your diaper, how's that?"

John smiled as he was given a chance to feel those panty layers as Susan hovered over him with a fresh diaper. She had brought that diaper in after John helped her into those panties. He didn't have to imagine what it might be like being babied, he realized that as the baby powder fell over him. Susan rubbed the baby powder over his skin giving him more than enough reasons to be more flexible with her desires.

Susan's bed when the comforter was pulled down had pink simmering satin sheets. John in just his diaper happily slipped between the top and bottom sheet noting instantly how easily his diaper slid on them. That's when Susan joined him. Susan propped two of her pillows against the backboard allowing her to sit up slightly before she had John positioned slightly sideways and again in her lap to breast feed once more.

John with a lot less inhibitions took hold of her breast instantly and began nursing with earnest. As he did that he used his left hand to touch the baby doll nightgown Susan was wearing. Like the panties it was two layers of nylon and edged in a soft lace. John caressing the nightgown while nursing the exposed breast suddenly felt Susan's hand playing over his diaper.

Their foreplay was wonderfully slow at first, before the pace became more feverish and this time, thankfully, Susan laid john on his back before she peeled John's diaper open. With John exposed she maneuvered to the beds edge and removed her baby doll panties. She took her top off as well before covering him in those pink layers of nylon.

As John laid fully covered in all four layers of her nightgown Susan lowered herself over John's penis before she wiggled her hips slowly to seat herself and with that done began caressing his chest through the nightgown. She played with his own breast pinching them softly before rubbing them as they made love a second time.

John was lost to the sensations feeding his drive as Susan picked up the pace a little. Susan had a knack for some muscular contractions within her Virginia that felt like fingers as John grunted and forced himself to wait. When their climax came, it came again beginning with an explosion. After a few powerful moments of pulses till only the glow remained did they dare to relax. Both were gathering their breath as Susan slid slowly back till she was between John's legs again. With sure steps, a lingering kiss and a smile John's diaper was closed around him again.

Susan slipped herself into her nightgown and panties and slid into bed cuddly John. John fell asleep snuggled against her on his side with his back pressed against the front of Susan's nightgown and breast. Susan's right hand draped over his waist allowing her hand and fingers to rest over his diaper. John went to sleep with that hand gently reminding him he was wearing a diaper. It wasn't a bad way to drift off, John thought before those thoughts ended.

John had slept like the dead waking to a smile he wasn't sure was from his dream or the night's activities and then the smell of bacon. It was light outside as he recalled his dream and the activities before he fell asleep. He was clearly a baby in that last dream he remembered although the details drifted as he tried to recover them.

At least his subconscious didn't have a problem being treated like a baby he decided as he rose. John needed to urinate but was not willing to do so in his diaper as he padded to the bathroom. He lifted the one tape to free the diaper on that side. Those reusable tapes were handy, John mused, as he squeezed and shock till he was finished going potty.

John closed the left side of his diaper before tugging it in place while smiling over the act of doing so as much as his willingness to do so. He was wearing a diaper he whispered as he remembered the nights activities. "Wow," John mused aloud.

"Hey, I was just coming to wake you," Susan said as she turned from the stove as she added, "are you wet or dry?"

"Dry," John said wondering what it would have been like to be changed like a baby as he added, "darn it."

"We've got all day precious," Susan said.

There was a platter of fried bacon draining on paper towels and crisp fried hash brown potatoes on another as she added, "anyway my sweets how do you like your eggs?"

"However you like them," John said stretching in front of her without any qualms at doing so given that all he wore was his diaper. He shivered slightly missing the warm satin sheets he'd left.

"Look, there is a robe on the door in my spare room. It's very short on me, should fit you though and it will keep the chill off you," Susan said.

"Found it," John said a moment later after moving off for the living room to her bed room and finding the robe where she said it would be. Below it slippers and those too were meant for a girl as he yelled that very thing to Susan.

"That's mostly because I'm a girl and those are my things. Sorry, but it's all I've got for now. I promised not to tell anyone," Susan said from the kitchen as she added, "and your eggs are ready."

John laughed to himself over her promising not to tell anyone. He was wearing a diaper, his second diaper as a matter of fact and that alone would get lots of attention should it ever get out as a subject He shrugged and slipped the pink quilted robe on. There was no sash, just a satiny ribbon at the neck to tie it close. It had a soft rounded collar edge in lace and fell only halfway along his diaper.

Something about the style of it caught his attention as did the silky nylon lining as he pushed his feet into the pink furry slippers. Mules if he remember what they were called and not remember why he knew that. They fit as well as the robe did making him curious over that.

"Fit," Susan asked as she put John's plate on the kitchen table.

"Like these things were made for me," John said allowing the meaning to make his point before adding, "why are these things so small since they obviously don't fit you?"

"Thought it might fit and they actually did fit me once. Made them to fit me when I was seven or thereabouts," Susan said as she sat her own plate on the table before she added, "and it's short because it's a bed jacket. It's suppose to be worn in bed so you can sit up and read."

"I'm not sure I followed that," John said as he added, "you made this robe when you were seven?"

"Made it for me when I was seven. Been wearing custom clothes for a long time now. Anyway, Long story," Susan said offering John the platter of shredded potatoes before she added, "going to take time to explain."

"Time? Susan, It's Saturday morning. I'm wearing a diaper, my second diaper by the way, and a little girl's robe with furry pink slippers," John said as he took the potatoes and added, "I've got time."

"Bed jacket," Susan said.

"OK, bed jacket. Anyway my dear, trust me when I say I've got all the time you need to explain anything you like," John said smiling as he shook salt over his eggs and potatoes.

"Good enough. Let's see, I was seven when mom passed away. Dad, a career soldier, left me with my aunt and six cousins right after the funeral. It wasn't a very pleasant time for me because to my aunt I was just another mouth at the time.

Not much of a childhood either since most of our days were spent doing a hundred things around the farm each day. I was nearly the biggest at the time so my aunt also taught me to sew for my own things, and that's pretty much how I got most of my own clothes.

Only store bought dress I owned was the one my aunt put me into for that trip to the big city and foster care in Kansas. By the way, that dress was how I got the sizes from back then because I had it saved away. Only thing I ever store bought. Anyway, a year later I went into a foster home and began sewing my things in earnest," Susan said as she took a bite of eggs.

"When did you leave foster care," John asked eating hungrily.

When I reached seventeen. I left for the city then and never looked back." Susan said as she took a bite of her own breakfast before adding, "ending up working for an expert seamstress who taught me how to make costumes and the like. Ended up selling clothes retail and that ultimately led me to diaper sales.

"And this robe," John asked and added, "you said you made it for when you were seven?"

"I did sew it. It went with me along with all of my clothes back then. I've made all sorts of things over the past few years. When I was living with my aunt and cousins I shared a room with two of the oldest and they were not happy sharing that room with me," Susan said pausing.

"Rough," John said sympathetically when Susan paused.

"Was and it wasn't. Anyway, and somewhere along the line, I decided that little Susan the one I keep inside, and never had a life, would have her own room and a closet full of wonderful new clothes to wear and I started that project right after moving in here," Susan said and added, "a fantasy of course but it helps me cope with those memories."

"So how old is little Susan," John asked.

"Seven or there about's," Susan answered.

"We all search for ways to cope don't we," John said smiling at Susan.

"And sometimes we find someone wonderful to lean on," Susan said smiling at John.

"You talking about me," John asked flattered.

"You," Susan said and added, "and right now, right this second, I'm about as happy as I've ever been, in a long time, and most of that your doing, thank you very much."

"Me? I didn't do anything? I mean most of this was, more or less, voluntary, I'll admit that, but it's not something I might have been willing to do," John said.

"But don't you see, that makes all of this even better. Not sure how I would define a friend if I had to, but if I think back over those hours we've been together since the bar, and I'd say you're hitting most of the reasons to call someone a friend," Susan said and added, "and you really are pretty amazing if you didn't already know that."

"Thank you and I like you to. A lot," John said and added, "so you really were actually my size when you were seven?"

"Looks that way doesn't it. Of course that bed jacket is a little loose so I can't be sure but close enough. How do those slippers fit," Susan asked.

"Like they were mine," John said smiling as he wiggled his toes in the pink fur.

"So the other shoes should fit as well. Gosh, I've got boxes of things I'd left at my aunts before getting this place. I left my dad's things since I never was to see him again. If I had to guess, I'd guess that everything in that room would fit you," Susan said.

"You can hold that thought! OK? I mean I really like the idea of being your friend and all. I also love the idea of spending as much time in bed with you as is humanly possible. I can even get behind these diapers if that's a turn on for you, but let's not go too far with that notion of everything in that closet fitting," John said.

"I'm just saying is all. If that bed jacket and slippers fits and it does and those shoes do as well, then it all fits. Doesn't mean I'm going to see you in everything, it just means that everything fits," Susan said.

"That's good. That's really good," John said as he focused on his breakfast.

"I do have a couple of things that might be fun to put you into," Susan said as she took the last of her breakfast in.

"Susan," John cautioned past her snicker.

"Not girlish - babyish. We talked about it, remember. Something that might be more babyish than feminine," Susan said before adding, "like a top already made rather than me sewing one.

"But if it's something you wear when you were seven and you were a girl back then by definition that would make it feminine as well, right," John said.

"I suppose. I guess we can't avoid that feminine part since we're talking about girl's clothes. The thing is, and that robe is a good example, there are some things a little more practical and a bit more fun," Susan said.

"This robe is practical how," John asked.

"Keeps you warm," Susan said with a shrug.

"I'm keeping my options on my original 'no' open," John said as he too finished the last of his own breakfast.

"How about the baby parts. Can I expand on that a little," Susan said leaning over before putting her large hand over John's.

"Like what," John asked.

"Promise you'll keep and open mind," Susan asked.

"I promise to listen and yes, I'll keep my mind open," John said and added, "by the way, I'm wearing a diaper, pink bed jacket and furry slippers so I'm going to take credit for a mind already open."

"Good enough. I was thinking about maybe a baby's bottle or perhaps a pacifier," Susan said.

"What about your breast," John asked.

"They are pretty sensitive right now. Last night you were insatiable. Besides, I would still play with you while you nursed," Susan noted.

"OK, if that's the case then I'm a little open to that," John said as his erection slid itself upwards as it grew in his diaper.

"I'm also thinking of making you an actually baby's style tee-shirt, maybe a onesie, those sorts of things," Susan said before adding, "those baby clothes we talked about."

"I guess that would be alright," John said blushing at the notion and images those things conjured up.

Truth was he was enjoying this part immensely, some of it that dream with parts of it still lingering. Keeping Susan happy over that aspect of this would be to his benefit and it really couldn't get any worse than wearing diapers and this bed jacket. Although he wasn't sure that part was even a little bad right now.

"So why did you agree to wear that diaper? I mean not looking a gift horse in it's mouth sort of thing but I am curious. What's in your background that makes you so wonderfully flexible," Susan asked.

"Wish I knew. I was thinking about that when you taped me into my diaper... I mean that diaper sample after we made love. I think, like you, it was my aunt as well. Had an aunt that was very domineering. I was much younger than you even. Maybe four or five. Not sure. Hadn't thought about it for years but she punished me in a diaper for an accident once," John said.

"An accident," Susan asked.

"Had to go to the bathroom really bad and waited too long," John said.

"How old were you again? Four or five," Susan asked.

"Not sure but yes, maybe four or five, could have been six even. No older than that," John said before adding, "thing is I remembered it last night so it must have left a mark of some sort."

"So what happened, she diaper you," Susan asked.

"She did. Took me by the ear, stripped me naked in the bathroom and put me into a tub of hot water and while I was in the tub went to a neighbors and borrowed a diaper and baby pants. Put me into them right out of the tub and made me wear them till the next day," John said.

"And you liked it or what," Susan asked curiously.

"Honestly, I'm not sure. I think, deep down, I may have, but not openly and not in front of her and I can't answer why. That would have been a disaster if my aunt knew I liked it," John said and added as he looked intently at Susan, "I do think I liked it more than disliked it."

"So if I got those things I mentioned and expanded our foreplay a little to include those would that be OK," Susan asked and added, "you know, dress you more like a baby while I treat you like a baby while getting you off as an adult?"

"Absolutely," John said before realizing he sounded way too enthusiastic as he quickly added, "I mean if that's what turns you on, that is. I'm willing to give those things a try for your sake."

"Good enough for me," Susan said and added, "so let's get this kitchen cleaned then go find you some temporary accessories till I can do my thing."

"You mean outside? To go shopping," John said.

"Not like that, if that's what's worrying you," Susan said and added, "I need some material as well. So why not get a few other things while I'm doing that. No one needs to know that what we are getting is for you," Susan said.

"I'd be too nervous," John said thinking about it.

"OK, then tell you what, go ahead and stay here and I'll go get a few things so we can play a little. Shouldn't take long," Susan said.

"That might be better. I mean if you don't mind," John said.

"Not at all," Susan said as she added, "but you've go to clean the kitchen by yourself then."

"Fair enough," John said.

"Do you need to be changed," Susan asked.

"Not unless you're willing to leave a little later," John said feeling himself rising to her suggestion.

"When I get back," Susan said smiling as she grabbed her purse off the counter.

It took John less than ten minutes to clean the kitchen and another two before getting the courage to walk into that little girl's room. He headed for the closet first discovering Susan had indeed been sewing a lot. It was full of color and fabrics clearly meant for girls.

There wasn't anything hanging in that closet that wasn't feminine and all of it, at least all that he could see without disturbing any of it, was clearly meant for a little girl. Including those Mary Jane shoes that little girls wore.

Those black patent leather strapped shoes tugged at his curiosity a little as he slipped his foot free from the pink furry slippers. Those Mary Jane shoes, after sliding his foot into one, fit nearly perfectly. So too the white patent strapped shoes, and a pair of pink flats before he put his foot back into the slipper.

"She would be willing to see me in any of this," John said out loud but to himself as he shook his head. What manner of woman would prefer her men as girls or little girls, he mused and then wondered what would happen if he asked that question dressed as a girl. It was then that he took up a dress at the far left to carefully lift it free from the other masses. Again something tugged at his consciousness as he looked at the ultra little girl's dress.

The dress was pink and white with touches of lavender for the sash and ribbons. It was most likely satin under organdy he guessed. There was a slip under it in several layers and he also guessed the slips layer that would touch the legs was nylon. He didn't know what the netting was or the satiny material over it was. It made a rustling sound as he lifted the skirts.

Definitely a special occasion dress, he mused, moving to the mirror before holding it against himself. What the hell was he doing he wondered as he held the dress to his chest. The frightening part was realizing as he stood there in just his diaper that it would most likely fit him. Not only that but the illusion of wearing it turned him on. Even more odd the dress was only just long enough to cover his diaper ending well above his knees.

He tried to imagine wearing such a thing and couldn't, then did but with a touch of guilt. What manner of man would wear something like this? He mused. As he grabbed the skirt and lifted it outward as if over petticoats. There were petticoats in the closet and slips attached to petticoats as he moved to the closet to free up one of those. Would it be worse or better if he was wearing any of this when she returned?

"Better," he said out loud as he summoned the conversations with Susan.

Sitting the dress on the bed he moved to the dresser. In the top dresser were panties but they would be too small with his diaper on and he didn't want to remove his diaper. That made him smile as he padded across the floor and out into the hall. He'd suddenly realized that in his diaper Susan's panties might fit him better and if he was going to dress as a girl he wanted panties.

John opened the closet remember that the panties matching her baby dolls were pinned to the same hanger and he was glad he'd check there first. There was a pink baby doll set with panties similar to what she wore the night before. Two layers of nylon with tiny bits of lace gathered and decorated with tiny lavender bows.

He was back in the little girl's room admiring himself with the panties over his diaper before picking up the bouffant slips. He had five layers of material making up the skirt of his dress which he'd add another three layers of petticoats. Eight layers covering his panties and diaper he counted as the slip fell just to the edge of the panties. If he was right, the dress would fall only about an inch more.

The slip began rustling the moment he'd taken it from the closet and so did the dress as he maneuvered it over his head to fall over his slips. He had to spend time fluffing the skirts of the dress to lay over the skirts of the slip but he'd been right. The dress had more than enough skirt for additional slips making him wonder how many girls wore.

He was starting to look like he'd taken a dress from a doll he mused as he sat on the bed for his lacy socks. The socks were in the lower drawer of the nightstand and he had to gather and hold all of the layers of his dress and slips pressed under and towards his waist to buckle the straps of his Mary Jane's.

He could only manage to bring the zipper of the dress half way up and the bow of the sash wasn't perfect either, but there he was or rather there she was, he mused. Of course his hair wasn't anywhere near what a girl might wear but there was no mistaken his intent as he admired himself in the mirror.

Can't have an omelet without breaking eggs he mused and you can't be a sissy without wearing sissy things. He was definitely sissy he mused guiltily. His stomach twisted slightly over a growing unease that she might mistake his intent for something else. He wasn't sure if she actually did intend dressing him as a little girl and that made him scared. What if she hadn't planned on this?

"Oh. My. Good! You've got to be kidding me? What in heaven's name possessed you to wear those clothes and more importantly do you still have your diaper on," Susan said standing in the doorway. John had just caught sight of her the instant he'd decided to undress and hang everything back up.

"I was going to surprise you," John said meekly in almost a state of panic. He was fully prepared for her to start screaming at him for being some kind of pervert or worse. He kept his focus intent on her as he stood there waiting.

"You've done that in spades my love," Susan said moving behind John before pulling the zipper up. She undid the wide sash and smoothed it out before tying it again and this time it was a nearly perfect bow.

"You're not mad," John asked.

"Mad? Honey, I've spent nearly the entire time shopping trying to work out the arguments that would get you into these things and then worried again that they might not fit. And here we are with you already in these things and even better - they fit. So tell me precious, are you still wearing your diaper," Susan asked as she sat on the bed and bent to life John's skirts.

She wasn't expecting to see her panties under the dress.

"What are you doing with my panties on," Susan asked.

"I wanted panties like they have for little girls. You know, the kind that cover their diapers. The kind with ruffles," John said.

"Rumba panties," Susan asked.

"That's it! That's what they are called. I couldn't remember what they were called," John said.

"Well, I suppose that's our first task - getting you into proper fitting rumba panties," Susan said and added, "and look at you."

"What's wrong," John asked.

"Honey you're wearing a diaper under my panties so you could have rumba panties under a very pretty dress, and all of this just to surprise mommy and make her happy. What could possibly be wrong," Susan said kissing John after turning him to face her.

"It's OK then," John asked. How odd he thought considering where he was that night sitting at the bar.

"It's more than OK precious and I think that by Monday, when we go back to work, we will have a pretty nice list of things to finish what we've started," Susan said.

"Which is, "John asked.

"Your feminization, regression and ultimate submission although I'm beginning to think we did that last first," Susan said as she placed her palm over John's panties and diaper as she added, "didn't we?"

"We did," John said squirming

"Come on then and let's get you onto my lap and I'll talk about my plans for those other two steps," Susan said.

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