Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 3

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Chapter 3. Justine the Babysitter

When I awoke Sunday morning and focused on the pink-painted bars surrounding me, I didn't even bother trying to hold in my wee-wees. I lay on my back in the crib and relaxed with a sigh of mixed relief and resignation, letting the hot stream freely gush into my warm diaper. I didn’t even notice that my nappy was already drenched. I figured it would be better to have Mummy change me when she let me out of the crib first thing, rather than sit in a soggy cooling nappy while eating breakfast locked in the highchair. I began to enjoy the familiar warmth as the wee-wees flowed across my tummy and trickled in rivulets around my peenie and sack, and then giggled in spite of my odd situation. The hot stream tickled as it ran down between my sensitive botty cheeks, eventually soaking into the thirsty terry nappies pinned snugly around me.

The clinging wet warmth was somehow comforting around my crotch and bottom, and as the sweet ammonia smell crept up to my nostrils, I must have drifted back to sleep. Some time later Mummy waltzed into our Nursery and woke up Angie, then lowered the side rail of my crib with a clatter that brought me groggily awake. Mummy loudly announced that today we would dress Angie first. She patted my warm wet crotch and lifted me down from the cot.

Since it was Sunday, the whole family would be attending church as usual. I again had the honour of being 'Mummy's little helper.' I assisted Mummy while she changed Angie's wet and slightly poop-stained cloth night nappy. Mummy expertly cleaned up my messy sister's dirty bottom and crotch while I held the nappy sack open for her to dump the smelly wipes inside. I was surprised when I felt another hot stream suddenly fill my cooling wet nappy with fresh warmth, as I hadn't even realised I had any more inside me. But I tried not to let Mummy know I was soaking myself like a baby as I quietly stood beside her. I discretely spread my thighs a little wider, giving the thick crotch of my droopy warm nappy more room to absorb my hot fresh wetties.

After I helped spread the pleasantly-perfumed talcum powder over Angie's front and back creases, Mummy taped her into a fresh pink disposable diaper. This was covered with some tight pearlescent-pink plastic panties, followed by her white, ruffle-bottomed ribbed tights. Mummy then dressed Angie in a cute white layered petticoat, and then a long-sleeved, lavender cotton, Empire-line dress - both of which barely covered her protruding, frill-laden bottom. Finally my sister wore a pair of shiny, black patent leather, T-strap shoes, which Mummy fastened with tiny gold buckles. If past experience of our matching outfits was any indication, I didn't like the look of this! When she finished dressing Angie, Mummy ordered me to hop up on the changing table so I could have my wet nappies changed. How did she know I was wet this morning? She hadn't performed her usual wetness-check.

Mummy pulled down my glistening plastic panties, unpinned my drenched nappies, and tossed them in the bucket at the foot of the change table. After a thorough wipe-down, followed by oil and powder, I was pinned into the usual two thick cloth nappies. Mummy pulled some shiny pearlescent-pink vinyl panties - like Angie's - over the top, and tucked in the leg bands around the crotch of my bulky swaddling. I looked down at the huge fluffy nappies pinned tightly over my hips and whined in annoyance, daring to ask; "Aw Mummy? Why can't I wear a disposable diaper today, like Angie?"

It occurred to me what I was requesting as Mummy helped me sit up; like I would really be happier wearing disposable diapers instead of cloth nappies. I really wanted to wear my own panties - I mean, underpants. Mummy condescendingly explained that a bigger baby like me normally needed the extra protection offered by the thicker, more absorbent cloth nappies, and added; "I also want to make it very evident to Angie that her new baby sister always has her nappies on, even under her pretty dresses."

Mummy selected another larger pair of white ribbed tights from a plastic bag on top of the dresser, and started sliding them over my feet and lower legs. After she fitted them on my feet and smoothed them up to my knees, she helped me to hop down from the table. She pulled the stretchy hose up the rest of the way with great difficulty over my thickly-diapered rear. Sewn across the seat of my tights rippled layer upon layer of elaborate frilly white lace ruffles.

Seeing where this was headed, I hesitantly asked her: "Mummy? You aren't going to make me wear a dress to Church like Angie, are you?" Silence. "You can't make me!" I muttered almost defiantly.
Calmly Mummy responded, "You have a choice, dear. You can either wear a pretty dress like your sister, or we can take you to Church dressed like that! In those frilly tights, nappies, and pink baby panties. Which is it to be, baby?" Talk about a choice! With my bottom lip protruding again, I reluctantly agreed that I would wear a dress. She disappeared into the Nursery walk-in closet and produced a new, snow-white nylon petticoat in my size, with three layers of stiff white tulle underskirts edged with lavish lace trim.

For one electrifying moment I thought she was bringing out one of the ballerina tutus I had worn at my neighbour Sally's house. Sally lives in the house behind ours with her kid sister Daisy, and they have a huge closet full of dress-up play clothes, including several old ballet tutus. It was Sally's Mummy who convinced me start growing my hair again, telling me how beautiful my hair was, and that I would easily pass for a pretty girl if my hair was long like her daughters. But I felt certain Mummy didn't know about the pretend 'ballet lessons' at the girls' place last year. They only lasted a few months, anyway. Then I realised the new frothy petticoat was just the same as Angelica's, and the knot of tension in my stomach gradually unwound.

"Hold your arms up honey, so I can slip this over your head first," Mummy ordered with a calming smile. When the silky bodice of the petticoat had slithered liquidly into place, she returned to the closet and produced a brand-new, little girl's lavender cotton dress in my size. It had a wide white Peter Pan collar and wrist-length puffy sleeves trimmed with white lace. Once again with my arms compliantly raised in the air, Mummy gently lowered the dress over my head, guiding my hands through the tight elastic-cuffed sleeves. The flounced hemline barely fell to my mid-thighs, and flared out in all directions because of the stiff petties underneath. When the full skirts had settled into place over my bouncing frothy petticoats, she fastened what seemed like a dozen tiny buttons up the back of the dress, all the way to the nape of my neck.

There was a wide dark purple satin sash sewn under the breast, with long pieces dangling down either side. Mummy collected the shiny purple ends, drew them tightly together, and tied them in a large floppy bow behind my back, making my short dress ride up even higher. She then tied some long purple satin ribbons around my freshly braided pigtails, matching the shiny waist sash. Finally a brand-new pair of classic little girl's, glossy black patent shoes were fitted on my stockinged feet, and the thin straps buckled across my insteps to secure them. It didn't surprise me to discover the gleaming Maryjanes fitted my petite feet perfectly. Somehow the shiny shoes made my footsies look even smaller and daintier than usual.

Standing back, Mummy inspected me with a critical eye. She looked unmistakably pleased with my feminised juvenile appearance. "Oh baby! You really do make the prettiest little girl!" Mummy exclaimed with a delighted smile. "You and Angie look just darling together in your matching lavender frocks. I'm going to dress for church now, so you 'girls' go wait in the living room. Don't muss your hair, and mind you keep those pretty dresses clean!" Despite the secret thrill I felt when Mummy called me a girl, I frowned peevishly but let it slide. I took Angie's hand and we obediently toddled downstairs into the living room hand-in-hand. When Daddy spied us he gave us an appreciative wolf whistle and told us how gorgeous we both looked. Of course Angie enjoyed all the attention immensely, and her happy smile was very infectious.

About twenty minutes later Mummy waltzed into the room wearing a lavender dress similar to ours, but much more mature in design. Now I was part of a mother-daughter-'daughter' look-alike set! We walked out to the car and Daddy drove us to church, with me feverishly worrying every minute of the short journey. I only knew a few families at our church, and fervently prayed I wouldn't meet any of them at today's service as Daddy parked his silver Ford. I was so nervous, I started wetting my nappy as soon as I was lifted out of the back seat, the scalding hot wee-wees pouring uncontrollably out of my peenie as Mummy dragged me along by one hand. As it turned out, I needn't have worried so much. Mummy took Angie's hand too, and escorted us around the back to the rectory, to a huge carved oak door with 'Kindergarten Nursery' written on a sheet of paper pinned to the front.

Mummy spoke quietly for a short time with one of the two old women who were apparently in charge, and then came back and informed us that she would return when the service was over. That's when I found out that I was supposed to remain with the 'five-year-olds and under,' in the Church Kindergarten Nursery! Considering my current state of dress, it was probably preferable to attending normal Sunday school with kids my own age. There were already about a dozen small children scattered about the spacious sunny room, most of whom appeared to be wearing nappies like Angie and me.

I quickly sat down on the carpeted floor with Angie and a couple of two and three-year-old girls she knew, and started listlessly playing with some dolls. There was nothing much else to do, and I was trying to avoid attracting any unwanted attention. I didn't realise that when I crawled around on the floor like the other little girls, the back of my short dress rode up over my stiff petties, so everyone could easily see my big diapered bottom bulging distinctly beneath the clinging stretchy ruffled tights. One little girl whose name I think was Tracy, asked me why I was so big and still wearing nappies? I felt my cheeks blush warmly with embarrassment. I mumbled that I was only four years old and she looked momentarily confused. When I determinedly ignored her and continued playing with my dolly, she toddled away. It helped that kids her age are not so bright.

While I was still kneeling on the floor, a beautiful slender girl who appeared to be around fifteen or sixteen walked into the Nursery like she owned the place. I later found out Justine was a regular volunteer assistant at the church, but when the striking teenager first spotted me, her delicate arched eyebrows rose abruptly. She disdainfully tossed back her waist-length mane of dark red hair. She strode over to me at once and quietly demanded to know what a big girl like me was doing here in the Nursery with the pre-schoolers and toddlers. Her big brown eyes sparkled attractively and her full bosom heaved distractingly beneath the silky white chemise she wore under her prim pink jacket. How was I going to explain to a girl maybe only two or three years older than myself, that I was really a teenage boy dressed like a toddler girl and wearing wet nappies? Could I hide the fact that I was a boy? Maybe she would just think I was retarded, or something.

"I… I… I'm with my sister, Angie. That's Angie over there," I squeaked in stuttering terror, pointing to my little sister sitting nearby cradling a dolly. I saw her examine Angie’s clothing and realise we were wearing matching outfits. I was surprised when the attractive girl turned back and smiled warmly down at me, her gorgeous face lighting up like a Christmas tree. I remained on my hands and knees and stared up at her in silence, entranced by her beauty. Her eyes were like two huge chocolate pools fringed by impossibly-long black lashes, her smiling pink-painted mouth full and inviting.

"How cute! You girls look like twins. What's your name, darling?" She asked me, squatting beside my kneeling form so I could almost see up her short pink skirt. With effort I dragged my eyes away from that fascinating sight to look her in the face, even as I felt my peenie stiffen within the warm wet folds of my diaper. I hadn't even thought about answering that question!
"Je- Jer- Jennie," I stammered softly. I certainly couldn't tell her my name was Jeremy!

"Jennie? That's a pretty name. But I see you are still diapered, and at your age! Let me check your nappy to see if you need changing, sweetie." Before I had a chance to react, the beautiful young woman reached behind me and expertly flipped up the back of my dress and petties. She swiftly tugged down the rear of my lace-lavished tights to my mid-thighs before I could crawl away, exposing my shiny pearlescent-pink baby panties to the entire room. She slid her fingers through one of the lace-trimmed leg holes to probe the crotch of my drooping diaper. Not only did she feel my wet nappy, but she accidentally discovered my balls! Her big brown eyes flew wide and her lush pink mouth fell open in shock before she quickly withdrew her hand.

"You're a boy!" she declared in a stunned hushed voice, before she automatically raised her hand to her face. She sniffed the unmistakable aroma of fresh urine on her fingertips. "And you're wet, too!" She dragged me awkwardly to my feet and ordered me to hold up my dress and petties while she pulled up my tights, and then she shepherded me away from the little girls staring at me. She led me waddling wetly off to an empty tea-room to explain myself. She walked me past a worn bare kitchen bench and then turned, casually leaning her plump pink-clad derriere against the back of an old grey three-seater lounge.

When she was certain we were alone, she made me tell her my name was really Jeremy, and that I was actually thirteen years old. I explained how I was being forced by my cruel parents to help potty-train my little sister Angelica. The gorgeous teenager told me her name was Justine, and after hearing my terrible story she laughed; but she promised she would keep my shameful secret from the other children.

Her dark brown eyes glittered with merriment and her normally pale cheeks flushed rosily as I concluded my tale of woe, but she hastened to assure me afterwards, "You make quite a convincing little girl, Jeremy - or should I say, Jennie? You really do make a pretty cute little girl, you know? I initially assumed you were around six or seven years old - but that's still way too old to be playing with the other toddlers in the Nursery." Justine grinned when she asked me about how it felt to be wearing and wetting nappies, and I mumbled that I didn't like it. But then she wanted to know how I felt about wearing girl's clothes, and I didn't know how to reply. She was extremely curious about my feminised 'situation' and strangely, asked me more than once if I secretly enjoyed wearing such pretty dresses. I blushed and hesitated to answer, as I didn't want to admit my true feelings.

Instead we chatted about other things; her mother who worked full-time as a hairdresser, her mostly-absent truck-driving stepfather, and the difficulty role of being the eldest of three girls. She mentioned, “I hope you’ll be coming back next week to the Church Nursery?”
I replied, "I think that's probably likely." She smiled at me when I suddenly fell silent and went still.

I think she knew I was wetting my nappy because before I finished peeing, she grinned knowingly and boldly lifted the front of my brief lavender frock and frothy petticoats up over my tummy. She noisily patted the droopy front of my sagging nappies through my tights and baby panties and commented, “Oh baby! I can feel your nappy getting warmer!” She squeezed the warm soggy crotch of my nappy, smiling at my embarrassed confusion, then patted me right over my sensitive little tool. My little peenie started to grow harder under her firm hand, snaking erotically into the warm wet cloth as she crisply swatted my nappy front, her cupped fingers on my damp plastic panties repeatedly making that distinctive wet smacking sound.

"Ooo! You're so wet, Jennie! What a wet little baby girl you are! I think we'd better tell your Mummy to send a change of nappies for you on your next visit, Baby Jennie!" She dimpled attractively as my red face grew even hotter, but she continued to caress my growing hardness through my baby panties and warm wet nappies with quick, crisp, affectionate loud slaps. I remained frozen in place, too excited to move away from her thrilling hand while I gazed up at this smiling beauty in open-mouthed wonder. She dropped the front of my dress back in place with a start when Angie skipped in and found us, and straightened my hem and petticoats with a guilty expression. My sister sweetly begged us to join her doll's tea-party, and Justine immediately agreed we would, casting a sly smile in my direction. "Come along, Baby Jennie," she sang as she took my hand, and my sister looked askance at me.

My cheeks flushed warmly under Angelica's frank inquisitive stare. Thankfully she made no comment on my new name before turning and hurrying ahead of us into the main room. Justine led me toddling slowly outside to join my sister and her new friends, and I was grateful my billowing lavender dress and frothy petties were long enough to conceal the tenting front of my tights. Justine was grinning like stoned Cheshire cat as she introduced me as 'Baby Jennie' to the three little girls gathered around the low white plastic table, set with doll-sized hot-pink plastic cups and saucers. My pleased sister smiled contentedly when I didn't object to my new name. I shyly murmured my greetings to the pretty little girls named Susie, Stephanie and Mary, although I could feel my cheeks were still flushed pink with embarrassment. Justine handed me the infant doll I'd been playing with earlier, and I tried to talk and behave exactly like Angie and the other little girls, so no one would think I was too weird.

When the church service finally concluded, Mummy thankfully returned to collect her two babies. I blushed rosily and dropped my gaze when the beautiful Justine told Mummy she suspected her bigger baby girl had absolutely soaked her nappies. Mummy didn't seem at all surprised by the astute teen's keen observation, and simply reached under my dress and petties and pressed her cupped palm against the drooping crotch of my tights. Mummy pushed up with her hand and assessed the warm wet weight of my nappy, and while my cheeks burned with humiliation, she judged that I didn't need changing yet. She fortunately seemed non-committal when the forward young redhead boldly suggested our mother might like to bring a change of nappies for her big baby next time.

As we departed, I shyly waved goodbye to Justine and some of the little girls with whom I had enjoyed playing. Mummy glanced oddly at me when some of the friendlier little girls waved back at us and yelled, "Goodbye, Angie! Goodbye, Baby Jennie!" Thankfully she made no comment when I ducked away from her appraising stare. Things hadn't turned out as badly as I feared, thank goodness!
I frowned in concern when Mummy asked, “Baby? Are you going to take that dolly home with you?” I was stunned to realise I had been clutching a small diapered infant doll to my breast, completely unaware she was still cradled in my arms.

Mummy chuckled at my crestfallen expression as she gently prised the doll from my hands. "It's all right, baby girl," she crooned in saccharine baby talk as though to calm me. "Mummy will buy you a baby dolly all of your very own, if you really want one that badly." I blushed furiously and bit my lip to stifle a retort. I kept my humiliated gaze on the shiny black shoes peeping out from under my swaying skirt and petties. Mummy laughed and told Daddy to buckle us into our seats while she dashed back into the Nursery with the accidentally-kidnapped doll. When she eventually returned she was all smiles, and soon we were on our way.

Daddy drove us to the local family restaurant where we usually partook of our Sunday breakfast. First Daddy had a quiet word with the grey-haired manager at the front counter, and after a few minutes delay, the broadly-smiling old man led us to a table off to one side with two tall dark wooden highchairs standing nearby. Angie and I were both promptly seated in the big wooden highchairs and the attached hinged trays lowered, and our parents wheeled us closer to the table set for two. After belting us in securely and fastening bibs around our necks, Mummy and Daddy sat down and each slowly spoon-fed us our meals between bites of their own breakfast. I kept nervously glancing around like a frightened baby bird, terrified someone we knew might be seated nearby. As a result, there was food smeared all over my face and bib by the time Mummy finished feeding me.

It seemed to take forever for Mummy to scrub my face and hands clean with my bib, and she gently scolded me when I dared complain she was being too rough. On the way home, Daddy suggested that since it was such a hot sunny day, how would we like to go to Narrabeen lakes? Angie and I immediately replied in unison; "Yes please, Daddy!" I love to visit Narrabeen lakes too, and was thrilled that the location was far enough from home that we were unlikely to run into anyone we knew. "Do I have to wear nappies if I go swimming?" I asked Mummy in a hopeful voice as we turned into our driveway.

She turned around to smile down indulgently at me, before replying with an amused shake of her head; "Of course you do, you silly baby! But don't you worry, honey. Mummy bought two precious new swimsuits especially for her gorgeous little toddler girls. I'm sure you'll both love them!" She informed me somewhat gleefully. I was rather doubtful about that, and while I waited for Mummy to come and change me, I stood in the Nursery distractedly patting the warm wet bulk between my legs for reassurance.

Since I was Mummy's little helper today, I was ordered to help Angie undress first and then assist with changing her diaper. Fortunately my sister was only wet under her tight pearlescent-pink pilchers, and we soon had her scrubbed clean, freshly powdered and taped into a clean pink disposable diaper. Mummy had already changed out of her dress into her brief pink-on-white polka-dot bikini, which she wore under some tiny white flared shorts. You could see the pink polka-dots through the thin cotton material. She had tied on a revealing pink halter-top that accentuated her buxom figure and slender waist, and she looked beautiful with her long blonde hair brushed tightly back and bound in a bouncing high ponytail. She took Angie's new stretchy nylon swimsuit out of the dresser drawer and helped her put it on. It was a pale-pink one-piece bathing costume, with a short black gathered skirt attached below the snug elasticised waist. When she was dressed, Angie skipped joyfully out the door to show Daddy her pretty new cossie.

I realised with a sudden sense of shame that I was the only one left still wearing a dress and petticoats. I felt mortified until Mummy helped me disrobe, undressing me like a useless toddler and carefully removing each frothy feminine item without any assistance from me. She then helped me to climb up on the changing table so I could have my wet nappies changed, and she pulled down my pearlescent pink baby panties. The warm clinging nappies beneath were completely drenched, and I wasn't even sure if or when I had wet again. That was a scary thought! After commenting at length on my saturated state, Mummy carefully cleaned all traces of damp powder from my crotch with baby wipes, then oiled and powdered me afresh. I was surprised when she reached for the package of 'junior size six' disposable diapers beside the change table. She ripped open the top and removed one from the pink plastic wrapping, and unfolded it. "Since we’re going to be at the beach all afternoon, I think this would be a good time for you to wear a disposable diaper," she informed me.

I lay still as she tightly taped the crinkling pastel-pink disposable diaper around my loins, secretly thrilled by this turn of events. Even though it was a thick disposable, it actually felt like regular underwear compared to the bulky cloth nappies I’d been forced to wear for the last two days. She went to the dresser and took another pink bathing suit out of the drawer, then shook it out in front of her to show me, smiling happily. "Isn't this the cutest little bathing suit you've ever seen?" Mummy gushed, holding the feminine one-piece swimsuit stretched out against my small body.

It was primarily musk-pink, consisting of a stretchy puckered top half with a rear zip, and under the frilly baby-pink gathered skirt drooped a big ballooning bottom with tight elasticised leg holes. There was a line of cute yellow cartoon duckies printed around the middle, which made it look even more juvenile. I worried that the short flared skirt would barely cover my padded bottom and crotch. Mummy knelt on the floor, and unzipped and then rolled the pink bathing suit up in her hands.

"Hop down, honey, and let's try it on you." I started to sulk and whine, realising the bathing suit I was supposed to wear was more babyish-looking than any I'd ever seen. Even Angie's cossie looked more grown-up than mine. "Come on, my sweet baby! Hurry up, darling. We don't have all day." She started coaxing me like I was a difficult toddler, and I realised I had no choice but to obey. Scowling darkly, I slithered off the changing table in my crackling plastic-wrapped padding. I slowly waddled towards Mummy who was holding the effeminate cossie down and in position for me to step into. I tentatively placed one foot into the suit and through the opened leg hole at the bottom, then the other. Mummy started to swiftly slide it up my legs, and I had to grab her shoulders to keep from stumbling. She instructed me to bend forward and then fed my hands through the stretchy pink shoulder straps, drawing them up my slender arms and over my narrow shoulders.

When it was all the way on me, she zipped it up in back, made a few adjustments to the short ruffled skirt, and then proudly pronounced, “Oh good! It’s a fabulous fit!" I had to admit that Mummy was right. It fitted me perfectly, like all the feminine clothes she’d purchased for me so far. She made me stand in front of the full-length mirror on the back of the Nursery closet door and stretched out the seat of my suit to conceal my pastel-pink diaper. She rearranged the flounced skirt frills around my lightly padded hips to sit more attractively, smiling in approval "Gosh, darling. This suit looks just perfect on you! You look so pretty in pink," Mummy gushed, and I blushed rosily under her sincere flattery.

I was gratified to see from my reflection that I could hardly tell I was wearing a diaper underneath the cute little swimsuit skirt. When I experimentally twirled my hips back and forth, the ruffled skirt flew out so prettily, and a tentative shy smile tugged at the corners of my mouth. Mummy smiled too, as she closely observed my innocent feminine behaviour. "Run along now, baby. I just have to pack the diaper bag for you and Angie, and then we're ready to go." She gave my padded bottom a crisp smack to encourage me on my way. As I waddled out the door, the plastic shell of the disposable diaper crinkled and rustled distractingly with my every step.

Five minutes later Mummy buckled both Angie and me into the back seat of the car, and soon Daddy was driving our family to the lakes. The hot sun blasted through the windscreen and despite winding all the windows down, the car was like an oven. Angie and I almost looked like twins sitting in the back seat, wearing only our matching pink swimsuits, diapers, and pink sneakers. It took about an hour to drive to the lakeside, and I was almost glad I was wearing a diaper when I felt my bladder signalling it was full. I simply relaxed and let my hot wee-wees soak into the thick pink disposable. Unlike my cloth nappies, the gel lining rapidly absorbed the wetness and drew the moisture away from my body. For some strange reason, I felt oddly disappointed. I had come to enjoy the warm wet feeling of a soggy terry nappy wrapped snugly around my genitals, although the absorbent padding slowly grew soft and mushy between my legs and around my wriggling bottom.

There were already thousands of people ahead of us at the lakeside, judging by the number of cars in the parking lot. It took ages to find a place to park, and Angie and I were almost melting by the time Mummy and Daddy opened the doors and released us from our seatbelts. Daddy unpacked the stroller from the trunk and set it up, and then plopped Angie into the low seat. He took out the blanket, towels and cooler, and arranged them on the stroller's bottom tray so they wouldn't have to be carried. Daddy started pushing the stroller, and Mummy ordered me to come to her. "It's a pity we don't have a stroller big enough to fit you, baby," she wryly commented, but I didn't think she really meant anything by it. She then picked me up and carried me on her hip with my legs around her waist, holding me easily with one hand under my damp padded bottom like I was a big toddler. In her free hand she carried Angie's and my packed pink diaper bag. We headed for the crowded beach and we had to walk for about five minutes, but finally found a more secluded spot to spread our rubber-backed tartan rug.

Mummy and Daddy took off their outer clothing so they only had their bathing suits on, too. "Do you girls want to go swimming straight away?" Mummy asked, as she helped us untie and remove our sneakers.
Naturally we both loudly chorused, "Yes please, Mummy!"
"Before you go in the water, I have to put on your swimming caps," Mummy primly insisted, kneeling on the red tartan picnic blanket. She opened the voluminous diaper bag and took out a small pastel-pink cap for Angie, and fastened it snugly on her head. She reached into the change bag again and pulled out a musk-pink rubber swim cap for me. "Come here, sweetie. Let Mummy put this pretty cap on your head. We don't you want you to get your hair tangled when it's wet. Really, you should have worn a swim cap last season, darling, with those gorgeous long locks of yours."

After taking out my dangly purple hair ribbons, Mummy stretched the tight pink cap over my head, thankfully concealing my feminine braided pigtails. The strap hanging down from the right side was pulled under my chin and snapped securely closed beside my left ear. It felt really weird to have my head encased in tight clinging rubber. Things sounded different too, since my ears were completely covered. Mummy smeared sunscreen first on Angelica, covering every inch of exposed flesh with the thick white cream. She then did the same for me, treating me exactly like my toddler sister and not permitting me to help in any way. I was growing tired of being treated like a useless infant all the time, and was muttering under my breath and scowling in annoyance by the time Mummy finished spreading the viscous white goo on my arms and legs. Mummy's smile slowly faded and her olive-green eyes had grown hard while she stood and wiped the excess cream from her hands onto her thighs.

"Okay girls, you can go play in the water, but don't go in too deep. I am counting on you, Jennie, to keep a close eye on your sister." She smiled at my shocked expression and continued scathingly, "That is what you told that lovely girl Justine your name was, didn't you, darling? And I hear all your little playmates in the Church Nursery call you 'Baby Jennie'? How sweet!" She arched a single knowing eyebrow as my cheeks blazed with humiliation, holding my gaze until my crimson face fell in subjugation. In a mortified haze I sullenly promised Mummy that I would be careful, and we headed for the shallow water. Angie held my hand tightly and squeezed it reassuringly, and she told me she preferred the name Jennie for me while I absent-mindedly dug my toes into the cold wet sand. When I bit my bottom lip in embarrassment and didn't respond, she said she was going to call me that all the time from now on.

We played and splashed in the cool waist-deep water for about half an hour, and then returned to where Mummy and Daddy were sunning themselves. My disposable must have soaked up about two litres of lake, but my tight one-piece swimsuit helped hold the hefty load in place. When I sat down on the dry sand off to one side of the picnic blanket, there was an audible 'squish' as the excess water was forced out of my bulging diaper. Angie followed suit and squished down beside me, and we giggled and started making castles and tunnels in the damp sand we'd created with our overflowing diapers. It wasn't long before two other pretty little girls came strolling along the water's edge. They approached us and politely asked if they could join us and help decorate our sandcastles with shells and stuff.

Angie eagerly nodded assent and I hesitantly agreed. The friendly girls told us their names and ages, and pointed to where their parents were sunning themselves nearby. Becky said she was aged seven, and Jessica was six and a half, although both girls were a shade taller than me. Looking closely at Angie to check her reaction, I haltingly introduced us as Jennie and Angie. My sister only smiled sunnily when I told the girls my new feminine name, and I gave an inward sigh of relief. They asked about us, and I told them I was six years old and Angie three, and indicated our parents lying on the nearby rug. I didn't think they were dumb enough to think I was four, and the beautiful Justine from our Church Nursery had assured me she could have easily mistaken me for a six or seven-year-old girl.

After playing happily together for about half an hour, I could tell that Becky was dying to question me about something. Finally she gathered the nerve to ask; "Jennie, are you wearing a diaper under your cossie?" I had no choice but to admit the truth, since the sagging saturated disposable was fairly obvious beneath my snug swimming costume.
My cheeks turned pink with embarrassment as I explained, "Of course, I don't really need diapers - I'm just wearing one to make Angie feel better, since she still has to wear them." I hoped my blushing red cheeks didn't give away that I was lying, and ducked my head in shame.
Becky fell silent for a long moment, but then told me, "That's really sweet of you, to be so kind and thoughtful towards your little sister." After smiling in approval, she suggested I dig a tunnel to join the two castles she had directed the other girls to decorate. Keen to avoid any more embarrassing questions, I knelt to obey her directions.

About five minutes later I felt a sharp cramp in my tummy, and realised my regular morning bowel movement must soon be inevitable. I gave a shudder as I barely repressed the instinctive urge to just let go in my cold saturated diaper, squeezing my botty-hole shut in quiet desperation. I didn't want to soil myself like a total baby in front of these two cute little girls! I held off for as long as I could, but then I realised that I couldn't hold back the poo-poos any longer. Glancing around in anguish at my preoccupied sister and the busily playing girls, I stood and discretely waddled a few feet off to one side. The first firm fat log was already forcing my poo-poo hole open, the tip of it sliding out a little further with my every tentative step. Like a mouse with his nose already poking out of a mouse hole, I knew there was no stopping it. I kept my back to the gaily chattering girls, spread my feet wide and squatted slightly. My cheeks turned pink from a combination of shame and effort while I helplessly soiled my diaper, the first solid turd relentlessly sliding out of me inch by inch. I tried not to make it too obvious to the others what I was doing, when I needed to squat down lower to completely relax open my anal sphincter.

I took a deep breath and held it until my pink cheeks turned red, and then grunted quietly as I began to bear down. After an embarrassing muffled fart, poop seemed to actually explode from my straining botty-hole in a semi-solid rush. There was a muted gurgling rumble from inside my swimsuit bottom, and abruptly the rear of my cold wet diaper was full of hot squishy poo-poos. Slippery mess forced its way up my back and between my spread legs, surrounding my chilled shrivelled sack with soft clinging warmth. The seat of my snug swimsuit was soon stretched taut by the heavy load in the rear, but no one appeared to notice my humiliating infantile predicament. The rich, fruity-herb smell of a fresh bowel movement wafted up around my face like a sickly-sweet cloud, but it didn't smell too bad after the first few moments.

I tentatively straightened my bowed knees and stood upright. The warm thick mud settling between my thighs clung moistly to my sensitive areas, so lovely and hot compared to the rest of my cold wet diaper. The familiar aroma of my fresh poop was somehow comforting, too, so while the girls were there, I decided to delay asking Mummy for a nappy change, and crouched down to continue playing in the sand. I tried to ignore the delightful warm muddy layer that squished and settled comfortingly around my groin, and more hot poop squirted up my back when I knelt lower to finish digging my tunnel.

Within minutes, Becky and Jessica must have smelled that someone had pooped in their panties. Unnoticed by me, Becky walked over behind Angie and firmly patted the rear of her swimsuit, at once discovering my sister's soggy diaper was clearly empty. Angie stood and then watched in silence while the bossy bigger girl stepped over behind me while I was distracted and digging deep in the sand, my huge diapered bottom sticking up as though begging for her attention.

Becky quietly knelt behind me and inquisitively probed my mushy rear end. She shrieked, "Gosh, Jennie! You pooped in your diaper! I thought you said you didn't really need to wear nappies?" She ran her palm around over my bulging swimsuit bottom and started describing to the others the size of the mess I'd accidentally made in my diaper. "Oh my! There's a huge lump in the back of your diaper!" she exclaimed. "You've filled your diaper with poop! Look everyone! Look at Jennie’s poo-poo parcel!" She gave the obvious bulge a hefty swat, mashing it against my sensitive opening. I could contain my emotions no longer and I actually started weeping from shame and embarrassment. Mummy heard my distressed sobs and jumped to her feet. She snatched off her sunglasses, hurrying over to ask us what was wrong.

My tactless sister loudly informed everyone within earshot, "Mummy, Baby Jennie had another messy accident! She did a poo-poo in her nappy again!" While I knelt before them sniffling and cringing in shame, Mummy crouched down behind me. She probed my rear end to confirm for herself that I’d soiled myself, patting my bulging bottom firmly to assess the size of my hefty load. Clucking soothingly to me to calm my tears, Mummy took me by the hand and helped me to my feet. She led me waddling slowly over to the red tartan blanket where my parents had been sunbathing.

Reaching into the diaper bag, she brought out the familiar pink vinyl-backed changing mat and spread it out flat on the dry sand beside the blanket. "There, there, Baby Jennie! It's alright! Dry those tears, sweetie. Let's take your bathing suit off first, baby, and we'll have your messy bot-bot cleaned up in a jiffy." Angie and the other two girls were standing beside us, closely observing Mummy's familiar actions as she laid out the powder, sacks and wipes beside her on the picnic rug, in preparation for my diaper change.

"Please don't change my diaper in the middle of the beach? Not here in front of everyone, please Mummy!" I begged her in a fierce whisper, knuckling away the embarrassing tears springing unbidden from my eyes. But apparently she wasn't listening, or she just didn't care about my feelings.
“Shh baby girl, shh! It’s alright honey. Mummy will change your messy nappy and have you cleaned up and back playing with your little girlfriends in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Stand still for Mummy, Baby Jennie.”

She unzipped the back of my cossie, slid the shoulder straps aside, and started pulling my bathing suit down to my knees, then she took it all the way off. My sodden pink disposable diaper was sagging badly between my splayed thighs, and there were yucky brown smears on the puffy elastic leg gathers around the crotch. I was ordered to lie down on the changing mat, which I slowly did. Mummy proceeded to rip away the tapes, and used the front half of the soggy yellowed diaper to scrape away most of the sticky brown mess from my bottom and groin. I was so embarrassed, my tiny penis shrank away to almost nothing. Becky and Jessica were wide-eyed in astonishment when they spied my limp little organ dangling between my mucky brown-stained thighs.

Mummy used several handfuls of baby wipes to clean my messy bottom. Each stained wipe was carefully folded and dumped in a nappy sack, the process repeated until she was satisfied.. Mummy powdered me all over and then securely taped a fresh pink diaper around my loins. "It sure is lucky we brought your disposable diapers for you today, Baby Jennie. This certainly would’ve been much more difficult with your normal cloth nappies." I was told to stand up and Mummy helped me put my bathing suit back on, and then zipped it closed up the back.

"There you are, Baby Jennie! There! That wasn't so bad, was it sweetie?" Mummy cooed maternally, watching my tear-filled eyes calculatingly as she fluffed out my swimsuit skirt over my puffy padded rear. How could I tell her that I had never been so humiliated in my life? She took two sippy-cups filled with icy-cold watered-down apple juice from the blue cooler and handed them to Angie and me, telling us to drink them and then return the cups to her.

Becky approached me after my embarrassing diaper change and gave me a forgiving smile. She kindly assured me, “Relax Baby Jennie! Jessie and I don’t care that that you’re really a little boy who still needs nappies. It doesn’t matter.” Not knowing what to do, I simply sucked on the spout of my pink sippy-cup and kept swallowing, my cheeks rosy with shame. She continued, "I like the name Baby Jennie for you. It's cute! You make a very pretty little girl, you know? We’ll still play with you - if you want us to." For some strange reason her generous offer and kind comments comforted me greatly, and I managed to sniffle back my tears.

She took my hand and led me back to the sandcastles, helping me to my knees at the spot where my digging had been interrupted by her humiliating discovery. We played in relative silence for a short while, each of us lost in our own thoughts, although the other girls were soon chattering brightly to each other again. But I was surprised a little later when Jessica discretely asked me, "Baby Jennie? Does Angelica only wear diapers to make you feel better, and not the other way around?"
Pouting a little resentfully I explained to her; "No! Angie still needs to wear her nappies, too!" I gratefully waddled away when Mummy called me over to refill my sippy-cup.

We continued to play quietly together for another hour or so, until Daddy announced it was time for us to leave. Angie and I had both saturated our diapers by the time Mummy next checked us, and she decided to change us before we packed up to return home. She undressed Angie and removed her wet diaper on the change mat first, and I felt relieved when Becky and Jessica waved us goodbye, and they wandered off to join their parents nearby before it was my turn. Luckily I didn't see the girls telling their parents about me and pointing to where I was lying down being changed. Their parents sat up and watched with unconcealed interest while Mummy removed my soggy wet diaper, cleaned my damp loins with baby wipes, and powdered me afresh. I barely noticed the grown-ups watching until Mummy stood me up to tug my tight swimsuit over my fluffy clean diaper, and then I saw them all staring at me. My cheeks flamed red again with humiliation, but no-one laughed or pointed at me, to my relief.

I had to admit that other than my embarrassing 'pooping incident' and the humiliating diaper changes in front of the girls, I had a fine time playing with Angie and the other little girls at the beach. I could never tell Michael or my other male friends that, of course. Daddy bought everyone some barbequed chicken and fried chips as soon as we left the car park, and Angie and I ate our lunch on the way home while strapped in the back seat of the car. I thirstily guzzled down my can of soft drink, and then greedily finished Angie's lemonade as well.

Angelica and I fell asleep soon after we finished eating, and we didn't wake until Mummy and Daddy were lifting us out of the car and carrying us inside. Mummy decided to change me first, since I was the wettest. After a relaxing hot bath, she pinned me into some clean cloth nappies, dressed me in my pink baby panties and a stretchy pink onesie, and then lowered me into the cot. I was already locked in my crib, wet and asleep before Mummy finished drying Angie. I didn't even wake when she diapered and dressed my little sister in her pyjamas on the change table a few feet from my cot, before tucking her into bed as well for our afternoon nap.

To be continued in chapter 4. Please keep those comments coming if you want to read more.
Hugs from Baby Jennie

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