The Wildcats - Chapter 3


Chapter Three

Terry starting getting dressed. He looked over the pile of clothes on his bed. On top was a black lacy bra and a matching panties. Next to that was the bottom half of Lisa's old bikini bathing suit. There were black leggings, a tight little dark blue tee shirt, and a pair of black shoes. There was a pile of clean shape enhancing acetate covered foam pads. He shook his head thinking, 'Mom and Lisa strike again'.

Just then his phone rang. It was Jenn.

"Hey, Jenn. I was just thinking about you."

"Hey, yourself. Really, thinking about me, well, nice. Are you okay? Brian and Tony said you were out of town. What's with that? Tony said you'd gone to visit your aunt. Where are you?"

Lying to Jenn only made things worse. But, he didn't know how much truth to reveal. "Right here, in my room. I lied to them. It's a long story."

"Speak. I'm listening."

"I don't have time now. I've got to go with Lisa."

"Okay. Fill me in later."

"Will do. Promise you won't tell anyone I'm still in town?"

"Sure. Am I going to see you soon?"

"Yeah, I'd like that. Feeling needy right now. I really want to just talk and make sense out of some stuff that's happening."

"Great! Nothing bad going on I should worry about?"

"Nah. Everything's pretty awesome. I'm having an amazing time, but walking a tightrope. I'll save that for later."

"Okay. You let me know where and when."

"Great. Love you."

"Hmm. Well, you're being generous with your feelings!"

"Yeah. Well, I'm working on my feminine side."

"You're nuts! But, I'll try to love you, too."

He was wary to start talking because Jenn always knew if he told lies and even half-truths. He'd never be able to share the thrill of playing in front of three hundred people at The Rendezvous unless he told her the whole story.

If he said anything about the excitement of playing at The Rendezvous, it would lead to confessing that he dressed up as a young woman so he could play live on the stage with an all-girl rock band.

Could he talk about denuding his body hair and wearing panties and a bra? He'd have to tell her about the makeup and his hair style.

And what about the cost to him personally? He'd given up control of his life to his sister and his mom. They dressed him up as Tasha, so he could play The Wildcats. No one in the band seemed to care. They were more interested in how they sounded. They'd been playing his original songs for over a year and everyone agreed The Wildcats sounded better with him playing, too.

But, Lisa and their mom, Amy, insisted he stay disguised over the entire weekend. His mom wanted him to dress like a girl even when he was inside his house.

And Thursday at The Rendezvous had been the coolest night of his life.

He was definitely confused. He wondered if anybody could make sense of it.


Lisa was driving. Terry was looking out the window and humming. The two of them were headed to The Rendezvous for some synthesizer lessons.

He looked over at his sister. "Hey, am I crazy?"

Lisa glanced at him. "You feelin' nutty?"

"Uh huh. This whole girly thing is wearing on me, but the excitement of playing blew me away. Now, I'm feeling stupid and guilty. I'm wondering if I can ever get past this."

Lisa shook her head. "Ah, you're feeling pretty normal, really. You're crashing hard from last night's adrenaline rush and maybe feeling a little self-conscious about the whole 'being Tasha' thing."

"Yeah. That's really it, I guess. How'd you know?"

"It's no different than goin' drinking and picking someone up in a bar. You go to their place and have a great night of sex. When you wake up in the morning, you're hung over, feeling like shit, looking terrible, and regretting the whole thing. Unless the guy is really sweet and sensitive, it's all crazy. Am I close?"

"Yeah. I'm feeling really self-conscious and lost. I mean, look at me! Wearing panties and a stuffed bra, leggings, and a skinny little tee shirt. I'm wearing makeup. My hair's all teased and dyed. It's really embarrassing when somebody tells me, 'you look good and make a pretty girl!'"

Lisa looked at him. "Yeah, I get it. But, you know, you can quit any time. The Wildcats will miss you and your contributions. But, if it's causing you pain, just walk away. It'll be a shame 'cause I thought it was win-win. The Wildcats get a better sound and you play your songs live on stage with the band."

Terry nodded. "Yeah, I never thought it could be so incredible. It was the best thing ever."

"Yep. And you can do it for two more nights, if you want."

"If I dress like a girl."

"Sounds about right. But, hey. I've been dressing like a girl my whole life and I've survived."

Terry frowned. "Ha, ha."



Lisa and Terry spent the afternoon at The Rendezvous playing with the synthesizer. The cleaning crew were working and no one else was there. Robert Davis had given Lisa a key and encouraged the band to use the place for rehearsals.

After Terry learned to manipulate the sounds, they looked over his arrangements. "Using the synthesizer could really add depth to these songs."

"If I had the time to rehearse with the band for the whole month you're in town, we could really make some progress and add to your set list. You think Amy would let me cut school for the rest of March?"

Lisa and Terry laughed and said 'no' at the same time. They were relaxed and enjoying this. It was fun working together.

Lisa shook her head. "If you were rehearsing with the band for the whole month, what would happen to school? You rehearsed with us this week during vacation and you know The Wildcats rehearse for hours each week when we're in Allentown."

Terry thought for a while: "well, maybe I'll stay home and tell them I'm sick."

Lisa snickered, "I can't see Amy signing up for that either. Back when I was a senior and she was a school nurse, I was never allowed a day home unless I was near death."

Terry nodded. "That hasn't changed. It's the same for me. But I really wish I could hang out more. It's just amazing hearing all the songs I wrote played by The Wildcats."

"It's good for us too. I mean, all your guitar solos are different then what Zoe's done. After one week of practicing with us, you've improved the dynamics of our sound."

"You think so?"

"Terry, you don't realize how good you are."

"Thanks, but I never thought I'd be good enough to keep up with your band."

"Seriously, you played last night like you were born to it. I never imagined it could happen, but our sound was so full."

"Well, big sister, since it's compliment time, you have an incredible voice."

"You mean we're not fakin' it, pretending to be a real band?" Lisa laughed. "Being on the road year after year builds up vocal strength."

"Well, you turn it loose in front of an audience. And I never heard the sound of your band live. It's amazing."

"You mean we don't play like a bunch of girls, all giggles and blushes?"

"Well, uh huh, yes, I guess."

"We aren't a bunch of pussies. We don't sing about lost loves and missing our man bullshit. The Wildcats aren't Taylor fuckin' Swift."

"It's just so different to see beautiful women really rocking it out like that. People need to see and hear you, too. Have you ever thought of YouTube or Instagram?"

"We've never had someone to back us in the recording studio and we've got too much pride to record in some garage. As far as Instagram, is there a need?"

Terry shook his head. "Instagram is good publicity and Facebook won't hurt either. But, with YouTube, the band can go viral overnight. And it's only a matter of time before someone uses their smart phone to record the band and post it. It would be better to get something out there where you have control."

Lisa nodded in agreement.

Terry snapped his fingers. "How about a live recording at The Rendezvous? You think Robert Davis would pay for it? He'd get a lot of publicity for his club."

Lisa looked at Terry. "You know, that's genius! This place is miked really well and the sound board guys are talented. I've got to tell the band."


Terry would never admit to anyone that these girly clothes weren't too bad. Ballet flats, the leggings, and a tiny top were all soft and comfortable. But, Terry was feeling very self-conscious in a padded bra. He rubbed his hairless arms. They felt so skinny. He reminded himself to start working out next week when this disguise thing was all over.

Terry had lost the makeup argument, too. He surrendered to whatever Lisa and mom suggested. Lisa said this was light daytime makeup, Terry couldn't tell light makeup from evening makeup. He still wore red lipstick and dark mascara. He smelled of deodorant, hairspray, makeup and perfume. It was all so foo-foo. It made him nervous, reminding him he didn't belong.

A lace choker hid his Adam's apple. Terry sighed. This disguise of dressing like a girl took real effort.

As they were leaving The Rendezvous, Terry saw one of the club's sound engineers. "Hey Lisa, would you come over with me while I talk to this guy?"

"That guy is Freddy. Sure. What do you want?"

"To record a live cut tonight. I want to see if Freddy can dropbox it to Philly tonight. I know a DJ mixing at The Play Room downtown. I have this dance number in my head for the band to play. If he gets a live recording, it'll be heard all weekend. He'll share it with other DJs, too."

"Hmmm. Sure, why not. But, you're screwing with our rock image. I don't know how keen the band will be playing techno club music!"


After talking to Freddy, they went to the Queen City Diner. Terry inhaled a cheeseburger and a side of fries. He couldn't stop talking about the new arrangements with the synth.

Lisa pointed at his empty plate. "You were hungry. Rock and roll burns calories."

"Yeah, I never realized it took this much energy. The Wildcats work harder than I imagined."

"It's not work. Playing live shows is fun."

"Is running the band fun? I mean, all the grunt work."

"No, it sucks. I love playing music but would gladly give up paperwork, arranging a tour, or booking the clubs, motels, transportation, and food. It's no fun loading equipment. I dream of roadies and an equipment truck.

But, those dreams take more money. We've moved from local band to regional band. People know us in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas now. To fill larger clubs and concert halls, we'd need a national reputation. Now, we're playing for 300 people every night and working twelve months a year. It's a real jump to big clubs and theaters. That stuff takes a managing company. We'd need to be bigger than just The Wildcats coming home to Allentown for a month."

"I never thought about that. I hope my songs help your quest to grow."

"Yeah, my little brother is a big pain, but he writes the best songs I've ever played. And you have a future as a singer/songwriter."

He laughed. "I realize this band works way too hard. After this week, I'm looking forward to college. Of course, that depends if I get in."

"Is there a problem?"

"Unless there's scholarship money, there is. And there's nothing that separates me from other singer/songwriters who want scholarship money, too."

"We're in the same boat. We both need more notice and more money."


Terry stood in Lisa's bedroom. He was not happy.

"Another outfit! I don't understand. Why can't I wear last night's clothes? A different top, but you know, just jeans and sneaks."

Lisa laughed. "Women don't wear the same outfit twice, especially sweaty stuff from playing the night before. People who were here last night are coming back again this weekend. They'll be bringing their friends 'cause they had fun. So we mix it up. We can't be the same each night, we're what they come to see."

Terry sighed. "All right. I get it. But, I don't love it. What outfit were you thinking about?"

Lisa grinned. She reached into the closet and held up a jacket and boots.

"A leather motorcycle jacket and boots?"

"A fashion-forward motorcycle jacket and high heeled boots. And this." She tossed him a ball of spandex.

He held it up. "That's all? It's transparent! On stage in front of 300 people?"

Lisa smiled, "it's an opaque costume and you get a body suit, too. Once it's on, it'll look great. You'll see." She shoved him towards the bathroom. "Get a shower and don't forget to use cream rinse!"

After the shower, Lisa gave Terry the flesh colored bodysuit and a clean bikini bathing suit bottom. "This'll hold everything in place. It's all elastic, it's called Spanx. It's got a built in panty and bra. Your pads go under it against your skin."

Terry was experiencing one humiliating moment after another. His dick and balls were so jammed back between his legs, they ached. He excused himself and went back in the bathroom to adjust again. After more pushing and pulling, Terry felt better. Looking up at the mirror he was shocked how big the pads made his hips and butt look. His waist looked so skinny with the strong elastic pulling him in.

Then Terry learned how to put on panty hose. These were black patterned panty hose that would have looked really sexy on somebody else. He was pulling up the matching leotard when the doorbell rang.

Lisa looked at the clock and grinned. "Right on time. Smooth everything out. I'll be right back."

When he heard Gina's voice, Terry quickly put on the shorty bathrobe to cover up.

"Where's my cute little bunny rabbit?" Gina's head appeared in the doorway. "Peek-a-boo!"

Terry was wondering what was going to happen next. "Uh huh. Hi Gina. Whatcha doin?"

Gina had boxes in her hands. Terry's mom appeared in the doorway.

"Hi, Mrs. Nelson! I've got hair extensions for my favorite girlfriend here. Is there an outlet somewhere? I need to warm up my glue gun." She set her boxes on the bed and came straight over to Terry. "Oh baby, you don't look happy. Maybe Gina can make it better."

Gina kissed Terry. Her hands wrapped around Terry and pulled him closer. "Mmmmm."

Terry was too shocked to move. Gina kissed him right in front of his mom. Gina's hands were reaching under his bathrobe, grabbing his butt.

Amy Nelson shook her head. "Gina, he's still seventeen."

Gina frowned. "Opps! Sorry, Mrs. Nelson. He's just so darned cute."

Lisa laughed. "OK, Gina. Feel up my brother on your own time. We have extensions to do."

Lisa opened the case full of hair pieces. Pulling out different lengths and color extensions, she said, "Tonight's black leather and a Debbie Harry look for Tasha."

Gina grinned. "My favorite."

"Okay." Amy Nelson went out the door. "I've got to start dinner. Want to stay and eat with us, Gina?"

"Thanks, Mrs. N. I promised my mom I'd eat at home."

Terry looked at all the hair lying on the bed. The colors ranged from dirty blonde to white blonde. "How's this work?"

"We pin the extensions under your hair. We use wax to glue them in." Gina was pinning long blonde hair into Terry's shorter red and brown hair.

"What happens when I go to school on Monday? I can't be stuck like this in front of all my friends."

"Sunday, we use a blow dryer, warm up the wax, and out they come."

Terry watched in the mirror. After the extensions were added, everything was brushed out. His new look had more blonde and less red. His thick hair looked layered but shaggy.

Terry pushed his bangs back. "I look like a sheep dog."

Gina smiled and gave him a kiss. "But, a really cute sheep dog."


Lisa laughed and dug into a paper bag. "Oh, that reminds me. Here's your new choker."

"Looks like a studded dog collar."

"Yep. It's your theme - black leather, studs and chains."

Gina teased his hair out and sprayed it. The new hair was longer, almost to his shoulders. It was platinum blonde with red streaks. He had big bangs.

Terry looked in the mirror. It was strange to have instant long blonde hair.

"Okay. Boots and jacket, honey-bunny."

"Whatever you say, Gina." He figured he'd throw her a curve and give some attitude back. Smiling, Terry leaned down and kissed Gina on the lips. Terry held her face in his hands and nibbled on her lower lip until Gina groaned with pleasure.

Gina looked surprised and turned on by Terry's move. The cute girly boy could really shake her up.

Gina gave Terry a big ass grab and lots of tongue in his ear. She saw him quiver with delight.

"See you tonight, honey." She laughed all the way out the door.

Lisa sighed. "I haven't even showered yet. Dressing two people takes time." She picked up her towel. "Terry, you've got to practice wearing these boots. Those heels can be tricky."

Terry looked at them. Decorated with chains and grommets, they were motorcycle boots for runway models.

Lisa showed him the model strut. "Back and shoulders straight, that power look in the eyes, step on a straight line, relax your hips and sway."

Terry kept trying until they were both laughing. "Walking in heels is a skill I'm really not going to need in my life."

The thick low heel was a first for Terry. With one hand on the wall, he walked back and forth down the hall. He learned to put all his weight down on the ball and toe.

Terry practiced strutting. Lisa helped him put on the black patent leather motorcycle jacket. It was covered with belts and zippers. It was short and barely came to his waist. Looking in the mirror, his whole crotch was on display covered only by a black mesh leotard. He was thankful that his dick and balls were tucked away in the elastic body suit and it looked smooth.

Terry turned and looked at his reflection. Good or bad, there was no sign that he was a guy. The disguise worked. He turned and looked at his padded hips and butt. "Jeez, my whole bottom shows. I'm an adult catalog fetish dream. I need a crop or a whip."

Amy Nelson ducked her head in the room. "How's it back here? I saw Gina going out our front door." Amy looked at Terry's platinum hair and black leather outfit.

She shook her head from side to side. "Oh, lord. What's happened to my world? Did I miss a meteor striking the planet? Are we all going directly to Hell tonight? Who picked out this outfit?"

Terry giggled. "They're Gina's. Lisa borrowed them for tonight."

Amy looked at Terry's feet. "Can you walk in those heels?"

He demonstrated by walking out the door. Amy got the rear view of his exposed bottom.

"Holy Moly. We're all sinners! Lisa, he's half naked! Those tights and leotard show it all. You've got to be kidding."

Lisa laughed. "I think Tasha looks pretty good."

"My only son is dressed as a beautiful dominatrix. Oh, this is going to take years of therapy to undo! Where's the whip?"

Terry nodded. "That's what I said."

Amy looked at her oldest child. "I'm holding you responsible for keeping him safe tonight." Pointing to the whole Tasha disguise, "this is like waving a red flag at a room of charging bulls."

"It's okay, Mom. Everybody is wearing lingerie tonight."

"Including my high school-aged son. And I'm going grey with worry this weekend. And what are you wearing, Lisa?"

Lisa had a wicked grin on her face as she ticked the wardrobe off on her fingers. "Heels, red thigh high seamed stockings, a red spandex Basque, a short red leather jacket, and a smile."

Amy muttered to herself and looked at her son. "Are you all right with this?"

"All this dressing up as a girl? No, I'm not all right. I'm a guy. A guy who's wearing makeup and bras and high heels. I'm having trouble reminding myself that this is just another costume. But, the good news is I'm covered up."

Amy shook her head in disagreement. "No, you aren't covered up. You're one thin spandex tight away from naked."

When Lisa came out of the bathroom, Amy just stared at her outfit. Her red stilettos emphasized her long, shapely legs covered in seamed thigh high stockings. Lisa's crotch was barely covered in the red spandex Basque that cupped her breasts and pushing them together and up. The bolero jacket was short and quite revealing. The outfit emphasized her curves.

"You wear this when you're playing in bars?"

"Sure. It's Friday Fun night. Don't worry. Tomorrow night, we'll wear prom dresses."

They ate dinner in the kitchen. Amy looked at her two kids and shook her head. "I'm feeding two prostitutes who are headed out to work on the streets."

Lisa chuckled. "Hookers make more money than musicians, but they don't have as much fun. Gina's outfit is lavender spandex. Tiffany's costume is the Devil in red leather. She's got horns and a tail. Zoe is all in white, with a cute baby doll nightie."

Terry touched his mother's arm. "You're coming tonight?"

"I am. But I'm in total denial. I had nothing to do with raising either of you."


Terry had to take several deep breaths just to walk outside to the van. He concentrated on not falling over in the heeled boots.

Lisa looked over. "You'll get more control with shorter steps. Women don't walk like guys. Slow down and sway your hips a bit. Hold your shoulders straight."

Terry was working on the Tasha mindset and role. He tried to think 'what would Lisa do' or 'how would Tiffany react'. It wasn't easy to put himself in any of The Wildcat's mindsets. When he thought about any of them, he got heated up inside.

Like Tiffany. He didn't want to be her. His fantasies were all about dating her. He'd always had a crush on Tiffany. With her perfect skin, blonde hair, and graceful, tall stature, you'd never know she'd been the captain of their high school volleyball team. And the fact that the Nordic beauty was a bit standoffish towards him only made Terry more wistful.

The first Wildcat they picked up was Gina. She was wearing a shiny lavender spandex outfit that hid nothing. She was shapely and very beautiful. Her long wavy black curls were pulled back in a high pony tail. The spandex only emphasized her generous hips and bust. The spaghetti strapped top revealed her rich Mediterranean naturally tanned skin.

As Gina climbed in the van, she gave Terry a look over. She leaned over and kissed him hard on the mouth. "I'll never be able to wear that jacket again without thinking of my honey-bunny! You look beautiful, Terry! Opps, I mean Tasha!"

She sat down right next to him. She stretched her arm behind Terry's back and placed it on his shoulder pulling him closer to her. She blew in his ear.

As much as Gina was annoying, it still got him all hot and bothered. It concerned him that Jenn had never made him feel this way and they'd been hanging out together for a long time. Terry remembered he owed Jenn a phone call. He hadn't talked much to any of his friends since the whole 'Tasha' thing started on Thursday.

Terry was having more difficulty being Tasha tonight than last night. It was so bizarre looking down at his smooth skin wrapped in shiny, satiny stockings. How strange was it? Embarrassed, humiliated, and breathless all at the same time.

Terry had never seen Jennifer wear stockings or expose her legs. Most of the time she wore jeans just like him. Occasionally, when they hung out she might wear leggings.

Terry blushed when he realized this morning's outfit was what Jennifer would wear when they went to a movie or the mall. She had black ballet flats, leggings, and thin, skin baring tops that showed her bra straps, too. How would he ever be able to look at her or any of his friends again? He knew he'd never share the Tasha part of this weekend.

Sure, his friends knew he had spent the week playing with the band during their daily practices. It was another thing to admit he dressed up and pretended to be a woman wearing panties and bras, putting on makeup, and parading around in high heels.

He stopped daydreaming when he saw Zoe and Tiffany emerge from Tiffany's parents' house. They were animatedly laughing and talking as they climbed in the van, but got quiet upon seeing Terry dressed up as Tasha.

Zoe smiled directly at Terry. "Wow, the genius prodigy guitarist blows my mind again! You look great as Tasha. I think you wear that outfit better than Gina ever did, right Tiff?"

Tiffany climbed in, barely giving Terry a glance. "Yeah, sure. You look very pretty, Tasha."

Terry's stomach was churning. This was not getting easier. It was so much fun playing live on stage, but being Tasha was twisting him around inside. How should a guy feel about getting compliments that he was pretty and made an attractive girl?

He had loved last night. The energy he felt. Playing rock in a club. Being cool with everybody staring up at him. He felt like he'd been on fire!

And then, Terry saw himself practicing walking in heels. He was strutting around all girly wearing makeup, smelling all feminine. It was like he was enjoying himself!

And the weirdest thing was that a part of him, just a small part was secretly thinking it was okay.

They parked out back and walked around to the front door of the club. Terry walked in front with Lisa. Gina, Zoe, and Tiffany followed right behind. It was just getting dark. As they turned the corner of the building, all five were on display walking down the brightly lit street.

Cars slowed down and horns were beeping. Somebody hit their brakes too hard with a loud screech.

Gina yelled out. "We'd better get inside fast before we create a pileup on Route 16."

The lighted marquee at The Rendezvous read 'Friday Night Fun Night with The Wildcats'. The catalog model exotica outfits were their contribution, but the twenty-five dollar cover charge included noise makers, kazoos, and a champagne cocktail from the bar. Robert Davis knew how to get the crowds returning to his club.

During the sound check, Terry taught them the new dance song that had been rolling around in his head. "It starts with Tiffany." Terry demonstrated on the guitar and smiled immediately as Tiffany ran with it.

"Four measures and then a chord change. Yeah! Four more and the third chord change, and ..." Tiffany smiled and made the last change herself.

Tiffany winked, "A drawn out version of 'You Can't Hurry Love'. That's easy enough, my pretty Tasha."

It was a strange thing to say, but Terry gave her a thumb's up. "Right! And a dozen more songs with the same four-chord progression."

"We need drums, Gina. How about a techno club beat?"

Gina had no trouble laying down the beat with a dance club sound.

"The rhythm guitar comes in with the same chords only two octaves higher." He started playing the chords, but kept eyes on the band.

"Sixteen measures and you get the lead, Zoe. Take it wherever you want to go."

Zoe started noodling the chord changes and raised the intensity.

Terry walked over to Lisa and told her the simple lyrics. They discussed it until they were both nodding and smiling.

Lisa grabbed the mike chanting "You can't lose, if you don't try. If you don't try, you can't lose" She kept repeating it over and over matching Gina's club rhythm beat.

She raised her voice and yelled "You gotta give it a try. You gotta give it a shot." She kept repeating, getting louder and harsher. She dropped it to a whisper. The band stopped playing one at a time, reversing the order until it was just Tiffany ramping up her bass line. Taking a cue from Terry, she ended it.

Terry raised his hands over his head and clapped. He was smiling. "Wow, you guys made it way better than I imagined. I talked to DJ Blank. He's at The Play Room tonight. He'll use our live cut. Freddy's going to record it then zip file it to DJ Blank."

Lisa smiled and addressed the band. "I'm going to use our 'shout out' to finish the song. Let's wait until we own the crowd to try it. I'm thinking last song in the second set."

Rehearsal continued. They went over the new arrangements with the synthesizer. It was 8:50 pm and Lisa called the seventy-five minute rehearsal over.

"Remember, we've got ears out there tonight. Davis is bringing two guests, an independent producer and agent. They're coming to hear the best we have."

Terry went to the bathroom and checked 'Tasha' out in the full length mirror. He was standing there adjusting the bodysuit and the padded curves when Tiffany walked over and joined him. Tiffany was staring at their reflections.

She applied another coat of bright red lipstick that matched her devil outfit. She turned to him. "Do you like how you look so pretty, Tasha?"

Terry thought she might be baiting him. Conversations with Tiffany were rare. Still looking at their reflections in the mirror, he tried to smile. "It's way different from what I'd normally wear on a Friday night."

Tiffany didn't want to stop. "Are you enjoying being a girl?"

"I enjoy playing with the Wildcats. It's the only way Lisa thought I could play with you."

"And what will you do tonight when a guy starts chatting you up, pretty Tasha?"

Terry turned to Tiffany and frowned, his eyes growing large as saucers. His immature teen voice was almost sounding girlish. "Are you kidding? Probably run. Tasha's not ready for prime time."

Tiffany laughed and linked arms with Terry leading him away from the mirror. "You're all right, girl. You're all right".


The band was plugged in and waited to play on the darkened stage. They stood quietly as Robert Davis stepped up and joined them. He motioned them to gather around.

"I had dinner with my New York guys. If you sound as good as last night, these guys will have to offer you a contract."

He grinned and looked at Lisa. "You sounded perfect last night, perfect. And now, it's time."

He signaled the sound booth. He roared into the mike like a professional wrestling announcer. "Ladies and Gentleman! Are you ready to Rumble? Are you ready to party? It's Friday Fun Night at The Rendezvous and I've got five lovely ladies that want to take you higher! A big warm welcome for Allentown's own! The Wildcats!"

As the lights came up, Lisa was already in the countdown and the band played hard. Grinning from ear to ear, she had this premonition. Lisa knew they would have a great show tonight. She felt it.

As the music grew more intense, Lisa made eye contact with each band member before she turned around. She grabbed the mike and yelled out "Allentown, we love you!"

The cheers started. The noisemakers and kazoos helped give the place a festive feeling. Lisa sang the intro to Terry's best rocker, 'Run, Run, Gone' with its great chorus and refrain. The band had been using it as their opener for over a year. By the second verse, the audience was singing along and cheering.

Even though they changed it up each night, people liked hearing the same songs. The crowd liked singing with the band.

They were in a groove. Everyone felt the magic. They immediately did Bryan Adams, 'Kids Wanna Rock' and 'Somebody', an up-tempo version of Big Sean's 'Bounce Back', followed by Shaggy's 'Angel'. Then they cut in with Zeppelin's 'Battle of Evermore' and finished with 'Black Dog'.

The first set flew by. During the break, Robert Davis came back stage and introduced them to his friends. Phil Simon was the producer and Richard Lawrence was the agent. After a bit of hand shaking and small talk he led them back out front.

Gina said, "How cool was that?"

Lisa agreed. "Let's include a few Terry songs and don't forget we close with the club number that Tiffany kicks off. Imitating Robert Davis, Lisa deepened her voice. "Are you ready to rumble?"

This was fun. Terry forgot he was standing in front of three hundred people just wearing spandex, high heeled boots, and a leather jacket exposing his crotch and butt. All he thought was how cool this felt. He was on top of the world! They played 'Wrong Way', 'You're Gonna Cry', and 'Kiss Me'. they threw in a few Stones' numbers including 'Street Fightin' Man' A minute later, U2's, 'Where The Streets Have No Names', Warren Zevon's 'Lawyers, Guns, & Money', then Terry's 'Come Again.'.

They were one last song away and they'd finish the second set. It was time for the live cut.

Lisa yelled into the mike as Tiffany started the techno song's bass line. "Hey, Allentown! We've got something new for you tonight. We're recording this next song for DJ Blank. He's in Philly tonight mixing at The Play Room. He'll be adding this to a live set. Let's hear you cheer loud, letting Philly know the real party's here at The Rendezvous in Allentown!"

"And when we're done, I'm going ask for some love." The crowd was already pumped and cheering. Lisa threw them kisses.

As the audience yelled and danced, Tiffany raised the volume. Her bass was getting bigger until it filled the room. Moving through the chord progression became hypnotic. Tiffany nodded to Gina for drums and stepped up to her mike.

With the bass thumping out a primitive rhythm and the drums driving a dance beat, Tiffany looked directly at Terry. She started to talk in a deep, husky sexy voice over her mike.

"Oh, Tasha. Oh, Tasha?" She drew out the words long and slow. "Oh Tasha!"

Terry stood there wondering what this was about. This was not the in the script or the way they rehearsed the song. He got a little nervous.

But Tiffany continued to stare at him, her voice increasing in volume and passion. "Oh, Tasha. Oh, Tasha! You look sooo good tonight."

Tiffany waited a chord change and then spoke again. "Oh Tasha. Oh, Tasha, you look sooo great tonight."

Another pause and another chord change, never taking her eyes off Terry, she started again. "Oh, Tasha, you look sooo fabulous tonight."

Tiffany was playing it up to the crowd and they were eating it up. Terry was having a mild panic attack. This wasn't part of the rehearsed plan and he hoped Tiffany wasn't taking this too far.

At that point, she give a slight head nod to Terry signaling for his rhythm guitar.

Terry began the chunka, chunka rhythm to Gina's beat. After one chord progression, he stepped up to the mike. He closed his eyes and tried to channel a Tasha voice and posture. He imagined himself sounding breathless like Marilyn Monroe.

"Tiffany? Ohhhh, Tiffany". He stared back at Tiffany and just kept repeating 'Oh Tiffany! Ohhhh, Tiffany."

Tiffany smiled. She started up again, sounding as if she were making an obscene phone call. Her voice dripped with deep throated sex and passion. She moaned, she panted. But, all she kept saying was Tasha, over and over again.

Terry joined in, calling Tiffany's name over and over. He tried imagine that he and Tiffany were having phone sex. They were both talking over their mikes as the music grew more intense. Now Zoe started riffing on the beat with an intense guitar solo.

Tiffany kept increasing her moaning and calling Tasha's name. Without changing her base line, she seemed to be focusing all her attention on Terry.

Terry, in his best sexy, breathless voice, tried to match Tiffany. What the hell, he thought. Two can play this game. He also knew that by calling out Tiffany's name, not all this strange and stupid attention was on him. Tiffany kept staring all the time she was moaning. Terry thought he caught an occasional wink, but he wasn't sure.

The whole band was playing this hypnotic rhythm and everyone was dancing and shouting. The room was shaking.

All eyes were on Lisa as she stepped into the spotlight stage center and started her chant. Both Tiffany and Terry stopped their talk and concentrated on their instruments. It was all Lisa now.

Lisa raised her voice loud enough for the crowd to make out what she was saying. "You can't lose if you don't try. If you don't try, you can't lose." She raised and lowered the intensity, never losing her control of the crowd. With some encouragement from Lisa, the audience repeated what she was chanting and when she changed it, they did too.

Lisa had the crowd in the palm of her hand. They danced madly as she chanted out the melody. Nearing the end, screaming "You can't win if you don't try, if you don't try, you can't win.

One by one the band stopped playing until it was just Gina and Tiffany backing up Lisa's whispering. Then, Lisa stopped chanting and Gina stopped her drumming.

With just the bass ripping off a wild solo, Lisa returned to the mike and center stage. Tiffany stopped suddenly, leaving the crowd staring at center stage and Lisa. Lisa gripped the mike stand with both hands. Her intensity obvious. She roared out, "We're The Wildcats, Allentown! Show Us Some Love!" She turned her mike toward the crowd. The crowd erupted and lifting the roof off with their cheering. They kept shouting and chanting, "Wildcats, Wildcats, Wildcats!"

And the song was recorded and the set was over.


It was break time and the lights had dimmed, but the band were slow to leave the stage. Terry was leaning against the amp for support. His nerves vibrating like tuning forks; the air felt electric. He looked at Lisa grinning from ear to ear.

She was shaking her head as she walked over. "Hey, where did all that come from? What cosmic energy source did we just tap in to? And how great was that?"

Gina gave Lisa a hug. She turned to Terry, "We nailed it. Your song put this place in the stratosphere."

Terry could barely speak. "That song belongs to all five of us. It's a runaway train and Tiffany was the engineer!"

Tiffany grabbed Terry's face with both her hands and planted a kiss right on his lipstick covered lips. "Amazing."

Zoe was drawing everyone in for a circle hug. "Mark the time and date. For ten minutes, The Wildcats owned the world."

They stood there basking in the energy. Slowly returning to earth, they all grinned, laughing and giggling.

Terry needed to use the bathroom. He wanted to find a chocolate bar or three before the next set.

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