Thanks, and yeah, we're still broke

Well, we're still broke and there's more month left, so we could still use some help getting to the end of the month. There's money coming in from advertising and book sales to pay bills but probably not enough for payday to help pay our personal bills.

We have about $140 in our bank accounts (including my personal accounts). Once again, by the end of June our finances will be more stable and looking up.

So if you can help, please, it would be greatly appreciated and will keep me from having to take out a loan on one of my credit cards. Thanks.

Oh, we do have a new address, although the old ones are still good. Here's the new one:

Janglewood LLC
1 South Main St.
Suite 6
Tom's River, NJ 08757-5100

That's a little office we had to acquire because Piper got told that she can't operate a business from her apartment. We're keeping the mailbox on Higgins, too, so either address is good.

And here is the Hatbox link for subscriptions and gifts via PayPal.

Hugs to all,
Erin, Piper, Cat, Amy, Liam, and Kayleigh

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