Ambassador of Femininity - Chapter 2

Ambassador of Femininity – Chapter 2

Dev couldn’t believe he was on camera and got up to dig it out but then immediately dropped the idea. “Just 2 days, man” he said to himself and stripped down to his birthday suit. And then with trembling hands, he picked up the bra, puts his arms into the straps, hooked it behind his back after struggling for a few minutes. Then came on the satin pink panties. As he slid them up his legs, his almost hairless legs felt a kind of jolt. The panties were barely covering his manhood but the soft and smooth fabric was giving him a sensation his body was always unknown to. It there was any chance of him hiding his pleasure, his erection was giving it away as it was trying to break the lacy shackles Dev was caught in. Without thinking further, Dev took the satin nighty, rolled it and put his head through. And what he felt next was a hurricane of satin engulfing him from head to toe as it flowed down his almost hairless body. Even a slight movement he made would make his body shudder because of the thousand satin sensations he was getting as his body was reacting to the softness of the fabric. Next came the gown which had tons of lace and strings around. Strings that tied his soul almost instantly. Was he a prisoner of a few women or his newly found mistress - his own will?

A sound of running water woke up Dev from his dreams. Before he could realize that he was not alone in the house, he rubbed his eyes and that’s when he noticed something different about his hands. He had long manicured nails brimming with a similar pink as his nighty. The thought of ‘his nighty’ brought him to full attention and he closed his eyes and slipped his hand under the sheets while praying that whatever he was thinking be just a nightmare. But his own hand on his satin covered belly sent a shiver through his spine. He pulled out of the sheets and there he was, standing on the floor embraced in womanhood. And that’s when he also saw his bright pink toe nails peeping out of his nighty. As much as he was liking it inside, he was wondering when and who painted his ten. Holding his breath, he headed for the bathroom, the source of that running water sound. And he jumped out as quickly as he went it. Because there was Rimmi, his boss’s secretary, now lying naked in his bath tub filled with bubbles. Rimmi laughed at Dev’s reaction and called him in. Dev collected all the courage and went inside. “We are both girls here. No need to be shy.” Rimmi said. And before he knew, she stood up leaving nothing to Dev’s imagination. His erection was now probing against the lacy walls of his panties. Was it the view or just his body’s way of reacting to the satin? Either way, Rimmi had a surprise coming for Dev. She pulled her hair back and then just when Dev was about to take his eyes off, Rimmi took his hand and pulled him into her warm and tight embrace. Her breasts rubbing against Dev’s new mounds created by the tight bra. Rimmi’s bare and foam coated legs entangled with his. Rimmi’s arms were tightly wrapped around Dev’s satin clad waist. And after moving over and slapping his butt, Rimmi’s right hand moved up his waist and then slowly on to Dev’s left breast. As her palm encircled and her fingers played with Dev’s left nipple through the satin nighty, Dev shuddered again and he let out a moan. And before he could swim out, he was taken deeper into the waters with Rimmi’s wild touching. She pinned him against the bathroom wall and soon both her hands were fondling with Dev’s new satin clad curves. She freed his hair from the low pony tail he was wearing. She gave them a strong violent tug forcing Dev to look up a little and his lips were on display. Rimmi kissed him full on the lips almost biting the lower one to bleed. And after breaking off the kiss after what seemed eternity, she winked at Dev. “Yummy lipstick, Devi. You really have a good taste in makeup.” She pressed him into the wall a little further, the pressure opened the shower wall and soon they both were drenched. Rimmi gathered and lifted Dev’s nighty, slid her arm inside, unhooked his bra and took it out through an arm of the nighty. Swollen and sensitive with Rimmi’s wild little play, Dev’s nipples were now poking through the wet satin pink nighty. Rimmi lipped them through his satin nighty and Dev started to moan a little louder. And soon Dev exploded inside his panties with his man juices.

Rimmi pulled his hair together again, tied them in a lady bun behind his head and secures it with one of her own hair pins. She wrapped herself in a towel, stepped out asking Dev not to move. While Dev was still thinking what happened, he heard a camera flash. He turned to his right and saw Rimmi standing with a camera. “Now clean up and come outside. Devi has just one hour to report at the event venue. And remember, a decent lady should not have a trace of body hair except a little heart above your clitty if you want to keep. Hurry up! You don’t want to collect any lesser whistles and comments than Vandy, do you?” Devi wrapped her womanhood in a towel tied high around her breasts and stepped out. Rimmi was standing near the dressing table with the mirror covered with a bed spread. On the table were all shades of vials and tubes and a huge box. “Hello princess! Will you just quickly come here and sit down?” Devi hesitantly walked towards her and without taking a second, Rimmi pulled down her towel. Devi was taken aback and her hands quickly went down to cover her privates. After all that had happened, there was still some shyness left in Devi. Rimmi slapped her and her hands now went to soothe her cheeks. “There’s nothing that I haven’t seen before.” Rimmi took out a violet bra and panty, a pantyhose and a girdle from a plastic bag lying on the bed next to the table that read Victoria’s Secret. Rimmi hung the bra on Devi’s ear as if it was a hook, bent and gave Devi a gentle peck on her lips while running her hands holding the silky stockings, up her thighs. Devi’s eyes automatically closed in submission but Rimmi left her whispering in her ear “I will be back in 10. And when I am back I want to see my doll in the lovely new lingerie she so much likes.” Rimmi’s words worked like hypnotism on Devi as something instantly overcame her and she found herself putting on the silky new items one after the other effortlessly. But just when she was about to wear that bra, she looked at her slightly swollen chest. She cupped them and tried to recreate the magic that the bra had done the previous night. She was about to pull off the cover from the mirror when she noticed the box. She opened it and what she saw were two large breast forms. Her mind told her not to knock that door but she had already stepped in. She took the C-cup breast forms in her hands and put them against her skin. And for reason still unknown, she started to feel at home. She was still fondling when from the edge of her eye, she saw Rimmi standing behind smiling. Devi froze then and there and for next half an hour she was like a statue who could feel each and every curve of it being shaped, painted and decorated but couldn’t say anything. Her bra was now supporting two large breasts that were her own, almost interrupting her view. She could feel the newly added weight to her chest. She could feel the pulling off her eyebrows, the thick eye liner and the mascara on her lashes, the foundation, the eye shadow but what she loved the most was each time her tongue would touch her creamy, satin, lipstick coated lips. The stickiness and then the getting apart had become a game for her. As Devi was getting thirsty, she reached out for the glass of water lying on the table but Rimmi stopped her just there and took a tumbler out of her bag and handed it to her. “Take this, instead. It will quench your thirst and will also help your muscles to relax. It’s a long day ahead. And we don’t want this super model to get cranky in the middle of the show. After all, posing and smiling at the guests is simply the only job you are supposed to do.” These last words gave Devi the taste of her own medicine. Devi couldn’t make eye contact with her as she knew they were filled with hate and disgust. Devi quietly started sipping on the drink and she passed out.

When she woke up, her different body parts were screaming for her attention and she could feel a lot of change in herself but didn’t know where to look first. And as she came to her senses, it all occurred to her one by one. Her face was now enveloped by a bob made out of her own real hair, at the front she was given a fringe that was coming down to her eyes constantly asking for attention to keep them out of sight. Her fingers were trying to address that but in vain. And that’s when she felt something else, her ear lobes. She touched them and couldn’t really make out how many piercings she was given but her ears were given a full arch of studs and rings with huge and heavy ear rings hanging from her ear lobes and brushing her neck and shoulders with every single movement of her head. But what embarrassed her completely was a huge nose ring she now wore, which was attached to her ear ring with an equally heavy chain constantly tugging at her nose and ear together. The nose ring also had a small dangling stone brushing against her creamy satin coated lips. As she touched it all, her hands caught her attention, which were now encased in slave bracelets with long manicured lavender coated nails sticking out. Her wrists were now flaunting uncountable white and lavender colored glass bangles tinkling and jingling constantly reminding her of her new job. She felt her face and almost popped an eye out with her own nails and realized she will have to be very careful how to use her fingers. Next she felt something stuck in her hair when her hands told her it’s a maang tika (a long chain with a pendant that India brides wear in their hair partition. And the maang tika led her hands to a huge lavender dot (bindi) sticker placed on her forehead just between and above her eye brows. She now looked down and found her new bubbly breasts peeping out from a very deep neck satin white blouse with a lavender border around the neckline and short sleeves. And a long heavy silver necklace was now hanging down to his cleavage. At the bottom she was wearing a silk petticoat skirt which is worn under the sari by Indian women. She stood up to have a complete view and almost stumbled as her feet were now locked in 6” pencil heels. She took support of the table to balance her and managed to turn around. There was nobody in the room. In fact, she was not in the same room anymore. As this was a sort of a green room that models use to get ready before the performance. The heels were too high and Devi knew that a step more and she will on her all fours. Then she recalled all those beautiful legs he used to drool over and remembered that most women who wear heels usually put one foot exactly in front of the other and take short strides while swinging their hips. Devi tried and bingo. In a few steps, she felt like it will be a cake walk. She was about to exit the room when Filomina entered. She had become a little comfortable with Rimmi but Filomina… she was wishing she was dead right now. Devi froze as Filomina went closer to her with her breasts almost brushing against Devi’s. She held Devi by her exposed waist as her blouse was too short & high and the petticoat too low. Devi felt a sort of current flowing through her body but against instead of stepping back, she found herself stuck. Filomina played with her belly piercing which had a cute pendant saying ‘girl’ hanging from it. “Rimmi said you are a natural and that you respond to actions just like a hungry slut. Mind if we find out?” Filomina leaned into her, stuck her tongue out and Devi again lost control over her body. Her eyes closed automatically and her lips opened up welcoming Filomina’s now probing tongue.

To be continued…

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