Being Different Isn't So Bad Chapter 4

It’s been a month since August came to live and work for Rebecca. The first thing she had done, was take her shopping to get the clothes she wanted to wear. She made sure she had all the proper undergarments and clothes she could wear to go out to eat in, work and play. She treated her to a day at the salon and introduce her to a friend of hers that has been doing her hair and nails since she was a teenager.

Rebecca had also gotten in contact with her parents and had them sign an agreement given her full guardian rights. That way she could get her the medical treatment she would need for her gender dysphoria. There wasn’t a doctor in Walker that specialized in gender dysphoria, so she had to take her to Lenexa, Kansas. The drive was normally three hours long. What they did was spend the day in Lenexa and drive back the next day. Which cut into their work week.

Rebecca had also taken her to see Judge Parker to have her name legally change. Judge Parker was Rebecca’s favorite judge. He was fair and came up with unique punishment for the criminals. August was warned that she never wanted to go before Judge Harris. Judge Harris was as tough as they came and you had to be on your p’s and q’s with him. He took a hard stance towards criminals and illegal immigrants.

He had even accused her of being one, but since no one could prove anything. He had to let it go.

August had been taught how to drive the Willy’s jeep and the pick-up truck on the airfield. Since it was considered private property, but she couldn’t drive on the highway or streets. She had met her father and her boyfriend Lev. He didn’t care that August would rather be a girl then a guy. Lev had with Rebecca’s permission took her on a local run for a friend of Rebecca’s. The person had some heavy machinery that needed transported and they couldn’t afford the transport rate. So, Rebecca made a deal with them and plead with Lev to transport the load for them in exchange for a bigger contract that she knew of that was coming up. She had spoken to a farming supply store that had a load that needed to go cross country and was willing to pay good money to have the load transported. Since she knew the owner and had done some other work for them. They gave the load to her boyfriend. Rebecca already had another load waiting for him to bring back to her shop in about the same area. She volunteered to pay for his fuel and time to go and pick the load up. It was some items she needed to help restore the bomber and parts for various other jobs going on around the shop.

Rebecca normally didn’t like to work the weekend, but to make-up for taking the day off. They started working on Saturdays and only taking Sunday off. The rest of the mechanics that worked with her at first didn’t know what to make of her. Rebecca had put her working with Fred and Troy on the electronics they refurbish for the government, since she had skills that they could use. All she had to do was refurbish old out of production electronics and make sure they worked. Sometimes the units needed to be fix, but she had to fix them just like they originally had been built. No modifications or up to date items. They had to stay the same. Rebecca showed her how to use some of the fabrication equipment to reproduce anything she needed for them.

She had a complete fabrication shop that they could build whatever they needed to. The garage normally stayed busy either doing routine service work on cars, tractor trailers, or even aircraft that came in. Rebecca had people that could work on everything, including herself. She paid a reasonable wage to the people that worked with her and shared the profits with several people that had helped start the shop with her father.

The biggest project they had going on was the total restoration of a World War II German bomber for the Kansas City air museum. It had been shipped over from England and given to the air museum. So, she had gotten the contract and had total control over the restoration and storage of the aircraft. It was locked in the repair hangar along with several smaller planes from that era that belonged to private individuals.

August looks out towards the rain that was coming down from the safety of the garage. Rebecca had gotten a call this morning that her father had passed away in his sleep. She had spent the morning up at the hospital and then over at the funeral home. She had gone with her and provided support. Lev was coming home in a few days. She had sent a text message letting him know that Charlie had passed away. Rebecca was inside sound to sleep. August had held her till she cried herself to asleep.

August closes her eyes and felt some relief for Charlie. Now he wouldn’t be spending his days hooked up to machines any more. The staff had stuck around to care for Rebecca. They were going to miss her old man as well. A lot of them had been working for him since he came back from serving in the military. They had watched Rebecca grow up and take after her father. Charlie had put twenty years in the service, before he was forced to retire. Then he had found Rebecca and raised her all by himself.

August had found out that Charlie had been married once when he had been younger, but his wife had cheated on him. So, he had never gotten married again. He had plenty of girl friends over the years, but he never wanted to marry again. She turns around and head back inside to check on Rebecca. Rebecca has become like an older sister to her. She looked up to her and wanted to follow in her footsteps.

August peeks in on Rebecca, who was still sleeping. There were a bunch of used tissue laying on the floor next to her bed. August closes the door quietly and heads back towards the living room and tries to watch a movie, but couldn’t get into it. Instead, August heads into the kitchen and starts making Rebecca’s favorite cookies. They always cheered her up when she is feeling down. August had found that when Rebecca was sad and upset about something. She made cookies and cakes when she was sad. She had an armor-plated empty fuel tank hanging in one of the hangars that she could beat the crap out of with a pair of boxing gloves. When she was really, really mad she used her huge wrenches to beat the crap out of the tank with. Her father had told her that it was better to take her anger out on that tank, then to hurt someone.

August ends up making three dozen of chocolate chip cookies, a black walnut bread and two dozen oatmeal cookies. She knew Lev would be back soon and he liked the chocolate chip cookies. She had followed Rebecca’s recipe. Rebecca had allowed her to copy her recipe and put it in her own book. When Rebecca was a teenager, she would enter cooking contest. She would win a few. The ones she won, she kept the recipe like it was. The recipes that didn’t, Rebecca would experiment with till she got it right or passed on it.

Lev was a mystery to her. She had found out that he had been born in Russia and had been here in the States for the past ten years. Him and Rebecca have been seeing each other for a few years with her father’s permission because at the time they met when she was underaged.

Once august was done making the cookies and cake, she goes ahead and starts making shepherd's pie. The rain wasn’t going down in buckets, but it was still coming down. August hooks her Iphone into the stereo system and listen to her music while she makes shepherd's pie. Once the pies were in the oven, August goes to check on Rebecca one more time. She wishes she could take the pain away from her big sister, but she’ll do whatever it takes for her sister.

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