The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 10

Rebecca and Kat were the first ones to come around. Their heads felt like someone had used them to play drums on. Rebecca was still blurry eyed, but Kat was totally aware of her surroundings. A very angry feral growl escapes from Kat’s throat. Rebecca could sense that Kat was very pissed. As her eyesight cleared, she could understand why now. They were locked in some sort of large cage. All three girls were sealed in some sort of clear glass chamber that had hoses going to it. There was some sort of black cloud moving around inside the chamber.

The guys were still out and still had their hands secures behind their backs.

“Kat, snap out of it.” Rebecca’s hands were secure behind her back.

One of the guys that work for her. Taught her how to slip her legs them her bound hands and bring them forward. Which is what she does.

She looks over towards Kat.

“Kat! Snap out of it.” Rebecca slaps her tail against Kat’s cheek.

Kat turns around pissed. She notices Rebecca standing there with her hands before her bound.

“Kat, will you calm down. I need your help. Only your claws can cut through this.” Rebecca didn’t have her pocket knife with her and her tail wasn’t strong enough to break the zip strips binding her hands.

Kat tries to get her anger under control. It was hard, but she finally does. She causes her claws to extend and cut Rebecca’s bindings.

“Thanks.” Rebecca looks around inside their cage for something sharp to use.

“Inside my boot. I have a switch blade.” Kat lifts her right leg.

Rebecca kneels and feel inside Kat’s boot. She finds the knife and pulls it free from its hiding spot. She pops the blade open and use it to cut

Kat’s bindings.Then she moves onto Lev’s double bindings.

Kat extends her claws again and cut through Paul’s bindings. She knew her partner was going to be pissed and ready for a fight. She hopes Lev will too.

Rebecca points to two cameras’ she spotted. They couldn’t see them in the cage, but if they stepped out of the cage they could.

Lev and Paul finally come around.

“Что, бля, меня ударило?”

Everyone was looking at Lev when he spoke. They didn’t understand Russian.

“He said what the fuck hit him.” Paul had picked up a little Russian during his mafia days.

“I agree with him. Whatever they used has given me a headache worse than anything I have had before.” Paul notice the girls from where
he was.

“I’m going to kill whoever put those girls in there.”

Lev looks towards them “I’ll help.”

Rebecca was busy looking around the cage to see what weak points it might have.

“I wish I had some explosives. I could blow this door.” Lev had kneeled in front of it to examine it to see if maybe he could use Kats claws to pick it. You could hear his Russian accent clearly.

“I might be able to help you there.” Paul pulls his boots off and lift the liner inside his boot and pull a small amount of C-4 with a blasting cap.

Kat looks at him with wide eyes “where did you get that?”

“During my days of being hired muscles. I learned to always have an ace up my sleeve, just like you have two throwing knives in your other boot.” Paul walks over and hands it to Lev.

Rebecca looks at Lev “where did you learn how to use C-4?”

“The internet.” He gives her a cheesy smile.

Rebecca just glares at him.

“Alright, I was in Russia’s military special forces.” Lev accepts the C-4 and molds it to blow the lock on the cage.

Rebecca just watches him work. He never told her he used to be in any military.

“Alright, ready to blow.” Lev gets away from the door. He sits it off.

The door flies off the cage. The door to the room opens and at least four people comes in with batons in their hands. Lev and Paul attack first. Paul just snaps one guy’s head like it was nothing and Lev takes the baton, which turned out to be a cattle prod and shove it into the guy’s face. Kat roundhouse one guy with her loaded boot, snapping his neck. Rebecca wasn’t a trained fighter like the other three, but her father did teach her how to box and she punches one guy right in the face mask as hard as she could, while pulling his leg out from under him with her tail. Her hand hurt, but the guy had a broken nose. Lev comes over and stumps down on the guy’s throat.

“Rebecca, can you do something about that door?” Lev points over at the controls next to the door.

“Yep.” Rebecca grabs the baton and break the control pad that controls the door. She starts pulling wires and finds what she is looking for and locks the door so only they could unlock it.

Lev was busy striping the four men of what they had. He found they had Glock 9mm’s with two spare magazines, adjustable body armor, black jumpsuits and military grade boots with a survival knife.

Kat goes over to the cameras “Were coming for dumb asses.”

She smashes them with the baton.

“Rebecca, can you do something with these things?” Lev and Paul were looking at the system controlling the containers.

Rebecca walks over and looks. She touches a few buttons and a menu comes up on a small screen. She looks at the choices and finally realize what these units are.

“No way. How could they have something as advance as this?” Rebecca presses a few more buttons.

“What is it Rebecca?” Kat had walked over and stood next to Rebecca.

“Their using nanites to manipulate and rewrite the girls genetic code. They used a 3d printer to build a uterus, vagina, ovaries and clitoris for the girls as well as high dosages of estrogen to turn the girls from males to girl. The last I read the 3d printers were having problems building a working organ, but it looks like they overcame that problem. Since the organs were made from their cells the body won’t reject them. These scans and the nanites in these chambers are showing the girls will be fully functional. They could have babies and carry them to terms.”

“What else are those nanites doing to the girls?” Paul and Kat were looking at the girls.

“They have been program to shape the girls faces and chest area with certain dimensions and breast size. They are being custom made for a client in Saudi Arabia.” Rebecca stops the program and inputs new orders.

“There that should do it. Just give the girls about twenty minutes and we can release them.”

“What did you do?” Kat was curious.

“I changed the program to something else I know the girls would prefer.” Rebecca may not be a hacker, but she does know how to change things with a computer.

Rebecca walks over to a console on a work station and notice someone had done a blood reading on them.

“Kat, you better see this.” Becca brings the information up and show her.

“They took some of our blood and have their nanites analyzing our genetic code so they can replicate it.” Rebecca taps a few mores keys to see if she could stop the process.

“I want to know where they are getting this level of nanite technology?” Lev looks at it.

“Rebecca, can you bring their programming online so I can see what it looks like?” Lev thought he saw something he had seen before.


Rebecca brings the programming code up. She looks at it as does Lev.

“That looks like it was programmed by some Chinese scientist or person.” Lev has seen the program before. The Russian nanotechnology center had been experimenting with it.

“How can this be so advance? I didn’t think they had this type of technology or medical knowledge yet.” Rebecca had kept up on the development of the printers because she had a few that fabricate things she needed. However, this knowledge was ahead of its time.
“Guys, we have company coming.” Kat could hear boots coming towards them.

“How many Kat?”

Rebecca was looking around for something she could use for power and to put some water in.

A smile comes to her face “Guys grab a helmet and pee in it.”

She finds the main power cable for a device and yank it out.

The guys give her a weird look.

Kat looks at Becca too.

“Water and power don’t mix. Urine is nothing but waste water. You pee in the helmets and throw it on them and then hit them either with the batons or this power cable.”

“Eeeewww,” Kat couldn’t believe Rebecca’s plan. It would work, but it didn’t sound sanitary.

“But we would have to let them in sweetie and they could have tear gas, flash or smoke grenades.”

“I know. It’s a gamble, but what other choice do we have?”

“True. Okay, I’ll pee in the helmet.” Lev unzips his pants and pees in the helmet.

Paul does the same thing. Rebecca walks over to the damage control pad gets ready to open the door.

Once the guys have finish their business, each one picks a helmet up an gets ready to toss it at the people coming in.

“1,2,3” Kat steps aside as the door opens and the men on the other side rush in and get hit with the urine on their uniform and mask.

Kat stabs one and the shock is amped up some. He falls to the ground. Rebecca elbows one guy in the throat as hard as she can and he goes down. Paul and Lev fire the guns they had confiscated and kill two more. Lev and Paul pick two guys up and use them as shields as they go back to back to protect the girls. More guys start showing up and this time they brought grenades and automatic rifles.

Kat and the guys start firing. Rebecca has never shot a gun before, but her father did show her how to use one. She aims for the knees of one guy and rushes forward low to the ground towards them while Lev covers her. Rebecca and Kat were small compare to their boyfriends, so they could move faster and lower.

Rebecca gets close enough to grab a grenade off a guy’s web belt and set it off. She moves quickly while there is an explosion behind her. Her ears are hurting from the loud enclosed spaces. Lev fires over her head and hits a person coming up from behind her.

“How many people are there here?” Kat was down to her last magazine.

“I don’t know, but I’m getting tired of this.” Paul rushes forward and grabs a grenade and toss it towards some more guys.

“Come on sweet heart. Let’s see what’s around corner number 1” Paul peeks around the corner, but doesn’t see anything or anyone.

“You go high and I go low.” Kat and Paul run down the corridor and find a locked door.

Lev and Rebecca come running up behind them.

“Where are the girls?” Kat was worried that no one was with them.

“Still in their containers and the door is locked. Only I can open it.” Rebecca made sure the door was locked solid.

“This door is locked. Plus, I can hear talking on the other side of it.” Kat had her ear close to the door.
Paul and Lev back and get the items from the guys they shot, especially the grenades. They come back with them in their hands.
“Can you open it Becca?” Kat looks to her sister.

“Can a dog walk on four legs?” Rebecca takes the panel apart and shorts the controls and so she can open the door.

“Go for it guys.” Rebecca opens the door and bullets come flying past them. Paul and Lev toss the grenades in and the room rocks from the explosions.

Rebecca peeks into the room and notices no one is moving.

“I think you guys knocked them all out.” Rebecca goes in first followed by Lev.

“It looks like the control room for this place.” Rebecca goes over to a work station and tried to bring things up.

Rebecca manages to bring one of the workstations online. She sits there and types away bring up the layout of the place and how many people were still here. According to readouts and the camera feeds she was getting. There were four people missing from the place.

“We’re missing four people. It looks like they took a Cigarette boat. Here are the four we need to find.” Rebecca bring their images up on the screens. The top two are the ones we really want. One was a Chinese scientist that specialized in nanite technology and the other was the leader of this merry band.

“We need to find these two.” Rebecca points to them.

“How about the other two? Who are they?” Paul was looking at them. It was like he knew one of them.

“According to their files. One is head of security for this group and the other is the assistant to our scientist.”

“Can you send this information to my cloud account?” Kat was wondering if she could save the info.

“Sure. Sending it now.” Rebecca taps a few keys after she gets Kat’s account.


“Now, can you tell me where we are?” Lev wanted to know that info.

“Were in the Caribbean, on Ile de Caille. We’re lucky there’s a plane here I can fly us back in.” Rebecca couldn’t believe it.

“Let go and check on the girls.” Kat and Rebecca heads back towards the room they woke-up in.

Rebecca manages to set the girls free. They were groggy when they woke-up and very sore as well. It took them time to get use to their new center of balance.

All of them make it to the landing strip after radioing the US navy and coast guard. Rebecca gets clearance to take off to fly them home.

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