Bikini Beach: Above and Beyond

Bikini Beach: Above and Beyond
By: Light Clark

Synopsis: Detective Aiden Polver is forced to release an abusive father as part of an FBI deal, causing him to seek other avenues to protect the man’s children.

Note: This is a rerelease of an older work, so it may seem familiar. However, it has been heavily edited since its first publishing, so it is substantially different from its original release.

Aiden leaned contentedly back on the bench as he bit into his sandwich. Every day he came out to the park to eat his lunch. He liked this spot because it was peaceful, but also because it let him help keep children safe. Many years ago he’d been eating here on a nice day, when a kidnapper had attempted to snatch a young girl from the playground that the bench overlooked. Him being there that day had probably saved that girl’s life.

Of course, getting lucky like that again seemed unlikely, but Aiden didn’t care. He’d joined the police to protect people that couldn’t protect themselves, and there few people were more defenseless than small children. It wasn’t like sitting out in the park for his lunch was a bad thing anyway. There was sun, fresh air, and the occasional adorable hijinks to give him a chuckle. It was really nice – most days anyway.

This day, however, he was only two bites into his sandwich when the sound of a child crying cut through the air. Snatched from his tranquil lunch by the sound, Aiden jerked his gaze up to see a little brown-haired girl crying her lungs out over what appeared to be a broken toy, while an only slight bigger blonde girl tried to comfort her. It wasn’t doing much good as the brunette just kept on shrieking in a way that sent a shudder down his spine like nails on a chalkboard. Little girls always knew how to make the most piercing of cries.

Seeing that it was nothing serious, Aiden gave the two girls a sympathetic look as a sighed, “Aw, poor thing,” slipped from his lips.

Aiden was not the only person to react to the shrill sound. People all around looked up like he did. Only one adult, though, a husky man in his late thirties, approached the girl. Judging by the look of recognition on the blonde’s face as the man approached he was someone they knew.

“Probably a concerned father,” Aiden mused as he watched.

That thought didn’t last long, though, as a moment later, the man slapped the little brown-haired girl hard across the face. The assault brought the girls cries to a sudden halt, as the little girl fell clutching her cheek with tears running down her face. Even the nearby blonde jumped at the hit, clamping her hands over her mouth as if she too had to stifle her screams.

“I told you both to play quietly! You know how angry it makes me when you make a racket!” the man yelled down at the little girl, his words seeming to drive her into the ground. “Now come on, we’re leaving!”

The blonde girl tried to help the other one up, but she pulled away. “No! I don’t wanna go!”

Raising his hand in obvious threat, the man stalked forward again. “Don’t talk back to me, girl.”

Just before the man could swing again, Aiden caught his arm, jerking the blow to an abrupt stop. “That’s quite enough of that, sir.”

“Butt out of it, asshole!” the man shouted, spinning toward Aiden. That anger vanished into a wide eyes and a blanched face when he saw the badge Aiden held in his other hand.

“I think not,” Aiden stated authoritatively. “You’re under arrest.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Can you get social services over here?” Aiden asked as he stopped by the dispatcher's desk. With their father booked and in holding, he needed someone to at least look out for them for the time being. If the way their father, Anton, had acted in the park was any indication, they might need something more permanent as well.

“Don’t bother,” a male voice called out from behind Aiden.

Turning around, Aident saw an older man with gray hair and a bit of gut approaching with a scowl on his face. “Captain, I arrested their father for publicly assaulting them. Child services needs to come take them.”

“That might be the case if we were actually going to charge him or call them, but neither is going to happen,” the captain spat. “That man you arrested is under the protection of the FBI as a key witness in some organized crime case. He’s not exactly going to be cooperative with his testimony if we take his kids away and throw him in jail.”

“Wait ... we are just letting him walk?!” Aiden gasped incredulously.

The captain nodded. “You’re damn right we are. Do you have any idea how much trouble this department would be in if we blew the fed’s case?”

“The man beats his kids!” Aiden argued, unable to believe what he was hearing.

“And I’d wager his former crime buddies killed some kids,” the captain countered. “The decision is made, detective, just be glad you weren’t the one who had to make it.”

Huffing in frustration, Aiden nodded reluctantly. “Understood, sir.”

“Good, now go finish your lunch break,” the captain ordered. “I’ll have someone else release him, so there’s no chance for an altercation.”

“Yes, sir,” Aiden agreed with a heavy sigh. As he did, he glanced over at the two girls who were sitting not all that far away, playing together. They’d introduced themselves to him not that long ago – Anna and Nikki. It wasn’t right to just hand them over to their father again, but there was nothing he could do. Like his captain had said, the decision was made.

In need of something to calm him down, Aiden stormed off, heading out of the station and out to his car. A short drive later, he found himself where he always did in such situations, a nice little restaurant called Leanne’s Cafe. Known for their home cooking, Leanne’s had the best apple pie in town. It was a favorite place of his to go when a case just wasn’t working out. He was so intent on finding a way to get Anton that he didn’t even notice the cafe’s other two patrons, a pair of attractive young women sharing a booth that had an unusual interest in him.

“What’s wrong?” Anya asked Selena when she saw the other girl’s attention shift off toward the door.

“Don’t tell me I actually picked up on one you didn’t?” Selena questioned, her voice part smug, part disbelieving. “It’s that guy over there,” she said, nodding toward Aiden as he came in and found a seat. “He has an interesting problem.”

Anya turned to the guy and probed a little deeper on her own. A look of anger briefly crossed her face. “I’d love to get this Anton to the park.”

“Yeah but if you park him you ruin the case and a bunch of criminals go free,” Selena pointed out. “Is there anything else we could try that doesn’t stop him from cooperating with the police?”

“I could try to put a mental block on him that will prevent him from hurting the kids,” Anya offered.

Selena winced a bit at the thought of using magic to control people’s minds. “I guess that’s our best option.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“What did you do, Detective?!” the captain shouted through the phone when Aiden answered.

“What’s wrong?” Aiden asked, confused by his superior’s sudden anger. He hadn’t done anything that might upset the man since the last time he’d seen him.

“Anton flipped a shit! He won’t let anyone near him. Says they’ll try to hurt his kids,” the captain answered. “Whatever it is you did, I need this fixed! Get your ass to the station, now!”

The line went dead leaving Aiden to blink at his cell in confusion. It had been days since he’d arrested Anton, and he hadn’t seen the asshole since. He had no idea what could have spooked him. Still, an order was an order, so he got up to do as he was told.

A drive down to the station, an ass chewing, and a failed trip to Anton’s later and Aiden was sitting at his desk no less confused than before. For unknown reasons, Anton had turned into a paranoid, overprotective father, and no one in the department could get near his house. It was like the man had turned into a crackpot, practically overnight.

“It just doesn’t make any sense,” Aiden muttered to himself.

“What doesn’t?” a female voice asked.

Drawn from his thoughts, Aiden looked up to see Jana, one of the female officers on the force standing next to his desk. “Oh, hey. It’s this guy I arrested the other day in the park for abusing his kid. They made me release him because the Feds need him for some case. Now apparently, he’s turned into some overprotective nutjob who won’t let anyone near his house. The captain is worried if things continue like this the Fed’s case will fall apart.”

A thoughtful look came over Jana’s face at the explanation. “I think I might have a way to help.”

“Really?” Aiden asked hopefully,.

Jana nodded. “Yeah meet me at that waterpark, Bikini Beach, after you’re off duty.”

Instantly, Aiden’s hope turned to a look of skepticism. “How’s a waterpark going to help?”

“You want to stop this guy, right?” Jana questioned, getting a nod from Aiden. “Then just come to the park and try to keep an open mind.”

Shaking his head as Jana went back to work, Aiden looked down pensively, wondering why nothing made any sense any more. An abusive parent had suddenly turned into an over protective one. A very professional colleague was suggesting a water park visit as a crime fighting technique. It was all just nonsense. In spite of his feelings about the suggestion, Aiden wanted to do something for those kids. If a water park would help somehow, so be it.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Hello Detective Polver,” an older woman, greeted Aiden as the detective neared Bikini Beach’s ticket booth. “Officer Jana is waiting for you back in my office. I can show you the way.”

“Uhm thank you, Ms. …?” Aiden trailed off, hoping the woman, who had apparently already been told about him, would fill him in on who she was.

The older woman smiled mysteriously. “You can just call me Grandmother, everyone does.”

With a confused look on his face, Aiden nodded, letting Grandmother lead him off toward the office. The entire time, he stared at her back, wondering what exactly was going on in this place. He didn’t spot any clues along the way, but that didn’t make the place feel any less weird.

“Aiden! I’m so glad you came,” Jana greeted the detective when he finally stepped into the office, leaving Grandmother outside to return to her spot in the booth

“I was too curious about how a water park was going to help to stay away,” Aiden joked, trying to put himself at ease as much as to be funny.

Chuckling lightly at the joke, Jana turned to gesture at two other women that waiting in the office with her. They were both in their early twenties, one with black hair while the other’s hair was brown. “These are Anya and Selena.”

Selena waved shyly as Anya offered her hand to the detective, who shook it without any of the trepidation he felt. “Sorry about the mess we made with Anton,” Anya began, taking the lead for the two in conversation as well. “I was trying to help protect the girls without messing up the case.”

“You made him act that way?” Aiden asked suspiciously, glancing between the two seemingly harmless girls. “What did you do? Try to kill him?”

The three women all shared a look that made it seem like Aiden was the only one left out of some inside joke. It was only for a moment, though, before Jana spoke. “Remember how I said you needed to have an open mind?”

Only growing more suspicious, Aiden nodded slowly. “Why do I get the feeling you are about to tell me something that I would rather not know?”

“Because that’s usually the only reason someone acts this mysterious about something, but don’t worry it’s nothing illegal or anything like that,” Jana pointed out. “Still, if you really don’t want to know, we won’t tell you. Knowing could really help you with that Anton asshole, though.”

Feeling like he was probably going to regret it, Aiden nodded. “Alright, then tell me.”

“I used magic on Anton,” Anya stated as if that was a totally normal and reasonable thing for her to say. “I was trying to put a mental block on him to keep him from hurting the girls again. Unfortunately, it seems he had an extreme reaction to it, so I removed it.”

Aiden’s eyes widened at the absurdity of the claim as he involuntarily leaned back as if whatever insanity afflicted the young woman could infect him. That was the only possible explanation for what he’d just heard. He even started to open his mouth to declare as much, but he didn’t get the chance.

“Before you dismiss it out of hand, think about how we would even know about Anton,”Selena pointed out just before Aiden could vocalize his doubt. ”I’m sure you’re aware Officer Jana would never reveal a protected witness’s identity to civilians.”

Having always respected Jana Aiden looked between the officer and the two women talking about magic. The former nodded along, seeming completely confident in the other two. The latter were looking at him with these strangely piercing gazes, making him feel like they were seeing his very soul.

“Not your soul, just your thoughts,” Anya told the detective, vocalizing his worries in perfect time with him having them.

Swallowing hard, Aiden forced his gaze away from those creepy looks and back toward his colleague. “Do you do this magic stuff too, Jana?”

Jana shook her head. “No. I just help them when magical problems require the law.”

“And you guys have magic powers and chose to run a waterpark?” Aiden asked incredulously, turning back to the two young women.

“Well it’s my grandmother’s park actually,” Anya explained. “She built it as a refuge for women, and it’s magical in its own way. The water can turn men into women, while rewriting reality around them so that everyone else thinks that they were always women.”

Aiden just blinked for a few seconds at that impossible claim. “Okay …” he finally said drawing out the syllables. “So things with Anton will go back to normal now, right?”

Anya nodded confidently. “Yes, they should.”

“Is there anything else you can do to him to help protect the girls?” Aiden asked. “Dunk him in your magic water maybe?”

Anya shook her head sadly. “Sadly no, not without messing up the case he’s testifying for.”

“Alright then. Thanks for at least trying to help, I guess,” Anton told them, still a little bemused by everything he’d just heard. “That’s more than the captain did.”

“Sorry,” Anya replied.

In response, Aiden just nodded, turned, and walked away.

“You know he’ll be back,” Selena pointed out after Aiden had left the office. “He’s already starting to come up with a plan.”

“I know, but that’s his choice to make,” Anya replied.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

As he left the park, Aiden was in a complete daze. By the time he made it to the car he was already doubting the truth of what he’d been told inside. He was even doubting that he’d been told that stuff at all. It would make a lot more sense if this was just a dream.

“There’s just no way magic is real,” Aiden muttered to himself, trying to rationalize them guessing at his thoughts all while questioning Jana’s loyalty to the force.

The next day, however, Aiden’s doubts took a big hit when the captain thanked him for fixing things with Anton. After that, he spent a lot of the day sitting at his desk, trying to make sense of it all to no avail. Finally, he decided he needed to go back to where it had started.

“What they told me about what they can do and their park. It’s all true isn’t it?” Aiden asked as he found Jana alone in the break room.

Looking up from her coffee, Jana nodded in confirmation. “I know it’s hard to believe, it wasn’t easy for me when I found out either, but yes, everything we said yesterday was all true.”

Nodding in acknowledgement, Aiden let his gaze dip thoughtfully. As he did, he absently mumbled, “Thanks, Jana,” to the officer before turning to go back to his desk. By the time he sat down, the inkling of an idea that had been tickling the back of his thoughts had started to grow.

Later that day, there wasn’t even a hint of surprise on Anya’s face as Aiden walked up to the ticket booth. There was just a bright smile as she greeted him pleasantly with, “Welcome back, Detective. What can I do for you?”.

“You said this park can change men into women, and no one even knows they used to be anyone else, right?” Aiden asked, getting a nod from Anya. “Does each man have a specific woman they become or can you tailor it?”

“There’s a default for each person, but it can be tailored when desired,” Anya answered. “I take it you have a plan that hinges on that tailoring?”

Aiden nodded. “I have two possible ideas. One is that you make me his daughter so that I can be close enough to watch over the two younger ones.”

“That would be tricky, he only met his former wife ten years ago so at most you’d be nine. You would be nearly as defenseless as the other two are,” Anya explained.

“Well I was hoping not to have to use the fallback plan but here it is. Anton lets his girlfriend, Lily, do most of the work raising the two girls. If I could replace her somehow then I could put myself between him and them,” Aiden suggested.

“I’m sure you realize that I can’t just make you Lily,” Anya replied uncertainly. ”You would have to become a girl and lure him from her yourself. Not to mention he’d probably expect certain … actions from you that you won’t find pleasant.”

Having already considered all of that, Aiden nodded solemnly. “I’m aware of what he’ll expect of me. As far as the seducing part goes, I was hoping you guys could make it so he’d find me more than a little difficult to resist … if you catch my meaning.”

“Are you sure about this?” Anya asked uneasily. “This isn’t going to be as easy as for you as you think it is.”

“It doesn’t matter how easy it is,” Aiden stated firmly. “I didn’t become a cop because it was easy, and I certainly didn’t do it, so that I would have to stand by while people got hurt. I can protect the girls until he testifies and then change back to get them away from him.”

Sighing in defeat, Anya gave him a look that was a bizarre cross between respect and pity. “Alright. If you want to be able to change back afterwards we’ll need to do this the more complicated way. Detective, you’ll need to go on sabbatical so that no one notices Aiden Polver is gone while you do this.”

“I thought you said that it would make everyone think I was always the girl,” Aiden pointed out, furrowing his brow in confusion.

“It would, but then, when you changed back, it would undo everything that the girl version of you did, defeating the purpose of you changing,” Anya explained.

Pausing for a moment, Aiden mulled over the impact of that news. The Fed’s case was likely to take at least six months. Taking that much time away from being Aiden would certainly impact his career, his finances, his friends. The price just seemed to keep getting steeper. Still, he would’ve gladly given his life to protect the girls. There was no reason for him to be so apprehensive about giving only six months of it.

“I’ll take care of my personal stuff,” Aiden assured her. “How does this work once I finish that? Do I just go dump some water on my head or what?”

Anya laughed lightly. “Sorta but no. We’ll get you a pass for however long you want to stay female, say six months to start with, and then you just go in and take a shower. Once the pass expires you’ll change back, and if we need to, we can always extend it.”

“I should be back in a couple days, tops,” Aiden told her with a nod, already going over what he would need to take care of in his mind.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“This is going to be tough,” Aiden muttered as he stood in front of a mirror in the locker room at Bikini Beach. His reflection showed the powerful, athletic body that he’d always relied on to protect others. Glancing over at the shower stalls that waited nearby, Aiden gulped. That body would be gone soon. It was one thing to talk about spending half a year as a girl, but it was another thing entirely when that prospect was staring him in the face.

Squaring his shoulders, Aiden walked to the showers. “It’s not like being a girl is going to kill you,” he told himself, trying to keep his nerve from crumbling. It was strange to him just how hard it really was to go through with. He’d faced some pretty scary things as a cop, but turning the knob on that shower was no less scary.

Thankfully, the water was warm and soothing. It helped Aiden calm his nerves a bit as he felt the first of the changes run through him. Closing his eyes, he tried to not to think about what those changes entailed.

After a while, Aiden felt the changes come to a halt, and he reached out to turn off the water. As he did, he fumbled a bit for the knob which was noticeably higher than it had been a few minutes ago. He could feel things shifting about him as he moved as well. Wet hair ran across his shoulders, and a palpable weight on his chest shifted. He didn’t look down at it, though. Instead, he just prepared himself for the worst, walked over the mirror that he’d been looking in before, and to his first look at his new reflection.

Waiting in the mirror was an auburn haired girl that looked like she’d been custom built for sex. She was quite a bit shorter than Aiden had been, on the short side even for a girl. With that lost height came a decrease in age as well, to the point where he doubted he was any older than the two magic wielding girls that he’d met a few days prior. Her body was slim but quite curvy, sporting an exaggerated figure capped by truly massive boobs. His attention was drawn to two aspects of the reflection simultaneously. His eyes focused on the small triangle of green fabric on a very flat crotch, while his small hands cupped the naked breasts, covering the twin bumps that capped them as the soft flesh overflowed his fingers.

“You can thank Selena for those,” Anya commented, drawing Aiden’s gaze from the mirror to where Anya and Selena now, mysteriously, stood, the first girl holding a green bikini top.

“It’s not my fault Anton's a pig,” Selena argued. “She wanted to be irresistible to him. You should have seen some of the sick fantasies I had to sort through to find something as tame as that for her to be.”

The use of female pronouns really made Aiden’s new situation a reality to her. In fact, they almost physically struck her, sending her mind into a bit of a tizzy. It took a firm shake of her head to get her thoughts settled down enough to even consider responding.

“I-It’s alright,” Aiden managed to say, stumbling a bit over the soft sultry voice that formed the words, rather than the deep commanding one tha the was used to. Even knowing what she was getting herself into, this was still a little hard to accept.

“Here, put this on,” Anya offered, handing over the bikini top that she held.

Having been told that she’d have all the skills that she’d need to be a woman, Aiden took the top. Looking down at it didn’t unlock the mystery of what to do with it, though. He had some vague guesses about what to do, but that was it.

“Don’t think about it, just do it,” Anya instructed helpfully.

Not thinking about something proved to be quite challenging, but Aiden tried to get her mind focused on what she needed to do once she was finished here. As soon as she did, the top slipped on with ease, her hands seeming to work on their own. When they were finished, her chest was properly covered – at least as much so as something so expansive could be by the skimpy garment.

“Thank God for small miracles,” Aiden muttered to herself as she stared down at her chest in disbelief. She didn’t let that stare linger, though, forcing her gaze up to the two women across from her. “So who am I now?”

“You tell us,” Selena replied. “Say your name.”

“Ava Fyfe,” Ava answered, while trying to say Aiden. As soon as those words left her mouth, her face scrunch up a little, peering down at herself anxiestly “This magic stuff is really creepy, you know that right?” That comment had Selena looking away in embarrassment.

“Anyway …” Anya spoke up. “Ava has the rest of the day off, so I’d suggest you spend some time enjoying the park. It’s a lot of fun and a safe place to get acquainted with the new you.”

“Day off from what?” Ava started to ask, when memories popped right into her head to answer the question. She was a college student, studying communication. She also worked part time as a waitress at The Green, a sports bar not far from campus. Given that information, she deduced that Anton must have had some kind of perverted coed fantasy that she’d been modeled after. “Nevermind.”

Smiling, Anya reached out to rest a hand on Ava’s shoulder. “Good luck, Ava, and if you need anything, even just someone to talk, come by any time.”

“Thanks, I will,” Ava promised the magic-wielding young woman.

With that handled, the Anya and Selena went back to work, leaving Ava alone in the locker. She didn’t let herself linger there for long, though. After just a couple of seconds to gather herself, Ava pulled open the door, ready to take her first steps in the real world as a woman.

That first step out of the locker room proved to be a nerve wracking one for Ava. She was very self-conscious in the skimpy bikini, expecting everyone to be able to tell that she was out of place and stare at her. However, for the most part, she warranted at most a curious glance from most of the women and girls that she passed as she left the locker room behind to wander deeper into the park. No one seemed to know or, at least if they did, they didn’t mind, allowing Ava to relax a bit in her new body.

Of course, relaxing a bit only allowed Ava’s mind to focus on other things. One, was that breasts, at least ones as big as hers, were definitely a nuisance. The bikini she wore didn’t really provide any support for the heavy globes, and anything more active than a lazy stroll had them bouncing about uncomfortably. At least, having such a large bust was unlikely to prove a hindrance to her mission, however.

While her assets might live up to that word for her mission, Ava realized that her size overall was likely to prove an issue. She was definitely not a big girl. In fact, she was shorter than most of the other women she saw, standing only five-three. Even worse, her slim body was definitely lacking when it came to strength.

Before taking her sabbatical, Ava had checked through everything the police had on her target. The six-six mountain of man would have been more than a threat to Aiden, meaning Ava would have little chance of standing up to him. He’d already had one woman that was important to him disappear under suspicious circumstances, his wife and mother of his two daughters, Sofia.

“I’m going to need a plan for when Anton tries to get physical,” Ava reminded herself under her breath, not wanting to end up another unsolved missing person case.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Sitting in her car, Ava tugged at her outfit, trying to get it to loosen up a little. It was her first night of work at the bar which meant it was her first time dealing with the ‘uniform’ of her new job. It was far different from the one he’d worn as a police officer, just a scanty little outfit consisting of a low cut black crop top and tiny denim mini skirt. Of course, the Ava from her memories had not had any issue with wearing such attire, but the Ava that had been Aiden yesterday definitely did. It didn’t seem to cover anything, showing off her plentiful cleavage, trim waist, and slim legs.

At the end of those legs was the last part of the outfit, a pair of black leather boots with stiletto heels that reached to about mid calf. While Ava appreciated all the height that she could get, even with those added inches men were still several inches taller than her, and they hardly seemed practical for a night of walking around serving tables. The entire outfit worked together to make her feel, weak, vulnerable, and on display.

“There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between dressed and naked anymore,” Ava muttered before forcing her attention away from her clothes to the bar she was parked outside of.

The Green was pretty generic as sports bars go. It’s entire premise could be summed up with some big TV’s, lots of hot wings, and half naked girls to serve them. It was a great place for a hot college girl to work, though, as drunken men were excellent tippers. A little flirting and some healthy cleavage could pull in a hundreds of dollars a night. As a former police over, the whole thing was a little sickening to Ava, who wasn’t looking forward to spending the night dealing with dirty jokes, stares, and butt pinchings.

Checking her reflection in the mirror one last time, Ava adjusted her glasses. They were another hassle brought about by her change. The glasses weren’t really necessary for just walking around, but her eyes were just weak enough to need them to legally drive, and the blurry edges on objects bothered her after having being used to perfect vision as Aiden. Besides, if they had been included in her change, it meant they were part of Anton’s fantasy girl. She wanted every edge that she could get to make sure that he would want her close.

After that final check, Ava forced herself to get moving, shoving open the door to the car. As she got out, she had to work a bit to make sure that she didn’t flash her underwear at anyone who might have been looking. Thankfully, no one seemed to be, allowing her to make the walk to the bar without any uncomfortable attention.

A few moments later, Ava stepped in the back of the place. Inside, she spotted two of the other waitresses, Tammy and Lisa chatting before their shifts started. They each wore nearly identical outfits to the one Ava wore. They had even more similarities with each other, both being bottle blondes with plenty of cleavage. Neither was a match for Ava in that department. They were fairly close to each other, however. Although, Tammy was taller, slimmer, and not quite as busty as Lisa.

“Great ... it’s the cow,” Tammy muttered just loud enough to make sure that Ava heard it over the sounds of the kitchen. She followed it up with a “Hi, Ava,” in a overly sweet and pleasant voice.

“Uhm … hi?” Ava replied, confused by the weird double greeting.

“Stu has you on section C tonight,” Tammy informed her.

That news prompted an involuntary wince from Ava. Section C was considered the place’s reject section. It was where they sat most of the families because it was far from the bar. Drunken men might tip well for low cut tops, but married men, with jealous wives watching them closely, did not. Ava’s memories told her that Stu probably hadn’t stuck her in that section. He usually had her work the busier section over by the bar where her assets could serve as a bigger draw for business.

“Are you sure?” Ava inquired, narrowing her eyes suspiciously.

“That’s what he told me,” Tammy answered with a shrug.

“I’d better check with him,” Ava replied, earning a sour look from the other woman

“Well this is a waste of a night,” Lisa muttered as Ava walked past them to Stu’s office.

Glancing back briefly, Ava just shook her head before moving on again. The whole conversation had her thoroughly confused, from the not really hidden insults, to the only slightly more subtle attempts to sabotage her. She’d had heard about women being catty but being in the midst of it was a weird experience.

Sure enough, Ava’s memories had proved right and Stu had her working Section A, near the bar, that evening. Even early in the evening the area was already starting to fill up with guys ordering pitchers of beer. There was some basketball game that night and plenty of guys had come out to enjoy it away from their families.

Back when she was Aiden, Ava had never really enjoyed watching sports, playing them sure, but not watching. Now, she had even less interest in such things, puberty having put a quick end to any athletic aspirations she might have once had – not that she had time to watch the game, anyway. It was took every last second that she had just to navigate through the crowd while keeping everyone stocked on beer, fries, and hot wings.

In fact, things were so hectic, it wasn’t until half time that Ava even noticed that Anton had come in and sat at one of Tammy’s tables. It seemed the former mobster had not had as much trouble spotting her though, as he was already leering at her by the time she spotted him. An involuntary shudder ran down her spine at the predatory look in the man’s eyes.

As she suffered that look, Ava wondered what was going through that guy’s head to cause it. Did he think women were like actual prey to be hunted down? Whatever the reason, At least his presence and obvious interest gave her a plausible way to meet him. All she had to do was get his attention, maybe by going over to check on his table or something similar. Ava’s memories provided a lot of ‘something similars’ that she could do to get his attention. In spite of their impressive number they basically came down to two things, contorting her body in some overtly sexual way, or touching Anton.

Even though she was eager to get started on her mission, it took a little while for Ava to finally work her way over to Anton’s table. By the time she got over there, Anton was focused on the game, allowing her to slide up behind him and rest a hand gently on his shoulder. As she did, she leaned into to sweetly ask, “Do you fellas need anything?”

Those words got every man at the table to turn to her, and when they did, they stared. It was a bit disconcerting to be the recipients of that attention, but Ava forced a bright smile onto her face. It was all just part of getting Anton’s attention, which she definitely had.

“I could use another plate of wings,” Anton told her, gesturing absently at a plate of bones in front of him.

“Of course, let me just get that out of your way,” Ava answered, leaning over him to grab the plate. That action pressed her chest against his arm.

“Thanks, miss…” Anton trailed off as his eyes seemed to get lost in the cleavage that was squished against him.

Pointing at her nametag, Ava thrust her shoulders back and chest out. “Ava.”

“Anton,” Anton replied his eyes never leaving Ava’s chest. All that attention leveled well below her eyes had Ava realizing why girls were always complaining that guys don’t look them in the eyes.

“Well if you need anything, Anton, don’t be afraid to ask … anything at all.” Ava offered suggestively, causing a broad grin to spread across Anton’s face. Slipping away, Ava swayed her hips enticingly as she strode off. The entire exchange made her sick to the stomach, but it was a necessary evil.

Paying more attention to how she walked then where she was going, Ava was caught quite unaware as Tammy suddenly shot by her, knocking the plate from Ava’s hand. Luckily the plate didn’t break on the carpeted floor. That didn’t stop there from being a mess, however, as bones and hot wing sauce scattered about the floor.

“Stay out of my section, skank!” Tammy huffed as she continued right on by.

For a moment, all Ava could do was look down at the mess in disbelief and frustration. Only then did she finally get her gaze up to glare at the departing woman’s back. The glare did nothing to undo the mess at her feet, nor did it stop her from having to clean it up. Sighing, she set about doing exactly that.

While it wasn’t the biggest of messes, it wasn’t exactly easy to clean up. Just getting down to the floor to clean up was a bit of a struggle. A mini skirt wasn’t exactly designed for bending down and it took some work for Ava to kneel down without flashing people. Several guys tried to get down and help as well, although, they seemed to be more intent on staring down her top, or at her wiggling ass, than actually cleaning up the mess.

Eventually Ava finished cleaning up the spill, but it left her running behind in her own section. She had to work furiously for the rest of the game just to catch up. Luckily for her Anton seemed to have taken the bait, staying after the game was over and his friends had left, waiting for the place to quiet down some before he got up to approach her.

“So, I was wondering if you might be able to help me get something I need,” Anton began as he happened upon Ava while she was running around doing her job.

Stopping, Ava looked up at him, going from a bit disturbed by the man’s attention to more than just a bit intimidated by his imposing presence. Even in heels, he had a hole foot on her, allowing him to really tower above her. If anything, he had the slim woman beat even more significantly in girth, making her feel truly tiny in comparison.

“Sure. What do you need, sweetie?” Ava asked, managing to keep the fear out of her sensual tones.

“You,” Anton answered smoothly.

“I don’t think that’s on the menu,” Ava teased, even though, that was exactly what she’d hoped that he’d asked for her. Her memories told her that she shouldn’t give in too quickly if she wanted the guys interest to last.

Anton smiled. “Well I like to go … off menu.”

Ava forced herself to giggle a little, less than thrilled by the way her memories were telling her to act. “How about drinks after I get off work?”

Of course, Anton accepted that offer. As soon as Ava got off work, the two had a drink at the bar. For Ava, the one bright spot of the time they spent there was that it didn’t take much to get her new body drunk. That made it a lot easier for her to let Anton take her home. Drunk or not though, having sex with Anton was very hard to do, even with a newfound attraction to men that came from Ava. In fact, her memories were had plenty of boyfriends in them to prove that, but there was more than an enough Aiden in her to recoil at sleeping with any man, especially a brute like Anton. Ava wasn’t exactly attracted to the lumbering hulk either, which made it all the more difficult. Luckily Ava’s memories provided help with this as well, telling her just the right way to fake an orgasm.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Not even the pounding headache of a hangover, or the hazy memory of a drunken night, could keep Ava from remembering what she’d done when she awoke the next morning. She was lying in Anton’s bed, the lumbering russian snoring loudly next to her. Not wanting to spend another moment by the brute, she slipped quietly out of bed trying not to wake Anton as she grabbed her purse and hurried to the bathroom.

In her short time as a girl, Ava had found one thing that she really liked about it, and that thing was her purse. The thing was like a mini survival kit, keeping everything that she was likely to need no matter wherever she went in one convenient spot. There was makeup which she would need to apply after she got a shower, birth control pills that she immediately took, condoms that she’d made Anton use just in case, and countless other useful little things from nail clippers to a measuring tape.

After taking the pills, Ava went straight for a shower. Never in her life had cleaning herself felt as good as it did that morning. She felt so dirty after what had happened with Anton, but in the morning light, with the water washing away the sweat and stink of sex, she could remember that it was all for a purpose. Now that she was here, she just had to figure out how to split Anton from his girlfriend and install herself in the woman’s place.

The opportunity presented itself almost the moment Ava returned from the bathroom. She was in the midst of getting back into her clothes when the faint buzz of a vibrating cell phone caught her attention. It didn’t take long for her to find Anton’s phone in his pants and luckily the name on the caller ID was Lily.

“Anton’s phone,” Ava said as she accepted the call, trying not to sound too eager or familiar.

“Who are you?!” came the very hostile reply of the woman on the other end.

“I’m Ava. Anton and I had drinks last night,” Ava explained, making sure to give enough information to make it very clear to Lily what had happened the previous evening. Sure enough, there was a brief huff of fury followed by the click of a call ending which prompted Ava to smirk with triumph.

“Well that part wasn’t so bad,” Ava mused in amusement as she returned the phone to where she found it and finished getting dressed.

Once dressed, Ava looked around trying to decide what to do while she waited for Anton to awaken. To do that, she tried to think of what the russian pig would want when he awoke. Her first guess was sex, but there was no way she was going through that again without a little time to recover and a stiff drink. The next idea that came to her was more palatable – breakfast. He would likely be hungry, and guys always liked a girl that cooked for them.

Leaving the bedroom, Ava made her way through the house to the kitchen. Unfortunately, the place wasn’t exactly well stocked. There was a bunch of junk food, of course, as well a fridge full of beer, but actual ingredients for a breakfast of some sort proved a challenge to find. A little digging around found some eggs that were thankfully not passed their use by date, along with some orange juice and some bread for toast.

“Well it’s not much, but better than nothing,” Ava mused as she turned to get cooking. In doing so, she nearly ran right over a little blonde girl that had apparently snuck up on her, forcing her to lurch to a stop.

“You’re not Lily,” the little girl stated, apparently not even noticing that she’d almost been trampled.

Looking down at the little girl, Ava tried to remember which of Anton’s kids had which name. For the life of her, she just couldn’t do it, though. After a moment of trying, she realized that was just standing there awkwardly while the girl peered at her curiously.

“M-My name’s Ava,” She stuttered, shifting into that high cutesy voice that adults always use around little kids midway through. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Anna,” the blonde told her, pointing her thumb proudly at her chest.

“That’s a pretty name,” Ava replied. “So Anna would you like some eggs for breakfast?”

Anna looked confused by the offer. “Lily always made us cereal.”

“I can make that too. Which would you like?” Ava inquired, only to have Anna’s look of confusion intensify on her. The girl clearly was not used to having a choice. “Have you ever had eggs before? They’re really good,” She tried, getting a shake of the head from the little girl in response. “Want to watch me make ‘em?” That time, she got an enthusiastic nod from the little blonde.

As she turned to get started, Ava struggled to believe that the girl had never had eggs before. If she remembered right, Anna was only six but it still seemed like someone should have cooked eggs around her at some point. She supposed that things are a little different in families where the dad’s a mobster who probably killed the mom.

Slipping past Anna, Ava made her way to the stove, just catching sight of a second little girl ducking behind the counter. Stopping, she gestured toward that hiding spot, while looking back at Anna to ask, “And who’s that?”

“That’s my li’l sister, Nikki,” Anna answered. “She doesn’t like strangers.”

“Well that’s probably a good thing. You should be careful around people you don’t know,” Ava instructed in a way that sounded more motherly than she’d realized it would.

“Why?” Anna queried, tilting her head to the side.

“Because …” Ava trailed off trying to figure out how to explain to a six year old how dangerous the world could be. “Some strangers are mean.”

“Like the big bad wolf?” Anna questioned.

Ava smiled at the example. “Exactly.”

“Are you dangewous,” Nikki’s quiet little voice asked as the little brown-haired girl peeked around the corner.

Laughing, Ava shook her head. “No, I’m not even a little bit dangerous.”

“Pwove it,” Nikki demanded.

Ava blinked a couple of times in surprise. She had absolutely no idea how to prove to a four year old that she wasn’t dangerous. Just thinking about it made her realize just how difficult parenting must be. Little kids don’t know anything, even common sense.

“Because … I’m …” Ava stammered looking around for a way to explain it. Her gazed ended up falling on her chest. “Because I’m all soft and cuddly like a teddy bear.”

“Not’in’s as sof’ as Teddy!” Nikki shouted defiant as she stepped forward. Doing so showed the scruffy looking brown teddy bear that she was clutching tightly.

Kneeling down so that she was closer to Nikki’s height, Ava spread her arms. “Why don’t you try giving me a hug to see?” she suggested. Nikki shook her head refusing to come any closer. Having been refused by one, Ava turned to face Anna, wobbling a bit in the process as she struggled with her tight miniskirt. “How about you munchkin? Want to see just how huggable I am?”

The more adventurous Anna gave Ava only a brief look of uncertainty before she stepped forward into a hug. Doing so allowed Anna to plant her face right in Ava’s chest, getting the grown woman to blush uncomfortably. That blush only intensified as the little girl snuggled in closer.

“S-So,” Ava began bashfully. “Do you think I’m as soft as Teddy?”

Pulling out of the hug, the blonde girl nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah!”

With the big sister’s support secured, Ava wobbled back around toward Nikki, her knees aching from the title floor. “Well, sweetie, are you ready to give it a try?”

Unlike Anna, Nikki inched forward slowly, constantly on the lookout for some kind of trick from Ava. The auburn haired woman just waited there smiling, not even daring to move for fear of startling the skittish girl away. Eventually though, Nikki made it all the way there, and after only a moment’s trepidation, hugged Ava, her little face planted into Ava’s chest.

“T’ewe wike piwows!” Nikki exclaimed excitedly, her voice muffled by its surroundings.

“See I told you I was soft and cuddly!” Ava declared, giggling at the silliness of what she’d just done. “Now come on you two, it’s time to make some eggs!”

Rather than break the hug with Nikki, Ava just scooped up the little girl as she rose to her feet, eliciting a startled gasp from the girl that quickly turned to delight. She didn’t hold the girl for long, though, sitting her down on the counter. After that, Ava helped up Anna as well, grunting at the weight. Lifting the little girls was tougher than she’d thought, getting her to curse the stupid girlish muscles that she’d ended up with.

With the girls situational, Ava started on breakfast, but she didn’t get far. Only few seconds in, Anna provided another distracted in the form of her shouting, “Ew it’s all icky!” when she saw what was inside the white shells.

“Icky!” Nikki repeated her sister’s word.

“We have to eat that?!” Anna asked incredulously

Ava laughed lightly at the misunderstanding. “It doesn’t look like that when it’s done.”

“What’s with all the damned noise!” a very angry Anton yelled as he burst out of the bedroom.

While the girls jumped at the loud noise, clearly cowed by their father’s anger, Ava pasted a smile onto her face as she turned to face Anton the moment he stomped into the kitchen. “I was just showing your lovely daughters what I was making you for breakfast.

“You’re making me breakfast?” Anton asked, clearly surprised by the news.

Ava nodded. “There wasn’t much around but I was hoping that you’d enjoy some eggs, toasts, and some juice in bed.”

“Fine, but keep the noise down,” Anton muttered, turning to lumber back to the bedroom.

“Your daddy sure is a grouch in the morning, isn’t he?” Ava joked with the girls once Anton was gone and the bedroom door closed.

“He doesn’t like it when we bother him,” Anna explained.

“Well you can always bother me if you’d like,” Ava assured them before returning to the work of making breakfast.

In a few minutes, the eggs were finished. Once they were, Ava set out two plates worth, complete with glasses for juice, on the table for the two little girls. While they ate, she grabbed a third plate and glass and headed for the bedroom.

“Breakfast’s ready,” Ava announced as she entered, walking over to set the plate on the nightstand. Laying on the bed, Anton grumbled something incomprehensible in response without looking up. That didn’t stop Ava from continuing, however. “Oh by the way, some woman called earlier and seemed quite upset. You’re girlfriend, perhaps?”

That remark got much more of a response from the large. Anton bolted upright in the bed, anger turning his face red. “You answered my phone?!”

“Of course. I thought it might be important. Why else would someone call this early in the morning?” Ava replied calmly and rationally. “I wasn’t aware that what we did was supposed to be a secret.”

“Damn it!” Anton exclaimed, growing more angry as he cast about in search of his phone. “Now I have to figure out how to fix this mess you’ve made.”

Ava slid onto the bed, crawling over to Anton and resting a hand on his arm. “Are you sure you want to? Is she better than me?” As she spoke, she slid her hand up Anton’s arm and onto his chest.

That action drew Anton’s eyes to Ava’s hand, but also narrowed them suspiciously. “You knew who was calling, didn’t you?”

“I don’t like to share,” Ava conceded, gently pushing Anton onto his back so that she could straddle him. “I’d be glad to make it up to you, though,” she purred all the while thinking about how she was going to need another shower after this.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Never in Ava’s life had getting what she wanted been more awful. Not only did she need to juggle classes and a job, but also a relationship with Anton. To make it worse, Anton was possibly the worst boyfriend ever as well. He was rude, selfish, demanded frequent sex, and was physically and emotionally repulsive to her.

The biggest problem, though, was that Anton wasn’t interested in progressing the relationship very fast, making it hard for Ava to spend time at his house protecting the girls. Of course, it had only been a few weeks, and even a walking wet dream had limits for how fast she could make a relationship go. Still, she needed to come up with a way to convince Anton to keep her around more.

For someone like Anton, a woman was only useful for two things, sex and chores. Since Ava was already using sex to maintain the relationship and distract him when the girls got in trouble, it was time to offer chores. She wasn’t exactly pleased by the idea of presenting herself as some kind of servant for that pig, but she was going to do it, regardless.

“I’ve already come this far though, what’s one more degradation?” Ava mused as she arrived at Anton’s with everything she would need to make him a lovely dinner. A few moments later, the car was parked and she was ringing the bell at the front door.

“Anna get the door!” Anton shouted inside the house as the chime rang out

It wasn’t long before the door swung open to show the little blonde girl on the other side of it. “Ava!” the little girl exclaimed excitedly, rushing forward to hug the woman’s legs. It hadn’t taken long for Anton’s oldest daughter to grow attached to her dad’s new girlfriend.

“Hi there, sweetie,” Ava greeted the child, bending over to offer a makeshift hug in return.

“Ava? What are you doing here?” Anton asked finally getting up from his TV at the sound of his girlfriend’s name.

Straightening up, Ava held up her bag of food. “I thought I’d surprise you and make dinner.”

“Really? What are you making?” Anton inquired eagerly.

“Pork chops,” Ava replied, extricating herself from Anna’s hug so that she could come inside and give Anton a kiss. “I figured you probably don’t get a lot of home cooking, as busy as you are.”

While Ava said that, Anton wasn’t really busy. His deal with the fed’s included a hefty allowance to pay for most of his living expenses. In spite of that, Anton had taken to working as a repo-man, a less than honest one at that, to pay for his excessive boozing and other forms of recreation.

“Sounds delicious,” Anton declared as he came over to take his daughter’s place in hugging Ava. His version was far less innocent with his hands groping all over her body.

“It’s too bad I’m not around more or I could cook for you every night,” Ava hinted as she very briefly returned the hug before slipping away from the repulsive man’s clutches. “Now, I should go get started. Anna would you like to help?”

“Mmhmm,” Anna responded, grabbing Ava’s free hand and leading her into the kitchen.

As she followed behind Anna, Ava breathed a soft sigh of relief to be out of Anton’s hands for the time being. Playing around with the girls in the kitchen was one of the only things that she actually enjoyed about being with Anton. Apparently, none of Anton’s various women were all that interested in cooking, so the girls were fascinated by how it all worked. At least, usually they were, but today Nikki was mysteriously absent.

“Anna, where’s your sister?” Ava asked, growing concerned as soon as she noticed the absence.

“She’s being punished,” Anna answered nervously.

“Punished?” Ava repeated.

All Anna gave in response was an anxious little nod and a tiny squeak of, “Mmhmm.”

“Where is she, Anna?” Ava pressed, wanting answers. Anna looked away, shifting uncomfortably. Realizing that she was asking the wrong person, Ava turned toward the living room. “I’ll be right back,” Ava told the girl before striding off into the living room to stand in front of Anton, blocking his TV. “Where’s Nikki?”

Confusion and annoyance played across Anton’s face at the question. “She broke my phone so I punished her.”

“What did you do to her?” Ava demanded unable to keep her anger from her voice.

“Why do you care?” Anton asked dismissively.

“Because when I asked Anna where her sister was she was too scared to answer,” Ava shot back.

“Yeah, well, It’s none of your damn business, how I discipline my children!” Anton yelled, growing angry with the questioning.

Defiantly, Ava planted her hands on her hips. “If we’re going to be together, I need to know what’s going on, unless you prefer it if I just left right now.”

That threat settled Anton down just a bit, reeling him back in his seat for a moment. During that moment, Ava could see Anton thoughts, his eyes trailing over her figure as he tried to decide if she was hot enough to put up with. Apparently, she managed to pass that bar as Anton sighed in annoyance, and answered. “She’s in the hall closet.”

With that information gained, Ava spun, storming off toward the closet. A few moments later, she was rescuing a bruised and frightened Nikki from a dark, tight confines of that little room. Clearly Anton had hit her more than a few times before finally getting fed up and locking her inside. It took a monumental effort for Ava to spend the rest of that night being pleasant, but she managed somehow. She couldn’t risk messing anything up now that she’d seen just what she was trying to prevent. Eventually Ava put the girls in bed and returned to the living room where Anton still sat in the same chair watching TV.

“You know if the girls are too much trouble I wouldn’t mind taking care of them sometimes for you,” Ava offered, trying to sound generous and caring as she slid onto his lap. “I like taking care of people.”

Grinning at the sudden affection, Anton reached up to grope at her chest. “If you want to deal with the brats, be my guest.”

“I could do a much better job taking care of all of you if I lived here, though,” Ava explained, rocking her hips slowly as her hands worked to unzip Anton’s pants.

“I don’t know …” Anton replied uncertainly.

“Maybe this will help convince you,” Ava told him. Sliding off Anton’s lap, she knelt down in front of him, wondering if there was enough mouthwash in the world to get her mouth clean after this.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Slow down, you two!” Ava called, as Nikki and Anna rushed ahead. As the adult on this little trip, Ava had to make sure that she had everything they needed before she left the car. There were waterwings, sunscreen, towels, and all sorts of things that little girls needed to go in the water, resulting in an heavy bag for Ava to carry.

“Hurry up, Ava!” Anna whined, stopping up ahead to turn back and look at Ava pleadingly.

“Yeah! Huwwy!” Nikki repeated, joining her sister in begging.

Ava smiled at the little girls’ energy. Even the normally shy Nikki was excited to be out for once. It was amazing to her that that little girl could even still smile after all the horrible things that her father had done to her. Ava dould only marvel at the durability of little children.

“Alright, alright, I’m coming,” Ava told them as she hurried to catch up to the two little girls. Along the way, she added, “Now, girls hold hands.” Doing so got the sisters to link hands, allowing her to create a nice chain by grabbing Nikki’s free hand with her own. It would make it a lot harder to lose one of them if they were all physically connected.

“You look like you’ve got quite a handful today,” the girl at the ticket booth, someone that Ava hadn’t met before, remarked once the trio made it that far.

Ava managed an exasperated laugh as she worked to corral the two girls. “No kidding. I need a couple of guest passes for the little ones.”

“I think you are who Anya left these for. She said they were for a frazzled looking redhead with two little girls,” the ticket girl said handing Ava a couple of passes.

“That certainly sounds like me. Thank you,” Ava replied lightly as she took the passes and led the two girls through the gates.

Unlike her last visit here, Ava used the women’s locker room, feeling more than a bit self conscious about seeing other women changing. Fortunately, having Anna and Nikki with her was more than enough distraction to keep her from thinking about it much. Unfortunately, they also wore her out in the process. That was a pretty common occurrence, though.

In the month since Ava had managed to convince Anton to let her move in, she had gotten pretty used to getting worn out. Adding two little kids atop her already busy schedule wasn’t an easy thing to do, after all. Luckily, the girls had daycare during the day, so at least she didn’t have to miss classes, but between school, work, the girls, and satisfying the pig’s various appetites, she was always exhausted.

It took a bit to get the girls changed and covered in sunscreen but, eventually, Ava managed it. After that, she had to herd them down to the Junior Lifeguard Academy. There she found a tall blonde, in a staff swimsuit.

“Please tell me you're, Liz,” Ava guessed hopefully.

Liz smiled. “I sure am.”

“Hi, I’m Ava and this is Anna and Nikki,” Ava told the lifeguard, pointed at the girls. “Anya told me you have a swim lesson today. I’d like to enroll Anna.”

“But I wanna play!” Anna complained, learning that the trip wasn’t going to just be all fun and games liked she’d hoped.

Having expected such a complaint, Ava smiled and knelt down next to Anna. “I know, sweetie, but Nikki is too small for most of the park and I have to watch her. If you stay here you’ll get to play with other girls your own age while you learn to swim, and once you learn how to swim, you’ll be able to go on a bunch of the rides.”

“She’s right you know. Until you learn to swim you can’t go on any of the best rides.” Liz pointed out helpfully.

“Okay,” Anna mumbled with obvious disappointment.

Ava looked over at Liz and mouthed, “Thank you,” before giving Anna a hug. “I’ll be right over there until you settle in, okay?” Ava said pointing to a few lounge chairs nearby where she could watch from. “You want to watch your sister learn to swim don’t you, Nikki?”

“Uh huh!” Nikki responded, far more enthusiastic about Ava’s choices in activities than her sister had been.

With the plans worked out, Liz took Anna’s hand and led her over to some of the other girls to introduce her, freeing Ava to turn her attention fully to Nikki. “Well it’s just you and me now, cutie,” Ava remarked, scooping the little girl up and carrying her over to the lounge chairs. From there, she got to watch as girls started to gather for the swim lesson. Once they did, it didn’t take long for Anna to make friends, and she was soon laughing and playing around with the other girls.

Since everything seemed to be alright with Anna, Ava looked at Nikki, the little girl happily bouncing on her lap. As she did, she wondered if the little girl would make friends as easily as her sister. It seemed unlikely. Nikki was very shy, much more so than her sister. From what Ava had heard from the daycare staff, Nikki didn’t have many friends there either. She figured that she should probably start working on that.

“Hey Nikki, want to go play in the sand?” Ava asked.

“Sand?” Nikki repeated the word, clearly not knowing what Ava was talking about.

Taken aback, Ava just blinked in surprise for a couple of moments. It was hard to believe that a little girl that lived in a city right on the coast had no idea what sand was. The very idea of it was sad enough to get Ava to sigh heavily.

“I’ll show you,” Ava told the girl, picking her up again to carry her over to Kiddie Play Land where there was a sandpit for the kids to play in.

After a brief introduction to sand and its many uses, both wet and dry, Nikki was soon building all sorts of things out of it. Such constructions were aided by the handful of buckets and shovels that Ava had made sure to bring for just such an occasion. It didn’t take long for Nikki to be fully engaged with the new experience, allowing Ava to slip away to sit in one of the nearby chairs and watch. From there, she watched for a little while, until finally, one of the other little kids approached Nikki and they started playing together. That sight was enough to prompt a huge sigh of relief from the woman.

“You must have started young,” a woman remarked from behind Ava, startling her.

“Oh, Nikki’s not mine. She’s my boyfriend’s little girl,” Ava replied as she glanced up at the voice. The owner, a woman somewhere in her early thirties, had a surprised and disapproving look briefly cross her face at that revelation. It took Ava a moment to realize that she probably thought that Ava had broken up a happy family with her looks.

“Well you could have fooled me,” the woman told her, recovering from her earlier shock. “I’m Claire Johanssen, and my little girl, Kimmy, is the one playing with Nikki.”

Ava reached out and shook the woman’s hand. “Ava Fyfe. It’s nice to meet you. If you don’t mind my asking, what made you think I was Nikki’s mom?”

“You mean other than you were here alone with her at a waterpark?” Clarie asked sarcastically.

Ava blushed, a bit embarrassed by the obviousness of it. “What I meant was she doesn’t look like me and I would have had to have her in high school. I could have been a cousin or a babysitter or something.”

“You looked too happy watching her for it to be a chore or a job,” Claire answered simply.

The response gave Ava pause. She looked over at Nikki, smiling as she and Kimmy played in the sand. Just seeing her so happy, made her smile. It also made her wonder about something else. After all, in a few more months, Anton would testify and her time as Ava would come to an end. Not having to be with Anton anymore was great, but the idea of leaving Nikki and Anna was not a pleasant one. In fact, it was downright painful.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“There has to be something in here somewhere,” Ava muttered as she dug around Anton’s bedroom. It had been two months since she’d turned into Ava and things were going pretty well. Anton was fairly content with his busty housewife and sex slave while the girls were, for once, well cared for.

Of course all of this had definitely taken a toll on Ava. She was running on fumes, and this was the first free time that she’d managed to find in over a week. Even then, it was a small window as the girls were just in the living room watching some show full of people in furry costumes. Ava didn’t really see the appeal but the girls were like zombies when it was on and it gave her a chance to finally start looking for something to put Anton away for good.

Unfortunately for Ava, Anton didn’t seem to have anything particularly incriminating just lying around. It wasn’t a surprise since he’d only lived in this house for a few months. Even so, she wanted to be thorough, and that meant rutting around in his closet, but unless bad taste was a crime now, she hadn’t found any dirt.

Naturally, it was when Ava was just about to give up that she found exactly what she was looking for. A box labeled ‘Sofia’, The name of Anton’s dead wife, was tucked away in the back corner on top of a shelf that she needed a chair to even reach. At first, it had appeared to be nothing but the various records a person accumulates after disappearing. However, near the bottom Ava found some far more conspicuous things. Namely a small handgun, and a few receipts from a pawn shop listing the sales of some women’s jewelry, namely a wedding ring and an engagement ring.

“What the hell?!” Anton shouted from the living room.

“Shit! What’s he doing here?!” Ava hissed, hurriedly shoving everything back into the box and returning it to the shelf. Anton was supposed to be at work.

After cleaning up the mess, Ava scurried out of the room, barely managing to get into the living room in time to see Anton striding menacingly toward two very scared little girls. Seeing the girls in trouble, she spoke up, trying to keep her voice level and calm. “What’s going on, Anton?”

“These little shits spilled juice all over my chair!” Anton roared, stepping threateningly toward the girls.

“They didn’t do it. I did,” Ava lied. “I was getting some juice for them, and I tripped.”

Anton’s anger shifted immediately, turning him around to stalk toward Ava. “You ruined my chair?!”

Ava swallowed hard, more than a little intimidated by the mountain of angry man bearing down her on. “I’m sorry, Anton. I was just looking for something to clea-”

Anton’s slap brought a quick end to Ava’s excuse. The woman’s head snapped to the side as she staggered back. The only reason she didn’t fall to the ground was the wall behind her catching her as she stumbled.

“Clean that mess up,” Anton ordered coldly as he stormed out of the room.

Rubbing at her cheek, Ava collected herself while struggling to keep tears from flowing from her eyes. As she did, she saw Anna and Nikki cautiously step out from behind the chair they were using to hide. “Are you alright, girls?” Ava inquired, making sure to keep the pain from her voice. They both nodded.

“Why did you lie to Daddy?” Anna asked quietly.

“To stop him from hurting you,” Ava answered earnestly. “Now come one, help me clean up.”

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Damn it,” Ava muttered as she looked at a Anton, passed out drunk in his chair. Even if she woke him up there was no way she could count on him to watch the girls. He was more likely to hurt them when he was drunk than anything in the house was.

Unfortunately, Ava had to get to work. She only worked two days a week, friday and saturday nights, but even so Anton had proved more than just mildly unreliable. She’d had to skip three shifts just since they started living together. Sometimes, she was tempted to just quit like he wanted her to, but there was no way that she was going to put herself in the position of relying on a pig like him to take care of her. She already spent as much of her own money as his on stuff for the girls.

“Do I call and take the night off again?” Ava wondered. Stu had been pretty furious the last time that she’d bailed on a shift. “I can’t afford to get a sitter just so I can work.”

Desperate Ava pulled out her phone and dialed. “Hi, Claire? It’s me Ava. I know this is a lot to ask, but my boyfriend is passed out drunk, and I have to get to work in less than half an hour. Is there any way I could get you to take the girls for an evening? I really don’t want to leave them with him.”

“Alright, but just this once,” Claire agreed over the line, her voice once more tinged with disapproval.

“Thank you so much. I know this is a huge favor,” Ava told her gratefully, ignoring the insulting tone. She had more important things to worry about than Claire’s approval of her as a mother.

After dropping the girls off, and dealing with a very disapproving look from Claire about her outfit, Ava raced to The Green for work. Even speeding heavily she was still five minutes late. That fact did not go unnoticed.

“You’re late,” Stu stated as Ava rushed into his office.

“I’m sorry, Stu, Anton passed out and -” Ava tried to explain.

“I don’t care about your deadbeat boyfriend or his stupid kids. Just get out on the floor and don’t be late again,” Stu ordered callously.

“Yes, sir,” Ava replied, bowing her head slightly and walking out to the floor. As soon as she did, she groaned.

Tammy and Lisa were working with her again tonight. The two bimbos had taken every advantage that they could from Ava’s struggles with Anton. They messed with her guests, badmouthed her to Stu, anything they thought might get her in trouble.

“How nice of you to finally show up,” Tammy taunted as Ava passed her on the the way to her first table.

Of course, annoying fellow employees and useless boyfriends weren’t the only things hindering Ava at work. Spending all day in classes, then picking up the girls and taking care of them, followed by a long night on her feet, wasn’t exactly easy. She was exhausted, which led to mistakes. She occasionally flubbed orders, and forgot little things like checking on tables or refilling drinks.

Exhaustion also kept her just off balance enough to allow Lisa to snag her foot as she was walking with a tray of food. There were varying degrees of spills, small orders, large orders, number of people hit. Lisa had picked her strike perfectly, causing Ava to dump six orders of hot wings and ranch all over a pair of unsuspecting guys at the bar.

“What the hell!” one of the guys shouted, rising to his feet and shaking sauce and ranch off his shirt.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry!,” Ava tried to apologize, as she set about cleaning things up.

A mess like this had Stu rushing out from his office in a hurry, working to calm the two irate customers. Free drinks and dry cleaning were only a few of the things mentioned as Stu sent Ava into the back to get the guys a complimentary order of wings. She was still back there a little bit later when Stu came back furious.

“You are paying for every cent of that mistake,” Stu told her as he stormed by.

Sighing in frustration, Ava leaned back against the wall. A mess like that would cost her a good chunk of the night’s earnings. She couldn’t afford that. She needed every cent she could earn on things for the girls.

“Tsk tsk, well that is a shame,” Lisa taunted as she walked in.

“Whoever would’ve thought an overdeveloped, near sighted, bitch, might be clumsy too,” Tammy remarked, following along behind her friend.

“Fuck you both,” Ava shot back as she grabbed the wings that she was waiting on and went back to work.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“No girls today, Ava?” the girl in the booth, Marta, asked. She and Ava had talked a few times when Ava brought the girls to Bikini Beach.

“No, not today. I’m here to talk to Anya,” Ava explained.

“Oh … is everything alright?” Marta questioned, concern in her voice.

“Of course, I just need a little help with something,” Ava told her.

A quick call to Anya and a short walk later and Ava found herself in Grandmother’s office. “Hi, Ava. How are -” Anya began, cutting off when she saw Ava. “I take it Anton gave you that black eye.” It was a statement not a question.

Ava chuckled nervously. “I guess I should have known I couldn’t slip it past you.”

“You did a good job covering it up with your makeup. Most people wouldn’t notice,” Anya replied. “Since you tried to hide it, though, I take it you aren’t here to seek help with Anton beating you.”

“You’re right, I’m not. A few hits here and there is nothing compared to keeping the girls safe. I’m here because Anton testifies in just a few weeks and I don’t have a case ready to put him away,” Ava explained. “I found a possible murder weapon and some suspicious receipts in a box in his closet, but without a body there’s no way it would stick.”

“How can I help with that?” Anya inquired.

“One of the suspicious receipts is for a room at a lodge in the country a couple of weeks before Sofia was reported missing. I need someone on the force to go up there and see if they can find anything,” Ava responded. “Unfortunately, no one on the force knows Ava Fyfe, so I was hoping you could help set that up.”

Anya nodded readily. “Of course, I’ll let Jana know right away. I’m sure she’d be glad to check out the lead, but you have to promise me you’re going to do something other than just let Anton beat you. You are walking a dangerous line with that man.”

“I know, but I don’t have a choice. Until he’s out from under Fed protection, I have to do whatever it takes to keep him distracted. The girls can’t exactly help it if they accidentally spill some juice or break a DVD player,” Ava countered.

Anya sighed. “Just be careful. I doubt it would be good for the girls to have to watch you get beaten to death.”

“I’ll try my best,” Ava promised.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Anna! Nikki!” Anton roared in rage from across the house.

Instantly, the two girls’ eyes widened in fear as they looked for places to hide. Sitting nearby, Ava reacted immediately as well, popping up from her seat. That yell meant only one thing, that Anton was coming to beat someone.

”Girls, go up to your room. I’ll talk to him,” Ava instructed with pretend calm, giving the girls a little shove to get them moving.

It wasn’t a moment too soon either as, shortly after the girls left, Anton burst into the living room red with anger. His gaze cast about in search of the girls only to settle on Ava when they couldn’t be found. “Where are they?!”

“What’s wrong, Anton?” Ava asked in a soothing voice, trying to get Anton to calm down.

“Those little bitches broke a two hundred dollar bottle of scotch!” Anton shouted.

“It’s just some booze, Anton. I’ll buy you a new bottle and talk to the girls about messing with your things,” Ava offered, positioning herself between Anton and the only way to the girls room. She could smell the booze on his breath, so there was no way she was letting him by.

Anton shook his head angrily. “No more covering for them, Ava. This is my house and I demand discipline.”

“Honey, please. There are better things we can be doing with our time than frightening children,” Ava told him, running her hands seductively along his chest.

Anton was in no to be soothed or seduced, however. He wanted revenge, and he was not going to let anyone stand in his way. He proved that very fact a moment later when he pused Ava aside, shoving the slim redhead painfully against the wall. “Stay out of this, Ava, or I’ll make you regret it!”

Hissing in pain, Ava shoved off of the wall, moving back into the way so she could look Anton straight in the face. “I’m not letting you anywhere near them.”

The sneer that spread on Anton’s face was frightening, even to someone with years of experience as a cop. Realizing what was about to happen, Ava tried to get her hands up just before Anton’s hand came around. She might as well have tried to block a train for all the good her slim arms were when it came to slowing the blow. The slap hit hard enough to smash her back into the wall again, her vision going blurry as she slumped to her knees.

“Insolent little bitch,” Anton spat as he started to move past Ava to go after the girls.

Shaking her head, Ava forced herself to unsteady feet. Just that much effort left her vision swimming. She pressed on, though, stumbling across the room to her purse. There she took a moment to fumble around inside before she found what she was looking for and turned back to Anton.

“I bet you feel real tough, beating up on women and children,” Ava called out to get Anton to turn around. When he turned, his eyes went wide just before Ava fired the taser.

Even a man as big as Anton dropped in an instant when hit with the power of fifty thousand volts. On the ground, he twitched a little, gasping from the pain. Most importantly, he did not get up again.

“Girls go to the car!” Ava shouted as she dropped the taser. From experience, she knew it would keep Anton down for about half a minute, tops. After that, he’d come after her, and she didn’t want to be around when he did.

Fortunately, the girls responded quickly, rushing out of their room at the command. As they did, Ava grabbed her purse then set about herding them into the car. All the while, she ticked off second after second in her head, counting the time until Anton would rise.

“Ava what’s wrong?” Anna asked nervously once she was in the car.

Hurrying to buckle the girls into their safety seats, Ava forced a reassuring smile onto her face. “Nothing, sweetie. Daddy is just in a really bad mood so we are going to get away for a little while.”

“Where are we goin’?” Anna inquired.

“Somewhere that Daddy won’t be able to hurt you,” Ava told them as she slipped into the driver’s seat and started the car.

“Where the fuck are you, you fucking bitch!” Anton yelled from inside the house as Ava started the car. It was too late, though. By the time he got to the garage, Ava was already out on the road, driving away.

For several moments, Ava just watched her rearview mirror in fear, expecting Anton to come roaring after her. He didn’t, though, at least not by the time she turned off onto another road and lost sight of his house. Even then, she didn’t breathe a sigh of relief, just kept right on driving with her hands clutched tightly to the steering wheel.

While Ava didn’t relax at that point, the girls did, at least enough for Anna to comment, “Daddy sounded mad.”

“Reawwy mad,” Nikki added.

“Let’s not worry about Daddy, okay girls?” Ava suggested, popping in one of the girls’ CDs to distract them.

Soon the sisters were happily engrossed in singing along to the CD, leaving Ava to focus on what she was doing. What that actually was, however, was a bit difficult to deal with. After all, she’d basically just kidnapped Anton’s kids. If he called the cops, her former coworkers would round them up and give Anna and Nikki back to Anton. Given the mood he would be in after getting tased, she doubted that they’d survive until he testified.

“Why couldn’t he have waited one more week to pull this shit?” Ava muttered under her breath, too quietly for the girls to hear over the music.

Even as she worried about the police, Ava quickly realized she had another, more immediate, problem. Adrenaline had kept her injuries out of mind but now that she was just driving a car, the pain was cutting into her subconscious. Of even greater concern was the fact that she was having trouble seeing straight, her vision blurry and spinning. It was becoming clear to her that she was not going to be able to make it far like that.

That thought made Ava glance toward the backseat where the girls sang. All she had to do was keep them from their dad for a week, then she could call the cops and say the attack spooked her into running. They’d give the girls back, of course, but hopefully there wouldn’t be enough time between handing them over and Anton’s testimony for him to hurt them. Of course, that assumed that Jana had actually found something to arrest him for. Otherwise, Anton would have plenty of time to hurt them. Still, it was a risk that she had to take. There were no other options. With that plan of action in mind, Ava took the next turn and headed toward a safe place she could hide at for a few days.

Before this had all began, Aiden had paid off his lease in full and warned his landlord that a young woman might stop by on occasion while he was gone. He’d then stocked his apartment with any supplies that he thought might be necessary to combat Anton. Ava had already been there a couple of times for things like the taser that she’d used on Anton and some spare cash to pay for some of the girl’s mistakes. Since there was no known association between Ava and Aiden, it would be a perfect place to hide out.

A short drive later, Ava had the car parked in the underground parking area. She quickly gathered up the girls, leading them up into the building. Finally, they stood in front of her old room as she used her spare key to unlock the door.

“Alright girls, we’re going to stay here for a few days,” Ava informed the girls as she opened up the apartment and let them inside. The little single bedroom place would be a bit of a snug fit, but she knew that they could make it work.

“Is this where you used to live?” Anna asked inquisitively.

Ava nodded. “Yeah, before I met your father.”

“Won’t Daddy find us?” Nikki questioned, fear evident in her voice.

“Daddy doesn’t know about this place,” Ava assured her.

“What about all our stuff?” Anna continued the questions.

“You’re going to have to live without it for a few days. It’ll be like camping,” Ava explained.

“Camping?” Nikki inquired.

That single word brought a sad smile to Ava’s lips. It never ceased to amaze her just how little the two girls knew about the world, all thanks to having an asshole like Anton for a father. She was going to have to make up for that as best as she could.

“Why don’t you girls sit on the couch, I’ll get us something to drink, and then tell you all about camping,” Ava told them, earning an excited cheer in return.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

Sitting by the side of the pool, Ava slid her feet back and forth in the water. Her mission was finally at it’s end, and the plan had worked perfectly. She’d handed the girls over to the police only a few hours before Anton was due in court. Ava’s battered appearance and testimony was enough for her avoid being charged with kidnapping. After all, the police didn’t want it brought to light that they were letting a man abuse his family just to get him to testify, which any kind of trial surely would have included.

To keep this from Anton, the police had tossed Ava in jail for the day. They could hold her twenty-four hours without charging her with anything, long enough for Anton to testify. The police had managed to get the kids to Anton just in time for him to appear in court. With Ava in jail and his kids returned, Anton didn’t have any grounds to back out of his deal, and begrudgingly testified as he’d agreed, cursing the police’s incompetence the entire time.

Officer Jana had been waiting for Anton the moment that he got home from court with a warrant for his arrest for the murder of his wife. A body, complete with a couple of bullet holes, had been found at a camping lodge thanks to an anonymous tip. The ballistics were a solid match for the handgun that they’d found in Anton’s closet. Anton had tried to run which, according to Jana, was the best part of the whole thing. She’d absolutely loved taking him down.

Now, Ava sat alone at Bikini Beach. The place would be closing soon, exactly six months from the day she first changed. “I bet Anya knew that it would work out like that,” she mused, looking down at the six month pass that she’d been given. Tonight she would change back to Aiden and get on with her old life.

“You know for someone who saved two little girls and put a murderer behind bars you don’t look very happy,” Anya remarked coming over to sit next to Ava.

“Yeah …” Ava sighed, slouching wearily.

“What’s wrong?” Anya inquired, giving the other woman a look of concern.

“I was ready for so much. Dealing with being a girl, the abuse, the sex, all of that I knew was coming and could handle it. I never thought the hardest part of this would be saying goodbye,” Ava answered. “Why didn’t you warn me?”

Anya slid an arm around Ava, letting the redhead lean on her shoulder. “Would it have made a difference?”

“I could have prepared myself. I could have kept my distance,” Ava tried to argue.

“The girls needed more than just some stoic protector. You know that,” Anya countered.

Tears started to slip down Ava’s face. “But now I have to let them go.”

“You don’t have to, Ava,” Anya told her.

“Yes I do. The state isn’t going to hand a couple of girls over to their Dad’s ex-girlfriend who’s still in college. Even if they did, what kind of life could I give them? I work as a walking pair of tits a couple of nights a week, and I don’t even do that very well. I don’t have the money to even support two children much less give them everything they deserve,” Ava shot back bitterly before continuing sadly. “I have my own life to go back to. There are other people that need protecting.”

Anya sat there quietly for a moment. “I could help with some of that. A better job, some help with the state, but it wouldn’t come without sacrifices. Being a mom is a pretty hefty job as I’m sure you’ve learned. Add in a full time job and no one to help out and you basically won’t have a life. The harder part is that you’d have to give up who you are, not just your gender, but your work as a cop. As you said, there are other people out there that need protecting, people you won’t be able to protect if you stay as Ava.”

“Why tell me that? Don’t you think this decision is hard enough already?!” Ava demanded, her voice heavy with emotion.

Anya sighed. “Because you deserve to know you have an actual choice here. It’s the same reason I told you what the park could do when we met.”

Full of uncertainty and pain, Ava looked back at the water, questions whirling through her head. Would whoever they hire to replace herl be a decent cop? Would the girls ever find a family together or would they languish in foster care or be split up by the state? Would she be able to cut it as a mother? As a woman? Would she resent giving up so much? How could she choose between the girls and all the potential good she might do if she returned to being a cop like before? There just weren’t any easy answers to any of it – only the ache that lingered in her chest.

*********************************************** ***********************************************

“Anna, wait!” Ava called out as the little girl tried to race off.

Stopping, Anna turned back to whine, “But I’m going to be late for swim class!”

“I’m almost done with your sister. You won’t be late. You just have to be patient,” Ava assured Anna calmly, not slowing her application of Nikki’s sunscreen in the slightest.

Meanwhile, Anna stood there bouncing impatiently. “Hurry!”

“Huwwy!” Nikki repeated, starting to bounce around as well as her sister’s impatience got to her.

“Hold still, Nikki, or this will take even longer!” Ava huffed in annoyance.

“If you’d like, I can walk Anna to swim class, Ava,” Anya offered seeming to just appear next to them suddenly. “You look like you have your hands full.“

“That would be wonderful, Anya. Thank you,” Ava sighed thankfully, managing an exhausted looking smile as she looked up at the offer of help from the young woman. Even as she did, she silently chastised herself for thinking of the other woman as young. Anya was actually older than she was now.

Nodding, Anya offered her hand to Anna. “Come along, short stuff.”

“Yay!” Anna shouted, taking Anya’s hand and racing off.

It took another couple of minutes for Ava to finish with Nikki, then she turned the little girl around to face her. “So what do you want to do today? Play in the sand again?” Ava asked, getting an excited series of nods from the little girl. With Nikki’s approval acquired, Ava put the lotion back in her bag and scooped it and the little girl up in her arms, grunting a little under the weight. Even so, it was a weight that she was glad to bear.

The End

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