Yep, I can fly (part 5)

Chapter 11

"Look, I'm not sure who Ned is, but I really have to..."

"You saved my life that night at the party."


"Anyone ever tell you you're a horrible liar, Ned? You're gonna have to work on that. Trust me. Anyhow, I never thanked you. I'm sorry for that," Janet said as she looked around us while nervously twitching.

"Seriously, I'm not who you think I..."

"I see you got the package. Nice fit. Personally, I would have gone with red, but the meds they pumped me with kicked in and..."

"What are you talking about, Janet?! I ordered this outfit. Me," I blurted out for some odd reason, which totally blew my cover.

"See that boy walking by?"

"Why are you whispering?"

“Hammerhead957. His post is the one that goes viral.”

"What happened to you, Janet?” I asked as I tried to gently take her hand, but she immediately pulled away.

"Don't fucking touch me!"

"Fine. No one is touching you. I just want to help you…”

“No,” Janet snapped as she looked away.

“Look, you came to see me. Just tell me what happened after you had the seizure. The medic said the others also…”

"I…we...didn't have seizures. It was a wake-up call that turned us into this.”

“This, what?”

“Canaries, in a very fucked up coal mine."

"What do you mean wake up call?” I persisted. Janet didn't answer me. Instead, she just continued to look around us. “Seriously, Janet, what do you mean by…”

“Blue gave gifts to some, to others a curse…oh fuck! Mint Jello time.”

“What are you…” Before I could finish my question, she held her hands to her ears and started mumbling. I tried to comfort her, but again Janet backed away.

“Chip. Chip. Chip. Chip,” she kept repeating. Before I could do anything, a crowd of students got in between us for a split second. When they left, Janet was gone.

She vanished.

Chapter 12

Am I losing my mind? I mean one second I'm talking to Janet and the next second, poof, she just disappears. How the hell did she...

“Check it out! I just saw this...”

I didn’t even wait around for the student to utter the next syllable. I just took off…fast. Usually, if I caught the bus or bummed a ride, it would take me twenty minutes. Now, just by running at this super speed, I made it home in six point two seconds.

Jack had classes, but with him you never know. I slowly unlocked the door. As soon as I saw the coast was clear, I sped into my room. Then I changed back into my male body and my clothes. Originally when it happened, I was a bit scared but excited to explore my powers. Now, all I felt is fear. Seeing that imaginary Janet made me realize these changes might be happening too fast for me to control them. I just need to take a step back. I grabbed the blue spandex outfit, tossed it in a garbage bag and left it by the door next to the huge bag of beer cans we were going to recycle for cash. Tomorrow, I’d just dump the bag in some random garbage can on campus so they’d never trace the outfit to…

“Yo! Ned! I’m home! You’re not gonna believe what happened!"

Chapter 13

“Hey,” I muttered as I walked towards him. My heart was racing. I must be still shaken up about what happened. At least I hope that’s the reason.

“Were you on campus just now?”

“Um, no, I was studying here.”

“Watching the soy grow?”


“The package? The bars?”

“Oh that. Turns out it was bad soy. I tossed it. So um what happened?”

“A lacrosse player almost got squashed by a metal girder that fell off the stadium," Jack said while badly pantomiming the entire incident.

"Did he um get hurt?" I nervously asked, praying no one really saw what...

"No. That's the amazing part. Get this. An honest-to-God superhero chick saved him," he gasped which caused my stomach to churn.

"No way." This is bad.

"She was running super fast. I barely saw it, but Mike texted me some pics. Check it out.” I looked at his phone, and there I was in my blue spandex outfit. Fortunately, I was moving too fast for anyone to really see my face.

"Crazy insane, right?"

"Yeah I guess...but you can barely see any..."

"Totally. Mike got some crappy pics. But check this post out. This guy recorded the whole thing," Jack said as he showed me the post. There were two videos of the entire incident. One of me going super fast and the other in super slow motion where you could see everything—including my face.

"Chick is hot, right. Check out this comment. The guy is calling her Blur Girl. Decent hero name. Fuck it. I'm definitely spanking it to her tonight," Jack proclaimed which made me feel sick and oddly aroused. "Man, this Hammerhead957 is lucky. His post has over one thousand likes and..."


"Yeah. That's the guy who recorded it. Hey, Ned, you don't look too good."

"Yeah, um I think I'm going to um go to bed," I muttered as I grabbed a water and then went to my...

"What the fuck is this?"

I turned around and saw Jack picking up this tiny object from the floor near my bag of clothes. I looked closer at it and felt that familiar churning in my stomach. It was a computer chip. No! This can’t be happening.

Janet is in my head.

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