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This is fan fiction for the Whateley Academy series. It may or may not match the timeline, characters, and continuity, but since it's fan fiction, who cares? To see the canon Whateley Stories, check out Whateley Academy at ( (link is external) (link is external)



Life was boring for Danny. He was a foster kid most of his life. Set in an institution. It was boring for him. The only thing that didn’t make things boring for him is his boyfriend Jimmy. Jimmy and Danny go way back to when they were brought first to the same institution on the same day. They had been infants then. Neither of them was sure of their parents nor their heritage. They both really enjoyed each other for some reason. Often playing pranks on the other kids or causing trouble in some fashion. Danny loved Jimmy and Jimmy felt the same way about Danny. Things were about to change for the two boys. It all starts when they decided to make a quick buck.

“Jimmy, come on! If we don’t get there fast enough we’ll lose our opportunity.” Danny waiting patiently for the petite boy to gather the items they needed for this heist.

“I know, I can’t seem to find my lockpicks. I know I left them in my bag.” Jimmy responded getting frustrated with his search

“What am I always telling you, Jimmy? If you can’t find it in the places it should be. Then look for the places they shouldn’t.”

Jimmy started checking other places around their little room.

“Oh, I found them!” Jimmy triumphed.

“Where were they?” asked Danny.
“In my pocket.” Jimmy grinned making Danny rolling his eyes.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that you’re so darn adorable. I think I would’ve strangled you by now.” Danny quickly giving the petite boy a kiss on the cheek causing Jimmy to turn a deep shade of red. For a while now they’ve been showing their affection for each other openly. A lot of people calls them ‘fags’ or ‘queer boys’, but they didn’t care. They loved doing it. It gave them butterflies with just looking at each other.

“Alright, Danny, do you remember the strategy?” Jimmy asked.

“Yuppy, Jimmy my boy.” Jimmy grinned at that thinking why is he this cute? Danny and Jimmy have been robbing rich people’s houses for some time now. Mostly, people, everyone hated anyway. They did everything carefully and professionally. Not wanting to get caught. Hell, most of them didn’t even notice stuff was gone. The boys were proud of their skills in burglary. It gave them a rush that nothing else could. Of course, they do odd jobs every now and again, but what they really made money off is stealing anything that seemed valuable or any money that was left lying around. Rich people tended to do that for some reason. As much as they liked the rush. They couldn’t help, but feel bad about it. Even if the guys were assholes.

This time they were robbing a man by the name of Rick Jeremiah. He was some old guy who got his money by ripping people off. Made millions doing it. He never leaves the house anymore for some reason, but tonight he decided to go gamble at one of those illegal clubs. The job was simple. Stop the security system, and take what seemed to be his most valuables.

Danny and Jimmy stood out Rick’s house looking at each other with that butterfly feeling they get from gazing at each other.

“It’s a beautiful night. It’s even more beautiful when I’m looking at you in it.” Danny flirted with Jimmy. Jimmy blushed and looking down taking his gaze off Danny. Danny gently pushed up his face make Jimmy stare at him. Jimmy gave him the eyes that said, ‘please kiss me’. Danny kissed Jimmy on the lips making both the boys feel like they were melting in each other’s arms. They held each other in a tight intimate embrace. For a moment, they ignored the world around them just for the moment.

Jimmy piped up, “We really need to get going. We can always do more later.” Giving Danny a suggestive wink. They reluctantly broke up the embrace.

“If all goes well. I may give you a reward tonight. After all, you did find this place.” Danny purred while Jimmy blushed an adorable shade of red that only made Danny want more of the petite boy.

The boys put on their mask and gloves just in case. You can never be too careful. They went around the back side of the house carefully scanning for cameras. They got a gadget that lets them see where the electronics were. Fortunately, they found none. Weird, because every rich person had at least one or two cameras. They scanned to see where the security system was. They found none.

This was getting weird. Always rich people had a security system. Jimmy had a bad feeling in his stomach, so did Danny. They have enough experience to know that this was an odd situation. Not unheard of, though, so the boys continue their mission.

Jimmy unlocked the back door with lockpicks. Jimmy and Danny had designated jobs. Danny does the heavy lifting and Jimmy does all the small stuff. They can switch if they really wanted too, but it’s easier because Jimmy has a petite build and his little fingers really do help when it comes to locking picking and Danny has a bit more of a heftier build making it really easy to hold all the loot.

The boys crept slowly into the house. It was pretty cozy all considering. The guy may be an asshole, but he did have taste in décor. It reminds the boys to when they got caught by Mrs. Schmidt for stealing one of her pies that she casually laid outside to cool down. They got yelled at in German. Wasn’t fun, but they did learn how to speak basic German as their punishment.

The boys turned on the lights deciding it was safe. Nothing bad happen yet. The boys did their routine. Find valuables, lying around money, safes, etc. Even though it was weird that the guy didn’t have a security system or cameras nothing bad has happened, yet.

Danny felt woozy while he was walking upstairs. He supported himself with a railing as he tried and figured out why he felt so hot. Like he has gotten the flu or something. He called for Jimmy, who now felt the same. They decided to only get small stuff and call it a night.

The boys headed back to the institution only bringing with them what money was lying around and a few small items that should be worth something. Supported each other they climbed through their window and laid down on their beds that they pushed together to be close to each other. They took off their clothes because of the heat and kiss each goodnight.

The next day, something felt odd for Danny who got up first. His body felt off as he stretched. He noticed his hair was longer, he had a tail, and his ears were no longer in the normal place. Danny’s hair was smoky black instead of sandy blonde. So was his fluffy tail that should’ve made him freak out, but it felt like it has been there his whole life. He touched where his ears were now. They were fluffy and pointy. Like cat’s ears. He felt his face and everything seemed to be human. He looked down at his body and it was athletically curvy like a girl’s, but he still had a dick that looked a lot bigger than before. He didn’t see any boobs, just two cute pink nipples. He sighed with relief.

“What the fuck?” Danny cussed quiet not wanting to wake up Jimmy who was sleeping soundly. Wait, that didn’t look like Jimmy. That looked like Jimmy’s gorgeous big brother.

“Wake up Jimmy! Somethings wrong!” shaking the peacefully sleeping Jimmy.

“Five for minutes,” Jimmy whined. Danny knew that it wasn’t going to be easy to get sleeping beauty out of bed. So, Danny did as always in this situation. Tickle the prince. Danny removed his blankets, and Jimmy reflexively balds up in the fetal position. Danny tried to touch him, but an invisible force stops him. Danny was confused. He touched a few more times. Then hit it. Danny yelp in the surprised pain causing Jimmy to immediately sit up staring wide-eyed at Danny.

“Who are you?” Jimmy asked confused.

“I’m Danny, something happened yesterday. I don’t know what, but we changed.” Danny gestured over to Jimmy. Jimmy looked down at himself. His body was structure changed from a cute petite body to a beautifully athletic body. He stood up and noticed he was taller than the gorgeous now petite cat ‘girl’ who called herself ‘Danny’. Jimmy scanned Danny’s body and found she was actually he and he was packing.

“Ok, if you are Danny answer these three questions: What is my birthday, what is my favorite color, and who saved Danny and me from those pack of strays?” Jimmy asked inquisitively

“October 24, 2003, your favorite color is cornflower blue, and Mr. Daniels,” Danny said without hesitation.

“The fuck happened to us and why do we look gorgeous?”

“I don’t know. I’m planning to find out. First, let’s find a mirror.” Danny said twitching his tail a little bit. The boys grabbed some clothes, try to wear them, then realize that won’t work, and switch each other’s clothes. Jimmy’s clothes were a bit tight around the waist, but nothing too bad. The problem was Danny’s tail. So, he grabbed a knife a cut a little slit into his pants and underwear for it. Jimmy was going to protest, but realize there was no point. The boys ran to the communal bathroom and stared in the mirror wide-eyed

“Son of a bitch! I look like a fucking cat girl. A gorgeous cat girl, but still a cat girl. The worst part is I’m a boy still. What is this? ‘Re: Zero’?” Jimmy giggled at that as he admire his now gorgeously sculptured face. He had green emerald eyes rather than his normal grey ones.

“Jeez, how did you get to be manlier while I get more girly?” Danny complained.

“Well, you aren’t too bad. Your beautiful cornflower blue eyes are just amazing to stare at and smoky black hair looks like silk. I don’t know how to feel about looking like a girl thing, but you do still have your dick. So, it isn’t too bad.” Jimmy said as Danny turned into an adorable shade of red. “Besides,” Jimmy turned to Danny who seems to be a whole foot shorter than he was now. “I can do this.” Jimmy grabbed the very pretty cat boy by the waist and picked him up as if he was like a toy. Danny tried to protest, but it was too late. The Jimmy was kissing the now petite Danny, and the only thing Danny could muster was a cute moan as he relaxed and kissed back. Still feel the same the two lovers thought

“Why is there a girl in the boy’s bathroom? Also, who are you too?” A whiney nasally voice interrupted the boys’ intimate moment.

Jimmy put down his boyfriend as Danny said “I’m not a girl, Jack. This is Jimmy,” Danny said while pointing at the gorgeous man who looks like a Greek sculpture “and I’m Danny.” Danny pointing to himself. “We went through some kind of change last night.”

“How do I know you aren’t lying? What proof do you have that you are who are say you are?” Jack crossed his arms. Danny and Jimmy never really liked Jack. He was that annoying whiny kid that always went told of people to the facility of the institution. Jack was not a bad guy he just did the right thing even if it meant that others hated him.

“Alright, do you remember that one time where you accidentally pissed off a supervillain and he came after you?” Jack nodded and shuttered at the memory. “We saved you in disguises not wanting you to know we saved you.”

“What? Seriously? Wait, how do you know I got chased by a supervillain?” Jack thought for a moment. “It was you guys! Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?”

“Because we knew you would be really annoying afterward.” Jimmy pointed out.

“Not going to argue with that. So, what happened to you guys?”

“I don’t know, but I’m rather afraid. I mean, what if we’re mutants?” Danny admitted. Mutants are treated like total shit in Chicago. Most get killed by the Mutant Commission Office (MCO), Knights of Purity (KoP), and/or be mobbed by mutant haters, become slaves, or if they’re really lucky resort to a life of crime. Danny and Jimmy didn’t really mind mutants. Actually, they thought mutants were pretty cool even the ones that look like monsters. They figured being a mutant is not as different as being gay. Fortunately for Danny and Jimmy, the institution isn’t really in Chicago. It’s on the outskirts where everything is more suburban and quiet.

“Well if we are, at least we get cool ass powers.” Danny chirped. Mutants are almost exactly what they are from the X-men. There is a wide variety of them and can look really ugly and monstrous, or absolutely the most beautiful people you’ll ever see in your life. They also gain powers. Danny and Jimmy grew up knowing better than to be bigots.

“You guys better leave quick. You know what happens to the last person who manifested.” Jack is talking about Darrell Heath. He was a decent guy a bit too aggressive though. When he manifested, the institution called the MCO to come pick him up. We never heard from him again. His girlfriend, Dolly called the MCO asking where he was. They said they didn’t have him. Almost like Darrell disappeared. That freaked out a lot of the kids at the institution. Most of the kids have neither another place to go nor the resources to do anything about that.

Unlike the other kids, Danny and Jimmy have been saving up just in case. You never know what’s going to happen. So, they set up a savings account for later. They mostly use the money they got from burglaries and using the money from odd jobs on other things. They have a lot saved up. Those burglaries gave them up a minimum of 1500 dollars. About ten percent of that went to their deposit account.

“We know, we’ve been thinking of leaving for some time now and go somewhere in the countryside. A nice peaceful abandon house where that we can fix up while continuing going to school. We have a lot of money set aside for us. If we play our cards right then we’ll be able to make it until we graduate.” Jimmy said. It has been the boys’ dream to live out in the countryside, get married, and have kids. It's 2017, of course, gay marriage is legal.

“You guys really have thought it out, huh,” Jack said to think about his own future

“Well yeah, we’ve thought about it a lot. We were expecting that one day we would have to run from something. Considering that we’re open about being fags and show our affection in public. We were expecting to be mobbed or something eventually.” Danny said in a ‘it’s a matter of fact’ tone.

“Anyway,” Danny grabbing Jimmy’s hand leading him out of the bathroom “We have to get ready.” And walking to their room.

“Good luck!” Jack yelled to the two lovers.

Jimmy is sitting on the bed as Danny paces back and forth through the room.

“What do we do? I mean we can’t do the plan you made to Jack. Not right now at least.” Said Danny who is on the edge of panic. Jimmy’s plan that he mentioned couldn’t work right now. Especially since its getting really close to winter, and now Danny is a visible mutant. People would kill him if they went to the countryside.

“I don’t know, to be honest, you’re visible and visibles never have too much luck even if you can hide it. This puts a major dent into our plans, but what we must do first is leave here. We have enough time to sneak out of here before the MCO is called.” Jimmy answered.

“Next we find a place to stay for a couple of days. Maybe squat in one of the rich people’s houses.” Danny added.

“Good idea, I think the Phillip Flannel is off on a business vacation.”

“I love it when a plan comes together,” Danny said kissing Jimmy passionately.

Holding each other’s hands, the two boys look back on the institution. It was the place where they met and spent most of their childhood in. The memories they made there would never fade into the background.

Danny cuddled Jimmy as they watched some Saturday morning cartoons as his tail twitched back and forth. They moved into Philip Flannel’s house yesterday and decided to chill that morning. Both couldn’t get any sleep and decided to watch television until the sun went up. Jimmy gently stroked Danny tail feeling the softness of his fur. Jimmy unconsciously start scratching his kitty boyfriend behind his ears. Danny shivered with pleasure a little letting out a soft purr. Not a cat purr mind you.

Danny looked up at Jimmy. “Can you please stop that? I’m feeling weird.” The kitty boy protesting to his partner. Jimmy stared at the cat boy for a second and gave him a kiss without warning. If the light were turned on, Jimmy would see his boyfriend blushed nice scarlet. Before their manifestation, Jimmy has always been on the receiving end of Danny’s love. Don’t get him wrong, it felt good, but he always wanted to be on the giving in. A few times he did it, but because of his petite frame, he could never really be dominant. Now, that they manifested and Danny has become an adorable little cat boy while Jimmy blossomed into a Greek statue. He could finally have done all the stuff he wanted to do to Danny.

“Hey what was that for?” Danny pouted still blushing from that surprise kiss. Thank god, the lights were off so Jimmy could see him. Danny has always been dominant. It felt really comfortable for him to protect Jimmy. He was always worried that one day someone or something bigger was going to squish him. Now he had turned into a small, delicate kitty boy rather than his overconfident self. The boy didn’t know what to do. He felt small and weak now. He got the feeling that Jimmy was enjoying the situation. He like the thought of Jimmy being more confident in himself. Now if I could just change from his ‘kitty boy’ status. Everything will be great. He mused to himself as he sat up crossed his arms, and pouted more at Jimmy who was grinning from ear to ear.

“Because I love you,” Jimmy said in a seductive purr. Danny bit his lip as his tail twitched around.

“I love you too,” Danny pouted as he got up and opened the curtains. The bright light pierced into the up making Jimmy wince as Danny crossed his arms. “It’s time to get up. No more being lazy!” Jimmy groaned at the sunlight piercing his eyes. He reflexively blocked it with his arm. Jimmy smirked as he got an idea. He grabbed Danny’s arms. The kitty boy squeaked as Jimmy pulled him down into a tight embrace on the bed.

Cat boy squeaked “Let me go!” and tried to push away his partner. It was futile. Jimmy held the cat boy tight, but gently. After a moment Danny calmed down. He laid there on his boyfriend’s chest listening to his heartbeat.

“This is nice.” A sultry female voice spoke up. Danny sat up unleashed from Jimmy’s embrace. He looked around trying to see where the voice came from. The voice spoke up “Boy, no one can hear me besides you. I have much to tell you once you are ready.”

“What’s going on, Danny?” Jimmy puzzled by Danny’s actions.

“If I told you a woman’s voice just spoke in my head. Would you believe me?” replied Danny in a worried tone.

“Well, all considering what happened to us. I wouldn’t write off something like that as crazy.”

“Well a female voice spoke in my head told me that she much to tell me.”

“Well um,” Jimmy was baffled to what to do. Then an idea popped in his head “Why not you go take a shower and talk to that voice and see what she has to say. While I make breakfast”

“That’s... a good idea,” Danny looking a bit nervous to what the voice would say. “I’ll do that.”

“Yeah, I’ll um see you in a bit.” Jimmy gazed at his petite boyfriend’s butt as Danny walked off. The hips moved like he had seen when girls walk. Jimmy still felt attracted to Danny even though he looks like a beautiful, teenage, cat girl. Jimmy shook his head feeling a bit confused on his sexuality even though he loves the boy. The gorgeous boy threw the thought from his mind as he prepared breakfast.

“Who are you and what do you want?” Danny asked the voice as he shut the bathroom door and began to get undress.

“My name is Dusful. A former member of the Fulgar Pardus or in English you would say I’m a lightning panther, well, used to be. I died a very long time ago, but my conscious stayed in this plane. I traveled around earth seeing all that was made and eventually changed. I finally made my stop here in Chicago. Where you were fortunate to find and bond with me.” Dusful said. During all of this Danny took his clothes off.

“I don’t feel very fortunate, to be honest. I mean, you made me into a very girly boy. I was satisfied with being a handsome devil, not a beautiful angel.” Danny said through his teeth as he felt his anger rising. “Also, how dare you tell me I’m fortunate to have you! If I was fortunate I would’ve stayed away from that place!” Danny spouted angrily as he got into the shower. Feeling the nice hot shower cooled him down a little.

“Why are you so angry? Now that I’m in your body I give you power. I cannot leave, well I can justify it’ll kill you if that does happen.”

Danny gulped as he washed his hair “I am angry because of my body. I’m a real-life trap for dear gods. Guys other than Jimmy will try and hit on me and I just don’t want to deal with that, plus I’m also visibly a mutant. If you haven’t notice mutants are still treated like shit even though it has gotten better. I won’t even have a chance at a normal life. Our big dream was to go to the countryside, get married, adopt a few kids, and spend the rest of our days together. You ruined all of that!” Danny tears began to roll down his face as he sobbed about what could’ve been.

“Oh,” Dusful said in a sympathetic voice. “I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to say to that. Most people seem to want some type of power and yet you are the opposite. You rather have no power if it meant you looked normal. You can’t change what happens. You might as well just deal with the now.”

“You’re right, please just tell me that Jimmy’s manifestation was pure coincidence and not you.” Danny pleaded as he got out the shower.

“No worries, it was a coincidence.”

“Thank gods!” Danny said with relief. “So what powers do I have?” He asked as he dried himself off.


Again, this is a little test. I made this a while ago and thought I would put it up here to see if people enjoy it or something like it enough
I decided to do romance a little because the thought of a gay couple where one of the boys passes as a cute girl. Especially, a cat girl. Warms my little heart.

Tell me if you like it.

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