Vivid Dream Reality Book 2 Chapter 22

Chapter 22 British Prime Minister's POV

“Sir, I'm sorry to interrupt, but you need to see this.” He led me to view a TV.

Tia Dione was there staring at me from the screen, talking. “Can you show me from the beginning?” I asked.

“Yes, no problem, sir.”

It played from the start. “Hello, people of Britain. I used to believe in democracy. Each of you are partly responsible for those you elect and therefore what government forms. Your government has acted in a vile and despicable manner. I offered myself up to the authorities without violence, yet I was sedated, striped naked and then threatened with rape.

“I refuse to be considered a doormat anymore. Anyone attempting harm upon my person will be met with lethal force and there will be consequences for those who order such action. Since it was members of your government that acted against me, because you are a democracy, you all hold some responsibility. Therefore there will be consequences for all of you. So unfortunately it is with a heavy heart that I include the criteria in my selection process for those that want my help, that they are not a citizen of the United Kingdom.

“Furthermore, to let you and the world know that I am not to be trifled with, there will be power outages across the entire country for one hour to commence at eight pm tonight. Hospitals and essential services will be spared. You have been warned. Repeat this insanity and be prepared for far worse. I've been kind, tolerant and helpful. That clearly is not what the world wants. Thank you for my lessons. Just remember, you reap what you sow.”

Her image froze for a second and then it switched back to normal programming.

“What channel was that on?” I asked.

“All the channels. That is not all sir. About half an hour ago the internet started exploding with evidence of what she said. Including you sir.”


“Showing that you were aware and authorised everything. Evidence of agreement with the opposition party.”

“Shit.” Maybe this wouldn't be too bad. If the opposition party was also implicated, they could hardly call a vote of no confidence. My popularity would be out the window though. I would need to kiss a lot of babies to get that back. It would be doable though. The people are pretty stupid, just deny everything, talk about conspiracy theories. If enough time goes by something else will grab their attention and this will be old news.

“By the way sir, I resign.”


“My sister is blind and her only hope for real vision rests with Tia Dione. Goodbye.”

Then it hit me. How many people were there who either had or were close to someone with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, a neurological disease or pretty much any disease or illness. It doesn't matter that Tia could only treat a small fraction of these people. Each and every one of them would have had that chance and now they didn't. They would blame me. All of them. They would blame me. Fuck.

Tia's POV

“How did I do?” I asked Vee.

“Don't give up your day job. You got your point across though. Are we seriously not going to accept anyone from the UK?”

“Yes and no. Anyone we accept from the UK will need to give up their citizenship. If they are going to be an Elf, they are not safe there anyway. We will make sure that it appears that we don't accept anyone from Britain.”

“But appearances can be deceptive?”


End of Book 2.

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