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All the teenagers at Sherwood High were excited about the arrival of the hypnotist, but for Miriam, the show has some rather unexpected consequences...



another -sad- orphan story here?

It sometimes gets to me a little, that a WOW-y story is left hanging. You're reading along, getting really involved, engaged with the characters and their affairs. And then it stops. I do quite understand though, that life often interferes with story writing and the Muses tend to be a little fickle, still it's a shame if a story never finishes. Definitely stories like this.

You were doing great, I really enjoyed the story. I particularly liked the evolving care and involvement between the two main protagonists ( imo ) Miriam and Cary. And now you seem to have abandoned Echoes. I feel it's rather a shame because it's got quite a potential. While reading it reminded me of Sam and Me, and that´s quite an achievement in my opinion.

Though I must admit that at the 'end' of part IV I was under the impression you were getting a bit rushed, as if seeming to want to bring it to an end. While there's a great length of developing and growing into the respective angles of the story.

But again, that's just my ( oh so ) humble opinion.