Elliot: Working for Lioness Investments – 5 Elle’s Coming Out

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Elliot: Working for Lioness Investments – 5
Elle’s Coming Out

By Jessica C

Elliot is breaking the Rose colored glass ceiling…
He’s been an ordinary research and finance person…
He’s to be the first male Associate…
The men of this company are required to wear unisex clothing.=^_^=

My Niece Lexi asks, “Aunt Elle are you sure you’re comfortable being a woman?”

“Lexi thanks for caring. And ‘no’ I’m not but I think it’s time I step out of the shadows and try to become comfortable. I suspect, most of the time, I’ll be your Uncle Eliot.”

“Sorry to hear that. I kind of like seeing you as Aunt Elle and having boobs. I gather they’re not implants then.”

Once the dinner was over and I used the women’s room to clean up. Lexi and her Mom took Bonnie and me home. We did stop and both Lindsey and Lexi helped me to choose more makeup. Lexi said, “You also needed some heels that were not thick mule heels.” It was hard to believe she talked me into two pairs of 2 ½” heels with a 1/2” tip on the heels. The silver pair was the most attractive, along with a black pair also for dress up. Lexi said, “You can wear the black pair with most anything.”

They stayed at the house another hour after we got there. My sister Lindsey pushed me to try on two other outfits; including me a gray tux. Lexi insisted I try the silver heels while I was wearing the tux. I did admit that the outfit looked good for a woman, even me.


Once they were gone, Bonnie and I relaxed preparing ourselves for the week ahead. She had lesson planning and I selected the investments I was recommending and my presentations. More difficult was planning how to casually visit with Ms. Lourdes on Tuesday.

I decided I’d fly out Monday late afternoon and be close to the Lourdes and their office out in Suffolk County.

Bonnie and I made the airline, hotel and car rental arrangements I needed. I would be uncomfortable enough traveling as a metro male, but I decided it was something I needed to do. Impressing Ms. Lourdes that I would go out of my way to impress her was purely my decision.

I was becoming comfortable with embracing my feminine side. Making love with Bonnie as Elle capped a fantastic weekend. I would not have anticipated any of this just a week ago.


I was well rested after a great night’s sleep even with getting up early to finish packing. It was the most clothes I ever traveled with, but Bonnie insisted I needed not to be wearing clothes a second time during my visit.

Once to work, I was greeted by Jamie, “So was the rest of your weekend calm and boring after Friday night?” Once Katherine listened, part of my morning was down to Connie and picking a nice dress for dinner. Katherine insisted I have it, even though I did not plan to wear any such thing.

She reviewed my recommendations and justification for Ms. Lourdes and my review of Sofia’s Earth Oils. Katherine says, “I want to apologize for insisting on the extra clothes and suitcase. I do know I intruded into your space and my treating of you as a professional. I expect I will be eating some crow and taking you out for a special dinner after you’re back.”

Come 1:30 I was in a nice escort taxi taking me to the airport. My bags were checked through and were to be taken to my hotel once I would arrive. I was given priority in seating as well as gotten through security with little hassle. When one woman said, “Enjoy your flight, Elle.” I just said thanks and picked up my feminine voice. I looked at my itinerary and ticket. They both had Elliot/Elle Sanders.

Once on the ground in New York City getting my car, I fully assumed Elle’s identity. The car having GPS was a big help, but the drive took longer than anticipated. Checking in I was addressed, “Ms. Elle Sanders, if you are famished like I expect, you are encouraged to use our dining room by 9:30. We have kept it open for you.”

I freshened myself and dared to use color as I used more makeup. I checked about the Golden Goddess Health Spa. Where I was to meet Ms. Marjorie Lord. The fact that it was a women’s health spa troubled me, though I was relatively comfortable. I figured I had made the needed accommodations in going as far as I was comfortable with.


I wanted to be to the Golden Goddess Spa early but I didn’t expect to be thirty minutes early. I did mention that I planned to meet Ms. Marjorie Lourdes there.

A Director Morgan greets me, “You say it’s Elle Sanders? It’s nice to meet you. I can tell you’ve gone some extent to please Ms. Lourdes. I’m sure she’ll be impressed” I smile and she asks to meet with me privately. I went with her to a conference room.

“We were expecting a Mr. Sanders, though he wouldn’t have been able to use the facilities.” She is seeking to be cordial, “May I ask if you’re hoping to use the facilities with Ms. Lourdes?”

I say, “While I wasn’t anticipating using it all. I was hoping to find out what she was hoping to do. And what she might have wanted of me.”

Ms. Morgan says, “She usually spends five to seven hours and the latter is what’s scheduled.” Morgan compliments how nicely I look and present myself.

“Thank you, but I suspect you can see through me. Maybe I should just leave a note and plan to meet her later for dinner.”

She says, “There is an alternative that be might be able to help you with. If you are wearing forms that present you totally as a woman. It would be possible for you to spend the day with her. However, we’d help make sure the appliances are very good and well applied.”

Long story short, I had breast forms though not properly ‘applied’. She said, “We could help if you’re willing; it would not be at an extra cost. But it would need to be more than the breast forms. More importantly, you need to convince us that it is not something you want and are forced to do for business reasons.”

I didn’t intend to but I was now hoping to join Ms. Lourdes if she would have me. I went back out and waited for Ms. Lords who was a little late in her arriving. She was happy to see how I was. “I am quite impressed Elliot and I appreciate what you have done. I am going to suggest you relax and meet me later. I may even shorten my time here.”

I find myself as Elle speaking up, “Ms. Marjorie Lourdes, could I speak to you privately, before a decision is made.”

We were allowed to use the area I had been in when Director Morgan talked with me. “I don’t want to embarrass you, but if it is possible. I’d like to share this day as you planned if you are willing.”

I explained, “Long before, Ms. Jennifer Attwood asked me to be an Associate with LIFe and take you as a client. I had been suppressing my transgender identity. And while I am ill prepared to share in this day Director Morgan says she could make it possible. I don’t want to embarrass you, but I’d like you to know it could be possible.”


Our Associates Katherine and Diana both told me Ms. Lourdes facial expressions were next to impossible to read. This was my experience now. She paused to think and I was anxious but silent. I waited hoping she’d break the silence first.

She finally spoke up, “Please explain your request and why you would be open to it? I would not pressure you to do it.”

“I have come to see myself as a transgender woman,” I explained. “I am wanting to be with you that I might listen and learn about my client. Please excuse me, I’m afraid, I’m not explaining myself very well.”

Ms. Lourdes smiles before she speaks again, “I think you have expressed yourself very well. I am glad to hear of your openness.

“Now let I explain about my time here. If you are then still open I will be glad to have you with me. When I’m in the sauna, then the whirlpool, and for a massage for you and I, if you decide, will be naked so we can relax and receive the full benefit. The afternoon will be more of a salon experience and a time to relax and enjoy together. I do hope you’d relax and enjoy getting a makeover with me.”

“If you’re willing I will go in the pool and wait until you’re ready so we can do it all together.”

“I’m nervous, but yes, I would like to share the day here.”

We go back out to Director Morgan and she says, “I called my helpers together. I’ll take you and we’ll get you ready for the day.”

I was to undress and to come back out to a bed that would be used as the preparation table. I came as requested with a towel wrapped around my chest and another at my waist. Sitting up, we quickly picked both a skin tone and breast size and shape. I agreed with others about the skin tone. Sharon Morgan and others were happy that I chose a modest C cup size with a perky pear shape.

I chose them in part because they had the forms there in the skin tone we agreed upon. I knew Bonnie’s breasts completely fit her C-cup bras. She had mentioned that bigger was not better as breasts and bras took some getting used to.

When they went to attach the gaff; I had not realized it would require shaving my male privates. It was very embarrassing but I had already committed myself. I tried not to look embarrassed, but when someone said breathe I realized it wasn’t a secret.

Maggie one of the helpers gave me a small hand-held mirror, saying, “Have your first vagina moment, if you will. Please remember you can wear this for five days or longer if need be. It is designed so you can use the toilet or even have a partner. If the latter you will need to read the instructions for cleaning yourself. Remember at those times that you’re a woman and shouldn’t let yourself smell gross like a man might.”

Sharon Morgan hands me a nice new bra and panty. And I mumbled, wishing I had time to return to my hotel to retrieve a nicer dress. She says, “Ms. Lourdes has one for you if you want it.”

It is a red evening dress which would not be my regular choice. It is however beautiful and appears to be my size. I tried it on and love how it fits and looks on me. I changed out of it into one of the robes spa guests use. The dress and accessories will await me at a private changing room of Marjorie Lourdes.


I am alone a few minutes when Ms. Lourdes comes in. Her expression is heartwarming as she looks to me. “My, you truly are Elle Sanders now. You look pleased as well.”

“Thank you, Ms. Lourdes. I am grateful to you for this opportunity. And yes, I am quite tickled.”

She is holding out a terrycloth pair of shorts suggesting we rid ourselves of our robes and delicate lingerie. With that, there is a hot sauna that we walk into. There is a mammoth kettle of steaming rocks around which several sauna booths are set. We can tell there are others, but we can neither see them nor understand what anyone else is saying.

Marjorie tells me that we are down to first names for the rest of the day. I had to catch myself as I’m enthralled with how marvelous Marjorie looks. I am suspecting she if fifty maybe older. Her breasts have a fullness and perky presence and they do not appear to be artificially enhanced. Though I’m not the best to judge that.

We were there for more than a half hour and moved directly into a very warm whirlpool. I felt the tension melting away as muscles loosened. Our heads are back in floating pillows.

We each casually drink small bottles of water before moving to two massage tables. The ceilings were open that we might enjoy some fresh air. Two women helped to remove our shorts as they requested we lay on our backs. Ty talked to me as Marjorie’s massage therapist was doing with her. She noticed my eyes begin to tear, and asked if they were sad or happy tears.

Choked with emotion, I said, “This is too wonderful. I do not deserve this. I can’t even believe I get to enjoy such a time.”

Ty says, “Your spirit is experiencing more than it knew before. It brings me joy to share this moment with you. How long has it been since you realized the woman inside of you?”

It was then that I recognized Ty as a helper in putting on my appliances.

I turned my focus to visit with Marjorie. That was especially helpful in not being overly conscious of me. Marjorie was born in a small village in upstate New York. It was there she first became interested in the natural properties of plants and nature in general. Her parents had nurtured her desire to learn, despite others wanting to suppress her interests in science and math.

It was time for us to turnover and the women attending us to massage our backs, necks and on down our legs and feet. The time was wonderful until Ty was rubbing inside my thighs. Marjorie’s Masseuse was at the same place as her.

I had never been as sensitive there as I was now. Erotic, sensual feelings were welling up in me in no small way. I sought to muffle my sounds, but I heard Marjorie say as she moaned. “I cannot understand how you can dampen your pleasure. Does this not bring your body to a song?”

Marjorie said, “My biggest regret, is I need this help to keep my juices active. If you end up learning more, this may help you with your friend Bonnie. She will need to help you learn even more. It would be something she was never taught in school. Hopefully, you’re neither too old not too prudish to learn.”

I’m coming to like Marjorie Lourdes stinging, straightforward wit. Finally, we’re done; we both are wearing two-piece bathing suits as we walk through a shower of refreshing water into a pool. It is warm and refreshing. I can’t believe it as I am treading water with Marjorie and a handful of other women. There are small islands with plants and flowers. Swimming around we find an area with our own table and we get out. We wrap ourselves in short robes.

Both water and sweet sun tea are brought to us. We order a lunch to be ready for us after we shower and change. While we were there and offered our lunch, some friends and staff warmly greet Ms. Lourdes and welcome me.

I am amused as I maintain Elle’s voice and I’m picking up more feminine mannerisms such as sitting straight, taking small bites and become part of the conversation.


We are finishing our meal when Sophia Lourdes finds us. She gives her mom a hug and a kiss. She turns to me, “I am pleased to see and meet you, but is it, Elliot but Elle Sanders?”

I begin to rise though Sofia says I don’t need to. “I like being referred to as Elle in this persona, thank you.”

She says, “I hope this has been your decision to present yourself this way.”

“If it is okay, won’t you please join us and I’ll explain.” Sophia sits and from her purse, she draws a small gift bag. “This is for you or a friend if you wish.” Sophia is in a pretty print dress with spaghetti straps.

We are quiet and both looking to Marjorie Lourdes. “We are done with the spa portion of our time and onto the salon this afternoon.” She turns to her daughter, “Are you going to the spa or will you join us in the salon?”

“If you two don’t mind I will have a small bite to eat as you have a dessert and drink.” We allowed Sophia to order and we’d soon order our dessert and tea.

They continued to ask questions of me while revealing further of themselves. I enjoyed a fresh fruit tart with a mint iced tea for dessert as Sophia’s lunch had come. I watched her as a young woman watching a starlet. She truly is refined grace in motion.


Sephrena Duer is my beautician and she begins by washing and conditioning my hair. Hating my head cradled in a sink with a woman over me washing my hair is surely another step into a woman’s world. Looking up seeing her beautiful blue eyes focusing on what she’s doing while carrying a conversation with me. That’s only when Sophia, Marjorie and I are not talking.

Sephrenna is suggesting to cut my hair shorter, though it will still be medium length and longer than women with a short-styled cut. Sophia encourages me saying it will be a good length and style for a businesswoman. Seph even promises me directions for making a male appropriate style. If I came back Friday afternoon she’d even brush it out to that style.

I had given over my hotel room key to Marsha; Sophia’s aide. I would be having dinner at Ms. Lourdes senior as well as staying with her tonight. I am a little nervous about Marsha seeing my belongings. My investment information and recommendations are locked and shouldn’t be disturbed in being moved.

Sephrenna has a gentle laugh as most of what is being cut has split ends and straggly hair in need of attention. I am both excited and a bit nervous about the healthy, glistening hair as she’s cutting and combing out my hair. She hadn’t known I was a man until I worried how I might transform my look.

She asked for investment hints and I gave her information comparable to what I have suggested to Bonnie. She tells me what the spa/salon does for its employees. While it is okay; I say it is less than desirable.

I am soon back to visiting with Ms. Lourdes and Sophia, who was having a short meeting among themselves. Ms. Lourdes has two Golden Retrievers that have the run of her estate. A Shih Tzu indoors along with Senorita, a long-hair Persian cat, as well as Windsor a male Maine-Coon cat. Ms. Lourdes enjoys dabbling with her plants and trees in and around the property. Both, Lourdes said, they like working out and staying fit which is very apparent in their appearance.

It originally was hard listening under the hair dryers, as I didn’t know there was a sound control I could adjust. By the time my hair was dry and being brushed out; I felt inundated with information. So far I believe I have kept straight the information pertaining to the two Lourdes. I was, however, becoming fearful I might not last till the evening.

Like Elle, I am in second heaven seeing my hair-do. It is attractive, with nice body and waves throughout. I saw some of my hair cut, but what I’m seeing affirms not much was taken. My hair is pinned as Ty is doing my makeup and Louisa is doing my nails. Both complement what others had started in taking care of my skin and nails. Yet there is a noticeable improvement again this time.

Marsha had sent back a picture of my dinner dress. I have trouble imagining blue nails or Ty giving me a hint of smoky eyes with a blue eyeshadow.


We have time to relax and have a drink before we leave for the Lourdes’ estate. True to Ms. Lourdes’ word the evening is for visiting and delighting in our time together. Sophia says, “Marsha says, you have a beautiful dinner dress. I was wondering if you’d mind waiting for tomorrow night to wear. You might have something to celebrate after you speak to my mother tomorrow.”

I’m surprised that she thinks her mother would be making quick decisions on her investments and my recommendations. I say, “I wouldn’t want to speculate with you about your mother. But, I would like to ask you if I’ll have an opportunity to meet with you?”

Sophia says, “Most certainly, I was hoping you would be willing to go over my investments with me. I will enjoy seeing you just as a business person and hopefully a friend that I invest with.”

I smile as it sounds like going the extra step has dividends. Near the end of our visit, I compliment Sophia on her earrings as she is wearing two sets. Sophia says, “There was a pair I thought I saw you looking at?”

“Yes, but I’m not here for me.”

She smiles, “Was it the wavy blue lines?” I acknowledge they were, “They look like a water stream and would go with the dinner dress you spoke of.”

Sophia, “Let’s go and look; I’d like to get a pair too.” Once we’re looking I’m asked to sit and have a second piercing. I bit my tongue as the earrings would cost me a hundred thirty dollars, plus the piercings.

Taking out my charge card, I find out it has gone to Sophia’s bill despite my objection. I had accomplished the small feat of buying our lunch.

I drive my rental, a Chrysler 300; taking both Marjorie and Sophia with me. Once we reach elder Ms. Lourdes estate, its all of two-tenths of a mile from the gate to the front steps. I’m escorted to my room on the second floor. My clothes, business case, and computer are all there. Clothes hung or put in drawers; my computer is on a beautiful table and my attractive business case nearby. I checked my system and could tell no one breached its security or even tried.

I had been told that my dinner dress was too fancy for tonight, but that a red dress was suitable. There was a red dress, not the one from the spa but another I had not remembered seeing it before. It had to be mine. Since it fit and looked well on me. There was a new pair of delicate white stockings that Marsha brought to my room.

The dinner is exquisite and it is delightful to have Sophia’s daughters Joslin, five, and Maria three. They are well mannered but also adorable children acting the ages. Sean her husband is away on a trip. Though their home is nearby they will be staying here tonight.

The three of us adults relax listening to music playing in the background. Sophia is cuddling her oldest, Joslin and Maria has fallen asleep in my lap. Marjorie makes light of my way with children being a good sign...

Story to be continued…

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