K&P Services Chapter 5

As the three SUV’s pull up to the loading and unloading area. Pauline backs the Terradyne, so she is facing outward and was protected by the other two SUV’s. Pauline never wore full body armor before.

“Alright, people. I want everyone to be on alert. Pauline and Valentina, Tony and his partner are going to be escorting the prisoner out to you guys. Make sure he is secure inside the Terradyne.”

“Gotcha Kat.” Pauline and Valentina get out of the Terradyne and stand ready at the door for loading and unloading of prisoners.

Kat and Crystal were watching for anyone coming directly towards them. Just like Paul and Sam were standing guard.

“Alright Tony, you can escort the prisoner out.”

“Roger Kat.”

Tony motions towards the SWAT officers to escort Sebastião Tavares Rezende out the back door and towards the Terradyne. Tony has never
seen Kat in full tactical armor before. He has seen her in a bulletproof vest and such, but never in full tactical armor.

“You have upgraded.” Tony was watching everything around him and Kat’s crew.

“We had too. We’ve been dealing with scum like your prisoner.” Kat glances over towards Sebastião.

“Well, you better be extra careful. Sebastião has offered a reward for his freedom.” Tony looks at his prisoner.

“Oh, I and my crew will be careful.” Kat looks directly towards Sebastião “if he tries anything. He’ll get a bullet between his eyes.”

Pauline takes Sebastião by the straight cuffs and secures him in the Terradyne. She doubles checks everything. She secures his legs in a set of cuffs as well.

“Alright, people lets move out.” Kat and Crystal get back in their SUV.

Sam and Paul get in theirs and takes lead. Pauline takes the second position in their convoy, while Kat closes the rear.

“Good luck, Kat.” Tony watches as they drive off.

“I will Tony.” Kat got the message from her friend clearly.

“You ready for this Kat?” Paul wonders if his wife was ready to go through this matter again.

They didn’t do so well last time, trying to capture the pretend agent. He didn’t want to see anything happening to Kat or the rest of the crew.

“What are you thinking about, partner?” Sam had noticed that Paul was quiet.

“Nothing important.” Paul watches the GPS screen as they get off the interstate.

“You guys know you're going to die.” Sebastião is hoping someone was going to take him up on the offer of rescuing him.

“If we die, you die.” Crystal points her handgun at him.

He just smiles at her. He hopes the backup plan he has in place will work. He just closes his eyes and leans back against the seat.

Crystal switches to the com unit inside the helmets “do you think he has something up his sleeve, Pauline?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t.” Pauline was scanning ahead to make sure there wasn’t a trap or anything.

Crystal kept glancing back at Sebastião as he sat with his eyes closed. She wonders what he has up his sleeve. So, far things were quiet.

Most of the day was quiet as they drove the back roads. As they were going down a two-lane route, Crystal spots four people on motorcycles approaching fast from the rear. They looked to be wearing tactical gear.

“Kat, we got four incomings.” Crystal turns the rear camera on and zooms the images in.

All four motorcycles were approaching closer. One of them speeds up and approaches closer. Crystal opens the sunroof and stands up. She fires at the person coming towards them. The motorcycle rider drops back. Another one tries to come up on the other side, but Crystal fires at them.

“Grab the grenade launcher, Crystal.” Kat kept watching on the motorcyclist coming towards them.

“On it.” She ducks down, just in time as a spray of bullets hit the SUV.

Crystal switches out her P90 and grabs the grenade launcher. She could hear the bullets hitting the SUV. Kat was swiveling the SUV, using it to hit anyone that came along the side.

Crystal pops back up and fires the M576 buckshot grenades. They would do more damage to the riders and the motorcycles. She didn’t want to waste the high explosives they had.

Kat watches as the motorcyclist crash and burn. She wonders how they found them so fast.

“Guys, we just had some visitors. Stay alert for another attack.” Crystals close the sunroof and sit back down in her seat.

She takes her helmet off to inhale some of the air from the a/c. She closes her eyes and tries to get her nerves to settle.

“How did they find us, so fast?” Crystal looks over towards Kat.

“I don’t know. Only I and Marshal Bullock knew what route we were taking. So, I know it’s not him.” Kat takes her helmet off with crystal
keeping the SUV straight.

“Then how did they find us?” Crystal looked puzzled.

“Don’t know, but I will find out.” Kat was going to finds some answers to that question.

“Are you guys alright back there, Kat?” Paul had seen what had happened.

“We’re fine Paul. Crystal handled our troublemakers with the buckshot grenades.” Kat transmitted back to Paul on their scrambled channel.

“Well, at least she was smart using those grenades. We’re there anything special about them?”

“Not that I could see in the camera. I have them recorded.” The backup cameras on the SUV’s recorded everything they captured.

“How are we doing on time and fuel?” Kat only wanted to stop to refuel and switch drivers as little as possible.

“We’ll have to stop later tonight to refuel and change drivers.” Paul knew what Kat wanted to do.

“I’m not changing driver. I don’t think your rookie can drive this Terradyne.”

“Hey, I can drive the Terradyne. I am old enough to drive.” Valentina looks towards Pauline. She still had her helmet on, so their visitor couldn’t hear them talk.

Pauline smiles beneath her helmet. She was concentrating following behind Paul and Sam.

Kat shakes her head because she forgot that others could listen in on their conversion unless she made it a private line.

“Where are we stopping to refuel and switch drivers?” Pauline was curious.

“There are a few moms and pop gas stations on this route. We’re stopping in Park city to refuel and changeup.”

“Alright, lead on.” Pauline had the cruise control set. She stretches as much as the full body armor would allow her to.

“Hey, Kat, where did you get these full body armors?” Pauline was curious.

“From a company called Chaos Armor Suppliers. They are in Billings, Montana.”

“How much did these armors set you back?”

“You don’t want to know Pauline. If you come and work for me, permanently. I’ll buy you one.”

“Well, see Kat.”

The convoy pulls into Park city, just around seven at night. They stop to get fuel, food and bathroom break for everyone.
Paul and Sam escort Sebastião to the bathroom. When he comes back out, there was a chicken meal waiting for him.

“Is this the best you can do?” As he looks towards Kat. His attention had been drawn to her, because of her unusual looks.

“I could have gotten a can of dog food for you. Just eat the food and stop complaining.” Kat turns around to walk away.

“So, does that mean you eat cat food and chase mice for your dinner?” Sebastião had an evil smile on his face.

Kat stops and turns back around to look at Sebastião “actually, I like chasing after dumb asses like you. Chasing and capturing people who are wanted criminals really excite me. As for what I like to eat. Well, let’s just say, you’ll never find out.”

As she walks away from Sebastião.

After Kat had gotten a little way away. Paul walks over and picks Sebastião up off the ground by his shirt and slam his back against the

“You’re lucky the Feds want you alive. Because if you talk like that to my wife again…” as an evil smirk appears on his face. “I might forget how
much you are worth.”

He lets go of Sebastião and walks away.

“You know, I would take what he said to you to heart, Mr. Sebastião. Paul isn’t the type to make a light threat.” Crystal had been standing
nearby when Paul made his threat.

“Really? I’m not afraid of him or what he can do to me.”

“You should be Mr. Sebastião. Don’t let that cool exterior fool you. He will put you six feet under.”

“Alright, enough talking. Let’s move out.” Kat had searched all three SUV’s to make sure there weren’t any tracking devices on them.

Kat puts her helmet on as she climbs into the SUV “I didn’t find any tracking device on any of the vehicles.”

“Alright, let's move out then.” Kat starts thinking outside of the box about how she would plant a tracker on someone.

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