Police Academy Chapter 7

Katlin stood in line as the instructor examine them. Today, they were going to the gun range. The gun they were going to be firing, was a Glock 22.

“Before we begin, you are going to learn the basics of gun safety. Treat all guns as if they are loaded. Do not look down the barrel or point a loaded gun at anyone or wave it around. When handling your weapon, make sure your safety is on. Never put your weapon in your holster with the hammer cock back.

You will wear your safety goggles and ear protectors while on the gun range. When we enter, you’ll take a lane and place your target on the clip and run it down to the 25-yard mark.

When holding your weapon, never put your trigger finger on the trigger, unless you are prepared to fire your weapon. Make sure your trigger finger is on the outside along the frame of the gun. If your gun jams, place it on the bench and step back to let one of us know. When you are done firing your weapon, you’ll lay your weapon on the bench before you. Are there any questions?” Officer Marcus looks at everyone.

Katlain looks towards officer Marcus “yes, where are the guns we are going to be firing?”

“Good question. The guns you will be using will be given to you as you enter the range.”

Katlain follows behind Kimmie as they head inside the firing range. Officer Gerald hands them a grey box as they entered the firing range. Katlain takes a lane between Kimmie and Carol. She takes her target and sends it down to the 25- yard mark.

Katlain watches as Kimmie and Carol sends their targets down range. They stop right by Katlain’s target. Katlain steps back out of her lane to look at both ladies. Carol was practicing her stance like they were taught before coming to the range. She didn’t have her weapon in her hand, which was good.

Katlain turns to look at Kimmie to see how she was doing as well. She was doing the same thing Carol was. She was practicing her stance as well.

Officer Marcus and Officer Gerald were working their way down the lanes inspecting each person and watching as each person shoots their gun. Some of the men that were in her class didn’t have much trouble with their stance or gun. They did pretty well at grouping their shots.
When Officer Gerald gets down to Jessica, he makes her nervous. Katlain couldn’t tell what he was doing or saying. She peeks around the stall wall and watching as Gerald corrected her posture, but his hands were touching places he should. A smile appears on her face. Because she had slipped a small camera and a bug on Jessica without her knowing it. She did the same to Kimmie as well.

She also slipped button mics onto Gerald and Marcus. She waits until Marcus gets down to her.

“Alright, let me see your stance.” Officer Marcus watches as Katlain assumes her firing position.

Katlain assumes her firing position for Officer Marcus. She watches as he walks around her making sure she was holding her weapon right and such.

“Alright, let's see if you can hit the target.” Officer Marcus steps behind Katlain.

Katlain misses on purpose for her first few shots.

“You need to adjust your aim.” He gets close to her.

“You mean like this?” As she shoots at the target.

Katlain missed again, but this time she hits a little closer to the rings. She wasn’t off the target like before.

“Here, let me show you.” As Marcus stands behind Katlain.

Katlain noticed how close he was to her body. If her husband was here right now, Marcus would be in some serious trouble. He was too close to her body. She could feel his manhood through his pants and where his hands were going, where they shouldn’t.

She fires again and misses the target altogether. She wonders what he was going to say.

Marcus couldn’t believe this young woman couldn’t hit the target. She must be blind as a bat.

“Here, let's try this again.” Officer Marcus takes Katlain’s gun and shows her how to stand and aim.

He gives Katlain back the weapon “alright, let's see what you can do now.”

A sly smile appears on Katlain’s face as she fires. She places one bullet through the center of the target and place a few more near it, but not in a tight group.

“That’s better. Now, let's see if you can do better.” Officer Marcus watches Katlain and after he is happy with her shooting. He moves onto the next cadet.

For the rest of the class, they practice their shooting. When it is time to stop. Katlain was happy. Her arms were sore from shooting all day.
Officer Gerald collect their gun cases as they leave. Once all the gun cases have been collected.

“We’ll be down here tomorrow. So, be prepared to spend a full day at the range.” Officer Marcus knew these recruits were going to need practice.

Katlain catches up with the other women in her class. She wonders how they did.

“So, how did you ladies do?” Katlain looks at them.

“I was nervous at first, but I’m getting used to holding the gun.” April was nervous when she first picked the gun up.

“I need more work.” Carol needed to tighten up her grouping.

“Well, we have all this week to practice, so I’ll try to help you this weekend.”

“Thanks, Katlain.” Carol smiles at Katlain. She appreciated everything Katlain has been doing to help them out.

Katlain gets in her car and head home to Declan and Katherine. She stops at a gas station to fill her car up with gas and to grab a bottle of sweet tea to rinse the taste of gun powered out of her mouth. She hopes the bugs she placed pick something up.

As she walks into the store to buy a bottle of sweet tea. She hears the motor on her mustang start. She turns around with a smile on her face. As the car starts moving, she hits the kill switch on her remote.

Jake and his partner Greg couldn’t believe their luck. The dumb bitch they had been watching as she filled her car up, she left the keys in the ignition.

They dashed towards the car and hop in. Jake shuts the car doot and starts it. Just as he was pulling away from the gas station, the car cuts off.

“Damn!” He tries to restarting the car, but nothing happens.

Greg looks at his friend “come on Jake, we need to get out of here.”

“I can get this thing started.” Jake tries the car again.

Katlain lets the car start and lets them get a few feet before killing the motor again. She also locks the doors. She turns around and heads into the store to buy a bottled tea.

“Yes!” As Jake puts the car into drive was about to leave the gas station.

The car turns off again and the locks engage. Jake couldn’t believe what was happening to him and his friend. He tries to restart the car but is unable to.

“I’m getting out of here.” Greg tries the handle, but the car wouldn’t open.

“I can’t get out.” Greg looks towards Jake.

Jake tries his door and finds he can’t get out either. He keeps trying to get out.

“What the fuck is going on.” Jake looks at his friend as he tries to figure out what was happening to them.

Jake notices the woman he saw pumping gas into the car come walking over towards him. She unlocks his door and opens it.

“You have five seconds to get the fuck out of my car before I call the police.” Katlain pulls her cell out.

Greg tries to open his door and couldn’t.

“I can’t get out.”

Katlain unlocks his door “now, get out of here.”

Jake and Greg get out of the Mustang as quickly as they could. Katlain just smiles as the two teenage boys run off. They need to learn how to be prepared for any emergency. She turns her Mustang back on and heads home to her husband and child.

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