Doom Valley Prep School 12

Tired, hungry, bashed up, soaking wet, with a hole in the back of my nightgown and one side badly scorched, I finally made it to the girls dorms.

“What happened to you?” Ella asked when I gratefully slipped into our room.

I ignored her question and asked my own, “Why does our school have a hallway full of sharks that shoot freaking fire from their eyes?”

“I think they're used to encourage the swim team,” she replied. “Did you fall in?”

Marching to the bathroom all I said was, “Don't want to talk about it. I'm going to have a shower and then eat, I'm starving.”

Stripping out my nightgown, I looked at the large hole in the seat, the mud and blood stains, and the dozens of tears in it. There was no hope of salvaging it, so I tossed it in the trash and stepped into the shower. Pressing a gem, a water elemental surrounded me, covering me in warm water. Grabbing a sponge I spent at least half an hour trying to clean the grime off.

An air elemental blew the water off and quick dried my hair. I had to use a hairbrush to get the knots out of my shoulder length hair, a problem I never had as a boy, but I got it looking OK with only minimal cursing and swearing. Wrapping a bathrobe around me, I went back to the room and saw all my new friends there. Even better I saw a small table full of food.

“Everyone is talking about you, Petra,” Clarice said. “You did great.”

My eyes went wide. “WHAT?!”

“They were showing some of the survival tests on the magic mirrors, and yours was one of the ones they showed the most,” Tabby explained, while sharpening her dagger.

“How many people had a test?” I asked.


I shuddered a little at the thought of how many people had to die. “At least you guys all survived.”

“Actually,” Tabby said, “I got eaten by a dragon.”

Clarice hugged herself, “I was poisoned by a lizard man.”

Ella grimaced, “My competitor turned ally and I almost succeeded when we fell into a pit trap while running from a troll.”

From her comfortable seat by the door, Naomi just curled up into a fetal position and shuddered.

“Zombies got her,” Ella explained.

“But how are you still alive?” I asked.

“It was a pass or die test, it didn't say anything about us staying dead. Almost everyone died or failed, so they know what we're weak in, but they wouldn't want to lose everyone before class starts,” Clarice told me.

Groaning I slapped my head. “So I could have just died really quickly and not had to wander around, cold, bruised and humiliated?”

“Surviving is much better,” Tabby said. “Getting killed hurts a lot.”

“So...” I started, my heart filled with dread, “everyone saw that I not only survived but succeeded.”

“Correct,” Ella said. “You survived with no weapons, no equipment, in your nightgown. You also managed to wrap a freshman from the School of Righteousness around your finger, got him to do all the hardwork, almost got him killed, and then humiliated him by saving his life and getting out with barely a scratch. We're impressed.”

The other girls nodded in agreement. Then Clarice had to make things even better. “At supper, they were only showing your challenge, and lots of people were talking about you. You're now seen as one of the big threats.”

Suddenly I wasn't very hungry. Putting down my fork, I copied Naomi by curling up into a little ball and groaned.

“They're going to kill me!”


Authors Note

Sorry about the short chapter, it seemed the best way to go at it. Now I can get to the first day of classes.

Now I have something for you guys. If you have any questions you'd like Petra to answer leave them in the comments. At the end of this part, I'm going to have a manga like Q&A session that breaks the 4th wall.

Also, I'm doing a COMPLETE rewrite of Fate Sucks to put it into an original universe with a completely new storyline while keeping the same feeling, themes and base. It loses the TG element, but would people be interested in my posting it here?


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