Oh, hey, I’m really glad I ran into you.

Can we ... talk? Somewhere private?

Okay, listen. I’m gonna tell you something you may not believe, but I want you to at least listen.

You’re my last chance, my last hope.

What am I talking about? Well, let me tell you.

I’m not supposed to be a girl.

No, I’m not kidding!

One day, I’m a regular guy, and then poof! I wake up and I’m a girl. All my clothes are girl clothes, and I have breasts and ...

No, please, listen!

Nobody else seems to even notice anything is wrong. My mom, all my friends, everybody is acting like I’ve always been a girl.

Its not funny!

No, I’m not crazy, either!

And if just being a girl isn’t bad enough, people keep telling me how much of a girly-girl I am.

But I can’t be!

What do you mean, I’m acting all girly?

What? Show you my fingers? Sure.

Oh ... crap. I did that like a girl, didn’t I?

Well,what about my voice?

You have a tape recorder? Okay. Let’s try. “Mary had a little lamb”

Whoa ...

I dont sound like that, do I?

But ... I can’t !

And I don’t giggle, either!

I ...

Okay, okay. but at least I like girls.

Well, there’s Linda, for example. She’s always so pretty, and I love her shoes and ...

No, no no! I’m not looking at her like a girl looks at another girl!

What do you mean, what about Simon?

He’s ... nice....

I am NOT blushing!


I ... can’t like boys, I’m not supposed to like boys! I’m supposed to be a boy!

Please I cant be this girly!


I ...

Can’t ...

Be ...

A ...


Sigh ...

You suppose Simon thinks I’m pretty ?


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