What Goes Unseen - Part 2

- What Goes Unseen - Part 2 -

"What do you mean?" I played dumb, but it was a bluff.

"We're matching Chris. Look, we both have white tops, blue jeans, and converse!" Jenny said enthusiastically.

How could I not have noticed that earlier! The weight lifted and I relaxed. She didn't know my secret, how could she!

Then she leaned in close and whispered in my ear with a large smile.
"And we've both got the cutest lacy pair of aqua underwear."

My heart skipped. She called my bluff and raised me 20.

- Earlier that day -

In a rather basic looking room a girl sleeps and a phone rings. BZZZT BZZZT
The girl awakens and sits up in her bed. Hair frizzy and eyes puffy she reaches for her phone which lays under her pillow. The caller ID reads LALA.

The girl yawns while answering the call. "It's too early Laura, you know that I keep my phone under my pillow" she says sleepily and partly annoyed.

On the other end of the phone a very cheery Laura responds. "Never mind that Jenny, Toby asked me out!"

"Laura I don't even know who that is, can I go back to sleep?" Jenny says while turning the brightness of her phone down.

"Oh that's right, I forgot that there's only one boy you ever notice, why don't you just ask him out alrea-" Jenny hung up and slid her phone back under her pillow, she had heard it too many times already. It seemed like Laura was always with a new boy and Jenny felt like she couldn't even get her crush to notice her. However Jenny didn't get to sleep much longer before her alarm went off for school.

She repeated her wake up process, grabbed whatever clothes were at the top of her drawers and headed for the shower. After finishing her shower and drying off she took a look at the clothes she grabbed.

"Good enough." She said to herself as she stepped into her lace underwear and non matching sports bra. Jenny threw on the rest of her clothes and sat at her vanity to finish getting ready. She ignored the make-up set that Laura had gifted her and grabbed a brush to untangle her medium length ginger hair. After having a light breakfast Jenny began her walk to school.

"Hey Jaja!" Laura called out to Jenny from the other end of the cafeteria where students waited for class to start.

"Hey Lala." Jenny gave her friend a hug before sitting down next to her.

"Seriously Jaja, jeans and a button up blouse? I thought I taught you better than that." Laura asked jokingly.

"We can't all be fashionistas like you." Jenny responded while Laura waved to an enamored Toby. Jenny rolled her eyes to this.

Jenny and Laura met in elementary and have been inseparable since. Though the two couldn't be more different. This was quite evident as they sat next to each other. Jenny in her plain top and jeans, and Laura with her flowery dress and hair bow.

The two chatted while Jenny looked around for her crush. He was a cute boy, not like the studs and bad boys Laura liked. He was polite, a bit shy, and great short brown hair.

"He's over there." Laura pointed out.

"Where? Don't point!" Jenny blurted as she went quite red faced.

"Hey, you know, he's actually kind of dressed like you." Laura let out a small giggle not realizing just how accurate her statement was.

"Huh? Oh hush, is clothes all you can think about." Jenny got up and headed for her first class giving Laura a wave.

Jenny's two favorite classes were Math, where she sat next to her best friend, and English where she sat behind her crush. Unfortunately up first was neither of these. She slowly made her way to her least favorite place in school, the gymnasium. Jenny had no problem with gym specifically, she wasn't the fittest, but she enjoyed athletic activities. It was changing out that she didn't like. Jenny wasn't fully comfortable in her body yet, and being in a room with half nude girls who she considered more attractive than her self did not help any.

Upon arriving to the locker room Jenny went to a stall to change out as she usually does. The class did their warm ups and then were free to play sports of their choice. Jenny's favorite was basketball, though she wasn't great it was always fun for her. After gym ended she changed back and headed for math.

The math teacher Mr. Dole was quite relaxed and let his students talk amongst themselves as long as they kept up with their work and grades. Which was perfect for Jenny and Laura because math came very naturally for the two of them.

"So have you asked Chris out yet?" Laura poked at Jenny.

"No, and I'm not going to, I'll just embarrass myself, Why would he like me?" Jenny let out a sigh. Laura got a little upset.

"Stop that, everyone in this school would be lucky to have you as a girlfriend. You're so smart, and so pretty, if I were a boy I'd be begging you to go out with me." Laura gave her friend a tight hug and let her head rest on her shoulder. Jenny let out a small chuckle.

"Thanks Laura, I always see him on my walk home, maybe I'll say hi today or something." Jenny breathed in deeply.

"That's my girl" Laura gave Jenny a squeeze.

Soon it was time for English with Ms. Leah. Jenny took her seat behind Chris and got out her notebook. Jenny wasn't a big fan of English but she did like Ms. Leah a lot. Ms. Leah was a very kind but strong willed and very confident person. Jenny looked up to her as a role model and respected her greatly. So she found it a bit embarrassing that all the boys and a few girls were always ogling at her. Jenny spent a good while thinking about what she might say to Chris on her way home from school. She wondered how it could be so difficult to talk to a boy that sat only two feet in front of her. Then she realized who better to ask advice from than Ms. Leah.

"Yeah! That's what I'll do!" Jenny reassured herself.

Then suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by Ms. Leah's voice.

"Chris! I asked you a question."

"What?!" A clearly baffled Chris blurted out. At this time Jenny noticed that she also had no idea what Ms. Leah was just talking about. She too became a bit nervous and hoped her teacher would not call on her to help Chris.

"Sorry Chris" she thought to herself.

Then the bell rang with a loud RIINNGG!

Jenny packed her bags but waited at the back of the room for everyone to leave so she could talk to Ms. Leah privately. However Ms. Leah called Chris over to talk with her. Jenny patiently looked out a window while she waited for Chris to leave, but her looking was interrupted by a loud crash. Jenny turned to see Chris squatting down to pick up some pencils that had fallen. Her eyes grew wide and she covered her mouth.

"Oh my gosh!" Jenny whispered under her breath. There was Chris picking up pencils with a lacy bright aqua waistband sticking out the back of his pants. Then just as quickly Chris was out the door and onto his next class. She stood there for a bit completely stunned.

"Jenny, come here" Ms. Leah called out to her. Jenny headed over to Ms. Leah's desk.

"Jenny, I would consider it a great kindness if you were to not tell anyone about what you just saw. Understood?" Ms. Leah said in a voice both soft and equally stern. Jenny nodded compliantly still unsure what to make of it herself.

"Was there something you wanted to speak to me about?" Ms. Leah's voice went back to its usual softness.

"No, I need to go!" Jenny ran off to her next class which was science. Though it could have very well been anything for the little amount that Jenny could concentrate at the moment.

Thoughts raced in through her head. Why? Was he gay? How long? She needed answers. She needed to confront him. She knew exactly what she'd say.

"We're twinning today!" She thought to herself.

Before long school had ended and she was on her way home. She looked out for Chris. There he is a bit up ahead. She called after him.

"Hey Chris wait up!"

He turned around.

"What is it Jenny?" Asked Chris

"We're twinning today!" Jenny smiled.

"What?" Chris gave her a puzzled look, then nervousness.

"What do you mean?" He asked again.

"We're matching Chris. Look, we both have white tops, blue jeans, and converse!" Jenny said enthusiastically.

A look of relief came over Chris.

Then Jenny leaned in close and whispered in his ear with a large smile.
"And we've both got the cutest lacy pair of aqua underwear."

Chris nearly fainted. He was filled with dread and regret. He wanted to disappear, run away, anything to not be where he was.

Jenny realized that she was causing Chris a great deal of stress which was not her intention.

"I won't tell, I promise, I- I just need to know!" She stuttered. "Why? Are you gay? I liked you and your gay? Of course it'd be like this!" Jenny couldn't stop herself from blurting out more than intended.

"What!? No! I'm not gay. wait." Suddenly The pair of them were bright red.

"You, you liked me? and now you definitely hate me, oh god." Chris put his hand to his face he felt like he had just ruined everything.

"Well, I didn't say I hated you." Jenny moved Chris' hand out of his face and looked into his eyes.

He blushed deeply, it was at this moment that he realized how beautiful Jenny was. "Could you, could you still like me?" He asked looking right back into her hazel eyes.

"I'm not sure, maybe if you explained it to me." She held his hand in hers.

- To Be Continued...

- Note from the Author

Thank you all for the very kind words and constructive criticism on my first story. You guys really inspired me to try and flesh out this story more! I know I may not have gotten much farther chronologically, but I hope you still enjoyed this new chapter! Thank you for reading!

P.S. I wasn't quite sure how to group this with my first part so if it came out wrong a little help would be very appreciated!

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