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As it's been almost half a year (eep!) since the posting of the last part of the latest book, The Light Between, I'd been pondering posting a status update on the next installment, Hope's Light. And as this week a kind reader (hi Bibliophage!) reached out with an inquiry following up with encouragement to post about it, here we go.

In a nutshell, progress exists...just slow. Major plot points/scenes along with the 'History of Heaven' backstory threads are outlined, and Part 1 has been drafted with the kickoff of Part 2 also on the page. I'd hoped (ha!) to be further along at the end of summer, but the equinox is almost upon us. Work, which has been ridiculously busy and stressful since last May, still hasn't settled down - thanks to a bunch of details I won't bore folks with. Plus many weekend days have been dedicated to visiting my father who, due to the passing of his last puppy (after losing mom last year), is now living completely alone for the first time since over half a century ago back in his college days. He's okay, but yeah...he's admitted it's been lonely. That he actually would admit such openly expresses volumes. I'm the only family within 'close' driving distance, where 'close' is one hour each way. Not a horrid drive, but doing so has meant significantly less dedicated writing time. Absolutely worth it though.

What's yet to coalesce from the mysterious mists are the story linkages of how exactly to get from a to b, and b to c, etc. Many ideas, but the taste/feel of the story pacing hasn't settled. The muse is fighting bravely against the stress demons as best she can, and she still kicks out with inspiration to the side of the ol' noggin on the regular. She's just going to be owed some seriously good quality wine once we get through this one.

Anyway, just wanted to let folks know that the story definitely has -not- been abandoned, and the obsession over it all has not lessened one whit. Merely have lacked as many opportunities to focus properly (or the required energy) as I'd have liked. It'll get done though, it's just a matter of time. I may even succeed in taking some stay-cation time in a couple weeks to get away from work entirely and toss words at the screen in between playing with the kitties. Wish me luck.

And if you're reading this and have yet to explore the previous books...but enjoy sagas filled with soul-searching, angels, friendship, fae, family, metaphysics, and all starts here: Into The Light

Oh, and it also has a pretty darn cool fluff-ball of a kitty. :)

- Erisian


We’ll be here.

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Just sitting here. Waiting. Checking the weather. Counting sheep (I’m up to 957). Watching the screen

Don’t mind us. :)

Just teasing, of course. We’ll wait for this one as long as it takes. It’s sooooo good! But you’ve got to make the kibble, and time with your father is priceless.




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If only the whole counting sheep actually worked to put one to sleep when insomnia and brain gremlins conspire in the middle of the night.

We had a very nice lunch with him yesterday, so while nothing got written...we did very much enjoy the apple crisp he baked for us.'s always so amazing.


Take your time

I am happy that your dad is still alive,, both my parents passed when I was like 37 years of age.''

Loneliness is not good for old people. After the death of my partner, I still have our cat and she is only 8 years old so hopefully will be around for quite a while so I can't imagine having to be totally alone.

My only suggestion is to push back and don't let them overload you because you know how to get things done.


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Yeah overload is definitely a concern, and this past year has definitely smacked into those limits. Wearing too many hats (no matter how stylish) is not good long term. If things go well through the rest of this year, then some resolution should occur - but it's going to be a stress bucket navigating there.

Massive hugs to you and your kitty, along with kitty treats and some shared apple crisp mentioned above. Which of you two gets which I'll leave to you. ;)

Thanks Kimmie! <3

Spending time

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with them. Priceless, and can't be backdated when they are gone.
Thank you for the "Light" link, about time that I read it again!

"Reach for the sun."


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Time once gone, is gone forever - as I still can't get this confounded time machine to work properly. I blame Einstein, he cursed us all with this paradigm of non-time-traveling reality! I mean, how the heck do you control a pair of spinning and orbiting Black Holes on the measly power budgets we have to work with? Sheeesh!

When you reread, hope you find fun new things not seen before! And if so, let me know - I'm always curious! <3 :)


If Hope’s Light is anything like its predecessors it will be well worth the wait. Take care of your priorities and get back to writing when you are able, not before. We’ll mine your stories for gems we missed before.

As much as we readers are

As much as we readers are obsessed with the next installment of “The Jordan Saga”, we all understand that family ALWAYS comes first. Cherish those moments with your father!