Between Roles - 8 - Illuminate

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Art by LariUmbreon

Art by LariUmbreon

It's about time that I brighten things up, yeah? Oh! Maybe some blurb action too? Hello! I'm Larissa Robin Frost. Long time reader here on Big Closet. I've always wanted to post and tell my stories here. But never had the confidence to. But here I've been for the past few months. Honestly? Y'all are my biggest audience. It's wonderful to see my stories being loved and enjoyed. I'm a voice actress, and indie animation producer -- and a bunch of other stuff, I do a bit of everything. I've always loved writing and reading transy comics and stories. Getting to make and produce stuff like Rain: The Animated Series is a dream come true for me. And making comics like this, and a future one I hope to post is also a really big dream for me. I hope to give this site a lot of my love through my art and writing, and give it plenty of genderfuck adventure too. ♥


Panel 1:

"Y'know, I can't believe I've been doing this comic for two whole months. But I haven't really introduced myself yet, have I?"

Panel 2:

"Well, I guess I'd better go ahead and do that, eh?"

Panel 3:

"Well, then. Allow me to illuminate you!"

Panel 4:

"My name is Robin. And it's very nice to finally introduce myself to all of you."

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You look good in "nice bright colors," Robin! So pleased to meet you. :)



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Duplicate. Site's a bit slow today. But then, it could be me. I'm often slow!



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Like a cool drink of water on a hot day. Your comics always bring a smile to my lips. It's great to have something usually lighthearted that I can absorb in a couple of minutes. Your artwork is great and posting it can't be easy.

Keep up the good work.


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I'll be honest

I've yet to figure out what this is about. I feel like I missed a prequel or something.

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What it's about.

LariUmbreon's picture

It's kinda just an autobiographical slice-of-life comic centered around my life and experiences. ^_^ Nothing too strung together.

Wait ...

Rain. As in the TG wecomic by Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick, Rain?

- Leona

As in:

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Rain in motion ?

Another talent :)

"Reach for the sun."

That's meee!

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Yep, I voice Rain, among many other trans and enby characters all over the net.