Mix-up at summer camp Parts 1-3

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1. Departure

Once upon a time, in a small suburban town, there lived a teenage boy named Alex. He was a typical young boy, full of energy and always seeking adventure. One summer, however, his life took an unexpected turn.

Alex, aged 14, and his sister Sarah, aged 12, eagerly counted down the days until they could embark on their adventure at an exclusive summer camp. Their mother, who had taken on the role of both parents since their father's absence, had made sure they were well-prepared for this special experience.

The siblings lived in a cozy house, tucked away in a quiet neighborhood. Their mother had divorced their father a few years ago due to his constant absence. He was always engrossed in his business trips, leaving little time for his family. Despite his absence, their father faithfully paid alimony and occasionally treated them to special experiences like this summer camp.

As the final school bell rang, Alex bid farewell to his friends, excitement radiating from him. "See you in a month!" he exclaimed, unable to contain his enthusiasm. With a spring in his step, he hurried home, wanting to pack his bag, although he knew that wasn't really necessary. The summer camp was completely all-inclusive, and the organizers had taken care of everything, even down to their clothing sizes, which they had provided during the registration process.

The night before their departure, Alex found it difficult to sleep. His mind was filled with visions of thrilling adventures and new friendships waiting to be made. Finally, unable to contain his anticipation any longer, he rose early the next morning and bounded downstairs for breakfast. His mother, already awake, greeted him with a smile. "Excited?" she inquired, her eyes twinkling with excitement of her own, as Sarah, rubbing her eyes, joined them at the breakfast table.

She nodded and yawned. "Yeah," Alex meanwhile replied, his voice filled with excitement. "I'm going to do lots of cool stuff like rock climbing and mountain biking." Sarah chimed in, her voice still groggy. "And I'm looking forward to the fashion ateliers. They have some fantastic workshops planned. Oh, and we're also going to learn babysitting with the toddler group there. It's going to be an amazing experience," she added, her eyes lighting up.

Their mother beamed proudly at her children. "I'm so happy for both of you. This camp is an opportunity for you to try new things, make lifelong memories, and grow as individuals. Take full advantage of every moment," she advised, her voice filled with warmth and encouragement. She reached across the table, squeezing their hands affectionately.

As they finished their breakfast and prepared to leave for the summer camp, Alex and Sarah exchanged a knowing glance. Their bond as siblings was strong, and they often shared unspoken understanding.

"You ready for this, Alex?" Sarah asked, a mixture of excitement and nervousness evident in her voice. Alex nodded, a wide grin spreading across his face. "Definitely! It's going to be so awesome, Sarah. We'll have the time of our lives!" Sarah smiled back, her worries dissipating. "I'm glad we're doing this together. It'll be nice to have each other's back, you know?" "Yeah, for sure," Alex agreed, his voice filled with reassurance. "We're a team, Sarah. We always have been. No matter what adventures come our way, we'll face them together."

Sarah's eyes sparkled with gratitude, appreciating her brother's unwavering support. "| couldn't have asked for a better partner in crime. Let's make unforgettable memories, Alex." "Absolutely," Alex replied, his voice brimming with determination. "And who knows, maybe we'll discover new passions and talents during this camp. It's a chance for us to grow, learn, and make lifelong friends."

As they exchanged these heartfelt words, their bond as siblings grew even stronger. They knew that they could rely on each other, not just during their time at summer camp but in every aspect of their lives.

"Hurry up now," their mother interrupted their talk, "you don't want to be late." With newfound excitement and a sense of unity, Alex and Sarah headed towards the car, ready to embark on an adventure that would strengthen their bond and create memories to last a lifetime. As Sarah sat in the car her initial nerves were gone. She glanced at Alex. She always felt very lucky having a supportive big brother like him. Little did she know how the roles would be reversed soon...

2. Arrival at camp

Alex and Sarah got in the car and after a long drive they finally arrived at the campsite. Their mother gave them a big hug and they said their goodbyes. "I'Il see you on the last day of camp," she said and drove away as Alex and Sarah waved. The parents were invited to join them the whole last day of camp and during that day various groups would do a little performance for the parents.

For now the two siblings got in line to register. While waiting they admired the scenery. The campsite consisted of various wooden buildings situated in the middle of a big forest. They heard the birds chirping amongst the chatter of the other campers. Soon they stood in front of a wooden table where a young man in his twenties sat behind a laptop. He looked up at them with a friendly face.

"Hi, my name is Gregory, I'll get you registered and assigned into your groups. Names please?" "Sarah and Alex Harding," Alex replied. Gregory looked on his laptop. "Ah I see, Sarah, you're in group D with miss Janet." He pointed to a group at one of the buildings accompanied by a tall young brunette who was counting if she already got everyone. As she only missed one, she looked over at exactly that moment when Gregory waved at her. She came over and guided Sarah to her group.

Alex watched as Sarah's figure disappeared into the distance, her excitement palpable. "Have fun!" he yelled after her, a tinge of envy mixed with his well-wishes. "Now, let's see," Gregory said a bit lost in thought. "How old are you, Alex?" "I'm 14," he said starting to feel a bit uneasy. Gregory kept searching on his laptop for a few minutes.

"Um, excuse me, sir, but is there something wrong?" Alex asked nervously. Gregory glanced up from the paperwork, his brow furrowed. "Well," he began, his tone measured, "The only Alex I see here is Alex Harding, a girl aged 4."

Alex's heart skipped a beat, and his nervousness heightened. "That has to be a mistake," he stammered, hoping against hope that Gregory was simply confused. Gregory sighed, clearly empathetic but constrained by the circumstances. "I'm sure it is, Alex," he replied, his voice filled with regret, "But unfortunately, all the places in the appropriate age groups are full. I'll have to assign you to group A, I'm afraid."

Group A was meant for the youngest campers, and Alex couldn't help but feel a mix of disappointment and frustration. "That can't be right," he thought. He had been eagerly looking forward to experiencing the adventures and challenges that awaited him with his peers. However, he realized that there was little he could do to change the situation.

"Isn't there really anything you can do?" He asked desperately. "Not at the moment Alex, we can look into it after registration is finished and as you can see there's still a long line after you. But I can't promise anything," Gregory said feeling sorry for Alex's situation.

Taking a deep breath, Alex nodded. "Okay, I understand," he said, trying to sound more composed than he felt. "I'll make the most of it in Group A." Gregory's eyes softened with sympathy. "I appreciate your understanding, Alex. I'll make sure to inform the counselors about the mix-up, so they can keep an eye out for any possible solutions. Feeling a glimmer of hope, Alex thanked Gregory. "You can go to miss Emily and miss Hayley over there." Gregory pointed at two cute girls of about sixteen or seventeen standing with a group of toddlers.

As Alex made his way towards Group A's gathering spot, his disappointment still lingering, he couldn't help but feel a sense of longing for the adventures that awaited him where he placed in the group with kids his age. He had so been looking forward to go rock climbing or build a raft. However, he was determined to make the most of the situation and approached the group with a brave face.

Meanwhile, Sarah, who had been walking ahead, began to notice her brother's absence. A pang of concern surged through her, and she couldn't shake off the feeling that something was amiss. She paused, looking back and scanning the crowd for a glimpse of Alex.

Realizing that her brother was not with the group, Sarah's instincts kicked in. Ignoring the curious glances from the other campers, she turned on her heels and retraced her steps, determined to find out what had happened. It didn't take long for Sarah to spot Alex walking away from the registration area alone, his shoulders slumped. Concern etched across her face, she approached him with quick strides. "Alex! What's going on? Why aren't you with the group?"

Alex's face brightened at the sight of his sister. "Sarah!" he exclaimed, a mixture of relief and frustration evident in his voice. "There was a mix-up with my registration. They assigned me to Group A, the youngest age group. They think I'm a four-year-old girl!"

Sarah's eyes widened, a mix of surprise and empathy crossing her features. She giggled but quickly composed herself. "Oh no, that's terrible! I can't believe they made such a mistake. But don't worry, Alex, we'll figure this out together."

Alex's spirits lifted as he sensed his sister's unwavering support. "Thanks, Sarah. It means a lot to me. I was really looking forward to the adventure, but I guess things don't always go as planned." Sarah placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "You're right, things don't always go as planned, but that doesn't mean we can't make the best of it. Let's go back to the registration area and talk to Gregory. Maybe he can find a solution or at least explain the situation further."

Alex said he tried already, but Sarah insisted on trying again. "You've always been there for me, big bro, let me help you now." "Thanks sis," Alex said as he followed Sarah back towards Gregory, their determination shining through their disappointment. They approached him, and Sarah spoke up, her voice firm but composed. "Excuse me, Gregory, but there seems to have been a mistake with Alex's registration. Is there any way we can rectify this situation?"

Gregory's expression softened as he recognized the concern and determination in the siblings' eyes. "I know and I apologize for the mix-up. But as I've said, we'll look into it after registration to see if there's anything we can do. But I can't promise anything because as of yet we haven't had any absentees.

"But...” both Alex and Sarah said at the same time. “I'm truly sorry, guys," Gregory said, "but it's due to the limited availability, we're unfortunately unable to make any immediate changes. However, I assure you that Emily and Hayley, the camp counselors for Group A, are experienced and will make sure you have a great time."

Alex's disappointment resurfaced, but he appreciated Gregory's efforts to find a solution. He nodded, mustering a faint smile. "Thank you, Gregory. I understand. I'll make the best of it." Sarah stepped in, her voice filled with warmth and encouragement. "Alex, remember what we said earlier? We're a team, and we can handle anything together. Group A might not have been what you expected, but you can still have fun. Just try to relax and go with the flow. It might even be nice being younger again."

Alex's spirits lifted once more, thanks to Sarah's unwavering support. He took a deep breath and nodded, grateful for his sister's words. "You're right, Sarah. I'll have to make the most of it." "Besides," she added with a giggle, "I think you would look very cute in one of those pretty dresses that they're all wearing." Alex rolled his eyes, " Thanks, Sis, how very supportive of you," he said sarcastically.

With determination in her eyes, Sarah took Alex's hand as she guided him towards Group A's designated area. "I can walk by myself, you know," Alex said, "I'm not a toddler." "Yet," added his sister with a smile, "Sorry, I just wanted to make you feel supported," she said keeping hold of his hand as they reached the toddler group.

Emily and Hayley, the camp counselors, welcomed them with friendly smiles. Sarah introduced Alex to them, explaining the mix-up in a lighthearted manner. The counselors listened attentively, empathizing with the situation.

Emily, a bubbly and energetic counselor, reassured Alex. "Don't worry, Alex! Group A may be the youngest, but we have a ton of exciting activities planned. We'll make sure you have a blast!" Hayley, the more gentle and nurturing counselor, chimed in. "Absolutely! We're here to support you and help you have an amazing experience. You'll make new friends and discover new interests, just like everyone else.

Alex felt a sense of relief wash over him as he observed the genuine enthusiasm of Emily and Hayley. He began to feel a flicker of excitement for the adventures that awaited him in Group A. Sarah squeezed Alex's hand, offering him one last reassuring smile. "You've got this, Alex. I'll head back to my group, but we'll see each other during breaks and activities. Remember, I'm here for you."

Alex nodded, gratitude filling his heart. "Thank you, Sarah. I appreciate your support." With a final exchange of encouraging words, Sarah bid Alex farewell and returned to her own group, leaving him in the capable hands of Emily and Hayley. As Alex settled into Group A. He noticed they were all girls wearing frilly dresses. The youngest were about three years old and still in diapers and the oldest about five probably wearing pull-ups or panties. Alex blushed as he sat down between them, feeling quite out of place. Of course that would change soon.

Thanks to the support of his sister and the caring counselors, he hoped that despite the initial mix-up, he could have at least some fun this summer. Although he didn't know it yet, this summer camp would certainly become an experience he would never forget.

3. The Accident

As Alex sat down between the young girls in their frilly dresses, he couldn't help but feel a bit self-conscious. The stark contrast between his age and theirs made him acutely aware of the mix-up. The younger campers, some of whom were still in diapers, seemed unfazed by his presence, but he couldn't shake off the feeling of being out of place.

Emily and Hayley, the camp counselors, noticed Alex's discomfort and immediately took action. With warm smiles, they approached him, crouching down to his eye level. Emily spoke first, her voice gentle yet reassuring. "Hey, Alex. We know this might feel a little strange at first, but we promise you'll have a great time. Everyone in Group A is here to have fun and make new friends, no matter their age."

Hayley chimed in, her voice soothing. "You're not alone in this, Alex. We're here to support you and make sure you feel included. Soon, you'll find yourself having a blast with the other campers, regardless of the age difference."

Alex's initial embarrassment began to fade as he observed the genuine care and understanding in Emily and Hayley's words, although he still had his doubts about feeling at home between a bunch of toddler girls. He mustered a smile and nodded. "Thanks, Emily and Hayley. I appreciate your reassurance. I'll try to make the best of it."

The counselors beamed with pride, impressed by Alex's resilience. "That's the spirit, Alex!" Emily exclaimed, her enthusiasm infectious. "We'll have a variety of age-appropriate activities that you can enjoy and connect with others. You might be surprised by how much fun you can have in Group A." Emily and Hayley gathered the group together and Alex and the other campers formed a circle on the soft grass.

Emily cheerfully addressed the group with a warm smile. "Good morning, everyone! I'm Emily, and this is Hayley. We're your counselors for the week. We have some rules we need to go over before we start our activities."

Hayley, a tall and friendly girl with braided hair, added, "First, we need to make sure we all stay safe and have a great time. That means using the restroom and getting diaper changes only during our designated break times. We want to keep our activities uninterrupted and fun for everyone."

"We'll start the day with some arts and crafts," Emily added. "Here are a few boxes with materials, like crayons and colored paper. If you want to use scissors please ask Hayley or myself."

As the counselors spoke, Alex felt a growing urgency in his bladder. He tried to hold it in, hoping he could make it until the next break. He started rummaging through a box and got some paper and pencils to draw. Shirley, one of the toddlers came to sit next to him and watched for a minute what he was doing.

"You're picture needs some glitter, "she said hopping down and asking some from Hayley. Hayley came over with Shirley right next to her, holding her hand. "What a lovely drawing you're making there, Alex," she cooed, "but I think Shirley is right. This peace of art needs some glitter." Shirley sparkled some on Alex's drawing as he sighed and began to glue the glitter on his paper. Then he looked for the scissors but couldn't find any. He remembered he had to ask so he did and Hayley joined them again to assist.

"I can cut it myself," Alex insisted, but Hayley answered she was happy to do it for them so it would be safe. Alex began to glue the cut-outs on his drawing, but as the minutes ticked by, the pressure on his bladder grew and became unbearable. He shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other, his face turning red.

Finally, unable to hold it any longer, Alex raised his hand, his voice trembling. "Um, excuse me, Hayley? I really need to go to the bathroom." Hayley's eyes softened, and she nodded understandingly. "I'm sorry, Alex, but you know the rules. It's only half an hour till potty time. Can you hold it until then?" She asked as if he were a little child. Alex blushed and nodded as Hayley left to check on the other toddlers. Unfortunately he couldn't hold it and he completely wet himself only moments later.

"Oh no, Alex, you poor thing," Emily exclaimed. "Don't worry, honey, I'll take care of it, accidents happen all the time." Emily stepped forward, her voice gentle and reassuring. "Come with me, Alex. We'll make sure you're comfortable."

Feeling very embarrassed Alex followed Emily to their cozy wooden cabin nearby. His wet shorts clinged to him and pee was drippling down his legs. Meanwhile his sister Sarah occasionally glanced over at Alex from her group to see if he was alright. She saw him being guided inside with a big wet spot on his shorts, which made her giggle but nonetheless she was also concerned about her brother.

Inside, Alex was led to a changing table surrounded by shelves with his name on and filled with colorful dresses, panties, and even diapers in his size. His face flushed with confusion as he glanced at Emily. "I... I don't understand," Alex stammered. "Why are there dresses and diapers here for me?"

Emily knelt down, her eyes filled with kindness. "That's all because of the mix-up with the registration, Alex. The clothes and diapers here were ordered based on your measurements. I'm sorry for the confusion."

Alex's cheeks burned with embarrassment as he absorbed Emily's explanation. It all seemed to make sense now. The mix-up in groups, the frilly dresses and diapers in his size - it was clear that someone had mistaken him for a toddler girl when preparing the supplies for the camp.

He couldn't deny the reality before him. The dresses hung delicately from the shelves, their vibrant colors and frilly designs seeming out of place in his eyes. And the diapers, neatly stacked, served as a reminder that he was now in a situation he hadn't anticipated.

As he stood there, contemplating his next move, Alex realized that he had two options. He could let himself be consumed by embarrassment and frustration, or he could embrace the unexpected and make the best of it. Sarah's words echoed in his mind - 'We'll get through this together.'

Taking a deep breath, Alex looked up at Emily with a determined expression. "Thank you for explaining, Emily, I understand that it was a mistake. I suppose... I'll just have to make the best of it, right?" A warm smile spread across Emily's face, admiration shining in her eyes. "That's the spirit, Alex! Sometimes life throws unexpected challenges our way, but it's how we handle them that truly matters. If you're willing to embrace this with a positive attitude, I'm sure you'll have a great time."

Then Emily picked him up and laid him on the changing table like if he was a real toddler. Alex blushed with embarrassment as this girl, only a few years older than him, began to pull off his wet shorts. "I can do that myself," Alex started, but Emily interrupted him: "It's easier if I do it, Alex, we're experienced taking care of our little ones." Alex blushed and let Emily continue. His t-shirt had gotten a bit wet as well so she took that off too and soon his boxers were down and over his ankles.

Alex lay completely naked on the changing table as Emily started to clean him with baby wipes. He tried to cover his groin, but Emily slapped his hands away. "Don't be naughty, Alex, or you'll get a spanking like we do with all the little girls that get in trouble." Alex gulped and moved his hands away.

Then Emily took something off the shelves and lifted his legs to put it under his bum. It felt thick and soft. She then took some baby oil and started rubbing it in. She took special care of his penis which quickly became erect. "You like that, don't you?" Emily smiled as Alex's face became beet red. "Don't worry, it's only normal." Emily then took baby powder and started to powder his bottom and groin as well. She then reached between his legs and pulled something up and over his groin and fasted it with tapes. Alex looked down and saw he was being put in a very thick diaper with girlish designs on it.

"No, not a diaper," he moaned, " Isn't there anything else?" “I'm sorry, Alex," Emily said, "You do have panties as well, but since you had an accident this early already, I think it's best you wear your diapers for now. If you keep them dry like a big girl, you can wear your pretty big girl panties.”

Alex felt very embarrassed as Emily pulled a pair of ruffled, plastic lined panties over his diaper and helped him sit up as she looked for something for him to wear. She put some frilly socks on his feet and then slipped a frilly light pink dress over his head with cute bows along the hem.

"Do I really have to wear this," Alex complained. "There isn't anything else, Alex," Emily responded. "Besides, you look adorable and you won't feel so left out anymore."


She got him some black Mary Janes for his feet and then lifted him off the changing table. After a quick look at him, she took two pink ribbons and tied them in his longish hair before guiding him back outside.

Alex stepped outside very nervously and self-conscious by his new attire. Returning to the group, Alex noticed a mix of surprised and curious glances from the other campers. Some pointed and laughed at his attire, but he held his head high, determined to demonstrate that he could rise above the circumstances. Sarah's eyes almost fell out of her head seeing Alex come out of the building wearing his pretty dress, but looking like a deer caught in the headlights. He looked so cute, she couldn't believe it. And now he actually looked like he fitted right in with the toddler girls. She quickly took a picture of him and texted her mother about their new baby sister.

Alex rejoined in the activities trying to laugh and play alongside his newfound friends, who just accepted him for the toddler girl he now was. As he walked he waddled, you could clearly hear the crinkle of his diaper. He sat down besides Shirley again and felt the thick bulge between his legs and soft padding under his bum, which strangely felt quite comfortable.

"You look better now," Shirley stated matter of factly, "it suits you." "Thanks," Alex muttered as he finished his drawing. Throughout the rest of the activity, Alex's occasional waddling and the audible crinkle of his diaper didn't faze his newfound friends as it just made him more like them.

After about fifteen minutes Hayley declared it was potty break. Emily guided the toddlers without diapers to the potty while Hayley gave the others a diaper check to see who needed a change. Alex now clearly belonged with the second group and he blushed crimson as Hayley came over and asked him to lift his dress up so she could check his diaper.

"Still dry," she declared with enthusiasm, "very good, princess!" Alex blushed at the mention of ‘princess’, but he appreciated Hayley's kind words and continued support. He muttered a quick thank you as Hayley took two toddlers with her to get them changed. As he sat at the table in his poofy dress and thick diapers he desperately hoped his sister didn't see him. Boy, was he wrong.

[Story written with the help of AI - images created with an AI art generator]

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the story just stops. did you have trouble posting it, or do you plan to do a chapter 2?



Yeah, I thought I could save it and then continue later, but it got published instead :p The other chapters will follow and I'll try to make a title page if that's still possible.



lisa charlene's picture

well its either a dream come true or a nightmare well see where it goes from here .as far my self looking forward to the next chapter i think mom had something to do with her present situation way to go mom. and from her sisters reaction maybe her too. by the way welcome new author to our crazy little family

Unofficial welcome!

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“Unofficial” because I’m not an official. ;-) But welcome, nonetheless!


Unofficial welcome!



Nobody Is Helping Alex

joannebarbarella's picture

From the official at the Registration desk to the two girls in charge of the unit in which he has been placed. Putting a 14-year-old into the position of a 4-year-old is not something that should happen.

not something that should happen

I wonder what the parents of the little girls in that group would think of a 14 year old boy sharing their cabin? A lawsuit waiting to happen? Hard to suspend disbelief this much.


But it seems to be missing quite a bit of story.

EllieJo Jayne

Rest of the story

Hi, yes, I'll will post the rest here soon. I'm new here and still figuring things out. I also don't have the rights to edit my stories yet.



Sweet how supportive everyone is and how brave Alex is


I'd have been pissed (no pun intended)

KateElizabethSuhr13's picture

If I were Alex I'd have told them well I'm not as young as them and I need to go so I'm going to the bathroom. And if they forced him to stay and then he wet his pants like in the story, I'd have told them off and said it wasn't an accident. They were at fault because if someone needs to use the restroom badly and you force them to not go, it's on them.

If I were his mother, I'd have sued for ignorance or at very least neglect. They should have called her when the mistake was first presented to Alex. Then if he decided to stay in that kid group, they should have let him use the bathroom. Finally if the only option was kid clothes and diapers, they should have called and told her before they dressed her son as a little girl against his will. I mean I'm all for dressing in women's clothes because I'm trans (though wearing diapers is a turnoff personally) but for Alex, it's just wrong cause maybe he isn't into that. Idk. Either way if I were Alex I'd have done what I wanted and if they tried calling my mom to get me in trouble I'd just have told her what they were trying to do to me.

It's just the beginning of his journey

Despite his initial unease, it appears that he really is into it and he learns to accept this part of his identity through the course of the story. If he really didn't like it, he would have indeed protested much more and they would have probably called his mother to find a solution.