2019 March Random Inspirations Challenge

My Big Mouth just Doesn’t Know When to Stop

My Big Mouth just Doesn’t Know When to Stop.

3 word challenge: Hand, Needless & Route

by Jennifer Sue

My left hand has always been a traitor. Way back in elementary school, when the teacher asked the class a question, the traitorous appendage would shoot up into the air waving excitingly. The whole time I was hoping the teacher would not call on me because I had no idea what the correct answer was. Thankfully most of the time she didn’t call on me because of the expression of horror on my face. When she did call on me I’d reply inanely with some wacky answer from out of left field. I remember one incident in first grade that sealed my fate for the rest of my public school life as well as my home life. The biggest problem this time was that I actually knew the answer!

Random Inspirations Round 4

We had family visiting the last two days so sorry for missing my Friday posting schedule on these!

This next week's 3 words are:


A quick breakdown for 'em:

Hand. An extremity used for grasping and moving things. To pass something to another. A selection of usable options. Helping hand, hand of cards, the hand we're dealt, idle hands, hand of fate.

Needless. Pointless. Inane. Meaningless. Or, alternatively, "needless" could apply as in someone or something without any needs, something complete.

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The Patient

The Patient
[March 2019, Challenge - Round 3]

"Just one more step, Joanna…” Sky’s encouragement was as much to keep her own spirits buoyed as to keep the teen focused on her rehabilitation.  In Joanna, Sky saw the reincarnation of her own daughter and hoped her patient’s fate would be different.

Random Inspirations Round 3

Another Friday, another trio of words!

This week's words are:


Rotten. Spoiled, wasted, or otherwise worthless. Could be in reference to a terrible person, or more lightheartedly toward a character who is doted upon (spoiled rotten.) Other options could include simply having the character in a "rotten" situation, or perhaps dealing with outdated or worthless materials or foodstuffs. Alternatively, the story could be about the Sex Pistols.

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The Tourist

The Tourist
[March 2019, Challenge - Round 2]

“Lovely isn’t it?” says the tourist with his camera aloft, holding it steady. The shutter clicks in rapid succession. "I’ve traveled here many times before and the view never disappoints me."

I see it differently. It was never sunny, though I’d been here on the clearest of days. I usually came here after those rough days. Today, I had to lecture about my transition. Living it was one thing. Explaining it to students was another. Sometimes, I wonder to myself if it was worth it.

House Hunting

The real estate agent was trying to up-sell the dismal flat as a room with a view. Miss Loving was having none of that! A crazy cat lady had probably died there, though she couldn't find that info, but Mia, Miss Loving if she didn't like you, and she definitely didn't like the pushy agent, could smell them, though someone had worked hard to remove the scent of far too many cats in a small space.

Random Inspirations Round 2

Despite not getting ANYTHING posted for the first set of prompts I'm gonna give this another shot.

As a reminder to people: this is about using the 3 words to INSPIRE a story, NOT "using the three words supplied IN a story." While the former might potentially mean the latter, they are not by any means the same thing. This week's words:


A few ways to consider how to use these words as inspiration:

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Is there a point in another round?


Tomorrow I SHOULD be posting the second set of challenge words for my "random inspirations challenge," but as of yet I haven't seen any stories posted for the first part (unless I missed them?)

If nobody has any interest in this challenge then that's okay, though I hope it's not because of the lack of a prize.

Melanie E.

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