Darkkitten Entertainment Retro-Game Contest 2014

In Search of Ms Right on the Interwet

Looking for Miss Right on the Interwet...by Allexcited69, how he failed in the class of Ms Napoleon Jill..

Warning: this story is a figment of my imagination. All characters, places, venues are made up and fictional. The story revolves around a lonely Slave looking for Mistress Right on the internet.
Some scenes contain raw language, southern slang, explicit sex and some verbal violence and humiliation. Reproduction of this story is prohibited without the express consent of the Author.

Purple Pimp or Kneel

The Third Street Saints have been in numerous turf wars over the year against other gangs, the authorities, and even an alien empire. Maybe Father Time should have thought twice before he messed with their rackets.

Darkkitten Entertainments Video Game Retcon Contest 2014

Ever wondered what Hyrule would be like if Link was instead Linka? What if Mario was Maria? Now’s your chance to rewrite video game history - literally!

Prizes to include a copy of RPG Maker VX Ace and more!

DKS logois proudly sponsoring the Retcon Rewrite Video Game Short Story Competition! The rules are simple:

  • To enter, simply post your story as you normally would, and select the contest entry tag “Darkkitten Studio Retro-Game Contest 2014”
  • The story MUST be about an existing video game character - any genre, any system or era.
  • The character can either be made transgendered, or you can rewrite them as if they were always the opposite gender.
  • There is no limit on which character or characters you choose. Want to have Prince Toadstool hook up with Zelda after Linka saves her? Go nuts.
  • This is a short story competition so please try to keep compositions between 4,000 and 20,000 words.

Black and White

A tale about a character from the Pokemon franchise. It's not exactly hard to figure out, but I don't fully reveal who the character is until the end of the story, so I won't spoil it here. Enjoy!

Final Fantasy VII: Cloudia's Final Battle


Northern Mountain. The stage for the final confrontation between Cloud and Sephiroth. But what if instead of Cloud and Sephiroth, it was Cloudia and Sephirah?
Cloudia's Final Battle
Final Fantasy VII

By Shinieris

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