December 2012 One Winter's Eve Story Contest

2012 One Winter's Eve Story Contest Results

The 2012 One Winter's Eve Story Contest is over.

But who won?

and what happened after the contest was over?

2012 One Winter's Eve
Story Contest Results

by Sephrena Lynn Miller

No Copyright Intended © 2013

Christmas Changes~Final Chapter


‘I was somewhat tired after the sing-along and it was obvious to the sensible adults that after everything that had happened to me, I needed rest and some quiet time...


Christmas Changes

A Penmarris Story
Final Chapter

The Mrs. Clause: The Christmas Party


The Mrs. Clause: Christmas Party

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. None of the characters, places, or anything else is meant to be represented by anything in reality. Duh! Fiction, get it? I the author reserve the rights, so please don't go posting this anyplace else without my permission. A very special thanks goes out to Cathy and all the others out there in BCTS land who have encouraged and inspired me to write and keep writing.

This story is dedicated to Wren Phoenix. May the wind beneath your wings always guide you to your fondest desires and loves.

A Weird Christmas Journey - Melissa Claus


“Do you think Ellen believed us?” Melissa asked as she slid into the passenger seat of Jason’s Mustang. “About the tux thing, I mean. For a boy, you really did look sooo pretty that night.”

“You decided to drag me out of the house dressed like a floozy in a fancy dress.” Jason groaned, trying not to laugh...

2012 One Winter's Eve Contest Is now Closed

I have set up the voting list and sent it to Erin for her to work out on the voting module. Remember, you can vote for up to 3 stories, top 6 voted on will win the top 6 prizes. Only 1 entry per author can be in the top 6 (The most voted on). Wren Erandae Phoenix's Entry will be in that list and can be voted on. If she wins, her prize will be donated to BCTS.

We have 3 discretionary prizes $33 ea(2 for Erin and 1 for me to pick randomly to award any contestant who did not win any of the top 6 prizes. Mine will be by a 1d100 roll. Erin can choose how she does hers.

The Price To Pay - Vol. 5.04 - Celyn’s Christmas


‘The next stop will be Reading in five minutes. Reading is the next stop.
Great Western Railways would like to apologise to passengers departing the train
in Reading for the late arrival of the train. This was caused by the wrong type
of politician travelling in the first class carriage.’

The Price To Pay
- 5.04 -
Celyn’s Christmas

by Alys

A Lonely Christmas


A Lonely Christmas

by Wren Phoenix

[Admin Note]: In light of Wren's passing away just after Christmas, it is only fitting I give her Christmas entry A Lonely Christmas one last light at the top of our front page for all to see. The 2012 One Winter's Eve Contest is Dedicated to Wren Erindae Phoenix. May she find the peace and happiness in her next life that she struggled so hard to obtain here. I wish for God to grant that to her.

Originally posted on 2012-11-11 15:54:53 -0700, I am reposting this in Memoriam for her. ~Sephrena

The Christmas Ivy Bloomed, Part 2


The Christmas Ivy Bloomed,
by Rachel Newstead

Story synopsis: We meet the girls who are Joey's closest friends, and learn of a little bargain our young protagonist made with them that comes back to haunt him during his trip to the ice rink. Little does he realize that this day would change his life, as he finds new happiness--and The Girl receives a name.

Joey fairly bounced in his wheelchair seat, as he waited for the driver to offload him from the paratransit van so he could be loaded onto the school bus. Only the restraining hand of Ms. Osterreich, the teacher's aide, ensured he stayed firmly in place. He knew Aimee, Sarah and Moira would be there, and they promised him a little surprise when he saw them.

Every Time a Bell Rings an Angel Gets His Wings


Every Time a Bell Rings an Angel Gets His Wings

by Jennifer Sue

Donald Weaver hated Christmas, especially Christmas Eve, almost as much as he hated himself. It was supposed to be a time of joy and rejoicing. For the last two years it meant anger, frustration, supreme guilt and utter desolation. As he sat covered in the falling snow in front of the headstones of his family he took another swig from the rot-gut booze that was rapidly destroying his emaciated body. But on this horrid anniversary, even the booze couldn’t dull his pain. Two years... it seemed forever.

Gabrielle Noel


Gabrielle Noel

by Maddy Bell

“I wish Gabs was here,” Juliette sniffled.

“We all do luv.” Jen pulled her eldest closer, Dave in turn gripping his wife’s shoulder in support.

They hadn’t used the car, it wasn’t worth the hassle, and the memorial after all was less than a kilometre from Bond Acres, near the junction with the main valley road. They weren’t the only ones headed there, the events of that night nearly a year ago affected a lot of folk in Dernau and round about, the memorial being unveiled today a physical reminder of that. So it was that they joined the subdued procession of townsfolk heading to the ceremony.

Alex in Wonderland - 2


Alex always wanted to be a girl.
He gets his wish when he wakes up on an alien world.


Alex in Wonderland
Chapter 2
Knocking on the Back Door



I shook my head as I tried to wrap my mind around that theory.
“Huh, I guess possession really is nine tenths of the law,” I mused
aloud before taking a deep breath.

First part of "The Christmas Ivy Bloomed" now up

Good afternoon (at least in my time zone) and Happy Holidays.

I probably just did the bravest thing I've done in years, just by clicking on the "submit story" button. There were times in the writing of this I was literally trembling in fear. One's first story is probably the hardest, as no one knows you, or what to expect. And you, the author, have no way of knowing what the reaction is going to be.

The Christmas Ivy Bloomed, Part 1


The Christmas Ivy Bloomed,
by Rachel Newstead


Young Joey has a girl hidden within him, of whom even he is only barely aware.
But one unusual Christmas, she would be hidden no longer.

Of Snow, little girls and Angels


The story of Luke and his desire to not be the boy his parents insisted he was, but to be the girl that he knew he was.
Warning, there is an attack on a minor in this story and mention of abuse in this story.

Christmas Changes Chapter~6


My reflection showed a quite pretty girl, regretfully of about thirteen. I just wished that I looked my age.
Then I smiled ruefully, knowing for a fact that when I was an ancient forty,

I would wish to look twenty!


Christmas Changes

A Penmarris Story
Chapter 6

Updated - 2012 One Winter's Eve Contest - The End is near!

Okay, We have an author that needs 2 extra days, so 2 extra days it will be. The deadline for submissions is December 26th at 11:59 pm Pacific time. That should cover everyone. Voting will start on December 27th and will run over into January a little bit.




Song for a Winters Night

Song for a Winters Night

Based on the song by Gordon Lightfoot
Story and characters  © Diana Michelle Howe 2012, song lyric  © Gordon Lightfoot 1967
I would like to thank the following people for their kind assistance: Sephrena for editing assistance, Bill for beta reading and suggestions and My lovely muse Dani. Happy Holidays.




The rest of the day was spent setting into mom’s at the guest room and us getting to take some time to rest before we all head out for the few things going on at evening and night here in town at memorial day.

Chris wears his uniform and so does Uncle Rothman who was in Vietnam. It’s interesting they’re both doing things together getting ready, watching the sort of regimined way they do everything is just. Well it’s really defining them in a good way for me. And Ben…I’m sitting on the couch hugging Stacy while we have some more chocolate and coffee and Uncle Roth and Chris are both answering his questions…they’re not graphic but they’re still honest and he’s got such a little-man look there.

We both kind of melt when they’re showing him how to shine his shoes. Oh my god he’s such an adorable little guy. He has this little boy look of concentration when they're doing the spit and polish thing.

Antifreeze...Part 7.


Antifreeze…Part 7.

It’s the sound of the sizzle that wakes me up and the chatter of little voices and hearing Grams and Grammy being said from the kitchen. I open an eye to see Stacy looking at me still under the covers. I think she was watching me while I was sleeping.

“Yhgnn…Morning sis.” I yawn and oh…I’m feeling all of yesterday adding up on me still and the very unused to feeling of crashing in a pile on the floor.

“Morning….you look just so amazing when you sleep Shayne.”


“Huh? I need coffee you want to try that again?”

One Winter's Eve Story Contest Update ^^

I'm going to make the announcement now (Just in case the world ends... you never know!) There are a little over 4 days left to submit your story for contest consideration. The surprise announcement is that I have tossed another additional $66 into the prizes $33 ea for me and Erin to randomly select someone who did not win the top prizes to get a prize. I do not know how Erin will select hers, but I will do mine by a good ol 1d100 rolled. No favorites. So there is a second chance to win if you don't make the top 6 slots. This will be the largest prize payout I have ever done.

Antifreeze...Part 6.


Antifreeze…Part 6.

I really didn’t want to see the police here.

My stomach is in knots just from all the bullshit form earlier and this; this is really the last thing that we need. That I need and I’m really hoping that they’re not going to try and come after Chris given what’s already happened.

We all get out of our vehicles and the police get out of theirs. Well they’re not coming with weapons drawn at least. Honestly I was expecting something bad like that.

Mom and Uncle Rothman walk over to meet them and they’re talking and the cops are looking at me and Uncle Roth motions me over to them. Chris and I come over I’m feeling shaky again but he’s holding my hand.

Gift Exchange


Gift Exchange

by Beyogi

Chris has been friendzoned just again. Christmas is coming and as he doesn't want to spend it alone he's returning to his parents. Yet he's not destined to arrive.

Copyright © 2012 Beyogi
All Rights Reserved.

Thanks to Janet Miles for editing.
Thanks to Draflow and Sleethr for proofreading and their suggestions.

Mountain Drive


Nikki has a long drive to her parent's for Christmas Eve break and would be the first time seeing her Father in over a year.
The snow was piling up and the drive worse than she ever imagined...

will she make it home?

Mountain Drive

by Nikki Thong

Copyright © 2012 Nikki Thong
All Rights Reserved.

A .pdf file is attached for those who want to download and read it later. If you do, Just please remember to vote if you enjoyed my story, thanks! ~ Nikki

Christmas Changes Chapter~4


Jocasta and Doctor Marcia looked at each other. I couldn’t really read their expressions too well, but I think that they looked puzzled.

‘Sorry, do you know my Aunt?’


Christmas Changes

A Penmarris Story
Chapter 4

Antifreeze...Part 5.


Antifreeze…Part 5.

“Shane.” I could feel the refusal in the way he said my name. The way that he is refusing everything I am.

“Steven….” I shiver but I feel Chris tighten his hold around me. God that helps so much.

“Why are you here? You think you’re welcome here?”

“Shut the hell up Steven.” Shawn says sort of snarling at him.

“Fuck you nerd, keep hiding behind you woman’s skirts. The little faggot shouldn’t be here.”

“Steven….” Uncle Roth says warningly.

“What? What you’re just here for what you can get Rothman. You never bothered with us before and now when things are all up in the air you’re here? The faggot’s here and….” He gestures at Chris. “And who the fuck is this?”

Chris just looked at him. “I’m your sister Shayne’s boyfriend.”

O editor, where art thou?

I promised myself--and all of you--that I wouldn't talk about my story or the contest again here, but as with most of my promises, it was a far easier thing to make than to keep.

But I do have a good reason for breaking my promise. I've been spending the last few days--in between medical appointments, Christmas parties, and personal responsibilities--trying to pull together some 17,000 words of story fragments into something coherent. I have enough material in a decent-enough state of completion for the first two installments. From the looks of things, my little story is going to be a novella before I'm through, if not a full-fledged novel.

The Boy Who Wasn't


This is the story James Conner, a Boy who in the end finds out he never really was a boy. His mom and his best friend Becky are there each step of the way. While the ending is a happy one, My editor said I should issue a tissue alert. It is I believe a touching story that I hope the readers here will enjoy.

Twas the Night


Unfortunately, this year I was miserable. All of my gifts from the first day onward, were gifts for a boy and not for the girl, I should be. The girl I had been for almost two and a half years. At least then, the underwear would have been several pairs of matching bras and panties, rather than plain, unadorned white T-shirts and those stupid tighty whities. Instead of the boring shirt and tie I got on day two, I might have gotten a flirty blouse or camisole.

Twas the Night

by Rami

Copyright  © 2012 Rami

Christmas Changes Chapter~3


His other hand grabbed my arm, the arm that still had a vivid and nasty bruise, caused, you guested it, by the slime ball standing in front of me...


Christmas Changes

A Penmarris Story

Antifreeze...Part 4.


Antifreeze…Part 4.

I was really, really out of it asleep when it first happened. I think it was the garbage truck making the banging. You know when the forks do the thing with the dumpster and everything bangs?

Chris twitched with a mini spasm at the first bang.

He rolled hard over me with the second one. That woke me up and he’s over me…actually covering me with himself from whatever was there in his eyes.

For a moment he wasn’t with me there. Everything on him went steel tight with nerves and I could feel it too…Chris was permanently injured but he's still so strong that if he lost it…

Cruiser Lake - Part 5 of 5


"I'm a laughable failure. Now my screw up has doomed Jocelyn. I've killed her, as good as if I'd shot her..."

Cruiser Lake
Part 5 of 5

by Sigh
Copyright © 2012 plaintivesigh
All Rights Reserved.

Christmas Changes Chapter~2


‘ I waited for a moment and knocked again. The cat brushed up against my leg, no doubt in the hope that the door would magically open.

It didn’t.


Christmas Changes

A Penmarris Story
Chapter 2

Facades: A Christmas Story




All his life Jake Melton hid
behind a mask. When he
returned home, upon learning
of his abusive mother's death,
fate intervenes and his life is
changed forever.

Antifreeze...Part 3.


Antifreeze…Part 3.

It’s so warm when I wake up. I can hear the phone playing my audio-coffee. I like *Don’t Worry Be Happy* it’s just one of those songs that makes me smile or steers me that way even on bad days.

I’ve got these big strong arms around me and this really nice furnace of Chris’s body pressed to me and I can feel him semi hard pressed against me. I’m relieved that I’m not doing the morning hokey-pokey with my own bit. It’s not that I hate that part of me I kind of don’t. But this soon it might be a problem where Chris isn’t chasing me because I’m like this.

A Second Christmas Miracle

A Second Christmas Miracle

by Jennifer Sue

Even in his earliest memories the now fourteen year old Alex Reilly had felt he was a girl. Of course, his family vigorously sought to correct that misconception. Gentle verbal corrections at age three yielded to time outs by age four which progressed to mild spankings by age five until the confused boy finally began to stop insisting he was a girl. Alex... or as she secretly called herself, Lexi, learned to keep her miss-conception hidden.

The Office Christmas Party


The Office Christmas Party

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2012)

(Shelton is the only male in an office of women. All’s going fine until the office holiday party is announced and he is told he’s not able to attend.)


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