February 2013 Valentine's Day Story Contest

Scarlet Ribbons

Scarlet Ribbons

by Anam Chara

When a father and husband is left alone as a widower with two children, he can deal with his son well enough, but he knows nothing about raising a daughter—not even where to find those special things that little girls pray for…

February 2013 Valentine's Day Story Contest Results

February 2013
Valentine's Day
Story Contest
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Love and Old Books...Part Five The Finale

Love and Old Books…Finale

It changed everything that weekend and I mean it changed everything…

I will remember that night forever but the next day too. I woke up and it was chilly even with it being summer but the smell of the water coming in off the beach was still heavy in the air and there’s nothing like it really the smell of salt water that close. It mixed with the sounds of the waves hitting the beach and the smell of us, of Valerie sleeping there beside me.

I rubbed some more thankful, so thankful wetness from my eyes with my thumb and then I rolled over and spooned her wrapping an arm around her and the blankets and just holding her.

Smelling her skin, her hair.

There are some perfect moments in this world.

Jigsaw Pieces

Jigsaw pieces
by Maeryn Lamonte
jigsaws.png   A trip to a shopping mall. A sympathetic shop assistant. A chance to be who I am inside just for a few minutes. Will it end when I step out of the changing room or is there the possibility for more?

Working Girl~Dreams Are Like Angels

I wasn’t too bad looking. At 20 and a bit years old, I didn’t have those nooks and crannies that some women have when they get a bit older. Things hadn’t started to go south yet either, you know, droopy boobs, saggy tummy and a bum that looked like orange peal...

AngelWorking Girl
Dreams Are Like Angels

Susan Brown

Daniel Becomes Dana - Part 2

When Daniel awoke, he looked down. "Argh. Why am I wearing this thing?" He immediately tried unbuttoning the frilly pink nightgown, to no avail, before realizing that it had no buttons. "Why am I wearing this thing?" he muttered.

Finally, he realized that he had to pull the gown over his head, hurling it across the room. Then he looked down. "Oh my God," he screamed, seeing the pretty pink bra and panties.

Daniel Becomes Dana - Part 1

For Daniel, his twelfth birthday was starting out like every other one. Here was home, with his two sisters and his parents, and a lame cake and no friends. Instead, he had to spend the day faking happiness for his family.

Daniel remembered his birthdays when he was younger, and they were so different. But then, only his sisters knew about the special birthdays, or so he thought. The earliest birthday he recalled was when he was six. His parents were out of town on a cruise — it seemed like they went away every year on his birthday — and he was alone with two older girls. Yuck!

Love and Old Books...Part 4

Love and Old Books…Part Four

It was a few days before we saw each other again. We kept talking online about work and books and breakfasts some was on my computer but I wanted to be able to talk with her whenever so…I broke down and I bought a phone with texting…that was just.

I was at the Parker Place Mall after just getting my phone and I’m trying to text Valerie back with my big mits on this teeny tiny phone when hear her giggling.

“Oh My God!” She exclaims her hand over her mouth and giggling.

“What?” I’m hunched over still trying to hit the right keys.

“You look so cute trying that.” She smiles this sweet smile and comes over and looks upside down at my screen. “Who are you texting?”

“You, or I was. What are you doing here?”

Trans. Plant. Heart. Chapter 5

Oh, my God - I'm in love with him! I - I can't be in love with him!

Trans. Plant. Heart.
Chapter 5

by **Sigh**
Copyright © 2013 plaintivesigh
All Rights Reserved.

Trans. Plant. Heart. Chapter 4

The nurse took the CNA’s hand. “It’s basically a big, strong magnet,” she said. “It will stop the defibrillator from shocking him and restarting his heart.”
Aubrey felt her chest grow numb, and her arms and legs suddenly chilled. “Why the hell does he need something like that?” she whispered almost inaudibly.

Trans. Plant. Heart.
Chapter 4

by **Sigh**
Copyright © 2013 plaintivesigh
All Rights Reserved.

Sing A Song Mr Piano Man

Sing A Song Mr Piano Man
By Julie D Cole



A bit more fun for the Valentines Contest. I couldn't resist it.


Trans. Plant. Heart. Chapter 3

"Fish! God, no! Not that, not again! Please don't! What will your wife think?"
"Hell, Honey. I'm filming this. This gets my own rocks off," laughed Mamie.

Trans. Plant. Heart.
Chapter 3

by **Sigh**
Copyright © 2013 plaintivesigh
All Rights Reserved.

Trans. Plant. Heart. Chapter 2

"Bambi, why would you say that? You're 'living the dream', so to speak."
She looked up at him with tear-striped cheeks. "I'm living a nightmare!

Trans. Plant. Heart.
Chapter 2

by **Sigh**
Copyright © 2013 plaintivesigh
All Rights Reserved.

Love and Old Books...Part 3

Love and Old Books…Part 3

I shower and get ready to go and pick up Valerie for breakfast. I’m nervous as I scrub really hard and stuff to get cleaned up and a bit more shampoo because I use head and shoulders I’m exposed to enough stuff working in the shop or outside that dry scalp is a problem sometimes.

I mean is this a date?

Should I be date nervous?

Do you wear cologne to a date that’s breakfast?

Okay that one I’m going with…no.

Trans. Plant. Heart. Chapter 1

Valentine Sweethearts Forever - Epilogue

Valentine Sweethearts Forever - Epilogue

by Jennifer Sue

I actually wrote main post and ended it as I did intentionally hoping to get some controversial feedback. That was only the first part and for the contest. Please note that none of the adults had consented to Collin's decision to become Colleen. All they did was to use the blockers to stop his anxiety while also aiding Sarah to overcome her fear of males.

Valentine Sweethearts Forever

Valentine Sweethearts Forever

by Jennifer Sue

Collin Kline met Sarah Barnes in kindergarten. The two lived on adjoining blocks, with Collin being further from the school. Their mothers met and by the second week were walking the kids to school together. It wasn’t until second grade the children were allowed to make the seven block trip on their own. Their parents became friends and the families began having picnics and outings together as well as back yard picnics. While the guys went to sporting events, the gals went to ballets and concerts. For Collin, it was almost as if he had two dads while for Sarah it was like having two moms. The kids called the other parents aunt and uncle.

The Usual Please

The Usual Please - Solo Story
Julie D. Cole
Copyright © 2013 Julie D. Cole
All Rights Reserved.


This is a short story about someone who suddenly changes his opinions having finally met the sweet person who turned on his light. He never expected to find true love or romance when he set out for a regular trim. Based on a true life experience.

Love and Old Books...Part 1

Love and Old Books…Part 1

It’s the computer age right? E-mails and Facebook, Twitter and e-books. I guess I’m as techy as most average people but for me.

For me there’s nothing like a good book.

Even the smells, actually especially the smells. There’s nothing as brain tickling as the smell of books, especially old books. Not like old aged books but like the smell you get when you walk into an old bookstore.

Where is all the romance?

Not many entries to the Valentines Day competition so seemingly not much romance about. Why not watch this film 'The Artist' and see if it inspires you to write like it did for me? Doesn't Sephrena deserve to see her efforts rewarded?

In case you didn't see the film this is what 'The Guardian' newspaper said. 'What a wonderful picture this is: one of those films you yearn to watch again and again, while yet being fearful of spoiling the experience. It is one of the most eloquent movies imaginable.'

I read that after I watched the film and it summed up my feelings.

I am not asking....

I am not asking

I am not asking you .....
to give me the sea,
I just want you to give me a kiss

I am not asking you ....
to give me either the wind,
I only wish you sigh for me.

I am not asking you ....
to give me also the sky,
just look at me in my eyes

We are just two lovers

We are just two lovers
Jill Micayla

In every day lives things occur that are not out of the ordinary.
A young teens life is about to change all from an invitation to a Valentines Day party.
What he experiences is very natural for him.

The Sugar Plum Valentine

sugar plum.JPG

The haunting sound of oboe and xylophone never felt so special as when Katrina danced. No one but she would know the contrarian joy of en pointe or a pirouette as if by dancing she both defined herself and defied the crowd. She turned and practically floated across the stage as all eyes beheld the sweet girl’s grace. The music turned from soothing to jarring as Sugar Plums gave way to husky Russian boys...

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A Very Special Valentine

A Very Special Valentine

by Lesley Renee Charles

I was getting ready for a date with my favorite Valentine, Ciaran. We were getting real close since Christmas where I quite literally crashed in front of his house. He let me stay there for at least a week. I discovered that he was a sweet man, the first man I ever dated as I was just discovering myself and who I wanted to be.

Five Candles

Sometimes we'll do anything not to rock the boat.
But what happens if despite everything it does rock?

Then everyone ends up in the water.

Five Candles
by Bronwen Welsh
Copyright © 2013 by Bronwen Welsh
All Rights Reserved.


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