Short Story Month - February 2008 Contest

Domestic Partnership

Domestic Partnership by Jennifer Brock

Two lost souls seeking to improve their lives find a common solution, but a series of mistakes, bizarre coincidences, and confused identities leads them in an unexpected direction.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

An act of kindness by an unhappy man changes lives in unexpected ways.

My entry into Bob and Erin's February Short Story contest

* * * *

“But what do I do? What of my family, work, my home? How can I go home like this? Change me back, please!”

“If this is what ye truly want, I will grant your wish. Ye did me a great favor; I will try to restore ye. Hold still, Evan, I’ve never done this before.” Evelyn began to chant.

“You’ve never done WHA …?!”

Mark's Mistake

Mark likes to dress grungy. Vanessa CEO of a major department store is Mark's Mom. She wants him to dress in a decent manner. Frustrated she turns her son over to Julie, her Personal Assistant, so she can get some work done. Well...


“Fear gripped my stomach, I had forgotten to drink blood. I bit his ear and took a drop, but it was too late, the spell had been broken. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirrorand already my beauty was fading, lines covered my face. I screamed and Louis ran to my side. “My God, what happened to you?” he asked and left me, running from the room. By that night I looked as I do now, like a hundred and fifty year old woman.


By Arecee

Through The Window

Through The Window

By Susan Brown

As a child, Angela had been quite lucky. Being in a relatively well off family, the children had been educated at home and Angela was able to be herself for most of the time. She thanked God for her loving and understanding parents that allowed her to be her real self.

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