A Mime’s Job Is Never Done Part 16 (Final Chapter)

Along The Coast Of South Carolina:
A few days later, Mona, Rebecca, Colette, Carol, Katey, and Katrina were out sunbathing without their swimsuits on board a yacht Mona had rented for a week. She did it after she heard what had happened to Colette and the creep Frances. She figured that Colette needed to be surrounded by her friends after the mental and physical breakdown Colette had.

Katrina had heard about the incident from one of the officers who had responded to the call to arrest Frances. According to what Katrina heard, Frances wasn’t his true name. His true name was James DeSalvo and was of Irish/Italian descent. He was originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was responsible for several unsolved rapes that ranged from a minor of the age of twelve up to an elderly woman who was seventy years old.

According to the file, he inherited a large sum of money from her when she died. He used that money to change his appearance and start a new life.

“How are you doing sweetie?” Katrina looks over towards Colette who had been quiet since they arrived on the yacht.

“I’m doing better. Being here with my girlfriends is helping.” Colette looked at all her friends who were lying near her without their swimsuits on.

Mona was lying near her on her stomach with Rebecca rubbing lotion all over her body. The new girl Katey was straddling Carol’s waist and was kissing her. Katey was a young girl who had been a victim of a joker box.

Carol spotted her one day standing at an intersection holding a sign saying she would work for food. The poor thing didn’t have a place to live and lost her job. The place she worked at had gone out of business. The shitty thing about it was that they didn’t inform the staff about it. So, when everyone showed up for work, they found the doors to the place locked.

Carol took her in and helped her get a job at the hospital where she was a nurse. Carol had put in for vacation a month ago and was given it. Katey had been hurt when a drug patient got lost by some cops and attacked her. The perp stabbed her with a pen and damaged an artery. So, she was on medical leave while she recovered.

“So, how long is he looking at for all the crimes he has committed?” Mona looks over towards Colette when she asks.

“Life in prison if he is lucky.” Katrina knew the trial hasn’t started yet, but even she knew that with all the women he either killed or raped. He was looking at life in prison.

“You know, you should get a private detective license or something like that with as much trouble you get into, Colette.” Carol heard about the incidents Colette has been involved in. That wasn’t counting the bank robbers she helped stop.

“Something to think about.” Colette lets out a moan as Katrina rubs the baby oil on her body.

For the next five days, all six ladies enjoy themselves on the yacht. Between sunbathing, swimming, partying and having small orgies. All six ladies feel energized by the time they pull back into port.

Colette hugs all her friends as they depart and head home. She felt better after what she went through and hoped the judge would throw the book at Frances/James. Katrina walks Colette to her apartment door and gives her a goodbye kiss.

“See you on Friday, sweety.” Katrina turns around and walks back down to the parking lot.

Colette enters her apartment and drops her overnight bag in her bedroom. She emptied her bag into her hamper and put her dirty laundry in the washer to be washed. While that is going on, she sits down at her computer and looks up what the requirements are for getting a PI license. It didn’t sound like a bad idea and with her talent for entertaining people. She could use those skills to monitor and watch people without being suspicious.

She signed up to take a course in law enforcement and paid the enrollment fee. Since she sends in a copy of her fingerprints as well. She keeps a copy of her prints on file, for her performance and conceal license. Once that is done. She checks her emails and notices she has several jobs that people want to hire her for.

Several months later Frances/James is convicted of sexual assault and the use of illegal substances. On top of the crimes, he committed against Colette. The authorities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania want him brought to Pennsylvania to face charges up there for the rapes and murder he committed.

Colette informs Katrina what she was thinking about doing and Katrina is supportive of her decision. She wants Katrina to go with her to the pirate festival, but Katrina has to work crowd control those days. She ends up going to the festival with her friends.

While Colette is taking the classes, she needs to get her PI license. She gets hired by a PI firm as an assistant to a licensed PI to see what she is getting herself into. The first case she works with the PI is an insurance claim. The next case involves a cheating husband and wife. Both of them were cheating on their spouse.

The woman who hired them was cheating on her husband with a twenty-one-year muscle builder. The husband they were hired to watch, was cheating on his wife with an eighteen-year-old yoga instructor that went by the nickname of cinnamon.

They found out by accident that their client was going to the same hotel as her husband. Sometimes the husband went to the house and sometimes to a high-class hotel or the woman’s apartment.

Colette learns a lot from the person she is working with.

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