Wedding Day

This story contain female domination, fetish scenes and deviant behaviour.


Read at you peril.

Wedding Day

Finally it was time for the lucky bride to get ready for the main part of her big day, first a shower, with ample use of the depilation cream, no stray hairs to ruin her panty line today. Then a good long clean in and around her small neat cock chastity device, again cleanliness was paramount today. She wanted to be perfect for her husband to be. And finally her hair, shampooed and washed, no need of a wig anymore, but having her own long blonde locks did mean a lot more maintenance. Oh the things a girl does to please her partner.

Then out of the shower, and wrapped in a long fluffy dressing gown while the girl came in and cut, polished and painted her toe and finger nails in a lovely girly pink. Then in rushed her bridesmaids, themselves all prettied up, except for their final dresses and ready to dress the bride.

‘Grooms orders’ they said. ‘No mistakes today’.

Firstly they placed the corset around her middle and pulled and pushed and shoved until it was done up so tight she could barely breathe, but it met at the back and its ivory coloured lace tracery over the white body shimmered and shone. Then they rolled the sheer, fine, white, nylon stockings up her hairless smooth legs and clipped them to the suspenders. Then the sheer see through lace fronted panties, again in white with ivory detailing. But through the mesh at the front her chastity device was clearly visible, again a reminder that though she was the bride of the day, she was still technically male.

The bridesmaids signalled for her to give a little twirl so they could enjoy her tight nipped waist and her splendid curves, the corset so tight there was no need for falsehood, the clever shaping giving her the appearance of neat trim breasts and even some cleavage. Then her shoes, they were white satin with silver tapering 6” heels, and a wide ankle band with a little silver lock. Once in there was no way out until her groom decided to unlock them.

Then perching on a stool, as sitting while the corset settled would be awkward, she had her makeup applied, a fine foundation, then understated eye shadow and liner, and the prettiest of pink lip stick painted on. Finally they added a thick, solid, layer of gloss to keep her lips wet and shiny all through the ceremony. Now onto the shoulder length Ivory silk gloves, carefully rolled up her arms and fixed with little buttons under the worsts and silk ties high on her arms.

Then out came the dress, a marvellous creation in white silk with Ivory lace work and detailing, and petticoats, so many petticoats to get the full flow of the circle skirt and train. Fitting it was almost an operation in engineering, making sure it was tight in the bodice over the corset under-pinnings and flaring from the widening of the hips, to accentuate the small waist and make it so alluringly feminine. The dress was strapless, but the over the finely fitted corset and with the dress makers art, it fit snugly over her breast area, then the little Raglan jacket to cover her shoulders and pull it all together, a confection again of white silk and the delicate ivory lace.

Then a wide ivory ribbon choker, with a lace rose at the front was delicately placed around her neck, the delicacy was needed as the steel core of the choker made it firmer than it looked. It was pulled tight at the back and the tell-tale of a little click told the wearer her wedding collar was now locked on.

Finally there was the veil, pinned into her hair and the lace covering her head, making an ivory embroidered lace waterfall flowing from the crown of her head.

The Maid of Honour led the pretty bride into the middle of the room and had her twirl, all the while taking pictures. Finally she rolled a blue garter from her own leg and kneeling before the bride, rolled it up her leg, to be both the something borrowed and something blue. Once it was high on the thigh, she gave it a playful snap and then let the skirts and petticoats drop to the floor. The Bridesmaids and bride all stood talking for a few moments until finally there was a knock at the door, and the call of ‘five minutes’ was given.

The Matron of honour, smiled and signalled the bride to turn around while she locked pretty silver handcuffs on her wrists and elbows, pulling her arms back behind her back and making her chest heave forwards in a most alluring way. Then with a final flourish she took the brides bouquet and placed the spray of flowers across her mouth so she could hold them in her teeth.

She was ready now to be led into the hall to be married…


So it was time, she stood before the double doors leading into the Registry Office and took one last deep breath, her bouquet was in her mouth, her arms were bound behind her, her dress was perfect. It was time. She nodded and the doors were opened to the strains of the Wedding March as she slowly walked down the lush carpet.

From the aisles of friends and admirers came many oohs and smiles, and also many camera flashes as they captured her entrance and her slow walk down the aisle. Holding the train of the dress were the bridesmaids and at her side, the Matron of Honour. The walk seemed endless, and in front of her, her husband to be turned and smiled at her.

She was dressed traditionally as well, a long morning suit over pinstripe trousers and polished black brogues. A crisp white dress shirt and bow tie, and in her hands a top hat. Her hair was slicked back in a mannish style, but her makeup was feminine and perfect, pale cheeks with smoky eyes and bright crimson wicked, decadent lips. The final statement was made by her trousers, tight at the waist they showed up her manhood as being well endowed.

The bride continued her slow hobbled shuffle until she stood beside her groom, her Matron carefully unlocked the arm and wrist chains and handed them formally to the fiancé, along with the keys to them. She removed the bouquet from her friends mouth and placed it into her hands, and with a peck on her cheek and a whispered good luck she smiled and stepped aside. The Registrar, somewhat red faced but willing, started the service. He asked about any who knew reasons and all the various pre-ambles before finally asking her if she loved, honoured and promised to obey her new husband. She ‘did’ in a soft breathless voice and looked deeply into her husband’s eyes as (s)he repeated the vows to love, cherish and discipline her new wife. The registrar then asked them to exchange rings, asked the groom to kiss the bride.

She expected a brief kiss, but no, her husband took her in her arms and bent her over before fixing their painted lips together for one long sensuous, earthy kiss which left her breathless and flushed when they finally parted. The assembled room applauded and shouted now as the registrar finally pronounced them Husband and Wife.

The husband then took her wife’s wrists and using the cuffs locked them together again, in front this time, so she could throw the bouquet when it was time. And linking her arm inside her wifes, she led the way out of the room and off to the reception. They could have been any newly married couple.


The reception however was a different matter, many of the guests had taken the chance to change into their best party wear, and there did seem to be a lot of black in the hall as the band struck up for the evening festivities. Of course the bride had some preparations done to allow her to thank all the guests for attending. Into the middle of the hall had been wheeled a small steel barred cage, into it was stuffed the bride, just her head sticking out of the round hole in the top of the bars. Her ankles were cuffed to fixing points as was her wrist chain. So now all she appeared as, was a boxed confection of silk and lace, and a head exposed. Her veil was removed, and a nice big O ring gag was fitted by the groom, who also fitted a padded seat onto the cage box in front of her head. Then she sat there, spread her legs and undid her flies, letting the well-proportioned cock she had been packing all through the service out into the air and then into her bride’s mouth for the first face fucking as a married couple. The first of many I am sure by the smile on the grooms face. The Bride would have smiled but her lips and tongue etc. were otherwise engaged at the time….

Once the Groom had finished her initial servicing, she stepped aside to allow others to take the hot seat and be thanked by the boxed bride. And they did, men, women and the in-betweens all let her willing tongue and open mouth show the appreciation for her special day.

Then came the various festivities, guests were busy comparing costumes, admiring footwear and bondage gear and rattling the chains or tightening the ropes and straps of the many confined guests, while the bride was released from her cage.

Once free she was allowed to tidy her dress and to redo her lipstick and makeup, and repair the other damage to her face that the various fluids that had leaked or jumped onto it had caused. Then finally, once more the blushing bride in her finery she was led onto the dance floor by her groom and they had the traditional first dance. It was a long slow smoochie number and they held each other close, with the groom whispering in her ear and kissing her cheek and neck all through the number. The bride just seemed to float, lost in a world all of her own.

Then the band struck up its second number and the various dominants got to take the bride for a spin around the floor, while the groom enjoyed herself with various bound slaves, most of them too immobilised to move she was just spanking them in time to the tune and eliciting various ‘ows’ and ‘yelps’ as counterpoint to the music.

Then to the final formal part of the event, the cutting of the cake, ahhhh the cake, it was a single tier round white iced cake with a white Icing pentagram across the top, partially obscured by the bride figure that the confectioner had placed onto it spread-eagled and marzipan chained to 4 of the salient points and the groom figure stood over her on the fifth point above her head. And the figures were good likenesses of the happy couple. The pair approached it and hand in and they gripped the long sharp knife and sliced into the succulent cake, the room cheered and clapped and there even a few muffled yelps
Now the formalities were over the festivities began, dancing and chatting between guests, some of the submissives were led off into the side rooms containing the various pieces of equipment that had been laid on for the party and soon the bands swinging style had the counterpoint of torture and whippings etc. to contend with.

During this time the bride spent her time stood against a pillar to the side of the dancefloor so she could watch the festivities , but with her arms pulled around it and chained at the back, she was unable to join in. Although there did seem to be a steady stream of admirers who took advantage of her bound position to kiss and talk to her, play with her nipples and clamp and abuse them, or even some of the ruder ones place various things into her hands to stroke or otherwise handle…

As the evening wore on, and the party got into full stride, the groom released her blushing bride and led her to get changed into her going away outfit. As they entered the side room and the bride saw what was laid out for her, she hesitated, but her groom tightened the grip on her arm and whispered into her ear, ‘oh no my sweet, you’re mine now, so smile and accept your fate.’
Laid out for her was a great deal of latex, and she slowly started to disrobe from her white virginal wedding apparel in readiness for the much more knowing ensemble that awaited her.

Once nude the groom took her in her arms and kissed her long and deeply, her tongue reaching and searching into her prizes mouth forcefully even as she attempted to return the kiss. Then she stepped back from her bride and signalled the dressers into the room to assist, smiling as she slipped out of the door and locked it after herself.

The three dressers all formal in their sensible suits advanced upon her and quickly had her sprawled onto the bed face down while an infernal device was entered into her pretty arse. Then came the steel waistband and the under crotch steel band to hold the anal invader, than she was roughly turned over as they fitted the front band of the chastity belt to her. Her cock now stuffed and locked away in its Steel prison and they checked and adjusted all the tolerances before finally clicking shut the padlock that totally secured her for her husband’s usage.

Then two of them started rubbing an oily substance on her nude legs, so they could slip and slide the clear latex catsuit up her legs, the lubricant making the task easy. Then onto her body their hands went and down the arms before sliding her into the rest of the catsuit and zipping her into it. Now she was covered from her toes to her neck and all down to the tips of her fingers in a clear light catsuit, moulded to her body shape. Then came the thick heavy Black corset, tightened around her waist and laced and laced until her hourglass shape was perfect. The latex panties were then pulled up over the catsuit , before long black stockings and the shoulder length gloves in black. The dressers then had an orgy of rubbing and polishing to make her shine. Then a blouse in black rubber was buttoned onto her and a long bubblegum pink, back laced pencil skirt in rubber was moulded on before they finally slipped her feet into the black 6” heeled Oxford shoes and laced them on tightly.

Again polishing was done to make her shine and her makeup was repaired and finally one of them stood her by the locked door and rapped on it. The door opened and there stood her husband, dressed in a business suit with a knee length skirt over sheer nylons, high heeled court shoes and a tight severe tailored jacket with a white shirt showing from underneath. Her hair was pulled back tightly and her face was made up smoothly but dramatically, there could be no doubt that she was in charge. As she saw her bride stood in her layers of black latex and the shocking pink contrast from the skirt she smiled warmly and gently kissed her on the cheek, careful to not smudge her lipstick, and reached up with her black leather gloved hands to lock a fine silver Celtic torc style collar around her neck. Then she attached a leash to the torc and gently pulling led her bride back to the reception for the final part of the wedding ceremony.

Once more the dance floor was clear and sat in the middle of it was an old fashioned trunk, its lid open and its insides bare except for lengths of leather with buckles. The bride had a terrible premonition, but was led forwards and assisted from behind by the dressers until she stood before it. She looked into the eyes of her husband who smiled warmly at her before making a gentlemanly bow and gesturing her into the box. With hands holding her steady she stepped over the edge, a fraught task given the height of her heels and the tightness of the skirt and into the box. She was pressed to lie down on her side so a gas mask could be fitted to her. Thankfully she could see the tube leading to an air hole in the side of the box. Then the restraints were fitted, pushed and pulled until she was fixed and bound into the trunk, ready to travel for her honeymoon. Then blowing her a kiss her husband closed the lid and she heard the click of the locks sliding home.

Welcome to married life she thought….

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