Bridesmaid Rehearsals: Part 4 - Dress Rehearsal.

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I woke up to the sound of mum calling ‘come on, it’s time to go!’

It took me a minute…but I sat up in a start. Mum called out again.

In a moment it all came back, the events of the night before, and how I’d been so tired and defeated going to bed I didn’t stop to change, I just laid down and slept. I was still wearing the black satin maids dress, stockings and heels. I could sense the powders and creams on my face and my nails were still perfectly manicured with a generous spread of red gloss polish on each.

I was desperate to use the toilet and didn’t have time to change. I did make an attempt at removing the shoes, then dress, but the buckles of the shoes were too fiddly to undo quickly and I realised I would need help with the zip of the dress that was done up behind me. So I opened the door.

‘Ahh, there you are sleepy head’ mum greeted me on the landing ‘oh, not what I expected to see but ok, are you going out dressed up and if so we should fix your make up a bit as it’s a little smudged’ she chuckled.

‘No’ I groaned ‘I’ve just woken up, why are you saying we’re going out?’

‘It’s the dress fitttings today’ mum replied ‘and you have a suit to try on.

Ugh really! This wedding is taking over my life (I thought but knew better than to say anything!)

I went into the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror I saw what she meant about the makeup. It hadn’t lasted well overnight although my features were still highlighted with blue and a black outline on my eyes and red lips as before, just a bit smudged. I went to the toilet and mum knocked on the door. ‘We really do need to go, shall I help you clean up?’

‘Yes please!’ I reluctantly responded.

She came in just as I was pulling up my purple satin knickers and straightened the hem of the mini skirt of the dress that only just covered them up. She slightly tilted her head as she looked at me, smiled a sympathetic smile, then sat me down on the side of the bath and proceeded to off my make up. She took a while before exclaiming it was the best she could do. I stumbled into my room, mum following, with Sophie grinning at me from her doorway. Mum unzipped the dress. ‘I can take it from here’ I said not wanting her to see me just in a bra, knickers, stockings and high heels. I was embarrassed enough. Dress off, I changed back into my own underwear, pulled the shoes off and slipped into a pair of shorts and TShirt and went downstairs.

‘What about these nails?’ I asked.

‘They are lovely’ mum replied ‘and no time to clean them off now, they’ll take some work so you’ll have to keep your hands in your pockets or something’ she said ushering me and Sophie out the door and into the car.

The shop wasn’t far away, we could have walked but mum said we didn’t have time so we took the car. All the way Sophie was grinning at me and winking. She was still having fun thinking about the night before and I think the whole distraction of tormenting me was helping her avoid facing her nerves for the wedding.

We arrived. ‘Sarah’s Bridal Boutique’ was a modest shop. Mum parked outside and we went in, me trailing a few feet behind reluctantly going along. The shop was mainly wedding dresses and bridesmaids gowns. It was full of satin and lace billowing from its rails with mannequins dotted around showing a range of styles and colours. The shop was clean, welcoming and had a strong perfumed smell as though everyone visiting had prepared themselves for the event and left a little bit of their excited scent behind. Mum and Sophie were no different. Both were excited this day had arrived and Sophie had dressed up for the occasion and spent a bit longer on her make up ready for the final fit of her dress.

We were welcomed by Sarah, the owner and our assistant for the fitting. She was immaculate, smart and very pretty. Mid 40’s she had Bright blonde hair, a bit like Marilyn Monroe, that framed her well made up face with bright blue eyes, long well cared for lashes, bright red outlined gloss lips. She wore a cream satin blouse and figure hugging skirt that was just above her knees with a slight ruffle to its hem. Patent black high heeled calf length boots finished her look with sheer black stockings and a perfectly straight seam that could just be seen as she walked in front of us to take us to the fitting area.

I was ushered away to a small section of the shop where another employee was waiting for me. Rachel was much younger but no less well turned out, they clearly had a standard they were keeping to ensure their clientele were impressed. She had a white blouse on that was semi sheer, and a black skirt that was more like a mini skirt but equally figure hugging. Her boots were only up to her ankles and between the boots and skirt she wore a pair of fishnet stockings outlining the shape of her legs. Her face was less glamorous than Sarah but no less beautiful. Big bright eyes outlined in blue with pink shadow and bright pink lips, light auburn hair held in two side bunches. I remember her clearly as I was immediately attracted to her. I was in a world overwhelmed in femininity and beauty.

I kept my hands in my pockets or tucked behind my folded arms so my red nails couldn’t be seen but I knew inevitably they would be. I tried not to think about it. Rachel guided me towards the men’s section (a small corner of the shop) while mum and Sophie spoke to the owner about brides dress fitting

My suit was royal blue, I had a soft white dress shirt to put on under the jacket and a pair of black patent shoes. The trousers and sleeves of the suit were left too long, ready to me measured fitted to me. I changed quickly and it felt good. Slightly tighter than I would usually wear. I walked out and Rachel worked quickly pinning the hem of the trousers. When she reached the sleeves, kneeling on the floor in front of me, she paused and looked up. ‘Oh’ she said, ‘what pretty nails’.

‘Yeah, I, um….’

‘Shhh’ she said before I could say too much ‘it’s ok, i understand, no need to explain, I think they look lovely and you shouldn’t hide them. Beautiful’ a grin and slight chuckle and she got back to work. While working she told me how she thought I had such a beautiful complexion she thought I might be wearing make up when she first saw me ‘lovely bright eyes, dark lashes, rosy cheeks and ruby lips, a natural beauty!’ She said. I didn’t reply.

Once the suit trousers and sleeves had been pinned and she was happy there was nothing more to do with it, I returned to the dressing room, took it off and I was back in my shorts and TShirt. Rachel seemed to linger as I left the dressing room and smiled at me as I walked back to Mum and Sophie who were now standing admiring a dress I assumed was Sophie’s.

I sat on a comfy sofa close to where the girls were talking but far enough so I was out the way. Sophie looked troubled and mum was trying to reassure her. She went out to the back and about half hour later she returned with the most beautiful bridal gown on. She looked amazing. She worked her way towards a podium in the shop lifting the skirt of her dress as she went. She was wearing full bridal underwear, stockings and high heels. She stood on top of the podium. Letting the skirt drop, Sophie stood still while Sarah got to work measuring and folding, pulling and straightening the dress to arrive at a point she was satisfied to start pinning it. All the while mum was on the phone. Nodding, then shaking her head.

‘She can’t come!’ She exclaimed ‘Annie is not able to get here for the fitting!’

Sophie went red and started to yell but mum stopped her, ‘it’s ok, Katie is about the same height and I’m sure she won’t mind standing for two adjustments, it will have to do!’

Mums phone rang. All we could hear was ‘yes’ and ‘ok’ and ‘oh, I see!’ And ‘yes of course I’ll be right there’ she then explained she had to go and attend an urgent matter at work and would meet us back at home. Sophie looked at me minding my own business and I guess just accepted we would make our way home together. Sarah dried Sophie’s tears and even touched up her make up, a little powder, blush and lipstick so while she was standing in her new wedding dress waiting for the final adjustments she looked ‘as pretty as can be’ (Sarah’s words!)

Katie text me. We hadn’t really been talking and it was a simple message ‘can’t come to the dress shop! Sorry. Tell Sophie I’m sorry!’

Shit! I thought….so while Sophie was standing still nowhere to go for a while I sidled up to her to let her know Katie couldn’t make it. She had no reaction. The adjustments continued.

Part way through Sophie dismounted the podium and walked, again slightly holding up the billowing dress, over to Sarah and Rachel. They all spoke for a few minutes. Rachel seemed to be saying the most. They all looked over at me and then back facing each other. Sophie smiled. Rachel walked over and sat next to me!

‘We have a problem’ she said, looking straight into my eyes and blinking at me and I was sure she was slightly pouting ‘we have two dresses that need their length adjusted and no bridesmaids’.

‘Ok’ I replied already suspicious but calm as I knew there was no way she may be suggesting what I now know she was suggesting…

‘Katie is 5’ 10”, Annie is 5’ 9 1/2 and you are 5’10”, well, just under’

‘Ok’ I said now more concerned.

‘We just need a length on the dresses and I know you’re ok with being a little girly sometimes, you have the nails for it ‘ a chuckle and side glance back to her boss and my sister ‘will you do me a small favour’ she said ‘would you mind standing still for me for just 20 minutes, twice’ a smile, a pout, a wink and a hand on my hand.

‘We will close the shop, close the curtains, complete privacy. All you have to do is slip on one dress, stand still, then another, stand still a bit longer then you can go home. Sophie said how proud she is of you of how much you’ve been helping and that she could show us the photos but I said no, let’s just get on with it. What do you think?’

Wow, I had very little choice. What the hell could I do. I thought about running but then those photos of me would be on show to at least these two and who knows who else. I could just refuse or try and give her other ideas to do what she wanted but already knew it was a losing argument.

‘Is there no other way’ I asked, she slowly shook her head and told me how the thought of me all dolled up was making her feel hot. She had me. I Gulped! ‘Ok, if the door is locked and no one else will find out. But no photos and let’s make it quick!’

She did a little clap and skipped back to Sophie. I slowly got up and moved towards the girls who were standing waiting for me.

‘Unbelievable’ I muttered. No one heard me.

Sophie leaned towards me and whispered that she would give me back the second ‘I owe you’ slip if I did this ‘properly’. She also pointed at a small bag resting on top of her things. She said it had a few ‘bits and pieces’ I would need. I picked up the small back and Rachel took over with directions.

‘Just pop into the dressing room and take your clothes off, leave them on the stool. Get yourself ready and step into the dress that’s there, please’ another smile and wink ‘when you are ready come out and I’ll zip you up and we can get started. Ok?’

I just walked into the dressing room and took off my shorts and TShirt. In the bag were a pair of pale blue satin panties with lace and a matching strapless bra that was slightly padded. Did Sophie plan this? I slipped on the undies sure it was inevitable.

The cerise pink satin dress was a huge bundle of satin and frills and more like a Disney Princess dress or ball gown that a bridesmaids (I thought). It had a very full skirt that was split slightly to the side, all the way up to my mid thigh. The top of the dress clung to my body with rows of the satin material ruffled across my chest. The satin was cold against my skin, it was kind of tight across my body but loose below my waist. I took a breath and started to walk out of the dressing room where Rachel greeted me to zip it up at the back. As she zipped it up and adjusted the straps, that had been on my shoulders, the whole body felt tighter and held on to me tightly. Rachel then laid the straps horizontally across my shoulders and arms. ‘It’s an off the shoulder’ she said, ‘it’s ok, there is lots to get used to’ and she winked at me. ‘Now for some shoes as we need to make sure you are the right height’. I was instructed to lift ‘my’ skirt and she tried to put a pair of 4 inch heeled white sandals on my feet but couldn’t. She handed what looked like long socks and instructed me to put them in. They were a pair of lace top hold up stockings. She explained that with them on the shoes would slip on to my feet. She was right and I was completely dressed as a bridesmaid. ‘All set’ she said, ‘please walk out there with your sister who is already part way through having her dress pinned’ and pointed towards the main area in the shop.

I peeped out and then slowly walked out revealing my full look to my sister and Sarah, who was still busy making adjustments to the wedding dress, both let out a big chuckle.

‘Oops’ said Sophie ‘that’s the wrong dress!’

‘What?’ I yelled

‘Oh, silly me’ came Rachels voice from behind me ‘I got all muddled in the excitement. I’m so sorry. Let’s get you changed into one of the right dresses’.

As we walked back to the dressing room she told me how beautiful I looked and had I considered modelling. She said they are always looking for models for their shop and she would have a word with Sarah after we leave.

She unzipped me and the dress fell down revealing my full body, silk underwear and stockings. ‘Ok’ she said ‘lovely, let’s find the right dresses’. I stood for what felt like ages before she returned…with two bundles of light blue satin and lace. It was going to be a long afternoon!

To be continued…

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Long...but fun!

Dee Sylvan's picture

It doesn't sound like Katie is going through to the wedding. If Katie isn't with Titch any more, it doesn't really make any sense that she would be in the wedding. Hmmm? Where can they possibly find another bridesmaid??? :DD


I can't decide if it's a case

I can't decide if it's a case of Katie being turned off by Tich for dressing before and now she wants to dump him and doesn't want to have anything to do with the wedding, or if Katie and Sophia have been scheming all along to get him in the wedding as a bridesmaid. I'm suspecting the latter just because everyone including his parents seemed to have no problem with him being coerced into being dressed up.

I’m inclined to agree with you…….

D. Eden's picture

That at least his sister is scheming to get him into the wedding as a bridesmaid, but I’m not sure about his girlfriend.

Either way, anyone who cares for another person - whether a sibling, a child, or a boyfriend/partner/husband, should not treat them the way they have been treating Tich. You don’t blackmail someone like this - especially when as Tich pointed out he started out trying to help his sister. The second time he did it to make her feel better when she was crying and upset, and how does she repay him? By humiliating him and blackmailing him into doing whatever she wants.

That’s not how you treat someone you care for.

As for Katie, they need to tell her that she is no longer a part of the wedding. A sister who loves her brother wouldn’t put him in a position that caused his girlfriend to treat him like crap, and if his girlfriend starts to treat him like crap because he helped his sister then the sister should not want the girlfriend around any more. Family should come first - especially when the sister is creating the problem with her actions.

D. Eden

Dum Vivimus, Vivamus

Plans to complete story?

Hello! Are you planning on completing the series? Just wanted to say, I think you're a great writer and I'd love to see where it concludes!

More to come..

Nearly Anna's picture

Hello. I have a few more ideas and will be writing a few more chapters before the big day arrives. The main question is, will there be a suit or a bridesmaids dress for him? You’ll have to wait and see x

luv, Anna x