It's A Cruel World Part 6

Katelyn was happy to be back home. She had so much to do and hopes the photos she managed to take pay out. When she shows them to Barbara, she offers to buy the footage she had of the delegates arguing about the law being debated. Since she managed to get footage no one else did, it would help Barbara’s newspaper company.

She also turns over some of the statements and interviews she did as well. Since Barbara’s company wasn’t very big and was only a local news outlet. She didn’t get paid as much if she sold the footage and interviews to a bigger company like the New Yorker or even the huge news outlets.

Afterwards, she starts working on the pollical cartoons of the delegates and their supporters who were in support of the new laws. She wanted to make the cartoon controversy, while funny at the same time. It takes her several tries before finally getting the right cartoon drawn.

She leans back in her chair and reaches down to scratch Caroline between her ears. She loved having a pet and she knew Caroline loved having her head scratched. Caroline normally came with her out to her office.

“Now, lets see what we can find out about the security company you clowns work for.” Katelyn was looking at the pictures of the two security officers she got caught by.

She enlarges the image of the guards and notices they weren’t wearing uniforms, but dress suites instead. She goes to the Carolina website and looks through the information provided to the public. After going through several different pages, she finally finds the company that protects the place. The company was named Xe Services and was listed as a worldwide protection service that also offered body guard and protection services. She goes to the company website and start looking through the setup of the website and the various services they offer. She notices that they have a lot of contracts with various airlines, Disney, Fedex, and the US government as well.

She also notices that when she goggles the company name. Several stories popup of crimes that some their people have committed or are currently in the court system. The owner of the company was a former Navy Seal from Erik Prince, North Carolina.

Katelyn knew the company wouldn’t be stupid enough to put pictures of their employees on the site. So, she goes to Tweeter and Facebook to see if they had personal pages. Since she only knew their last names and not their first name. She needed to find out what their names were.

“Well, that’s a dead end.” Katelyn leans back in her chair and thinks.

She leans forwards and start doing a search again about Xe Security to see what trouble the company has or is involved in. She looks through
the articles and stops at one. It was about something that happened between a few guards in Houston, Texas.

“Houston?” Katelyn remembered reading something about delegate Manson and a news report about him and a tranny in Houston.

She looks up about delegate Manson and relocates the article she saw before about him being caught dating a woman who uses to be a man.
She reads through the article and then the following articles of the person. According to the article, the person was found with a needle sticking out of her arm and with several small baggies of cocaine on her.

“Damn, I wonder if Manson had something to do with her being killed by an overdose.” Katelyn looks at some more photos and spot the two men she ran into.

They looked to be Mr. Manson personal body guards. The article didn’t give their names, but it did list the name of the reporter who wrote it. Katelyn picks her cell phone up and call the news agency the reporter worked for.

Katelyn manages to get the receptionist at the Houston time. She asks to speak to the reporter, but is informed that the reporter no longer works for them. That the reporter was at a recovery hospital, recovering from injuries she sustained a few years ago.

Katelyn thanks the woman and leans back in her chair, after hearing about the woman. According to what the person told them, she had been attacked a few days after she posted the story about Manson. Katelyn looks at the publishing date of the article and saw it was only a few years old.

She really needs to find out more about those guards, protecting Mr. Manson, but how? She wonders if the Xe Security have a local office. She locates one of their local offices here in Chapel Hill. She’ll have to go and see if they can give her their full names and how to get in touch with them.

She prints the directions to the office and shut down her computer. She notices she needs to start getting dinner ready for everyone.

“Come on Caroline, let’s go and get dinner going.” As Katelyn gets up and start walking towards the door.

Caroline gets up and follows her owner out the door and towards the main house. As she is walking towards the back door. She wonders should she be worried about retaliation.

Katelyn walks into the kitchen through the back door. She was planning on making homemade Salisbury steaks for dinner tonight. Everyone was going to be home, so she needed to get busy making the patties and putting them in the oven to cook.

While Katelyn was making the patties, Cindy comes walking into the kitchen. She waves to Katelyn as she grabs a wine cooler from the refrigerator. Just before she closes the door “do you want one?”

“I’m fine, thanks.” Katelyn mixes the beef and seasoning together in the bowl.

“So, how did your assignment go?” As Cindy takes a sip from her bottle.

“Interesting. I got bullied by the private security personnel working at the building.”

“Were you some where you shouldn’t be?” Cindy knew how Katelyn was when she was reporting.

Katelyn gives Cindy her best innocent look. “Now why would I do something like that?”

“Because, besides being a woman, you’re a news reporter and that makes you the worst busy body around.”

“I’m not a busy body. I just don’t like politicians or anyone else lying through their ass. I swear, most of the people I ran into at the capital in
support of restricting transgender and gays rights should have their mouths sewn shut and locked up in prison. They will believe nay lie told to them.”

“Well, you can’t lock everyone up. There’s not enough room or prisons to do it.”

“How about sewing their mouths shut? Can I at least do that?” Katelyn flattens a patty.

“Nope, you can’t do that either. The only thing you can do is educate them and show them they are wrong.”

“That doesn’t always work. People are going to believe anything they are told no matter how much you try to educate them. Politicians are
going to do whatever they, including lying in order to get elected or to stay in office. There needs to be a term limit to how long you can serve.”

“True, there should be. I agree with you on that. The problem is, is getting a law or constitution amendment added to enforce that and no
politician is going to do that. Just as they aren’t going to pass a law saying they should get paid if the government is forced to shut down either.”

“I know. It just sucks that people won’t do anything to stop the madness these politicians are doing.” Katelyn pounds another burger.

“Maybe one day something will be done, but not during our lifetime.” Cindy empty’s her wine cooler and grabs another one.

“True, change won’t occur until people pull their heads out of their assess and start thinking for themselves.”

“True. Well, I’m going to go and grab mine and Clare’s dirty laundry.”

“Alright, I’ll be here working on dinner.” Katelyn watches as Cindy walks off.

Katelyn continues to prepare dinner for everyone.

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