Royal Frills 2

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Royal Frills
Chapter 2 - This is your future

Prince Taylor has started at the Victorian Virtue Institute.
This school specializes in an old method of raising boys called petticoat discipline. They help improve a boy's behaviour by expressing their feminine side. In other words, they treat boys like sissies.
How will Prince Taylor deal with this, and since as a royal member he is in the public eye, how will the public react?

It seems as if we drove for eternity and the new school was in the middle of nowhere. I did not say anything to my parents all the way. It was my form of protest for sending me to a boarding school. I could not understand that a school would treat boys like girls. If God wanted me to wear a dress, he would have made me a girl. I think the worst was that I would be away from home. I never tried being away from my family. I had this feeling that my family no longer wanted me and I was being hidden in some school. They would no longer have to deal with me.

The school was in the middle of nowhere. It was not huge. It was an old manor house. My first impression was that it looked like a dollhouse. I kept very close to my parents as we entered the school. An old lady and a young lady met us. I was too busy to look around as they greeted us. The place reminded me of an old Victorian dollhouse that Julia has. Everything looked so old and so delicate. There was nothing masculine to be seen at all. It smelled of polish and flowers. Why did my parents want me to be here?

I was taken to my bedroom. The old lady said that this was a temporary room for the first month. Not only was the room very small, it was also very girly. The walls were white with Disney princess posters. The bed was a canopy bed that was pink and white. The floor was wooden with a white fluffy carpet. There was a small desk with horse magazines and colouring books. The old lady told us her name was Madam Cripen. She wore an old-fashioned dress with a huge broche. She explained that the first month was so that I get to know the school and they get to know me. After the first month, they start with the program.

I felt as if I was trembling. She told my parents that they should say goodbye to me. It's no use to drag things out. I started crying and begging my parents not to leave me here. I promised that I would be good and never cause trouble again. I could see tears in my mother's eyes as she told me that this was the best thing for me and that she loved me. Then they hugged me and said their goodbyes. I just sat on the bed and started crying. As my parents walked away, I could hear my dad comment that he had never seen me cry before. This made me feel worse. My Dad thought I was a wimp.

I was alone in the bedroom. I started looking at the horse magazines. I must admit that horses are nice animals. I liked the pictures of the ponies the best. There was a magazine as well with photos of little kittens. They were so cute. A small smile came on my face. A day ago, I would never have looked at cute kittens. Madam Criben came into my room. When I asked if could I unpack my suitcases, she told me I would not need my old things,

“You are leaving your old life behind you” she said, “You will no longer be a rude and spoiled boy. You will be a prince that the whole country can be proud of. Now I will leave you and my assitant will come back to speak with you. While I am gone, I want you to change your clothes. I want everything changed, including your underwear and socks. You will find your new clothes in the wardrobe. You many not like them, but get used to them. This is your future.”

When Madam Criben went, I opened the wardrobe. I started crying again. They were all girl clothes. There were dresses, girl tops, girl shorts, panties, sports bras, tights and Mary Jane shoes and sandals. They were all pastel colours. This seemed like a bad dream. I could not run away, as I was in the middle of nowhere, and I was afraid of Madam Criben. She looked so mean. I doubt that she ever smiled. I put on some Barbie panties, leggings and a white long-sleeve top with a pink crown on it. I found some white socks and put on purple sandals. When I looked in the mirror, more tears came. Madam Criben told me that this was my future. What could get worse?

The young assistant came in. She told me that her name was Miss Eva. She looked at my boy's clothes that were on the bed and put them in a plastic bag. She was surprised that I even changed the underwear, as most new boys do not do that when they start. Then she said that we had to talk. I sighed as I never had so many “talks” in one day.

“My name is Miss Eva,” she said. “My job is to support you and guide you in this journey. I know that this is hard for you and that you do not want to be here. You do not want to be a sissy. Most boys that come thinks the same. Its also harder for you, as you are a prince. The whole country will know you are here. This could be embarrassing and humilating. This all being said, my advice is to be brave and open to the program here. If you defy us or fight us, then you will be unhappy and even punished. We do spank here and I imagine as a prince, you always got your way. So my best advice is to obey and learn how to be humble. You may even like it here. A lot of boys here end up not wanting to go home. Give this school a chance and I am always here if you need me.”

I doubt that I would ever like it here. I already missed my parents. I even missed Julia. I decided to take a walk around the school. There were 11 other boys in the school. Some were younger and some were older. The one thing in common was they were all sissies wearing dresses. Some had their hair in pigtails or ponytails. Some even had earrings. I felt sorry for the little boys. They did not have much time to be a boy. As I looked at them, I remembered the old lady's words, “this is your future”. I was still confused as to why this was good for me and why my parents wanted to send me here.

Blake found me despite I could hardly recognise him. He was looking more and more like a girl. He told me that he heard I would be coming but did not believe it. I just blushed and told him I did not want to be here. When I asked to see his bedroom, he told me that he did not want to show me. This confused me. It could not be as bad as my bedroom. I wanted to ask him a lot of questions about this place. I thought it would be embarrassing to ask the questions. I did not want to look as if I was interested. In a way, I did not want to know the answers either.

I spent a few days trying to get to know the school and its strange ways. The other boys were very nice and at times, it was hard to know that they were boys. They wore a girl's uniform and at least I did not have to wear one yet. Miss Eva said I needed time to get used to the school, so I tried to wear clothes that were as close to boy's clothes as possible. I did not wear any dresses. I mostly wore leggings or jeans that had embroidered flowers on them. The classes that I went to were the normal classes that I had in my old school. Blake told me that I would get special classes in due time.

Everyone knew that I was a prince and this was big news for a few days. Then the boys looked beyond my royal background and treated me like any other boy. Madam Criben showed me some newspapers and social media. This showed me that the world now knew I was here. There were headlines such as “Prince Taylor in sissy training” and “Our country no longer has a prince, but a princess.” It was so embarrassing and humiliating to see all this. The whole world thought I was a boy that wanted to be a girl. They could see me as a sissy. Madam Criben did not say a word while she had seen me read all this. There was a huge smile on her face.

I did not smile after I read this. I was publicly humiliated. Blake could see that I was sad and tried to comfort me by saying, “Remember when I visited you and you laughed and teased me? It was so humiliating that my friend saw me in a dress. I did not get mad. If I did, I would have been punished. For some reason, the adults think it's good we are humiliated. They think it helps us accept who we are. I also told you that I like being girly. This was a lie. I do not like it! I hate every second of it. I am tired of the colour pink, dresses, frills, girl toys… the whole lot. I understand what you are going through, and it's worse because you are Royal. The whole world wants to know everything about you. Now they know you are here. Most boys start here when they are 7 or 8. We started a few years later, so it's harder for us to accept.”

I felt bad that I once teased Blake. He did not choose to come here. I did not have much time to think about it, as Miss Eva gave me a nightdress to wear. I told her that there was no way that I was going to wear it. She sighed, put me over her knee and spanked me. I do not know if you were ever spanked. It hurts! A lot! I screamed and pleaded for mercy. At the end, I put the stupid night dress on. I felt pretty with it on. I did not want to feel pretty. Feeling pretty made me cry myself to sleep.

The next day I decided enough was enough. What would they do next… make me wear a dress? I sneaked into Madam Criben's office and rang my mother's private number. I cried on the telephone begging her to let me come home. I told her they treat boys like girls. I told her that I was spanked. I told her that I was so unhappy. Mom told me to calm down and this was a new place. The school would help me and make me a better person. I would be coming home at Christmas for the holidays and she looked forward to that. She told me to remember that she loved me and this was for my own good. I put the phone down. I should have tried ringing my grandmother.

Of course, Madam Criben caught me on the phone and spanked me once again. She told me that it was not allowed. She warned me that I would learn and accept my place and who I am. All I knew was that I would do anything to avoid getting spanked again. My bum was too fragile for that treatment.

The next thing that happened was that I was checked by a doctor. I told me that I was very small for my age. This always annoyed me when people said this. I was the same size as Julia and she was 3 years younger than me. Otherwise, he said that I was normal. I was not as strong as I should be for a boy my age. Madam Criben smiled at all this and said I was perfect for the school.

Then I had a meeting with Miss Eva. She called it a therapy affirmation session. She told me that she read about me and how I was a brat at times. She mentioned that I was mean and arrogant with other people. She reminded me that people never had anything good to say about me. I was the least popular royal member. She told me that this school would help me find the good sides of me. It will make me kinder, have empathy and be polite. I could do this the hard way or the easy way. The hard way will involve punishment and some sort of humiliation. Then she told me that she wanted me to wear a dress the next day. I tried to remind her that I was a boy. Miss Eva smiled and told me that I was no longer a boy, I was now a sissy.

So the next day I did what she demanded. I wore a simple denim overall dress. At least it was not pink or some pastel colour. Wearing a dress was strange. I could feel the air around my legs. That was a hard feeling to get used to. I consoled myself that everyone else here wore a dress, so it made no difference. They did not tease me. A few told me that I was pretty. I did not know how to respond to this. It sounded so gay and yet it was probably the truth. One thing I was certain of. Miss Eva was right. As every day went by, I was feeling less and less like a boy.

This went on for a few days until I was told what was expected of me next. I was given an old baby porcelain doll. It reminded me of the doll that Julia had that I destroyed. I suppose that the adults knew about this and this was my punishment for that. I was told that I would have to always have the doll with me. I just shrugged my shoulder and thought this was weird. I never liked dolls. Only small girls liked dolls. However, I saw that other boys had dolls. Some even had pacifiers. Logan had a pacifier that he used all the time. That seemed much worse. I called my Doll Lisa. I figured it was better she had a name besides me calling her a doll. Every time I used the word doll, it reminded me that I was a 10-year-old boy who wore dresses and carried a doll everywhere.

Blake told me that one day he wanted to show me his room. I thought that my situation was weird, but his situation was worse. His bedroom was a girl's baby nursery. It had a crib, changing table and baby toys. There were two cribs, but Blake told me that he did not share a room with anyone. Then he asked me why I was not teasing him. I told him that I already knew he wore diapers and used pacifiers. I knew that this was not a choice. We were just told what to do. Blake agreed and told me that he could not wait until he was finished with this school. At some stage, it will be up to him if he wants to stay here or go home. If he went home, he could decide if he wanted to live as a boy again. This gave me hope. I could go home and play football again.

Even if I did go home, my reputation would be forever changed. One day we were watching a child TV show. They had a competition where people could draw pictures of me wearing a dress. The TV presenter said that they never received so many drawings. So once again, I was being humiliated in public. They were only drawings, but they were drawings of me as a sissy. Madam Criben came into the TV room and commented on how good the drawings were. She also said that maybe we should send them some photos. I begged her not to. She replied that she was only joking. For some reason, I did not believe her.

A few days later, Miss Eva gave me a letter from my sister

“Dear Taylor,

I hope you are doing well at the new school. As much as you torment me, I miss you very much. You have been a lot in social media and the gossip news lately. Everyone says you now are a sissy. You like wearing dresses. I would never tease you if this is true. If girls can wear boys' clothes, why can't boys wear girls' clothes? I do not think it makes you strange. I think the important thing is that you are happy. Anyhow I do miss you.


I bet she got help to write that. She is only 7. Still, the letter made me happy. It meant my sister was thinking about me. She also seemed wiser than I ever gave her credit for. She had some good points.

Madam Criben told me that it was time for me to get a new rule. I was not allowed to get out of bed at night.. not even to use the toilet. I thought this was a daft rule, but did not protest. I did not want to be punished. My bedtime was also at 7 pm. This meant that I was expected to be in bed for 12 hours. It was nice to get sleep, but my problem was when I needed to go to the toilet. I did not dare to get out of bed. So I was twisting and turning around in my bed. I wanted to sneak out and go to the toilet but was too afraid to do it. As you guessed, I ended up wetting the bed. This was embarrassing as everyone knew the next day. I think they wanted to humiliate me again, but that didn’t work. I know it wasn't my fault. It was a stupid rule that made no sense

A rubber sheet was put on my bed. The noise it made reminded me of every time that I wet the bed. I continued to wet the bed every night for a week. I tried to be positive and think the rule was to strengthen my bladder. This did not work. I think my bladder was getting weaker because, after a week, I wet my bed while I slept. I did not even know that I wet the bed.

Madam Criben told me not to worry. It was time to move me to my new bedroom. She told me that I was lucky because I would be sharing my bedroom with someone else

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Sounds like Ms Criben is more

Sounds like Ms Criben is more into humiliation than rehabilitation