The Christmas elf

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The Christmas elf

Madison Morgan was fed up with his life. He had left school at 16 at the end of the summer term, hoping to find a job where he could follow his main interest, in fact his only interest, video gaming. He had tried several of the local gaming arcades, but every time was turned down, mainly because he was a late developer and looked about 2 years younger than he actually was, he hadn’t had the growth spurt or bulked out like all his classmates, and his voice had not yet broken. Potential employers told him that they needed somebody that customers would see as experienced and take advice from, not some fresh-faced kid with a bushy mop of overgrown curly hair.

He spent most of the time, when he wasn’t looking for work, on his computer or game box and was actually very good at what he was doing but nobody took him seriously and he just drifted for a while getting more and more despondent.

One day, at the beginning of December he visited the local outlet of The Toy Warehouse chain to pass the time looking for a present for his young niece. His sister Stephanie, only 3 years older than him had fallen pregnant with a boy she hardly knew who wanted nothing to do with the child, and when their parents went off to find themselves on an extended sabbatical year, Madison and Stephanie were left to look after themselves. That was the main reason he had dropped out of school, rather than go to college or university as he had planned, he needed a wage coming into pay the bills. Although welfare benefits helped and their parents left them a monthly allowance it was nowhere near enough for them to live on.

Wandering around the store he found that they had a section selling video games and he was browsing through the racks looking at the latest consoles and game drives when he couldn’t help but overhear an angry customer complaining to the store assistant that the game he had bought would not open up and run.

“I don’t understand, we have sold lots of these and never had a problem, the drivers come straight from the manufacturers. Let’s plug it into one of our consoles and we’ll check it out.”

“See, I told you that it didn’t work I want my money back.”

“But you have opened up the program it may have picked up a virus from your equipment.”

Madison smiled as he had experienced the same problem but had been able to sort it out.
“Excuse me but I think I can help. When you logged in and entered your personal details you have not completed it and the user personal features interface is going round in a loop trying to work out who you are, what level you should be playing at and which character you have chosen, it’ll only take a minute to sort it out if you let me do it for you.”

Five minutes later the customer went away happy leaving Madison talking with the assistant.
“Thanks so much for that, you don’t want a job do you, I am totally out of my depth with these games, I am ok with computers generally but the games are a different world.”

“As a matter of fact I am looking for a job, but not having much luck.”

Half an hour later after an interview with the manager, Madison was offered the job on a three months trial and was due to start the next day, but things did not work out as planned when he turned up the following morning.

“What do you mean that we’ve lost one of the elves who assist Santa and can’t open the grotto? It’s the start of December, it’s our busiest and most profitable time of the year and Santa’s grotto draws in the crowds, we need to sort it out and quickly.” the manager shouted at his under-manager, Marilyn.

“It’s health and safety rules to protect the little children, there have been cases of Santas touching children inappropriately and legislation says there has to be an elf in with Santa all the time, and we need another to marshal the queue and greet them all.”

Surely there must be someone else among the staff who can take over, what about that Madison lad that is starting today, he looks like an elf , so small and skinny and with that unruly hair?

“But Mr Forsyth, that just won’t work.”

“Make it work Marilyn, I’ve made the decision and that’s final. If he is not keen to do it tell him that if he will do this that his job will be guaranteed at the end of his trial period.”

“But Mr Forsyth……”

“No buts Marilyn, get on with it , the matter is closed.”

Madison had just settled in down at the games counter when Marilyn called him over.

“I know that you have just started and are keen to start work in the video games section but we need a favour, there is a special role for you for a few weeks. The staff member who was going to act as Santa’s helper at the grotto has decided that they don’t want to work here anymore and we need a replacement, do you mind taking over.”

“It’s not really my thing, can I just stay here advising people on the games consoles and programs?”

“Honestly, we are up against the clock here, we are supposed to open the grotto in an hour, I would really appreciate your help. If you do this we will forget about your trial and guarantee you a permanent position here after the grotto closes.”

“Ok. What do we do now?”Madison quickly grabbed the opportunity.

“Come with me.I’ll introduce you to Katy, our other elf, and she can get you ready.”

Hi Katy the is Madison your partner elf please get him in the outfit and let him know what his role is. He just started today and because he volunteered for this he is not on trial but has been offered a permanent position on the sales floor. I’ll leave you to it.”

Katy was a girl just a bit older than him already dressed in her costume, a green smock tunic with red scalloped trim, with a flared skirt, matching hat, red and green tights and patent shoes with silver buckles.

“I like your outfit Katy, it’s cute, what’s mine like?”

“You’re looking at it, didn’t they tell you you’re replacing Anna, the elves here are always girls and it’s the only costumes we have.”

“This is stupid, I’ll look ridiculous dressed like that, I can’t wear girls’ clothes. I don’t know what my sister will say when she finds out.”

“You’ll look no more ridiculous than I feel dressed like this, It’s only a costume, and it should fit you, you about the same size as Anna and me.”

“That’s ok for you but I’m a boy, I’ll look weird, a boy dressed in a girls’s costume.”

“How much do you want the job here. If you don’t do this and we can’t open the grotto how long do you think you will last. Please, we haven’t got much time, try on the costume and we’ll see how you look.”

I don’t know whether you realise but this is the female changing room where we usually swap into our working uniform from our normal clothes. Obviously you do not have a locker in here, so just put your clothes on one of the chairs, they should be fine for today, I’ll get you a locker for tomorrow.

Katy left him alone for a while to let him change into the costume, she realised that he was embarrassed enough without her making it worse by watching him. She was pleasantly surprised when she returned to find him waiting, standing sheepishly.

“Actually that fits you quite well, and you do not look too bad, a little bit of makeup and you’ll easily pass as a girl especially with your voice which is quite high-pitched and girly. Let me do your face and brush out your hair into a more feminine shape and you can have a good look at yourself before deciding how much you want this job and whether you can act as a girl elf for a few weeks.”

“What if anyone that knows me comes in and recognises me, what are they going to think?”

‘Give me a few minutes and you won’t even recognise yourself.”

“Are you sure that I am not just going to make a fool of myself?"

“You look great Maddie , honestly, nobody will see you as a boy in a dress, just follow what I do and remember how your sister talks and acts, you should be ok. Come on girl, it’s showtime !”

“Madison soon got over his nerves and initially took on the role of Santa’s helper in the grotto while Katy interacted more with the children and parents in the queue, but as he became more confident that he was accepted as a girl he took turns with Katy every hour and was even happy to stay in costume when he went to the staff canteen with her for their lunch break.

“You’re doing really well Maddie, much better than I expected and if you don’t mind me saying it you really fit into the role of a girl too.”

“My parents are a bit free-spirit they often left me alone with Stephanie and as she is a bit older than me she became a sort of role model. I’ve always been comfortable in the company of girls and have found it easy to mimic their voices and gestures, particularly as my my voice hasn’t broken yet and I still sing alto.”

“Lets hope that it stays that way for the next few weeks, we can’t have a gruff-voiced girl elf can we?” Katy giggled.

“How was your first day then Maddie, I know that it isn’t what you were expecting to be doing.” Katy asked as they returned to the changing room at the end of the afternoon. Are you coming back tomorrow?”

“It wasn’t too bad once I relaxed and realised that to the customers I was just another girl elf, nobody made any comments or gave me funny looks. I think that I can put up with it for a few weeks”

“Right, let’s get changed, and we’ll get the bus home, I live near you so we can have a chat to make the journey pass more quickly.”

“Where are my clothes, I left them on that chair and now they’re gone? Actually they is a note where they were ‘Sorry but I knocked your clothes off the chair and spilt a bucket of dirty water and bleach on them when I was washing the floor, I’ve taken them home to wash out for you and will bring them back tomorrow. I’ve left your purse on top of the locker out of the way, Liz,’

That’s ridiculous, how am I supposed to get home?”

“You’ve got two choices, either you go home as you are, or I can loan you my uniform hanging in my locker, Unfortunately I only have a skirt and blouse for you along with some sandals, what do you want to do?”

“Not much of a choice is it, either look ridiculous dressed as an elf or look ridiculous dressed as a girl in skirt and blouse.”

“There’s nothing ridiculous about wearing a skirt, I do it all the time. Besides your hair and makeup are still looking good, you’ve passed as a girl all day, another few minutes on the bus is not the end of the world is it? You’ll have to take off those ridiculous striped tights, it’s too cold to go out bare-legged but I have got some unopened neutral pairs in the locker, a girl never knows when they are going to snag their tights and get a run in them. What do you want to do?

“I suppose the skirt and blouse our the better of two evils, if you don’t mind.”

“They actually fit you quite well, not quite right as you don’t have boobs, I don’t have another coat but there is a cardigan and light foldaway mac which should keep the worst of the wind off and hide your chest, or lack of it, Get your wallet and let’s get out of here.”

On the bus ride home they told each other a bit more about themselves, their families, likes and dislikes and found that they had a lot in common and the soon arrived near home.

“Are you ok going in the house to explain to your sister why you are dressed like that, or would you rather that I came in with you?” Katy asked as she walked Madison to the door.

“Come in with me please, I don’t know how Stephanie will react when she sees me like this.”

“What on earth are you doing Madison, I assume that you are my brother Madison, I hope you have a good explanation as to why you are wearing a skirt, tights and sandals.” Although Stephanie sounded harsh she was desperately trying not to burst out laughing.

“Stephanie, it’s not Maddie’s choice, it’s just the way things turned out today.” Katy jumped in to cover Madison’s embarrassment as he was unable to speak, explaining everything that had happened. “If Madison works with me as an elf in the grotto up to Christmas his job is permanent and he said that is so important.”

“What! Does this mean that you are going to be working as a girl for weeks, surely they can’t make you do that?”

“Steph, I really want this job , we need the money, and if it helps out I am happy to go along with it. Katy has been really good to me, I’m sure that it has been as awkward and embarrassing for her as it has been for me. She did my makeup and hair today and has really helped me feel comfortable acting as a girl, I don’t want to let her down,”

“Maddie was really good today he got on really well with the kiddies, and nobody recognised him as a boy.”

“I suppose you are right, it will be a change to have a little sister. Borrow one of my winter coats and see Katy safely home, despite how you are dressed you are still a boy and she is your responsibility. We will have more of a talk when you get back.”

“Right Maddie, I like the sound of that name by the way, we need to sort a few things out. It was very good of Katy doing your hair and makeup today but it’s not fair on her to have to do that every day. You need to sort yourself out here at home before you go in.”

‘That’ll look weird travelling on the bus with me wearing makeup.”

“Not if you are dressed as a girl.’”

“You’re joking.I”

“I’m not. You want this job and I need you to have it to pay the bills. You will be dressing and looking like a girl at work surely another hour or so travelling there won’t make a lot of difference. I have lots of clothes that should fit you and I can help you with hair and makeup before you go until you can manage it yourself.”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Not really. Now I’ve got over the shock I see quite a pretty girl in front of me, but we need to sort a few things out. Firstly,I don’t want to cause any confusion with young Isabella, even around the house you will stay in girls’ clothes and she will be told that you are her Auntie Maddie. Secondly you would have been ok in the thick costume tights at work today, but your legs are a bit fluffy for those sheer tights you have on, you need to give them a good shave to get rid of any signs of hair,, and do your arms and pits too. Go and do that and when you come down we’ll do your finger and toe nails, a vivid red I think to match the trim on your costume. Lastly Katy made your hair look vaguely feminine, but it needs done properly. If I have a go with my straighteners to pull out all those curls , it will look a lot longer and more feminine and should be capable of being styled into a nice bob. See you in a few minutes, don’t bother getting dressed, just put on one of my dressing gowns from behind the bathroom door.”

“That’s a lot better Maddie you’ve made a good job of it.”

”It’s a shame I was getting quite proud that my body hair was just beginning to grow.”

“Well you’ll just have to forget that for a while. One of the things that didn’t look right when you were dressed, and I’m sire didn’t look right in your costume is your lack of boobs, I’ve dug out a couple of bras for you let’s see which is the better fit.”

“Do I have to?”

“Yes and I want no more arguments from you. That seems quite snug and with these insert enhancers filling out the cups you do look quite good . Now you are looking a bit more feminine I will feel more comfortable doing your hair, nails, and makeup, working with you looking like my sister not my brother, Now just relax and enjoy being pampered., and take notice of what I am doing.”

The nails didn’t take too long, but straightening out Madison’s natural waves and curling the ends into a bob, seemed to him like it took forever.

“What do you think then Maddie, you look pretty good, a bit like a younger unstressed version of me, it must be something in the genes. You should have no problems being seen as a girl, you just need to learn to behave like one. There’s moisturiser and cleansing pads in the bathroom go and clean off your makeup and to keep you in the mood I’ve left one of my pyjama sets on the bed for you. I’ve also sorted out some clothes and things for you to wear to get to work tomorrow. When you are out at work I’ll go through my stuff and. pick out more things that you can have.”

When he woke Madison got dressed in the clothes that his sister had left out, a warm above-the-knee tweed skirt, chunky wool sweater, one of a new pack of panties, thick black winter tights, and ankle boots. After he had brushed out his hair which had survived overnight reasonably unruffled he made his way downstairs to find Stephanie waiting for him with a tray of makeup items in front of her.

“Good morning Maddie, I’ve put out a bowl of muesli and some coffee for you, get started on them while I just tidy up your hair and give it a spray. Pay careful attention as I do your makeup, I won’t be doing this every day, you need to learn how to do it yourself.

“There you are all done, you’re now fit to face the world. I’ve put your wallet, keys and some odds and ends in that navy shoulder bag, which goes with the winter coat next to it. Don’t worry about anything, just go in there do your job and act like being a girl is just an everyday thing for you.”

When he got to the bus stop Katy was already there and as he got closer she realised who it was and her jaw dropped.

“Wow Maddie, I wasn’t expecting that, I thought you would just arrive at work as Madison and get into girl mode in the changing room, not actually turn up already dressed and made up. You and your sister have really been busy, you look amazing, and I love what you have done with your hair.”

“ I’m glad you’re here I’m really nervous of how people will see me.”

“All they will see is a young attractive girl.there is no need for you to be any more nervous than any other girl, just be wary if you are walking alone and there is a man or boy behind you, unfortunately they cannot all be trusted, feeling threatened is part of being a girl. When we are on the bus you can tell me everything that Stephanie said last night and what she has done to you.”

“What? She says you have to be a girl full-time all the way until Christmas and you agreed, that is so cool. You and me are going to have some fun.”

When they went into the shop nobody gave Maddie a second glance even a couple of women in the changing room putting on their uniforms took no notice, just smiled and said “Good Morning girls.”

When the others had left Katy grinned at Maddie. “I see that you’ve grown breasts overnight, you’re a bit underdeveloped but at least they say ‘Girl’, Strip off and get into your costume and let me have a look at you. Wow, Steph’s got you into panties too, you are really going for this aren’t you?”

“She says that if I am going to do this I need to do it properly and be a girl from the skin out. Anyway, yesterday my boxers were rubbing a bit bunched under the costume tights and these should be a bit more comfortable.”

“Yesterday you were passable as a girl, but now there is absolutely no doubt, you are a girl from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. To be on the safe side put your clothes and bag in my locker, we don’t want the cleaners ruining another set of clothes. Come on partner, let’s give these kiddies a treat.”

When it was time to go home Madison’s clothes had still not turned up, but he was in no hurry, he wouldn’t be needing them for a while.

“Hang on a minute Maddie I need to go to the Loo before we leave.”

“Me too it’s a long bus ride home.”

Madison was finished, washed his hands and freshening up his lipstick when Katy called out from the cubicle “Maddie this is embarrassing but can you get me a pad out of the dispenser, it’s a rip off buying them like that, but needs must.”

“No need for that, Steph put a couple in my bag, what I’m supposed to use them for I’ve no idea, but she said a girl must always be prepared, they are only low-flow ones will they do.”

“You really surprise me, most boys run a mile when we even mention the subject ‘period’ you seem quite comfortable with it.”

“As I have said I spent lot of time with Stephanie as we grew up and we weren’t shy with each other, at times we were more like sisters than brother and sister and she would often send me to do shopping for her including tampons and pads, cosmetics and underwear so nothing like that really bothers me, somehow I never felt embarrassed, it just seemed normal to me.”

“Let’s go home, we can talk more on the bus, come back to my house I think I have something that might be of use to you.”

‘Hi Mum, I’m home, this is Maddie who is working with me as a Santa’s elf, we’re just going to my room for a few minutes.”

“Ok Katy, but don’t be long , dinner’s nearly ready.”

“What do you think then Maddie, if you are serious about staying a girl until Christmas you will be a lot better off using proper breast forms like these rather than those enhancers, they will look and feel much more natural.”

They look big, are you’re they are the right size for me, where did you get them from?”

“My Auntie Carla got them after her mastectomies and when she died Mum and I cleared out her house. Rather than throw them away for some reason I kept them, but you are quite welcome to them if you want. They are only a B-cup, the same size as me, so they should be fine on you.”

“Ok then let’s see how I look with them.”

“Right, they should be set by now, stand up and see how they feel and look.”

“They feel like they are pulling away from my chest skin,”

“That’s what they are supposed feel like, just like real ones, it gives a smooth blend into your own body.”

“Ok I’ll give them a try to see how I get on with them.”

“You haven’t got much choice the glue is semi-permanent and will easily hold them in place until Christmas.”

“You didn’t tell me that, what will I say if Stephanie notices?”

“I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t, they make you a lot bigger than the enhancers you were using. Of course you will need a bigger bra, you can have one of my old ones. I don’t want it back, although we girls often share clothes, undies are a bit personal for that. Anyway, get dressed, it’s time you were heading home.”

On the way home Madison felt a bit weird, the bounce and sway of the breasts as he walked took some getting used to and he felt that it must be so noticeable to anyone he passed, but then he realised that so did the chests of other women and he just accepted that he would have to get used to it.

“How was today Maddie, did you have any problems with your new look?”

“Not at all, everyone just seemed to take me as another girl, even in the changing room at work, and Katy thought that you had done any amazing job on me.”

Later after he cleaned off his makeup and changed into the pyjamas he had been given the previous night, he went downstairs to have a hot chocolate with his sister,”

“Maddie, f you don’t mind me asking, what have you done, you seem to have grown your own breasts overnight , you are at least a size bigger and they’re wobbling around under that thin pyjama top.”

“What do you reckon?” Maddie asked a she lifted up her top. “Katy had some breast forms that she let me have.”

“I think that you are going too far, too fast, but as long as you are happy, why not? I must admit that the do look pretty good and reasonably natural. Do they come off?”

“Katy said that the glue should last until Christmas when I stop needing to dress as a girl.”

“It sounds that you now have no choice about appearing as a girl, although I must say that it suits you, you have a good friend in Katy, maybe you will get out more rather than spend all your time on your games console. This is taking you over, but if you are happy as you are, just accept that for the moment you are Maddie, stop thinking that you are a boy dressed as a girl ”

How are you feeling this morning Maddie, how did Stephanie react to your new boobs?” Katy asked as they met at the bus stop

“She noticed right away but was surprised that I would be stuck with them, literally, until Christmas. They still feel a bit weird though, bouncing as I walk”

“That’s no bother when you get used to it, except if you run they do tend to get a bit lively.”

“It’s ok for you girls, they creep up on you gradually, not just appearing overnight, you have time to get used to them. I remember when Stephanie was beginning to grow, just about every night she would inspect herself in the mirror to see if she could spot any change.”

“Weren’t the pair of you embarrassed about that, I don’t think that I could have shared that with my brother, if I had one. Anyway just like any other girl you will have to get used to having breasts, they come along as a package with the clothes makeup and all the emotional baggage?”

“I’ve told you, we have always been very close and open with each other. That’s why I had no problems yesterday helping you with your period pad. It’s just a fact of life that we have to get used to.”

“ Let me tell you, you are lucky that you will never have to really get used to periods. Other than that you are now so much a girl, forget all the boy’s stuff, just enjoy your time as a member of the fair sex.”

Katy and Maddie were getting changed into their costumes and were both standing in just their underwear when Marilyn came into the changing room. ‘I’m looking for Madison, is he about?”

“No there’s just me and Maddie.” Katy quickly replied. Marilyn left the room looking confused, leaving the girls giggling as they got ready to go to the grotto.

Later as they were on their lunch break, Marilyn came over to join them. “Sorry to barge in on you like that earlier girls, but it made me realise that we have made a big mistake and owe you an apology. When you came into the shop wearing all those baggy clothes we all thought that you were a boy, but seeing you in the changing room that was obviously a silly mistake. I’ve now corrected the HR records, to record you as the girl that you obviously are.”

“Don’t worry about it Marilyn, it was an easy mistake to make.”

“Well. Maddie it looks like you are now officially a girl, at least at work, she obviously saw you in your bra and panties, with prominent breasts and realised that there was no way that you were a boy.”

“Yes but what happens when the grotto closes and I go back to being a sales adviser in the games department.”

“Well you’ll just have to face that bridge when you have to cross it.”

That question was answered when they went to get changed later. One of the lockers in the Ladies’ changing room now bore the nameplate ‘Madison Morgan’. “Marilyn didn’t waste any time, you now have your own place in here it looks like Maddie is the new games department sales adviser. Let’s stop for a coffee on the way home and we’ll have a chat about this.”

“Im not getting too worked up about this. I promised you that I would be your partner elf and Stephanie that I would live as Maddie until the end of the season. If management have me listed as female it will save any problems arising of me being in the room when the other women are changing their into their uniform skirts and blouses. Everybody thinks that I am girl anyway and the way I look I can’t blame them. Stephanie told me that I have to stop thinking of myself as Madison and just accept that for the moment I am Maddie, a girl, and the more I am accepted as such the less conflict there is in my mind. Talking off thinking like a girl, do you fancy coming shopping at the Mall with me, I need a few bits and pieces? Stephanie has been good giving me a lot of her old stuff but I need more underwear and my own cosmetics, I can’t keep using hers.”

“I’ve been thinking Maddie and I’ve realised what else is missing with you, no jewellery. You need to get your ears pierced and a few studs or earrings, every girl our age has pierced ears, a locket, bracelet and some dress rings, nothing fancy or exotic, they are only for the next few weeks, are you up for it?”

Why not it would help me blend in, where’s the best place to go?"

“We have to have a night out, even if it is just down at the pub. While we are here at the mall let’s find you a nice dress, a skirt and top is fine for most of the time, but for a night out you can’t beat a dress for getting you in an upbeat mood.”

“That was different, do you never feel guilty trying on dresses and leaving the shop without buying anything?”

“Not at all, it’s expected by the shops. A lot of times it’s just a way for us girls to have a bit of fun, even when we have no money and no intention of buying anything. Did Stephanie never take you shopping with her?”

“Lots of times, and now you mention it, most of those we went back home without buying anything. It’s a different experience though browsing through the racks inspecting things and trying them on rather than standing around like a spare part, being bored and being asked for an opinion every now and again, it was actually fun this evening.”

“Believe me Maddie, a few more trips like this and your view of shopping will change completely. Are your ears ok or are they still tingling?”

“They feel itchy rather than sore, but I’ll stick with the studs for the moment I’ll leave the pendant ones for a night out.”

“It looks like you’ve been shopping, what have you got.” My sister asked as I arrived back home.“

“Just some essential, some bras panties and tights, and Katy talked me into getting a dress for a night out, what do you think” Maddie held up the dress to herself and did a twirl.

“I think it’s gorgeous, I can’t wait to see you dolled up wearing it. I see that you’ve had your ears done too, I was going to suggest that to you, it’s rare to see a girl nowadays with bare ears. Are you going to get changed before dinner or are you ok as you are?”

“I’ll just go and put this stuff away, put on some leggings and a top then we can relax for the rest of the evening.”

“I’ve had a bit of a clear out and have put a load of stuff in your wardrobe and drawers I needed to shift your boys’ stuff into the spare room to make a bit of space. Feel free to wear whatever takes your fancy.”

“You’ll never guess what happened today, Marilyn the assistant manager came into the changing room when Katy and I were getting into our costumes and caught us wearing just our bras and panties.’

“What did she say when she saw you dressed like that?’

“At the time nothing, she just looked at me and walked out looking perplexed and embarrassed. Later though she apologised for thinking that I was a boy which I obviously wasn’t now she had seen me undressed. She said that all the HR records had been changed to list me as female and has even allocated me a locker in the women’s changing room, as far as the management is concerned Madison is a girl.”

“What happens when they find out the truth?”

“We’ll sort that out when the time comes meantime I’ll just keep on being Maddie.”

“Ok, but be careful. How did you get on with your new breasts today?”

“Not a problem, at first I was always conscious of them moving around, but as the day went on I didn’t really notice, they became just another part of my body the same way I no longer really feel the hair hanging down loose over my face. Half the population have to live with their breasts, if you can all live with them, why should it be a problem for me? You told me that I had to learn to consider myself to be a girl, the same applies to you. Stop asking me how I feel about it, just treat me as if I’ve always been your sister, talk to me about whatever interests you just as you did when we were younger, we were just too close friends that shared our thoughts and experiences we never really considered whether it was girl talk or boy talk.”

“Fair enough. That’s a lovely dress you bought, when are you planning on wearing it?”

”We are going out for a meal on Friday, nothing too fancy, just a nice pleasant night out together, maybe a bottle of wine with it, we’re both still a bit young for the pubs and clubs.’

“ Sounds good, I’m jealous. With Isabella I haven’t been able to get out for ages.”

A few days later Katy and Maddie returned from their night out to find Stephanie halfway through a bottle of wine.

“You shouldn’t drink like that when you are alone with Isabella, what if something happened?”

“Thank you Jiminy Cricket, I hope you had a good time while I’ve been stuck in here.”

“We did, thank you Grumpy, and we thought that you deserve a good time too. If you fancy a girls’ night out with me, Katy has volunteered to babysit, does that make you feel any better?”

“When are you thinking?”

“ The mood you are in the sooner the better, how about Monday?”

“ Come here the pair of you and give me a hug, it will give me a chance to get glammed up for a change, being Stephanie again rather than Isabella’s mum. The pair of you are not only looking delightful but you have delightful natures too.”

“Katy called round after work on Monday and while Stephanie and Maddie got ready for their night out she amused Isabella with nurses rhymes.

Wow, you are both looking gorgeous, particularly you Steph, there is definitely nothing mumsy about you tonight. Enjoy yourselves and I will take care of everything here.”

The sisters went to a local hotel and had a really enjoyable meal entertaining themselves people watching and gossiping about the various other guests.

“Those two guys at the bar are pretty fit, what do you think Maddie? I’m sure that they keep looking over at us.”

“Don’t forget who I am Steph, I’m not interested in a chat-up.”

“Spoilsport, but even you have to admit that they look a bit of alright. There is no harm in looking and having a bit of a chat, I promise that is all I am looking for and it might do you good to see things from a girl’s perspective. They’re coming over, just play nice and go with the flow.”

Even Maddie had to admit that the guys were pleasant and good company without getting too pushy.

“Did you enjoy yourself girls?” Katy asked when they returned home.

“It was great, thank you so much for looking after Isabella. We even got chatted up by a couple of smart guys and it’s just as well I was with Maddie not some of the friends I used to have, the night could have turned out much different.”

“Take that smile of your face Sis, or I’ll get a bucket of water to cool you down.” Maddie joked.

After Maddie had walked Katy home, they had a long goodbye hug on her doorstep.

Thanks ever so much Katy, it really brightened Stephanie up, particularly when she realised that she could still pull the fellas if she wanted to.”

“What about you, how did you feel about being able to attract the lads?”

“Not my scene Katy, I might be living as a girl, but that is as far as it goes. I’m not looking for a relationship with anyone, but if I was it would be with a girl just like you, that is if you didn’t feel uncomfortable being with a guy who looks and acts like a girl.”

“Come here you silly so-and-so, give me a kiss and you’ll find out how I feel about you.”

The next two weeks on the run-up to Christmas were hectic for the girls in the grotto, half the children in the town wanted to visit Santa in the Toy Warehouse, made even more popular as word spread about the wonderful Santa Claus and his attractive helpers.

When the grotto closed on the last Saturday before Christmas Day ’so that Santa could prepare for his very busy time’ the grotto had been the most successful and profitable it had been for many years. Katy and Maddie were called into the manager’s office to see him and Marilyn without even being given time to change out of their costumes.

“Well done girls, ‘Santa’ has told me that the success is very much down to you two, the way you organised amused and interacted with all the kiddies. You will find a bonus in your pay-packets this month. Next year, If I am still here I would like you to organise the whole event, deciding the set, ordering the presents, coming up with fresh new ideas, if you would like to take it on. On Monday Katy you will be back on your normal duties on the cuddly toy and doll section. Madison you never really had a chance to make your mark in the video games area, but I am told that you often sorted things out over the phone to the counter staff when they had technical problems. The senior advisor there is leaving us as he says it is not really a career he sees for himself. I would like you to take on that role, obviously with an increase in your salary, backdated to when you started a month ago. Thank you once again girls.”

“Maddie, as you went straight into working in the grotto you were never issued with a shop-floor uniform which you will need for tomorrow, you will find a box with it in next to your locker, you may want to unpack it so any creases will have dropped out by Monday.” Marilyn told her as she walked them out of the office

“Go on then let’s have a look at your new uniform.” Katy grabbed the parcel, more excited about it than Maddie. “What do you think?”

“But it’s a female uniform, skirt, blouse cravat and cardigan.”

“What did you expect, you have a locker in the Ladies’ changing room, Marilyn has seen you in your panties and bra, she apologised for originally thinking you were a boy, of course it was always going to be a girl’s uniform, just like mine that you wore that first evening when your clothes were ruined. You have two choices, either wear it on Monday and continue as Maddie, or go and tell them the truth and probably kiss goodbye to your job.”

Monday morning , after long discussions with Stephanie, Madison arrived at the shop in full Maddie mode, hair perfectly styled, tasteful subtle make up, went up to the changing room ,and took off her clothes to get into her new uniform. Changing in front of a couple of other girls like today, was going to be part of her life for the foreseeable future. She clipped on her ID badge ’Miss Madison Morgan, Senior Gaming Consultant’ and confidently made her way down to her sales area, giving a smile and wave to Katy as she passed through her section.

She was soon approached by a pair of teenage girls.”Can you help us please? Our brothers are always on their consoles and seem to have lots of fun but won’t let us use them, they won’t even explain what the games are all about, saying girls are useless at playing them and they start talking in buzzwords and coded abbreviations. What is a good way for us to start?”

“Well, boys can be a bit like that, they don’t like us to be as good or even better than them at anything, always treating us us bimbos. Come with me and I’ll show you some consoles that are quite easy to use and some games that are designed to be mainly bought by girls, just as challenging and adventurous as the more aggressive boys’ games but needing a bit more thought rather than violent reaction.’

“Well girls, what do you think, are you still interested?”

“Definitely, you explained everything so clearly. We talked to someone here last week but he didn’t really want to know, he was more interested in a couple of lads who spoke the same buzz words as him. We’ve had some early Christmas money, so we’ll take a console and a game each, then we can swap them with each other and play online together.”

“I shouldn’t really do this but I am trying to get more girls involved in gaming, how about if I gave you a 15% introductory discount if you join our loyalty card scheme, us girls have to stick together, don’t we? If any of your friends are interested get them to come and see me, tell them to ask for Maddie.”

The rest of the day, apart from two boys who knew exactly what they wanted, all Maddie’s customers were young girls, word was spreading that there was now a girl consultant who could help them without making them feel stupid.

Over the next month sales continued to grow particularly to girls and women thanks to the personal approach taken by Maddie and one afternoon she was called into Marilyn’s office.

“Maddie you are doing a wonderful job, I’ve seen and heard you talking to girls and getting them interested in gaming, I’ve been telling Mr Forsyth for ages that we have been ignoring the female games market, Geek boys make up the bulk of our sales, but that leaves about half of the population not involved, however you seem to be making a breakthrough there. Mr Forsyth and I think that is not enough. It’s not enough in so far as we are not fully using your talents.”

“I was worried there when you first said that it was not enough. What do you mean?"

“The products the company sells are all decided by central purchasing at head office, but how many of each item are stocked in each outlet is down to the individual store and varies considerably depending on local spending patterns and levels of interest. I have discussed this with Duncan, Mr Forsyth, and we would like you, with your extensive product knowledge, to be involved in our purchase levels of gaming systems and programs. Most of your time will still be on the shop floor, but there is a small office next door that you could use in that role and as a test bed area for anything new. You are very young for such a responsible role but your abilities override that. What do you think?”

“How can I say no? Of course, I would love that.”

”That’s settled then, but there is something else I need to discuss. Apparently the person registered with your name, National Insurance number and age is listed as male and I was confused and did a bit of digging. Would you like to explain and confirm what I have already discovered?”

“I really wanted and needed the job here to help support my sister and my niece, and when you told me that I had to work as an elf, or lose my job, I didn’t really have much choice, even after I found that it meant that I would have to pretend to be a girl. It was easier to dress as girl all the time rather than just for acting as an elf. With the help of Katy and my sister Stephanie I sort of settled into the role, even beginning to be comfortable as a girl and it has snowballed from there. The final straw was when you issued me with this uniform, it sort of locked me into continuing. I didn’t know how to turn back the clock and decided to just stay as Maddie as I was enjoying the work, particularly getting more girls interested in gaming.”

“Are you happy to continue working here as Maddie?”

“I’ve always been able to relate to girls and be comfortable in their company, mainly due to spending so much time with Stephanie when I was younger and it’s not a major challenge for me to continue to live and work as a girl if that is the only way to keep my job here. I am actually happier and more at ease with myself as a girl than I have been lately as a boy. Becoming a girl is the best thing that has happened to me for ages”

Ok Maddie, we’ll say no more about it. I’m the only one here that knows the truth, apart from Katy, and anyway nobody would believe me if I told them I think you are a boy. As for the officials at head office they have no reason to find out. Of course, if it ever comes to light I will deny all knowledge of your deception and put my mistakes down to stress.”

“Thank you so much Marilyn, I am really grateful and won’t let you down,”

“ No thanks needed Maddie, as I’ve heard you say, us girls have to stick together don’t we? Have a Happy Christmas.”

“You bet we do Marilyn, Merry Christmas to you too !”

The end

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That was quite good

A few spelling mistakes. Other than that it is a good story. Could be turned to a series. What about Maddie and Katy? Maddie continuing up the corporate ladder in the company. It has great potential.

Thanks Kymmie Lorain, i'llhave another look

Apologies for the spelling mistakes. I will give the story a fourth read through, correct anything I find and post the edit. Glad you enjoyed the story,

Gill xx

Good story

Thou still have it (writing talent). Please feel free to keep us amusef.


Lovve the hat

Many thanks Ron,,,

Gill xx


BarbieLee's picture

Soft little story about a challenge to the idea females are bimbos. Maddie, Katy put laid to that by being better at taking charge in their respective departments than those who ran those departments before, especially Maddie.
Hugs Gillian, nicely done for Christmas
When we think we know it all is when we realize we know nothing.

Oklahoma born and raised cowgirl

Teamwork makes the dream work

Maddie and Katy made a great team. Thanks Barbie,

Gill xx

Maddie! 'The Elf'?

A nice Xmas tale, and a lead into the joy of Xmas.
I can still remember when I worked in hardware, that 'Women and Girls'.
Were always surprised that I was prepared to explain, in a way they could
understand. How to do things. After all some time in the past, I had to learn.
So why shouldn't I pass it on. My favorite was how to splice a loop in a Rope.
It's just like Plaiting hair, as they soon realised.

Polly J


.i wax once told that if someone does not understand when you are telling them something, that you are not explaining it clearly,

Gill xx


Andrea Lena's picture

Maddie the Elf stores her other self on a shelf?


To be alive is to be vulnerable. Madeleine L'Engle
Love, Andrea Lena

A lovely Christmas tale.

Lucy Perkins's picture

I was thrilled to see this lovely Christmas tale from you Gill, as you had been silent for a while and I was hoping that you were safe and well.
Maddie is a lovely heroine, and I did like her "accidental trans" status. It was lovely that she had such a lovely and understanding friend, and also immediate boss.
Your story brought a smile to my face, thank you.
Lucy xxx

"Lately it occurs to me..
what a long strange trip its been."

Welcome back!

An entertaining story, but with a few presentational faults. I have sent a PM mentioning those (, above) additional to other commentors which stood out to me.
Best wishes

Welcome back!

An entertaining story, but with a few presentational faults.
I have sent a PM mentioning those which stood out to me as additonal to other commentors (, above).
Best wishes

Lovely Christmas present for BCTS readers

Jill Jens's picture

And there is certainly room for expansion into the next holiday seasons. Not to mention the budding romance with Katy and his improved relations with his sister. It’s unclear which pronoun is appropriate at this point.The parent’s return from their sabbatical also offers possibilities.
Just saying.


Cute Story Gill

Dee Sylvan's picture

Maddie was wise enough to go with the flow, and guess what? She liked it. For some reason, until the very end, I thought Marilyn was a boy. Katy was certainly a good friend, and as we discovered, she was also attracted to Maddie. I agree with others that this could be the start of more stories about Maddie. I'd like to hear more about her venturing into the corporate world of purchasing and interacting with various outside vendors. Mom and dad returning will certainly have some challenges. Mom discovering her new daughter should be fun. The first time the sisters went out together was a great bonding event, maybe double dating with Katy is an option too.

I'm glad you're back Gillian. Happy Holidays. :DD


When Life Serves You Lemons

joannebarbarella's picture

Grab them with both hands and become a Christmas/ New Year/ All-year-round elf!

Great to see you back, Gill, just in time for our New Year's Contest!