Royal Frills 5

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Royal Frills
Chapter 5 - Niki

Prince Taylor goes back to the Victorian Virtue Institute. He was given a choice and he said he wanted to go back. At times, he regrets this but also meets a new friend

I was on my way to the train station to go back to the Victorian Virtue Institute. My grandmother is the Queen and she decided that it was up to me if I wanted to go back to the institute. I could also go back to my old life. If I decided to go back to the institute, I would be treated like a sissy and be humiliated in front of the whole country. Without thinking much about it, I told my mother that I wanted to go back. She was surprised by my answer. To be honest, so was I. This was my chance to escape the sissy place. Now I was on my way back after which is like saying that I did not mind being treated like a sissy.

On the train, I met the same woman and her daughter that I met when I was going home. This time they were accompanied by a girl who was my age. She was the little girl's older sister. Her name was Emma. I thought that Emma was very pretty. Emma's little sister was telling her that I was the prince who was made to wear girl clothes. Emma blushed when she was told that and said she heard about me. The little girl had no problems discussing it and asked if I was now wearing a dress. Emma told her sister to shut up and leave me alone. I did not want to be the reason for any family fight, so I took off my long coat and showed the denim overall dress I was wearing. Emma did not know what to say. I mean what do you say about a boy wearing a dress? I smiled and we started talking about other things.

When I came to the institute, Madam Criben took me aside and welcomed me. She also informed me that she was told that I decided to come back. She was happy that I was wise enough to know that the Victorian Virtue Institute was the best thing for me. She also told me that since I came back by my own choice, I would gladly accept the program that the institute has. After all, I know that this is all for my own good. I did not respond to any of this. The only thing I begged her was not to tell others that I was the one who decided to come back. Madam Criben smiled and told me it was so cute when I begged. That old woman is so strange.

Blake was back and waiting in our baby's bedroom. He told me that he had a horrible time at Christmas. He met some old friends and they teased him that he was a sissy baby. Then he asked if I was allowed to wear my old boy clothes. When I told him no, he laughed and boasted that he told me that I would not be allowed to. My reply was that I was not teased at home. Everyone was nice to me. I even met a nice girl on the train on the way back. I do not think that Blake liked the idea that I had a peaceful Christmas. He told me that I soon will be wearing diapers all the time like a baby. Everyone else has to, so it was only a matter of time before I got this treatment. This scared me. Blake was usually right in what he predicted would happen. I tried to be brave and told Blake they already are treating me like a baby. I sleep in a crib and have to wear diapers in bed. Blake's only response is to wait and see.

I did not have much time to worry about being a full-time baby sissy. I was once again in the media. My mother told the press that I had gone back to the Victorian Virtue Institute. My mother told the press that I decided that I wanted to continue here. I wanted the ground to swallow me. This means the whole world now thinks that wanted to be a sissy. They would think I did not want to be a boy again. The others here would also read it and assume that I like being a sissy. I started crying when I read this. Miss Eva came and gave me a pacifier and told me it was time for a therapy session.

“Why did you want to come back?” She asked
“I don’t know. When mom asked me, it just came out of my mouth”
“So if you had a chance again, you would say you want your own life back”
“I have friends here. I like it here. Some things are weird and humiliating, but when I was home, I realized that I was happy here. I just do not want others to think that I am a sissy. I do not want people to make fun of me.”
“Did your family tease you or give you a bad time?”
“No. they thought I was pretty and that I was nicer to be around. I spent a lot of time with my sister. This never happemed before. I always thought she was annoying, I do not think this anymore.”
“Maybe you came back, because you know you are changing. Your parents think you are a better person, and so does the country. Maybe you like being a sissy. Some boys are transgender. Maybe you like being a girl.”

Maybe… maybe pigs can fly

As I was walking back a new boy rushed up to me. He told me that his name was Niki. He was the same age as me. Despite that he was new here, he was already wearing a dress. He bowed as soon as he saw me. Then he told me that he was my greatest fan. When his parents saw how good this place was for me, they decided that he should also come here. This made me feel bad thinking it was my fault that Niki was sent here. Niki told me that he was so happy he was here. He asked if we could be friends. I said on one condition. That he forgets I am a prince and does not bow to me.

Niki started hanging around me all the time. I did not mind this, as he was always so positive and made me smile. He was not sent here because he needed an attitude adjustment. Niki seemed like an angel that could do nothing wrong. This was unlike Blake that complained all the time about life as a sissy here. One day, Blake suggested that we play soldiers. Niki thought it was a bad idea. Still, we found some sticks that we could use as guns. We most looked ridiculous running around in dresses pretending that we were soldiers. I did not even know it was fun. It was not fun when Madam Criben caught us and we all got a spanking.

The next day, Madam Criben gave a speech to everyone. We were told that we were not allowed to play with boy toys. We were not allowed to play sports associated with boys. We were not allowed to watch anything masculine. On top of this, we were not allowed to read any boy books. As Madam Criben ranted about what we were not allowed to do, I thought Amnesty International would love to hear this. It's as if we had no human rights. It was also discrimination. There was not much we could do about it unless we wanted to be constantly spanked. I had to ask myself why I wanted to come back to this place.

Blake also asked me why I decided to come back. He read that it was my own choice. He did not understand why I would want to come back to this dollhouse. Then he concluded that I must like being a sissy. I did not answer. I did not know what to say. The easiest answer was to deny that I wanted to be a sissy and I did not want to talk about it. Why did my mother have to tell the whole world? I suppose she didn’t want to look like a bad mother.

Since I came to the Victorian Virtue Institute, the media has been writing a lot about this place. The institute only had 12 boys and was very expensive. Since I came here, hundreds of parents have applied so their boys can start here, There were stories about boys who have been here before. They were all feminized and part of their training was being humiliated. Some boys ended up being transgendered while other boys chose to go back to being what they were before. Some articles were about boys who blamed the institute for ruining their lives. The petticoat discipline treatment had either confused them so much or caused a lot of trauma. My mother told the media that they supported the institute's work, as they feel that it is helping me and I am happy here.

It made me sad to think about the boys who said the institute ruined their life. I wondered what I would say about the institute in a decade. Blake also asked me something interesting. He asked when I was done here, if would I be transgender or what. All eyes would be on me, and what would the country say if I would someday be more like a queen than a king? How would I ever find a girl to love me? Blake thought that no woman would respect a husband who is a sissy. As a future head of the country, I could be an embarrassment to the country.

A picture of us is taken every month. I was told that this was so we can see our progress as a sissy. There was a photo album that we could look at. I could see as I looked at the photos of me, that it was no longer strange looking at me in a dress. The picture of me wearing boy clothes looked so strange. I was only here at the institute for a few months. Imagine what I would look like in a few months or how I would change.

Since we were not allowed to do any boy activities, I started to paint. I loved working with watercolours. There was a small hobby room where I could paint. It was Niki who suggested that I try painting. I do not think that I am a good painter, but I do enjoy it. Blake refuses to paint, so it's just Niki and me there. Niki makes me smile and laugh. Once he stopped treating me like some celebrity or something special, he was fun to be with. Niki came from an ordinary family but his parents never had much time for him. He was not even sure if they loved him or not.

One thing I noticed about Niki was that he was always so optimistic. This was quite the opposite of Blake. Niki now was a baby sissy as he was now wearing diapers all the time. He even had a pacifier and baby bottle. When I told Niki that I felt lucky that they did not treat me like that, he just shrugged his shoulders. Niki reckoned that the baby treatment was sort of leaving his boyhood behind and being reborn as a sissy. It's part of their program. To me, it seems like another way that we could be humiliated. Niki and I started laughing when we agreed that we now know why the institute was so expensive. Diapers cannot be cheap.

Niki was lucky in one way. He would not be discussed all over social media. The latest news about me was a revelation that I wet the bed and wore diapers to bed. When I read this, I felt so embarrassed. The whole country now knows that I am a bedwetter. While this is true, it was not my fault that I became a bedwetter. We are not allowed to get up once we go to bed. My bladder could not deal with this. Besides we slept in cribs, and they were like being in a cell. Blake just commented that he warned me that my reputation would be ruined. Niki cheered me up by saying that at least the media don't know about the crib and baby things.

Julia wrote me a letter shortly after the bedwetting revelation. She knew that I wore diapers in bed, but did not say anything about it. She has a friend at school who wet the bed as well. Julia wanted to know if I hated wearing diapers and what was they like. She suspected that my bedwetting was the reason that I had a crib at home now. My sister finished her letter by telling me that she missed me a lot when I went back to the institute, but Mom said they would be visiting the institute next month. They would be spending a week up here and we could have lots of fun. This excited me so much that my family would be coming here. I missed them so much.

It was time for another therapy session. I told Miss Eva that it is hard when the media writes all the embarrassing things about me, like being a sissy and wetting the bed. Miss Eva told me she could understand this. Unlike the others here, the media will always be interested in me because I am a royal prince. People will always want to know everything about me. She reminded me that before I came here, the media also wrote about me and it was never nice. They thought I was a spoiled immature brat, that would never be a good king. I was very unpopular. Did I like this negative attention? The people now are starting to like me and think that I am a good person. This made me ask if wearing dresses made a person nice or seen as someone nice. Miss Eva told me to think about the last time that I acted like a spoiled prince.

When I first came here, Blake told me that he planned to accept everything they did here at the institute and pretend to like it. Then he would be able to go home. This did not last long. As every day went by, Blake was getting more and more frustrated. He told me that he found some boy clothes that were in the storage room and we should wear them. I looked at the clothes and then told Blake that I did not want to put them on. It would just give us another punishment of some sort when we were caught. Besides that, we would look strange looking like the only two boys in a place full of dresses. I even tried to joke about it and ask Blake if we remembered how to put jeans on.

Blake asked me if would I rather hang around with Niki than wear the clothes he found.
“ You seem to be best friends with him,” Blake said, “Niki is not good for you. He smiles all the time and accepts what these people here are doing to him. He does not mind that he gets treated like a Barbie doll. I heard that his parents are embarrassed of him because he is so weird and sent him here to hide him. You think he is your friend. He is not. Niki idolizes you like some popstar because your a prince that is in the newspapers a lot. Maybe you like Niki being like a small puppy that follows you everywhere. Maybe you are in love with him.”

I pushed Blake on the floor and told him that I was not gay. Niki is a friend. He is not a puppy or obsessed with me. I have gotten to know Niki a lot since we started painting together. Niki is a person who loves life and is an optimist. He can make a bad situation and make the best out of it. Niki is a good friend. Blake on the other hand should look at himself in the mirror. Blake does not like it here. He is turning out to be an angry and resentful person. It's not fun to be around with someone who always complains and groans. On top of this, why would he as my friend try and get me into trouble and accuse me of being gay?

I was so tired of Blake that I told Miss Eva that I needed to speak with her. I told her that I wanted to share a room with Niki

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