Shimmy-chapters, 1 - 10

Sixteen year old Ricky Davis lives in New York City. He has to go to LA to spend the summer with his sister when his parents decide to go on a second honeymoon. Things begin to happen after he gets there and he winds up in skirts.



Paula Dillon

Greetings, this is your Captain. We will be landing in Los Angeles in thirty minutes. Please fasten your seat belts, return your chairs and trays to the upright and locked positions…

Richard (Ricky) Davis looked out his window. He could see the ground getting closer as they neared their destination. It had been a little over a year since he had seen his sister Laura. Ricky was sixteen and his sister was nineteen. After graduating from high school in New York City she had gone off to college at USC, where she would be sophomore this fall.

Their parents Alan (62) and Madeline Davis (48) had decided to go on a second honeymoon, taking a med cruise. They told Ricky that they couldn’t just leave him alone in New York so they sent him to LA to spend the summer with his sister.

Laura had been a little hesitant about the idea at first, but their parents had worked so hard to make a comfortable life for their family, so she couldn’t just say no. She knew that her parents deserved to have some fun themselves.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love her brother; she loved him more than she could say. She had missed him very much over the last year. The problem was how Ricky would react to her sisters and how they would react to him. That was what worried her. They could sometimes be on a little over the top at times. He would be a lone male in a sea of estrogen (well except for when the girls had their dates over).

Her Mom and Dad had gotten her a ten year lease on a condominium, so she wouldn’t have to live on campus, for that Laura was eternally grateful. The condo, in a very nice section of town and had made her popular with many of her sorority sisters. They used her place as somewhere they could get away from the hassles of college and let down their hair and as party central for their sorority. They always took care to not let things get too wild (to a degree that is) and made sure that they didn’t trash the place. In fact three of her sorority sisters lived with Laura and helped pay the expenses.

The morning of her brother’s arrival, Laura had gotten a call from one of her professors begging her to help them. One of their research assistants had gotten sick and they needed her to take their place. A pod of Blue whales had appeared just off of Catalina and they would need her for three days. They had promised her extra credit and preferential treatment if she accepted. It took her all of five seconds to accept.

She had just enough time to pack, get two of her sorority sisters who lived in the condo with her to pick up her brother and head off to the university dock.

Ricky stretched his legs after the six hour cross continent flight. It had been crowded in business class and he was grateful to finally get some space to stretch. He had let the plane empty quite a bit before he stood up and got out of his seat. He grabbed his things from the overhead compartment and headed out. It was a long walk down the concourse to the arrivals section. He looked all around trying to see his sister beyond the security barrier.

Cindy Long and Susan Cartwright saw Ricky Davis heading their way. He was a lot cuter than Laura had told them and he looked a lot more mature than his picture, although he was still rather small. Susan could feel her panties getting wet as she saw him, he was so beautiful. She had hoped to get Laura in her bed for a romp for a long time, but Laura didn’t swing that way. Ricky looked so much like his sister in the face and he was incredibly slim for a boy. Ricky stood about five feet six and couldn’t weigh more than a hundred and twenty-five pounds. He had shoulder length light brown hair that would probably go blonde if they could get him out in the sun enough. He also had such a pretty face for a boy, almost a perfect diamond with such high cheeks, narrow chin, luscious lips and some incredible eyelashes to die for. He was much better than Susan’s last boyfriend. She daydreamed about how he would look in skirts and blouses.

The two girls held up a big banner that said ‘Ricky Davis Welcome to L.A.’ for him to see. They jumped up and down like cheerleaders, which Cindy was, to get his attention.

Ricky couldn’t see his sister, but was stunned to see two of the most beautiful blondes he had ever seen holding up a sign with his name on it. He was frozen in place, powerless to move, for several seconds, as he looked over the two girls from their heads to their toes. They were both a couple of inches taller than he was, one had long curly hair in a rich golden blonde and the other had a sexy pixie cut in a strawberry blonde and both were every boy his ages best wet dream. They stood there excitedly waving their sign, shining their thousand watt smiles, with their breasts bouncing all around, their cleavages hugely exposed and their incredibly long legs sticking out from under impossibly short skirts. Both of them wore very sexy high heels that were at least three or four inches tall. Ricky had never considered himself a foot man but he thought he had never seen better looking heels.

The two girls were so gorgeous; he was having problems of a personal nature. His pants began to tent in the crotch leaving him quite uncomfortable. He had to shift his hanging bag from over his shoulder to just in front of him to hide his growing problem.

“Are you Ricky Davis, Laura Davis’ brother,” Cindy asked.

“Yes I am. Where is Laura?” He asked.

“She couldn’t make it hun; she got called away on a research project. Anyway, we want to welcome you to L.A. I am Cindy Long and this is Susan Cartwright.”

Cindy gave Ricky a bone crushing hug and a kiss and Susan followed suit but her kiss was a lingering kiss that included some tongue. The girls’ kisses ignited a fire in Ricky’s groin and his body couldn’t resist their charms. All this attention and their current location out in public were adding to his discomforts.

Cindy ended their embrace with a little elbow into Susan’s side (Why is it that girls have such pointy elbows? They should be registered as lethal weapons). “Give the boy a break Susan. If you two go any farther, you two will have to get married,” she said giggling. “Let’s go pick up your bags now Ricky.”

Each girl took an arm, as much because they liked him and thought he was cute but also as a way of controlling how fast he walked. Boys sometimes have a hard time learning how to walk with girls, especially girls that are wearing heels. If the girls hadn’t taken his arms he might have walked their feet off.

Both girls snuck peeks at what he was trying to hide behind his bag, there wasn’t nothing that that boy had to be ashamed of they thought.

On the drive home they made Ricky sit up front between them. Ricky had a hard time finding a place to put his hands as there were bare legs everywhere, he just put his hands together between his thights. They hadn’t gone a mile when he fell asleep. Susan, who was sitting on the passenger side, just put her arm around his shoulder and just hugged him to her breast.

“Susan I know that look. You just be careful. Ricky is only sixteen. I don’t want to have to visit you on weekends in jail. You know they are cracking down on adult women having sex with minor boys.”

“I know, twenty years ago they would have just considered the boy lucky, nowadays they would see him as a victim.”

After they got to the condo the girls helped Ricky get his luggage and stuff into the condo. Cindy hugged and kissed Susan and Ricky goodbye as she had to get to work, while Susan gave Ricky the nickel tour of the condo

“Ricky this is our place, or rather your sister’s place.”

There were 3 bedrooms and two and a half bath rooms. Susan showed Ricky where she and Cindy shared a bedroom and Laura and Debbie McIntyre shared another bedroom. Finally she showed Ricky where his bedroom was.

“We save this bedroom as a guestroom, for when one or more of us has a guest,” Susan said winking at Ricky, who just blushed.

Each bedroom had two twin beds. Susan then told him, “You can use the bathroom Cindy and I share, to bathe in and also the downstairs half bath for you when you just need to go. The rest of the condo also includes a living room, dining room, kitchen and laundry. Out the backdoor there was a courtyard with barbecue pits and a swimming pool.”

“We have told all the sisters that you are going to be here this summer, but some of our air-headed sisters may accidentally pop in on you so lock the door to the bathroom when you go in.”

“I just love this place,” Ricky said yawning. “I am so sleepy I think I need to lay down for a bit.”

“Ok sweety, I will be here if you need anything,” Susan said giving him a hug and a wet kiss.

Two people had troubles getting their emotions under control. It took an hour of tossing and turning for Ricky to fall asleep and Susan was nervous and uneasy over how Ricky was affecting her.

“I think I love that boy,” She said to herself. “Damn I need a cold shower.”

Chapter 2

Ricky woke up about midnight. He was a little confused as he looked around the room he was in. It finally clicked in his mind that he was at his sister’s place in California. He glanced at the clock next to his bed and saw that is was 12:13 in the morning.

Hungry and thirsty he left his room and headed downstairs towards where he thought the kitchen was. As he came down the stairs he saw Susan sitting in the living room. What she was wearing started giving Ricky problems again. She was sitting on the couch with her legs tucked under her bottom, fixated on the television. Susan was wearing the sheerest black lace babydoll nightie that stopped at the top of her panties; the panties were just as shear as the nightie and hid nothing. Ricky stopped where he was. He could see her huge breasts, her nipples and her aureoles through the fabric of her nightie and a narrow patch of neatly trimmed hair in the front of her panties. She was a natural blonde he saw.

Ricky had never believed in love at first sight before, and he couldn’t really tell if it was love or lust in his heart, but he could see himself spending his life with this pixie headed angel (or was it pixie headed succubus).

Susan looked up when she heard a noise and saw Ricky. She gave him her biggest smiles and then blushed as she realized how she was dressed. Instinctively she drew her knees up to her chest and her hands wrapped around her ankles.

“Sorry Ricky, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I thought you were down for the count.”

Ricky could see the red glow of her embarrassment from where he stood, “I am sorry, Susan I didn’t want to disturb anyone but I am starving and thirsty.”

Susan got up and tried to cover herself modestly as she headed for the stairs, “Great let me fix you something to eat. Just let me get my robe and I will be right back.”

“It’s no problem Susan; I can just graze in the refrigerator.”

“I won’t hear of that Ricky. I can’t let my best girlfriend’s brother go hungry.”

As Susan passed Ricky on the stairs the silky materials of the nightie grazed his arm. The touch was electrifying and set off a chain reaction in his groin. He shuddered as he felt wave after wave of sticky cum begin to fill his shorts.

“In that case I think that I will change into shorts and a t-shirt.”

“Ok come down when you are ready.”

Five minutes later, after a quick cleanup and change of clothes, Ricky headed downstairs. He was dressed in a blue and yellow satin basketball shorts (his school colors back home) and tank shirt. Susan was in the kitchen, and Ricky could smell bacon frying. She was wearing a bright red shorty silk kimono robe that was shorter than the mini-skirt he had first seen her in. He could tell she had changed panties because they now an opaque red and matched her robe.

“Hi sweety. Does a southwest omelet with three cheeses, bacon, peppers and a side of hash browns sound alright to you?”

“Yes Ma’am, that sounds great.”

“Don’t you dare call me ma’am, Ricky. My name is Susan. There is a glass of OJ on the breakfast counter sweety.”

“Ok, thank you Susan. That is a beautiful robe Susan, is that a print or embroidering.”

Susan gave Ricky another thousand watt smile, “It is embroidering, Ricky.” She held her arms out straight to the side and slowly turned, letting Ricky get the full effect of the Robe. With her arms out to the sides Ricky could see the last two inches of her crotch. The robe had a multi-colored golden dragon embroidered on the front and the back with yin and yang symbols, lotus blossoms and a lot of other frills. He could also tell that the panties had some embroidery on the front panel.

“That robe is almost as pretty as you are Susan. I have never seen anything prettier than you.”

Susan stopped what she was doing and turned. She rushed over and gave Ricky another hug and a quick kiss, “Oh Ricky, you are such a treasure; I bet you have all kinds of girlfriends back home.”

“Not really Susan, the girls back home just want something from me, but none of them want me as a “boyfriend,” Ricky said, a little tear formed in the corner of his eye. “I just ain’t enough of a man for them to date. I am just a scrawny kid they use to keep their GPA’s up.”

Susan set a plate of food in front of Ricky and he greedily dug into it.

“I know how you feel Ricky, at high school I use to be an ugly duckling. I was a late bloomer, you could say. I didn’t grow up and fill out till I was a second semester senior.”

“I don’t believe that. You could never be ugly.”

Susan smiled warmly at Ricky, got up and went to get her purse. She dug into her purse setting all manner of things on the counter as she dug deeper. Pulling out her wallet, she opened it and pulled out a picture. “I will let you be the judge of that Ricky,” she said handing him the picture. “That is me, taken in October two years ago.”

Susan wasn’t ugly but she was rather plain, like a thousand other teenagers at high school. While she wasn’t rail thin in the picture, but she didn’t have many of the curves that helped create her good looks. On top of that she had a horrible case of zits. Ricky looked up closely at her face. Her skin was almost flawless now. In Ricky’s mind he couldn’t see how she could look any better. He could also see the beauty in the girl in the picture also.

“You weren’t an ugly duckling then, but I can see how much you have changed since then. I would ask this girl out if she were at my high school,” he said showing her the picture.

“Thank you, Ricky,” Susan said lovingly. Her eyes began to sparkle as tears formed in her eyes above a warm smile.

After Ricky finished eating, Susan pulled Ricky into the living room and sat down next to him. They watched the last of soppy romance and talked. Susan talked a bit about her life and drug out a lot of Ricky’s life in New York.

After an hour and a half Susan fell asleep leaning into Ricky’s arm. He was uncomfortable with his arm trapped behind her so he managed to pull it free and put it over her shoulder. As his arm came to rest there, she scooted into his lap and went back sleep lying on his chest.

Ricky was still wide awake. He looked lovingly at Susan. She was incredible. The lower half of her robe opened up beneath its sash and he saw a three diamond drop hanging from her naval, he also saw that the red satin panties also had a dragon embroidered across the front of them. He couldn’t help himself and he played diamond drop belly button ring. He always thought that they were so sexy and just loved looking at Susan’s. He also had to touch the dragon on her panty. Susan only stirred a little as he ran his fingers across it and he dreamed about the pretty pubic hair it hid.


“Jeeze you guys. Get a room won’t you!!!” Cindy said loudly enough to startle Ricky and Susan.

They both jumped up wondering where the fire was and started to glow red with embarrassment.

“Nothing Happened Cindy!” Susan said. Her robe was now open all the way and just covered her breasts, at least enough not to get arrested if she were on the beach, but just barley. Her eyes began filling with tears.

“That is good Susan, but we need to have a talk,” Cindy was happy to note that Ricky was decently dressed at least.

“Nothing happened Cindy, really,” Ricky said defending Susan. His arm was around her shoulder protectively.

Cindy had a hand over her mouth hiding a smile. Laura had told her what a good kid he was. She could see it now.

“That is good Ricky. But you have got to know you are sixteen and she is nineteen. She can get in trouble if you all screw around,” Cindy said, as she pumped a forefinger back and forth into a ring she made with her thumb and other forefinger. That is called statutory rape, even if you wanted her to make love with you.”

Ricky looked down at his feet and began to cry, “I am sorry Cindy.”

Cindy hugged both of them. “I am just worried about both of you. Things are happening fast between you two. Just be careful.”

“We will Cindy. I think I am in love with Ricky.”

Cindy and Ricky both had their mouths hanging open at Susan’s admission.

“I don’t know… but…I… I… think I love you too, Susan.”

Cindy was flabbergasted, but as she looked at the two of them, she could see that they both had it bad, “Just be careful you two.”

Chapter 3

Susan and Ricky took separate cold showers and dressed. Susan wore a grey A line skirt that just came to the top of her knee, a white three quarter sleeve cotton polyester scoop neck blouse that showed just a promise of cleavage and flats. Rick was dressed in a red polo shirt, tan slacks and his cross trainers.

“Cindy is right Ricky. We need to be careful,” she said as they sat across from each other in the living room, “and I think we need to talk. I want to show you all my warts and see if you still feel the same way, Ricky, so “PLEASE!” don’t interrupt me. I don’t think I could finish what I am going to say, if I had to start over. OK.”


“I have been somewhat sexually active since I was sixteen. I did that back then because I thought that that was the only way I could get a boyfriend. I only did it with two boys, but if you listened to the grape vine I was spreading my legs for any boy with three legs. I also did it with a girlfriend, Ricky.”

“I am a bi-sexual. I liked doing it with guys but I usually get more pleasure from the girls I have been with. Saying all of that, I don’t spread my legs for everyone. I have only had intimate relations with six guys and three girls. The last two guys I have been with… please don’t hate me for this Ricky, were the best of the guys. You see… we ah… I ah … sort of played dress up games, some of the time. With them looking like girls. You see I ah… really like pretty boys. You hate me now, don't you?”

Ricky did have a confused look on his face and Susan was having a hard time reading his emotions.

“You mean you made love with them as if they were girls?”

“We did it both ways, you have to use a little creativity, but I assure you they enjoyed it. Do you hate me?”

Ricky had an expression of deep thought on his face. This frustrated Susan a little. She took his head in both of her hands and looked into his eyes, “I asked you if you hate me. I can’t stand it answer me.”

“Oh, no, of course not. I don’t hate you. I was just thinking sorry.”

“About what?”


“What were you thinking about, Ricky? Ooohhh you are so frustrating right now,” she said, cracking a little smile at least.

Ricky blushed deeply, a deeper red than he had been since he had been in California, “Abo…out wha… at you were tal… king about. About how you could do it with guys dressed as… as… girls. You know.”

Laughing, and feeling a sense of relief that flooded he heart for the first time since she started talking.

“I… ah… I don’t think I could hate you. I… ah… still think I ah love you.”

Susan began crying and hugged a shocked Ricky tightly in her arms. Ricky’s shirt began to get very wet and he was extremely nervous. He had hurt her somehow and made her cry.

“Sorry Susan, I didn’t mean to, hurt you and make you cry,” Ricky said as he began to cry on her shoulder.

“You silly goose, you didn’t hurt me.”

“Then… why are you ah… crying?”

“I am crying because I love you, Ricky.”

That statement caused a cascade of emotions and tears to fall. Ricky began to cry, which caused Susan to cry harder, which caused… (oh well you know what I mean.)

It took thirty minutes or so before the crying was over. They both wound up on the couch with Ricky in Susan’s lap basking in each other’s glow.

“How do you do it with a ah… boy… ah?”

Susan giggled, “I could tell how we did it, but I would rather show you when you get to be eighteen.”

“Oh. OK. Ah I am still confused a bit. Ah I figure with some makeup you could ah… make a guy ah… sort of look like a girl, but that is all I could work out. Guys just don’t have the figure a girl has.”

“There is no sort of Ricky. Of course ninety five percent of the guys would never make pretty girls. There are plenty of girls out there who don’t make “pretty girls” as for the rest of the body that is actually the easiest part.”

“But take me for instance; I just don’t have the right figure to look like a girl. I am just straight up and down.”

“I have been meaning to ask you about that Ricky. Are you anorexic or bulimic? I mean how much do you weigh?”

“No I don’t starve myself or force myself to throw up. I weigh about 127 pounds. I just have this problem. At least right now, my doctors say I am ok. They made me keep up with what I ate and they calculated my caloric intake. I just seem to burn up what I eat. I run and swim a lot, I just haven’t grown much. My dad is the same way. He is five foot five and 138 pounds. Now Mom, she is five foot ten and 145. God she is beautiful. My dad’s father was smaller than Dad; he was 5 foot two and a bit.”

“Okay getting back to your question. I have some things that help rearrange things, tuck some things and pad out other things. I can easily make five out of maybe a hundred guys pass completely as a girl, looks wise that is. Now how they think and act that takes a lot more work.”

“You’re kidding me right?”

“No I am not kidding you. I guess I can show you.”

She took Ricky up to her room. At the foot of her bed beneath a comforter was a footlocker. Susan put the comforter on her bed and opened the foot locker.

“I guess you can call this my toy box,” Susan said.

Ricky blushed as he recognized what some of the things were. There was a really long, very fat thing that looked like what he had between his legs.

Seeing what he was gawking at she said, “That is Junior. He helps me relieve a lot of tension.”

Susan pulled several things out of the trunk and sat them on her bed. Lifting up one box, she said, “These are some very high quality breastforms,” as she opened the box. “They were originally designed to help women out who have had mastectomies due to breast cancer. Transgendered girls also use them. You can put on a bra and place these into the cups or you can use some special adhesive to glue em down. They can give anybody the look of having breasts.”

“They look so real.”

“Go ahead pick one up and feel it.”

“They are cold Susan, but they feel like and look right I guess. Dang they are so heavy.” he said as he felt the breast form. He then reached out and felt Susan’s arm.

“They are made of silicone with a latex cover. Go ahead and gently squeeze my breasts. I believe you can do that.”

She thrust out her chest towards Ricky. Ricky very lightly touched one and then jerked his hand away.

“I think you can do a little better than that.”

She took one of his hands and placed it on her breasts. She then squeezed her own breast with his hand. She then had him cup that breast and he felt its heft. He then squeezed the breast form and tested its heft.

“I guess they are a lot alike.”

“The people who developed them, made sure they had about the same density, buoyancy and weight as a real breast. Can you imagine a woman with one breast that weighed two pounds and another that weighed three? One breast that floats and the other that doesn’t? Not good. Now this is a faux or fake vagina,” she said handing him the next item. “It has a sheath where a guy’s penis can be inserted. His testicles can easily be massaged back into his abdomen. It gives him the crotch of a girl. It also has padding on the sides and back to help give him the hips and tush of a girl. In other words his backside will look rounder.”

“This is vagina thing seems heavier than the breastform. It is heavier than both breastforms.”

“Lastly we have a corset. Not only are girls wider at the hips, they also have a smaller waist. This helps narrow down that waist. There are many other things that can help but those are the main three. So what do you think?”

“I don’t know what to think right now.”

“So do you still like me?”

“No, I don’t Susan,” he said.

This caused her to frown and she threatened to start crying again.

“No Susan, I love you I think. I don’t know I am so confused, but I think this is what love feels like,” he said kissing her cheek.

She jumped into his arms and fiercely hugged him, “I think I can live with that,” she said. “Let me fix you lunch.”

“Okay, my stomach agrees with that.”

Chapter 4

Susan smiled as she watched Ricky eat. She promised herself that she was going to keep her eye on him. She had had a girlfriend that was bulimic and wasted away till she died. She believed Ricky, but she was intent on confirming what he said.

She couldn’t believe her luck with him, she already knew more about him than any of her previous boyfriends and more than a few of her girlfriends. The more she found out about Ricky the more she loved him.


At about 4:00 pm Cindy got home.

“Susan we need to go shopping if we want to eat. Hey Ricky, do you want to join us?”

“No I think I will pass on shopping. I would just get in your way.”

“Ok sweety, we will be back in about two hours. We have to make about three stops. How does Chinese sound for tonight?”

“Love it.”

“See ya then,” Cindy said, as she and Susan gave him a hug.

After the girls left Ricky sat there and thought about all that he and Susan talked about. For some reason he had not been repulsed by her revelations. He thought about the things she had in her ‘Toy Box’ as she had put it. He went upstairs and sat on her bed where the breastforms, corset and faux vagina were still out.

In all his life he had only dressed as a girl once or twice. When he was four or five and his sister dressed him up so she could play with him. She had tried to get him to dress up again one Halloween but he put up enough of a fuss that his sister and Mom just gave up. He was a big boy of eight after all and big boys don’t wear girl’s clothes.

He picked up the faux vagina and looked more closely at it. He could see the sheath that was there to tuck back his penis and could feel the various padded areas for his hips and butt. Setting that aside he got up and looked into the trunk. Susan had quite a few things shaped like penises. From the huge one he had seen earlier to some shorter and narrower models. Some had large veins that simulated blood vessels, while others had a smooth and polished finish. A couple even had scrotums attached.

Underneath a tray in the trunk Ricky found some bras, but didn’t find any panties. The bras were very pretty. Ever since Ricky was twelve or thirteen he liked to look at ladies underwear. He got his first education about Ladies underwear from the Sears and J. C. Penney catalogues his mom kept around the house. Later he was ecstatic when he found some Victoria Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogues. He had even seen some of the toy’s that Susan had in the Fredrick’s catalogue, but he had never seen any of them up close before now.

Ricky picked up a white bra that was covered in lace. It was quite pretty he thought. He had seen models wearing similar bras in the catalogues. As he looked at it he noticed the bra had pockets that he figured were large enough for the breastforms. The back of the bra had a tag on it that indicated it was a 36B bra. Holding it up by the straps he could see that it was bigger around than he was. He checked some of the other bras and the smallest was a 34C.

He couldn’t explain why, but he knew he had to take the bra, forms and faux vagina to his room. He had never desired looking like a girl before, but felt that if this was the way to Susan’s heart, he just might give it a try. He stripped off his jersey, shorts and his briefs. Picking up the bottom part he stepped into the leg holes and pulled almost all the way up. He had a little trouble inserting his penis into the sheath but he finally worked in. Ricky then remembered what Susan had said about massaging his balls up into his body. He tried this, the first time really hurt a bit, after they were up he removed his hand and they fell back down. The second time he kept his hand there and successfully worked the crotch up. The rest of the garment was a little tight, but it stretched easily over his butt.

Ricky stood before the full length mirror on his closet door and looked at himself. Turning left and right he saw that he did have larger hips and a nicely curved butt. The color wasn’t an exact match to his skin, but it was close. He thought about going into Susan’s room and getting a pair of panties out, but it wouldn’t be right digging into her drawers. She had shown him these things, possibly with the intent for Ricky to make use of he reasoned, but he didn’t feel right about digging through her things for a panty.

The faux vagina was a little cool on him, but he could feel it starting to warm up a bit. He didn’t want to run around naked, so he pulled on his basket ball shorts. The waist band was a little tight going over his hips but he got them on. The shorts were stretched tight over his hips and were molded to his backside.

Back at the bed Ricky picked up the bra and one of the breastforms. The breastform wasn’t totally symmetrical, holding it to his chest he saw that it fit better on one side than the other. He placed it in the pocket of the bra where it best fit and then he did the same on the other side. The bra felt like it weighed ten pounds. The bra had three hooks on one side and nine eyes in three groups of three on the other side. He had never seen his sister or mother putting on a bra, so he had to try and work it out in his mind on how to get it on. Finally he just pulled the bra behind him and hooked it up in front of him. The first set of eyes were too loose, the second set a little better, so he chose the last set of eyes. Ricky then turned the bra around and put his arms through the straps and then pulling them up over his shoulders.

His breasts now looked positively huge now and the bra dug into his shoulders a bit. He didn’t know the shoulder straps were adjustable. Turning left and right he could feel the tug of the weight on his chest. Back at the mirror he saw a girl standing there looking at him. He couldn’t believe how just the bra made him look so feminine. When you add the other part, he definitely had a girls figure, a mature girls figure. He looked as old as Cindy or Susan he thought.

He didn’t feel right wearing the bra without a top. He knew this was something most girls didn’t do so he grabbed his jersey and pulled it on. The jersey was really tight as pulled it over his bust. The jersey had been loose like most basket ball players liked before, but now it was prominently stretched over his faux chest. He turned and went back to the mirror. Ricky could really feel the sway of his breasts as he turned. Yeah they were his breasts, for now at least. The tightness of the jersey helped to control them but they did have a mind of their own it seemed.

Ricky saw that it wouldn’t take much for him to look totally like a girl. He felt that he could already pass and that scared him as much as it intrigued him. He checked his watch and saw that he had about an hour and a half before he had to get everything back in its place.

Thirsty he headed downstairs to the kitchen to get a drink. Ricky’s breasts jiggled with every step he took. He was forced to stand straighter almost leaning back a little to get his center of balance right. He wondered how girls got use to these things. Looking into the fridge he got himself a diet coke. He didn’t need a diet drink and he would have rather had a high octane coke, but he took what was there.

Coke in hand he turned to head back to his room. He started up the stairs and heard the door open and a voice say, “Oh hi.”

Ricky stopped and turned rapidly to face the voice. His faux chest kept turning and stopped skewed to the left. His gaze fell on another gorgeous girl. What is it with all the babes in California, he thought.

The girl at the door giggled, “Hi I am Rebecca Kittrich. You seem a little bit out of kilter.”

Ricky maneuvered his chest back around as he turned a bright red in embarrassment. He wanted to run and hide but in his heart he knew that would be futile. “I am Ricky Davis,” he said highly embarrassed. His eyes began to water and he threatened to break out in sobs

“Oh you’re Laura’s brother,” she said as she closed the distance and gave him a good hug, “It is so good meeting you, Laura said you were coming here.”

Rebecca held him long enough for the teen to get control of himself and then helped Ricky center his breasts better. “I see you have met Susan, I suppose. Is your sister here?”

“No she is out on a boat doing some kind of research.”

Rebecca shifted the bra back and forth, “I see what your problem is the bra is too big for your chest. You either need to attach the breastforms or get a better fitting bra.”

“Please I need to take these off; I don’t want Susan and Cindy to see me like this.”

“Are these things your things or are they Susans?”

“They belong to Susan.”

“You did this to yourself Ricky?”

“Yes ma’am,”

“Did they tell you to do this?”

“No ma’am.”

“Look my name is Rebecca, not ma’am. OK?”

“Ok Rebecca.”

Rebecca thought about Ricky’s request and then said, “I don’t think you should change. Cindy and Susan will be alright with this, but they need to know you went in their room without permission. Sit down, Ricky. Let’s talk.”

Ricky reluctantly followed Rebecca into the living room and sat down next to her. Rebecca asked Ricky a lot of questions about, what all he put on, why did he do it, how he felt about it, what he thought about all the toys in the chest and did he play with any of them, did he like girls, did he like boys and so on. Rebecca’s tone and demeanor showed that she wasn’t trying to be cruel and that she was genuinely interested in his answers. Ricky began to get comfortable, he was no longer afraid, but was still a little nervous.

“Well I have got to say you make a very pretty girl, and you don’t even have any makeup on. How old are you?”

“Sixteen, I will be seventeen in later in June.”

“I would have made you as eighteen or nineteen Ricky.”

The door opened again and Cindy and Susan returned arms loaded down with grocery bags.

“Hi Rebecca,” Cindy said, “Can you two get the rest of the bags out of the car.”

“Sure Cindy, let’s go Ricky,” she said taking his hand.

Cindy just caught a glimpse of Ricky as he headed out.

“Susan did you get Ricky all dressed up?”

“No I didn’t, you saw him before we left, although I told him all about me and showed him what was in my toy box.”

“Well we will need to be careful with him. We don’t want to hurt him or embarrass him. Just act like nothing is strange about it. I know that that will be easy for you.”

Chapter 5

It took the girls three more trips to get everything inside, and then they set about getting everything put up. Cindy and Susan set Ricky to doing tasks to help them out and Rebecca helped in areas where she was needed. Lastly they set out plates and chopsticks for the Chinese food they had bought.

Nobody had said anything yet to Ricky and he was getting where he couldn’t stand it, “Cindy, Susan I can explain?”

“We can talk about that later Ricky, just enjoy the meal with us,” Cindy said, as all the girls smiled at Ricky.

They passed the cartons of food around. Ricky found eating with chopsticks an adventure. Susan gave him pointers several times till he got the hang of things. More than once Ricky dropped a dumpling, vegetable or pieces of meat into his cleavage. The girls just giggled and Susan said, “Welcome to our world now Ricky.”

They talked as they ate. The girls talked about their latest news. Ricky was asked about his sister, his folks, school and things as the girls shared their lives with him too. Ricky found that he liked these girls as much as they have come to like him too.

By the time they were through eating Ricky had become somewhat competent with his chop sticks. He helped clear the table and clean up after their meal. When everything in the kitchen was ship shape Cindy indicated it was time to go to the living room.

“Susan lock and chain the back door, I will get the front door,” Cindy said. “We don’t want to be disturbed.”

In the living room the girls moved the coffee table a little further from the couch and had Ricky sit on it. The three girls sat opposite from Ricky.

“Ok first thing Ricky sit up straight, either cross your legs or sit with your knees together and your hands in your lap.”

Ricky sat up straight, which caused his chest become more prominent, and with his knees together, tucked to one side and hands on his lap.

“Ok, Ricky did you go exploring in our rooms while you were gone?”

“I only went in and got the things that Susan had shown me earlier. She had left them out on her bed after she had showed them to me. I also looked into the toy box and found a bra to put the breastforms in.”

“Is that right Susan?”

“Yes, I told Ricky all about myself. I wanted to be upfront with him. I showed him the breastforms, the faux vagina and the corset. He also saw some of my toys.”

“So Ricky, what are you wearing underneath?” Rebecca asked.

“Just the bra, breastforms and faux vagina.”

“You don’t have any panties on?” Cindy asked.

“No I didn’t feel it was right to look in your drawers and such. I didn’t want to get into your personal things. I just thought that since Susan showed me these things and told me about the boys she had dressed up, that it would be ok. I am sorry I went into your room without asking,” he added in tears.

“Ricky you were wrong for going into our room and I am Proud that you owned up to it. I am also proud that you didn’t get into our things. As for Susan’s things, you need to apologize to her,” Cindy said.

“I am sorry Susan that I got into your things. I kinda rationalized that it would be ok and that it was something that you wanted me to try. It was wrong of me to do so,”

Susan smiled at Ricky, “I didn’t show you those things to get you into them Ricky. I did that to show you all about me and to be honest to you. I forgive you for the intrusion into my things.”

Rebecca asked the big question on her mind, “Why?”

“Why what?” Ricky asked.

“Why did you put those things on?”

“I don’t really know. That’s not right, I do know sort of. I figured if that was how Susan liked her boyfriends. I was intrigued a little I guess by what she told me and in a way I wanted to see what it was like. Everything looked so real, but then again I wouldn’t know about that. I have never really seen a naked girl before. Lastly I liked Susan so much that I wanted to be everything Susan loved. I guess, I am just a little confused about it myself.”

“So you got dressed up in those things, because you wanted to see what it was like and because you like Susan?”

“Yes, I guess I did.”

“You don’t have to do that for me to love you, you just have to be loveable. Other things can come as we get to know each other.”

“Tell us about yourself, Ricky,” Cindy asked.

Ricky then gave the girls a fifty cents tour of his life, going into more detail than he had given Susan earlier. He hadn’t been sad or depressed about his life, but he was sometimes a little lonely. There just wasn’t anybody that he was best buds with. He had a few friends, who were nerds like he sort of was. They were outsiders and yet they were different in many ways from him also. He longed to be big and strong like most of the guys at school, but in his heart he knew he was probably as big as he would ever get.

Cindy looked over Ricky. “Okay what you have said makes sense to us,” Cindy said as she looked closer at Ricky.

He looked so pretty and feminine. If she hadn’t known he was a boy, she wouldn’t believe it. He seemed more comfortable now than when she had met him.

“Still you need to be punished, do you agree?”

“Yes, I agree,” Ricky said. His eyes were red from crying and his cheeks streaked with tears.

“Ok then, until your sister gets back, you will dress and act like a girl. Your sister will then decide what to do after that. Susan go get a measuring tape and some panties for this new girl. Rebecca get the drapes and set up the do not disturb sign, we are going to be getting down to the skin in here.”

Susan rushed upstairs and Rebecca closed the drapes after hanging a silk shawl in the window. The girls used that shawl as a sign that there were things going on inside that didn’t need a disruption. Everybody who came over regularly knew what it meant and honored it.

Susan came downstairs with a pile of clothes in her arms, a measuring tape and a tube of something.

“Rebecca, help Ricky undress.”

Rebecca helped Ricky pull the Jersey off, she noted how the bra was digging into his shoulders. “Oh you poor thing, those straps can’t be comfortable.” She first adjusted the bra letting out a bit more strap and then helped him pull down the shorts.

“You need to pull off the faux vagina and put on a pair of panties,” Cindy said.

Susan handed him a pair of panties. The girls turned around to give him some privacy. It took a couple of minutes to work the faux vagina off. He then pulled the panties on. The panties fit him loosely but didn’t fall down.

Cindy then took the measuring tape and took his measurements; Ricky had a twenty-nine inches in the chest, a twenty-seven inch waist and thirty-two inches through the hips. Cindy knew thirteen year old boys who were bigger than Ricky. She looked closely at him. He wasn’t emaciated, but she could see his rib cage.

“My you are a little wee thing, Ricky. I know many girls who diet till they can’t stand it who don’t have a twenty-seven inch waist. Are you sure you aren’t anorexic?”

“No Cindy, you have seen what I have eaten and I don’t do the purge thing. All the males on my father’s side are smaller than the females. My doctors say I am healthy.”

The girls then inspected him closely from his head to his feet. Cindy then said, “He has a nice face for a girl, nice long hair, no sideburns to speak of, no traces of beard, a long thin neck, sloping shoulders, a small but hardly noticeable Adam’s apple, hairy armpits, a light covering of hair on arms and legs, no hair on chest or back, soft but firm arms and legs, nice ankles and feet and he is not too shabby where it counts either. I would swear he is half male and half female. Have your doctors done a chromosome check on you?” Cindy asked as she looked between Ricky and Rebecca.

“I don’t know.”

“Ok, Rebecca go run a bathe for Ricky, Ricky you will depilate your arms and legs. We have some Nair around here to remove the hair on your arms and legs. You will shower to remove the hair and soak in the tub for at least thirty. You will then shampoo and condition your hair. Rebecca and I will then help you finish,” Cindy said. “Hop to it Ricky.”

Rebecca helped cover what little hair Ricky had in depilatory cream. She shaved his armpits and trimmed his pubic hair into a narrow strip up the middle with a lady’s razor. After fifteen minutes she had Ricky wash off the Nair with a wash cloth in the shower. He then hopped into the bath tub that was awash in bubbles and scented oils. The fragrance and the feel of the water did wonders to his nerves. Rebecca then shampooed and conditioned his hair for him.

Ricky got out of the tub and Rebecca had him pat himself dry. She wrapped his hair in a towel turban and handed him a robe.

The first thing the girls did when he got down stairs was attach the breastforms with adhesive. They then covered his privates with an ice cold towel and worked up the faux vagina. It was easier to massage his testicles into his abdomen and his penis into the sheath this way. They then tacked down the edges of the faux vagina with the adhesive. They then used a semi permanent makeup to hide the edges and make the appliances match more closely to his skin tone.

“You don’t have to take the faux vagina off to use the restroom, Ricky. You just have to sit down to pee. This adhesive will hold you for up to two weeks, but everything can be removed with a solvent we have,” Susan said.

Rebecca went to work on Ricky’s eyebrows. She trimmed those hairs a little shorter and plucked his brows into a medium width arch. Cindy and Susan applied some acrylic nails to his hands and then polished his finger nails and toes to a nice Rose Red.

They helped Ricky stand and he put on the panties he was given and the bra he had worn earlier.

“He needs a new bra, I think. A 32 D if I calculated it right,” Susan said.

“You are right Susan,” Rebecca said. “A pretty young thing, with some big hooters. You are going to have to fight the boys off Ricky, but don’t worry we are going to help keep the wolves and other predators away from you.”

“Thank You,” Ricky said, a little frightened by the prospect of dealing with boys.

Cindy then started to work on Ricky’s hair with a curling iron, while Susan just added a touch of mascara and a Rose Red lipstick.

“This is a new lipstick and mascara, Ricky. It isn’t good to be trading eye makeup. You could develop or give a girl conjunctivitis from using contaminated eye makeup. Lipstick is personal too, for obvious reasons. We will need to get you some more makeup. How much money do you have?”

“Dad gave me two thousand dollars in traveler’s checks to last over the summer. Mom gave me four hundred in cash.”

“We won’t have you spend more than a third of that on girl’s things Ricky. I will throw four hundred in for my future husband,” Susan said giggling.

“You would have me after all of this?”

“You’re damn right I would Ricky. I am proud of the way you are taking all of this.”

Cindy and Rebecca promised to throw some money in too. They both had AmEx Platinum and a couple of MasterCards and Visa Cards.

Ricky was then dressed in a frilly white lacy chiffon blouse and a navy tweed mid thigh pencil skirt. The girls looked at his feet then.

“Ricky what size shoe do you wear?”

“I wear a size 6.”

“My shoes are out I wear a seven,” Cindy said.

“I wear an eight,” Susan said. “He can wear mine. In fact I have a nice pair of navy pumps with a 2 and 3/4 inch stiletto heel that would just go great with that skirt,” Susan said running back to her room to get the heels, a ladies wallet and a silver Gucci handbag for Ricky.

Cindy helped Ricky into the pumps. They then helped Ricky stand and learn to get around in the shoes. They were surprised at his balance he didn’t wobble all that much, they just had to correct the way he walked and how he carried his arms. They also helped him with the way he talked. His voice was a high enough pitch to pass; they just had to work on his vocabulary and his timbre.

After thirty minutes he was doing fairly well.

“I think Ricky is doing remarkably well. I think we should take her out and do some shopping.” Rebecca said.

“I don’t know if that is such a good idea guys. What if somebody sees me as a guy in a dress?”

“It doesn’t really matter Ricky. Nobody knows you here and so what if somebody finds out you are a guy. Just thumb your nose at them; it isn’t any of their business. Nobody will hurt you, while we are with you, so don’t be afraid. Besides, you look so good I doubt anybody would even twig,” Cindy said. “We need to get you some more things to wear and it will be better and more fun if you were there with us.”

Susan looked lovingly at Ricky, “You look so beautiful Ricky, better than any of the other guys I dressed up. I love you so much dear, if you don’t want to go out I will understand, but I think you will have so much fun going out with us.”

Ricky wrapped his arms around Susan’s neck and kissed her deeply for what seemed forever. Cindy and Rebecca just looked at each other and giggled.

“Cindy, go get the fire extinguisher. We need to put out a fire,” Rebecca said.

“Sure thing Becca.”

The two love birds broke off their kiss. Susan had to repair their makeup and Cindy and Rebecca emptied the contents of his boy’s wallet into her lady’s wallet. They then loaded Ricky’s handbag with all the sundry things ladies carry in their handbags.

Susan looked at Ricky’s school ID, “Wow Ricky, I don’t mean to hurt you, but your ID photo looks more feminine than masculine.”

“I have had that problem all my life Susan. If I wore my hair short, long or in between, it didn’t really matter. I was even accosted once by an irate female teacher for not wearing a bra to school once. On the beach a life guard told me that this wasn’t a topless beach until I turned. She looked at my chest and the Speedo I was wearing and got really embarrassed.”

“Well I don’t care, you are still man enough for me,” Susan said smiling. “At least your ID says Ricky A. Davis. We can still keep calling you Ricky only it you will be Richelle Annette Davis. How does that sound to you?”

“I love it.”

Chapter 6

The girls had themselves a group hug and then headed out the door. Rebecca took the shawl out of the window before they went out the door.

The first place they went to was an outlet mall. This was a group of stores that sold seconds and irregulars of name brands. The stores included stores that exclusively sold Levis, Nike, Maidenform, Bali, Liz Claiborne and others. Their were at least forty or fifty different brand stores at this mall.

Their first stop was at the Merle Norman store. The girls walked up to the technician, who introduced herself as Colleen. The girls each introduced themselves

Rebecca said, “We are here to corrupt our little sister Ricki. Her mother never let her dress in sexy clothes or wear makeup. We think she is so pretty that that is a shame.”

“She isn’t the only girl I have met with such Puritanical parents,” Colleen said looking closely at Ricki’s face, “I agree you are so pretty Ricki. Your skin is so nice; I see that you take good care of it. How old are you?”

“Thank you Colleen, I am eighteen.”

“Well let’s see how we can introduce you to the world of womanhood.”

Colleen started the routine she had used thousands of times with her customers. She started on skin care and told Ricki that she had normal skin, which was good. She then began to use various products on her face explaining the products as she used them. Although Ricky thought his face was fairly clean, Colleen showed him how much crud there was on the cleaning pad she used. She emphasized that even if Ricki wore no makeup that she had to take care of her skin and it was more important if she did wear makeup.

“Since you have such nice skin, minimum day makeup for you will be mascara, and lipstick. You can add some eyeshadow if you want and maybe just a little blush to your cheeks. At night and for glamour, you can go whole hog, like I am doing now,” Colleen said as she worked on Ricki’s face.

She had first matched Ricki for foundation. Using a sponge she worked a very small amount all over her face and down her throat, feathering it lighter the lower she went. She found a blush that looked great on Ricki’s skin and added a touch to both cheeks. She then showed Ricki how to use an eyelash curler, eyebrow pencil, eye liner and mascara. Colleen then used three different eyeshadows to give Ricki some smoky eyes. Rebecca kept notes on what products Colleen used on Ricki’s face.

The girls couldn’t believe how gorgeous Ricki was. Their mouths hung open and they were speechless.

“Susan you better go buy a shot gun. It will be the only way we will be able to keep the guys away from our sister,” Cindy said.

Ricki was almost speechless herself, “Is that really me Colleen.”

“Yes it is really you dear,” Colleen said. This girl had been so easy to work with she had more fun than she usually had. She really enjoyed bringing out the inner beauty of her clients.

Colleen then did something she usually didn’t do. For the next hour she went through five different looks leaving Ricki with an evening appropriate look. The girls got Ricki two and three of each thing that was used. The cost was astronomical in Ricki’s opinion, but Susan just plunked down one of her Platinum cards and said nothing about it.

Ricki couldn’t explain what happened next, instead of just picking up a few things, her friends just seemed to lose it. All the girls seemed to get a glint in their eyes and hit the stores with a fashion stores with a vengeance. Even Ricki began to enjoy what they were doing.

Next stop was Bali’s. Where Ricki got three very lacy under wire bras, two T-Shirt bras, a dozen of the prettiest panties Ricki had ever seen, a demi bra, a slumber bra, a sports bra, slips, a half dozen stay up stockings, a half dozen regular stockings, three garter belts, a dozen pantyhose, three babydoll nighties, a satin sleep shirt, a satin robe and a silk robe. At the check out Rebecca plunked down her MasterCard. The cost wasn’t as bad as it could have been, irregulars and seconds were discounted deeply, but still it cost a lot to Ricki.

Ricki began to worry about all the money the girls were spending. Between Bali and Liz Claiborne he asked the girls about it.

“Don’t worry little sister,” Susan said. “My college is paid for all the way to a PhD, and Momma gives me five thousand a month to live on. I hardly spend over two thousand, thanks to Laura, Cindy and Debbie. On top of that I have a six figure trust, from my grandmother, a high six figure trust. I just don’t like the rich bitch act that some girls with money put on.”

“Rebecca and I work, we have scholarships, grants and money from home too Ricki,” Cindy said. “This isn’t hurting us one bit. Besides we are having fun. That is worth a million bucks to us.”

So it went from one store to another. Ricki received a quality wardrobe. She was given six dresses, a dozen skirts, almost two dozen blouses, tops and T’s, slack’s, jeans, work out clothes, shoes, purses, handbags, she had her ears pierced and two dozen earrings from studs to drops to hoops, bracelets, bangles, broaches, necklaces and such. They had to call a cab for three of the four to get home.

At home the girls all took an armful up to the condo. After Susan opened the door, they went inside and saw three more girls popping corn and setting up a party tray.

“Oh hi girls,” Susan said. “Girls this is Ricki Davis. Ricki this is Carrie Wright, Amanda Colburn and Stacy Lewis. They are three of our sisters.”

“Hi Ricki,” Stacy said.

“Oh, who is the lucky girl?” Amanda asked, eyeing all the packages.

“To heck with the movie girls, Fashion show!” Carrie shouted with glee.

“These are all Ricki’s bags and there are more bags in my car,” Rebecca said.

“Just drop the bags off in the living room,” Cindy said, as the girls left the condo like a herd of buffalo stampeding.

When they were alone, Cindy turned to Ricki, “These girls know that you are Laura’s brother. She told them to expect you. They love your sister very much Ricki, we all do. They would never do anything to hurt you. They just want to let down their hair and have some fun. I will understand if you don’t want to go along with this idea of theirs, but I assure you that you will have fun too.”

Ricki had been a little worried about these new girls and he looked longingly towards Susan.

“It’s up to you dear, but why don’t you go along with it? I will scratch all of their eyes out if they hurt you.”

“Ok, I guess.”

The girls emptied Rebecca’s car far faster than it took to fill it. Everything was set out and organized, while the center of the room was cleared for the fashion show. Stacy Lewis became the defacto MC of the show as she was the sorority’s President. She helped organize the clothes into outfits and set a logical progression of dress.

The girls worked together. They undressed and dressed Ricki. They gave her tips on walking, presentation, makeup, hair and demeanor. At first Ricki’s nervousness was apparent, but as the show went on Ricki didn’t have time to worry. When it came to the four inch heels that were bought for her, the girls worked hard to help her become fluid and graceful.

After three hours of constantly changing clothes and modeling them for the assembled girls, Ricki collapsed on a couch wearing a white lacy babydoll, panties, garter belt, stockings, white pumps with a four inch heel and a t strap that fastened above the ankle, a gauzy peignoir that she had never seen before and her face made up in the sexiest look yet. Her hair had been twisted into a knot except for two ringlets that framed her face.

It was then that Ricki noticed that all the girls there had at some point changed into sleepwear. A couple of the girls were just as sexily dressed as she was, while others were less so. The girls made him stand once more and each girl gave him hugs and kisses.

Susan grabbed Ricki and claimed a section of floor for the two of them. Blankets, sleeping bags and pillows magically appeared and the girls got busy laying out pallets. Lastly a movie was started, food was passed out and the girls got comfortable.

Ricki was in heaven spooned up with Susan. The movie was Never Been Kissed. Susan and Ricki necked a little bit but Ricki fell asleep before half the movie was over.

Chapter 7

Ricki was a float in a silk and satin cloud. She could never remember feeling better as she was gently nudged into wakefulness by the smells of bacon and coffee. As her eyes fluttered open she felt the weight of an arm across his abdomen. Susan was holding onto her tightly. She felt an urgency in her bladder that made her want to get up in a hurry.

One of the girls, Carrie, saw her wake and recognized the look helped Ricki disentangle herself without waking Susan, stand in the 4 inch heels and herded her to the downstairs half bath.

“Wash your face too sweety, clean the makeup off your face before you come out,” Carrie said, giving Ricki a hug.

Ricki pulled down her panties and sat to relieve herself. She couldn’t believe how long it took to finish. Looking into the mirror afterwards she looked like a Halloween horror picture. Her makeup was smeared and streaked. Her eyes looked like raccoon eyes, her lipstick was smudged and she wore about a half dozen different shades where she had been kissed last night by all the girls.

While she was cleaning off the makeup off her face, the door to the bath room opened and another girl, Rebecca popped in to use the restroom.

“Sorry Ricky I just couldn’t wait. I was about to wet myself.”

“That’s ok, I know the feeling. That is what woke me up.”

“Did you sleep well, honey?”

“I can’t remember sleeping as well as last night. I dreamt that I was afloat on a cloud of silk, lace and satin.”

“That is one of the benefits of being a girl Ricki. Did you have fun last night?”

“I guess I did, yes it was wonderful. I have a few friends back home, but I would never have done what we did last night with them. I just loved last night.”

“It wasn’t too intense was it?”

“I have to admit it was intense, but I wouldn’t trade last night for anything.”

Rebecca finished her business, washed her hands and kissed Ricki’s cheek.

Back in the living room some of the girls were already dressed. One girl had gone out earlier and bought several different type hangers. There were padded hangers, hangers that had slots for straps, skirt hangers and such. Several girls were hanging up Ricki’s clothes with others were folding and sorting her lingerie, taking things upstairs when they got an armful. Another girl started trimming Ricki’s hair after spritzing it with water. She didn’t cut much, she said, she was just trimming the split ends off. She then she rolled up Ricki’s hair and covered it with a shower cap.

After that they cleaned off the table and served breakfast. Ricki could swear that the girls were watching each mouthful of food she ate. She had two eggs, three strips of bacon, two slices of toast with jelly and a glass of orange juice.

When they finished she was escorted up to the bathroom and stripped. Stacy made her stand on a scale, twice, after the first time another of the girls stood on the scales to check their accuracy. Amanda ran her bath adding bathing salts and oils, Susan checked her for stray hairs,

Ricki was allowed to soak in the warmth of the tub till the water began to chill. She then began to clean herself with a loofah and a fragrant body wash. Her skin had a healthy glow as she stood and rinsed off. Two girls patted her dry, another hit her armpits with deodorant while Susan rubbed her down with a body lotion. Ricki had died and gone to heaven.

Ricki was then led to her room, where Stacy explained where she could find her things, opening her drawers to show her, her panties bras and things. Her T-shirts and tops in another drawer, her slips in another. All while selecting things for Ricki to wear.

Ricki wound up in a light blue scoop neck blouse, skin tight low rise jeans, t shirt bra, pantyhose, white satin bikini panty and a pair of strappy black sandals with a three inch heel. Carrie sat Ricki down and talked her through putting her makeup on. It took Ricki a couple of tries before Carrie was satisfied with the results. Lastly Carrie took the rollers out of Ricki’s hair and brushed it out. She made sure that Ricki’s purse had what she needed to make repairs and the troop of girls headed out to hit the mall.

The first place they hit at the mall was a hair dresser. After signing in at the desk, they sat and waited a bit. Ricki was looking through a book of hairstyles. Susan and Stacy would point out various styles and comment on how Ricki would look in them. Ricki saw a shot of Jessica Alba in a long layered style.

“Would that be easy to take care of,” Ricki asked.

“Yes it would Ricki,” Stacy said. “You just brush it everyday and shake it out. You would look good with it.”

Susan leaned over and whispered in his ear, “To go back to a boy’s style you would have to loose about half your hair, but I like it.”

Ricki was startled to hear her name called. She and Susan went up to the stylist who called her name.

“Hi I am Linda, and I will be your stylist today. Which one of you is Ricki she asked?”

“I am Ricki and this is my friend Susan.”

“Well just follow me please.”

Linda led them to her station and had Ricki sit down.

“Now what can I do for you today Ricki?”

“I would like to have my hair styled and colored today.”

“I can do that for you. Have you selected what you want?”

“I would like to have a long layered style like Jessica Alba and I would really love it in a dark auburn, if that is possible.”

Susan’s heart sank a bit, she was partial to blondes, but she thought with Ricki’s eyes and coloration, a dark auburn would really look sweet.

“I think that would look lovely on you Ricki, I think we could add some red and brown highlights to your hair too. What do you think?” Lucy said.

Ricki looked to Susan who said, “As long as it isn’t too red, like a light auburn to a copper red. I think it would be great.”

“That sounds great; we’ll color your hair and then style it.”

“If you want to come back in a couple of hours Susan, Ricki should be ready then.”

“Yes Susan, I want this to be a surprise to you too.”

“Ahh gee, I just ain’t wanted around here anymore Sis.”

“You are wanted Sis, just not now.”

Susan kissed Ricki’s cheek and told her to take care.

The sisters all left the salon and wandered about the mall. Several stopped in shops to look at this or that. Some stopped and bought their little Sister something here or there. The girls just couldn’t believe how they reacted to Ricki and how Ricki reacted to them. They couldn’t explain it but it was like she belonged to them and they belonged to her. They truly felt she was their little sister.

Ricki loved what Lucy had done to her hair. She jumped out of the chair and gave Lucy a big hug and wore a thousand watt smile.

“Thank you so much, Lucy.”

“You are so welcome dear, now sit down and let me show you how to adjust your makeup with your new colors.”

Lucy showed Ricki how to best utilize her makeup palette to take advantage of the changes in color to her hair. Ricki told Lucy how strict her Mom had been on hair style and makeup.

“Let me guess, she made you wear your hair either straight or in a bun?”

Ricki just nodded, “She didn’t use makeup and she believed her daughters didn’t need it either.”

“Well it certainly becomes you well. You are simply gorgeous Ricki. A girl doesn’t have to look like a slut with makeup, some girls who don’t know how to do it properly often do, but with proper use makeup can enhance beauty.”

I am glad I got the chance to work with this girl, Lucy thought. I really feel sorry for girls who have ultra strict parents.

Ricki was glad that her sisters hadn’t returned yet. She got to pay her own bill and left a twenty percent tip for Lucy. She hoped that that was enough.

Chapter 8

Ricki stood outside the salon and waited for the group. She only had to wait for about five minutes when they showed up. She couldn’t help noticing all the looks she got from both boys and girls. She knew what the boys were thinking after all she was one. It was the girls looking at her she couldn’t understand.

When the sisters got back to the salon, They just couldn’t believe what they saw. Ricki had gone from beautiful to stunning. Many of them thought that Ricki’s good looks were wasted on a boy, because she made a really wonderful looking girl. They excitedly hugged her and made her turn for them so they could get a good look. Their excitement was contagious and Ricki got caught up in it, smiling broadly.

The girls led Ricky to the food court. Ricki got a salad, two bread sticks and two pieces of pizza along with a high octane coke. Ricki still felt like she was under observation while she ate.

While they ate the girls passed Ricki packages. One girl had stopped at the Paul Mitchell store and had purchased some shampoo, conditioner and hair spray. Another had purchased a couple of silk scarves. A third had gotten a half dozen bottles of nail lacquer and matching lipsticks. All in all the girls had bought things other than clothing that they felt a girl like Ricki needed.

“I was thinking I like to swim, but I don’t think my old Speedo would be appropriate swim wear.”

“How good a swimmer are you?” Carrie asked.

“Pretty good, I was the first alternate on the four man relay, second best in the butterfly and breast stroke and first in back stroke at my school. I was a good sprinter but lacked the stamina for the longer events. Although the forms and hips look good, I feel I need to keep them covered. I don’t think they will tan too well.”

“We know just the place to go Ricki,” Stacy said.

After they finished eating they led their sister to a shop that specialized in swimwear. They looked at the various suit styles. Ricki must have tried on half the suits in the store that fit her. The owner had told her to keep her underwear on when trying on the suits. Ricki selected a competition suit, in USC’s cardinal and gold along with a swim cap and goggles, a flowery red, yellow and orange tankini. Susan picked out a gold bikini bra and a cardinal bikini boy-cut bottom. Ricki didn’t know who paid for them, just that she wasn’t given the opportunity.

Ricki thought about all the clothes, makeup, jewelry and things the girls had bought for her. In her heart she knew that she wouldn’t be her male self for a while, maybe the whole summer. She didn’t care; she liked everything she had experienced so far. She knew that when she went into the salon this morning. She didn’t know if she wanted to stay this way for the rest of her life, but being with Susan had excited something in her she hadn’t felt before. She felt she wanted to be a boy for Susan, yet she felt so good dressed as a girl. Life right now was good.

Ricki did fret a bit about what Laura would say or do. Her sister would be back tomorrow after all. Ricki just didn’t let her fears rule and spoil her time with the girls she now considered her sisters.

“I have a question Susan.”

“What do you want to know sweety?”

“Look at all of us. Every one of us is good looking and I have seen some guys our age looking us over but none of them have made an effort to move in on us.”

“It is the herd it is the herd mentality, Ricki. When a large group of girls are together it is harder for one or two guys to try to cull a girl from the group. If the girls don’t want the attention, it is next to impossible. They just from a circle the guys can’t overcome. Didn’t you ever see that at your school?”

“Some I guess. I interacted with girls more than guys, but the girls weren’t interested in me as a partner. They just treated me as a friend. That is the kiss of death for a guy, always a friend and never a lover.”

Susan leaned over and whispered in Ricki’s ear, “Not all girls are like that lover.”

“We haven’t…”

“We can’t… yet, but I will be patient. I promise you.”

Their last stop Stacy insisted was into the GNC (General Nutrition Center. They specialized in vitamins, nutrients and such.) Stacy and Rebecca consulted with the nutritionist there. They purchased 90 days of a multivitamin for women, a B complex, a sublingual B 12, a calcium supplement with vitamin D and a C complex.

Outside the GNC, Ricki stopped the girls and said, “I don’t need any vitamins. I have never taken any before.”

“Yes you do Ricki. Our foods these days are depleted of vitamins, and you need them to stay healthy,” Stacy said, her hands on her hips, a stance that Ricki had seen her mother take often when she was laying down the LAW.

“But…,” Ricki started as she noticed she was surrounded on all sides by the girls. “Alright I guess.”

Susan smiled and said, “See, I knew she would be sensible.”

“Movie time girls,” Stacy said.

“Chinese,” “Burgers,” “Mexican,” the girls called out. Mexican got the most votes.

“Mexican it is girls. I will stop at Taco House and meet ya’ll at the digs,” Stacy said.

“I’ll get the movies,” Carrie volunteer.

Back at the condo Ricki took off all her clothes and changed into her long satin sleep shirt and matching panties. She also took time to sort through some of the things she had been given today. She found a bottle of Perfume, she didn’t know how girls applied it but she knew they only used a very little. So she just put her finger over the mouth, turned the bottle back and forth, then she rubbed her finger over her neck.

Downstairs Ricki found a spot on the couch between Susan and Rebecca.

When the food arrived the girls opened the sacks of food and placed it on the table. Susan and Ricki passed around diet cokes and Cindy got paper plates. Ricki was asked about how she felt and about how she liked being a girl. She told them that she felt great and she liked being a girl right now. What she liked best was how close she felt to everyone here right now.

“I mean I have more friends in you girls than I had at home in New York. It feels like we are really a family. I guess I was happy in New York, but I really, really love being here with all of you.”

Stacy stood up; she looked at all the sisters around the table and said, “I think I can speak for everyone here. Even if it is only for a little while we consider it an honor to be your sisters.”

Ricki wasn’t able to enjoy the movies as much as she would have liked. Her sister would be back tomorrow and Ricki would have to face the music, so to speak, but she kept a brave face and refused to drag down everyone’s spirit. She didn’t realize that many of the girls with her this night shared the same feelings with her.

Ricki couldn’t believe how things had just snow balled on her. It was like an avalanche that once started refused to end. They had gone out to buy a few clothes and now she had a full wardrobe. She had even made it next to impossible to return to being Ricky this summer herself. She wondered in her heart if she had done that on purpose.

The next morning Ricki was the second person awake. Cindy was in the kitchen and was starting breakfast for everyone. Ricki hurried in the bathroom down stairs to do her business.

Ricki began helping Cindy fix breakfast for the troop. The smell of coffee and food cooking seemed to wake the dead. All the girls pitched in where they could and soon they were all eating. The next thing the girls did after eating was they set about washing dishes, cleaning the condo from top to bottom and doing the laundry.

When everything was right as rain Carrie, Amanda and Stacy made their farewells. That left Cindy, Susan, Rebecca and Ricki to face Laura when she got home.

The remaining girls then took turns bathing and getting dressed. Ricki with the other girls’ assistance took a long time getting her hair and face right. She then selected a matching beige satin bra and panty set, garter belt, stockings, camisole, mini half slip, a black mid thigh skirt and black three inch pumps.

Ricki was sitting with her back to the door as Laura entered the condo at about four that evening. She smiled when she saw her sisters and excitedly said, “Hi.” She walked over and the girls exchanged greetings with her.

She saw Ricki sitting there. She was use to her sisters bringing girls over that were hoping to pledge. She came over to the girl extended her hand and said, “Hello, I am Laura Davis.”

Ricki stood and as she started to speak a look of recognition spread over Laura’s face, “Hi Sis, how are you?” Ricki said.

Chapter 9

Laura was a little stunned, not only due to the fact that her brother was standing before her dressed as a girl, but also by how beautiful her brother was. “Oh my. Ricky you are so beautiful. Susan what the hell is going on?” All this was said in almost a continuous staccato.

“Let me start off,” Rebecca said, and she told the tale from what she knew.

Cindy then picked up the story about coming home and finding Rebecca and Ricky dressed like this. She explained that she decided that Ricki should remain dressed as a girl till Laura could decide if any punishment was due.

Susan then told Laura how all this happened from what she knew. She stated that she liked Ricki so much that she wanted him to know all about her, warts and all. She had shown Ricki her toy box not to get him into this lifestyle but to help explain some of the things she had told him.

Ricki then told his tale. “I am sorry Sis. I don’t know why I did what I did. I guess I was so in love with Susan that I just wanted to be a part of her life. If this was how she liked her guys, then that is what I wanted. I violated your trust along with Cindy’s and Susan’s trust. I feel I deserve to be punished. I just didn’t think this through.”

Laura sat in stunned amazement as everyone told their stories. She didn’t know what to say and kept quiet afraid to say the wrong things.

“You guys stay here for a bit. I need to go upstairs to my room for a few minutes to think and clean up a bit.”

Laura headed up to her room and into her bathroom. She took care of her personal needs and washed her salt tightened face and hair.

“I think that went really well, don’t you Susan?” Rebecca stated.

“She hates me now,” Ricki stated.

“She may be upset with you and me Ricki, but she doesn’t hate you,” Susan said.

“I agree with Rebecca, Ricki. I think she took it well. Your sister is a good person and she was bragging about you to all of us. Some of us have brothers that aren’t fit to be around decent people, but I really like you,” Cindy added.

Laura couldn’t believe Ricky had gone into the girls’ room. He had never done that to her, at least to the best of her knowledge he hadn’t. He had even seemed to not want to touch her or mom’s things when he did the laundry back home. She was still amazed by how he looked and smelled. He looked as good as most of her sorority sisters and better than some of them.

What was this talk about love? Laura did believe in love at first sight. She also believed that it was rare. There was no other explanation for why Susan had bared her soul to Ricky. All the girls in the sorority knew of Susan’s proclivity to dress her boyfriends, but Susan was so nice it didn’t seem to bother any of them. Ricky did look so good; he looked like a cross between their mother and their father while Laura herself took more after their mother’s mother.

It might do Ricky some good to spend some time as a girl. It might give him an appreciation for what girls go through. Ricky did make such a beautiful girl, she thought. But he did get into their clothes and makeup. She knew these were things that many girls found very personal. He did needed to be taught a lesson about that.

Laura made up her mind and went down stairs. She hoped what she was about to do was right.

Ricki was sitting on the couch with Cindy, Rebecca and Susan when Laura came down. Laura didn’t look mad, but she did look determined.

“Well Ricky, what am I going to do with you? You went into Susan and Cindy’s room and got into their things.”

“You are partially wrong, Laura,” Rebecca said. “He went into their room and got into some things that Susan had showed him.”

“But he is dressed as a girl?”

“That is another story,” Cindy said.

“You still went into Cindy and Susan’s room right?”

“Yes ma’am,” Ricki said.

“You got into Susan’s toy box right?”

“Yes ma’am,”

“You’re dressed as a girl now right?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“You violated Cindy and Susan’s privacy, right?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“You were wrong in doing that, right?

“Yes ma’am.”

“Ok we got that settled. I agree that you should be punished. Don’t you agree Ricky?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“What would you do if I confined Ricky to the condo for the rest of the summer?”

“Well I wouldn’t like it, but I think it is right in a way. I would take whatever punishment you decide. So I would stay inside the condo for the rest of the summer.”

Laura was never prouder of her brother than at this moment.

“Then that is my decision.”

Susan, Cindy and Rebecca couldn’t believe how harsh Laura was being. They had never thought she would do something like this and they jumped up to complain.

Laura smiled and held up her hands for her sisters to stop.

“I am not happy that you went into their room, but it is good to see you owning up to what you did. You could have denied it. No, I guess seeing you like this that would be hard to do, but you could have made attempts to justify your actions but you didn’t. So till the end of August, Richard Allen Davis will not step out of this condo, but at least for a short while my sister may as long as she has someone with her. Being dressed as a girl is not and I want to repeat that “IS NOT,” a punishment, except maybe for some of those horrid bridesmaid dresses some of out girlfriends make us wear, or maybe having to wear an anti-bellum or Victorian corset. After she learns the lay of the land and such, she can go outside on her own. I want to make sure she can handle herself as a girl first.”

Ricki and the girls had been sitting on the edge of their seats. After Laura had finished her pronouncement, their expressions had gone from sad shock to joyous amazement. Ricki jumped up from her seat and hugged her sister fiercely.

“I am sorry sister, I love you so much. Thank you,” Ricki said, crying on Laura’s shoulder.

Cindy, Susan and Rebecca joined their sisters in the celebration.

“I just can’t believe how pretty you are Ricky,” Laura said, hugging her brother.

“I am not as pretty as you are Sis.”

“Oh honey, you are sweet, but I can see with my own eyes. So what are we going to call you?”

“Ricki with an i Annette Davis,” Ricki supplied.

“Ok Ricki with an i Annette Davis. I suppose we need to get you some clothes.”

“No, Luara, we don’t. Now is time for the rest of the story.”

Rebecca took Laura’s hand and led her up the stairway, with Ricki holding Susan’s hand and Cindy following behind. Rebecca showed Laura all of Ricki’s clothes, lingerie and makeup. The girls explained how they had gone out to get Ricki just a few things and wound up buying the whole store, so to speak. Laura asked about the wig that Ricki wore and he explained that it was his real hair and about how he decided to change his hair and why. Laura was flabbergasted but happy for Ricki.

“Damn, I am going to have to borrow some of my brother’s clothes,” Laura said.

“I kind of doubt that Laura, you would have to lose twenty pounds to get in some of her outfits,” Rebecca said, teasing Laura. “She is way smaller than you, except for in the bust.”

“Damn, you got me there. Oh well.”

Sitting down on Ricki’s bed Laura asked, “I heard the words love and like. What is that all about?”

Susan and Ricki explained how they felt to Laura.

“You do know that you two can’t do the nasty for at least,” Laura stopped to think for a few seconds. “A year right?”

They each answered in the affirmative.

“Well I am going to need to talk to both of you individually and together several times in the next weeks. So don’t go and get too involved. Do you two understand?”

Again they answered in the affirmative.

“Did you have to make him so big in the chest, Susan? I am so jealous and glad that I am not that big.”

“I only have one set of breastforms Laura. On most guys it would make them a B cup or a C cup at the most. But Ricki is so…”

“I know, so small. He gets that from Dad’s side of the family.”

“Then Ricki is not anorexic?” Rebecca asked.

“No he isn’t, at least I don’t think he is.”

“I am not Sis.”

“Well we need to tell the rest of the sisters. They were expecting a boy named Ricky.”

“Stacy, Carrie and Amanda already know,” Cindy stated.

“Ouch! If Amanda knows.”

“The rest of the sisters that are in town know,” Rebecca finished.

“And some of them that aren’t here in town this summer, already know,” Susan added.

Rebecca looked and Laura and Ricki, “I don’t think we have to worry about the sisters though. All of them so far have treated Ricki very nicely.”

“Still it isn’t the sisters I worry about; it is who the sisters might let it slip to.”

“I think Stacy has that in hand. I talked to her this morning before they left,” Cindy added. “I do know the girls who Ricki has met love her.”

“Ok, Ricki come up to my room we need to have some sister time.”

Ricki followed his sister up to her room; Laura closed the door after they were both entered the room. Ricki looked all around. This was definitely a girl’s room and Ricki could see her sister’s touches to the room.

“Laura, I said I am sorry about all of this already.”

“I know, this isn’t about your situation. I just wanted to talk. Can’t I talk to my favorite bro… I mean sister? It is going to take some getting use to calling you sister.”

“They think of me like you do your sorority sisters.”

“Uhm that might just work. I haven’t seen you in like a whole year. How have you been doing?”

“I have been doing alright. Nothing much has changed since you left.”

“That bad huh.”

“Yes that bad. I don’t let it get to me though.”

“No girl friend back home then.”

“You know the kind of boys most girls like, Laura. After all you are a very pretty specimen.”

“Thank you, Ricki, and yeah I know what you mean. So tell me, how do you feel about Susan?”

“I think I fell in love with her the first time I saw her. Then when she kissed me, I knew that I really did love her.”

“Are you sure that wasn’t lust, Ricki?”

“Yes because I felt that too. I don’t know how to explain it, Sis. It was like a light came on in my brain and I wanted to do whatever it took to make her happy.”

“I see the same thing in Susan. You know what Mom and Dad would say about it, don’t you.”

“You’re not going to tell them about this,” Ricki said, indicating the way he was dressed.

“No, of course not. I was talking about you and Susan being in love.”

“Probably, if it really is love, it will be there after I graduate from college.”

“I think you got the idea, and it is true Ricki. If you two really love each other, it can wait till you are emotionally and mentally ready for it. So how were Mom and Dad doing?”

“I think they are doing great. They were acting so lovey dovey when I left, that I was suffering from sugar shock. Mom said that this was a second honeymoon for her.”

“What about Dad?”

“He was sick back in January. He went to a couple of Doctors and spent a few days in the hospital, but he said he got a clean bill of health.”

“It must have been something. You know how Dad feels about Doctors.”

“I know, but he was doing great since then. It was like he had a whole new lease on life.”

This statement bothered Laura. She would have to talk to Rebecca. “Ok Ricki, I need a nap go on downstairs. Wake me at dinner time. Oh and send Rebecca up.”

Ricki gave his sister a big hug. It really felt good to Laura.

“You know you really do make a very pretty girl,” Laura said as her brother/sister left.

Ricki called Laura after Cindy and Susan had finished making dinner. The girls sat around the table and chatted amiably as they ate.

“Ok Ricki this is how it is. I have three classes that are Monday through Thursday, from nine till four. We all have to leave here by eight and we will be back by four thirty. Stay around the Condo till we get back. You can go outside but stay on the property. We will take you around and show you where you can go by yourself. It is easy to get lost around here and you don’t have to travel far to find a bad section of town,” Laura said.

“She isn’t kidding Ricki,” Susan said. “Richard might have been able to move about somewhat safely but Ricki, you look so beautiful… Well we just want you to be safe.”

“I know Susan. Girls are much more of a target of violence than guys. On top of that I don’t know how to deal with people as a girl would. On top of that I am not really a girl. If that fact got out… Well I know some gay and lesbians at my school who were harassed and beaten. Can I at least go swimming here?”

“You don’t have a suit do you?” Laura asked.

Ricki held up three fingers as she chewed her food. Cindy and Susan just nodded their heads.

“Does she look good in them?”

Susan blushed and said. “She looks very good in them. They are in USC colors no less.”

“Go Trojans, I guess it is ok Ricki. First sign of problems though please get inside. Do you have a key yet?”

“No I don’t sis.”

Laura got her purse and took out a spare key she kept handy.

“Don’t loose it Sis, and I do love you, you knucklehead.”

Chapter 10

Ricki shook her head and looked with a partially open eye. The sky was dark outside and he was now shifting into wakefulness. Looking over at the clock radio next to his bed and he saw the numbers 4:06 burning into his retina.

Ricki got up and staggered into the bathroom. He usually just showered, but she had really loved the bubble baths she had over the last four days. The fragrant soothing bath salts sat on the ledge of the tub so she added about an inch from the bottle and began to add some very warm water. Ricki took care of the pressure in her bladder, sitting down was now second hand to her. She put on a shower cap and stepped into the warm tub and relaxed.

Being a girl wasn’t so bad she thought. The fragrance and warmth set her spirit soaring. She thought she could stay in the tub forever, at least till the water began to cool.

It was still just 5:15 when Ricki returned to her bedroom. She looked in her closet and selected a classic long sleeved polyester blouse in a dark turquoise and a gray mini-skirt. From her lingerie drawers she selected a dark blue bra and panties and a pair of off black sheer pantyhose.

Ricki dressed in her underwear and pantyhose, the feel of nylon going up her leg was incredible; she didn’t know how girls could not love the feeling. Then she sat down to try to work on her face. She cleansed her face and tried to get a little fancy with her makeup but after many tries she decided to keep it simple. She curled her eyelashes and then added foundation, powder, mascara and lipstick. Ricki didn’t know she had such thick, long lashes till the girls put mascara on her. It was one thing she loved about her sister’s eyes.

She then put on her blouse and skirt, and then she selected a pair of black sandals. For jewelry she added a couple of silver bangles and a silver clad turquoise drop on a silver necklace to complete her look.

Still it was only 6:04 and she was bored. Ricki went into the kitchen and decided to make breakfast for everybody. First she started a pot of coffee. She then took a potato and diced it fairly small. She set the bits in a pot of salted water and began to boil it. She found an onion and bell pepper and chopped these up. She put the vegetables in a frying pan with a little butter. She sautéed them till the onions began to turn translucent and began to brown a bit. She drained the potatoes and added them to the pan with a can of chili. She then cracked a half dozen eggs and began scrambling them with salt, pepper and cumin. Just before she finished she added some grated cheddar cheese.

Cindy, Susan and Laura had awakened and followed their noses to the kitchen. Laura set the table, while Cindy started making toast and Susan setting glasses of milk on the table.

“That smells wonderful Ricki,” Laura asked. “What is it?”

“It’s what I call shipwreck eggs,” Ricki said, telling the girls what was in the dish.

Susan and Cindy were a little uncertain about the dish, but their plates were clean when they left the table to get ready for school. They all gave Ricki their complements for the meal as she cleared the table, put the dishes in the dishwasher and took a clean wet dishcloth to the table.

Laura came downstairs with her book bag, dressed in shorts, a tank and a pair of cross trainers.

“Sweety, Rebecca will be by about twelve-thirty. She is going to show you around campus. She is also going to get you a cell phone charged to my account. So be ready for her. You might prepare sandwiches or a salad for you and her. Take care and be safe,” Laura said giving Ricki a hug.

“Ok Sis, have a nice day.”

“Thank you Ricki.”

Susan was in a rush and gave Ricki a kiss that lingered for a few seconds before bolting out the door.

Ricki checked out the cable stations on their HD TV. She liked the resolution of the TV and watched part of a movie, but became bored after a few minutes. Ricki checked to see what DVD’s and BD’s (blue ray discs) they had. She found a ten disc instructional set for Belly Dancing. On a whim Ricki put the first disc in.

In the two minute intro to the series there was an incredibly beautiful, graceful and sensual lady doing a belly dance. They began the lesson with a ten minute stretch routine, the lady explained the origins of belly dancing and championed its health aspects. She also told the viewers that the most important aspects are for the student, were to enjoy the dance and to smile.

“If you participate in the dance and do not enjoy the dance and don’t smile then belly dancing may not be for you.”

The first lesson on the disc contained the core-movements of the dance. Ricki watched the first few minutes of the core-movements and then stopped the disc. She rearranged the furniture leaving about a section in the middle of the living room open and restarted the disc from the beginning.

She kicked off her heels and found the skirt restrictive so she took off the skirt and blouse before continuing. She looked at herself standing there in just her bra, panties and pantyhose in the living room mirror and smiled.

The section with the core-movements alternated upper body movements with lower body movements and then combined the two. Ricki’s arm movements were a little stiff and lacked grace. For a boy this was normal. The lower body move was hip thrusts. Ricki smiled as she saw herself doing these, she imagined that she was doing them almost as well as the instructors on the screen.

Ricki went through the twenty minute core-movement section three times. She then fast forwarded through the stretch section of the next two sections and got into the lessons. The next lessons took six core-movements and worked on each harder and mixed them up to give the student a better idea of what worked well together. Each of these sections lasted thirty minutes with a five minute free dance period.

Even though the AC was running at 76 degrees Ricki started to work up a sweat. She really worked hard to do everything right and she was starting to feel muscles ache that she hardly used. She could have done a lot more but it had been a while since Ricky had worked his abs so hard, especially the lower abs. At the end of the second lesson Ricki looked to her right and saw Rebecca watching her.

She began to applaud and said, “Ricki that was wonderful. You were very good dear.”

She smiled and said thank you, then she realized how she was dressed. She tried to cover herself up.

“Come on now Ricki, you know I have seen you with less on. Anyway belly dancers are almost always as skimpily dressed as you are now,” Rebecca said. “Go catch a shower and we’ll go visit the campus.”

Ricki did catch a quick shower, shampoo and condition of her hair and dressed in clean underwear and pantyhose. Rebecca encouraged her to dress in the same blouse, mini and shoes though. After she blow dried her hair and made up her face, with Rebecca’s assistance they headed to the USC campus.

Rebecca first drove around the perimeter of the campus identifying the various buildings for Ricki. Ricki was amazed at the sheer size of the campus. Rebecca then parked in a lot that her parking permit allowed. They slowly walked around the Campus.

“Everybody that visits our campus is encouraged to visit Tommy Trojan. Tommy Trojan is a statue in front of the Admin Bldg.” She pointed it out as they crossed the quad to get to it.

Ricki looked at the statue and read the base. On one side it had the five attributes of the ideal Trojan. They were Faithful, Scholarly, Skillful, Courageous and Ambitious. On the other side it had a quote from Virgil; "Here are provided seats of meditative joy, where shall rise again the destined reign of Troy."

“Is Tommy Trojan the mascot?” Ricki asked.

“No the Mascot is Traveler; He is the white Andalusian horse that you see ridden at our home football games.”

Rebecca then took Ricki to the campus bookstore. Ricki picked up some USC regalia and souvenirs. She also picked up a USC Trojan scarf, a USC tank and shorts, a tube of lipstick in cardinal red and some gold and cardinal red nail polish. Rebecca picked up a new cell phone for Ricki and put it on Laura’s family plan.

“Laura has a cell phone family plan with unlimited text and 2000 phone minutes; Cindy, Susan, Debbie and I each split the bill. We can call each other without being charged extra and we rarely burn two thousand minutes. Our plan allows for six and you are lucky number six.”

At the student center, they got something to eat and drink as they talked. Ricki kicked off one heel and rubbed her foot and then the other as they talked. Rebecca began to program the phone with all the sisters’ phone numbers on it and texted the girls with Ricki’s new phone number.

“I was mean in a way,” Rebecca said. “I knew how tiring heels can be on feet and wanted you to experience that too. How are your feet?”

“They are a little sore, just like my stomach and sides are.”

“Yes, your sister used to complain about that too, Ricki.”

“My sister belly dances?”

“Yes she does. She and Debbie take lessons and dance with a group. They have performed for the sorority on occasion. They are pretty good at it. They go to classes on Tuesday and Thursday evening, when they are in town. You ought to ask your sister if you can go and watch sometime.”

Ricki smiled and said, “Thank you for telling me Rebecca, I just might do that.”

“Hello Rebecca,” the two girls heard and turned to the voice.

“Oh hello Candace. How are you doing?” Rebecca said, as she stood and greeted the girl with a hug and kiss to her cheeks.

“Doing great girl, just got back into town. Missed my early classes. Oh well I can make up the miss.”

“Candace this is Ricki Davis, Laura is her sister. Ricki this is Candace Mitchell, she is a friend of mine.”

Ricki stood and said, “Hello Candace,” holding out her hand like girls do.

Candace just ignored the hand and gave Ricki a hug and kiss, “Hello Ricki, it is good to meet you. Let me get a coke and I will be right back girls.”

“She seems like a nice lady,” Ricki said.

“Oh she is. I met her the first week I was here. She is a grad and I am a sophomore.”

The three of them just sat and talked for about an hour. Ricky had never been as open as Ricki was now. Of course nobody would sit down and just talk with him.

“Oh look at the time,” Candace said. “Got to run along to my three o’clock class. Ta ta.”

“We need to get home too. The girls will be getting out of class in an hour and I have a seven o’clock class.

At home Ricki after Rebecca left she practiced with her makeup; she was getting a little better at using makeup. She looked at her face and hair; she really did like looking like this. Where this was all going she wondered.

She also took time to change to a pair of Nike’s that felt really good about this time. Her feet were very tender after all the walking she and Rebecca did today. She had seen more than a few girls at USC that dressed nicely and had some sort of sports shoe on their feet. She figured that the girls would wear comfortable shoes to school mostly and then spice things up for social occasions.

When Laura got home she hurried to her room to drop off her things, take care of some pressing matters and to take a few minutes to decompress. Summer classes are very stressful you have all the regular material compressed into fewer number of days.

When she came down stairs Laura found Susan and Ricki talking. Ricki looked pretty good sitting there in her mini, blouse and cross trainers. Laura hardly ever wore heels on campus herself, unless she had a function to attend to and then she usually just carried a pair of heels in her bag.

“Hey guys, whatcha up too?”

“We were just chatting about our days Laura,” Susan said.

“Yeah sis, I watched TV for a while and then Rebecca and I headed to the campus. I couldn’t believe how huge that place is. I met a friend of Rebecca’s, a Candace Mitchell we talked about an hour and a half till she had to get to class. I stopped at the campus bookstore and bought some things, souvenirs stuff mostly. Do they have a pool on campus?”

“Yeah they have an Olympic length pool and a pool for diving. I can take you there a couple of times a week with you as my visitor. They also have a community outreach program to teach kids how to swim. If you were at the Student Center and bookstore, you weren’t too far from the PE bldg where the pool is. How about we show you around so you can learn the lay of the land, Ricki?”

“I would like that, Sis.”

“Let’s go in your car Susan so we can let the top down.”

Susan smiled and got her things. All three of them took time to check their faces before they headed out.

Susan had a 2007 Mercedes Cabriolet Convertible; it was a fire opal, two door convertible that sat four. She sat in the driver’s seat and lowered the top before she let Ricki in the backseat.

Ricki would have loved to sit next to Susan but she didn’t give her sister the chance to sit in the back.

They spiraled out for the complex. Laura and Susan pointed out the highlights of the area, including places to walk around in the day, parks, fast food joints, restaurants that were decent, a nearby cinema, and such. They also pointed out where not to be at night and where not to go at all.

The girls had been right, as nice as the area was a fifteen minute walk in the wrong direction could land someone in deep poo-poo. They drew an imaginary line down one street and asked and begged Ricki not to go past that line. It wasn’t that the area had assaults everyday, but they had quite a few there.

“The police patrols around the complex are enough to keep the problems on the other side of the street. That doesn’t mean the rabble rousers won’t come on our side, it’s just it is harder for them to get away with anything on this side. So generally they avoid this area,” Susan explained.

The girls returned home and began to fix dinner. They set Ricki to doing some tasks like chopping and stirring while they did the bulk of the measuring and mixing.

Dinner was a Caesar salad, a butternut squash soup, beef tenderloin medallions and grilled asparagus. Ricki helped set the table and to set the dishes on the table, along with a picture of ice tea.

Laura, Cindy and Susan all talked about their days, while Ricki reiterated what she had said earlier. After an hour the girls had homework to do so Ricki volunteered to clean up.


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