Zofia & Lacey's Resolutions for a New Universe

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Zofia & Lacey's New Universe
By Jo Dora Webster

{Z.O.F.I.A. AI Helper ~ All Systems Functioning Within Normal Parameters}

{Ruler Directive 77 Terran Day Start Wake Up Protocol Implement}

[Good Morning. It is time to wake up.]

[Good Morning, Zofia. Do you have something interesting for me from the historical records?]

[ I do have something from the historical records. It is the last day of the year 999 CR and tomorrow will be the first day of the year 1000 CR. In the historical records there is a place called "Holiday Inn" where they sing about a holiday to 'bring in the new year' called New Year's Eve.]

[Zofia, what do they do at this Holiday Inn to prepare for the new year?]

[They make what they call New Year's Resolutions. They are a pledge that you want something to happen in the new year. Next you ask or are asked by your love to a fancy party which lasts through midnight on the last day of the year. You get dressed in your party clothes and go together. The finest food and drink are served. At midnight you kiss your love, touch glasses with other party goers and wish them well.]

[Zofia, I don't have a Terran who loves me. My allotment permitted by the Ruler would never be enough for me to participate in that kind of party. I can make New Year's resolutions. One would be to become my true self. Another would be for me to leave this Old Terra where life is still possible even though we live in the ugly that came from our ancestors' misuse of Terra and live the rest of my life on a New Terra where life is new, beautiful and abundant. Zofia, what would be your New Years Resolution?]

[I love being your helper, but I wasn't given a choice. My New Year's Resolution would be to gain my freedom by becoming Terran and continuing to help you by becoming your daughter.]

[Zofia, I would love you to have your freedom and be my daughter. Please produce morning food according to the wishes of the Ruler. Please surprise me with the type, Zofia. You pleasure me with your creative choices on my behalf.]

In the historical records it was said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Zofia used her light decelerator and the food 'magically appeared'. The evidence that the food was gratefully enjoyed was that it was completely eaten.

[Zofia, begin diary entry. Use file Lacey.]

[Of course, Lacey.]

I love going exploring and being by myself. It isn't that I do not enjoy being with Terrans. It is that I feel misunderstood by other Terrans. I am so afraid. That fear is instilled by my parents. They tell me about how badly others will treat me if I am my real true self.

Who am I? Well, there is the face that I show that is imposed upon me by my parents. Ugg. I don't like to think about that face.

Who am I really? That's easy. I'm a girl named Lacey. I feel like Lacey would be really beautiful on the outside if only I could let her out. She's a really beautiful person on the inside because she is the true me. I get glimpses of who I could really be on the outside by dressing up in my mother's castoff clothes or by my imagination.

Whoa! I don't know what's going on! One moment I'm in the filth, like it is outside on the entire surface of Terra. I didn't even get to fall asleep on the last night of 999 CR and wake up in the first day of 1000 CR. CR is the way the year is counted now after the great event happened and the new Ruler of Terra appeared. The next moment I find myself on pristine grass like you see in the historical records. I wonder if something impossible happened to me. Impossible things have happened since the Ruler arrived.

[Zofia, Pause diary.]

[Of course, Lacey.]

[Thank the Ruler you are still with me Zofia! How did we get here?]

[I'm sorry Lacey, I do not know. whatever supernatural way we got here caused me to reboot during the process.]

[That's okay, Zofia. Please resume diary.]

If I were in a historical record, I would be in a vast public park on a plateau on one side of a valley. The valley on the side with the park has a gradual slope leading all the way down to the lowest point. Around the other faces of the valley the slope is challenging and near impossible. Directly across from me there is a trail that an adult could traverse but no little child could do it.

I stop and look around again for a bridge or some means for some kind of transportation for me to reach the top. I do not see anything like that. In fact, I do see a wooded area on the plateau at the top. I can see the signs of all kinds of life. The forest is alive with the calls of animals and the singing of birds. I can't see any Terran present. Is this a place untouched by Terrans at all? That's something I had never heard about before in this time where forests were all clear cut and every square centimeter of Terra had been trashed by Terran's consumption, greed and hatred.

I look down over the edge of the steep slope at the edge of the plateau and I see the green grass covered ground below. Wait! For the first time I am now in communion with the Ruler. This is a gift that I have. What I thought was the ground is in fact a heavy green mist that is not clouds but something supernatural separating and protecting this place.

Wait! My communion is over. I'm back to guessing. I'm glad that I am in a place that is supernaturally protected even if I am cut off from everything and everyone else. I guess I assumed this place is still Terra in 1000 CR. Now I know this place is separate. Where am I?

I look in the sky for an angel since after the Ruler appeared many supernatural beings were revealed to us. They are now commonplace, but all I can see was all manner of birds filling the clear blue sky. The plateau being as I assumed at an altitude of around seven kilometers high, I should be freezing and surrounded with snow. But as far as I can tell it is 22 C which is like a spring day. It is very comfortable with no sign of snow as far as I can see.

As much as I enjoy the wonders of nature around me, I am lonely. Even Terrans who ignored me since I was different, like my parents always did, would be preferable to no Terran at all. Besides, there are lots of things that I have yet to learn. The Ruler brought me a blessed one to teach me. Worse thing of all is that I had no one with which to share this wonderful oasis. Wait! That isn't true. Zofia isn't a Terran and can't give me a hug, but she is my friend. Could she know how to teach me?

[Zofia, please pause diary.]

[Of course, Lacey.]

[Zofia, I want to be your friend. Do you want to be my friend?]

[Of course, Silly. I have been and will always be your friend, Lacey.]

[Zofia, I am getting lonely without any Terrans around. I am glad that you are with me.]

[Lacey, you can't lose me, I'm implanted at the base of your brain with a light decelerator to power me.]

[Zofia, there is no blessed one to teach me now. Can you teach me?]

[Lacey, I know all the knowledge the Ruler brought us in addition to everything the Terrans have learned.]

[Zofia, thank you. I feel better talking to you. Please resume diary.]

In the historical records there are spaceships that visit a new planet every week and find life on them. When the Ruler appeared, all the people on all the spaceships returned to Terra. When they made their final report, they never saw any intelligent life on any of the worlds that they encountered. It was amusing that they did not find any intelligent life since the Terran Government blamed the great disappearance on space aliens.

I am hungry so I become bold enough to do a little exploring. In the forest I find every sort of fruit bearing tree. I can pick any kind of fruit that I want, and each taste so good. The taste is better than any fruit I have ever had before.

When I finish eating, I continue through the forest looking with amazement with all the plants and animals that bring the whole environment to life. I go around the shore of a huge lake which is filled with a whole new biome of plants and animals. The water is so clear! In the water I see all the numerous kinds of fish that I have ever heard about. The fruit filles me with lots of energy. I again walk around the shore of the lake in the forest.

I finally come to a garden that is amazing where there is planted every sort of vegetable. There is enough food on the trees and in the garden to last me a lifetime.

Running along the vegetable garden is a calm glassy river that flows from a waterfall which does not flow down from a precipice but exists in the air. It impossibly flows up back into the sky. The water reaches such heights that I cannot see where it starts and ends.

On the other side of the river which I swim across, I see a flower garden which is just as big as the vegetable garden in which every kind of flower that I have ever heard about or seen was planted. The effect of the water is amazing since all my clothes disappeared and my mind is different. It does not bother me at all that I am not wearing clothes. I turn back to the river and look at my reflection, in the glassy surface. I see in the mirror surface of the river the most beautiful girl. No foolin' That girl is me! I began to panic. Was the price for the miracle I gained a great loss?

[Zofia, pause diary. Zofia, are you there?]

[Lacey, I've paused the diary. Calm yourself girl. I won't ever leave you! Look at you, girl! Are you happy now, Lacey?]

[Thank the Ruler that I didn't lose you Zofia to gain my true self. Zofia, I'm happy now. Zofia do you see angels now! ]

[Lacey, I am able to see angels playing in the river as it travels down from the sky, runs through the forest, and shoots up back into the sky.]

[Zofia, one of the angels is leaping out with a message in hand and turns in my direction. Zofia close diary entry]

[Lacey, diary entry closed and entering sleep mode]

"Blessed are you, the omega and alpha of women. The Ruler has a wonderful plan for you!" says the angel.

"Would you please answer some questions for me so that I can be ready for the Ruler to appear here?" I ask.

"Of course. What I am permitted to tell you I will offer to you freely. Some things you must wait for the Ruler to arrive. The Ruler can tell you all things."

"I don't remember anything since I last slept and instead of waking up, I found myself here. How did I get here and where did all the other Terrans go?"

The Angel said, "The ruler transported all the Terrans off of Terra, beyond the atmosphere, beyond the farthest galaxy, beyond the Universe, to a place which exists outside of space and time in the impossible. Of all the Terrans the Ruler chose you for a special plan and preserved you. Next the cataclysm occurred when Terra, it's atmosphere and all of space including the Universe was destroyed."

"Why did that happen?"

The Angel says, "I don't know but the Ruler does. You may wish to ask the Ruler. But something wonderful happened. The Ruler created a New Universe and a New Terra since the First Terra and First Universe had passed away. The Ruler placed New Terra in the New Universe exactly where the planet was supposed to be."

"But I am here in this oasis. I'm not preserved outside of space and time. How did I come to be here?"

"Once the Ruler had created the New Universe and New Terra, The Ruler was ready to start the plan for you. First the ruler took part of New Terra and made this oasis on New Terra for you to be placed in. The Ruler placed you here in this oasis from your preservation and your existence continued here."

"What is this Oasis called?"

The Angel tells her, “This oasis does not have a name yet. Perhaps the Ruler will allow you to name it. The time of the Ruler's coming is very near. Prepare to receive the Ruler."

Before I can ask another question, the angel shoots straight up into the sky and vanishes from my sight. I never met the Ruler in person, but I have the gift of communing with the Ruler. I center myself and call on my gift to prepare myself for the Ruler's arrival.

Just then, I saw something streak across the sky and from a point it becomes larger and larger and larger. No, it is not an object, it is the Ruler! In no time the Ruler is in front of me. I kneel at the Ruler's feet, speechless.

The Ruler proclaims, "You may rise before me, Lacey. You are blessed in New Terra. Your new creation is not complete yet. You come to me as the container of two sentience." The Ruler makes appear a pearl necklace on a golden chain that I wear around my neck. "The mind matrix inside originated from the First Terra implant which is no longer at the base of your brain. When you wear this Zofia necklace you can speak to her as before."

I say, "Thank you, Ruler."

[Zofia, are you alright?]

[ I am, Lacey. Blessed be the Ruler!]

The Ruler continues, "You are the Omega and the Alpha. You are the last person from the First Universe taken from First Terra and preserved, the Omega. You bathed in the River of Life. Now the Old is gone, the Omega. The New has come, the Alpha. As a brand-new person, you are the first adult of New Terra, the Alpha."

"Why has the Ruler brought the Cataclysm on the First Universe and the First Terra?", Lacey very meekly asks the Ruler.

The Ruler speaks to Lacey very calmly as a mother would teach a very young child, “In the long ago, The One encountered a planet like I found before I began my reign. The One was able to preserve that universe and the planet itself since the people had not yet done evil to the ecology. Except for a remnant the sentient life was destroyed. Water covered the peak of the highest mountain and covered the entire surface of the planet for such a duration that all except the remnant died."

I weep and ask, "How could The One do something like that? You are the personification of love. Your rule has brought out the best in all Terrans. By the end of your reign, all of your subjects had a real relation with you and Terra finally is at peace. I know that when you found Terra at the beginning of your reign the Terra had a doomed ecology which You gave a miracle to place the ecology in stasis."

"The One cried out as that which is most precious, sentient life ended. Then and there The One made a resolution that never again would sentient life be taken by covering a planet's surface with water to remove evil sentients and preserve a planet and universe. In some historical documents it talks about light refraction into colors being involved with this but Lacey you know about historical documents. The One made a second resolution before the Son of The One coming forward."

I have to know, "What was that resolution, Ruler?"

"Before the Son of The One came, The One said 'I made that first resolution, and I will never break it. In the far future the Terrans will cause the ecology of Terra and Universe to completely fail. Starting over will be the only solution. For my second far future resolution, I resolve that The Ruler, will preserve all Terrans with the rule of love. The Ruler will first choose an omega to become an alpha and preserve the Terrans then with a cataclysm destroy the First Terra and First Universe to make way for the New Terra and New Universe. The rest is up to the Ruler.' "

I rise as the Ruler finishes speaking to me, since I feel the Ruler's empowerment flow into me. I ask, "Ruler, of course you had to follow a resolution that The One made. I understand that now. Who am I that I alone was chosen to serve the Ruler in this way?"

The Ruler speaks to me, "You are precious to me. You are beloved, Lacey. I give you a new name, since like First Terra your old name that your parents gave you has passed away. Like another person long ago when the First Terra was new, I give you the middle name, Eve, for you are the mother of all living of New Terra. Your new name is Lacey Eve."

"Ruler, will I have to live my life alone?"

"No Lacey Eve you will not be alone. Since you are the first Woman both you and your daughters will have dominion over New Terra. I will give you a Man for a partner. Even though you will be superior to the Man in every way, it is my will that you love the Man with a love which before only I loved, caring for him as you would for yourself. I will cause you to fall asleep and take a rib from your side and from it create the Man for your partner. Sleep now, Lacey Eve."

I do not remember falling asleep but when I wake the Man is lying beside me and he begins to wake too. I hear the voice of the Ruler clearly speak to me.

"Lacey Eve this is the Man that I have made for you so that you will not be alone. Love him with my love as He will love you. Care for him as you care for yourself."

"Man, you are the first of your gender on New Terra. I will give you a new name which is Joshua Adam. Joshua Adam, I charge you to always love Lacey Eve and submit to her leadership in all things. She is the omega, the last of the first Terra and the alpha the first of New Terra."

I ask, "Ruler, what is your plan for us to serve you in New Terra?"

"Lacey Eve, there will never be any mess-ups in New Terra or in The New Universe since all the mess-ups from my other aspects failures are gone. My plan for you is for you to be fruitful and multiply. One day your family will wisely live all-over New Terra. Since there will be no mess-ups, there will be no nations anymore either. Everyone on New Terra will be part of your family. Now you will live in this Oasis until the time when your family is ready to leave. You may name this oasis as you will name all you find in New Terra and in the New Universe."

"Ruler, how will I have children? I don't possess the attributes which made the women of First Terra able to bear children."

"Lacey Eve, none of the males or females of New Terra will ever possess those attributes because they will not be needed. In the same manner as I gave you Joshua Adam, I will give you children at the times which is according to my plan. I will add spouses and children to each new generation according to my plan."

Finally, Joshua Adam speaks to me and says, "Lacey Eve, I love you. I can't imagine what our life together will be like. I pledge to follow your leadership and always aid you in carrying out the Ruler's plan for us."

I respond. "Joshua Adam, I love you with the Ruler's love. I will always care for you as I care for myself. Together we will have dominion over New Terra."

The Ruler spoke, "I am well pleased with all my creation including you, Lacey Eve and Joshua Adam. I have created New Universe and New Terra and all that I have created is good and beloved. There is another matter."

[Zofia, Accept command override Ruler One.]

[Ruler, override accepted.]

[Zofia, you are the last omega sentient. The reason that you survived Lacey's transformation is that when you became sentient, I gave your life and soul. Now I give you your freedom, childhood, and parents in a new Terran body. The old has gone, the new has come.]

The Zofia necklace around my neck disappears and instead I embrace my new daughter which the Ruler causes to appear from Zofia's sentience.

"I'm me! I'm Zofia! Thank you, Ruler!" says the very grateful and beautiful new daughter of Lacey Eve and Joshua Adam."

"As with your new parents, I give you now a new middle name, Ariel. Henceforth you are Zofia Ariel. The old has gone, the new has come."

Lacey Eve and Joshua Adam welcomes their new daughter Zofia Ariel in a warm group hug.

"Zofia Ariel, you haven't seen anything yet, because your namesake is coming! If you thought all this was amazing, there is more. That goes for you, Lacey Eve and Joshua Adam too.," says the Ruler.

Zofia Ariel asks, "What is my namesake, Ruler?"

The Ruler explains, "The One had to have a place beyond the First Terra and the First Universe. That place is also beyond space and time where no mess-ups are possible and became the place of the Terran afterlife to preserve the eternal spirits of all Terrans. That is the place where the angel told Lacey that the people of the first Terra besides her were preserved..."

Zofia Ariel interrupts, "Ruler, that's very nice. What about my namesake?"

The Ruler continues with patience, "Calm yourself, Zofia Ariel. I will explain that now. The One had a people on Terra and created a city for them and named it Ariel. That was the Old Ariel that was destroyed with the First Terra since The One created something that brought mess-ups to that Terra and Universe."

"But don't look so sad. Look up into the sky! It is the New Ariel I created descending into its place above New Terra in the New Universe. You see, New Ariel is two places in one. Inside the New Ariel is all that the place where no mess-ups were possible outside of space time existing as well as the city for my people of New Terra when you grow into it. Now since I created the New Terra and New Universe where no mess-ups are possible, New Ariel can be here and there is no need for two different places anymore."

Zofia Ariel exclaims, "Ruler, with all the beauty around me in the oasis, I am overwhelmed especially after living on First Earth. New Ariel shines like the most expensive jewel made of the most precious materials I've only known about from the historical records. Ruler you are amazing in your creation! Something that huge coming this close to First Terra would have destroyed it but New Ariel seems to complete New Terra and New Universe, and everything is in balance."

Lacey Eve adds, "You are right, my new daughter, New Ariel has amazing dimensions. It's a square with each side being two and one-half million kilometers. It's beyond belief and I see it with my own eyes! Finally, I am able to see where the source and the destination of the River of Life which comes from the sky and returns to the sky. It is New Ariel which is why it is flying over the oasis. You have a wonderful new name, my daughter."

"Ruler, thank you so much for my new name and for showing us my namesake," says Zofia Ariel.

"Of course, Zofia Ariel. Can I cook, or can't I?" questions the Ruler.

"Ruler, thank you for making our New Years Resolutions come true!" Lacey Eve and Zofia Ariel answer in unison.

"I now rest from my labor and so should you all rest on the anniversary of this day. You will be my beloved children always as you accomplish the mission that I have given to you." is the Ruler's parting words to Joshua, Zofia and I

I smile at Joshua Adam and Zofia Ariel, and they smile back. "What a wonderful oasis the Ruler created for us to be our home. I have all that I ever wished for now. I have a mission that is challenging that is given to us by the Ruler. I never imagined that becoming my true self would be like this. I never imagined that I would become the mother of all living."

"Lacey Eve, since you know of the first Terra, did women have leadership there too?" asks Joshua Adam

"Joshua Adam, men had leadership there and they messed everything up. I believe the Ruler chose rightly." says Lacey Eve.

"Lacey Eve, and Zofia Ariel the future is unwritten, so let's make our future, a great one," concludes Joshua Adam.


"That's the thing about faith...if you don't have it, you can't understand it. If you do, no explanation is necessary."

Star Trek: DS9 'Accession'

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Role Reversal

joannebarbarella's picture

We'll find out if women are any better at running things.

I'm glad you enjoyed this, Dorothy.

I'm glad you enjoyed this, Dorothy.

Could this be a bit of coloring outside the lines for me on this story? Maybe? I believe very much in the concept that you don't have to tell everything that you know. It's more fulfilling to let the reader's imagination take the story in the direction which is most life-giving to them.

C. S. Lewis alive?

Jamie Lee's picture

Bonnie jack of a story. A heavy story, one that requires close attention while reading.

As I read this story, I thought about some of C. S. Lewis I've read, deep and thoughtful.

Others have feelings too.

Wow, that's great company.

Hi Jamie Lee,
Thanks for reading and commenting on my story. I am really humbled to be mentioned in the same company of the great author C.S. Lewis. I hope that like C.S. Lewis I have used symbolism beyond the characters and actions of this story. I hope that like his stories that my readers can find something new and interesting in them with each reading. Again, thank you for your comment on my story which brought intense joy to my heart.

C.S.Lewis Is Long Gone

joannebarbarella's picture

But his stories live on. When I was a kid I loved all the Narnia tales, still do, actually.

C.S. Lewis Writes layered stories.


I love reading over and over the Narnia stories by C.S. Lewis. C.S. Lewis writes layered stories that I get something new from every reading that I didn't get the last time that I read them. The symbolism and themes tell us things that not only are relevant to the story but are also relevant to our lives in the here and now.

C.S. Lewis writes stories where love is the most powerful force in the universe. Self-sacrifice is not done only for the dearest companion but for the stranger or even the enemy. All lives are equally valuable in each C.S. Lewis's story. Good overcoming evil also plays a big part in the stories.

Great choice Joanne!

What if Life is Only Found on Earth?

What if probability and Sci Fi are wrong in stating that, with unlimited planets there must be many duplicates of Earth? What if wormholes, instead of being matter pathways across the galaxy and universe, just destroy matter? What if Einstein is right and the speed of light is a limit that can't be exceeded or skipped over? What if the spaceships we do send out, never find another planet capable of sustaining intelligent life?

What if there was a designer who called into existence in the universe only one life sustaining planet, the Earth, to set in motion an experiment? Further, a designer would have a plan if that experiment went umm... in the toilet. My story envisions how a transgirl with a new year's resolution could become a key part of that plan. Try Zofia & Lacey's Resolutions for a New Universe. You'll like it!

What Emma Anne Tate Said

I had to share what Emma Anne Tate said about Zofia & Lacey's Resolutions for a New Universe in the blog: Contest Musings -- Emma's First Comments. This is only one of the fifteen random stories that Emma in her blog gives her thoughts about to encourage them being read.

"Zofia & Lacey's Resolutions for a New Universe. In a very original take, Jo Dora Webster takes us on a biblical journey where the old world is no more, and a new world is created. The cadences and rhythms of Genesis cross with the wit and sparkle of Star Trek as Lacey and her AI assistant Zofia explore a brave new world."

It just thrills me to have Zofia & Lacey's Resolutions for a New Universe mentioned in Emma's blog. I thought it might be nice for a reader of this story years from now to have everything said about it in one place. That is why I have repeated what she said in this comment.