Enhancement Suits

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Welcome to Smart Tech, the leader in biomedical enhancements.

Have you ever felt inadequate in bed?
Maybe you would like to experiment a little with your partner.

We at Smart Tech have the answer. You can have it all With our new specially-designed Enhancement Suits.

Our suits graph themselves right to your body, creating a seamless transition. Each suit is entirely customizable to your specifications. We match skin color and hair color for a true-life feel. Our sensor feedback system lets you feel and experience everything. We are confident you will love our products. We offer a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Does your partner think you lack in the size department, or maybe you lack stamina? Then we have an enhancement for you. The Stallion enhancement package gives you the length and girth you have always wanted. Stamina is no longer an issue with the suit's patented quick charge settings. This allows for prolonged sexual encounters, guaranteeing multiple orgasms—just 4 easy payments of $199.

Are you having trouble getting your partner pregnant? We have a Breeder's package that contains a patented sperm generator using your DNA. Our sperm generator works for both men and women. Add this to your Stallion package for only $99.

We have suits for women as well.

Are you unhappy with how you look down below? Our Venus package is just for you. We offer a completely customizable vagina. Is your partner's package too large or too small? We can customize the size and length to fit your needs. Our G-Spot enhancer guarantees you will get the orgasms you deserve. Get your ideal vagina for 6 easy payments of $199. The first one hundred customers will even get the opportunity to upgrade to the Virgin Package for free.

Virgin package, generally priced at $299, makes every time just like the first time.

Women, did something happen so that you cannot have children? Then you should try our Birther's package. We have created the first-ever uterus generator with functioning ovaries. Now, you can experience the joys of childbirth with your partner. This upgrade is valued at $499.
Caution: once pregnant, it is impossible to remove the suit till pregnancy is complete.

Chest enhancements are also available.

Do you want to get rid of those moobs and the beer gut? Our Adonis package will give you the body of a Greek God. With this package, you can have a chiseled chest and six-pack abs for $499.

Aphrodite was the pinnacle of beauty. Now, with our Aphrodite package, you can have that hourglass figure that exemplifies beauty. You can customize your chest size. No longer are you forced to be part of the IBTC. For just $499, you can have the bust of your dreams.

New mothers, are you struggling to produce milk or tired of being the only one to wake up in the middle of the night? Then our Milker's package may be the right choice for you. This upgrade allows the wearer to produce milk that meets a growing baby's nutritional needs. Yours for $199

We also offer a couples package.

For couples, we offer a combo package that gives you the choice of two complete sets for the low price of 12 payments of $399.

For those gender benders, our suits will give you the experience of sexual encounters of your desired gender. All upgrades are fully functional.

Visit us at https://SmartTech.com/EnhancementSuits/ to design your products today.

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some interesting possibilities here

I'm assuming there would be suits for people who wish to experience being the opposite sex as well, either just for fun or for life.


Great ideas!

The mind boggles!

Money source.

I am trying to decide if I have to win the lottery or rob a bank to pay for the perfect customizable body.

"Tired of just wearing plain painted cardboard to ...

... anime and cos-play conventions? Now, with our 'Manga Hero/ines of Japan ' series ..."


"Are your neighbors always throwing noisy all-night Parties? Now, with our 'Monsters from the Odyssey' series, you can assure peace and silence for your whole neighborhood. Note: Use of the Sirens' Voice package may be illegal in some municipalities."


"Still under development is our 'Native American Legends' series. Our loyal Customer Base has expressed enormous interest in our proposed 'Two-Spirit' Enhancement Model. And we have seen much interest in a Coyote Suit ..."

Ehancement Suits (ES) received legal notice from the Diné ...

... from the Diné (Navajo) Nation.

After a brief and amicable conversation, ES agreed to >never< produce "skin-walker" suits.

Furthermore, ES will consult with Diné leaders before even starting research on any suits from Diné/Navajo culture.

"Two Spirit" and "Coyote" (Trickster) are multicultural, and no problems are foreseen.