Michele Nylons True Stories - Chapter 6

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Chapter Six – The Laneway Cruise Lounge

Introduction – The Ramblings of an Old Tranny

Can you believe that the last time I wrote about my true stories was in 2008! So much has happened since then but one thing has remained constant. I’m still a slut! (LOL). So anyway here we are again…

I’ve decided to treat you all to one of my True Stories as I haven’t written one of those for ages. Before I get down to the grind (pun intended) I thought I might put the story in context and as it is autobiographical I think that is within my purview to do so. Don’t worry, there is lots, and I mean lots of sex. For those of you who are only here for titillation just skip the first few paragraphs, take out your ‘wanking stocking’ and have at it but I think some readers would like to know a little bit more about me; how I live, how I think and how I do what I do.

Be prepared. I’m a sarcastic bitch and some of what I write is quite biting, but none of it is meant to be malicious.


So let’s fast forward to recent times. Up until a year or so ago I lived alone and Michele just did whatever Michele wanted to do with the caveat that I never told my family and my friends about her. I lived and still live a double life. But because I lived far away from my family I could live as Michele whenever I wanted which was most of the time.

But circumstances change and my mother, well into her eighties, needs support and I am obliged to pull my weight. The time I have to myself to be Michele is now limited so I have to make the most of it because although I have gotten older my sex drive remains the same… almost insatiable. The change of circumstance also means I can no longer host but where there is a will there is a way.

I am a member of several dating sites, just Google me and you will likely find my profiles. I arrange meets on the dating sites and also advertise my availability at the local cruise lounge. I meet in hotels and in the homes of people I trust but my favourite meeting place is The Laneway cruise lounge in Cairns (Queensland, Australia... but you knew that didn’t you?). You can definitely Google The Laneway, just search for cruise club cairns.

The Laneway is a gay and Bi cruise lounge that is discreet, comfortable, clean, and has very good management. The owners like me going there because I attract ‘Admirers’ (a term we crossdressers use for men who appreciate what we have to offer) which means more revenue for them. I will now lead you through my ritual and provide you with the details of my visit to The Laneway on Friday last. It is not long now until we get to juicy bits for those who have stayed with my story so far.

The Ritual

The ritual begins on Thursday. I stop eating, taking my last light meal on Wednesday night. Why? Well you can guess. A girl needs to be clean… very clean and the less you eat, the less there is to clean out. I check my ‘Michele phone’ for text messages responding to my ads and also my email. ‘Michele’s phone’ is kept separate from the phone I use for business and my personal life. Burner phones are so cheap that I laugh every time some Admirer asks me not to text them in case their wife or girlfriend sees my messages on their phone. If you’re going to sneak around, get a burner!

I’m lucky in that I am not very hirsute at all but every part of my body below my neck gets shaved and I use Veet around my sphincter so that my whole (get the pun?) body is smooth. A girl needs to be hairless except for her eyebrows and crown. I check that everything I need is in the backpack that I take to The Laneway, topping up my makeup and putting in the clothing I’m going to wear.

On Friday morning around 8am I douche repeatedly and then ‘when the water runs clear’ (a song by the Triple-A Girls incidentally) I shave my face very closely so that my skin is smooth and soft. I pop three Imodium as insurance to absorb any un-expelled douche water. I brush my teeth, rinse with mouthwash and take a shower.

I dress in sports shorts, tank-top and running shoes because they are easy to fold up and put away, then I take my PrEP and take a Viagra tablet. I need to take my PrEP at least two hours before my first sexual encounter.

I’m not going to give a lecture about STIs. I like to go bareback, unless the guy looks iffy, so I have regular check-ups at the Free Sexual Health Clinic. I am also prescribed PrEP which is supplemented by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (Australia has a great pubic healthcare system) and costs me only $35 for a month’s supply which is better than a lifetime with an incurable disease.

Around 9:00am the respite carer arrives and I am free to take my backpack full of my requisites and my ‘Michele phone’ and head out. By now I’m usually receiving texts from Admirers confirming they will meet me and at what time or letting me know if they can’t make it. I’ve already checked my emails for the same information. I average four or five confirmations and as many ‘can’t make it’ messages.

There is an undercover car park one street over from The Laneway where I can park all day for $8. I park there, grab my backpack and walk to The Laneway, by this time my heart is beating fast. The Laneway Cruise Lounge is down a laneway (go figure?) and is an adjunct to the Adult Shop next door. It opens at 10am and I am always the first customer. A very nice man named Vogue who owns the establishment lets me in early so I’m ready when the place opens. He allows me to forgo the entry fee and towel hire fee because I’m good for business. All the staff know me and know what I’m about and they are all friendly. Vogue and I always exchange pleasantries and chat unless he is busy in the shop.

When you enter The Laneway it is very dark and you need to take a while for your eyes to adjust. The first cubicle on the right is the one I always commandeer for myself. For one thing it has its own air conditioner (we are in the tropics right!) it has a large bed with a polythene covered mattress. A paper-towel dispenser, a box of condoms and a lubricant dispenser are fitted to the wall. There is a peephole and a glory hole in one wall that that can be opened or closed at my whim so that voyeurs can watch me and poke their cocks through the glory hole should they wish. Below the air conditioner and above the bed is a handy shelf. I consider this MY ROOM! and most Laneway regulars know it.

If you walk a circle around The Laneway you will find a large lounge area with sofas and a large screen TV playing gay porn, a cube of four glory hole booths, a sling room, a mirror room (both of which I sometimes use) a big playroom and two more glory hole booths. Wall mounted TVs play non-stop tranny porn, and bi porn. Next to the television playing tranny porn is a two-seater sofa that is often used for group sex. At the intersection leading to the back rooms is a shower, two toilets, a full-length mirror and a sink. Out back are two large playrooms with wall mounted mirrors and a small meeting place where hetero porn is played on the TV. A row of lockers are located along one wall near the entrance so customers can lock away their valuables.

Every room has boxes of condoms and lube dispensers and peepholes and glory holes that the occupants can elect to open or close. All rooms are fitted with a lock for privacy should you so desire.

The whole place is lit by red-lighting so it is dark but you can see well enough once your eyes become acclimated. The owner allows in men and transvestites but cis women are excluded. Some customers complain that they would like to bring wives and girlfriends there as it is the only licenced ‘sex on premises’ establishment in town but no women are allowed, which is a shame but Vogue has his reasons I guess.

I use the LED light on my mobile phone to find the toilet, hopefully without banging into a wall. There is never anyone here this early as it is yet to open. I go into the toilet, which is large, well lit and thankfully spotless clean this time of day. I open my backpack and take out my requisites.

They are: my makeup bag, my wig, lingerie, stockings, heels, and jewellery. I don’t bother to fully dress here because it’s just a waste of time. I’m here for raw sex, not for a fashion parade. I strip naked and pack away my man-clothes in a locker.

I lay out my makeup and begin the ritual. Because it’s so dark in the cruise lounge I wear heavy makeup otherwise I’d look washed out. First I apply concealer, followed by foundation and then a coat of finishing powder. I do my lipstick next so it has time to dry; I use Covergirl, bright red (or slut red if you want), two coats and then work on my eyes. I use bright coloured eyeshadow, gold on the upper part and blue and purple on my eyelids. It sounds garish but in the red lighting it works. Then I put on thick eyeliner and plenty of mascara. I rouge my cheeks, accenting my cheekbones and put on another coat of finishing powder. That’s my makeup done.

Next I step into my flesh-toned, sheer, holdup stockings and smooth them out. I will sometimes wear wear a suspender belt and conventional nylons but they ladder easily and at The Laneway I find form over fashion is best. Besides fleshtones my other favourites are slate-grey or black stockings and sometime I wear pantyhose but with a hole cut in the reinforced crotch for access to my delicate parts. I pull on my red and black satin panties and sit on the toilet to put on my white four inch high heels and put an ankle chain on my left ankle. I slip into a satin and lace chemise. I have a red one and a green one which I alternate. The chemise is basically a corselet with a short tulle skirt attached at the bottom I brush out and put on my favourite wig, a shoulder-length bob with red maroon highlights. Finally I accessorise with costume jewellery: earrings (both my ears are pierced), necklace, rings and bracelets.

I don’t bother to tuck or gaff; it would be a waste of time.

Now I look like Michele. Around now my first punter knocks on the door and says “hey babe”. Rick is always early and has texted me that he’s coming. I put a coat of clear lip-gloss over my lipstick to set it and I’m good to go. Rick is waiting. I splash myself liberally with perfume and leave the cubicle carrying my backpack.

We go into the mirror room which Rick prefers because he can watch me from all angles.


I met Rick on ‘Bi Australia’, a meet-up and contact site, and he has become a regular admirer and real friend. He’s a retired cabbie and likes to meet me at The Laneway early because he likes to go first. Also I have spent many a languid afternoon at his flat. He is a side which means there will be no buggery but Rick is an accomplished lover and always satisfies me.

I enter the mirror room and drop my backpack on the floor and Rick pulls me into his arms. He’s a kisser which I like.

Rick holds me close and kisses me, slipping his tongue into my mouth.

“Hey babe it’s good to see you,” is his usual greeting between kisses.

Rick has stripped naked whilst waiting for me and his hard cock presses against me.

“Hi honey,” I breathe into his mouth as he crushes his lips against mine and slips his tongue into my mouth.

I take his semi-hard penis in my grasp and slowly stroke it until it reaches full tumescence, all the while we are kissing, holding each other tight, my arms around his neck in between improving his erection; I like to tease him.

Rick presses on my shoulders. I know what he wants and I squat down and take him in my mouth. There is always plenty of pre-cum to lick and swallow as I use my mouth on his hard cock. My technique, as explained in most of my stories, is to take his phallus in my mouth and use my lips on his shaft and my tongue on his glans, especially his fraenulum. When he’s shaking at the knees I stop and lick his scrotum, taking his testes into my mouth and suckling them. He loves that!

I lick his cock, running my tongue along the whole length, all the time looking up at him so he can see my pretty face while I’m fellating him.

Rick lifts me to my feet and kisses me passionately. I stoke his cock and he strokes mine through my panties, then he frees it and strokes it again. Rick likes to suck on my nipples and I pull the straps on my chemise down so he can get to my tits. As I’ve got older, my tits have got bigger which most men would hate but I find advantageous. He sucks and nibbles my nipples while he strokes my cock which is now rampant. The Viagra is working.

I’ve gained 5kg since returning to the family home and luckily most of it has gone to my tits and my ass, although I have developed a little pot belly but I’m still hot for a woman my age (sixty something if you must know).

Rick pushes me down on the bed and kneels on the floor so he can suck my cock. He’s very good at it and he knows to stroke my stocking-clad thighs at the same time as he sucks my cock because that drives me wild. I entwine my fingers in his hair and fuck his face while he sucks my cock and strokes my legs. He brings me to the brink of extremis and then backs off. Rick loves edging.

We swap positions and I do the same. On my knees I suck his cock until he is close and he pushes my face away from him. We used to 69 but we found that it is better if only one of us is sucking cock so we can give each other our full attention while the recipient lies back and enjoys the experience, then we change around.

In between there is more kissing and stroking… as I said, Rick is a kisser.

The edging, alternating between sucking each other’s cocks, kissing, nipple-play, and mutual masturbation will go on for about half an hour. We both get close to orgasm on numerous occasions and the pre-cum flows freely. Rick will also lube-up his fingers and insert them in my anus and finger me while he sucks my dick. He’s an expert at this and really gets me going.

When I have visited his flat we have edged for whole afternoons but this is The Laneway and I have other punters to service and he has things to do and places go, so when he’s ready I give him his special treat.

Rick likes to stand on the bed and hold onto the partition to steady himself so that his cock is at my eye level. I take him in my mouth and start fellating him, gradually building up the speed. I cup his scrotum and stroke and squeeze it just how he likes it. When he’s close he puts his hands on my head and fucks my face as he blasts his load into my mouth which I greedily swallow. I’m stroking myself the whole time but deliberately holding back my orgasm for later.

“HUnnggh…” he groans loudly and repeatedly as he fills my mouth with his musky seed.

Rick is a very vocal cummer.

Rick climbs down and takes me in his arms and kisses me. He drives his tongue into my mouth so he can taste his own cum.

He thanks me repeatedly and tells me how wonderful and how pretty I am. I am almost embarrassed. I’ve aged and am no longer as ‘pretty’ as I was when I was younger but I’m confident in my femininity.

I wipe my anus with hand towel to get rid of the excess lube and pull up my panties and adjust my chemise while Rick dresses. We chat pleasantly about current events or people we know, then it’s time for him to leave which involves more kissing and he having to wipe my lipstick off his mouth before he leaves the establishment.

I head back to the toilet and fix my makeup and brush my hair then I use mouthwash. I check my phone for messages, pop some gum into my mouth and head out into the main room and make my way to ‘Michele’s room’, stopping in the lounge briefly to check if there is any trade. It is still early but there is a tall, well-built young fellow sitting on one of the couches and looking at the porn on the TV. I don’t know him so he might be from out of town. He glances up at me but then he pulls out his phone and starts playing with it. Probably not interested in me but we’ll see.

Anonymous Twenty-Something

I head back into my room and sit on the bed. I have a few messages from men telling me that they will be in later in the day but no one is coming this early. It’s only 11am after all. I begin to unpack.

I put my chewing gum and my mouthwash on the shelf. A girl soon develops ‘cock-breath’ when she’s busy so mouthwash is essential and I chew gum between punters. Then I put my deodorant and perfume on the shelf because I like to freshen up between ‘clients’, then my hairbrush and lipstick. The cosmetic bag goes in the corner of the bed where I can get to it easily and use it as a pillow if necessary. Beside that goes a bottle of Durex Play, my favourite lubricant. Although there is a lubricant dispenser fitted to the wall, I like to keep some handy on the bed. The towel is laid out on top of the polythene covered mattress as a ‘short-time sheet’.

In the corner of the shelf I put my 12” silicone cock dildo which often gets introduced into play and finally I hang up my little nightlight on the wall. My room has a red light over the partition but I like the option of having white lighting so the punters can appreciate me and check out the action while we’re fucking. Some like it on and some like it off; I leave it for them to decide. The backpack with my man-clothes and valuables goes into a locker.

The tall, well-built young fellow appears at the door and peers into my cubicle.

“You’re all set here like you own the place,” he comments and smiles at me.

“Yes, this is Michele’s playroom,” I smile at him staring at the bulge in his tight shorts.

“I only play with older daddies but I’ve always wanted to fuck a tranny so I guess you’re it because there is nobody else here,” he gives me a backhanded compliment but I’m not offended.

I know I’m not young anymore and seldom get to play with young hot-bods like this.

He steps into my room and without further pleasantries he quickly undresses revealing a toned, tanned body and eight inches of turgid cock. It’s not particularly thick but it is long. I turn on my nightlight so he can see what he is getting and also so that I can appreciate what I am about to receive more clearly.

Kissing and foreplay are rudimentary but he gets me hot driving his tongue into my mouth and crushing his lips against mine while I reach for the tumescent organ between his legs and begin to stroke it. I am rewarded with an almost continual outpouring of clear, viscous pre-ejaculate which I use to lubricate his cock while I stroke it.

But not for long.

He pushes me down on my knees and I raise my face to accept his offering. Instead of putting it in my mouth he bangs it against my cheeks and lips for a while and then rubs it all over my face. I don’t know why guys get off on doing this but a lot of them like to do it and I don’t really mind it but it’s not on the top of my favourites list.

“Suck it bitch!” he growls and pushes it into my mouth.

I can roleplay with the best of them but I do prefer long, sensual, almost affectionate lovemaking but I can appreciate a raw fuck too and his exuberance turns me on. As long as there is no excessive pain involved I don’t mind a bit of rough play.

He grabs my head and face-fucks my mouth. Young he may be but he’s obviously experienced, he doesn’t make me gag or force too much cock into my mouth. I suspect because he’s enjoying the way I suck his cock, holding it at the base and slavering at it with my lips, working them along the shaft whilst the tip of my tongue concentrates on his fraenulum. I’m rewarded with more sweet, salty precum which I swallow with relish.

“On the bed bitch!” he lifts me to my feet none too gently but he’s careful to keep me from falling on my heels.

I willingly kneel on the bed with my ass raised high and he yanks my panties down and exposes my ass.

I feel both vulnerable and excited.

I hear him yanking on the lubricant dispenser mounted on the wall and then I feel the cool, slippery salve being applied to my sphincter. He’s lubricating his cock too and he jams two fingers into my anus and works them to open me up. I am blessed and sometime cursed with having a particularly tight sphincter and anus despite the fucking I’ve done over the years.

He’s pretending to be a little vicious as he works his fingers in my cleft but he’s careful not to scratch me or really hurt me. I’m guessing it’s a power-play thing. He’s a top twink who usually fucks older men who like it rough but he appreciates my femininity and treats me accordingly.

He puts a hand on my buttock to hold me still while he guides his rampant cock to my sphincter. I feel it nudging my tight hole and try to relax. I am a little frightened but I’m more sexually fuelled than I am reticent. I tense a little when his glans pops past my tight ring but I’ve nothing to be worried about. This kid knows what he’s doing and he slides that marvellous appendage into me slowly, an inch at a time, until it’s all the way inside me.

I’m feeling that fullness and gratification only those who have experienced the same can describe. I grunt as his pelvis pushes into my buttocks as he gets every centimetre of his cock inside me.

“That’s lovely,” I compliment him and twist my head around as best I can.

He doesn’t reply. His eyes are screwed closed and his face is raised upward in concentration. I’ve seen that look before. It’s the ‘fuck-face’ that guys get when they are trying not cum. I hold still and say nothing. I don’t want him coming prematurely.

“Fuck you’re tight!” he finally breathes and begins to slowly fuck me.

I twist my head again and watch him staring at my ass as he drives his cock slowly in and out of out of it. He’s holding me by my hips which I absolutely adore when I’m being fucked doggy. The only better feeling it when they grip my thighs and stroke my stockings.

It feels absolutely wonderful and my flaccid cock begins to leak precum in appreciation. The head of his penis presses on my prostate as he fucks me; hence the release of pre-ejaculate; his shaft induces freshets of tingling delight from my sphincter. I love it when his pubis slams into my buttocks as he fucks me.

As much as I’d like to push back or wriggle my ass for him I can tell he’s trying to hold back his orgasm so I do nothing to encourage him. I just kneel and keep still and let him use me as I enjoy every second of it. There is something profoundly wonderful about just giving yourself to another person passively.

“Ok. Roll over bitch,” his cock slips from my anus with a plop.

He helps me roll over on my back. Now I’m really excited because I love being fucked missionary. He rips off my knickers and pulls me forward so my ass is on the edge of the bed. My cubicle is so small I can almost put my heels on the far wall. He opens my legs and fumbles a little and pulls my legs higher so he can access my puckered bud.

This time it slides in all the way in one go and it feels amazing. I gasp but not for long because the lad falls on me and kisses me passionately. Only guys with long cocks can really ass-fuck you and kiss you at the same time because smaller dicks slip out but this guy has no problem.

He begins to fuck me faster as he kisses me, he’s gripping my thighs and that is a complete turn on, not to mention his cock jackhammering against prostate. I’m able to push my hand between our bodies and grip my hard cock. My cock seldom becomes fully erect when I’m being fucked unless I take Viagra but it doesn’t stop me from coming and cum I do as this young stud gasps into my mouth as his cock quivers inside me.

Despite what I write in my fiction, other than visual clues and sometimes a juddering sensation; you don’t actually feel a man ejaculating inside you. In this case I feel his cock quiver as he holds me tighter, thrusts deeper and kisses me harder and breathes raggedly so I know he’s coming and I cum right along with him.

My orgasm is amazing! Some guys will drive their cocks all the way inside you and stop fucking when they come, and I like that too. But having this twenty-something batter my rectum with that long sleek phallus is mind-blowing. My prostate lights up and emits a deep throbbing sensation that is delightful. The sensory nerves in my anus and around my tight sphincter ignite my pleasure centres and my cock shudders as I ejaculate against this boy’s taunt belly.

He doesn't mind, in fact it spurns him on to fuck me harder and faster. I think only us trannies can fully appreciate how it feels being dressed enfemme: the taste of the makeup and lipstick, the smell of the perfume, the delightful sensuality of stockings rubbing on limbs, the sight of your stocking-sheathed thighs being held open by a young stud as he jackhammers his cock in and out of your tight anus, your high heels jiggling as your whole body is shaking by the pounding you are taking.

He finishes off with a mighty thrust and kisses me hard one last time and then he dismounts like an Olympic champion.

“You’re not a bad fuck,” he quips as he snatches a handful of paper towel from the dispenser and I lie there like a harlot with my legs in the air, semen leaking from my anus.

He wipes his muscled chest and hard belly and throws the semen sodden napkins in the little bin and snatches more towels and hands them to me. He says little as he dresses and I wipe my ass and dap at the dribbles of spunk that have dripped onto my chemise when I came. With as much dignity as possible, which isn’t much I can tell you, I shimmy my ass back onto the bed so I can lower my legs and sit up. I find my knickers and put them on as he finishes dressing.

I ask if he’s local and he says no but he won’t disclose exactly where he is from and I don’t really care. Would I like to add him to my stable? You bet, but spilled milk, fish in the sea and all that, so no great loss. It was just that he was so young and handsome!

He heads back to the lounge and his phone and I retire to the toilet to fix my hair and makeup and freshen up. The lounge is starting to fill and while we were fucking I noticed a few looky-loos through the door, watching us fuck and wanking. I guess it’s going to be big day!


In the toilet I freshen up the foundation and powder around my nose and mouth and apply more lipstick. I brush my hair and generally check my appearance in the mirror. I rinse with mouthwash and pop fresh gum into my mouth. The Laneway might be dark but that’s no excuse for girl not to look her best.

As I traipse back to my room I pass the 4-pack cubicle of glory holes and there is a man leaning against the wall who looks familiar.

“Hi Michele, fancy meeting you here?” Leon smiles at me with genuine affection.

I have known Leon for years and he is one of the sweetest men I know. He’s a versatile bottom with a penchant for transvestites and me especially. I slip into his comfortable grasp and he hugs and kisses me affectionately. Nothing too ribald yet but he will get there. Leon is a bit of a grazer. That is he likes to kiss and cuddle for a while and then move on to see what else is available in the cruise lounge but he will return for more and eventually he will let me get him off.

“Let’s go to your room,” he holds my hand and I lead him to my room where I put my makeup case on the bed and my hairbrush on the shelf.

I pop out my chewing gum, put down my mobile phone, spray myself liberally with perfume and turn to face Leon. Standing in my high heels he is shorter than me. He is fifty-something, a pleasant faced man with a vibrant deep voice. Leon is wearing shorts and a polo top and sandals. It might be cool in The Laneway but outside the temperature has risen to 33° (91° F).

We stand near the entrance to my playroom and Leon leans into me and we kiss. At first it is like the previous kiss: a little chaste with our bodies not quite touching. We hold hands and chat about people we both know from The Laneway and about some postings on websites on which we are both active.

Like everywhere in the world there are trolls and a couple of them have been denigrating me on a discussion board hosted on a very popular gay dating website called ‘Squirt’. The two culprits are younger, transphobic, gay men who for some reason have an intense dislike for me. If it was up to them I would be banned from The Laneway. They believe it would be a better place if only gay and bi masculine-presenting men were allowed in. There is also some jealousy because I am popular.

Leon assures me that in our wide circle of friends no one is taking the trolls seriously but he advises me that one of the trolls is in the lounge in his usual seat. I peek though the shutters into the lounge and there he is sitting on the sofa with his shorts around his ankles improving an erection while watching gay porn on the wide-screen TV.

“Forget about the trolls Michele, you know I think you are a beautiful person,” Leon always makes me feel good about myself and I kiss him softly.

He gently takes me in his arms and returns the kiss. We kiss a little harder and he holds me closer and I can feel he is becoming aroused. He holds me closer and I slip my tongue into his mouth and fumble at the waistband of his shorts. I untie the cord and they drop to his ankles and I feel him smile around the kiss.

Leon guides my hand to his underpants and I can feel he is engorged. His hand goes to my panties and he strokes my cock through the satin fabric and I begin to become tumescent. The Viagra is working again. I spring Leon's cock free from his underpants and squeeze it gently and he reciprocates, squeezing me softly through my panties. He presses me against the wall so he can rub against me, guiding his cock to my thighs so he can rub it on my stockings.

I close my legs around his engorged phallus and put my arms around his neck to keep my balance while he pins me to the wall and shags my legs. He utters loving phrases as we kiss and cuddle. I like this. It is intimate and there is no rush or urgency, he delights in the feel of my body against his and the soft caress of my nylon-sheathed thighs on his appendage as he slowly grinds against them.

Our kisses become a little more impassioned and Leon has slipped my cock out of the leg-hole of my panties and is softly stroking it and it feels heavenly. At this stage I’m in what is called my refractory period and although I am tumescent I will not be able to climax for a little while but I enjoy it all the same. We are both leaking precum and relish kissing and caressing each other.

The feel of his manhood between my legs as Leon fucks my thighs is very empowering and his lips are pressed hard against mine, his tongue fluttering in my mouth. It feels wonderful and sensuously protective; my cock is hardening to his soft caresses and it feels so nice as I feel another globule of pre-ejaculate ooze from the eye.

The tops of my stockings are becoming damp from the pre-seminal fluid leaking from Leon’s penis as he grinds against me harder and more forcefully, pushing me into the wall as his kisses become even more fervent.

Suddenly Leon stops and disengages.

“Wow! I gotta stop Michele or I’ll cum and it’s way too early for that,” Leon grins and bends down to pull up his shorts.

“I know honey. You know where I am when you're ready for more,” I smile at him, a little relieved myself as it was becoming very steamy, and after the young stud, a little overpowering.

I tuck myself away and adjust my clothing and Leon demands another quick kiss and cuddle before he moves on. I quickly fix my lipstick and check my phone. The message boards on the dating apps are lighting up with people who claim they are in the lounge or on their way. A quick glance through the peephole into the lounge confirms that more people have arrived.

The troll is trying to encourage a twink to come with him to one of the playrooms but the twink doesn’t appear too enthusiastic. He sits back down in the sofa and continues to wank whilst looking at the screen and surveying the room looking for a mate.

I take a break and head to the service window and collect a can of Coke Zero and take it back to my room while I rest up, I check my messages and drink my Coke. Halfway through the drink I feel the need to piss and I put the Coke on the shelf, collect my makeup bag and phone and totter off to the toilets.

The ‘rock-spiders,’ as I call them, are clinging to walls near the glory holes, reaching out to touch passers-by. They are all greedy bottoms hoping someone will take them up on their offer and head into the glory hole for a quick blowjob. One of them strokes my ass appreciatively on the way past.

I make it to the toilets unscathed and take a long awaited leak. I wash up and come out of the bathroom area into ‘tranny corner’ and who should be sitting on the sofa but my girlfriend Emily.


Emily is around my age and like me has been trannying for a little while. She likes to wear long blonde wigs and stands around 6’ 3” in her heels. I have been her friend for quite a while and have provided her makeup tips and fashion advice. I also advised to get on PrEP because she was keen to take it bareback but she was worried about the consequences. She sees me as a sister but we are also fuck-buddies.

She’s works as an Uber driver and is closeted but when she lets Emily out of the bag she’s a real slut.

“When did you sneak in?” I ask.

“About half an hour ago. I was peeking into your room through the peephole and you were busy with a lad who is at best half your age and probably a lot younger,” she says a little snarkily but there is no malice, only jealousy.

“I drove here dressed so no need to use the shower or toilet to prepare. I’ve been in one of the backrooms blowing a guy from Mareeba,” she added.

“Shove over,” I tell her and sit down beside her.

Emily is sporting her usual look: a flowing black satin and tulle skirt, white satin blouse, black stockings and black high heels. She’s wearing one of her long blonde wigs. Her makeup is heavy and sluttish. She still trying to get it right but in the dark confines of The Laneway she looks sexy.

“So how was he?” Emily nudges me and winks.

“My ass hurts!” I joke with her.

We sit looking up at the tranny porn and chat, catching up on current events and she talks a lot about work. It might seem strange to some; people meeting in a sex club and talking about everyday concerns but the truth is The Laneway is a social meeting place as much as it is a sex club. Besides you can’t really have none-stop sex for six or seven hours; you become worn out and jaded.

All that said I do have veracious sexual appetite and before long Emily and I are kissing and petting in between watching the action on the screen. The current feature is a video in the Becoming Femme range which I like because although the videos are commercially produced, the female leads are mostly crossdressers rather than transgender women.

I do not ‘top’ guys or what I call hairy panty-wearers but I love to top femme crossdressers. There is nothing like the sensuality of two crossdressers having sex. The taste of each other’s lipstick when we kiss, the scent of our perfume, the sensual rustle and swish of satin on satin, nylon on nylon, lycra on lycra as we mould our bodies together. The feel of long legs clad in silky pantyhose or stockings, feeling the girth of a hard cock swathed in satin panties. It’s heaven!

I lead Emily past the rock spiders and looky-loos to my room and switch on the night light and we stand next to the bed kissing and caressing each other, pressing our bodies together, touching each other intimately. Emily squeezes my cock through my panties as she flicks her tongue in my mouth and I caress her more than adequate appendage through her panties and she gasps into my mouth.

Emily drops to her knees and frees my engorged member from my panties and begins to lick it, starting at the base and working her way up the glans and then she sucks it into her greedy mouth. I lightly place my hands on her head and fuck her hot wet mouth while she suckles me, getting me rock hard.

When she has me fully engorged she lies down on the bed and lifts her skirts out of the way so that I can lie on top of her and kiss her while I rub my cock on her panty-clad erect penis. She’s hot and ready for it and my fingers scramble along the edge of the bed looking for the lubricant. Impatiently I pry the cap off the lubricant and ease aside Emily’s panties and place a gobbet of the slick salve in her sphincter.

“Yes please, Michele,” she moans like a slattern.

I push the glans of my penis inside her sphincter and pause long enough for her to become accustomed to the girth of it. She pulls my face to hers and kisses me, sliding her tongue into my mouth. She locks her stocking-sheathed legs around mine and raises her buttocks slightly, encouraging me to enter her but I tease her, leaving just the tip of my penis inside her tight anus.

She tightens her legs and our stockings glide sensuously against each other as she slowly impales herself on my rigid member until it is inside her all the way.

A small crowd of three or four men have gathered at the doorway and are watching us, some of them stroking their erect penises as they watch the two attractive, mature, femme trannies begin to fuck each other. Some utter words of encouragement and one or two are keen to join in but they want to watch for a while first.

Emily’s anus is tight and spongy and my cock fits her velvety channel like a sword in a scabbard. I kiss her passionately, lying on top of her, feeling the sensuous fabrics she is wearing against my flesh, feeling her silky nylons swirl against mine as she locks her legs tighter around mine, encouraging me to fuck her.

There is little talk. We express our desire and admiration for each other with our mouths, our hands, our bodies and our intimate parts. I love the feel of my scrotum brushing against her satin panties when I thrust into her. She gives a loud moan of appreciation as I begin to slowly fuck her, easing my cock almost all the way out of her then slowly plunging it into the depths of her rectum.

As I settle into a steady rhythm I feel someone touch my panty-clad ass and then they squeeze it. I’m too busy kissing Emily to bother looking to see who it is, it doesn’t matter anyway. The person touching my ass eases aside the gusset of panties and slowly inserts a finger inside me. I am greased with lube and semen and it slides in easily and I moan into Emily’s mouth and I can feel her smiling around my kiss. Lying on her back she can see the man fingering my ass and she supresses a giggle.

The finger in my bum presses on my prostate and encourages me to fuck Emily a little harder which she appreciates. I break the kiss long enough to catch my breath and turn my head sideways and I can see the naked torso of an older chubby gentleman standing next to the bed fingering my anus.

In cruise lounges there are men of all ages and body types, not many Brad Pitt types I can tell you, but as long as they are clean, respectful and don’t cause me any pain I am receptive to all. I don’t know who this man is but he knows how to use his finger. He circles the pad of his fingertip on my prostate and sparklets of pleasure erupt from deep inside my ass. My cock is being cosseted by Emily’s tight anus and my pleasure centres are lit up.

Another of the watchers squeezes past the fat man and his groin is level with my face. His erect penis is bobbing up and down before my eyes and he taps me on the shoulder to get my attention and I nod at him indicating my consent. I remove my lips from Emily’s mouth and the man scoots closer to the bed and offers his cock to Emily who gobbles it up with her mouth.

I almost envy her. I am fucking her with long, slow thrusts while she is sucking on an engorged penis. I know that she is in heaven but I’m not being left out of the party either as the man with his finger in my ass begins to drive his pudgy digit in and out my rectum in time with my thrusts as I earnestly fuck the gorgeous crossdresser lying under me.

I am now free to look around and I can see that the crowd at the door is a little bigger. Another man squeezes through the door and begins to stroke my legs, which I greatly appreciate. I am did not select the name Michele Nylons as a whim. I love the feel of hands caressing my nyloned legs and genitals.

My cock is buried deep inside my transvestite lover’s anus and I have a man fingering my tight asshole and another stroking my legs. I am in heaven. As is Emily, who is sucking on a hard fat cock while I plow my engorged cock in and out of her tight rectum.

This goes on for a little while but suddenly the man with his cock in Emily’s mouth groans and I know he is coming; filling Emily’s mouth with a creamy load as she slathers at his manhood. This incites the man playing with my legs while he is wanking himself to extremis and I feel the warm spatter of semen on my calves. The man fingering my asshole surrenders and whips his finger out my ass and scrambles up onto the bed and puts his cock in the crease of my buttocks and I feel his cock judder and the warm succulence of his spend squirting between my buttocks.

I can feel Emily’s cock begin to quiver inside her panties and I fuck her hard and fast and soon her panties are flooded with her issue. I feel another spatter of hot cum drench my calves and ankles as another man who was stroking my legs ejaculates. The tiny room reeks of musky semen and perfume.

The Viagra is working well, keeping me hard and my cock is alive with sensuality and pleasure but I’m not through my refractory period and unable to cum. I press it deep inside Emily and feign an orgasm. I’m a little tired and covered in semen and need a rest.

The man who was dry-humped my panty-clad buttocks climbs off the bed and drifts away. The anonymous men who ejaculated over my stocking-sheathed legs have departed, as has the man who blew his load in Emily’s mouth. I lie on top of Emily feeling her semen soak through her panties. She is panting with exertion and when she catches her breath I kiss her passionately, tasting semen on her breath as I slowly extricate my still engorged penis from her tight ass.

I climb off Emily and take stock. My legs are covered in semen, the valley between my buttocks is drenched and as a consequence of Emily’s orgasm both the front and back of my panties are saturated with sperm.

It’s time to clean up and change and Emily has to go to work. We accompany each other to the ablutions and Emily goes into the shower to wash her body, remove her makeup and transform back into the man she presents to the world in her ordinary vanilla life while I take over my favourite toilet and kick off my high heels and step out of my cum-soaked knickers and roll down my cummy nylons.

The semen-drenched stockings and panties go into a Ziploc bag to be laundered when I get home. I clean my body, my buttocks and intimate parts with warm soapy water and dry myself. I open a pack of 15-denier ‘Clio Italian Soft Shine Lace Top’ stay-up stockings and put them one, smoothing the nylons along my long legs. I step into a pair of black satin full-cut panties and inspect the tulle skirt attached to my chemise and dab at the little patches of damp semen with paper towel.

After fixing my makeup, brushing my hair and spraying myself liberally with deodorant and perfume I’m ready to face the world again but not yet ready to play. I drop the Ziploc baggie in my locker and head back to my room. I close the door and lie on the bed and check my phone for messages and email.

The Glory Holes

I reply to a couple of emails and texts and read a few reviews of my latest story posted on Literotica. It’s made the ‘hot’ list so I am happy. I finish my Coke Zero and take a few sneaky puffs on my vape. I gave up smoking cigarettes a few years ago but still like a ‘puff’ now and then.

Suddenly I realise that there is a hard cock poking through the glory hole and being a good girl I get up off the bed, get down on my knees and begin to fellate the sturdy appendage. I hear muffled sighs and groans on the other side of the thin plywood laminate. The cock is quivering in my mouth and suddenly it explodes, filling my mouth with salty, musky semen which I gleefully swallow.

“Thanks,” comes a muffled reply through the glory hole.

The depleted organ is withdrawn and I get up off my knees and head to the toilet intending to rinse my mouth and apply another coat of lipstick.

This time on a Friday afternoon a lot of ‘tradies’, skilled tradesmen, have knocked off early and are heading to the pub, some them via The Laneway for a quick blowjob. Many so-called straight tradies take advantage of the discreetly located, dark cruise lounge. They come through the door averting their eyes and head straight for the glory holes where they can imagine it’s Katy Perry or some other desirable female celebrity sucking their cock instead of the skinny old man with the goatee or big-bellied biker who is actually on the other side of the wall.

No harm, no foul, everyone is entitled to a Friday afternoon blowjob after work. The tradies can sneak out unseen and head down the pub and tell ‘poofter’ and ‘tranny’ jokes with their mates whilst they still have my lipstick on their cocks inside their work shorts.

I stop at the glory holes and fulfil my duties, sucking a few dicks until I get bored with it.

The early afternoon rush is over and the place has thinned out. The troll is being fellated by a young man while he sits back watching gay porn in the lounge and has a smug grin on his face. At least he will go home satisfied.

Anonymous Bearded Guy

Finally arriving at the toilet I rinse my mouth and lean into the mirror to apply lipstick. I always leave the toilet door open because the passageway past the two toilets connecting the main lounge area to the back rooms is always busy and as they say ‘it pays to advertise’.

I’m concentrating on getting my lip-line right when I hear a guy at the door.

“Jeeze, I didn’t know girls like you came here!” the young man growls.

I focus on my lipstick. I get comments like this quite frequently.

Suddenly the man is behind me. He’s thirties, breaded with a beer-belly but not unattractive and there are no pleasantries. He pushes himself up against me whilst nuzzling my neck.

“You smell good,” he grunts as he rubs his cock on my panty-clad buttocks.

He’s impatient and pulls my panties down my thighs.

“Just let me finish my makeup and we can go to a playroom,” I propose, deliberately ignoring his advances and trying not to smudge my lipstick.

It’s a waste of time. He manipulates the handle on the liquid soap dispenser mounted on the tiles under the mirror, takes a gloop of liquid soap and pushes his hard cock between my buttocks along with the gloop of soap and pushes.

I grunt as his stiff cock invades my anus. It isn’t that big but it’s thick and hard. Breaded guy grips my hips and begins to almost rape me. There was no discussion about consent, tacit or otherwise but I am technically dressed as woman in sexy lingerie in a gay cruise lounge so it’s not like I can complain.

And I never would with this guy. He nuzzles my neck and strokes my thighs when he’s not holding onto my waist as he buggers me with determination. His cock feels quite nice and is the perfect size to press on my prostate and I'm becoming semi-erect. Like the good girl I am I bend my back and push my ass out to meet his thrusts and his fingers dig into the flesh on my generous hips as he viciously shags me.

He’s coming and I can feel it. He’s grunting, his legs are shaking, his cock is juddering and suddenly he pulls me back hard against his body and holds me close, forcing my head sideways so he can kiss me while he ejaculates his load deep inside my rectum. He holds me imprisoned, pressed against the sink while his cock unloads a torrent of hot viscous spunk inside my anus.

And just like that; he is done. Leaving me with a tingling in my rectum, an assfull of spunk and semi-hard.

He whips his cock out of my ass, turns away and is gone out the door. Zipping his fly he calls out: “thanks luv” and I never see him again.

I take a handful of toilet tissue, clean up the mess between my buttocks and flush it down the toilet. I pull up my panties, finish my lipstick and leave the toilet and head into the main play area.

Leon – Take Two

Back at my room Leon is waiting.

“You’ve been a busy girl,” he chuckles and pulls me into his embrace.

We kiss and fondle each other for a while, enjoying the sensuality of it. Leon’s hard cock is out and is he is rubbing it on my thigh while he holds me tight and kisses me. I sense his need but I don’t want to have to change my stockings again so I take him in hand and lightly caress his swollen member until I know he is ready.

I drop to my knees and take him in my mouth, sucking on his hard cock and licking his scrotum how I know he likes me to do. He gently moves my head, alternating my lips from his scrotum to his cock in no rush to climax but unable to contain his lust.

I am surprised when a freshet of hot semen splashes across my face. Leon has cum while I was licking his scrotum. I quickly put my mouth on his cock and catch the remainder of his spend in my mouth, sucking his engorged appendage and milking every last drop from it. Leon’s knees are shaking and he is moaning; holding my head in his hands while he evacuates his milky seed in my willing mouth.

“You do that so well,” a deep, vibrant voice resonates from the doorway.

I finish draining Leon and he helps to me to my feet and hands me some handtowel so that I can dab at the glutinous spunk that he ejaculated across my cheek and nose. A scintilla of it is hanging from my lower eyelash and I carefully wipe it away.

“Sorry Michele, I just couldn’t hold back,” he apologises and kisses me tenderly.

“Only to be expected,” I grin at him cheekily and turn to face the door.


Tom is in his fifties, tanned, fit and handsome and bollock-naked with his large appendage jutting out from a matte of pubic hair. He likes to fuck young twinks and he’s popular amongst that demographic but he doesn’t mind fucking an old tranny like me occasionally provided she’s good looking and knows what she’s doing.

We have been texting back and forth for a few days. He’s divorced, or so he says but who cares, and is holidaying at a swank hotel in Port Douglas. He texted me that he was driving down this afternoon but I get so many no-shows that I took it with a grain of salt. But I’m glad that he is true to his word because this big-cocked handsome hunk is just the type of man that does it for me.

Leon is a pragmatist and knows that I will be here again Sunday and the following Friday so he politely leaves the room while I fix my lipstick and makeup as best I can without a mirror.

“Not sure if you look better now or with cum all over your face,” Tom chuckles.

“Don’t be cheeky,” I give him my most salacious smile and he enters my cubicle leaving the door open.

I know this is going to be fun and can hardly wait.

We begin by him taking me in his arms and kissing languorously. Tom is in no rush and he strokes my face and tells me I’m gorgeous which I know I’m not anymore but I accept the compliment graciously and flick my tongue into his mouth. He meets my tongue with his and we kiss a little more passionately and I can feel that hard appendage pressing into my belly.

I snake a hand down there and softly explore his exquisite rod with my fingertips. The shaft is long, sleek and velvety to touch and I trace a finger along one of the many pulsing veins and find his swollen glans which is smooth and spongy and leaking pre-ejaculate.

Tom’s hands are cupping my buttocks, gently squeezing them and rubbing my satin panties against my tender flesh. Then he explores my thighs and the feel of his manly hands on my stocking-sheathed legs is amazing. I am rock hard inside my panties. Tom finds me that way and strokes my cock through my knickers and I tremble and feel him smile around the passionate kiss.

We masturbate each other for a while, our lips locked together, our bodies pressed close, enjoying the anticipation of what is to come. He eases me back towards the bed and obliging I lie down and he stands at the edge of the bed with his magnificent cock inches from my eyes.

I guide his manhood to my mouth and I open wide and take it, softly sucking the velvety hard flesh, running my lips up and down the shaft while my tongue tickles his glans and fraenulum. He reaches for my groin and pries my erect penis from my panties and stokes it softly, bringing it to full tumescence.

“I’ve imagined doing this on the drive all the way down from Port Douglas, you’re just like your pictures on Grindr,” he compliments me but I’m too busy enjoying the sensation of his cock in my mouth and his soft manipulation of my penis to care.

Leon and a couple of looky-loos are standing at the door watching and wanking. My nightlight is on so they can everything.

Tom lowers his face to my groin and takes my cock into his mouth and we suckle each other for a while, tasting each other’s juices which are flowing freely.

Suddenly Tom stops sucking me and pulls his cock from my mouth and spins me around so that he can put my ankles up on his shoulders which forces my buttocks up off the mattress, leaving me exposed and vulnerable. My favourite position.

He manipulates the lubricant dispenser on the wall and greases up his shaft.

“Ready?” he smiles down at me with his handsome face and I nod appreciatively.

He eases aside the gusset of my panties and nestles his glans in my pink puckered bud and pushes. He takes his time and I hold onto his forearms, gazing up into his face, my legs up high on his shoulders as that magnificent specimen of male flesh slowly opens me and enters me.

A wave of intense pleasure washes over me and I sigh and look up and see the look of contentment on Tom’s face as his cock slides all the way into my anus. I’m filled. Stuffed to capacity and enjoying every second of it. He smiles down at me and begins to fuck me.

The feeling is indescribable as that long thick cock slides all the way inside me and is then withdrawn until just his glans are ringed by my sphincter and then he drives it back into me all the way until his pubis is pressed against my buttocks. He keeps this up until he is overwhelmed with desire and he quickens the pace.

“Fuck me Tom! Fuck your tranny whore!” I encourage him, my cock presses against his flat belly as he lowers my legs and opens them wide so he lie on top of me and kiss me while he is fucking me.

I hold him close and kiss him fervently as he humps me; his cock is driving me wild with lust, igniting the sensors ringing my sphincter and his shaft and glans kindling the pleasure centres in my anus and prostate. My cock is rubbing on his hard belly and my body is afire with delight and gratification.

He fucks me harder and faster and I raise my buttocks off the bed to meet his thrusts, I cling to him, holding him tight while my mouth is locked to his. I feel him groan and his cock expands and contracts as he plants his seed deep inside me. My cock explodes and I spatter his belly with my issue as an orgasmic high sends me into sensory overload.

I am unaware that one of the looky-loos has climbed on the bed but as I break the kiss to take a breath the man pushes his cock towards my face and I can see the yearning on his face so I obligingly open my lips and take the offered appendage into my mouth where it explodes as soon as I suck it. The appendage is whipped out of my mouth almost as quickly as it was inserted and the man climbs off the bed but Tom is delighted and he lowers his face to mine so he kiss me and taste the fresh semen.

We kiss and caress as our orgasms slowly subside. Tom and I are in no rush and he lies on top of me, kissing me and making small talk while his cock slowly deflates inside me until it falls from my anus with almost audible plop. He has left my sphincter stretched and gaping and I feel his seed and likely that of the bearded pudgy guy leaking from ass and running between my buttocks.

All good things must come to an end and Tom disengages and he climbs off me and helps me to my feet and kisses me some more.

“Are you here Sunday?” he asks and he grins when I non in the affirmative.

Tom heads to the shower and the looky-loos have moved on, leaving me alone. I check the time and it is time to leave. The community care attendant who looks after my mother is due to leave at 5pm. She has sent me a text on my ‘vanilla’ phone asking me to pick up milk on the way home. The minutiae of my vanilla life invade Michele’s life and once again I must revert to being a boring respectable, responsible citizen of the world.

I close and lock the door and undress. I take off my wig, brush it and put it away. I use makeup wipes to wipe away my makeup and then I head to the shower with my towel around my waist. There are still people in the lounge cruising or publicly having sex but they hold no interest for me now.

Freshly showered I stop at my locker, grab my backpack, go back to my room, lock the door and change back into my ‘man clothes’. I stop at the service window briefly to say goodbye to Vogue and leave The Laneway. I pick up my car, drive to the market and get milk then I drive home thinking about my experiences today and how I will use them to embellish my stories which I write late at night while my mother is sleeping.

I miss the days when I lived alone and entertained my gentleman friends and other trannies in my well-appointed apartment but The Laneway serves its purpose.

I will be back again on Sunday.

The End

Author’s Note: I hope you liked this glimpse into how I live my life. The story above is true with no embellishments added. My real life experiences inform the sex scenes in my Transgender and Crossdresser stories, which constitute the bulk of my work. As always, I appreciate it when readers rate my stories and leave comments. I always respond to private feedback and requests for pictures are nearly always granted.

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