Nathan, maybe. Who knows.

NATHAN! Maybe? Who knows?

By Intrigue75

Nathan was out shopping with his Mum, when they witnessed a lady getting knocked over while using the escalator. They were first on the scene to help her up. That’s when she noticed that her skirt was badly torn. She was almost in tears. “I only bought this outfit 2 days ago, now it’s ruined, and I’ve got a business meeting in less than an hour.”

“Can I have a look at the tear, please?” Said Nathan before his Mum could ask. “Why would I let you look up my torn skirt? Young man.” She said. “He might be able to fix it for you, or at least do a temporary repair. He’s very good at invisible repairs. He does it all the time for the kids at his school.
He’s better than any of the girls, and even better than me, and I’m a qualified seamstress.” His Mum said.

Then she looked around for somewhere safe, and away from the public where they could examine the skirt, and spotted the babies changing room near bye. “Let’s just step into the babies changing room so we’re out of the public gaze. Then he can try to do something. That outfit is too good to throw away. Besides we both always carry a small sewing kit with us. It’ll only take him a couple of minutes to see if it can be salvaged. Can you spare a little while.

“I’m sorry if I was a bit snappy with you before, but it’s not every day that a teenage boy ask to look up my skirt. They normally just try to sneak a look. Well if it can be fixed it will save me a lot of time, as I don’t want to put off this meeting. So thank you for the offer. Yes, I think the changing room is a good idea.”

All 3 of them popped into the baby’s room. Where Nathan asked her if she could remove her skirt while he turned his back. Once it was off, he laid it out on the changing table that swung down from the wall. So that they could examine it. “Well I can do a temporary repair that won’t notice too much, but I would like to repair it properly later. Could you come to our house later, so that I can do a longer lasting repair. I would then suggest that I hide the repair with a nice embroidered motif. It will hide the repair and strengthen it. I’ve done it before on Prom dresses that have been damaged with falls, and I’ve been told it improves their resale value.”

After Nathan had finished the repair, she was Very Happy, and asked what she owed us. We said it was on the house, and Mum gave her one of our home made business cards. She said she would contact us later.

A couple of hours later, she knocked on our door. She had another lady with her. She introduced herself properly, and the other lady. “I’m Corrine Welsh, and this is Janet Maxwell. Janet was the lady I was meeting before the accident. I was Just a few minutes late, so I thought that I should explain to her why I was running late. She wanted to see the repair, as it wasn’t noticeable when I walked into her office. She was so impressed, she wanted to meet Nathan and his Mum. That’s why we are here. I also wanted to learn more about the embroidered motif, that you mentioned. What did you have in mind?”

“As you can see I’m wearing a different outfit. We stopped off at my place and changed. Before we got something to eat, so that I could leave the skirt with you for a couple of days, if needed.”

Janet said. “Before you tell us anything Nathan. I own a company that does commercial embroidery work for uniforms and the like, and Corrine here is a senior sales rep for a company that imports, specialise industrial sewing machines from all over the world. What sort of machine do you use? As I’m always on the lookout for skilled workers, and pay top rates for the best. Do you have any samples of your work?” Janet said.

“I do all my work freehand. We can’t afford a commercial machine, because we don’t do enough of it to warrant the outlay. But I do have some sample in Mums workroom. Would you like to see?” Nathan answered.

We all went through to the workroom. Where Mum and Nathan were working on a couple of bride’s maid dresses. They were second hand and Nathan was doing some repairs and some embroidering on them to make them extra special. One was already finished, and he had only just started on the one that had the most damage. They could see by what Nathan had done so far, he will have increased the dresses value by hundreds of pounds by the time they were finished.

Both women were impressed.

Janet asked him. “Who taught him how to embroider like that?”

His Mum said, “He has been watching me dress making since he was a baby, and has taught himself how to do invisible mending and embroidery. He also designs dresses for the school balls, and parties for the poorer kids. He buys dresses and material from the OP Shops to make them.
On that note. We have a meeting later in the week with the school board, as he has offered to make and design sports kit for the school. Both girls and boys.”

Corrine said. “I see you have some padded suits in the corner. What are they used for? They would only fit someone the size of Nathan or smaller. I can see you have only got a large adult dress makers model. How do you do the smaller sizes?”

“I wear the padded suits, and model for Mum same as I have since I was about 7. The local families know that I do it. I’m about the same size as an average 9 to 10 year old girl, and I stand on that stool when doing dresses for the taller girls. I put on their old school uniforms, and Mum pins them up to fit the younger girls, as they often pass the uniforms down through the family.
They can’t afford to buy new uniforms every year so we alter them for a pound or two. That way everyone benefits.”

“What other sewing machines do you have? I can only see the one.” Said
Corrine. “We only have the one. Nathan does the hemming and overlocking by hand. He’s almost as quick as using an older style over locker, and his work is almost invisible.”

“We have got some second hand machines at work that you could have. If you think they could be useful. They are just gathering dust, and it looks like you could put them to good use. If I remember rightly. There is also an early embroidering machine, if you can work out how to use it. I think a couple of our older staff know how to use them, if you ask nicely they might show you how Nathan. I know a couple of them, would like to see these dresses when they are finished. You do such beautiful work.” Janet said.

“Just what sort of motif would you like to do on my skirt to hide the finished repair? How long would it take and how much would it cost me dear?“ Well, I thought a long stemmed rose, or even a rearing horse. Would look nice. Would you like to see what I mean? I have some photos of my work on my laptop. I could photo your skirt and superimpose the image on the photo so you could chose an image before I did anything. What do you think Mrs. Maxwell?”

“I would love to see what it would look like. I’ve never thought of doing something like that to hide a repair or even to do as a Fancy motif, on a skirt or dress. I would even pay you to do some motifs on some of my skirts. Just give us a rough idea of what you would charge to do each of those designs.” Said Janet.

Corrine agreed. “Just give us an idea of the cost, it doesn’t have to be exact. Just close, and also show us, how big it is going to be, and how long it will take. As size is likely to alter the price slightly, I’m sure. After all I wouldn’t expect you to do it for free. You have to take something for the work. I couldn’t do it.”

After he thought about it for a couple of minutes. “About 5 to 7 pounds for the rose at about 10 inches high, and about double for the horse, I would think.” Said Nathan.

Janet laughed. “I would have charged her 50 pounds, just for the Rose, I also suggest you did a rose on each hip. It’s what I would charge, if I got one of my girls to do it. And I don’t think it would be as nice as your work.” Janet said. Then turning to Corrine. “ I think you should get the horse and pay him double and also find a good second hand sewing machine and an over locker in your trade in pile. As an extra bonus. Get Nathan to do some demos for you. He can show your clients, just how good your machines are.

As for the skirt when he is finished. Keep it for a few years and it will be worth big money. Nathan will soon be famous. I’m sure of that. Even if only for his embroidery. And yes Nathan! I will be back to see you soon, as I would love you to do a couple of motifs for me.”

“Show me what they would look like on my skirt please Nathan, I like The idea but I would like to choose for myself, and which way they face.”

It didn’t take long for Nathan to set it up so that Corrine could choose. She picked the horse, and agreed that when he had finished 15 pounds, was far too cheap, and paid him double. She also agreed to sort out a couple of trade in machines For Nathan and his Mum. As a result of this interaction, they all became friends.

The meeting about the sports uniforms was quite heated. But several of the parents knew what Nathan did to help his Mum, and went to the meeting to support him. The idea was passed unanimously, and a budget was set for the Girls soccer kit, and netball uniforms. Nathans suggestion that they had 2 full sets, plus a work out set. Was approved if the budget would stretch.
“Well that went better than I thought.” Said Nathan, to his Mother.

“What do you mean dear? I thought the girls were happy with what you offered to do for them. You did make a new year’s resolution to make the uniforms. Not many people would have done such a selfless act.”

They were discussing what had happened earlier in the day. Nathan had offered to both design and make, new uniforms for the High School Girls Soccer team, and their Net Ball team, if they supplied the materials.

“Yes, but both their coaches, didn’t think a 14 year old boy, was the right person to do it! They seemed to think, that I only wanted to peek at the girls in their leotards, or underwear. If the girl’s Parents and Mrs. Brownlee, hadn’t vouched for me, it would never have been passed by the committee, and it could have been a waste of our time and effort.”

“Yes Nathan, as Mrs. Brownlee said. You have been repairing and making the costumes for the school plays, and the local drama club for 3 years. Everyone trusts you to do their measuring. Why should doing it for the school girls be any different? You won’t be doing it without supervision.”

It was decided that Nathan would go with the girls to sort out the material for the uniforms. He took them to the wholesaler that his Mum used, and where he was known. After all they needed a lot of cloth to make over a hundred outfits, to kit out both teams if you counted the reserves.

When he told them what was needed and why. The wholesaler asked to have their name as a sponsor on the kit. In exchange they sold everything to the school at cost price even the sewing cotton, and other accessories. Plus they added some extras at no charge. Nathan worked with eight of the older girls to make the kit. He modified all the outfits. So that they could be let out to fit if needed for someone else later. There was no point in making them to fit if there were any changes during the season. So there had to be an allowance for adjustments. Besides the girls were still growing. He knew that some of the girls playing in the team were Trans.

But as far as Nathan and his Mum were concerned they were girls. Some of the girls thought he was Trans too. He really didn’t know, as he was so small that Puberty hadn’t arrived yet, and may never arrive according to the Doctors.

They said that, as he had been nearly strangled by his umbilical cord during birth, his brain could have been starved of oxygen. It was lucky that the mid-wife had very small hands and had dealt with something similar before, and had managed to reach in and untangle the cord. Before she delivered him. So anything could happen later in his life.

They weren’t wrong on that score. Before he was even five years old, he had spent many months in hospital. Since then, his health has been quite stable. But very gender fluid. He was quite at home in a dress or Jeans. He played with the boys at their rough games, like soccer or rugby and the girls with their dolls and dressing up. If someone was feeling left out he was always there to step in, and keep them company. They were his friends after all.

As a result, the girls, were always on hand to defend him if the bullying started. The fact that he would always, step up to defend his friends both boys and girls, was noted, even by the older kids and the parents. That was just Nathan’s nature. He was always ready to help.

That’s part of how he got involved with making dresses for the kids that couldn’t afford them. He even did the same for some of the boys. That is, he made very nice slacks and jackets. Not dresses, although when some of them came out as Trans, he did help them choose the best looking outfits, for their build, and altered them to fit.

He had been asked out to a dance or two, by a couple of the gay boys, and was even asked to go out by some of the girls. But they had all insisted that he should go dressed as a girl. So that they could watch over him, if he needed to go to the bathroom. Besides some of the boys hadn’t come out to their families yet.

They even taught him how to do his own make-up and style his long hair. He soon knew enough, that he could easily pass as a girl anywhere. They even had him practice dancing in high heels. They had as much fun teaching him how to act as a girl as he did.

It didn’t take long before the boy’s coaches, started asking him if he could design and make some sports kit for both the soccer, and the rugby teams. As they were so impressed by what he had come up with for the Girls kit.

That’s when Nathan’s joker side emerged. “Yes I’ll design and make the kit, but some of the boys are going to have to learn to sew and help me out. After all the girls did! You have to realise, that with a full kit for both the teams, and the match reserves. You are talking more than 50 outfits. That’s a lot of work for one person. Plus you really need 2 sets, so they can change at half time if it’s wet or raining.

I don’t mind helping out, but I can’t do it all on my own. I think some of the girls would help, but someone is going to ask them. Plus you have to get the money from the school, or raise some cash yourselves.”

Nathan knew that the same wholesaler, would probably offer to sponsor the boy’s teams, as well. The girls were laughing, when he told them and their coaches what he had said, to the boy’s coaches.

A couple of the boy’s said they would try to help make the outfits. Nathan suggested that they make the uniforms in pink a lot cheaper, as he could get the material very cheaply. He was only joking, bur some of the boy’s took the bait and told their families. Those that had sisters, were given no mercy, and even some of their Mothers joined in on the hoax. They even called a parents meeting to discuss what shade of pink should be chosen. I mother even suggested they should have pink training kits.

In the end 10 of the girls stepped in to help, and the school colours prevailed. Forest Green with a Diagonal light Blue stripe. With White shorts. They were very smart. The Boys raised half the money for the kit, in 3 weeks.

Nathan got his name and photo front page in the local paper. Much to his surprise. Corrine and Janet pulled a few strings, to get it there.

The sponsors were pleased to get some free advertising, as both the girls and boys outfits were also shown on the front page, along with a list of sponsors. There were also many letters to the editor, from parents thanking everyone involved. Some wag even mentioned the pink kit for the boys. Which brought another round of letters and a mention on the National TV news.

It was shortly after that Nathan was taken seriously I’ll. He started puberty and no one noticed. He had started to ovulate and his periods started. He required emergency surgery. No one had ever thought to give him an ultra sound. As it was fairly new technology. It turned out that, He really was one of the girls, with a strange growth, and no outlet for the blood. His body had decided what gender he was for him/her.

She still prefers girls to boys, but still plays soccer and rugby, for whichever team needs someone to make up the numbers. She can still run rings round most of their opponents. A useful forward, in soccer and a fly-half in rugby. (They often refer to the fly-half as the little general. As in rugby union they tend to set the tactics at the scrum, and they are normally very fast runners.) Nathan is now Natalie, has had many awards at school for sport.

I hope that I haven’t bent the contest rules too far.
Polly J

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