Pandemic Truth or Dare, Part 2 - Settling In

Jonah was wearing a pink tank top and black miniskirt as he cooked dinner for him and Kelly. The pandemic still raged on, and the couple continued to do their dares from the Truth or Dare game a few weeks back. It took a while for Jonah to get used to his new wardrobe, especially the bras, but he was feeling more comfortable in it with every day that passed.

Kelly, feeling bored again, decided that they should play another round of Truth or Dare. Jonah agrees, so after dinner, they sit on the living room floor and start the game. They didn’t want to do any dares right off the bat, so they start with some minor truths. Kelly asks if Jonah liked his clothes, and he said yes, but didn’t want to appear too happy about it. He then asks her if his dinner tonight was good, and she said, “It could’ve used some more spice, you’re a little weakling when it comes to that.” They both laugh and continue on.

After a few more truths back and forth, Kelly picks dare for herself, and Jonah decides that, since he was wearing her clothes, it would be proper if she also wore his clothes. She agrees and they both go to the bedroom to get her new outfit for the night. Jonah just gave her a pair of boxer briefs and a Metallica t-shirt, since that’s what he normally wore to bed. Kelly changed out of her female clothes and dressed into the male clothes. She still looks hot, Jonah thought as they went back to the living room and kept the game going.

As the night died down, Jonah decides on a dare to end that evening’s game. Kelly is very quick to say, “I dare you to keep your entire body smooth and hairless!” He hesitates, but eventually sees no harm in it, so he agrees to do it. Kelly drags him into their bathroom and gets out all of her hair removal supplies. She spreads wax across every inch of his body, even putting some on his face. Little by little, she rips the hairs of his body out, with Jonah wincing in pain each time. After all was said and done, he practically had no hair on him, except for his eyebrows and on the top of his head.

Kelly then grabs her rose-scented lotion and rubs it all over Jonah. Believe it or not, he got turned on from her doing that, and she definitely noticed. “Oh, you like that?” she cooed. “Get into your pajamas, we’ll make this a little more interesting.” Jonah obliged and puts on a little red nighty that matched with his panties. As he lays on the bed, Kelly comes in with more of the lotion. She begins to rub it into his skin again. She watches his member slowly getting bigger inside his panties. She hikes up his nighty, and plays with his penis through the panties while still rubbing his smooth skin. In no time, Jonah’s eyes roll back and he has an amazing orgasm. They both just lay there in bliss for a few moments.

As they get ready to go to sleep, both of them just think about what this game has done to them, and wonder what will be next.

To be continued…

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