What’s It’s Like for A Girl Book 2 Chapter 9

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“Max, do you know what my parents did to me?” Greg looks at his best friend.

“Grounded you?” Max looks back towards her best friend.

“Yes. I can’t believe they did that.” Greg puts a little bit more strength behind the ax he was using.

“I told you we were underage and couldn’t drink, Greg. Do you recall anything you did last night?” Max was curious about which girl kissed him and spritzed him with perfume.

“It was a party, Max. If you don’t blend in and drink alcohol you’re going to look weird.” Greg has heard a lot of stories from his uncles about his father.

“Greg, do you know which girls you made out with and who spritzed you with perfume?” Max racks a bunch of leaves together.

“I know their faces, but not their name. Why do you ask?” Greg was still suffering from a hangover.

“Just curious.” Max had been checking the social pages about the party.

Around lunch time, Max and Greg sit on the tail gate of the pickup truck and eat their lunch. Greg only ate half of what his mother packed for him. He looks over towards Max and notices she was eating a salad.

“Going vegan on me?” Greg knew Max was a meat lover like him.

“No, I was just in the mood for a salad today. Have you decided what you are going to do when we go back to school?” Max has been thinking about it lately.

“Not really. I’m hoping this year is better then last year.” Greg didn’t do so good last year on his school subjects.

“That goes double for me.” Max didn’t want a repeat of last year.

“Are you going to swim on the swim team this year?” Greg knew Max was like a fish in the pool.

“It’s been disgust and some parents don’t have a problem with me being on the girls’ team. However, some of the other schools we compete against are against it.”

“Man, that must suck. You’re a good swimmer, but because you don’t have a slit between your legs and don’t bleed every month. You must
give up on what you do best.” Greg knew the girls at their school loved Max being on their team.

“I know. However, I knew this might happen. I wish I didn’t have to give up swimming, but there’s nothing I can do about it.” Max, her mother, and her coach have looked into the problem and unless they wanted to drag this matter out in court for years. She’ll have to just find something else to occupy her time after school.

“I’m sorry, Max.”

“Thanks.” As Max bags up the cut grass and leaves she raked up.

“Hey, how did we get home from the party?” Greg has been puzzled about that.

“A guy named Charlie gave us a ride home. He helped me carry you to his car and to your house.” Max was supposed to join Charlie at the gym he worked at tomorrow afternoon.

“That was nice of him. So, how did the two of you meet?” Greg was wondering if Max was going to drop Brandi.

“It was getting a little warm inside and I decided to step outside to cool off. While I was outside just standing around, Charlie came out and we started talking.”

“Does he know about you?” Greg knew Max has only recently come out about herself.

“Yes, he knows about me. Believe it or not. He has undergone a similar transformation himself.”

“How so? Is he a female to male?” Greg wonders why Max would mention it.

“No, he’s one hundred percent genetic male. What I mean by a transformation, is that he used to be like you and me. He was nerd and got
picked on while in school. So, he decided he to do something about it.”

“Let me guess. He started working out?” Greg knew his father and some of his cousins had suggested it to him.

“Yep, and he looks after his friends that still get picked on. He knows what it is like to be picked on and bullied and he doesn’t like it.”

“Boy, he sounds like a nice guy.”

“I think so. Let’s get this job finish before your father shows back up.” Max wanted to finish the job and have it done.


Greg and Max put more effort into the job, so that by the time Greg’s father shows up. They will be done and won’t have to come back tomorrow.

By the time Max arrives home, she was tired. She takes a nice cold shower to cool off and put on some loose shorts and an oversized t-shirt. She has started dressing more and more like her older sister and mother. Since her mother and sister likes to relax when they are home. They preferred to wear light oversized clothes.

Max knew her mother wasn’t going to be home tonight, and her sister was working late. So, she orders a sub and her favorite onion rings from her favorite sub shop. While she is waiting for them to be delivered. She checks her email on her tablet and answer a few.

While looking over her email, she spots Charlie’s email, and a smile appears on her face. She opens it and notices that he sent her an official invite to the gym he works at. She didn’t mind paying the non-membership fee, but with the invite she didn’t have to. She prints it out on the printer in her bedroom.

Twenty minutes later, the delivery driver shows up with her order. She pays him and gives him a good tip. Afterwards, she sits back down and eats her dinner, while watching a movie.

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Could Max be Bi

Samantha Heart's picture

Or is Charles just going to be a good friend? I don't know but I guess we will see what happens. As for Greg he got what he deserved from his Parents. Max did try to stop him but he didn't listen.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.