The Wolf’s Youngest Daughter and Family

Antique Bakery, Caldwell, Montana:
“Thanks for coming.” Silvia watches as Mrs. Lings leaves the store.

She was glad that things had slowed down recently. She and her employees have been busting their asses with all the holiday parties they had been hired to cater. She looks over towards the corner table in the store and a smile appears on her face. Her children were busy doing their homework, along with their friends.

Normally, the kids would be at her parents’ house. However, since they had half a day in school. She decided to let them come to the store with their friends. She never knew she wanted to be a mother but after her trip to the border to meet her husband’s family. Things changed after the way she saw how the border agents down there were treating people who entered the country illegally.

When she spotted the agents abusing these kids and treating them like animals. It caused her to lose her temper. She knew what it was like to be treated like she was nothing. The human traffickers Tizzy, Julia, and Gina rescued her, and Alyona treated her like she was nothing but a human fuck doll.

They had forcefully turned her into a girl. But it wasn’t just them either. It had been some of the cartel members in Mexico that had sold her to the traffickers. Everyone the traffickers had, had been rescued by her sisters and cousin.

Her father had found homes for everyone and those who wanted to go back home. He arranged for them to go. He also kept track of them to make sure they weren’t trafficked again or made to live on the streets.

Silvia walked over to where her children and their friends were working. She was glad her two boys and daughter had made friends in the private school she had gone to. Her daughter was in Christmas class and her boys had a different teacher.

“Are you kids doing, okay? Do you need anything or refills?” Silvia knew her kids came from a poor family and at times would go hungry, because there was no food.

Santiago looks up at his adopted mother and smiles. The past year has been wonderful. Silvia and her husband Lorenzo had taken them in and adopted them. Silvia had beaten up several of the border agents who had been abusing and calling them names. She put three of them in the hospital.

“We’re fine Mom.” Santiago knew they were fine.

“Well, if you kids need anything. Just come and tell me.” As Silvia ruffle her oldest son’s hair.

“We will, Mom,” Diego smirks when he sees his older brother have his hair ruffled.

Ana giggles when she notices their mother’s antics. She loved her adopted mother and father. She was worried when she and her brothers were forced to leave Mexico. Their aunt had sold them to the human smugglers.

Since Mrs. Bounty rescued them from the border patrol. She has gotten to know how much they were loved by her adopted family. She loved her new grandparents as well.

Silvia smiles at her children and their friend, before going back to work in the kitchen. She and the workers that had stayed on after she bought the bakery from the previous owners. Have been changing up the menu and introducing new items for special needs clients. Sure, they carried a few items, but the thing was. She knew some of their customers wanted a bigger selection as the normal clients had.

She and the staff completely overhauled the entire menu. They introduced several new items and the special needs clients had as much choice as the normal clients. Silvia goes back to working on some cupcakes for a girl in her second son’s class. She knew the girl’s parents and cut them a good deal on the cupcakes.

While Silvia was working on the cupcakes. Violet was rearranging several items they made in-house. The bakery made candy and trail mix which was the favorite of everyone who stopped in. The specialized bread and cheese they made in-house was very popular. A lot of the stuff they made was based on recipes from when Montana was first settled.

They also made items you could only get in Mexico or South America. That was the reason Silvia and her husband always went down there to buy the ingredients or talk with their suppliers. They could take her father’s private plane, but her husband liked driving down there. She knew her father had his agents watching over her every time she went past the border.

The bakery closes at seven o’clock. Once they start closing the bakery. The kids gather their stuff and start putting their stuff in their backpacks. The staff fixes boxes for Silvia’s kid’s friends to take home with them.

Silvia meets up with her husband at their favorite pizza place and treats everyone to pizza. Silvia watches her kids and their friends as they decide what type of pizza they want.

“Hey, beautiful.” Lorenzo spotted his wife, his kids, and their friends standing in line to place their order.

He wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her cheek. He loved holding his wife and enjoyed being a father as well. He knew his wife loved being a mother.

A smile appears on Silvia’s face as she feels her husband’s arms around her waist. She leans back against him “You’re late.”

“Sorry, I was dealing with an unreasonable customer.” Lorenzo tried to keep his customers happy, but sometimes it was impossible.

“You could always sic my older sister or father on them.” Silvia knew what effect that would have. People might argue with Julia, but not with her father.

Once he gave you his commanding look, something bad was going to happen. You didn’t argue with the Wolf and you didn’t want to get on his bad side.

“No thanks. Your father will scare all my customers away as long as Julia is in her uniform. My customers will think twice about arguing with me or they might try to push your sister’s buttons.” Lorenzo knew that Julia didn’t like it when people tried to push her buttons.

Lately, a bunch of teenagers tried to make Julia react so they could record it. They wanted to show how the police were the bad guys and draw attention to them. There were already several groups out there that have been giving Julia a hard time for having a wolf for a K9.

When Julia first became a K9 officer she faced a lot of resistance. Since she has established how well-trained Terror and Sphinx are. They were a popular team among the police force and the State police as well. However, over the years law enforcement has been getting a bad rap because of the stupid stuff other cops were doing in different cities. Now, the tide of distrust has come to Caldwell and people are complaining about Julia and Terror on the police force.

Julia was already hated by several groups because she didn’t put up with any nonsense and spoke her mind on subjects that her superiors felt she shouldn’t. Several federal law enforcement agencies didn’t like working with her, because she wouldn’t go along with them or would interfere with what they were doing.

Silvia knew she wasn’t popular with the border agents. She busted them for their treatment of her adopted kids. It was the first time she lost her temper and used the skills her father taught her.

“You know, a lot of police officers have been giving law enforcement a bad name. Julia and her fellow officers try their best to be kind and open minded to the people they deal with. Sure, there are some bad officers on the police force. But it shouldn’t reflect how the other officers are.” Silvia knew her sister loved being a police officer.

Once it was their turn to order pizzas. They place their order for five pizzas. Afterward, Lorenzo, Silvia, and the kids sit down to eat the pizzas.
After dinner, Silvia and her husband drop her kid's friends off at their home. Once they arrive home “All right, kids. Go and take your showers and put your PJs on.”

“Yes ma’am.” The kids head upstairs to take their showers.

Silvia goes into the kitchen to drop off some of the things she brought from work. That included the cupcakes she made for the young girl in her second son’s class. Her place wasn’t on the same property as her two older sisters.

She bought an old house in town and renovated it. This way she wasn’t too far from the bakery should someone try to break in. Also, it wasn’t too far from her husband’s business as well. He sold farm equipment. He inherited the business from his father.

Once Silvia was done in the kitchen. She walks upstairs to check on the kids. She checks on the boys first, since they like to push their bedtime. A smile appears on her face when she walks into their bedroom. They finally cleaned it and were already in bed. She walks over to Santiago first since he is the oldest.

“You and your brother did a good job cleaning up your bedroom, Santiago.” She tucks him in and places a kiss on his forehead.

“Thanks, mom.” Santiago looks into his mother’s brown eyes. He also noticed that she was wearing a necklace that their grandfather gave her.

“You’re welcome, sweetie.”

Silvia walks across the room to Diego’s side of the bedroom. She tucks him in and tickles his side. She loved hearing him giggle.

“Sleep tight, sweetie and remember. No one will try to hurt you here.” Silvia knew her kids still had nightmares from their ordeal.

She whistles and a Collie/German Shepherd dog comes walking into the boy’s bedroom. He walks over and jumps up on Diego’s bed.

“That’s a good boy, Diesel.” Silvia pets Diesel. He had been a puppy when she found him.

Next to Haylee’s two pets. He was the third animal her father trained that wasn’t a wolf. He was still young and adjusting to having three kids in his territory.

“Watch over the kids, Diesel.”

Diesel looks at Silvia and grins. He was happy and loved his human. He licks Silvia and lays back down on the bed.

Silvia shakes her head as she turns the light out and heads towards her daughter’s bedroom. She knocks on the door frame before entering. She spots Ana lying in bed cuddling a stuffed wolf. It had Dallas’s coloring. Dallas was her mother’s wolf, but liked Ana.

“Hey, sweetie pea.” Silvia walks over and sits on the edge of the bed.

Ana looks up at her mother and smiles. She was surrounded by all her plushies and baby dolls. Some of them had been handmade by her adopted grandmother and by her aunts.

“Did you brush your teeth and wash your hands, Ana?” Silvia looks at her daughter.

“Yea ma’am and I said my prayers as well.” Ana smiles at her mother.

“That’s my sweet little girl.” Silvia tucks Ana into bed and places a kiss on her forehead.

Silvia reaches over and adjusts the night light built into the base of the lamp on Ana’s nightstand. Rae had custom-made the lamp for Ana. Ana used to have nightmares when Silvia first brought her home. She didn’t like being left in the dark and was scared all the time.

Rae made her a lamp in the shape of Chaos and placed a protective spell and a calming spell on it. The spell kept away nightmares and if someone was dumb enough to use magic against Ana. They would get a nasty visit from Chaos himself.

Silvia knew her sister Rae had a child of her own that she adopted. The poor thing had survived an attack by the Hunter organization. The retribution brought by her father against the people responsible for attacking the hidden village sent a message to the leaders of the organization.

Her father didn’t accept attacking innocent women and children. If you wanted to get on her father’s bad side and feel his wrath. Attack women and children and see what happens.

Silvia gets up and walks over to the door. She leaves it slightly open, so Diesel can come in and check on Ana during the night. He had the same habits as Cadmus and Sphinx of patrolling the house at night.

“Slept tight, Ana.” As Silvia walks towards her bedroom.

Silvia walks into her bedroom and spots her husband undressing. She starts undressing as well.

“Do you want to join me in the shower?” Silvia smiles at her husband.

Lorenzo looks at his wife “If I ever say no to a request like that. I’ll let Chaos eat me.”

Lorenzo knew how mean Chaos was and how protective he was of family members. He also knew how much he loved Silvia. He knew all about her past and how Mr. Bounty adopted her as his daughter.

“That’s if daddy lets him. You forget how many wolves live on the ranch.” Silvia lets her undergarments drop to the floor.

“Oh, I haven’t forgotten how many wolves your father owns.” Lorenzo grabs his wife’s hand and walks into the master bathroom.

Loved how his wife’s body looked. She had a nice small waist and wide plump hips. If she was equipped like a normal woman. The way her hips were would be perfect for carrying and delivering babies. She had watermelon-sized breasts with nice big areoles on the front of them.

There was a brand on her right shoulder where her traffickers had branded her. Silvia kept it as a reminder of what had been done to her. He knew her father offered to cover it up, but she didn’t want it removed.

They fooled around inside the shower until the water heater started pumping out cold water. After they got out of the shower, they continued their activities in bed. Lorenzo knew if Silvia was equipped like a normal woman. They would have more than three kids right now.

Lorenzo knew the next kid they adopted. Silvia wanted it to be a newborn. She wanted to feel what it was like to breastfeed a baby.

The two of them fall asleep and embrace in each other’s arms. Lorenzo was holding Silvia’s body from behind and holding her tight against his own body. He knew she loved being held by him.

When Silvia’s alarm goes off on her cell phone. She presses the snooze button and just lays in bed. She didn’t want to get up, because she was nice and comfortable. She knew the children’s alarm clocks would be going off in a few minutes. Hers was set twenty minutes earlier than theirs.

When her alarm goes off a second time. She turns it off and disengages herself from her husband’s arms. She places a kiss on his cheek, as she starts getting ready for work.

She didn’t want to clean herself. She loved feeling her husband’s semen inside of her body. Once she is dressed, she checks on the kids and gets them dressed.

She has to help Ana get ready for school. The school required all students to wear uniforms to school. She even had to wear one when she went.
Once the kids were ready for school. They all head out to her SUV, with the cupcakes she made for one of her son’s classmates. She lets Santiago hold them until they get to school. She parks the SUV and follows her children towards the school.

Silvia locates Santiago’s teacher and drops the cupcakes off with her. She knew Mrs. Rolston liked it when she did things like this for the students in school.

“You’re a saint, Mrs. Bounty.” Mrs. Rolston knew Mrs. Bounty kept her maiden name, instead of taking her husband’s last name.

“I’m not a saint, Mrs. Rolston. Every kid needs to be treated special on their birthday. How is my son doing in your class?”

“He’s improved a lot. I don’t know what you did to help him improve, but it’s working.” Mrs. Rolston knew Santiago had had a hard time adjusting to how things were done here in the States.

His English wasn’t the best and his reading and math skills weren’t where they should be. She has watched over time as he improved. She knew that if you were a child of the Bounty’s. They would bend over backward to do everything for you. She even knew that one of the Bounty’s was a teacher here at the school.

“That’s what family is for. He has me and his father, plus all his aunts and uncles to help him. Not counting his grandparents.” Silvia knew everyone would help the kids.

“Auntie!” Rennie spotted her aunt walking towards the front.

She runs towards her Aunt Silvia and hugs her. She loved all her aunts and uncles.

Silvia returns Rennie’s hug. Rennie was an affectionate girl and lived through a difficult event.

“What mischief are you up to?” Silvia spots a girl with long blonde hair coming towards them.

“None. Mom just dropped me and my best friend Luna off for school.” Rennie releases her aunt.

“Hi, Mrs. Bounty.” Luna stops near Rennie.

“Hi, Luna. So, you two just got here?” Silvia looks at her niece and Luna.

“Yes ma’am. Mom had an early meeting with some clients. So, she brought us to school.” Rennie knew her mom and dad did some unusual jobs.

Silvia pulls two ten-dollar bills out of her pocket and hands them to each girl. She knew her sister set up an account for Rennie and Rennie’s friend Luna to buy snacks and such here at school.

“Here girls, buy yourself some snacks on me.”

“Thanks, Aunt Silvia.” Rennie accepts the money.

“Thank you, Mrs. Bounty.” Luna accepts the money and tucks it in her purse.

“You’re welcome. Ask grandma to bring you girls by the store.”

“Will do, Aunt Silvia.” Rennie hugs her aunt and so does Luna.

“Now off to class, you two.” Silvia smiles at the girls.

“Yes ma’am.” Rennie and Luna skip off to their class.

Silvia shakes her head back and forth as she watches her niece and Luna skip down the hallway. She walks out to her SUV and gets into it. She stops at her favorite coffee shop and buys a cup of coffee. Afterward, she heads towards the bakery and walks inside to start warming up the ovens and checking the display cases to see what needs to be made.

Fifteen minutes before the store was scheduled to open. Eva and Pamela show up. Silvia notices they stopped at Starbucks to buy their coffee. She knew the two of them were die-hard Starbucks customers.

“Hey, boss.” Eva waves to Silvia as she clocks in.

“Hey, Eva and Pamela. I see you got your starting fluid.” Silvia knew Eva was a grouch if she didn’t have her morning cup of coffee.

As for her partner in crime, Pamela. She was like her best friend Eva. Eva and Pamela worked for the bakery back under the old owner with her. They took her under their wing and taught her how to make some of the specialty items the bakery was known for.

Both ladies loved the bakery but weren’t good at business. Eva was good at making creative cakes and Pamela had been featured on a baking show. She was known for making some of the best breads and biscuits around.

“You know it.” Eva takes a sip from her coffee.

“I don’t know how you ladies can afford to buy Starbucks all the time.” Silvia knew it got expensive.

“We’re members of an elite coffee club.” Pamela’s nephew worked at the Starbucks they went to.

Silvia shakes her head as she goes about making some churros and pretzels for sale. For the pretzels, she makes soft ones and hard ones. As for the churros, the little kids that came into the stores with their mother loved those. She sells a bunch of those all the time.

“Pam, Sam’s hot dog has placed an order for twelve dozen hot dog buns.” Eva spotted the special bread order they did for some of the restaurants in the area.

Just as Eva was reading the special bread orders. Several more come in as well.

“Silvia, the Raunchy Ranch, and Burrito County have placed a huge order for tortilla shells and taco shells.” Eva couldn’t believe that the two best Mexican-style restaurants bought all their Mexican bread from them.

“Sounds like we're going to be busy today.” Silvia loved it when they were busy.

“Who’s coming in to cover the front while we’re back here baking?” Eva was curious.

“Selma is coming in at noon time and Naima is coming in at two o’clock.” Silvia had to think about who was coming in.

“Cool. Naima is good at baking.” Pam knew she was going to need the extra help.

Throughout the morning, Silvia bounces between baking and helping customers. When she was busy with something in the back, Eva covered
for her. When all the special orders for the restaurants are done. Silvia calls the manager of the restaurant to find out if their order is ready.

Around noon time, Selma clocks in. She waves to everyone as she goes about checking on everything. She notices the delivery driver Jacob being loaded up with all the special orders they do.

Around three, Silvia, Eva, and Pam are enjoying lunch together. They had ordered Chinese food from the Jaded Dragon and were eating in the back office.

“Silvia, your mother is here.” Selma’s voice comes over the intercom in the back office.

A smile appears on Silvia’s face as she heads towards the front. It was rare when her mother came into the store. She spots Dallas standing next to her mother. She grabs some of the custom dog treats they make.

“Hi Mom, what brings you up here?” Silvia hugs her mother.

“I came to buy some of your father’s favorite bread.” Debbie hugs her youngest daughter.

Silvia returns her mother’s hug. She gives Dallas the treat she brought from the back.

“You’re going to spoil him.” Debbie watches as Dallas scruffs down the treat.

“I can’t help it, mom.” Silvia liked Dallas.

“Do you still need me to pick the kids up at school?” Debbie loved babysitting her grandkids.

“If you don’t mind, mom. I know you have to pick up Rennie.”

“You know I don’t mind, sweetie. I love spending time with all my grandkids.” Debbie loved all her kids and grandkids.

“I know Mom. So, how many loaves do you want of Daddy’s favorite bread?” Silvia knew her father had his favorite bread. She learned how to make them from Selina.

Selina was the reason she became a baker. Everything Selina taught her laid the foundation for her working for the bakery and the reason she bought it. She enjoyed playing with dough and baking different things.

“Six loaves, sweetie.” Debbie knew how much she enjoyed the bread and how much her husband enjoyed the bread. The twins didn’t care for it that much.

Silvia goes into the back and grabs several loaves they made earlier. She had several customers who loved the same bread as her mother and father. She bags them up and grabs several loaves the twins like and bags those up as well. She also grabs some croissants for Selina.

She knew Selina liked her sausage and egg croissant sandwich for breakfast. Silvia also grabs a sealed bucket of the dog treats they make as well. She knows the wolves on her father’s ranch loved them. She puts everything on a cart to take out to her mother’s pickup truck.

Debbie was sampling a new mixed rye bread Pam made. She knew Pam was extremely good at baking. Her daughter ran a close second to Pam’s baking skills.

“Pam, this rye bread is amazing. It would be good to use in a Ruben sandwich.” Debbie loved a really good Reuben sandwich.

“I’m going to have to try that.” Pam loved subs and such.

“Here we go, mom.” Silvia pushes the cart past the counter.

Debbie shakes her head when she sees everything on the cart. She should have known her daughter would add items to her order.

“How much do I owe you, sweetie?” Debbie starts reaching for her wallet.

“Nothing, mom. I got it covered.” Silvia rings everything up, except the treats. She pulls her card out and pays for everything.

“Sweetie, you didn’t have to do that.” Debbie was willing to pay for everything.

“I know, mom.”

Silvia walks outside with her mom and loads everything into the back of her truck. Her mother had custom boxes built to put her groceries in. She knew her mother would use the armored SUV her father bought her mother to pick the kids up.

After loading her mother’s truck and hugging her mother. Silvia walks back into the bakery after her mother leaves. The rest of the afternoon, Silvia and her coworkers are kept busy baking specialized sub rolls for one of the sub shops in the area.

Silvia and Levonne close the store up. She gives Levonne a ride home and makes sure Levonne is inside the house before driving off. Silvia listens to some music as she drives towards her father’s ranch.

As Silvia is driving down the highway toward the entrance to her father’s place. She spots a set of police lights behind her. She pulls over onto the emergency lane and waits for the cop to approach her. She wonders why he pulled her over because she wasn’t speeding and her SUV was in working order.

Officer Pruitt spotted a female spic driving by him in a high-end SUV. He loved giving Mexicans a hard time and decided to have some fun with this one. He flashes his lights and follows behind her as she pulls off the highway onto the emergency lane.

He couldn’t see into the SUV because of how tinted the windows of the SUV were. He’ll have to give her a hard time about that. He approaches the driver's side and taps a little harder than normal on the window.

Silvia rolls her window down and looks at the officer. She noticed that he was with the Montana Highway Patrol.

“Can I help you officer?” Silvia smiles at him.

“License and registration, please.” Officer Pruitt noticed the driver was a young Latino woman behind the wheel. He was going to have some fun with her.

“Why do you need to see my license and registration?” Silvia knew some of the games the police like to play when dealing with people like her. She’s been harassed before by them until they found out who she was.

“Are you refusing to give me your license and registration, spic?” Officer Pruitt looks at the woman.

“Yes, since you seem to be one of those officers who harass innocent people.” A sly smile appears on her face.

Officer Pruitt sniffs the air and looks at the woman. “Is that marijuana I smell?”

“I don’t think, so. Maybe the smell of bread and treats.”

“Please get out of the SUV, ma’am.” Officer Pruitt was going to give this woman the treatment.

“I don’t think so, officer. Oh, by the way. I forgot to inform you, that this whole exchange has been filmed. Since you’re not wearing your body camera.” Silvia noticed that Officer Pruitt wasn’t wearing his body camera.

“Are you refusing my order?”

“Yes. By the way, since you said you smelled marijuana coming from my SUV. I think we better call a K9 unit to come out here.” Silvia dials Julia’s number.

Julia was on her way home when she received a phone call from her little sister. She presses accept on the display screen “What’s up sis?”

“I need help with a Highway Patrol Officer. He pulled me over for no reason and wants me to exit from my SUV.”

“Where are you sis?” Julia hated when cops harassed people like her little sister.

“I’m about four miles from the entrance to the side road that leads to Dad’s main driveway.” Silvia was glad she wasn’t far from her folk’s place.

“Good, because I’m only a mile or so from you. Stall the Officer until I get there.” Julia was going to have some fun with the officer.

“Will do. See you soon.” Silvia ends the phone call.

Officer Pruitt tried to open the door of the SUV, but couldn’t. He looked at the woman inside and caught only a few words of what was being said. He was getting impatient with this woman.

“I said get out here now.” Officer Pruitt was getting impatient.

Silvia just sweetly smiles at him. She was glad all their vehicles were equipped with cameras. She couldn’t wait to show this to her sister.

Just as Officer Pruitt was about to say something he was going to regret. A Caldwell K9 Police unit stops in front of the woman’s SUV. The officer gets out and he immediately regrets who it was. He recognizes the officer as Officer Julia Bounty and rumor had it, that she played by the rules.

Julia spotted the officer harassing her little sister. She pulls in front of her sister’s SUV and stops. She gets out of her SUV and walks towards the officer and her little sister.

“Do you need any help here, trooper?” Julia looks at the middle-aged, six-foot-five-inch officer. Compared to him, she was small.

“I don’t need any help. You can carry on, officer.” Officer Pruitt didn’t want any help from Officer Bounty.

“Didn’t you say that you smelled marijuana, trooper? Why don’t we have her search my SUV to prove you right?” Silvia gets out of her SUV and stands nearby.

“That’s a good idea. Why don’t I go and get my wolf.” A smile appears on Julia’s face as she walks towards her SUV to get Sphinx.

Terror was at home resting after being injured taking down a prep. The prep managed to cut Terror above his left leg. He had to get stitches to seal the wound.

Julia opens the back door for Sphinx II to jump out. Sphinx lands next to Julia and looks towards Silvia and the other officer. He runs up to Silvia and rubs against her legs.

Trooper Pruitt looks at how the wolf is acting towards the woman. He had heard rumors about this wolf and it wasn’t acting like he heard. He stands there with a dumbfounded look on his face.

Silvia reaches down and scratches Sphinx between his ears. A smile appears on her face. She looks towards Trooper Pruitt “I would like for you to meet my older sister, Officer Julia Bounty.”

“It’s nice meeting you, trooper. Now, why are you harassing my little sister?” Julia looked at Trooper Pruitt and wanted an explanation for his

Pruitt looks at Officer Bounty and the woman he pulled over. He couldn’t see any similarities in them. Officer Bounty looked like the actress Charisma Carpenter. The woman he pulled over was Latino with watermelon-sized breasts, a tiny waist, and nice wide curvy hips.

“Now, why don’t you give me your name, your badge number, and your supervisor’s name? Trooper Pruitt.” Julia takes her notepad out.

“And if I don’t?” An angry look appears on Trooper Pruitt’s face.

“Then, I’ll just let Sphinx here, take a pound of flesh from your hide until you do.” A serious look appears on Julia’s face.

Trooper Pruitt looks at the huge wolf and how mean he is. He knew the stories about this wolf were true.

“Fine.” He gives Julia everything she asked for and walks off.

Julia and Silvia watch as the trooper drives off. Julia makes sure she takes pictures of his vehicle.

“Thanks, sis.” Silvia was glad her sister came to her rescue.

“Any time, little sister. Did you record everything?” Julia knew her father equipped all their vehicles with cameras and mics.

“Yep, I got everything.”

“Good, give me a copy of it at the house. I’ll make sure Trooper Pruitt is kicked off the force.” Julia didn’t like corrupt cops.

“Okay.” Silvia hugs her older sister, before separating and getting in their vehicles.

Silvia follows her sister up the road that led to their father’s, Julia’s, and Gina’s house. Silvia honks her horn as Julia splits off to go to her place. Silvia continues towards her parent’s house to pick her kids up.

When Silvia steps into the house. She spots all of the grandkids sitting at the huge dining room table her father made himself. Selina, her mother, and her father were sitting at the table eating with the children.

“Hi mom, hi dad, hi Selina.” As she hugs each one.

All of them return her hug. They make room for her to sit at the table with them.

“How was your day, sweetheart?” Jack looks at his youngest daughter as she serves herself.

“Busy, daddy, and then interesting on the way here.”

“Oh? What happened?” Jack wanted to know what went on with his youngest.

Silvia fills her plate first and tells her parents and Selina what happened. She noticed that unpleasant look in her father’s eyes. Even her mother had that look as well.

Afterward, she sits there and watches their reaction. She knew what her father was ready to do.

“You said that Julia was going to handle everything, Silvia?” Selina looks at her protégé.

“Yes ma’am.” Silvia knew what it was like to be harassed.

She was mistaken for being Latino, instead of Spanish. God knows if it wasn’t for her family, she wonders what all these prejudiced people would do to her and her children. She wanted a good life for her adopted children.

Jack knows if Julia doesn’t handle it. He would and it wouldn’t be pretty. He looks over towards his wife and notices that she feels the same way. Debbie was protective of her children and grandchildren.

Later, once Silvia and the kids were at home. She tucks them in and kisses their cheek. She walks into her bedroom and notices her husband already in bed.

Lorenzo noticed that Silvia was thinking about something. He wonders if it had anything to do with what she told him about today.

“Penny for your thoughts, Sweetie?”

“Just thinking about what would have happen if we never adopted our children.” Silvia gets into bed next to her husband.

“I would hate to think about what would happen to them, sweetie. I’m just glad we were there when they needed us.” He hugs Silvia and holds her against his body.

“Me too.” Silvia lets her husband hug her.

A few days later, Silvia is informed by Julia that Trooper Pruitt was arrested on drug charges, sexual abuse, assault, and trafficking of minors across state lines.

Silvia knew her father must have put one of his agents on Trooper Pruitt. She was happy the trooper was getting what he deserved.

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