Resolution Revolution

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Resolution Revolution

On November 20th at the End of Each Year

More of our Siblings Join Our Honored Dead

By Jo Dora Webster

Will a New Years Resolution Bring the Fulfillment of Transgender Death No More?


It was the day after Christmas in Aurora, Colorado. We had an inch of snow on Christmas Eve which was supposed to be all and that proved out for Christmas. But Fate had laid out 7.5 inches on the feast of St. Stephen. Fate had revealed a serendipity in response to the 500 bills introduced in the United States oppressing the transgendered citizens. Among those were Ariel and Stephanie who peered out at the falling snow from their apartment window.

But this day would not be remembered for the pleasant Christmas weather, but it was the day that changed the Earth forever. It was an invader to our planet, but not a fleet of alien spaceships, but a new space phenomenon in range of Earth that was streaming on the news. It was all we could talk about.

“Stephanie, did you hear the report on CBS news that scientists have discovered that that the multiverse actually exists because of a space time rift that has opened, and it isn’t just a creation of the comic books to account for all the times they have started over and messed up the continuity of their stories?”

“Yes, Ariel, I have. I also heard on Scripps News that each universe of the multiverse they have discovered has its own quantum signature. The quantum signature of our universe has been supercharged with energy from the space time rift. It’s off the charts!”

It was quite by accident later that day that in a sample of 1000 subjects of the same sex chromosome of a sys and trans pair of patients that it was discovered that the supercharged energy was causing survivable beneficial mutations in DNA of some patients who might develop extraordinary abilities.

It was at that point that Joanna our third roommate had returned from checking the mail in hope that her medication had arrived and joined us at the dinner table. We were looking at the tablet showing headlines. Stephanie said, “NBC News Now said that the super charged quantum energy from the rift has no effect on cis-gendered people, but it has induced mutation in transgendered citizens.”

“ABC News NOW says that the reason that not all of us transgendered citizens changed at the same time is that our genetics are programed with different mutations. The greater the mutation revealed power the greater the quantum level power needed to be absorbed.”, commented Ariel.


On January 1, 2024, we gathered to discuss the latest developments. The Fascist bill writers have unleashed a holocaust upon the transgendered citizens already in response to transgendered mutants. This was the number one topic of all of the “safe” transgendered people that the miracle had not visited yet, even if they lived in a “non-fascist” state.

“CNN was saying that in the beginning it was no big deal. Both the power level and the mutations were minimal and undetectable. Now with the new holocaust laws in the Fascist states, they have quantum level detectors, and they hunt them down and kill them.”, observed Joanna.

“Ariel, we all have had many friends killed in 2023 and we prayed in the Transgender Day of Remembrance service for their souls. With these new laws, there are already in 2023 deaths on the 2024 TDOR. With more of these laws, an exceeding multitude will die. Only a remnant will be left.”, lamented Stephanie.

“My sisters, what is our 2025 resolution?” asked Ariel.

"Transgender Death No More!" in unison we three shouted.

Joanna asked Ariel, “Will our emergence be soon enough? I know that only Texas and Florida have the Holocaust Laws in effect now. An exodus had already happened with the previous oppressive laws further accelerated by the notice of the progress of the law through their legislature. Other states are already compiling death lists.”

“We will save who we can when we can, I’m taking heart that genetics as well as time are factors in soaking up quantum energy. I’m hoping our emergence will be sooner rather than later.”, said Ariel.

“Joanna, have you heard what the emergence is like?” asked Stephanie.

“From what I understand the person is wearied but not so much that they collapse but they seek a place to lay down. They sleep for about eight hours and sleep refreshed. Upon waking they have full use of their powers. They are given the ability to know how to use them as though they were born with those powers. About four hours after the ability is first used a quantum spike occurs and continues broadcasting.”, explained Joanna.

“I wonder if it’s the power of suggestion, but I should lay down, NOW!”, blurted out Ariel.

“My bedroom is closest and has a king bed, which I need too,” stated Stephanie.

“Me too.”, added Stephanie and soon all three were asleep.


You would think that it was either the governor of Texas or Florida who was the mastermind behind the political blitz and the scientific breakthroughs empowering the holocaust targeting transgendered Americans. No, it was Rolfe, a fascist media mogul with an audience of one hundred million listening to each word he said. With his vast pretended fortune, and the resources he really did not have, he had the right leverage extract the price to acquire what was needed to accomplish his goals.

In Rolfe’s mind transgendered Americans were a threat to the existence of his beloved nation and one had to remove such a threat like a soon to rupture appendix or a gangrene limb so that the body does not die but live on. Genocide would ensure that those currently on earth would not repopulate.

Concurrently, He would use disreputable scientist determining, with torture and experimentation, in weeks the answers, which normally might be found in years, centuries, or never. Rolfe resolved to unlock the genetic code of the transgendered person and eliminate the genome from humans so that no new transgendered people would be born.

Rolfe or any of his scientists did not understand why the detector, a byproduct of decaying atomic bombardment energies which were detected in a cyclotron, worked. It was sufficient that it did work because the energies were also given off by transgender mutants. It was battery powered and was the size of a cell phone. This made it easy to work in the field to track the transgender mutants down to kill them.

Rolfe relied on Gertie to keep his office and life organized and managed. He trusted her with his life since she had proved her loyalty time and again. In fact, she had saved his life from assassination attempts four times. He only trusted one man with supervising his massive network of kill and trace teams, Hans. Only Gertie and Hans could call him by his first name because they earned it.

“Rolfe, Hans is here with a report for you at the appointed time.” Gertie communicated over the intercom.

“Gertie, Send Hans right in. Thank you.” Rolfe replied.

“Rolfe, I have a status report on our test case in Mississippi for our trace teams. Our kill teams are not in action there since their law is not in effect. We have established three centralized high power detector bases where we can triangulate subject locations. Then we can introduce trace teams. The trace teams have followed up on all the locations and we have 100 confirmed subjects on our list.”

“Very good, Hans. Your list team is just as effective as the kill teams that we employed in Texas and Florida. We wanted to make an example of them while we got our experimentation and butchering camps up and ready for future states. Proceed with the list teams in the states we project will pass the genocide bill next in order.”

“It will be done, Rolfe.”


Eight hours passed and the three of the roommates woke without any challenges. All were quite refreshed.

Joanna spoke first, “We all have gotten our powers! We all are very powerful!”

“I am a Portal to other universes of the multiverse. My codename will be, “The Door”.”, answered Ariel.

“I can find other transgendered mutants. My codename will be, “The Shepherd”,” replied Stephanie.

With amusement in her voice Joanna said, “I can sense a pattern here. I can teleport so to fit in my codename will be “The Way”.

“Joanna, I always find coincidence amusing. I hope She does too. Joanna and Stephanie, from what my memory tells me when I activate my doorway you two can step through then I can, and it closes. Since I won’t be behind the pulse won’t go off. We’ll be in another universe which hopefully will be better than this one and it will give us time to make plans on how we will use our gifts to carry out our resolution. What do you two thinks? Should we, do it?”

“Ariel, your plan seems sound. I’m all in,” agreed Stephanie.

“You make sense, Ariel. Go for it!” exclaimed, Joanna!

The Door opened the portal and The Way and The Shepherd passed through it to another universe. The thing about that was that the portal left a micro fracture open. Not enough for them to be detected mind you, but enough for them to call upon the Quantum energy and the strong science force in their universe.


For a moment, even without the spike, Hans at the observation station at the Texas panhandle saw quantum background energy from all directions higher than any directional reading he had ever detected. All he could do was get a sense of where it wasn’t from and its proximity. It wasn’t from Texas, and it was close so that meant New Mexico. On to something he could do something about. His list team had only left Mississippi a week ago and was now setting up infrastructure in Alabama. Rolfe had dispatched his Kill teams to Mississippi. He was on his way to the airport to catch the red eye to join them to supervise the teams to transport them to the butcher and experimental camps and kill any who resisted. When they finished, he returned to Gertie to be let into Rolfe’s office.

“Rolfe, Han is here with a report for you. He says that you wanted this report as soon as the operation concluded.” Gertie pressed a code key giving Rolfe some info she detected from Hans body language.

“Gertie, Send Hans right in. Thank you.” Rolfe replied.

“Rolfe, here is my report before you. We followed your orders and tactics to the letter. We stormed in with superior force with weapons drawn and trained on the transgendered mutant violator. Of the 100 this is the breakdown. There were no survivors.
35 were gunned down attacking the kill team with their powers.
35 committed suicides with handguns or poison
20 were killed by snipers.
10 were killed by using their powers upon themselves.”

“Hans, there will be no punishment for you or your men for this failure. It is my fault for not letting you determine tactics. Before the next raid, determine the best tactic for the optimum capture of mutants. Conduct drills until you feel confident of success. Then we will run an operation like this one again. Is that clear, Hans?”

“Understood Perfectly, sir!”

Hans breathed a sigh of relief as he left Rolfe’s office. He believed that at least none escaped, and all that were killed helped his cause. However, if with his own tactics there was another failure, he would bear the consequences. 100 deaths should be a deterrent to the transgender mutant’s cause added to those that happened in the normal course of awakenings in Texas and Florida even though these later ones were harder to kill.


The three appeared on what some would call a patchwork planet. Fortunately, they appeared in a segment just like Earth in pristine condition.
Impossibly this segment appeared to reach into the sky as far as eye could see and as far beneath their feet as they could feet as well. Impossible because the other part of the patchwork around this area was like the surface of Mars with the uninhabitable conditions there. There was no apparent barrier between the habitable and inhabitable portion of the planet.

"Stephanie, What, do you make of where we are?", asked Ariel.

"My gift tells me that we displaced in the multiverse to a different universe, and we have moved in space. This planet has an identical solar system except for this solar system orbits their sun in the position of our Polaris. In the position of our Sun is a star like Polaris"

"That's amazing, Stephanie, what else can you tell me about when we arrived.?"

"It is difficult to say. A year here is like an hour passed in our universe. Of course, a time dilation effect. That could be in our advantage if we were able to establish favorable relations with the inhabitants here. Detecting Teleport"

"Stephanie, please give us all the ability to understand and speak their language."

"Of course."

Three women appeared before them. All dressed in flowing robes suggesting comfort, prosperity and power. The one in the center wore a circlet suggesting that she was the one in charge. All three drew near and curtseyed then approached Ariel. They prostrated before her and Ariel took her hand so that she looked up to speak.

"Are you a goddess?" the leader spoke earnestly.

Joanna snickered, "The answer to that question is always 'Yes!' remember that movie."

Ariel replied, "Yes, My name is Ariel. I am a goddess in my world as are my friends, but on your planet we are equal women here. Please rise and let us speak as equals."

The representatives of the patchwork planet arose. Six chairs appeared which formed a circle and the woman in the circlet motioned for all of them to have a seat. She took the lead in facilitating the group.

"I am Lacilla, as leader of this planet, I hope you will allow me to lead this discussion. As you said we are all equal women here. We all have questions. I hope by the end of our discussion that the purpose behind each of our groups being here today will be met in a mutually beneficial way. I suggest we begin by introducing ourselves starting with myself and continuing to my left around the circle. Is that satisfactory to you Ariel?"

"Of course, Lacilla, please proceed."

"I am Lacilla, Leader of Planet Heaven, ours is a planet whose only recourse is magick of which you, Ariel, are a magick collector ( a supercharged storage battery) having only been on our planet a short time. It is by magick that everything has it's being in Heaven. It is also by magick that we are reclaiming the planet's surface and returning it to what it once was prior to the cataclysm in the before time. The two women with me are my Go-Tos of Developed Lands and Undeveloped Lands. I know I have introduced my world instead of myself but in many ways as leader I and my world are one. The woman to my left is Cetona."

"I am Cetona, Go-To of Undeveloped Lands. You also will know me best by my work. I am a user of terraforming magick and I can draw upon a magick battery in the form of a person or a construct. The land to the North is zoned agricultural. Any farmer may swap their square mile in the developed area as the co-op has the magick required. The land to the South is zoned for citizen use which any citizen with the magick to terraform a square mile may claim it for any purpose. Lands to the East and West are retained by the Co-Op to be managed for the good of the whole. The woman to my left is Wimala."

"I am Wimala, Go-To of Developed Land. I also can draw upon both kinds of magick batteries and I specialize in Fabrication Magick. I help our citizens who have the Magick to make large structures but not a user of that magick to accomplish their goal. I also am a voice for the citizens and take their concerns to Lacilla. I have been introduced to the woman to my left as Ariel."

"I am Ariel, also known as 'The Door'. I come from a planet called Terra where I am a goddess and transwoman. On Terra, I and my siblings are being hunted and killed. We seek a haven and refuge off Terra to live in peace. We have gifts the cisgendered do not have which we will give freely for the good of all. This includes whatever Magick ability is revealed in each of us on your world to be used for our mutual aid. I believe it is my gift to capture and use energy that brought us here which allows me to capture Magick so well. The woman on my left is Joanna."

"I am Joanna, also known as 'The Way'. I too come from Terra where I have lived together with Ariel and Stephanie since we became bonded on our eighteenth birthday when we each had our gender confirmation surgeries. I feel my gift is to capture the energy pattern in everything for all matter is also energy. With those energy patterns I can either fabricate or teleport. I can capture energy which empowers what I do but to a much lesser extent than Ariel. The woman on my left is Stephanie."

"I am Stephanie, also known as 'The Shepherd'. Terra is my home world and where I live with Ariel and Joanna. I can find others like me by the energies they emit which is how we will find the endangered people who need our help. I'm particularly attuned to finding information as energy and data through any means imaginable. I've been introduced to the woman on my left as Lacilla."

"Ladies of the Terra Triad, I understand and sympathize with your plight. We used to have women and men such as you on our planet prior to our cataclysm. Prior to that two things happened to remove all of our transgendered from our population. First was that all our transgendered left our planet. Last, A cabal was able to eliminate from our genome the possibility of being born trangendered. Our economy is Magick based so that we do not repeat the ecological cataclysm that you see the aftereffects. However, we lack the ability to gather Magick energy in quantity which has brought to a crawl our quest to reclaim the surface of this planet."

"Here is what I propose. First, I will have Cetona and Wimala teach Joanna Terraforming and Fabrication Magick. After Joanna fabricates a Magick storage container, you should get Stephanie to fill it so that you will have Magick for your own project. If those skills meet with your satisfaction, I would like for you to be employed by Heaven for a year in which time you will be filling MagicK storage containers so that they can be used to reclaim lands to the east. For each square reclaimed to the east, an equivalent square will be deeded to your triad so that you can reclaim it and build on it to support the people you bring here to Heaven with our blessing."

"That is a very generous offer, Lacilla. We accept. Is there a place that my companions and I could stay until we can have our own place in Heaven?" asked Ariel.

"Ariel, our dwelling is made for two triads. It would give us much honor to host the Terra Triad while they have need here in Heaven."


With the agreement made, Lacilla took aside Stephanie and Ariel and showed them how to extract the magick from the Aether and place it inside the magick storage containers. Both became very skilled very quickly. Ariel's magick was devoted to reclaiming land for Heaven's leadership in trust for all their people. Cetona monitored Ariel. Lacilla monitored Stephanie doing the same thing but for the Terra Triad. When the workday was over, they both had reclaimed 275 square miles. True to her word, Lacilla gave title to Ariel for the 275 square miles that they had reclaimed.


Before days end Ariel had a revelation and called Stephanie and Joanna aside and whispered to them."A Triad is Heaven's mating group. Lacilla called us the Terra Triad. They think we are married. We can't risk this deal so we are as of now married. I am thrilled since I'm getting the best wives in this or any world."

Stephanie mused, "I always wondered what that would be like. Count me in."

Joanna exclaimed, "Talk about shotgun weddings! Three is an interesting number. But when in Rome or in Heaven."


The next day Wimala worked with Joanna to fabricate buildings including utility provision in which to house the refugees from Earth. The city that they built on the 275 square miles had the same population density and area of Chicago IL would house the approximate 2.6 million transgender and non-binary in immediate danger. The finishing touches were added including outfitting the interiors including furniture. They still had to reclaim more land for more housing for families and allies. Also, land had to be reclaimed for farmland and services to support that many new people living in Heaven. The families, transgender and non-binary inhabitants of the first city that Joanna built named it Paradise City.

It was planned their reclaiming of the land they would be slower than Ariel was doing to fulfill her commitment to Heaven's Triad. Ariel had gotten permission as a part of her honoring the agreement to take a break to open a full portal to Earth from Heaven as needed. Stephanie and Joanna could go back to Earth to find their brothers and sisters in danger. to offer them the chance to immigrate to Heaven.

The workday was done, and Ariel was on her own time. she quickly filled several magick containers. They had previously spread the word that they were looking to hire 'angels' for a container of magick whose duty would be to meet the people from earth and get them acquainted with Heaven, take them to their new home and get them settled. All the positions were quickly filled. A waiting list formed to call upon for future needs.

Ariel, Stephanie and Joanna woke early for Ariel to open the portal to send Stephanie and Joanna back to Earth to begin their mission. The two friends working together were way ahead of Hans and the Death squads to the point that that they had retrieved all those in danger and in hiding from previously going through the emergence.


"Shepherd, where do we go next?"

"I've found a trans-girl who ran away from her parents who are devotees of Rolfe. Tina is about to wake from her emergence on the streets of Atlanta GA. Here are the coordinates. You are 'The Way' Teleport now!"

We found a pre-teen girl waking from a deep sleep. She was emaciated with torn and weathered clothing with an wonderful smile on her face.

"Tina, Do you know what has happened to you?" asked The Way. The Shepherd called The Door for the portal to Heaven.

"Yes, I've emerged and gotten my gifts. Now Rolfe and his death goons will hunt me down and kill me. Are you the transgender angels I've heard about? Have you come to take me to a new home where I am loved? Can I go to Heaven with you?"

"I am The Way, and this is The Shepherd. Yes, Tina you can go to Heaven with us to your new home and new family where you will be loved. Take our hands and when the portal appears step through it just like we do."

The portal appeared and the three stepped through into Heaven.


On the other side of the portal Ariel and Miriam took Stephanie, Tina and Joanna into a group hug where tears of joy flowed freely.

"Tina, Let me reintroduce myself, I'm Joanna and this is Stephanie. Here in Heaven, we are not angels, we are just immigrants from earth like you."

"Tina, I'm Ariel, another immigrant from Earth and this is Miriam, an angel from Heaven. It is time for you to make THE CHOICE. You can by magick become a cis-girl but that would take away your gift and make you unable to use or be effected by magick ever again. You can remain a trans-girl and Miriam will take you first to the Hospital in Paradise City for gender confirmation surgery including implantation of a complete female reproductive system. What is your choice?"

"I choose to remain a trans-girl and to be made whole. Thank you for giving me this chance."

"Miriam will take you now to the hospital and remain with you. When you are recovered, she will take you to your new home and new family. Please go with her. Goodbye, Tina,"

"Goodbye, Ariel, Joanna, and Stephanie. Thank y'all for everything. Let's go Miriam!"

Stephanie and Joanna called after her, "Goodbye, Tina"


Once Joanna and Stephanie had caught up rescuing their brothers and sisters, they realized that they had a real advantage over the detector that was in Death Squad hands. They did not detect the sign of the initial emergence as their scientist thought. Instead, it was a tertiary release of energy that the detectors were sensitive to detect. This along with the time dilation gave Stephanie and Joanna a huge advantage.

Once caught up, Stephanie and Joanna got back to reclaiming a bit more land with which to house more people. They also were able to reclaim land for support services and for farmland. Also, as the population grew, they were able to make and fill more magic containers to hire more 'angels' for more duties. In addition to Paradise City more cities were added. There was a Twin City to Paradise City that was also fully populated called Elysium City.


The disappearance of the Rolfe's prey plus their families so that he didn't even have even them as leverage was a mystery that Rolfe had not even the first clue to solve despite his best efforts. Rolfe had used his final option 25 years ago. Since then, no child born could be transgender or non-binary due to the nano virus, which was administered to every man, woman, child and newborn. With the disappearances no transgender or non-binary Americans remained on earth.

"Victory is ours at last! All of the Transgendered Mutants have fled and even before that no more will be born. Congratulations for sharing in my victory, Hans and Gertie.

Suddenly both Rolfe and Hans were overcome and compelled to go to sleep. Both managed to make it to the two couches in Rolfe's office before sleep claimed them.

With a sigh of final relief, Gertie invoked her gift that she shared with her sister Stephanie, also known as 'Shepherd'.

~Stephanie, it's happened just as you have expected. Both Rolfe and Hans are trans. They are in the most danger of all if they were discovered as trans-mutants. We must rescue them even if they were our persecutors in the past, they are one of us now. I guess I'm glad that we did not execute them and make the martyrs. It's better for them to just disappear. ~

~Gertie, I'm just glad that you can finally come home to Paradise City. Our telepathy plus your ability to shield yourself from their detector, and other qualifications made you the perfect person to give us the intelligence to stay ahead of Rolfe. You have done your duty. Now you can come home and sleep well. ~

~ What has the council decided will be the fate of Rolfe and Hans? ~

~ They will not have THE CHOICE. Ariel will send the portal soon for all three of you. When it appears go yourself and use your telekinesis to move their sleeping bodies through the portal. ~

~ I'm a little disappointed that I won't be able to ask them ' Do you want to go to Heaven or die?'. Thank you, Stephanie. ~

The portal came and Gertie moved both of them through the portal. She went through and ran to Stephanie on the other side and leapt into her arms. Ariel and Joanna were standing on either side and they all wrapped Gertie in a group hug. While this was going on one of the angels of Heaven had used magick to turn Rolfe and Hans into their true female selves as cis-women. They had lost their gifts and were magick null, that is never to be able to use or be effected by magick. They had new lives and new names to chose when they awoke in their new home in Elysium City.

Gertie cried tears of joy, "I've come home."

Ariel asked Gertie, "What day was it when you came across? It's hard for me to tell anymore because of the time dilation effect between our two planets."

" November 20th, 2025, the Worldwide Transgender Day of Remembrance.", Gertie replied

"And on the list, how many as of today?" Ariel queried.

"None!" Gertie exclaimed.

"My sisters, we have accomplished our resolution!" I spoke with tears of joy.

"Transgender Death Is No More!" in unison we shouted.

It was time to make certain that no one would ever find either us or the people of Heaven. With all the live magick from all the transgender mutants, every spellcaster entered into one spell to send the planet Heaven out of its origin universe of the multiverse to join the Confederation, calling the planet Sol Nia III.

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Everybody wants to go to Heaven

Hi Dottie,
I can't get too many Dottie Huggles and I really need some today. I am reminded of the old Loretta Lynn country gospel song "Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die." In my story the transgendered mutants go to Heaven because they don't want to die. a little twist on the usual. There are clues in the story to a mystery which are left to the readers to solve. I wonder who will be the first to solve it? Dottie, I always love going on the journeys your stories take me. I hope you've enjoyed this story and journey.

Jo Dora Webster

Poetic Justice

joannebarbarella's picture

For the perpetrators of genocide. And a world where there would never be persecution of the transgendered.

Story I had to write

Hi Joanne,
Thank you so much for your comment. It makes me feel so good that you got the main points of the story.

My mentor and therapist when I transitioned was the Rev. Dr. Erin Swenson, who was the first Presbyterian pastor who was able to retain her ordination when she transitioned on the job in her church. She gave me many things to think about in my therapy. One was that some of our most fearsome foes as we transition, are our transgendered siblings in deepest stealth who want to destroy the transgendered uniqueness inside themselves like some of our siblings who commit suicide. They don't do that because the last thing they want is their secret getting out and if dead they would no longer have any way to prevent it. To go further into stealth and distance themselves from the transgendered uniqueness in themselves they persecute the transgendered. My mentor told me that I was to be careful how I reacted to those who opposed me since they may be stealth transgendered siblings in agony.

If my word count had allowed, I would have explained a couple of things. First, I would have explained the council's decision to Gertie using the principle above (but not where the author learned it). They would have explained that it was best for the pair of them to have each other to go through the process of healing with the support of therapy and a loving family of choice to have actualized being their true selves openly.

Second was that Rolfe and Hans were denied THE CHOICE was continuity to the mutant storyline. Since of necessity for the plot Rolfe and Hans had to go through the emergence last of all, they would be the most powerful mutants of all. Rolfe especially and Hans to a lesser degree had mental illness and could not be entrusted to not return to a mindset of megalomania. Forced transformation to being cis-women negated their mutant powers. While putting them at a disadvantage in the magick economy, it brings them into total congruence with their true selves.

Thank you again for leaving the right comment, Joanne, so that I could explain myself.

Jo Dora Webster