An Imp has her fun

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An Imp has some fun

Parnessal the Imp was feeling mischievous. She thought that it may be fun to change a human into something else. It was something she liked to do. She has changed a human in to a variety of animals, dogs, cats, tigers, rabbits, her favorite was a zebra.

As she sat perched in a Maple tree. She heard the bell of a near by school go off. By the position of the sun it had to be the dismissal bell. She made herself blend in with the tree to avoid being seen. She has had a few close calls in her 234 yrs of existence.

Parnessal watched the children pass the tree she was in. She seen several male and female holding hands. Some even kissing. Some walking with friends others alone. A gaggle of girls passed. Giggling as they went by. Then some boys right behind them. The words they used upset, Parnessal. She had learned that they were not nice words. For especially young people to use. She watched the group of boys. It seemed one was the biggest trouble maker. He was one of the bigger boys. With long greasy hair, some kind of band shirt, covered with an open flannel shirt. His jeans were torn up, Patches on patches. Black boots were his choice of footwear. He was obnoxious, most of the other boys followed him. Parnessal had found her target.

Quietly, She talked to herself. “That is the one. Now what to turn him into.” Not a toad as witches usually do that. She followed the group of boys as they made their way to their homes. As they went along boys turned off to go separate ways she continued watching the biggest one.

She did notice a lone girl following behind the group. She was just an average girl. Her book she was reading was hiding her face some. She was nicely dressed. Sweater and a nice knee length skirt, Mary Janes her choice of footwear. As the last of the group turned off. The biggest one continued. The girl that was behind quickened her pace. Shortly she was walking beside the boy.

“Wendell,” She spoke to the boy. “You had better stop your talking to the girls like that. You might get turned in again.”

“God, Damn it, Whitney. I hate it when you use my first name. I go by my middle name. I've told you many times. Call me Doug. I hate that mom and dad named me, Wendell Douglas.”

“You know the reason they did that. They liked that name from that old show Green Acres. Plus it flowed with mine and Wendy's.

The boy looked around, “By the way were is our 'my shit don't stink sister'?”

“She stayed after to study some in the library. You should do some too. When Mom and Dad see your markings this period. They are going to have a cow.” The girl told the boy.

All the boy did was, "moo, I'll get some nerd to do it, for me.”

Parnessal thought that that would be great to turn him into a cow. But he'd turn out a bull and be a pain to other cows. But if he was a female cow. Wait, She thought. An evil grin crossed her small face. She knew just exactly what she will turn that boy into. She tried to remember the spell. It was a while since she used it. Maybe 150 or so years ago. Then it came to her. Holding out her hands, Pernessal spoke the words of the spell in her mind.

As the tips of Parnessal's Long fingers began to glow. She flicked them at the boy. A stream of sparkling purple light leap from her hands and enveloped the boy. It was spectacular to see. However only magical creatures can see it. Their loss she thought.

Wendell felt a slight chill as the magic spell hit him. Nothing really. Or so he thought. As he and his sister walked the rest of the way home. The spell penetrated his whole body. Parnessal was so pleased. As she followed the children the rest of the way home.

“He will be so surprised when he wakes up tomorrow morning.” As this spell activates once the target falls asleep. She cackled, almost too loud. The kids turned to look for the strange sound they thought they heard.

Parnessal quickly put her hands over her mouth. “I gotta stop doing that. If the boy would have saw me. The spell would have vanished.”

The children had a small but nice house. She followed them in. Each room was nice but cluttered. To Parnessal it seemed they just didn't have the room. Let's work on that too. It will be using a lot of her magic but it should be funny come tomorrow morning. She thought a moment or two. Again she recited the spell in her mind. She had to wait till the magic built. Both her hands were glowing, a light pink. She sent off the spell with a flick.

To magical things the whole house would have been glowing. To the two children it was a normal after school. Their parents were at work. Parnessal knew this was going to happen. That large a spell exhausted her. She managed to find a hiding spot on a large bookcase. She made herself comfortable and went to sleep.

While Whitney did her home work. Wendell ignored his and started playing video games online with his friends. Once finished Whitney cleaned up the house a little. At 4:30 a girl identical to Whitney came in the back door. She set her books on the table. Proceeded to use the single bathroom.

Wendy, Whitley, and Wendell were a set of triplets. While the girls were identical. Wendell was a boy. He did share some looks with his two sisters. While the girls did their chores. Wendell ignored his. His was to clean up their bedroom, and vacuum the house. Their small cluttered house only had two bedrooms. The small one was their parents and the triplets shared the other. While it wasn't a big deal seeing his sisters naked. Their parents put up a curtain to divided the room. The girls had to use bunk beds and Wendell had a single bed.

Despite his sisters telling him to do his chores he just kept playing. At 6 their parents got home from work. Their father was a manager at an auto parts store. Their mom was a receptionist at the local Ford dealership. They car pooled in their only car.

Wendy and Whitney's help their mom make dinner. Just a hamburger helper meal and some rolls.

After dinner Wendell did his only chore that day. Drying the dishes and putting them away. While their dad washed them.

The family usually watched a movie together. The triplets wandered to their room and changed into their Pjs. At sometime during the movie. As did their parents. The girls including mom wore sleep shorts and a tank top. While the men wore Shorts and a t-shirt.

After the movie the children were sent to bed as their parents watched the early news.

Parsnessal woke as the news came on. From her vantage point on top of the book shelf. She just watched them. She knew that her spell on the home wouldn't activate until everyone in the house was asleep.The mischievous Imp moved into the children's room. Even though they had been sent to bed. The girls were talking and Wendell was looking at a girlie magazine. Parnessal knew she had made the right choice on what to turn him into.

Wendell finished his eyeing the naked woman in the magazine. He hid it again in his dresser. Turned off his light and went to sleep.

Once he finally achieved REM sleep the spell activated. Even with his sisters on the other side of the room. The spell began its transformation.

Wendell's hair became a cute, shoulder length bob, all while changing from dark brown to a light brown with blonde highlights. Like that of his sisters. His face changed his nose, corrected itself from being broken twice. Soon his face was identical to his sisters. The spell worked down his body. His vocal cords became more feminine, as did his slender neck.

The newly growing chest hair that he was proud to start. All vanished. On his chest, breasts began growing. Until they were a match to both his sisters. 26aa. Wendell lost about 2 inches in height, also matching is sisters. At 4'5” his waist narrowed just slightly. Just as his sisters, just starting puberty. He shall too.

Wendell winced in his sleep as his lower abdomen did the most changes. His prostate vanished. Replaced by a uterus and ovaries. His penis receded into his body replaced by a vagina.

His legs became athletic, like his sisters. His feet shrunk to a size 3 instead of the size 6 he had. His pjs changed to the same as his sister and mom. Bright red polish appeared on her finger and toe nails. The new triplet was born, Wren Marissa.

When the triplets parents finally went to bed. Once the family was asleep. The house began changing. It expanded. Each bedroom got bigger. No longer were two of the triplets in bunk beds. Each one had her own bed, makeup table/desk, dresser, and nightstand. All matching. All of the clutter vanished. Placed either in the newly formed basement or two car garage. Where a second car appeared. A new bathroom formed off of the parents bedroom. A few other details also changed. To include Wren's wardrobe. In place of the beat up & torn jeans, flannels, T shirts. Nice jeans, shorts, skirts, blouses, and more. Things that a middle school girl would wear. Panties, bras, stockings. Replaced boxer shorts and tube socks.

Finally his heavy engineer boots, worn out sneakers. Transformed into athletics, flats, sandals, and conservative heels. They were respectable young ladies and their mom wouldn't allow higher heels.

Parsnessal nosed around. The father got up to use the bathroom. As did the mother. Then went right back to bed. The parents alarm went off. They did their business and got dressed.

The mother hummed a little tune, while she applied her makeup.

“Why do you think Wren was acting strange last night?” She was asked.

“Honey, our girls are growing up. Both Wendy and Whitney joined womanhood about a week ago. Wren hasn't yet. Even though her breasts are coming in. Should be anytime.”

“God, the estrogen will be flowing around here soon.” The father complained, jokingly.

“Well sweetheart it takes two to tango, and make babies. We just happened to have 3 identical little girls.”

He hugged his wife. “I wouldn't have it any other way. I love all of my girls. Especially this one.” He kissed her.

“Really.” She commented as he kissed her again.

“Do you want to wake up the ladies, or do you want me too.”

“Can I use the garbage can and a metal spoon.”

“No, you cannot.”

“Party pooper.”

“nah” she stuck her tongue out at him as he ventured to the girls room. To wake the dead.

The father opened the door. The room was fairly dark with the shades down. He flicked on the light.

As he moved the first bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed. He rubbed her back. “Time to get up, Whitney.”

Whitney opened her eyes. “It can't be that time already. I just went to sleep.”

“Sorry, it is time to get up.”

Whitney sat up and swung her feet off the bed. “OK, Daddy. I'm up.” She grabbed her pillow. “Daddy, can I?”

The father knew what his daughter wanted to do. Throw the pillow at her sisters.

“Sorry, but Mom won't let me use the spoon and garbage can. So you can't use your pillow. Not today at least.”

Whitney got an evil grin on her face. Then back to the sweet little girl she really was.

“Go get ready for school. It is Friday.”

The father moved to the next bed. Where his oldest daughter slept. She was 7 minutes older than her sister Wren.

Sitting down on Wendy's bed. “Wendy, Pumpkin. Time to get up.” The father called softly. Gently shaking the sleeping girl.

Wendy's green/blue eyes slowly opened. She smiled, “Morning, Daddy.” as she sat up.

“Time to get ready for school, its Friday.” Their father said.

Wendy's bright smile faded. “I've got a calculus test today in third hour.”

“Pumpkin, I know you will do great on it.” Her dad reassured her.

The father moved to his final daughters bed.

“It might be hard getting her up, Daddy. She was tossing and turning all night.” Whitney commented.

“Yeah, seems like something was bugging her and she couldn't get comfortable.” Wendy called as the bathroom door closed.

“Either of you, know if she is worried about anything. Anything bugging her.” Asked dad.

Pernessal snickered quitely. 'Yeah, something was bothering her. He is now a she.' She thought. This is going to be fun.

“Is she worried that you two became woman, and she hadn't yet.” He asked.

“Daddy, what are you talking about?” Wendy answered with a question.

Whitney came out of the bathroom. “Daddy is asking bout our monthly visitor. Yes, Daddy she is.”

Dad nodded in understanding as he moved to Wren's bed. Where she slept peacefully. Sitting on the edge, he gently shook his third daughter. “Wren, honey time to get up?”

A moan came from under the covers.

Dad shook her again. “Princess, it is time to get up.”

A voice similar to the other girls, “Jeez, is my alarm broken. Why are you, waking me up.”

“Wren, What alarm clock?” Their dad asked. “Either me or mom always wake up our three ladies. We've been doing it since you three were in kindergarten.”

“What ever.” Wren was sarcastic. She threw the cover off of herself. Sitting up still half asleep.

“Don't take that tone with me, young lady. Time to get ready for school.” Dad told her as he left.

As she scratched under her right breast. “OK, fine.” She stood up. Shuffling towards the bathroom. Still sleepy. She changed to scratch under her left breast. Wren stopped dead in her tracks. Both of her hands went up to grope her own breasts.

Her eyes flew to wide open. She looked down at her hands on her breasts. “What the hell.” she spoke louder than normal.

All of the sudden she put her right hand down her shorts. “FUCKKKKKK” she screamed. “What the fuck happened to me.”

Parsnessal was in histarics she was laughing so hard.

Both mom and dad came running. Whitney and Wendy pointed at Wren. She was standing in the middle of the room. Her hand still down the front of her shorts. Almost frozen.

“Wren Marissa Stone, what is with that foul language?” Her mom asked.

Mom turned to their other two daughters. “Did she start her monthly?”

Both Whitney and Wendy shrugged. And shook their heads.

Mom and dad went up to Wren. “Wren, what is wrong?”

Still wide eyed. “what happened to me. Why do I have tits?”

Her mom gently pulled wren's hand out of her shorts. “You have breasts like your sisters, and most of the girls your age.”

“Wren, You are a girl. You were born a girl just like, Wendy and Whitney. We have identical girl triplets.” Dad said.

“What is going on.”Wren began. “I am not a girl. I was born a boy. I had a male body. Prick and all.”

“Language, young lady.” Her mom cautioned.

Mom and dad guided Wren to sit down on her bed.

“Daddy is Wren alright?” Wendy asked.

Dad went over to his other two daughters. Taking them in a hug. “Girls, your sister will be alright. You go ahead and get ready for school. Breakfast is ready.”

Wren looked around their room. “What happened to my side of the room. Where is all my stuff. Why is all this girl stuff here. Why in the hell are you calling me a girl?”

“Wren Marissa, I am calling you a girl. As you are one.” Her Mom stated. “You came out a girl and have been a girl since.”

In a nasty tone, “How'd you do it. The fake tits and twat?”

“Wren, You have been told to watch your language. Me and your father raise the three of you to be proper ladies. That language is not acceptable in this house. You, my daughter are grounded for the weekend.”

“This is too much to take. I am out of here.” Wren started to walk away.

“Ah, no you don't Missy.” Her father took her by the arm. “Your mother is still talking to you. You will sit on that bed and listen, until your mother says you can go. Not one moment before. Do you understand?” He backed her up to sit on the edge of her bed.

“Now young lady. You do not have any fake parts, your breasts and vagina are natural. Part of the package marked, girl. Now, Are you going to go and get breakfast with your sisters. Then get dressed and ready for school.

Wren looked her dad in the face then her mom. She rarely ever seen them this mad. She tried to explain to them. “I do understand. But you have to also understand that I am not supposed to be a girl. I was a boy last night when I went to bed. Both of you, Wendy and Whitney all saw it.”

Looking around a lot of things have changed. “Our room has changed. It has gotten bigger. There was a curtain right here. I had my side and the girls had theirs.”

Her mom started, “How if you were a boy yesterday and now a girl this morning. What happened. Me, your father, and both of your sisters know you are a girl. One of an set of identical triplets.

Pernessal was having the time of her life. Watching the interaction. With her strength restored. She cast a noise barrier around herself. To keep the humans from hearing her giggle almost uncontrolled.

“Mommy, Daddy it must be some type of magic or something.”

“Well if you were a boy. Their should be something around that shows this boy you say you once were.”

Wren thought a minute. Then remembered. “How about that picture we took last Christmas. You and Dad were Santa and Mrs. Claus. We three were elves. I wore a cruddy boy Elf, and Whitney and Wendy were girl elves. They wore short green dresses.”

“We have that picture on my dresser. It was a great family picture.” Her mom told her.

Wren without warning took off in a dead run. With her parents telling her to stop. Wren ran into her parents room. She made her way to her mom's dresser. She grabbed the framed photograph on top. Wren's parents were standing in the doorway. Not even looking at it.

“Look, here is proof. I have been changed.” Wren thrust the picture at her parents.

Mary Stone looked at the picture. A soft smile came to her face. “Our three girls look so adorable. Wren, look as this. It is Me and Daddy with our three beautiful daughters. Whitney, Wendy, and You, Wren.”

Wren took a good look at the picture. At the three identical girls. “This is not the picture I took. It was both of you. Whit, Wend, and me, Wendell.”

“Me and Mom have thought that if we had a boy it would be Wendell Douglas Stone.”

“Mom, Dad, That was my name, Wendell Douglas Stone. I was am a boy.”

As Pernessal watched. She laughed at the spectacle she caused.

“PERNESSAL, What have you done?” The Imp heard in a loud voice.

“UH, OH”

“UH, OH is right.” As a much older imp appeared next to her. Ternishel, Pernessal's father.

“Uh, Hi father.” She squeaked out. "How are you?"

“Young lady, what have you done?”

“Nothing, father” Pernessal smiled at her father.

“I know that you have been mischievous again.”

“I haven't been mischievous. I was making a human a better person.”

“Oh, you had have you? Now.”

“Yes, Father. He was being obnoxious and rude to the female humans. So, I taught her a lesson. I am showing her the other side.”

“Then why is she insisting she is a boy. What part of the spell did you forget?”

Pernessal had a shocked expression on her face. The points of her ears turned orange. “I forgot svenal and univexine. To adjust her mind as well.”

“That is correct. Fernals taught you better. She will be so disappointed in you. As you were her star pupal.”

“I am sorry, father. I guess I was to worried about everything else. It slipped my mind.”

“Well as long as you correct it. That was your resolution for this year, Was it not?”

“Y-yes, it was. Thank you, Father.” Pernessal gave her father a kiss on the cheek.

She thought for a moment. She extended her hand as her long fingers began to glow once more. This time they were a deeper purple. She flicked her fingers. Again the former boy was enveloped in the sparkling glow.

Time stood still. As Wren's mind was finally altered. Now the whole spell was complete.
Pernessal finished by flicking her little finger once again.

As time resumed.

“Wren, you are a girl. Do you want to be a boy?”

“Mom, What are you talking about? Why would I ever want to be a boy. I'd rather be a Cocker Spaniel. If was anything but a girl.”

“Wren Marissa Stone, not 5 minutes ago you were insisting you were a boy.” Her father said.

“I wouldn't do anything like that. Can I go and have breakfast?”

“Yes, Princess. You can go.”

Pernessal got a big grin on her face. Seeing it her father just shook his head slowly. Her grin dissipated.

Her father snapped his long fingers, and they vanished.

The End
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IMP indeed

What a fun story. I wonder how many of our readers and authors,
have someone they would like to do something similar too.

Polly J

couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!

glad she adjusted her mind at the end, being a trans man is pretty challenging, or so I have heard!




lisa charlene's picture

thats the understatement of the year Dorothy lol and yes very challenging indeed

Welcome In My House

joannebarbarella's picture

Pernessal actually did some good while being naughty. That's the kind of imp I like.