The Mischief Continues

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The Magi Club, Charlotte, North Carolina:
“Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to entertain and amaze you tonight with feats of escape artist skill that Harry Houdini himself fear to do.” Fey climbs up a ladder leading to a platform over a plexiglass cylinder.

Dave follows behind her and secures her wrists and ankles. Once Fey is secured, she slides into the cylinder tube and watches as Dave secures the lid. He then throws the switch to fill the tube with water.

She looked at the crowd as the water filled the cylinder and watched their reaction. She could see that the audience was seeing what she would do. She put on a little show of trying to escape from her handcuffs.

The cylinder fills up, and Fey only has a few minutes to escape before she drowns. She knew if she hurried, she would use up the oxygen she was holding. So, she puts a little more effort into escaping.

Dave stands by with the huge sludge hammer ready to crack the cylinder Fey had custom-built. He has practiced with it to see if he could match Fey’s time or better. He has come close several times to check her escape time.

He watches his watch as she struggles to escape. He knows she can do it, but there is always a chance she will fail. It is getting close to her time to escape. Just as he and the other stagehands are ready to break the cylinder, she breaks free and unlocks the grate cover.

Thunderous applause erupted as Fey climbed out of the cylinder. A smile appeared on Fey’s face as she lifted herself out of the cylinder and bowed to the crowd. She shivers from being wet. She feels Dave wrap her coat around her body.

Since the water escape was Fey’s last act for the night. She watches as the people leave.

“How are you feeling?” Dave felt Fey shiver as he escorted her down from the platform.

“My wrists are sore, and I’m cold.” Fey could feel her nipples poking against her outfit.

“Well, luckily, we have the next few nights off.” Dave escorts Fey to her dressing room.

Several reporters and fans were present when they entered the back of the stage area. Fey smiled at everyone and stood tall as she answered some questions and shook some hands. She watched as Dave did the same. After a while, she and Dave made it to their shared dressing room.
Fey collapses onto the comfortable chair in the dressing room. She was tired and wanted to get out of her wet, cold outfit.

“I’ll fix some tea for you.” Dave starts heating some water in the electric tea pot.

“Thanks.” Fey sits for a few minutes.

She rubs her wrist where the cuffs bruise her wrist. She had a hard time escaping from them while underwater. She’ll have to oil them better or get a newer set.

She stood up and started removing her outfit. She could use the privacy screen in the room to undress, but she didn’t care if Dave saw her naked, ever since that incident at Popeye’s and the video on YouTube showing her causing the two robberies to leave. She has been getting requests to perform at several clubs.

Some requests have been for her to perform the same hypnotic trick she did to the two robbers. Other proposals have been for her to perform her escapologist tricks. Fey takes a towel and dries her hair.

She’ll be happy when they go back home. She and Dave have been gone for the past two months performing at small clubs and theaters. She doesn’t have anything lined up after they leave here.

“I can’t wait to go back home.” Fey missed her roommate, Jessica.

“I know what you mean.” Dave fixes a cup of tea for Fey.

He fixes it the way she likes and hands it to her.

“Thanks.” Fey sits back down on the chair she did before.

“Any time.” Dave fixes himself a cup of tea as well.

He sits in another chair in the dressing room and simultaneously takes a sip from his cup as Fey. He is glad his instructors allowed him to take classes online like Fey.

“The moving truck will be here tomorrow to load and transport all our gear tomorrow afternoon, giving us the morning to sleep in.” Dave takes another sip of his tea.

“Good. After tonight’s performance, I could use some time off.” Fey drinks more tea.

“Wayne will want us to perform at the theater once we get home.”

“I know after everything that happened at Popeye’s. The attendance at the theater has increased.” Fey couldn’t believe how busy the theater got after several local television stations interviewed her.

“It's all thanks to you. If you hadn’t stopped the robbers like you did. We would be looking for another place to practice our routine.” Dave liked that Wayne still let them practice at the theater.

“If things keep going like they are. We might have to find a new location to practice and store our equipment.”

“True, our equipment has been increasing thanks to some of the new tricks you and I have been doing.” Dave loved that his part in the act had increased. He was more than the assistant now.

“If things keep going like that, we might have to hire a new assistant to take your place.” Fey looks over at Dave as he sits across from her.

“I get to choose the new assistant.” A smirk appears on Dave’s face.

“Why do you get to choose the new assistant?” Fey looks at Dave for an answer.

“Because they are replacing me, and I want someone with flair and charisma.”

Fey shakes her head as she pours herself a second cup of tea. She is slowly warming up. By the time she and Dave leave the club, it is four in the morning. Both of them are tired and take an Uber back to their hotel.

The two of them were sharing a room to keep costs down. As soon as they enter their hotel room, they spot a basket of fruit and champagne waiting for them.

“That was nice of the hotel.” Fey starts taking off her clothes.

Dave looks at the card attached to the basket and reads it. A smile appears on his face as he turns around to look at Fey, who is lowering her pants.

“It’s not from the hotel. It’s from the Magic Castle in LA.” Dave couldn’t believe the handwriting on the card. He spots a name in the bottom right-hand corner that shines when you tilt the card. It said Henry Robbins.

Fey stops and looks at Dave. The Magic Castle was where only the best magicians hung out. It was also members-only as well. You had to be either invited by a member or have an invitation to get in.

“You’re joking, right?” Fey looks at Dave to make sure he isn’t joking.

Dave looks at Fey and notices her pants are down around her ankles. The blouse she was wearing barely covered her ass or the bikini-cut panties she was wearing.

“Nope, I’m not joking. We’ve been invited to come to Magic Castle by Henry Robbins.” Dave hands the card to Fey to read herself.

Fey reads the card and watches as Henry’s name vanishes and reappears when you tilt the card a certain way.

“So, cool.” Fey liked how the card did that.

She looks at Dave with excitement in her eyes. She has dreamed about visiting the Magic Castle.

“Do you know who Henry Robbins is?”

“Of course, I know who he is, goofball. He’s among the top ten magicians and has broken several endurance stunts in the Guinness World Records book. He’s also a master illusionist.”

Dave knew a lot about some of the greatest magicians around. He has always wanted to meet them.

“When does the invite expire?” Dave was curious.

“There’s no expiration date on it.” Fey looks over the card carefully.

“Well, why don’t we head home first and put our gear away? After we do that, make arrangements to spend some time in LA?” Dave wouldn’t mind visiting his apartment. He missed being home.

He had his girlfriend check on it, collect his mail, and leave it on the counter. He also didn’t bring anything with him that was suitable for the Magic Castle. He owned a nice suit that he only wore for special occasions.

“Sounds good. What do you wear to the Magic Castle?” Fey finishes undressing and sits down on her bed, holding her iPad while still wearing her bra and panties.

Dave pays no mind to Fey as she sits on the edge of her bed, half nude. He was used to her antics being around her and didn’t see her as a sex object. He starts undressing and walks into the bathroom to shower since Fey will be busy researching the Magic Castle.

Fey looks at the requirements and notices she must buy a lovely dress and some jewelry. She hoped Jessica would help her because she had no idea what would be nice to wear.

Mandatory Dinner Attire:
For our evening dining experience, we insist upon the following dress code:
Elegant dresses, evening gowns, or pantsuits accompanied by a blazer, with discretion exercised to ensure modesty and appropriateness.
A complete suit with a tie comprising dress shoes, dress pants paired with a coordinating blazer, and a collared shirt with a tie.

Exceptions where a tie is not obligatory:
Banded collar shirts (those without the traditional folded collar).
Full turtlenecks (mock turtlenecks are not considered acceptable).
Ascots, bolo ties, or bow ties are suitable alternatives to traditional neckties.

Fey wonders if Dave has a nice suit to wear. If she were still a guy, it would be no problem. Guys aren’t expected to dress up as beautiful as women. Why is there a double standard in dress codes for women and men?

The Castle had a different requirement if they went for Brunch. She would prefer to go during dinner.

Mandatory Brunch Attire:
Brunch at our establishment aims for an ambiance that is both chic and relaxed. Our daytime dress code adheres to a classic sensibility when it comes to dressing.
• Casual dress pants, such as Capris or Khakis.
• Dress shirts or sports shirts with collars (Sport coats and ties are generally not required but may be necessary for special events).
• Sun dresses and skirts.
• Dress shoes, with trousers requiring socks.
• Attire for minors should mirror that of adults.

Fey falls backward onto her bed and stares at the ceiling while listening to the shower. The Magic Castle and The Academy of Magical Arts were every magician's dream to visit. Fey knew if you could become a member of the Magic Castle. You can become a member of the Academy. She thought about joining when she first started but never followed through.

As far as she knew, the academy didn’t care if you were born a natural male or female. All they cared about was if you were a magician or not. She just lay there and waited for Dave to finish in the shower.

Dave steps out of the bathroom, drying his hair. He spotted Fey lying on her back on her bed with her iPad next to her.

“What did you find out?” As Dave reaches for the iPad.

Fey sits up and looks at Dave. “That guys have it easy. I’m going to go and take my shower while you read the requirements.”

Fey gets up and removes her bra and panties. Her groin area looked like an ordinary woman, but it wasn’t. Her friend Brandy taught her how to tuck her puny penis and make it look like she had a woman’s vaginal area. Brandy removed her other testicle because it was so small from taking all the illegal hormones she had been taking.

It was a good thing that Brandy was a trained gynecologist. It was also good that she knew a lot about the male reproductive system. Brandy was able to remove her only working testicle and shape her groin area to look like a woman’s.

Fey puts her dirty undergarments in the laundry lingerie bag in her suitcase. She grabs her favorite shampoo and conditioner, walks into the bathroom, and shuts the door behind her. She sets the water temperature for the shower, steps into the tub, and takes her shower.

Dave looks over the requirements on the tablet. He figures Fey will want to go for dinner. He also noticed that they could catch a show while there.

He starts getting dressed while Fey is in the shower. Dave couldn’t believe how popular he and Fey had become since she caused the two robbers to leave Popeye’s. They have been playing at different venues these past two months, and they still have a few performances coming up in the next few months.

While in LA, he and Fey should check out the Cecconi's and Black Rabbit Rose. They were scheduled to perform at those places later in the year. They had never heard of those places until their booking agent contacted them, saying the managers had requested the businesses.

Once Dave was dressed, he started packing up his stuff. They were checking out later and driving back home. He tidied up the hotel room after packing some of Fey’s things.

Fey finishes her shower and dries her hair. She walks back into the room and notices Dave tidying the place up.

“Thanks, Dave.”

“You’re welcome.” Dave takes a soda out of the minifridge and pops it open.

Fey and Dave leave an hour before their prop truck. All their props and gear had been loaded and secured. The head driver and roadie, James Nelson, ensured they left nothing behind. He and his helper Jason would deliver their equipment to the theater tomorrow.

As Dave and Fey are driving back. Dave glances over towards Fey and notices she is napping. She leaned her head against her pillow and had her earbuds in. He was listening to his favorite station on Pandora. He knew Fey always fell asleep when they traveled by car.

Usually, she starts the trip reading depending on how long the ride is. She would fall asleep. Sometimes, she would drive and listen to her collection of music. While she was driving, he would watch where they were going.

Fey wakes up when he stops at a rest stop. She rubs the sleep from her eyes and looks at Dave. “Why have we stopped?”

“Because I have to pee. I suggest you go to the bathroom as well.” Dave gets out of the car.

Fey slips her tennis shoes on and gets out as well. She stretches and starts walking toward the women’s restroom. She was glad that Brandy did what she did to her.

She takes some wet naps from her pocket and cleans the toilet seat before sitting on it. No sooner does her butt hit the toilet seat than her bladder releases its contents? At the same time, Fey sits there and does her business. She wonders how much longer they have before she arrives home.

After finishing her business and cleaning herself, she wash her hands. As she walks out of the restroom, she spots a vending machine. She walks over to it and selects a few bags of chips and a diet soda.

Fey selects another soda for Dave. He didn’t like eating while he was driving. She walks out to the car and spots Dave waiting on her.

“I grabbed you a Pepsi from the vending machine.” As she hands it to him.

“Thanks.” As Dave accepts the soda.

“You’re welcome. So, how much later before we arrive home?” Fey takes a sip from her bottle.

“Two more hours. What are you going to do when we get home?” Dave takes a sip from his bottle.

“Order some dinner from The Golden Peacock. Afterwards, take a nice bubble bath. Tomorrow, go shopping for a nice dress to wear to the Magic Castle.”

“I’m lucky in that case. I already have a nice suit and dress shoes to wear. Also, don’t forget we must find another location to store our props. The storage area we were given at the theater is filling up.”

“I know. When do you want to go to LA?”

“How about two weeks from now?” Dave starts walking towards his car.

“Sounds good. That will allow us to catch up on any schoolwork we missed.”

“I didn’t miss any. Did you?”

“Nope, I’m all caught up. Still, it doesn’t hurt to double-check. I got a scholarship that I have to maintain my grades to keep.” Fey didn’t tell
Jessica everything about the scholarships she applied for.

“That makes sense. Now, let's get back on the road.” As Dave gets into his car.

Fey follows suit. She fastens her seat belt and slips her tennis shoes off. She opens one of the bags of chips and munches on the contents. She watches as Dave gets back on the highway and drives home.

When Fey arrives home later in the evening, she orders Chinese food from The Golden Peacock. She changes out of her blue jeans and slips on her nightshirt. While waiting for her food to arrive, Fey selects a movie on Disney Plus.

After Fey’s delivery arrives, she eats it while watching another movie. Soon after, she starts to fall asleep on the sofa. She snuggles under the throw blanket covering her and closes her eyes.

Jessica came home late and noticed Fey sound asleep on the sofa. A smile appears on her face as she quietly makes her way to her bedroom, trying not to wake Fey. She manages to make it to her bedroom without waking Fey.

Fey’s alarm goes off on her cell phone. She reaches over to the coffee table and fumbles around for her cell phone until she feels it. She touches the snooze button and goes back to sleep. Eleven minutes later, her alarm goes off again. She tosses the throw blanket covering her over the back of the sofa and sits up. She reaches for her cell phone and turns the alarm off.

She stands up, heads towards the bathroom, and does her morning business. She was so glad to be home but wished she didn’t have so many things to do this week. After washing her hands and flushing the toilet, Fey stumbles towards the kitchen and brews some coffee in her favorite coffee cup.

While Fey waits for the coffee maker to brew, she pulls some frozen Texas cheese toast from the freezer and puts it in the toaster oven to heat up. Fey adds some sugar and cream to her coffee after brewing.

“Mmmm!!!” Fey loves the taste of Almond Joy creamer in her coffee.

When the toaster oven dings, letting her know her toast is ready. She puts the slices on a paper plate and sits at the small kitchen table to eat them. She scrolls through the news article and can’t believe twelve kids had been killed by some maniac with an assault-style weapon.

The maniac was pissed off because his favorite team lost. All because someone said it was because of the president rigging the game.

“How stupid do you have to be to believe that lie?” Fey wonders what is happening to people’s common sense and intelligence nowadays.

What has ever happened to people with common sense and decency? Is there something in the water they are drinking or the food they are eating? She may disagree with her parent's beliefs, but at least they don’t go out shooting all the transgender people they come across.

Fey goes on Facebook and spots some cartoons she watched when she was little. She shares the post with her friends. She exits from Facebook and enjoys her toast and coffee.

After breakfast, Fey gets dressed and leaves a text for Jessica to meet up later for lunch. She grabs her car keys and heads to the theater to see if James has arrived yet with their gear. She parks in her usual parking space and uses her key to enter the theater.

She checks where she stores her props but doesn’t see any of the ones they took. She checks out the ones they left behind and wonders what she will do with them. The vanishing cabinet and the burning trunk were popular with the audience.

After checking out her and Dave’s props, Fey leaves the theater and drives downtown to a realtor’s office. One of the drag queens she knows from The Rainbow Cowboy Lounge was a realtor. He dealt in commercial real estate.

Fey parks her vehicle next to her friend’s car and enters the real estate office. Members from the LGBTQ community staffed the place. She spots the bright red-haired receptionist.

“Hi, I’m here to see Lee Frances.” Fey smiles at the young woman.

Robin looked up and saw Fey Nightwatcher standing before her. She had gone to see her at the theater when she performed.

“Let me see if he is in, Mrs. Nightwatcher.” Robin pressed Frances's extension on her phone.

After a few seconds, “Hello?”

“Mr. Frances, Mrs. Nightwatcher is here to see you.” Robin knew Lee would be surprised.

Lee was surprised to hear that Mrs. Nightwatcher was here to see him. He knew who she was. Most people in town knew who Mrs. Nightwatcher and her assistant, Dave Lamb, were.

“I’ll be right there, Robin.”

“Alright.” Robin ends the call.

She puts the receiver back on the cradle and looks at Mrs. Nightwatcher.

“He’s on his way here, Mrs. Nightwatcher. If you don’t mind waiting, you can wait over there for him.” Robin points towards a waiting area.

“Thank you.” Fey turns and walks over to the waiting area and sits down.

While waiting, her cell phone beeped, letting her know a text message had arrived. She pulls her cell phone out of her purse and looks at it. She noticed it was from Jessica. She reads the text:

“Where do you want to meet?”

Fey responds with, “How about Angelo’s?”

Jessica: “Sounds good. When?”

Fey: “How about in an hour?” Fey knew it was around 10:30.

Jessica: “Alright, I’ll meet you at Angelo’s at noon.”

Fey: “Sounds good.”

Fey puts her cell phone back in her purse and waits for Lee to appear. She looked around the waiting area and noticed how it appealed to both genders. She hopes Lee has something within her and Dave’s budget. That was the nice thing about storing their props at the theater. It was one less bill they had to cover.

Lee walks into the reception area and spots Fey Nightwatcher. A smile appears on his face. He has seen her perform a few times at the Rainbow Cowboy with her friend Jessica Stone. He walks up to her and extends his hand to her.

“Mrs. Nightwatcher, it’s so nice to meet you in person. What can I do for you today?” Lee shakes Fey’s hand.

Fey returns Lee’s handshake. “I’m looking for a place to store my props and practice.”

“I think I can help you with that. Do you have an area in town that you prefer to have your storage place at?" Lee knew some of his clients were particular about some regions of the town.

“As long as it is close to the theater and the college.” Fey wanted the location to be central between the two.

“I think I know of three locations in that area. If you’ll, follow me. I’ll show you what I have and arrange for you and your assistant to meet me there for a visual inspection.”

“Lead on, Mr. Frances.” Fey follows Lee back to his office.

Angelo’s Italian Restaurant:
“You must have been tired last night when you returned from Charlotte.” Jessica looks at Fey as she takes a sip of her tea.

“I was. We did three shows, and all of them were different. We didn’t want the audience to get bored with the same tricks and illusions.” Fey was glad Jessica agreed to meet with her for lunch.

“So, what did you do today?” Jessica wondered what her friend had been up to this morning.

“I went to see Lee Frances about renting a place to store my and Dave’s props. We also plan on using it to develop and practice our act.”

Fey was glad that Lee had some warehouses that would come in handy for storing the props she and Dave used in their acts and to develop new acts. If nothing else, they could create the act at the warehouse and perform them at the theater. This way, no one would know what they would perform or how they did it.

“Can you and Dave afford a place to store your props?” Jessica knew Fey didn’t have much money, except recently, since her popularity had risen.

“Between the gigs we have been performing and the shows we have lined up already. We can pay rent on the place for the next five years in advance.” Fey has already done the math and looked at their upcoming shows.

“You guys are doing that well?” Jessica knew Fey had been busy but hadn’t realized she was doing that well.

“Yes.” Fey was glad they were doing good.

“But won’t that affect your scholarship grant? Won’t the two organizations want to reduce the money they have given you?” Jessica knew Fey was happy when she got the grant.

She also applied for it and was given a grant for being a lesbian. Now, she could spend some of her hard-earned money on bills and rent. Plus, she could afford to go out every once in a while.

“No, but something you might find interesting. One of the grants available is for up-and-coming stage magicians and escapologists. Dave and I applied for it for our act.” When Fey saw it, she forwarded a copy to Dave so he could also apply.

“You’re joking?” Jessica nearly choked on her Greek salad when she heard what Fey said.

“Nope, I’m not joking. I will use some of the funds to buy a few more performing costumes and a new dress.” Fey has already thought about it and figured she could deduct the cost of the dress from her taxes.

“What do you need a new dress for?” Jessica was curious.

“This.” As Fey hands the invite for her and Dave to Jessica.

Jessica reads the invite and the signature on it. She had no idea who Henry Robbins was, but she liked how his name changed color when you changed how you held the invite. She looks at Fey. “Who is Henry Robbins? And why did he invite you and Dave?” Jessica had a puzzled look on her face.

“Henry Robbins is one of the top ten magicians and illusionists around. As for why he invited me and Dave, I don’t know. However, the place he invited us to is for members only, and the only way you can get in is to be invited.”

“What is so special about this place?” Jessica has never heard or seen the name before.

“The place is called the Magic Castle, and it's only for those who are prestidigitators. You have to be invited to join. A non-prestidigitator can join, but they must take a magic class before joining, and their membership is minimal.” Fey was excited about going.

“So, why do you need to buy a new dress for this place?” Jessica was still puzzled.

“Because of the dress code. Here, look at this.” Fey brings the dress code up on her cell phone and hands it to Jessica.

Jessica returned the invite to Fey and accepted her cell phone in exchange. She starts reading the dress code for the place. She notices Fey is telling the truth about the place. It was for members only, and you had to be a prestidigitator to join.

“When are you and Dave planning on going?”

“To LA or the Magic Castle?” Jessica wonders how long she had to help Fey.

“In two weeks for LA and for dinner. You know how I am when I wake up.” Fey didn’t want to go during brunch.

“Well, at least we have time to find you a dress. I will tell you now. This dress is going to be expensive.”

“Why? Can’t I buy a dress off the rack to wear?” Fey was confused.

“Nope, you need one tailor to your unique figure. Women like us have difficulty finding something that properly supports our ladies. Plus, we need to get you the proper undergarments and shoes.” Jessica knew what clothes Fey owned, and none of them would cut it.

“Why do guys have it so easy?” Fey knew becoming a woman was expensive.

“Because men don’t care how they look unless they try to get a woman’s attention. Women, on the other hand, compete with each other, and we like looking beautiful.” Jessica knew Fey used to be a male.

“Thanks for helping me, Jessica.” Fey was happy she had Jessica to help her.

“Well, you are like a little sister to me. Plus, I like helping you.” Jessica smiles at Fey as she eats her lunch.

“Thanks.” Fey smiles back at Jessica and enjoys her lunch.

After lunch, Jessica and Fey go dress and clothes shopping. They first try some high-end stores that cater to high school students and brides. Afterwards, they try a few other places.

For a few days, Fey and Jessica spent the afternoons shopping for dresses. During the morning, Dave and Fey checked out a few places that Lee gave them to check out. They finally found a place, which would require some rewiring and remodeling.

They hire Mr. Thompson and his small construction crew to do the work. Since Dave knew Mr. Thompson, Fey let him organize with him. She arranges their flight and hotel reservations. She knew what Dave liked and what she liked.

They hire a security company to monitor their storage place. Some of the props they owned were very rare and expensive to replace. Fey and Dave made most of them, but some were vintage and built long ago.

Dave built a work area, so they needed to rewire the place. Some of the wiring wasn’t up to date, and the breaker box needed to be replaced. They also built a stage to practice on.

When they left to go to LA, Dave and Fey were excited. Dave, because other than going to visit family on the holidays. He has never been to the West Coast before. He knew one of the biggest magic supply shops was located in Chinatown, and he wanted to visit it while they were in LA.

As for Fey, she has never been past the Appalachian Mountains. She’s lived on the East Coast all her life and couldn’t wait to see what LA was like. She also wanted to visit the magic supply shop in Chinatown. She has read a lot about it and knew it did custom equipment for performers like her and Dave.

When they left the airport, it was three in the afternoon. By the time they landed at LAX, it was noon time.

“Man, talk about going back in time.” Fey stretched as they waited for their luggage.

Dave checks his Apple watch and notices the time has changed. He didn’t know if it would do that or not.

“Why are you checking your watch?” Fey was puzzled why Dave was checking his watch.

“Checking to see if my watch would change the time on its own.” Dave looks into Fey’s bright blue eyes.

“Oh!” Fey wonders why that matter to him.

“Are we catching a cab or did you rent us a car?” Dave pushes the luggage rack while he follows Fey.

“I rented us a car. Catching a cab or Uber everywhere will get expensive.” Fey figures they could figure out where they were going with the Google map app on their phones and in the car.

After they get the car they rented, Dave volunteers to drive. He noticed the vehicle had an Android entertainment interface. He links his phone with it and follows Google's directions to their hotel.

The hotel they were staying at, was a block away from the Magic Castle. Fey managed to find a nice one close to the Castle. She learned that the dress code was very strict. If you didn’t adhesive to it. You were either denied entry or forced to wear a pink wristband around your wrist.

Once Fey and Dave checked in at their hotel. They decided to have dinner at the restaurant at the hotel. Their reservation for the Magic Castle was for tomorrow.

“I wonder who is performing at the Castle tomorrow night?” Fey takes a sip from her iced tea.

“I don’t know, but from everything I have researched so far. They always have three different shows going on.” Dave knew how excited Fey was because he felt the same way.

Their meal was served to them by a young woman. She was attentive and observant of their needs. They leave a nice tip for her. The meal itself was expensive, but they have encountered this before at some of their gigs.

Fey and Dave decide to go out and walk around. It was nice out compared to the weather back home.

“It’s nice here.” Fey was enjoying the weather.

“Yeah, it's not windy and chilly like it is back home.” Dave was enjoying the climate as well.

“Do you think Mr. Robbins liked our act?” Fey was thinking about the act they performed.

“He must have, considering he left us the invite.” Dave figures Mr. Robbins liked their style of magic.

While Fey and Dave are out, they stop at a coffee shop. There was a poetry reading going on. Dave watches Fey as she listens to a young man reciting a poem. He knew she still missed her former boyfriend.

Later, they walk back to their hotel. There were a few places the two of them planned on visiting tomorrow. The first one was the magic shop in Chinatown.

When morning arrives, Fey takes a little extra time getting out of bed. She was feeling the jet lag and wanted to stay in bed. She turns to look over towards Dave and notices her was still asleep. A smirk appears on her face, as she slowly gets out of bed takes a shower, and does her morning business. She tries to keep it quiet so Dave won’t wake up.

After she was done with her shower and putting her undergarments on. She watches as Dave starts rubbing his eyes.

“Morning, sleepy head.”

Dave looks at Fey as she selects a nice dress. He notices that she selected a fitted nude slip to wear under her dress. The slip hugged her curvy body, enhancing how she looked.

“Give me twenty minutes.” Dave finally gets out of bed and goes about doing his morning business.

After Dave is ready, He and Fey have breakfast at a nearby restaurant. After they finished breakfast, they followed the directions to the magic shop in Chinatown. When they arrive and start exploring the place. They feel overwhelmed with all the available stuff.

They are informed by the attendant helping them. If there is any custom item or device they would like made. They will ship it to them.

Fey and Dave end up buying a lot of gear for their act. They even put together a new act on the spot, after locating certain items they wanted to buy. Fey pays for the gear and fills out the shipping address for the items to be delivered.

Afterward, Fey and Dave do some more sightseeing. They were going to make their time in LA count. They spend the day sightseeing and trying some unique foods while out.

Later, they return to their hotel and get ready to go to the Magic Castle. Fey was so nervous and wanted to make a good impression. She redoes her makeup several times until she gets it right.

She looks over towards Dave and he looks like he came from money. His hair was well groomed and the suit he was wearing looked like it was very expensive.

“Man, you look like a million dollars, Dave.” Fey liked how he looked.

“Thanks. You look pretty good yourself.” Dave loved the dress Fey had on. It supported her breasts and showed some cleavage, but not too
much where it went against the dress code of the Magic Castle.

“She’ll we go and see what mischief we can get into?” A playful smile appears on Fey’s face.

“Yes, let’s go and have some fun.” Dave holds his arm out for Fey to take.

A smile appears on Fey’s face as she takes his arm. The two of them leave the hotel room and take a cab over to the Magic Castle. Fey couldn’t wait to see what the place was like.

The front of the place looked like a mansion for a rich person from the past. They pay the cab fare and stand in front of the building.

“Wow! It’s like it’s from the past.”

“I know.” Dave was impressed as well. He takes a picture of the place.

“Let’s go inside and see the rest of the place.” Fey wanted to go inside.

“Alright.” Dave escorts Fey towards the entrance of the place.

They are greeted by an elderly gentleman at the door.

“Greetings, welcome to the Magic Castle. Are you members?” Edric looks at the young woman and the gentleman standing next to her.

“No sir, but we were given an invitation by a member.” Fey looks towards Dave since he has it.

“May I see it, please?” Edric holds his hand out for it.

Dave pulls the invite out from a secret pocket inside his suit jacket. He flips it over and hands it to the older gentleman.

“Thank you, sir.” Edric accepts the invite and notices it was printed on the special card stock all members are given.

He pulls out a set of old-style wire-rimmed glasses. He puts them on and looks at the invite for the special watermark. After finding the special invisible watermark. He looks at the holographic signature to see who their sponsor is. He recognized the name right away.

A smile appears on Edric’s face. He looks at Dave and Fey “It seems Mrs. Nightwatcher and Mr. Lamb that you two have impressed one of our more distinguished members.”

Fey looks at the gentleman with a shocked look on her face. How did this gentleman know their name?

A smile appears on Edric’s old weathered face. There was amusement in his brown eyes “You didn’t think I wouldn’t know who the two of you, were. Did you?”

“We did think we were on anyone’s radar.” Dave was surprised he knew who they were.

“The magic council has been watching the two of you for some time now. Mr. Robbins must have thought it was time for you two to be offered
membership.” Edric knew if a member thought some up-and-coming magicians should be allowed to join. They would get permission from the council before approaching them.

“We didn’t know we were being watched.” Fey was surprised to hear that admission.

“You were, but we can discuss more about that, later. Enjoy your visit and dinner.” Edric steps aside to let Fey and Dave into the Castle.

They are met by a middle-aged woman and escorted down to the dining area. Fey couldn’t believe all the framed posters mounted on the wall of past and current members. They pass one poster of a woman escaping from an Iron Maiden. She had rainbow color hair and was wearing an old-style magician’s suit designed for a woman with a long coat tail. She was wearing black stockings over her shapely legs.

Further on down the hallway, they pass another poster of a woman walking out of a bonfire with a huge fiery bird in the background. The flames were covering her body, but not burning her. She was wearing an outfit similar to the one she saw before on the other poster, but fishnet stockings were covering her legs and she had bright red hair.

Nearby on the other wall was another woman with bunnies on her chest escaping from a box. The box was in another container filled with a liquid substance. The headline on the poster read “Can The Bunny Escape In Time?”

As they moved further down the hallway. There was a poster of a young woman surfing on a playing card. She was wearing an outfit that made her look like she was from a playing card. She had bright red hair as well. Where the Bunny performer had white hair.

“Excuse me, but are these posters from all the members here?” Fey looks towards the woman.

“Yes, every poster you see are member of the Magic Academy. Starting with one of the founders of the academy to our newest member.” Tina points to a middle-aged man walking down from on top of a building toward the ground without any stairs or support.

“Man, I would like to know how he is doing that.” Dave liked that trick.

“When you become a member. You’ll have access to our vast library of tricks that have been performed throughout the years.” Tina knew every member had submitted some of their specialized tricks during their career. That way the trick will live on after their death.

Tina escorts the two new members to the dining area. She escorts them over to an empty table “Your waiter will be with you in a few minutes. Enjoy your free meal.”

Fey looks at Tina “Free meal?”

“Yes, free meal. Compliments of Henry Robbins.” Tina saw the surprised look on the young woman’s face.

“Okay.” Fey was puzzled.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why is the meal free?” Dave was curious.

“Because he arranged it. You see when you handed this invite to Mr. Edric. He read the secret instructions written in invisible ink on the invite.” Tina pulls out a special pair of glasses and shows Fey and Dave the writing.

“Amazing. I would have never thought about that.” Fey was amazed and so was Dave.

A smile appears on Tina’s face. She knew it was a security measure to keep fake invites from being used.

“Enjoy your meal and show.” As Tina turns and walks off.

Fey looks towards Dave “I think becoming a member here, has its advantages.”

“I think you're right, but I still want to make sure the advantages out way the disadvantages.” Dave liked to be safe when joining something.

Their waiter shows up and takes their order. After he leaves, Fey looks around and spots several performers she has seen on television. She looks towards Dave “Do you see who I see?”

“Yes, I do.” Dave spotted the same people Fey did.

“Hey, isn’t that one of the people from the poster?” Fey spotted a woman with neon blue hair, sitting with the woman with the bunnies on her chest.

“Yeah, and she is sitting with another person from the poster.” Dave noticed the reddish-orange-haired woman who was holding fireballs in her hands while being surrounded by fire.

Fey and Dave look around some more and notice other magicians they have either seen or haven’t seen before. There were a few that had competed on British Got Talent and America Got Talent as well.

Fey looks at Dave “I’m glad Mr. Robbins gave us that invite.”

“Me too.” Dave was happy that they were selected to come to the Castle.

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What happens next? You can't leave it like that.


I guess I can continue this. :)

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Some of the acts on AGT and BGT are so impossible it's hard to believe real magic doesn't exist. Cute story and certainly in part of keeping with magic is the telling of the tale.
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