Fertility House

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Fertility House
by Ighten

Chapter 1: The Spell

It was Saturday night, and the mood around the frat house was sour. Once again, the "rager" of a party they had planned was a bust. Despite spreading the word all over campus, not a single girl had shown up. A handful of dudes from other frats had come earlier in the night, but once they had seen the sausage-fest in progress, they had quickly left. Now, three dozen Chi brothers were sitting around the house in sullen silence, drinking out of boredom and wondering how they had gotten stuck in the worst fraternity on campus.

In the past, Chi Chi had been more popular, but a series of hazing scandals and a general atmosphere of toxic masculinity had ruined its reputation. Times had changed, and the frat's sexism and homophobia were no longer tolerated among the student body. In truth, only about half of the chapter were actually bigots. Unfortunately, that half included all of the chapter's leadership. As a result, the brothers who disagreed kept their reservations to themselves, and nothing changed.

Even now, when anyone could see the need to change, the members with the power to do so were determined to learn the wrong lessons. Schmitty, the chapter president, was standing in the middle of the lounge, ranting at the top of his lungs to the entire house. "It's all because of this PC bullshit," he spat. "Buncha stuck-up prudes! The media has them thinking they're better than us. And it gets to the girls worst of all. Frigid bitches!" Half of the brothers in the room grunted in agreement, while the others looked away uncomfortably.

"We've got to remind everyone who we are!" Schmitty continued, "When's the last time this chapter pulled off a panty raid? We haven't pranked anyone yet this year. What kind of frat is this?!"

"Speak for yourself," said Dirtbag Dan, rolling a joint on a tray from the campus cafeteria.

"Kleptomania doesn't count as a prank," said Blaine. "Do you think the staff even cares about you walking out with a plastic tray?"

"That's nothing," said Dan. "Check this shit out." He reached into his backpack and pulled out a weathered clay tablet. A few of the brothers looked up from their red Solo cups in mild interest.

"What's that?" asked Francis.

"Fuck if I know," said Dan. "But it wasn't easy to get. I broke into the basement of the anthropology building and picked the lock on a filing cabinet. Now THAT'S a prank."

"Yo William!" yelled Francis. "Check this out."

From a folding chair in the far corner of the room, a short, unassuming pledge stood and walked over. William had only recently moved into Chi house, and he had regretted it immediately. Quiet, studious and shy, he was the opposite of a Chi man. But now that he was associated with the notorious frat, he had little hope of being accepted anywhere else on campus. He was, however, an anthropology major, and he immediately recognized the object in Dirtbag Dan's hand. His jaw dropped.

"Whoa! That's a cuneiform tablet. It's the writing system they used in ancient Mesopotamia. This thing could be thousands of years old. It's an important artifact."

Dan grinned. "See? I told you losers it was a good prank." He struck a match on the tablet and lit his joint. Seeing William wince, Francis snatched the tablet from Dan and studied the tiny wedge-shaped markings all over it.

"I can't believe these are letters," he said, handing it to William. "What does it say?"

"I can't read it. But I have a book that could help." Grateful to Francis for giving him a chance to escape the miserable party, William ran upstairs with the tablet and buried himself in research. He quickly fell into a groove. Within an hour, he had deciphered the entire text and written the English translation on a piece of paper. What he discovered was so incredible, he ran back downstairs to tell the others.

Back in the lounge, William stumbled onto a scene that was even more uncomfortable than the one he had left. The drinking had accelerated, and the conversation had stopped entirely. The bulk of the brothers were sitting around the TV, half-watching MMA while pounding beers joylessly. William sensed that most of them wouldn't be interested in a translation of ancient Sumerian, so he brought the tablet to Francis.

"This is crazy," he whispered. "It's an ancient piece of occult lore. I've never seen anything like it." Francis looked impressed, or maybe he was just humoring William. Either way, he didn't have a chance to respond. Schmitty appeared, looming over them.

"What are you queers talking about?" he growled.

Francis, an upperclassman and one of the few brothers who wasn't intimidated by Schmitty, answered him calmly. "William translated Dan's tablet. He says it's some sick black magic shit."

"Oh really? Care to share it with the class, you little fuckin' dork?"

Trying to emulate Francis's confidence, William stood and addressed the room. "As far as I can tell, it's a divine invocation. A prayer." He looked around at a sea of blank, drunken stares, and realized he would have to dumb it down. "Like a magic spell."

"To do what?" asked Blaine.

William thought for a moment, choosing his words carefully before answering. "To get girls." That got the room's attention.

"Now you're fuckin' talking," said Dirtbag Dan.

"Go on," barked Schmitty.

All eyes were on William. "The first part is a story. It talks about an ancient Sumerian village where all the women were stolen by a neighboring tribe. The remaining men thought they were going to die out, so they prayed to their fertility goddess, Inanna. She heard them, and blessed their village with a supply of young, nubile women. She also filled all the men and women with the divine fire of desire, so they would repopulate as soon as possible. The last part of the tablet is the prayer itself, but I can't read that. I can transliterate the syllables, but it seems to be written in an even older, lost language."

The brothers of Chi house sat in stunned silence, mulling over William's words in their beer-addled minds. Dirtbag Dan was the first to speak up.

"Holy shit! That's hot! We need to get in on that."

Schmitty nodded in agreement. "Yes we do. William, how do we do the spell? Do we need candles or a ouija board or any of that fruity shit?"

At first, William thought Schmitty was mocking him, but the look on his face confirmed he was serious. "Wait, really? I mean, we'd just have to all say the words in unison. But this isn't real. It's just ancient folklore."

"Who gives a shit? I'm tired of blue balls, and I'll try anything. We're doing it."

"Should we put it to a vote?" asked Francis.

"No!" shouted Schmitty. "I'm chapter president, and I've made up my mind." He snatched the paper from William and studied it. "The spell is this gibberish at the bottom?"

William nodded. Summoning all his courage, he looked Schmitty straight in the eye and spoke loudly enough for the whole room to hear. "I won't take part in this."

"Then you're out of Chi. Go upstairs and pack your shit."

William looked around to see if any of the brothers would stand up for him. None of them would even meet his eyes. He felt tears begin to well up in his eyes. Before he could add to his humiliation by crying, he walked straight upstairs without another word.

Once William was gone, the mood in the room became more tense and bitter than ever, but Schmitty didn't notice. He looked around the room with a sadistic glint in his eye. "Anybody else want to move out tonight?" Nobody made a sound. "Then look at this thing and repeat after me." He held the tablet high in the air and began reading from the sheet of paper in his other hand.

After he struggled through each line of the strange syllables William had written, every brother in the room would repeat them in unison. It was a bizarre scene, but after the first few lines, they all found themselves strangely compelled to continue. It was as if the words came from their mouths on their own. An electric energy ran through all of them, and a heavy, foreboding air fell over the room. The sound of their monotone chanting hypnotized everyone.

Due to the length of the spell and Schmitty's poor reading skills, it took them ten full minutes to get through it all. By the time they were finished, everyone could feel the charge in the air. Schmitty lowered the tablet, signaling that the deed was done. They all waited in silence with bated breath, wondering if anything would happen. But it didn't. The heavy cloud over the room seemed to lift, and they all suddenly felt very silly for getting carried away.

Schmitty couldn't hide his disappointment. He chucked the tablet at Dirtbag Dan, mumbled "Great prank, fucker," and left the room. An uneasy hubbub broke out as the brothers tried to fill the awkward silence with forced conversation. Realizing the party was well and truly done, most of them grabbed drinks and scattered back to their own rooms, or anywhere in the house that wasn't the lounge. Only a handful remained, sitting around the TV and watching the long-forgotten MMA match. Dan sat on the comfiest couch next to Francis and re-lit his joint, which had fizzled out. He put the tablet back in his backpack, not noticing that the clay had become slightly warm to the touch.

Chapter 2: The Bra

After the spell debacle, Blaine went back to his room. He really needed to get out of Chi; it was bad enough to be stuck in a house full of guys on Saturday night, but now they were getting into gay magic shit. He tried to forget the breathless awe he had felt while reciting the spell. Was this a frat or a girls' slumber party? He looked around his room; he couldn't remember the last time he'd had a girl in here.

Something caught his eye from under his bed. He reached down and pulled out a white lace bra. A reminder of better times. He wondered who it had belonged to. Was it one of his former conquests, or someone his roommate Chad had hooked up with? He looked at the tag: 34DD. Damn. He definitely hoped it was one of his. He tried to remember his last handful of hookups, and if any of those girls had huge boobs. The answer was lost in a haze of drunken memories.

Blaine rubbed the delicate lace, noticing for the first time how nice it felt on his fingers. He wondered if girls ever got turned on by wearing something like this. It probably felt empowering to have your big tits pushed up in front of you, showing everyone you passed a healthy dose of cleavage. The chant from earlier seemed to ring in his ears, clouding his mind. He had a sudden impulse to try on the bra. He was starting to pull it over one shoulder before he realized what he was doing. He recoiled in disgust and threw it back on the floor. He really, really needed to get out of Chi.

He opened his laptop and pulled up some of the most hardcore, degrading porn he could find. Holding the bra had turned him on, and he needed to burn off some steam in the most hetero way he could imagine. He stuck his hand down his shorts as he watched, quickly losing himself in the action.

The girl on the screen was being manhandled like a piece of meat, which fascinated Blaine. He tried to imagine himself as the dude in the scene, fucking that busty slut as hard as he pleased. But somehow, the fantasy felt flat. Instead, he kept being distracted by the look on the girl's face. She seemed so fulfilled to be dominated like that. For the first time in Blaine's life, he wondered what that would feel like.

The man pulled the woman's hair, and Blaine felt a tickle on his own scalp. When her ass was slapped to the point of being red, Blaine shifted uncomfortably in his seat. When her large breasts were yanked out of the cups of her bra, Blaine's breath caught in his throat. The man kneaded and slapped her tits with force, making both her and Blaine moan. Then he pinched her nipples hard, and Blaine felt an itch in his own chest. He reached up to rub it, and the sensation of touching his nipples sent sparks through his body. He had never experienced this sensation before, and despite his shame, he was powerless to resist it. He pulled his hand out of his pants, ripped off his t-shirt, and started pinching his own nipples, moaning loudly as he did.

His dick was rock-hard in his shorts, and even though he wasn't touching it, he could feel an orgasm building as he kept playing with his nipples. He was filled with shame and confusion, but he couldn't resist the pleasure radiating from his chest. His nipples were so sensitive, they seemed to be getting inflamed from his touch. They looked bigger and perkier than before, a realization which only increased his arousal.

Suddenly, he heard his roommate Chad fumbling at the door. Leaping to his feet, he ran over and threw his weight against it. "Don't come in!" he blurted out, sounding more hysterical than he intended. "I'm… changing!" He heard Chad snicker at him from the other side.

"I need my phone," Chad said. "Let me grab it and then you can go back to jerking off."

Blaine felt himself blush. Normally, the two roommates had a very cavalier attitude about masturbation, but the knowledge of what he had been doing turned his embarrassment into sheer panic. "One sec!" he cried. He looked down and saw his nipples sticking far out from his chest, bright red and swollen. He threw on his t-shirt, but it barely hid anything. His nipples poked through the thin material like it was nothing. "Shit shit shit," he whispered, scanning the room for something more substantial to cover himself.

His eyes glazed over his bathrobe hanging on the wall, the thick comforter on his bed, and his dresser full of hoodies and sweaters. Then he noticed the bra on the floor. Without time to think, he ripped off his shirt and picked up the frilly garment. Holding it in front of his twitching chest, he put his arms through the straps, reached around and hooked it behind him. The feeling of the silky material on his chest made him shiver, but he tried to ignore it as he pulled on his t-shirt and ran back to his bed. He sat cross-legged on the mattress and crossed his arms in front of his chest. His voice cracked as he called through the door. "You can come in."

Chad opened the door, smirking. "Took you long enough. Did you make me wait for you to cum?" His smile vanished when he noticed Blaine's computer, which was still playing porn at full volume. "You didn't feel the need to turn that off?" Blaine had totally forgotten about the video. Blushing again, he jumped up and ran over to slam the laptop shut. When he turned back to Chad, he noticed his roommate was eyeing him skeptically.

"Dude, are you wearing a bra?" Blaine's stomach dropped. He looked down at himself, realizing for the first time that the lace material was clearly visible through his thin t-shirt. The straps showed over his shoulders, the empty DD cups tented out the front, and worst of all, his erect nipples were still poking through. They seemed to get even bigger as both he and Chad stared at them, dumfounded. Both roommates met each other's eyes. "I gotta get out of the fucking house," Chad mumbled, grabbing his phone and heading for the door.

"Fuck you, asshole!" spat Blaine, trying to hide his humiliation under anger. "You're the one who's got a fucking hard-on! What are you, gay?" As he spoke the words, he realized his eyes were fixed on Chad's crotch, where a telltale bulge was sprouting. "Fuck!" exclaimed Chad, fumbling to tuck his dick down. "This has nothing to do with you. I'm just backed up because we never get laid around here."

"I'm backed up too, dick. We all are. So maybe don't judge what other people do in private until you take a hard look at yourself." Chad looked back at him, his expression softening. He had always been more open-minded than Blaine. They shared a strangely intense moment of eye contact.

"You're right, dude," said Chad. "This is a weird night. We're all feeling it." Blaine nodded. He was feeling a million emotions at once, all of them at full strength. His eyes returned to the lump in Chad's pants, then back to his own body. In addition to his protruding nipples, he had an erection of his own. What was going on?

Chad gestured to Blaine's chest. "So you're into this stuff?"

"No! I mean, not before. I was just jerking off and I had a weird impulse."

Chad hesitated before speaking, visibly uncomfortable. "Can I see?"


"Just out of curiosity. If we're going to live together, I should know about this stuff."

Blaine couldn't deny the logic in that. Blushing scarlet, he pulled his t-shirt over his head, exposing his bony torso, clad in a white lace bra. He saw Chad's eyes lock onto his swollen nipples, and he felt them tingle. Barely aware of what he was doing, he reached up and gave them a gentle rub through the lace.

"I don't know whose bra this is," he said softly. "It's big. Too big for me."

"It looks… good."

"Dude, what the fuck?!"

"Sorry, I don't know why I said that. It just kinda… suits you."

"Seriously, knock it off. It definitely does not suit me. I just told you, it's way too big."

"I don't know. You're filling it out a little."

"Don't make fun of me like…" Blaine's words were cut short by the feeling of motion on his chest. He looked down in shock. Chad was right. In addition to his pert nipples poking through the fabric, the cups now looked a little less empty. He could see a small lump on soft tissue tenting out each one. Hypnotized, he reached up and grabbed them with both hands. The sensation made him gasp with shock and pleasure. Instead of his firm pecs, he felt two small breasts on his chest, and they responded to his touch with alarming sensitivity.

He looked up and saw Chad watching him with fascination, the bulge in his pants bigger than ever. "What's going on?" Blaine asked him beseechingly.

"They're getting bigger," Chad said in a low voice. "Look." Blaine forced himself to remove his hands from his chest. His new breasts bounced as he released them, filling more of his bra than before.

"They get bigger when I touch them?" he asked incredulously. He was so confused, but something about this surreal situation turned him on like never before. Without thinking, he gave his nipples another tweak. The feeling made him let out a strangely high-pitched moan, and his breasts visibly swelled again as they both watched. "I don't understand! I don't want titties!"

He struggled to think clearly. "Maybe they'll shrink if someone else touches them." Yes, that was the most logical answer. Chad's eyes opened wide.

"I can try…"

Too horny and embarrassed to speak, Blaine lowered his arms and stood passively. Chad swallowed and stepped forward, reaching up with shaking hands. He hovered them over the cups on Blaine's chest. "You're sure?" he asked. Blaine bit his lip and nodded. Chad gently grabbed Blaine's small breasts with both hands, giving them a tentative squeeze. Blaine moaned again, his sensitive flesh responding immediately to the touch of Chad's strong hands. Chad took that as an invitation to continue, softly but eagerly massaging Blaine's modest mounds.

Blaine threw back his head and shut his eyes, losing himself in the feeling. He couldn't believe what was happening, but it felt too good to resist. His nipples sent electric sparks running through his body. They tickled his brain, made his stomach churn, and filled his groin with a strange heat he had never known before. He remembered the porn on his screen, the busty woman mewling in pleasure as a man roughly pawed at her tits while sticking his thick cock into her hot, wet pussy. He felt an emptiness between his legs that could not be denied.

"They're huge," he heard Chad say. That snapped him out of his trance. He stepped back from Chad's eager hands, feeling his breasts bounce and shift on his chest as he moved. Looking down, he saw that they were now much larger, and had taken on a distinctive teardrop shape. But they were still too small for his bra. He was horrified at what was happening to him; even more so because it made him so horny. He suddenly remembered the spell, realization dawning on him. But that was impossible, right?

"We should stop," he said to Chad. "This is wrong."

"It doesn't feel wrong," said Chad, stepping forward to close the distance between them. "I don't know what's going on, but it feels right to me. You feel it too, don't you?"

Blaine looked into his eyes. They were only inches apart, although Blaine had to look up to meet Chad's gaze. Didn't they used to be the same height? Chad suddenly terrified him; he seemed so big and strong, and the intensity in his eyes made Blaine's knees weak. Was he always so handsome? Blaine looked down, afraid of what Chad was making him feel. He saw his breasts rising and falling with his heavy breathing, his nipples poking obscenely through the material.

He wanted them to be even bigger, so big they filled his DD bra until it burst. He wanted them to drive Chad wild with lust. He wanted Chad to rip off his bra, kneading and sucking on them while stroking his hard dick. He wanted Chad to stick his cock down his throat and fill his belly with hot cum. He imagined a pussy between his legs, with Chad pounding away at it from every angle, making Blaine beg for him to explode inside his eager womb. He could feel hot liquid trickling down his thighs. Unable to stop himself, he took Chad's hands in his own, noticing with wonder that his fingers looked small and dainty in comparison. He placed Chad's hands on his breasts.

"Don't tell anyone about this," he whispered, looking back up into Chad's eyes. Instead of answering, Chad kissed him.

Chapter 3: The Smoke Sesh

Back in the lounge, the mood had lightened somewhat, thanks to Dirtbag Dan's giant bag of weed. He rolled joint after joint, circulating them around the small group who were still watching MMA. He rolled another, taking a massive hit and passing it to Francis on his right. In front of the TV, three couches were arranged in a semicircle. CJ had the rightmost couch to himself, and he was taking advantage by stretching out across the whole thing. Francis and Dan were next to him on the central couch, while Louis and Trey occupied the couch on the left. Francis puffed at the joint and passed it to CJ, rolling his eyes at the motley crew of stoned Chi brothers all melting into their seats.

Dan, who had smoked the most, seemed especially relaxed. He laid back, sinking into the soft material and only moving when the joint came back his way. He had a goony smile on his face that was so ridiculous, Francis had to take a picture of it. Dan heard the shutter noise on Francis's phone and looked up at him through half-lidded eyes. "Whut?" he mumbled.

Francis chuckled and showed him the picture. "Dude, look at yourself. You're so high. You look insane."

"Fuck you, I look cute. Why are you so obsessed with me? Fuckin' queer." He passed the joint back, then reached down and flicked Francis's balls through his pants. Francis doubled over, pushing away Dan's hand.

"Knock it off, asshole!"

Dan just giggled. "Aww, did I hurt your dick? Looking for someone to kiss it and make it better?" He mimed a blowjob, making the others around the TV snicker. "You're so gay."

Francis passed the joint to CJ, who took four deep hits before slowly rising to his feet to pass it to Trey on the far couch. Trey was barely conscious, and moved in slow motion as he accepted it and took a puff. "This is good shit," he mumbled, digging himself even deeper into the couch. "My body feels amazing."

"Fuck yeah," said Dan. "OG Kush. This is the ultimate body high. It makes you feel every nerve. Great for fucking, too." He turned to Francis. "But don't get any ideas."

"Fuck off," said Francis.

"Dude, relax. I'm just messing with you." He placed his hand tenderly on Francis's cheek. Francis just stared in shock, too surprised to even push him away. Dan looked back into his eyes and slowly withdrew his hand, a soft smile on his lips. Francis looked around to see if anyone else had noticed, but they were all stoned into oblivion. Louis took one last puff on the joint and tossed the spent roach into an ashtray on the coffee table.

"You killed that shit already?" Dan asked, lurching upright. He took a moment to scratch his scalp under the beanie hat he always wore. Then he reached back into his bag, oblivious to the gentle glow coming off the clay tablet, and pulled out an enormous glass bong. He filled the tank from a water bottle on the table, packed it full of OG Kush, and picked up a lighter. "Let's really get this night started," he said, bringing the mouthpiece to his lips.

Francis stared at Dan as he ripped the bong. His lips seemed fuller and deeper in color than before, and the sight of them wrapped around the thick bong made Francis deeply uncomfortable. Still, he found himself unable to look away. Dan slowly drained the smoke from the chamber before finally removing his plump lips from the tip. A thin strand of saliva still connected them as he pulled away.

He handed the bong to Francis, letting their fingertips touch for a moment before releasing it. This was really weirding Francis out, but nobody else seemed to notice, and he was too embarrassed to say anything. Why was Dan flirting with him? And why was he enjoying it?

Francis took a modest hit and handed the bong to CJ. He felt a tap on his shoulder from the other side, and looked back just in time for Dan to exhale an enormous cloud directly into his face from inches away. Francis coughed and waved the smoke away, while Dan just giggled. He flopped back on the couch, wriggling back and forth where he sat and reveling in the sensations.

"Fuck! This is so good," moaned Dan. "Mmmmmm, my body…" He ran his hands up his sides. When the bong made its way back to him, he took a long, sensuous hit. He locked eyes with Francis as his plump lips pulsated on the glass rod. Francis was disgusted by this display, but he couldn't look away. He realized with horror that he was getting hard. When Dan handed him the bong, he passed it straight to CJ without hitting it again. Whatever was in this shit, he had had enough.

The air in the room felt warm and heavy, thick with secondhand smoke. It weighed them all down, clouding their minds and making them even more aware of their bodies. Francis knew he should leave, but he didn't have the strength to stand. What's more, the otherworldly feeling in the air was strangely pleasant, and the more time passed, the more he found himself giving in to it. His skin felt electric. He was as warm and cozy on the couch as if he were snuggled up by a roaring fire in a romantic cabin. All he was missing was a girl to cuddle with.

Suddenly, he felt a weight against his body. Looking over, he was horrified to realize that Dirtbag Dan had flopped onto his side and was leaning against Francis with his full torso. His eyes were closed, with that same dreamy smile playing on his sensuous lips.

"Dude, wake up!" mumbled Francis, fighting the fog in his mind. "You're on me. Wake up!"

"I'm not asleep…" murmured Dan. "It's so cozy…"

Francis tried to push him off, but Dan clung to him like a Koala on a branch. "Seriously Dan, get off. This is too weird."

Dan's eyes fluttered open, displaying luscious lashes that Francis had never noticed before. "Stay still, silly. I'm trying to get comfy. What are you so scared of? You really are gay."

"Yeah, you need to relax, Francis," came Trey's voice from the right. "You're harshing our vibe." Francis looked over. Trey was lying on the couch with his head in Louis's lap. Louis was looking down at him tenderly. His right hand gently stroked Trey's hair, which seemed longer than before. He looked up, saw Francis's expression of shock, and yanked his hand away. He was clearly embarrassed, but he made no effort to remove Trey's head from his lap. He just looked at Francis and shrugged in utter confusion.

"You're acting like you've never smoked before," teased Dan, wrapping his arm around Francis. "Major party foul. You're just lucky you smell so good." He nuzzled his face against Francis's neck, taking a deep whiff and moaning slightly. Francis shuddered. Why did this feel so pleasurable? Dan gave him a tiny kiss on the neck, and instead of cursing at him, Francis let out a deep moan of his own.

"CJ, you gotta try this. He smells so dank." Francis looked over at CJ on the next couch. The bong, still smoking, was sitting forgotten by his side. He had reoriented himself to face Dan and Francis, and he was watching their every movement, his face flushed. He had one hand up his tank top, playing with a nipple, and his other hand was down his pants. CJ was the fitness nut of the chapter, and his muscular body looked ridiculous in such a feminine pose. When he saw them watching him, he blushed a deep red and pulled his hands away from his body, evidently with some effort.

"I'm not going to smell him, you freak!" he tried to yell, but his voice came out small and breathy, like a little bird. "You weirdos just leave me alone."

"Dude, were you jerking off?" Francis asked, more out of concern than anger. Something weird was happening to all of them, and he was the only one who could stop it. He was the only one left with self-control.

The shame in CJ's face was adorable. "No… I… I… I just had an itch. Don't you dare judge me, you're the one hooking up with a guy!"

"We're not hooking up," Francis insisted. Dan had wrapped himself around his body, and was planting gentle kisses up and down the side of his neck. "Dan, tell him we're not hooking up. It's just the weed." Dan looked up at him with doelike eyes. Was Francis losing his mind, or was Dan's face different? His chin seemed much softer, his nose was cute and upturned, and his stubble had been replaced by baby-smooth skin with a warm glow. A hint of curly black hair was poking out from beneath his beanie.

"Yeah, it's the weed. CJ, just relax. You too, baby." Before Francis could react, Dan planted a soft kiss on his lips. Francis's mouth opened in shock, and Dan took the opportunity to slip his tongue between Francis's teeth. The feeling of Dan's soft lips was heavenly, and without thinking, Francis began kissing him back, wrapping his arms around Dan's slender body. He felt Dan's hand snaking under his shirt to feel his abs. Francis ran his fingers through the curly hair falling around Dan's neck. He was so horny he couldn't stand it.

Suddenly, he felt Dan's hand move from his chest to his crotch. His breath caught as Dan's fingers started rubbing his rock-hard dick through his pants. He had never felt so ready to fuck. He kissed Dan passionately, arching his pelvis into the air. "Oh Francis," moaned Dan. "Oh Dan," moaned Francis. As soon as he said the name, he came to his senses. His eyes jerked open, seeing the feminine face of Dan pressed against his. He let out a yelp of panic and tried to push him away. But when he pressed his hand against Dan's chest, he felt something large and squishy in the way.

"What the fuck is that?" he said. Dan smiled at him, pushing himself upright on the couch. He grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and slowly lifted it over his head. As he did, two enormous breasts bounced into view. Francis's jaw dropped. Topless, Dan looked completely like a woman, with long dark curls flowing from under his hat, a beautiful face, and the most perfect tits Francis had ever seen. He cradled them in his hands, leaning forward to show them off. "I told you this was good shit," he said.

"What's going on?" said Francis, shaking his head to wake up from this bizarre dream. "Was it that spell?"

"Who fuckin' cares," said Dan. "I'm so horny, baby. Touch my tits."

"I… shouldn't…"

Dan took Francis's hands and placed them on his massive mounds. Francis groaned, amazed at their weight and warmth. There was no prank here; these were real boobs. He knew it was wrong, but he might never get a chance to touch another pair like these. He gave them a firm squeeze, which made Dan squeal with pleasure. Francis felt the nipples harden in his hands. Dan placed a hand on the back of Francis's head, guiding him to his chest. Unable to resist any longer, Francis took a nipple in his mouth and began sucking.

Chapter 4: The Hazing

In the chapter house's dank basement, a group of particularly unpleasant upperclassmen had decided to channel their frustration into something constructive: a good old-fashioned hazing. They had grabbed Alec, the smallest and most timid pledge in the house, put a bag over his head, and pulled him downstairs. Rick, Dale and Hank stood around him, shouting abuse in his face and laughing as they watched him tremble.

"You really think you have what it takes to be a Chi, wimp? Look at you, you're pissing your pants!"

Alec kept silent, praying that he wouldn't wet his pants for real.

"Chi is a house for men, not little girls!"

"A Chi man needs to be able to fight, to fuck, and to make bitches cum! Can you do that?" They heard Alec mumble under the bag on his head. "What was that, pledge?"

"Yes, I can do that," piped Alec. They laughed heartily.

"Yeah right, a twig like you?! Do you even have a dick under there?"

"Two inches if he's lucky."

"I think he's just blank like an action figure."

"Should we find out?"

Alec shook harder than ever, silently praying that they wouldn't strip him. He couldn't let them see him naked; it was his greatest fear. He knew that if they found out about his secret, he would never stop being tormented about it.

"Good idea!"

Alec felt hands all over him, pulling at his clothes. He thought he was going to be sick. The hands roughly unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it off his shoulders and revealing his scrawny, boyish torso. They undid his belt and whipped it off. They yanked off his shoes, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled them from his legs. Now he was naked except for the bag on his head and the briefs around his pelvis. He held his hands in front of his groin, hoping against all logic that the bullies would stop.

The upperclassmen studied Alec's skinny body, laughing at each other. "Look," taunted Rick, "He's trying to hide his little dick."

"He's ashamed for us to see it," said Dale.

"Too bad for him," said Hank. "Should I do the honors?"

Alec felt a pair of hands grab his tighty-whities. "Three… two… one!" The underwear was suddenly yanked down his legs, accompanied by raucous laughter. "No hiding, pledge!" laughed Hank, pulling Alec's hand from his groin. Alec waited for the laughter to return, but he heard only silence.

Rick, Dale and Hank stood in shock, staring at Alec's penis. It was enormous. Even totally flaccid, it dwarfed all of theirs. They couldn't take their eyes off it. They were speechless. How were they supposed to haze this freshman when he was making them feel like inferior male specimens?

Rick swallowed. This dick was bigger than anything he had seen in porn. He wondered what it would look like when it was hard.

Dale rubbed his thighs nervously. The sight of Alec's penis made him feel strange. Goosebumps were rising all over his body. He licked his lips unconsciously.

Hank, who was still kneeling in front of Alec, couldn't take his eyes off it. "Holy shit," he murmured in a trance. "It's beautiful."

"Please don't make fun of me," whimpered Alec. "It's always been like that, I can't help it." Hank reached up and gave it a gentle rub, which made Alec flinch. He stood and faced his friends.

"What do we do?" he asked.

"I don't know," said Rick with a shrug. "Suck it?"

"What the fuck?!" exclaimed Dale and Hank in unison.

"No wait, that's not what I meant. I just meant that a girl would probably love sucking it. But we shouldn't."

"Right, that would be gay. We're supposed to be hazing him, not giving him a blowjob."

"Should we suck it just a little, though?" asked Dale. "To see how big it gets when it's hard?" Rick and Hank nodded in agreement, then realized what they were saying.

"What the fuck is going on?" said Hank. "Why can't I stop thinking about wrapping my lips around that fat cock?"

"Speak for yourself, queer," said Rick. "I'm thinking about that cock fucking my pussy."

"You don't have a pussy, moron."

"Oh yeah? Then what's this?" Rick pulled down his pants, revealing a soaking-wet vagina between his legs, nestled under a light dusting of pubic hair. All three looked at it and screamed. "Oh fuck, oh fuck no!" wailed Rick. "Where's my dick?"

"We should get away from him," Dale said to Hank. "He might be contagious. Rick's turning into a girl and he wants to take us with him!"

"As if, you slut!" Rick was fingering his brand-new pussy, his panic forgotten. "I want that yummy cock all to myself."

"Well, you'll have to compete with these," said Dale, ripping open his shirt. As he did, a pair of enormous breasts burst from his chest. He let out a guttural moan, the noise transitioning into a feminine squeak halfway through. He started groping them where he stood, taunting the others. "Jealous?"

"You seriously think I'd be jealous of you growing tits? I'm a dude!" said Hank, staring at Dale's bouncing chest. "Besides, I've always been an ass man."

"Then prove it," said Rick, giving Hank a sharp slap on the ass. Hank squealed as his butt jiggled from the impact like a bowl full of jelly. His pants fell to the ground of their own accord, revealing an incredibly round, perfectly pert, girlish ass jutting out from his backside. His hips were wide, leading to a shapely pair of female legs. However, he still had a small, rock-hard penis projecting from the front of his feminine crotch. Rick and Dale both pointed at it and laughed.

"Look at that tiny little thing!" said Rick, giggling like a schoolgirl, "I wouldn't suck that if you paid me!"

Hank blushed bright red. "Shut up! You think you're so hot just because you have a pussy. I bet I could catch more dick in this tight asshole than your nasty snatch ever could." As if to prove his point, he reached back, parted his rotund asscheeks, and stuck a finger into his anus.

Dale shook his head in disgust. "Don't finger your asshole! That's so gay."

With the free hand that wasn't playing with his ass, Hank reached over and gave one of Dale's swollen nipples a cruel twist.

"Ow! You bitch!" Dale lunged at Hank, and in an instant, they were pulling each other's hair and wrestling each other to the ground. Hank, who had wrestled in high school and wasn't encumbered by F-cup tits, managed to pin Dale. Then, just as suddenly as they had begun fighting, they started making out on the cold basement floor, moaning and rubbing each other's bodies. Rick watched, one hand rubbing his clit and the other playing with his hairy male nipples.

As he watched, Hank and Dale began changing again. They were so lost in the throes of passion, they took no notice, but Rick could clearly see their hair growing longer and their bodies shrinking. Without breaking their kiss, they stripped each other of their clothes, allowing Rick to observe every detail of their transformation. As he watched their limbs soften and their body hair disappear, he stuck two fingers inside himself. He was filled with shame at how horny it made him to watch his two best bros turn into girls in the middle of a same-sex makeout session.

Dale managed to get on top. He pinned Hank to the ground and began licking his nipples. As soon as he did, they became perkier and swelled between his lips. As Rick watched, two small breasts appeared on Hank's chest and began growing at a rapid pace. Within moments, Dale was playing with a perfect set of C-cup tits. They were nowhere near as big as his own, but that didn't bother him. He kneaded the soft flesh and nibbled the pert nipples with voracious enthusiasm, and Hank's moans indicated he was enjoying it just as much.

Hank ground his bubble butt against the floor, his tiny dick sticking straight up into the air and rubbing against Dale's own erection. Dale finally released Hank's breasts and started kissing him again. They pressed the full lengths of their androgynous bodies against each other, moaning as they ground their cocks together. Rick watched the whole thing, so horny he could scarcely breathe. As their dicks made contact, they seemed to whittle each other away like twigs. After only seconds, their penises had been reduced to nothing, replaced by two perfect pussies that gyrated against each other, spilling love juice all over the basement floor.

As if they were thinking with one mind, the two boys stuck their fingers into each other's brand-new pussies at the same moment, their licks locked in a passionate kiss. They came together in a massive shared orgasm, squirting clear fluid across the room as they screamed and writhed over each other's bodies. Rick couldn't tell if they were both squirting or just one; all he knew was that he was about to join them. The sight and smell of their female juices sent him over the edge. He stuck four fingers as deep inside himself as he could, gasping for breath as a powerful, if less messy, female orgasm rocked his body from head to toe.

It was minutes before the last aftershocks had subsided. Hank and Dale slowly rose to their feet, now entirely female. They were both unbelievably curvy, although Dale still had the advantage in the tits department, while Hank's massive round ass set him apart. They steadied themselves, adjusting to their new centers of gravity and wobbling on their shaky legs. Rick couldn't believe what he was seeing. His two best buddies had just turned into babes, engaged in the hottest lesbian sex he had ever seen, and given each other squirting orgasms right before his eyes. He would never be able to look at them the same way again.

"Holy shit," said Dale, noticing Rick for the first time in minutes. "Rick, you turned into a girl."

"What are you talking about! You're the ones who turned into girls." But even as he denied it, he knew it was true. Just like the others, he had been so engrossed in the pleasure, he was oblivious to his own transformation. Dale and Hank, who had each lost a significant amount of height, now towered over Rick. Every part of his body felt different than before in a way that thrilled and terrified him.

If he had any hope of staying in denial, it was quickly dashed. Dale and Hank sauntered over to him and stripped off his remaining male clothes over his meek, half-hearted protests. When he was naked, they circled around him, studying every inch of his body. He was 100% a girl, and while the two of them had become voluptuous, Rick was irresistibly petite. He was so short and slender, he couldn't have weighed more than 100 lbs. His chest bore a pair of tiny, pert breasts, each one topped with an obscenely erect nipple. They were so sensitive, the chill breeze in the basement sent shivers down his spine and made his vagina tingle.

His butt was small, but incredibly tight and just as round as Hank's. His face was adorable, with huge eyes, rosy cheeks, and a button nose. He had silky-smooth blonde hair running all the way down his back and grazing the tops of his asscheeks. Even though he couldn't see himself, the looks on his friends' faces told him just how innocent and nubile he appeared. The women in front of him, the room around him, and the world itself seemed so much bigger than before. He felt so tiny, weak, and vulnerable, he wanted to cry. And worst of all, it was making him horny all over again.

Even Alec towered over him. He noticed the freshman boy standing totally forgotten in the corner, still naked except for a bag on his head. Hank and Dale noticed him too, then all of their eyes dropped to the large, flaccid penis hanging between his legs. The three girls shared a silent look. They all had the same thought, but none of them wanted to be the first to say it. After a moment that felt like an eternity, Hank pulled them over to the other side of the room. They huddled like football players, discussing their plan in nervous whispers.

Alec had never been so confused. He had heard everything that had happened, but he was much too terrified to process any of it. He kept reminding himself to stay alert, and remember that this was all part of whatever elaborate prank they had planned. At any moment, the true torture might begin. So when he heard a female voice say his name, he started trembling all over again.

"OK Alec," the voice said sweetly, "You can take your hood off now."

Alec raised a shaking hand and pulled the sweaty bag off his head, bracing himself for the worst. He didn't know what to expect, and his mind supplied an endless array of possible horrors. But the one thing he didn't expect to see was three naked, incredibly hot girls kneeling in front of him.

"Who are you?" he said. "Where are the guys? Is this part of the hazing?"

The girls looked at each other and giggled. "That's right," said the brunette with the huge breasts. "Are you ready to prove you're a Chi man?"

Chapter 5: The Game Room

If anything unusual was happening downstairs at Chi house, no word of it had reached the second-floor game room. After the party fizzled, a handful of brothers had made their way upstairs to console themselves with some friendly competition. But for some of them, competition was never friendly.

Damon and Sammy were shooting pool on one side of the room, while on a couch nearby, Gabe, Trevor and Randall were locked in an intense Smash Bros marathon. Both games were getting tense. Games and girls were the two ways Chi boys liked to prove their manhood, and with girls out of the picture, some of the members were determined to assert their dominance any way they could.

Damon, for one, was very happy to have found someone to play pool with him. In high school, he had enjoyed a profitable side hustle as a pool shark, and as soon as he joined Chi house, he had quickly swindled most of the other members out of a significant chunk of their spending money. As a result, none of them would play with him anymore. But Sammy was a new pledge, and he had no idea of Damon's reputation. Damon was already deep in his hustle, and had Sammy in the hole for three figures.

"Damn, I guess I win again," Damon smirked, really milking it. "Beginner's luck, I guess. Double or nothing?"

"I don't think so," Sammy said bitterly.

"What, are you scared? You said you could play."

"You said you couldn't."

Damon didn't take kindly to Sammy's insinuation. He stepped close to Sammy, his 6'3" frame looming over the younger boy. "We don't like sore losers in this house, pledge. If you want to stick around, you better take the bet."

"OK, fine," said Sammy, wondering why he ever wanted to join this frat.

Over on the couch, the game was more even. Gabe, Trevor and Randall played round after round of Smash Bros, their score staying almost dead even the entire time. But it wasn't because of skill. Trevor, like Damon, was a former athlete, and he hadn't dedicated nearly as many hours to videogames as the nerdy dudes on either side of him. He was, however, much more competitive than them, and he was doing everything he could to gain an advantage.

"Choke!" he coughed in Randall's face just before he could deliver the winning attack. Randall missed his timing, allowing Trevor to save the draw.

"Would you knock that shit off!" he snapped. "It's so annoying."

"If you can't handle the heat, then quit. Me and Gabbie will fight for the title."

"It's Gabe," said Gabe shortly.

"Sorry, princess. It's hard to remember." Trevor flashed him a shit-eating grin. He was perhaps the most obnoxious brother in Chi house, which was an impressive feat. He was also a freshman and a pledge, just like Sammy, but he didn't act like it. He loved to brazenly provoke older members who easily could have had him kicked out, if it weren't for the fact that Schmitty loved him. Trevor's bravado, and his skill in the football field, had quickly endeared him to the chapter president, and he took full advantage.

They started a new game, and within seconds, Trevor had elbowed Gabe to make him fall off the map and lose a life. He was starting to take the lead, and he could tell that his torment was paying off. The others were getting tilted. Soon, he would be able to take control. Unlike the billiards game happening a few feet away, there was no money riding on this one. Still, Trevor was determined to win at all costs.

Damon, meanwhile, felt no pressure at all. After forcing Sammy to double down, he was easily winning the next game. By the end of the night, he was going to be a lot richer, and Sammy would be destitute for the rest of the semester.

"Don't worry about it," said Damon, seeing the misery on Sammy's face. "Girls on this campus are all feminist and shit. They expect to split the bill on a date. If you ever get one."

Sammy ignored him and lined up his next shot. Just as he was about to shoot, Damon added, "Of course, you might have to ask them to pick up the tab entirely." His tactic worked. Sammy's shot went askew, and he cursed loudly. Damon just laughed.

"Tough luck, champ. Maybe you'll get me on the next one. I'm sure one of these dorks will spot you a loan." He gestured to the three on the couch, who took no notice. Damon bent his long, lean body over the table to line up his next shot. As he did, he noticed that something felt a tiny bit off.

His muscle memory was finely tuned from countless hours spent in pool halls, and he could sense any minute irregularity: an uneven table, a warped cue, a stray breeze. But nothing had changed. He shrugged it off, adjusted his grip ever so slightly, and took his shot. He sank the 6-ball in the corner pocket just as intended, but the ball's path was a bit more wobbly than he would like. Sammy noticed it too.

Trevor had managed to build up a three-game lead on Gabe and Randall, but his luck had fallen short in this past game. The others had become used to his constant attempts to distract them, and Trevor had lost all his lives relatively quickly, while they continued to vie for first place. Although he couldn't salvage the game, he saw a chance to rile them up. He stood up from the couch, stretching theatrically, and blocked the screen with his massive frame. "I'm getting another beer," he announced at full volume. "Anybody need anything?"

"Sit down, asshole," growled Randall.

"Who, me?" Trevor angled his torso from side to side, making sure Randall couldn't see anything that was happening. "You better focus, Randall. You don't want to tell your fat girlfriend that you're a loser."

"I don't have a girlfriend," replied Randall through clenched teeth.

"Really? I could have sworn I've seen you with a huge fat chick. Maybe I'm thinking of your mom?" Trevor's love of jokes about overweight women was one of the reasons Schmitty liked him. It was also patently hypocritical. Although he had been a football star in high school, Trevor's constant beer-swilling had already started to take its toll. He had a distinct pot belly, and the powerful muscles running up and down his body were covered in a layer of flab. At 6'5", this meant he was the physically largest brother in Chi house, and more than capable of blocking an entire wide-screen TV with his bulk.

He turned on Gabe. "Are you the one with the fat girlfriend, then? I know SOMEONE here bangs chunkers."

"You're one to talk," said Gabe. "You're looking pretty flabby there yourself."

"Nice try, nerd. This is pure muscle." He flexed his biceps, blocking even more of the TV. But silhouetted against the screen, his arms didn't look so impressive. He seemed softer and less imposing than Randall and Gabe remembered. He noticed their skeptical expressions and turned red in the face. He stomped off to the game room fridge, stopping only to knock the controller out of Gabe's hand.

Damon was starting to get worried. On every shot, his form felt more off. He had barely made the last one. Was he drunk? No, he never drank when he was hustling. Was he getting sick? It didn't matter. He just needed to focus and show this pledge who was boss. He bent over the table for his next shot, struggling to get his cue into position. It felt like he didn't have enough reach for the shot he had planned, which made no sense. He was forced to settle for a less artistic angle, but one that he knew he could safely pull off. He lined up his cue and drove it home.

"Ouch," said Sammy, as Damon's ball missed the pocket by a fraction of an inch. Damon whirled on him, furious.

"Are you trying to sabotage me, pledge?"

"I said that after the shot."

"Just keep your mouth shut. I'm trying to shoot pool here."

Trevor returned to the couch with a tallboy of PBR and a bag of chips. He opened them as loudly as possible and began slurping beer and chomping chips with his mouth open. He alternated leaning toward Gabe on his right and Randall on his left, belching beer and potato dust into their faces while they tried to play. His distraction worked. Their match ended quickly, and Trevor picked up his controller with greasy fingers, ready to get back into the game.

This game, however, quickly went downhill for Trevor. He couldn't focus. He kept thinking about ways to mess with the others instead of concentrating on the screen. The way they had looked at his body, judging his love handles and laughing at his display of muscle, had really gotten to him. He felt exposed, like a piece of meat on display. Was this how women felt when he made fun of their weight?

He lost another life after he took his hand off the controller to grab a handful of chips. The stress was making him eat compulsively, just like he had when he was a kid, before he had discovered football and weightlifting. Worst of all, he couldn't bring himself to stop. The cheap beer and store-brand chips tasted unbelievably good, and he couldn't help but keep snacking in the middle of the game, licking his fingers with gusto when he should have been concentrating.

It wasn't just the food, either. All of his senses felt heightened. The more self-conscious he became about his body, the more aware he was of the friction of his clothes against his skin and the warmth of his thighs pressing together. It felt good. He took a deep breath. The beer and chips smelled amazing. So did the chalk from the pool game. Even the guys sitting on either side of him had their own distinct smells, and they made his head swim. On a wild impulse, he leaned over to Randall and gave his hair a deep sniff.

"What the fuck, dude?! Did you just smell me?"

"Trick shot!" yelled Trevor, landing a sneak attack on Randall that sent him clean off the map. He laughed triumphantly. He was back in the game.

Damon missed another shot. "Goddammit!" he shouted, his voice cracking in the middle. A few more misses like that, and he would be in danger of losing this game. Then he would owe Sammy hundreds of dollars, instead of the other way around. Sammy, to his credit, wasn't gloating or sabotaging Damon like Damon had done to him, but that just made the situation more humiliating. Sammy sank his next shot effortlessly. He was gaining confidence as Damon lost his.

Damon stepped around the board and bent down for his next shot. Oddly, he felt like he didn't need to bend as far. In fact, he had to struggle to get into position. His reach seemed much more limited than before. It reminded him of when he'd started playing pool in middle school, before his growth spurt. He extended his arms as far as they would reach, pulled back his cue with a tiny grunt of exertion, and made his shot. He just barely managed to pocket the ball.

"Aha!" he exclaimed, jumping into the air with glee. He took a step around the table to prepare his next shot and immediately tripped over his pants, falling face-first on the floor. Sammy came to help him up. He grabbed Damon by the shoulders and lifted him like he was weightless. Damon seemed to wobble unsteadily on his feet, so Sammy didn't release him right away. The two stood like that for a few seconds while Damon recovered.

"Are you OK?" asked Sammy.

"I'm fine," said Damon, brushing away Sammy's arms. "It's just these damn pants." He looked down, surprised to see his track pants bunched around his ankles. He bent down and rolled each cuff up four times. "Fucking busted laundry machines," he said, taking an experimental step. His foot came straight out of his sneaker, and he began to fall again. This time, Sammy was waiting. He caught Damon around the waist in mid-air. Damon found himself looking up into Sammy's face, supported only by a pair of strong hands around his midriff. His heart was racing.

"Maybe we should call it even," said Sammy nervously.

"Nice try," said Damon, trying to ignore the butterflies in his stomach. "You're not getting off that cheap. Now help me up and let's get on with it." He passively allowed Sammy to guide him upright, feeling a strange pang when the hands gripping his torso released him. He stepped out of his shoes, kicked them aside, and rolled up the sleeves of his hoodie, which were covering his hands.

He slowly took a step, reassured by the knowledge that Sammy was there to catch him. He managed not to fall, although something definitely felt strange. His center of balance was way out of whack, and he felt unfamiliar momentum pulling him in different directions as he moved. It was like his oversized clothes were stuffed with oddly positioned weights that jiggled and moved of their own accord. But if those weights were in his clothes, why could he feel them?

Whatever, it didn't matter. All that mattered was winning this game. Grimacing at the sensations running through his body, he stepped to the other side of the board and studied his next shot. The table seemed higher than before, and he tried to adjust for the new angle in his mental calculations. Sammy was eyeing him suspiciously.

"Are you… shorter?" he asked.

"I just took my shoes off, genius." He snorted at Sammy's ludicrous comment, oblivious to the fact that he was now looking up into the younger boy's eyes, instead of the other way around. Damon judged his shot carefully, then leaned forward and lowered his cue. Except he couldn't reach. He could barely reach over the table. What the fuck was going on? He knew what he needed, but he was too embarrassed to look Sammy in the eyes when he said it. "Can I get some help?" he asked.

Trevor lost another life because he was too busy drinking and rubbing himself against the couch. "Fuck!" he exclaimed, shoving another fistful of chips in his mouth and moaning at the salty flavor. He looked over at Gabe, who was in the lead. He was totally focused on the game. In a moment of rage, Trevor did the only thing he could think of to distract him. He reached over and grabbed Gabe's crotch through his pants.

"Jesus, dude! Stop it! What's wrong with you?"

Trevor laughed. "What, you only like it when a fat girl does it?" He did it again, letting his hand linger for a split second. With a lewd grin, he leaned over toward Randall. "Those porkers are lucky. Gabe here is packing a jumbo sausage." He gave Randall the same treatment, gently rubbing his crotch with his crumb-dusted fingers. "Holy shit, you too. More pushin' for the cushion, eh?"

Trevor was still giggling at his own joke when Randall delivered the killing blow, knocking him out of another round. "Aw shit! You guys are cheating! You're distracting me with your big dicks." To his fury, they just ignored him, focusing instead on beating each other. Trevor couldn't stand it. He jumped up in front of the TV, returning to his old trick of blocking the screen with his huge body. He stood proudly for a few seconds before he realized that they were still playing.

Looking behind himself, he realized that he no longer obscured the screen. The TV seemed much bigger than before, and he only covered a small section in the bottom middle. Frustrated, he waved his arms around, shocked at how the sleeves of his football jersey flopped around instead of hugging his powerful arms. All of his clothes felt looser, except around his chest and hips, where they were uncomfortably tight. "What the fuck is this?" he said aloud.

Gabe laughed. "You really have let yourself go. Did you actually play football? Because right now you look like you'd suck as much on the field as you do at Smash."

"Fuck you!" squeaked Trevor, blushing. "At least I can pull hotties instead of a bunch of heifers."

"You're one to talk," smirked Randall. "You're starting to look like one of those heifers yourself. Maybe you should lay off the chips."

"Yeah," added Gabe, "You've got child-bearing hips."

"And your man boobs are out of control. Have you looked into a bra?"

Trevor looked down at himself. He saw two mounds pushing out the front of his jersey, fully blocking the view of his feet below. Even worse, his nipples were clearly visible, pushing out the mesh like two little pencil erasers. He saw Gabe and Randall staring at them too, grinning like a pair of wolves. They both seemed to have bulges in their pants. To his horror, he felt his nipples firm up even harder. Tears welling up in his eyes, he ran to the bathroom.

"OK, stand behind me," said Damon. "That's right. Now give me a boost." He waited expectantly, bent over the pool table, but nothing happened. "What are you waiting for, pledge?" he barked. Sammy reluctantly put his hands around Damon's narrow waist and lifted him up. Damon's bare feet dangled in the air as he lined up his cue with the ball. He was utterly humiliated, but he needed to win at all costs. He tried to ignore the fluttering in his belly as he lowered the cue. He still wasn't quite close enough.

"Give me a push," he said over his shoulder. Sammy shifted his hands to Damon's hips and boosted him a little further over the table. As he did, his crotch briefly made contact with Damon's from behind. Damon felt something hard press into his groin, and he let out an audible moan before he could stop himself. Shaken, he took his shot, missing it badly.

"God fucking damn it!" he wailed, wrestling himself out of Sammy's grasp and hopping down off the table. He spun around on the freshman, poking a finger into his chest and looking up into his face with fury. "You made me miss! You poked me with your dick, you fucking pervert!"

"Do you want a make-up shot?"

"Yes! It's only fair." He got back into position, bending over the table and sticking his ass out at Sammy. "Lift me up again."

Chapter 6: The Party

Francis didn't know how long he had been playing with the pair of breasts in front of him. He didn't know anything: where he was, how this had happened, whose breasts they were… All he knew was that he was hornier and more stoned than he had ever been in his life, and these were the best tits he had ever seen. They were like soft, heavenly pillows, and they cradled his face like a warm hug as he buried himself in them.

He kneaded and caressed them, pinching the hard nipples until the woman behind them gasped with pleasure. He covered them in kisses, then licked up and down their gentle curves before popping each nipple into his mouth, sucking on it with full force and teasing it with his teeth. His dick was so hard it hurt, and he could feel his precum leaking into his pants. He desperately wanted to fuck this girl, but he couldn't even remember her name, so he just kept on groping her and hoped for the best.

Why was it so hard for him to remember? He couldn't have had more than five beers. Maybe it was the weed; he definitely remembered multiple joints and a series of bong rips. This stuff was so strong, it had sent him into an erotic trance. He should have known better than to smoke with Dirtbag Dan. As his tongue traced circles around a nipple, something about that name rang a bell. Where was Dan?

Realization hit Francis like a ton of bricks. He spat out Dan's hard nipple like it was a hair in his soup and jerked upright. Beneath him on the lounge sofa, Dirtbag Dan was lying topless, looking exactly like a very sexy, very horny college girl. His dark, curly hair flowed from beneath his beanie and splayed out around his adorable face like a halo. His huge breasts were shiny with Francis's saliva. His face bore a familial resemblance to the unkempt, sleazy kleptomaniac he had been before, but he couldn't have been acting more differently. He was staring up at Francis with dreamy bedroom eyes, and his flushed cheeks and swollen nipples radiated female arousal.

"What's wrong, baby?" he purred. "Keep going, that felt nice."

"Dan?! What happened to you? What's going on?"

"What's going on is you touching me." He took Francis's hand and placed it on his breast, but Francis yanked it back. Dan wrinkled his button nose in disappointment. "Dude, you owe me. I smoked you out." He pushed himself into a seated position next to Francis, picked up his long-forgotten bong, and took a powerful rip, releasing the smoke from his lips in a series of intricate rings. It was a party trick Francis had seen him do a hundred times, but in this body, it took on a lascivious quality that made Francis uncomfortably aware of his own erection. Dan's lips looked irresistibly plump as he formed them into a perfect "O" to release each ring. When he was finished, he handed the bong to Francis, smiled, and leaned back into the couch.

Francis was hypnotized by this display. Forgetting his reservations, he lit the bong and inhaled from it deeply. He had finally found his dream girl; why did it have to be Dirtbag Dan? Dan was staring up at him like a loyal puppy. He looked like an angel floating in a swirling cloud of weed smoke. As Francis watched, Dan's sweet smile curled devilishly. It was the same expression he would make before flicking your balls, but now it looked much more seductive.

"I smoked you out," cooed Dan. "Now you can give me something to smoke." He reached out a hand and placed it on Francis's crotch, gently caressing his hard dick through his pants. "Mmmm, I need a hit of that." His fingers moved to Francis's zipper.

Francis stopped him, blushing scarlet. "What? We can't do that!"

"Nobody tells me what to do."

"But someone could see us!" As soon as he said it, a wave of panic hit Francis. He had been so engrossed, he had totally forgotten that they were in the middle of the Chi house lounge. His stomach dropped as he imagined the entire chapter watching him get to second base with Dirtbag Dan. For the first time in minutes, he looked up. His eyes scanned the room, then widened in surprise. As it turned out, nobody was paying any attention to him and Dan. They were all preoccupied.

On the couch to their left, Trey was still lying with his head in Louis's lap, but now, he was face-down. He had Louis's penis in his mouth, and he was tenderly sucking it with an expression of pure bliss on his face. Francis's jaw dropped as he watched Trey run his lips over the shiny, erect dick, licking the tip with his tongue and caressing the balls with his fingers. His red hair had grown into a feminine bob, and his ass had inflated into a curvy bubble that jiggled slightly as he ground his crotch into the couch cushions. Louis was clearly enjoying this just as much; his head was back, his eyes were closed, and he had one hand twined into Trey's hair. His other hand was under Trey's shirt, massaging what Francis could only assume was a breast.

A moan from Francis's right distracted him. He looked over and saw CJ, still alone on his own couch. His workout clothes were discarded on the floor, and he was lying sprawled over the sofa with his legs spread as far as he could. He was watching Trey blow Louis and playing with the soaking-wet pussy between his legs with wanton lust. With one hand, he fervently tweaked his clit, while his other hand fucked himself with the TV remote control. His body still showed hints of the muscles that used to be his pride and joy, but instead of a bodybuilder, he now had the lithe, flexible frame of a yoga instructor. His small, pert tits bounced as he masturbated, while the blonde crew cut that remained from his male appearance somehow made him look even more feminine. He noticed Francis watching him and looked away, blushing in shame, but his hands didn't slow down.

Francis was in shock. How could Dan, Trey and CJ have turned into girls? And why were they so horny? They all seemed to have totally accepted being female; they didn't even seem surprised by it. How could this have happened?

Through the haze of cannabis and arousal, Francis suddenly remembered the clay tablet. William had said it was supposed to get them girls. Was this what the story meant? It was impossible, but Francis couldn't see another explanation. When Schmitty had made them all recite that spell, he had unknowingly doomed half of them to grow vaginas. Worst of all, it was removing the inhibitions of everyone in the chapter, male and female, and making them so horny they had no choice but to turn the entire frat house into a massive orgy.

"You see?" said Dan, slowly unzipping Francis's pants. "It's just a party. Relax and have fun."

"Dan, you have to listen to me. This isn't right. We're all under some kinda voodoo or something. This isn't you. You're not a girl!"

Dan stood up, dropping his pants and standing in front of Francis. "This is me," he said demurely. His body was a vision of pure female eroticism. He ran his hands along his gentle curves and cupped his soft breasts. His fingers crept toward his groin, where a perfect pussy covered in black curls was dripping fluid down his thighs. He traced his labia with a finger, shivering at the sensation. Bringing the finger back up to his face, he sniffed it and popped it into his mouth with a smile. "Mmmm, I love this. I've never felt so good. Being a girl is the ultimate high."

He dropped to his knees in front of Francis. "For the last time, my man, you need to stop harshing my buzz. I really want to suck this nice cock. Are you going to let me, or are you going to be a fuckin' narc?" He stroked Francis's dick with a single finger, making him shudder.

"I don't know…" said Francis, his reserve failing.

"I'll swallow."

"Fuck it. Suck my dick!"

With one last smile, Dan lowered his mouth onto Francis's cock, plunging the entire length down his throat in one go. Francis let out a moan that sounded like a gasp. He was so desperate for release, he didn't even care that the hot babe blowing him had been male earlier that night. She was definitely female now. Dan slurped and sucked along the length of Francis's shaft, bobbing her head up and down with an expert rhythm. On each stroke, she would suck the head, lick the frenulum, deepthroat the shaft, then repeat those steps in reverse order. All the while, she massaged Francis's balls with her fingers, coaxing them to release their reserves of hot cum.

At this rate, Francis knew he wouldn't last long. He tried to think of anything to slow himself down: baseball scores, homework, the fact that the girl on his cock was Dirtbag Dan… None of it distracted him from the unbelievable sensations coursing through his dick. Every time Francis was about to cum, Dan would slow down, edging him closer and closer to the biggest orgasm of his life. He couldn't even look; he just threw his head back and focused on the feeling of her mouth on his dick and her hands on his balls. Wait, was that a third hand?

His eyes jerked open, and he looked down to see that Dan was no longer alone. CJ had risen from her couch, leaving a huge wet spot on the fabric, and knelt next to Dan in front of Francis. She was gingerly stroking his thighs and staring at his cock like it was her favorite cheat day meal. She licked her lips with anticipation, but Francis could see the conflict on her face. Unfortunately, that only made her look sexier.

"CJ, are you sure about this?" Francis asked.

CJ looked up at him, then blushed and averted her eyes. Her expression was ashamed and aroused in equal measure. "It's not gay, OK? I just really want to taste your cum." Then, with a feminine moan, she plunged Francis's dick into her pretty mouth.

Upstairs in Blaine and Chad's room, things had gotten similarly out of hand. Blaine was lying on her bed and massaging her still-growing tits through her white lace bra while Chad licked her brand-new pussy. They both had been surprised, after a few minutes of making out, to discover that Blaine had grown a vagina, but they had quickly given in to the urge to explore it. Chad's tongue was deep between Blaine's folds, and he was sucking her clit with so much force, she thought she would pass out.

She couldn't believe what she was feeling. Every delicate corner and crevice of her new anatomy was as sensitive as her entire penis had been, and Chad knew how to play it like a musical instrument. Every kiss and slurp sent waves of pleasure from Blaine's pussy across her entire body, where they reverberated and crashed upon each other. But the better it felt, the stronger her craving grew.

"More," she moaned, pinching her swollen nipples.

Chad didn't reply. He just removed his tongue from Blaine's vulva, placed it on her clit, and slowly began sliding a thick finger inside her. For a moment, she flinched in panic, but then her vagina exploded in an even bigger surge of pleasure, and she succumbed to the feeling with a languorous feminine sigh. Her pussy tightened around his finger, trying to draw it further inside. He crooked it slightly, sticking the tip upward to reach a spot Blaine still hadn't explored yet. When he found it, the sensation became ten times more intense, and Blaine saw stars floating above her head.

The bra straps cut painfully into her shoulders, and the underwire made it feel like she couldn't breathe. She looked down and realized that her breasts were still growing. The more Chad pleasured her, the bigger they got. She had already gotten her wish; they were too big for the 34DD bra she had found. Her creamy titflesh spilled out of the tops and sides of the cups, and the back strap groaned underneath her.

She knew she should stop this sexual experience right now. It was wrong; despite the tits and pussy, she was still a guy, and it wasn't right for her to crave Chad as much as she did. She was a Chi man, not some busty slut who loved being eaten out by hot boys. Her tits were huge already. If they got any bigger, she would be fighting off boys all over campus. Every one of them would want to pump her full of their hot, sticky cum. How disgusting.

Blaine opened her mouth, trying to think of a way to ask Chad to stop. "More," she begged. Oh well. He slipped another finger inside her. She squealed in pleasure, but it still wasn't enough. Every cell in her body was telling her what she needed, but it was the one thing that scared her the most. It was thick and long and hot, and it was dangling from Chad's body right at the foot of her bed. All she needed to do was ask.

Suddenly, a brilliant idea occurred to her. "Chad," she said, getting her roommate's attention by stroking his cheek. He raised his head, his face slick with Blaine's juices. "I need you to do me a solid. Could you stick the tip of your dick in my… you know… for just a second? Just the tip."

Chad looked shocked and delighted. "Seriously? You want me to fuck you?"

"Ew, no! Just the tip. Just to see what it feels like. You know, like research."

"That makes sense… I guess."

"OK good, hurry up."

Chad got into position on top of Blaine. Looking up at his hulking male form, Blaine had to admit she found him extremely sexy. She had never noticed it before, but his jawline looked like it was chiseled out of stone, and so did his abs. She felt tiny and defenseless underneath him, and she wanted him to utterly dominate her. His rock-hard dick hovered over her quivering vagina. She was so nervous, but she couldn't wait.

"On three?" he asked. She nodded. "One… two… three."

He gently guided the bulbous head of his dick between her labia. She felt it enter her, begin to stretch her out exactly like she'd wanted, then stop. She could feel its heat and hardness inside her, an alien sensation that thrilled her to her core, but it still wasn't enough. She looked into Chad's eyes. He was shaking with horniness. It clearly took all his willpower to resist driving his entire dick inside her. He really was a nice guy, and it melted Blaine's heart. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

"Please fuck me," she whispered.

"All the way?"

She kissed him on the lips. "All the way. I need you."

Chad let out an animal grunt and slid his entire 8-inch dick inside Blaine's eager pussy. She made an inhuman sound of her own as it filled her up completely. This was what she had been waiting for; she had never felt so fulfilled. She might be a communications major, but taking dick was her life's purpose. "More," she whimpered.

Chad pulled his dick out until it had almost escaped her lips, then plunged the entire length back inside. Blaine writhed underneath him. He began pumping in and out with a steady, powerful rhythm. Her pussy was on fire, and her whole body was vibrating to Chad's frequency. She felt like a desperate slut and a majestic goddess all at the same time. This was a pleasure she could never have imagined. She couldn't speak, she couldn't think, she couldn't even breathe. The white bra was so tight on her, she thought it would crush her ribs.

With a twang, the back strap suddenly snapped, sending the remains of the bra flying across the room like a popped balloon. Blaine's enormous tits bounced free as if in slow motion. Both she and Chad looked down at them, marveling at their size and shape. They wobbled on her chest like two massive jello molds, topped with huge pink areolas that ended in thick, erect nipples. The indentations from her constrictive bra were still visible on her soft, milky skin. Blaine looked up into Chad's eyes, but he didn't meet her gaze. He was still staring at her tits like a man possessed, his nostrils flared with arousal. With a deep growl, he rammed his dick inside her and started fucking her as hard as he could.

Chapter 7: The Party Continues

Downstairs in the basement, Alec was beginning to wonder if this wasn't a prank after all. Five minutes earlier, he had been shaking with terror as he braced himself for a brutal hazing ritual. Now, the three hottest girls he had ever seen were kneeling in front of him and sucking his penis with unrestrained passion. Maybe frat life wasn't so bad.

He had never experienced pleasure like this, and the girls seemed to be enjoying it even more than he was. They were savoring his cock like it was the most delicious treat in the world, moaning with satisfaction every time it touched their lips. All of them were fingering their pussies as they blew him, and the air was thick with the smell of their juices. They were so horny, they couldn't decide whether to work together or to fight each other over his dick. One moment, they would be in perfect sync, two of them running their mouths along the shaft in unison while the one in the middle sucked the head. The next moment, one of them would be deepthroating him while the other two tried to pull her off by her hair. It would have been comical if it wasn't so arousing.

Alec had always known his penis was unusually large, but it hadn't been a source of pride. He saw it as a shameful secret, one that he had to hide from the world at all costs. Now, however, looking down at three hotties worshiping it like it was their god, he was starting to see the upside. He felt more powerful and confident than ever before.

"You like my dick, girls?" he asked. They all moaned in agreement. "What do you like about it?"

"It's so big!" squealed the black-haired girl with the huge ass.

"And hard!" added the busty brunette.

"And veiny…" whispered the petite blonde. Her friends gave her a look. "What? I like the veins." Blushing, she took advantage of the moment of silence to wrap her lips around it once again. It barely fit in her tiny mouth, but she tried her best.

"Give me that!" snapped the brunette. "He needs someone who can deepthroat him right. Let a pro handle this." She grabbed Alec's dick and plunged it down her throat. It felt amazing, but the booty girl just rolled her eyes.

"Oh, so you're a pro? You've never even sucked a dick before today!"

"And you have?"

"No, of course not!"

"You're all doing very well," said Alec diplomatically. The brunette and the black-haired girl beamed up at him. The blonde, however, looked troubled. Alec reached down and took her chin in his hand, tilting up her head to look at him. She had tears in her eyes. "What's wrong?" he said.

"I don't want to say," she replied with a wavering voice. Her lip trembled. Then, fighting back tears, she wailed, "I want it in my pu-pu-pu-pussy!"

"No, fuck me!" yelled the brunette.

"No, me!" said the last girl, standing up to point her spherical ass at Alec. "Tell me you don't want to bend this over the washing machine!"

"It is tempting…" said Alec. He was enjoying this. All three girls stood, arguing at full volume over who would get to fuck him first. "Ladies, ladies, please. Shouldn't I be the one to decide?" That quieted them down. Wordlessly, they all faced away from him, bending over and presenting their vaginas for his inspection. Their juices dripped onto the floor as he examined each in turn.

First, he studied the black-haired girl's pussy. Her ass was indeed fantastic, and Alec gave it a sharp smack before reaching down to stroke her quivering lips. He imagined those cheeks bouncing as he pounded her from behind. A strong contender.

Next, he investigated the brunette. Her pussy was even wetter, and her enormous tits hung deliciously from her chest as she bent forward. Alec reached over and gave them a squeeze, making her squeal with delight. Hard to refuse.

Finally, he moved over the tiny blonde. She was so short, he had to bend down to get a good look at her vagina. It was nestled below her small, tight buttocks, and it started pulsating before Alec's finger even touched it. When he made contact, she let out a little squeak that sounded equally like arousal and fear. Alec could understand why. She was so tight, he could barely squeeze a finger inside. His thick, 9-inch dick was liable to tear her in half. With some effort, he managed to penetrate her up to his first knuckle. Then, he felt her pussy suck his finger all the way inside, gripping it so hard that it hurt.

"You," he said. The other girls complained loudly, but Alec's mind was made up. The blonde turned around and beamed at him with grateful tears spilling down her face. She looked like a shelter dog who had just been adopted.

Alec laid down on the unfinished basement floor, shivering as his naked body touched the cold, hard surface. His giant dick stood straight up from his body at a right angle like a flagpole. The blonde, visibly shaking, positioned herself above him and slowly lowered her body. "Take it slow," he instructed, and she nodded her head. Gingerly, she squatted until Alec's bulbous head was tickling her lips. But when she tried to squat further, she couldn't fit it inside. She looked like she was about to cry again.

"I told you!" whined the brunette. "My turn."

"Hush," said Alec. He grabbed the blonde by the hips, looking into her eyes. She nodded. He pulled down with slow, steady force. Her labia parted like the Red Sea, and his glans slowly started to work its way inside. She was blushing all the way from her hair to her chest, but she was determined. Breathing heavily, she kept going lower and lower. Her tiny pussy gripped Alec's dick like a vice. After a minute, it seemed like he couldn't go any deeper. He still had four inches of dick left.

"I think that's it," he said. The other two girls scoffed.

"Hold on," whimpered the blonde. Taking a deep breath, she wriggled her torso and adjusted her footing. All of a sudden, her pelvis dropped to rest on Alec, sucking the remainder of his cock inside her. She was silent for a moment, staring at Alec with eyes as wide as saucers. He was worried he had seriously injured her. Then, she let out a long, high-pitched moan that sounded like a tea kettle.

"Fuuuuuuuck!" she squeaked. "That's so good! Fuck my little pussy! Give me your fat cock! Make me your slut!"

Neither Alec nor the other girls could believe that this meek little girl was talking like this. But they didn't have long to think about it. She started pumping her body up and down, grinding her pussy on Alec's thick cock. He could see its outline pushing out her belly, which turned him on even more. "You're so tight!" he gasped.

"Fuck meeeeeee!"

And so he did. Alec grabbed her hips and started driving himself into her over and over, making her scream with pleasure. This felt ten times better than the triple blowjob. Not to be ignored, the other girls joined in. The black-haired girl sat on Alec's face, pressing her huge ass into him and filling his nose with the scent of her pussy. He started licking it right away. She moaned into the mouth of the brunette, who had started making out with her while playing with her own clit. Her massive tits jiggled over Alec's head, and the black-haired girl gripped them for dear life as she rode Alec's face.

Alec wondered for a moment where the upperclassman had gone. Surely they would have preferred to hook up with these girls, instead of leaving them all to him. As the tiny blonde's pussy engulfed his dick, he decided to worry about it later. He still had a lot to learn about frat life.

Two floors above, Trevor the ex-football star was having an identity crisis in the bathroom. He stood naked, examining himself in the mirror and quietly hyperventilating. After Gabe and Trevor had teased him about his love handles and man boobs, he had retreated to the bathroom to confirm just how much he had let his athletic body go. He had prepared for the worst, or so he thought, but nothing had prepared him for this.

He had lost all of his muscles, and just like his coach had warned him years ago, they had turned into flab. But this flab was not evenly distributed. He had also lost most of his height, shrinking from 6'5" with broad linebacker shoulders to 5'8" and curvy. He really needed to get back into the gym ASAP.

His face was cute and plump, with soft lips, chubby cheeks, and a slight double chin that wobbled adorably as he turned his head from side to side. His crew cut had grown out into shoulder-length chestnut waves that gleamed in the bathroom light. Below his graceful neck, the changes became even more apparent. He reached up and lifted two huge breasts on his chest, each one topped with a large, brown nipple. As he felt the heft of his bosom, he noticed his nipples crinkle in the mirror.

His waist was surprisingly narrow, giving him a voluptuous hourglass figure with a subtle belly in the front. His hips flared out dramatically, connecting to a soft, dimpled ass that was so big, he could see it from the front. And between his legs… He suppressed a tiny whimper as he studied his crotch. He could only see it in the mirror because his view was blocked by his breasts, but his hand confirmed that there was no illusion. His pride and joy, Little Trevor, was gone, replaced with a thick, puffy pussy that twitched when he touched it. He was a girl.

How could this have happened? Had he really fallen so far behind on his exercise regimen that he had turned female? He had never heard of that happening, but science wasn't his strong suit. Maybe all those chips had given him a dose of estrogen. Whatever the reason, he was now indistinguishable from a woman. And if that wasn't bad enough, he was also a fat girl.

Wait, that wasn't right. In the past, he would have called any girl who looked like this fat. He would have made fun of her mercilessly both behind her back and to her face. But being in this body, he didn't feel fat at all. He felt healthy, fertile, and if he were honest, a little horny. He caught himself blushing in the mirror. However he had felt in the past, he now realized that a woman with a little meat on her bones couldn't just be sexy, she could be a goddess.

He swelled with pride, turning in every direction to admire his bounteous curves. It reminded him of the pride he had felt on the football field, except this time it took on a sexual undertone that he found deeply exciting. He was so fucking hot! This was much better than being a giant oaf who was good at tackling. She could get used to this.

Giggling gleefully, Trevor started rubbing her meaty pussy and pawing her soft breasts. It felt amazing. This body was incredible! She wanted to run around Chi house naked, showing it off to everybody. She wanted to take sexy pictures and post them online for the world to see. She imagined a football field full of anonymous men, staring at her bodacious body and stroking their hard dicks. The image made her vagina throb, and she flopped down onto a toilet, lost in the sensation. It took less than a minute for her to reach her first female orgasm, which rocked her body harder than anything she had ever felt as a man. As she caught her breath, clutching a stitch in her side, an idea dawned on her. It was time to get revenge on Gabe and Randall.

Dressed in her ill-fitting male clothes once again, Trevor returned to the game room, ignoring Damon and Sammy's billiards game, and quietly took her seat between Gabe and Randall on the couch. They were lost in their Smash Bros game and barely noticed her. Trevor smiled, noticing for the first time how strong their hands looked on the controllers. She snuck a peek at the bulges in their pants. Earlier they had scared her, but now her mind was open to the possibilities. This was going to be a prank for the ages.

"Hold still!" snapped Damon. "You keep jostling me. I'm trying to shoot here!" Sammy was holding Damon's hips in the air as the older Chi boy bent over the pool table, trying unsuccessfully to line up a shot. They had been at this forever. Damon kept missing, but he wouldn't give up. He kept making Sammy lift him over the table and push him further. Every time, he would furiously accuse Sammy of poking him with his package, but Sammy could swear Damon was poking him back. He kept thrusting his pelvis backward into Sammy's dick, which despite his best efforts, was straining against his pants with a massive erection.

Damon shifted position, and Sammy almost dropped him again. Damon was swimming in his hoodie and track pants, and all the excess material made it impossible for Sammy to get a good grip. That and the fact that Damon was grinding against him once again. "Watch it!" he shouted.

"It's your clothes. They're too loose."

"Ugh!" Damon hopped down, making a big show out of how exasperated he was. He glared up at Sammy like he was the biggest idiot on campus. Had Damon gotten shorter again? He now looked to be no taller than 5'2", a full foot shorter than before. This was all really strange, but Sammy knew better than to bring it up.

"Fine!" said Damon. "I'll make it easy for you." He began stripping his clothes, struggling to pull the massively oversized sweatshirt over his head. Sammy helped him, and Damon passively raised his arms to allow it. Next, he removed his white undershirt. Sammy's jaw dropped. Damon's tall, lanky torso had turned into a short, curvy trunk with a narrow waist and two prominent breasts on his chest. They might not have looked so big on a taller girl, but on his diminutive frame, they seemed enormous. They jiggled delightfully as Damon removed his track pants, revealing feminine legs, a round ass, and a petite vagina nestled under a triangle of curls as jet-black as the hair on his head. She was a woman.

She ran her hand along her scalp, and under her fingers, her tightly cropped hair flowed outward, quickly growing into a spherical halo of tiny curls. Sammy realized that her face had changed too, taking on a delicate female shape that contrasted with the scowl on her wide, juicy lips. Her dark skin shone under the game room's fluorescent lights, bouncing off every curve of her petite, busty body. Sammy didn't know what to say.

"Um… Damon?"

"What is it, pledge?"

"You turned into a girl."

"Ha! Nice try. You can try to psych me out all you want, it won't help you win this game. Now let's go, it's my shot." She bent back over the table, pushing her brand-new vagina into Sammy's crotch. Sammy saw a glint of moisture on it. Damon looked back at him impatiently. "Come on already! And give it some force this time!"

Trevor watched Gabe and Randall's game, trying to hide her excitement. "I'm back in next game," she said.

"You'll never catch up," said Randall. "We were playing the whole time you were gone."

"Just let me play." Gabe shrugged and handed Trevor a controller. It felt huge and unwieldy in her dainty hands, and she started losing lives as quickly as she began. But she didn't care. She waited until a critical moment when Randall was about to pull off a complicated move, then reached over and rested her hand on his crotch.

"Dude! Not this again!"

"What? I'm not doing anything." Trevor looked up at him, her face all sweetness and light. He gave her a skeptical glance, beginning to notice that something was amiss. But he quickly forgot it as he got sucked back into the game. Trevor brought her hand back to his crotch and left it there, gently massaging him through his pants. Randall tried to shrug her off, but his hands were glued to the controller. After a moment, he gave up, allowing her to keep rubbing his dick as it started to swell.

Trevor leaned over to Gabe, whose eyes were fixed on the screen. "Want to make a deal?" she whispered in his ear. "I can help you win. But you'll owe me."

"Don't get involved," Gabe mumbled, but Trevor wasn't listening. Returning to Randall, she dropped her own controller and started rubbing his bulge with both hands. He tried to focus on the game, but the redness rising in his face told Trevor that her tactic was working. Very slowly, she began unzipping his fly.

"Watch it!" yelled Damon. "You keep poking me and it's breaking my concentration!" Her legs dangled beneath her as Sammy held her over the table. He was trying hard not to make contact, but she kept shoving her pelvis against him. She wasn't even trying to make her shot. The cue in her hand was totally forgotten, and Sammy could see the frustration on her face as she tried and failed to grind on him.

"God damn it, your fuckin jeans are too rough. It hurts! Take them off."


"You heard me!"

Shaking his head, Sammy unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall around his ankles.

"Boxers too, pledge!"

Sammy cringed. He desperately wanted to avoid letting Damon see his erection, but he didn't seem to have a choice. He lowered his underwear, allowing his dick to bounce free. Damon stared at it over her shoulder, licking her lips. "That's better," she said. "Now help me make this shot."

She turned back around, allowing Sammy to grab her hips. He tried to boost her as gently as possible, but she wasn't having it. She rocked her pelvis backward, not stopping until the head of Sammy's dick was gliding along her moist pussy lips. Sammy gasped. As bizarre as this situation was, it felt incredible.

"Jesus, freshman, are you hard?" Damon said breathlessly. "We don't need freaks like you in Chi house." She pressed her ass further into him, breathing heavily. Her juices coated Sammy's cock. She dropped her cue, letting her face press against the felt of the table and moaning as she ground herself against him.

"Are you going to take the shot?" asked Sammy. There was no answer for a long time. When she did reply, it was in a small, timid voice.

"Stick it in," she whispered.

"Wait, what?"

Sammy could hear the self-loathing in her voice. "Just do it. Hurry!"

"You want me to fuck you?"

She moaned at Sammy's words. "No! Keep that gay shit to yourself. Just stick it in already."

Sammy was very confused. "I don't know what you mean."

"Just give me your cock, OK?! I need it!"

Sammy was torn. Damon had been abusing him all night, yelling at him, swindling him, and gloating about it. But at the same time, her pussy was incredibly hot, and Sammy was hornier than he had been in his entire life. His dick twitched against her vulva with anticipation.

"If I do it, will you recommend me for full membership?"

"What?! No way."

Sammy started to turn away. Damon reached out to hold him back, whimpering with desire. "Wait! OK, I'll do it. I'll do whatever you want. Just please, fuck my pussy!" With one last shrug, Sammy stuck his dick deep inside the wet hole in front of him.

Gabe had taken a two-game lead on Randall, who was struggling to focus while Trevor stroked his cock. It stood out from his open fly, throbbing in the air. Trevor's plump fingers ran up and down its full length, stopping intermittently to caress the head or massage the balls. Her other hand was gently rubbing her tits through her football jersey. She gave his dick a slightly harder squeeze, which made a drop of precum appear at the tip. She dabbed it off with her finger and licked it away. It tasted even better than chips.

She leaned over to Randall and whispered into his ear. "You like that?" she asked, giving his earlobe a tender nibble. Randall's hands were sweaty on the controller, and when he responded, she could hear the arousal in his voice. "Suck it," he mumbled.

"What's that?" Trevor replied teasingly.

"Please suck my dick," he whined. Trevor smiled. Gabe was still focused on the game, enjoying his suspiciously easy victory. He took no notice as Trevor dropped to her knees in front of Randall and lowered her soft lips onto his penis. As the hot, hard shaft filled her mouth, she felt her pussy start to flow inside her shorts. His cock was more delicious than any beer she had ever tasted, and pleasuring it was more satisfying than winning state championships. She knew right away that she was addicted.

She could hear Randall's ragged breath above her, and she could feel his heartbeat through his dick. Every bouncy, juicy curve of her body felt alive in a way it never had before. She bobbed her head up and down gratefully, savoring his reactions. As a man, she had been a selfish lover at the best of times, but now, she realized how satisfying it could be to service someone else's needs. She felt submissive and feminine, but also powerful.

"This is fuckin' sweet!" she moaned, looking up at Randall with her fingers wrapped around his shaft. He looked back down at her, too horny to speak. While he was distracted, Gabe knocked Randall's character clean off the map, winning the match.

"Bam!" he shouted. "I'm on fire! You really lost your touch, dude." He looked away from the screen for the first time in minutes to gloat. When he saw Trevor on her knees with Randall's dick in her mouth, all the color drained from his face. He stood up and pointed in horror.

"What the fuck! What are you guys doing?"

"I don't know!" wailed Randall. "It feels too good!"

"But… but… he's a dude!"

"Yeah, Randall," said Trevor, wiping her lips. "You're getting your cock sucked by a dude. I guess that means you're gay."

"No! I mean, I don't know…"

"Oh really? I can't think of another explanation. Unless…" Trevor slowly rose to her feet, savoring the moment. This was going to be sooo funny. Standing in front of the two boys, she suddenly whipped off her football jersey and let her oversized shorts fall to the floor. She posed in front of them fully naked, laughing at their gobsmacked faces as she spun around, showing off her curvy body from every angle.

"Psych!" she squeaked. "I'm a girl! Best prank EVER!"

They were both speechless for a moment. When Gabe finally replied, he could barely remember how to form words. "Wait, what? Like… always?"

"No, just now! I turned into a thick hottie! Like what you see?" She held up her heavy tits and kneaded them for his entertainment.

"But… how?"

Trevor picked up the beer she had left on the floor earlier and drained it in one swig. "Fuck if I know! But I'm into it." With her other hand, she grabbed Randall's dick and started stroking it. Then she handed the empty can to Gabe. "You owe me for helping you win. Go get me another beer. When you come back, I'm gonna sit on this." She gave his dick a tug through his pants.

Gabe and Randall looked at each other in shock. They had no idea what was going on, but Trevor's body was awakening their most primal instincts to fuck. They looked around the room to make sure no one was watching. They were alone except for Damon and Sammy, who were in no position to judge.

Damon was bent over the pool table, moaning loudly while Sammy fucked her from behind. Her face and tits were squashed beneath her, and she was drooling onto the felt. Her wet pussy made a squelching noise every time Sammy thrust his rod into it. They could smell her juices from across the room.

"Ahem," said Trevor. "My beer?"

Chapter 8: The President

Schmitty had been drinking alone in his room for the past 90 minutes. He sat cross-legged on his bed, staring into space, and drank his way through a handle of Jagermeister.

"Fucking bitches," he mumbled for the 20th time.

This was the last straw. He was done with girls. Done with their bullshit, done with their standards, and done with their fucking bullshit. From now on, he would focus on the guys in his house. He was chapter president, and it was his duty to take these pathetic excuses for Chis and make men out of them.

Every chick on campus thought she was too good for Chi house. They'd rather hang out at some queer party with beta men who wanted to talk to them before fucking. The way he saw it, drinking and fucking were the two best things in the world. There was no reason to waste time going on dates or talking.

The problem was that girls didn't know how good they had it. Any time they wanted, they could walk into Chi house and find dozens of horny studs ready to fuck them. If Schmitty could get laid that easily, he would never take it for granted. He would line up like a good slut and gratefully take the load of every guy who wanted to give it to him.

Caught in a drunken daydream, he quickly lost his train of thought. What had he been thinking about? It must have been something about fucking chicks, because he had half a hard-on. Damn, he was backed up. He hadn't gotten laid all semester, and his balls were swollen with thick, delicious cum.

Why was he so horny? He couldn't even think straight. Every time he tried to focus, his mind would reel with disturbing images that distracted him. He took another swig of Jaeger, trying to clear his head. The problem was all the damn noise coming through the wall.

He hadn't consciously noticed it before, but someone down the hall was making a huge racket. Or rather, two people were making a huge racket. Schmitty suddenly realized that the noises he was hearing were sex. He could hear the bed frame banging against the wall, accompanied by loud male and female moans. Whichever Chi was getting laid, it sounded like he was really giving it to her. Schmitty felt his dick getting harder. He was furious.

Tonight was supposed to be Chi's biggest party of the year. Not only had the brothers of the chapter failed to attract a single girl, but one of them had waited until the party fizzled out before sneaking one in for his personal enjoyment. Where was the Chi pride? Where was the brotherhood? Downing the last dregs of his bottle, Schmitty stepped out of his room to lay down the law.

In the hallway, it was very clear where the noise was coming from. Blaine and Chad's door was almost rattling off its hinges. The noise coming from behind it sounded like an industrial accident. Schmitty paused for a moment, listening to the deafening pornographic moans. Whoever this chick was, she was clearly getting the railing of a lifetime. Lucky girl.

Schmitty pounded on the door, but there was no change in the sound from within. He had to batter the door with his empty liquor bottle before the moaning stopped. He heard hushed whispers. After a minute, the door opened a crack and a girl poked her head out.

"Keep it down in there!" Schmitty spat, "And tell Blaine or Chad they're in big trouble! We're supposed to be a… wait… Blaine?!"

He might be drunk out of his mind, but Schmitty knew what he was seeing. The girl looking up at him was Blaine. Her dirty blonde hair had lengthened past her shoulders and her face had become adorably feminine, but there was no doubt.

"Oh, hey Schmitty," she said awkwardly. "Sorry about the noise."

"Blaine, what happened to you?!"

"I don't know, maybe it was something I ate. I better get back to bed. Thanks for checking in." She started to close the door, but Schmitty blocked it with his foot.

"Dude, what is going on?"

"I really don't… OOH! …know." In the middle of her sentence, Blaine's eyes bugged out of her head and her face turned crimson. "I think maybe it has something to do with that… nnngh… ritual we did. Maybe talk to… aaahhh… William, he knew about it."

Blaine was acting very strange. She was struggling to speak, and she was clutching the door frame like she was in danger of falling over. She seemed to be rocking back and forth where she stood, her long hair swaying with the motion. She stared at Schmitty and bit her lip, pleading with her eyes for him to go away. Unfortunately, he was too drunk to notice.

"What the fuck?" he growled, pushing on the door. Blaine tried to hold it shut, but she was no match for his strength. The door swung open, revealing a sight that made Schmitty's jaw drop. Blaine was hunched over, bracing herself against the door frame while Chad stood behind her with his hands on her hips, fucking her doggystyle as quietly as he could. Both of them stared at Schmitty like deer in headlights, but they didn't stop. Schmitty could see Blaine's enormous twits swaying back and forth as Chad slowly slid his dick in and out of her. Schmitty watched them for a moment, hypnotized, before he came to his senses.

"Chad?! What the fuck are you doing?! Blaine, stop it right now!"

"I… ungghh… can't. It feels soooooo good, you have no idea. My pussy…" she trailed off, lost in the pleasure. Chad was too horny to speak; he just stared blankly at Schmitty and sped up his stroke. Schmitty couldn't believe the look on Blaine's face. She was one of his best bros, and here she was, getting fucked and loving every second of it. What kind of pleasure could turn an alpha male like Blaine into a willing cockslut? Schmitty wondered what it felt like.

He opened his mouth to scream at them, but nothing came out. "I… gotta go," he mumbled, his head spinning. As he sped away down the hall, he could hear them moaning just as loudly as before. What's more, he noticed similar noises coming from other rooms, drifting up the stairs, and echoing throughout the whole house. What the fuck was happening?

He stumbled into the second-floor game room, hoping to find answers. Unfortunately, no one inside was in a position to help him either. The first thing he noticed was the pool table. Gabe was lying on top of it naked. A chubby girl was straddling him and riding his cock full-tilt, her wavy hair and huge breasts bouncing up and down in rhythm. She noticed Schmitty, and both of them shared a moment of epiphany.

"Trevor?!" said Schmitty.

"Yo, what's up prez! You want next?" Trevor picked up a beer sitting next to her and took a swig without slowing down. This was even more upsetting to Schmitty than Blaine. He had seen Trevor as the future of Chi house, and now she had turned from a football star into a curvy slut.

On the couch nearby, an even more hardcore scene was taking place. A petite, dark-skinned girl was lying on her back with her head hanging upside-down off the armrest. On one end, Randall was holding her legs in the air and fucking her pussy with slow, powerful strokes. On the other end, that new pledge Sammy was gripping her head and fucking her face as fast as he could. She had saliva and tears dripping from her curly, natural hair, but Schmitty could tell she was loving every second of it. He could also tell who she was… or used to be.

"Damon, snap out of it! Can you hear me?!" Her eyes opened and gradually focused on Schmitty. He could see the humiliation in her face, but she made no effort to stop. She just let out a low moan, muffled by the dick in her mouth, and squeezed her lips around it even tighter. As Schmitty watched, Sammy's dick swelled and started pulsating between her lips. She squealed and her eyes shot open in surprise, then rolled back in her head with pleasure. Schmitty watched Sammy's cum spill out from the edges of her mouth while she rubbed her clit furiously.

As he descended the stairs, Schmitty tried to wrap his drunken, simple brain around what he had seen. The spell was supposed to bring girls to the house, but instead, it had turned half the chapter into girls themselves. Even worse, they had all started fucking the remaining men with no hesitation. Was that part of the magic, or did taking dick really feel that good? Schmitty vowed never to find out for himself, no matter how many throbbing cocks were thrust in his face.

At the bottom of the stairs, he heard the sounds of loud sex coming from all across the house. He didn't know where to turn. As chapter president, it was up to him to get to the bottom of this, but he was afraid of what he would find. If he stumbled into an orgy in progress, he didn't know what he would do.

As he passed the basement door, it swung open in front of him. To his shock, a tiny pledge whose name he hadn't learned stumbled out, totally naked. He looked exhausted, and his enormous penis was dangling fully flaccid between his legs, glistening with moisture. Schmitty couldn't take his eyes off it. He wondered what it would look like fully hard.

The two made eye contact and froze in place. Alec's eyes were wide with fear and embarrassment at being caught naked by the chapter president. Schmitty, on the other hand, didn't know whether to yell at Alec or bring him back to his room. "He has to do whatever you say," said a voice at the back of his mind.

Before he could do either, six feminine hands reached out from behind the basement door and pulled Alec back inside. He let out a yelp and stared at Schmitty with pleading eyes, but Schmitty did nothing. The door slammed shut, and the president was alone again. He tried to put the image of the freshman's penis out of his mind as he staggered toward the lounge.

With each step, the sounds of loud sex became louder, but he forced himself to go on. Before he turned the corner, he tried to prepare himself for whatever he might see. But once he entered the room, he realized he wasn't prepared at all.

The entire lounge had turned into a massive orgy. In every corner, members of Chi house were engaged in the most graphic sex acts Schmitty had ever seen. The ones who had remained male were fucking their transformed brothers with abandon, seemingly unconcerned that they had been men earlier that evening. Schmitty studied the faces of the women, gradually piecing together who they had been. A few of them were still wearing a distinctive ball cap or letterman jacket to give him a clue, but most of them had stripped naked, their skin shiny with sweat and their ample breasts bouncing as they rode their brother's cocks.

He walked through the room in a daze, as if in slow motion. No one noticed him as he passed. He had only one thought: find Dirtbag Dan. Dan had the tablet that had started all this, and it might be Schmitty's only chance to stop it before he himself turned into a desperate slut with an uncontrollable thirst for delicious cum. He just had to hope that Dan wasn't too busy fucking chicks to help him.

As he approached the couches in the middle of the room, he realized his mistake. He spotted Dirtbag Dan's beanie hat bobbing up and down, but he didn't recognize the girl wearing it. Despite all he'd learned, it took Schmitty a second to realize that she was Dan. She was straddling Francis, who was lying on his back on the floor, looking totally drained with a dopey grin plastered on his half-conscious face.

Dan, on the other hand, looked positively radiant. She had long black curls spilling out from under her knit hat, but otherwise she was totally naked. She slowly rocked back and forth on Francis's dick, grinding herself against him in a sensuous rhythm that made her body shudder and her juicy tits quiver in the air. With one hand, she was stroking the cock of a freshman standing next to her, while her other hand held a burning joint. She was taking turns between them, taking huge hits off the joint and holding them in her lungs while she lovingly sucked the hard dick to her side. Schmitty watched enraptured as she plunged the entire shaft down her throat and held it there while exhaling a massive cloud of smoke from her nostrils. She looked supremely satisfied. Schmitty had never known satisfaction like that.

On the couch next to them, a fit, petite girl with a blonde crew cut was being railed doggystyle by Louis and moaning loudly in a string of soprano grunts. It was the noises that convinced Schmitty she was CJ; he always grunted the same way in the gym. But every other aspect of the muscle-bound juicehead she had been was gone. She looked completely feminine as she bent over and submitted to the massive cock plowing her from behind. Louis slapped her ass and she let out a girlish squeak. She met Schmitty's gaze, and her eyes said everything: the shame and satisfaction of being fucked, the indescribable pleasure, the thrill of giving in to forbidden temptation… Would it be so bad to give in, Schmitty wondered?

"What's this? Fresh meat?" came a voice from behind. Schmitty whirled and saw a curvy redhead approaching him. Despite her adorable bob haircut, wide hips and milky-white, fluffy tits topped with wide, pink nipples, Schmitty knew right away that she was Trey. "Hey prez," she cooed, "Glad you finally decided to join the party. It really picked up after you left." She pressed herself against him and started rubbing his thigh. He jumped back instinctively, but she was undeterred. She picked up Dan's enormous bong off the floor and took a hit, then held it out to Schmitty.

"You want a rip? Or would you rather fuck my ass?"

"I'm not sure about that, Trey girl." The voice came from the floor. Dirtbag Dan had finally noticed Schmitty, and she was looking at him with a sly smile while continuing to ride Francis and stroking the anonymous freshman's dick with her free hand. "If it isn't El Presidente. Enjoying the party, Schmitty?"

The president finally found his voice again. "Dan, you've gotta help me end this! Where's the tablet?" Dan waved dismissively at her backpack on the floor. Schmitty dove for it, reaching in to grab the artifact. He gasped and pulled his hand back; the piece of clay was too hot to touch. He picked up Dan's discarded shirt and wrapped it around his hand before removing the tablet. It was glowing pink and gently smoking. As he brought it into the open, the pink light shone across the room, reflecting on every naked, sweaty body. Everyone let out a simultaneous moan as the light hit them, and it seemed to penetrate Schmitty's very soul, filling him with shameful thoughts. Before it could influence him any further, he lifted it above his head, ready to smash it on the floor.

"I wouldn't if I were you," said Dan.

"It's the only way to end this madness!"

"You don't know that. If you smash it, there might be no way to stop it. Or worse, it might work. Don't try and tell me you don't want to get in on this."

"It's so good, you have no idea." Trey was once again pressing herself against Schmitty. She started rubbing his hard dick through his pants. "Let me suck your cock."

"No no, not this one," Dan said, her smirk widening. "Something else has caught the president's fancy." Schmitty realized his eyes were glued on the penis in Dan's hand. She gave it a teasing lick and he shuddered. "It looks like Schmitty girl wants a taste." Both Dan and Trey giggled.

"You're lying!" wailed Schmitty, tearing his eyes off the glistening organ. "Tell me how to stop this before I lose my mind like you sluts!"

Dan rolled her eyes. "William knew about the tablet. You could ask him… if he's still here. You kicked him out of Chi, remember?"

Schmitty's stomach gave a lurch of panic. He looked up the stairs toward the freshman rooms. "Fuck! I need to hurry! Francis, come with me," he barked.

Francis looked up at him from the floor through bleary eyes. "Whuh?" he mumbled.

"He's busy," said Dan, increasing the speed of her grinding. "I'm pretty sure I can get one more load out of him. I'll send him up in a minute." Schmitty glared at her, but she just smiled. "Unless you think you can make him cum faster."

Schmitty was about to say something else, but he was distracted by the sound of CJ squealing as Louis came inside her pussy. Their mingled fluids dripped onto the floor, and Dan and Trey started giggling all over again. The smell of jizz filled Schmitty's nose and made him dizzy. Fighting off tears, he ran up the stairs.

Chapter 9: The Truth

Upstairs, William was also struggling not to cry, as he had been for the last hour. He sniffled softly as he paced around the tiny room he had shared with Alec for the past week, morosely packing his possessions. In truth, he had been finished packing for 15 minutes, but he kept circling the room, looking for anything he might have forgotten, in an effort to delay. He couldn't bear the thought of facing the Chi brothers as he walked out of the house forever.

He had never wanted to be in this stupid frat in the first place, but now that he had been kicked out, he didn't know where he would go. The sting of rejection cut him to his core. He had spent his whole life hiding his true self from the world, but no matter how hard he tried to fit in, he had still never found a place where he could be accepted. He knew he was living a lie; did everyone else know too?

Suddenly, the bedroom door flew open with a bang. William yelped and spun on his heels to find Schmitty standing wild-eyed in the doorway. He had something wrapped in an old t-shirt, and he was holding it at arm's length like a ticking time bomb. William's first thought was that the president was planning a cruel prank as one last humiliation. Was Schmitty going to put dog poop in his luggage? But as William scanned the chapter president's face, he saw real panic there. What was going on?

"William! Thank god you're still here! You have to help me!"

"What?" asked William warily.

"It's your crazy magic spell! It worked! But it didn't work! It went wrong and now I'm in big trouble! You've got to stop it before it's too late!"

William stared at Schmitty in disbelief. The president was obviously wasted. "That's not possible," he said slowly. "I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm not interested. Just let me leave in peace, OK?"

"No no no no! You can't go! You have to do something!" He unwrapped the bundle in his hand, revealing the clay tablet. William gasped. It was glowing brightly, filling the room with vivid pink light that seemed to penetrate the freshman's very soul. The cuneiform writing carved into it was illuminated from within like a neon sign, so bright that he could see the symbols even when he closed his eyes. The hunk of clay was releasing a thin trickle of smoke into the air, and sizzling with a noise that almost sounded like voices whispering.

"This can't be!" gasped William. He reached out and grabbed the tablet from Schmitty with both hands. Schmitty was about to warn him that it was too hot to touch, but to his surprise, William seemed to be able to handle it with no problem. The smoke curled from beneath his fingers, but his hands were unharmed. He stared into the symbols, the pink light radiating off his astonished face. "You said the spell worked?" he asked, not removing his eyes from the tablet. "Worked how? It summoned girls?"

"No, that's what I'm trying to tell you! It backfired or something! It turned half the house into horny chicks and now everyone is fucking!"

William's eyes snapped up at Schmitty. "You're lying. What is this, some kind of cruel joke? Have you been going through my room?!"

Schmitty was too drunk and scared to even try to understand. "It's true! Look for yourself!"

Still eyeing Schmitty suspiciously, William walked to the window. He looked out onto the backyard of Chi house, where the frat's poorly maintained above-ground pool and hot tub were located. His jaw dropped. The whole scene looked like something from a porno. In the hot tub, two naked women were blowing a senior. In the pool, a couple were fucking against the wall, splashing everywhere, while another pair were 69ing on a swan float in the middle of the water. Various other couples, triples, and quadruples were engaged in even more porngraphic acts on the patio furniture, on the patio itself, and even on the grass.

"Holy shit," murmured William, his eyes fixed on the display below. He licked his lips, and the tablet in his hands throbbed. "You're telling me these women used to be Chi brothers?"

"Yes! It got the best of us! Dirtbag Dan, CJ, Damon, Trevor… I saw them all taking dick and loving it! And I'm worried it's not done…" William looked back at him, but Schmitty averted his eyes in shame.

"I wonder…" said William, studying the tablet.

"You can stop it, right? You know how to read it. There has to be an undo spell in there!"

William looked at him with a hint of pity. "I'm sorry, Schmitty. There's nothing else on the tablet."

"What about in one of these?!" Schmitty waved hysterically at William's cardboard box of anthropology textbooks. "You know about this stuff, there has to be something!"

"You don't understand. The gifts of Inanna can never be undone. The Sumerian myths are full of stories like this. When you pray to the fertility goddess, she sees inside your soul. She never answers your prayers in the way you expected, but she always gives you what you need."

"Why would half the chapter need to turn into girls?!"

"To teach them respect. To show them the error of their sexism and homophobia." There was the slightest edge of satisfaction in Willam's voice.

"I'm sorry, OK!" Schmitty shouted into the tablet. "I've learned my lesson! I'll never say anything sexist again, and I promise I'll be nice to all the bitches and queers. Just please don't turn me into a cocksucking slut!"

William shook his head, a withering scowl on his face. The pink glow of the tablet shone in his eyes, making them flash in a way that made Schmitty cower. Suddenly, the petite, shy William seemed more confident and imposing, even scary. He drew himself up to his full height and strode to the full-length mirror across the room, studying his reflection in the magical light.

"You still don't get it," he said quietly. "The gift of Inanna isn't a punishment. She's the goddess of sexuality and passion. She only responds to desire. The deepest desires of the heart." He placed the tablet down on the desk, but the glow only intensified. It threw undulating pink light across the room, making the shadows on the walls dance like revelers around a campfire. Schmitty shrank back terrified as William slowly started unbuttoning his crisp button-down shirt.

When he pulled it off his shoulders, Schmitty's jaw dropped. Underneath William's shirt, he was wearing a red lace bra. Without a hint of embarrassment, the freshman continued undressing. He removed his shoes and pants, revealing a garter belt and a pair of panties in the same red lace. In the mirror, Schmitty could see the younger boy's hard penis tenting out the front of the panties, and he swallowed. William pulled off his pants entirely. He was wearing thigh-high fishnet stockings, which connected to his garter belt through a complicated system of straps.

Calmly, he opened one of his cardboard boxes and dug to the bottom, where Schmitty saw a selection of skirts, blouses, and lingerie. He pulled out a pair of clip-on earrings and attached them to his earlobes, then produced a pair of red stiletto heels and strapped them to his feet. He turned to face Schmitty, looking twice as tall as before in his high heels, the pink fire illuminating him from below. For a moment, he appeared to Schmitty as a high priestess, voluptuous and powerful, standing on top of a ziggurat in nothing but a few scraps of leather and a headdress shaped like a lion.

"It was you!" Schmitty yelled in a shrill voice. "Your sick desires made this happen!"

William chuckled in a haughty, yet melodic voice that cut straight through Schmitty. "I wasn't the one who read the spell. I may have wanted this, but it's your desires that Inanna heard."

Schmitty's eyes shot open in horror. "You're lying!" he shrieked. "I never wanted to be a girl!"

"You're right about that." William picked up the clay tablet and prepared to read. "You never cared about being a girl. You just want to suck cock."

Chapter 10: The Gift

Downstairs, Francis was whimpering in pain and pleasure as Dirtbag Dan ground her pussy on his sore, exhausted penis. "Come on," she moaned impatiently, "I know you've got one left in you." Her face was screwed up in concentration. She didn't even notice the cum dribbling down her chin, a gift from the exhausted freshman slumped down on the next couch.

Francis felt sure that another orgasm would kill him, but he was powerless to stop. As Dan sped up her rhythm, he instinctively grabbed her by the hips and started fucking her from below. "Mmmm yes, that's right baby," she purred. "Give me all your cum. Breed my fertile pussy." Francis knew how wrong it was, but Dan's words drove him over the edge. Gripped with a primal need, he arched his back and shoved his dick as far inside her as he could.

He let out a gasp of pain as his balls tightened, heroically summoning their last reserves of semen. His dick throbbed and bucked, exploding inside Dan's womb with a series of shuddering lurches. "Fuuuuuuck yeah," Dan moaned. Her pussy gripped Francis's cock as hard as she could as a fresh chain of orgasms rocked her body. She collapsed on top of him, but didn't let him pull out. She kept mercilessly milking his cock for every drop, ignoring his winces of pain. She only stopped when she was certain he was truly spent, then rolled off and laid on the floor next to him. After a moment, she lit a joint and started smoking it on her back.

"Best fuckin' party ever," she cooed, holding the joint out to Francis. He didn't take it. He looked like a corpse halfway through being mummified, drained of all fluids and covered in waxy, clammy skin. "Was it good for you?" Dan asked with a smirk.

"Mnguh," Francis mumbled.

"Oh shit, I almost forgot. Schmitty wanted you."

Francis groaned. "Oh no, not Schmitty too. Do you mean he wanted me, or he 'wanted' me?"

Dan laughed, exhaling a thick cloud of smoke. "He wanted you to meet him in William's room. Something about ending the spell before it's too late, blah blah blah. He took the tablet."

Francis shook his head, coming to his senses. Now that his balls were drained, the spell's effects were wearing off, and he found he could think clearly again. He scrambled to his feet, looking around the room for his clothes, but they had been lost in the orgiastic chaos. Cursing, he realized there was no time to waste. He took off for the stairs fully naked, stepping as quickly as he could over the bodies of the Chi men and women, who were all either passed out in piles on the floor or still fucking.

As he reached the top of the stairs, it occurred to him that he didn't know where William's room was. But he had a sneaking suspicion it might be the one with pink light and loud noises spilling out from under the door. It took some effort to open the door, but once he did, he felt a gust of wind pull him inside, knock him off his feet and slam the door behind him. He collapsed to his knees and knelt in the doorway, shielding his eyes from the blinding pink glare. Once he had adjusted, he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

William stood in the center of the room in red lingerie and high heels, holding the tablet above his head. It shone like a pink star, casting a psychedelic light into every corner. Wind swirled around the tiny room, causing stray socks and bits of paper to circle around William like he was at the center of a highly localized tornado. He was chanting aloud in an ancient tongue, his voice booming unnaturally. Francis recognized it as the same spell he and the others had recited earlier, but coming from William, it sounded totally different.

He was reciting the guttural sounds as though they were his first language. His voice was deafening, with an otherworldly quality that terrified Francis. It sounded like a whole chorus of voices was coming from his mouth. Francis could hear William's male voice, but also a similar female voice, as well as a much deeper, fiery female voice that didn't sound human. Beneath it all, a cacophony of voices chanted the words along with him, as though countless hordes of worshippers were following along. A fire burned in his eyes, making Francis shrink back in fear. Schmitty was similarly cowering on the other side of the room, hiding in a corner and watching William with a mixture of terror and fascination.

William's voice grew louder, and the storm within the room intensified with it. Francis gaped as William's feet left the ground and he began hovering where he stood, the wind whipping his short hair around his head. His hair whipped faster and faster, and Francis realized it was growing longer by the second. Soon, it had grown into long, gleaming black waves that flashed in the light as they spun around his head. He threw his head back and chanted toward the ceiling. Francis saw his Adam's apple pull into his neck, leaving it slender and unblemished. His male voice faded away, and his female voice grew even louder.

His head snapped back downward, and his eyes locked onto Francis, making him tremble. Francis was shocked to see that William's face had transformed into that of a beautiful, formidable woman, with strong, black eyebrows, dark, piercing eyes, and high, haughty cheekbones. His plump lips curled into a smile as he continued chanting. The tablet still clutched in one hand, he extended his arms and legs to their full length, hovering in midair like da Vinci's Vetruvian Man. His whole body shuddered and his chanting became tinged with moans of pleasure as a ripple ran through him from head to toe.

Francis could do nothing but watch as William's arms and legs transformed from scrawny, shapeless sticks into curvy, feminine forms. They grew longer and fuller as a taut layer of womanly muscle appeared underneath the perfect skin. William's hands and feet shrank, losing their meager covering of body hair and becoming adorably delicate. His shoulders pulled inward, as did his torso. He gasped as his waist contracted in one sudden jerk, becoming impossibly narrow. Beneath, his hips flared outward, and in the mirror, Francis saw his butt expand, filling out his panties until it was perfectly round and jiggly.

Now, William looked entirely like a woman, except for his flat chest and the erection poking out of his panties. But Francis knew that wouldn't last, and despite his exhaustion, he felt a tiny, shameful rush of arousal at the thought of what was coming next. His tender, overworked penis was incapable of getting hard in this state, but it gave a twitch between Francis's legs, and he felt a powerful desire to rub it. He looked at Schmitty to make sure the president wasn't watching him. Schmitty still had his eyes locked on William, but his hand was in his pants, furiously stroking his own penis. Unable to resist, Francis started tweaking his limp member as well.

William looked at them with a self-satisfied smile. All at once, he thrust his chest out and let out a feminine gasp in the middle of his chanting. The red lace cups of his bra bulged outward as breasts burst from his chest, topped by obscenely erect nipples that poked straight through the sheer material. His hips bucked in rhythm as his breasts grew in a series of sudden spurts, each one accompanied by a moan of female pleasure. Within moments, his bra was filled with soft flesh, heaving up and down with his own ragged breath. His tits were huge, even bigger than Dan's, and Francis licked his lips with arousal as he watched them jiggle into place on William's chest.

William's dick was so hard, it strained painfully against his panties. A tiny dark spot indicated where his precum was leaking out. His cock swelled until it looked like it was about to burst, then, with a popping noise that made Francis and Schmitty wince, it retracted into his body. William grinned even as his pelvis contorted and twisted, smoothing and receding until his cute panties sat perfectly flush against his quivering crotch. Francis was sure that William now had a fully formed vagina, and his own withered penis trembled with excitement at the thought.

The whirlwind in the room died down as the last words of the spell escaped William's lips. He gradually sank until his toes reached the floor, while his hair slowly fell around his shoulders like it was losing static charge. He landed on his feet with the lithe grace of a lioness, and Francis realized he was now taller than he had been as a man. He placed the lifeless tablet on the desk, then stretched luxuriously and smiled as he studied his perfect body. Francis couldn't believe that the statuesque goddess in front of him had been shy little William minutes before. He (no, she) was the ultimate vision of female sexuality and fertility. Francis couldn't decide if he wanted to bow down before her or fuck her silly.

"Ah, Francis," she purred in tones of silk and honey, "I'm glad you came. You're just in time to help our president with a little problem." She gestured to Schmitty, who was still cowering in the corner, his hand buried in his pants. He stared at her and Francis with terror in his eyes, but his hand didn't stop moving.

"On your feet," William snapped. "Come here." Schmitty whimpered and slowly climbed to his feet before slinking over dutifully. Francis was shocked. While the chapter president still looked like himself, from his unkempt stubble to his beer belly, he had lost at least a foot of height, and must have been at least an inch or two under 5'0". His clothes hung off him like he was a little kid playing dress-up, and he stared up at the others with a timid expression that only intensified the effect.

"Good girl," said William, stroking Schmitty's greasy hair maternally. "Schmitty here… no, that won't do, what a crass name. How about… Kitty? What do you think, my dear?"

"Fuck you," mumbled Schmitty.

"What was that?!"

"Nothing, mistress!"

"That's what I thought. What's your name?"

"Kitty. My name is Kitty."

"Very, very good." She turned to Francis. "Kitty here has a favor to ask of you. She's wanted it for a long time, but she's been too shy to ask, the poor dear. Go ahead, Kitty."

Schmitty stared at William in mute appeal, but she just smiled back at him. His eyes flicked to Francis for a split second, then he blushed scarlet and looked down. He mumbled his answer into the floor.


William raised Schmitty's chin with one finger. "Speak up, darling. And look at Francis when you address him."

Schmitty looked at Francis with tears in his eyes. "Can I… suck your dick?" he whimpered.

Francis, who had been dumbstruck since he entered the room, suddenly found his voice. "Schmitty, snap out of it! The spell has gotten into your head. You wanted me to help stop it, remember?"

The tears rolled down Schmitty's face. "It's not the spell." His voice was barely audible. "I've always wanted your cock. I can't take it anymore, I need cock now!" The last line came out as a pathetic squeak.

"There now." William gave him a loving hug. "Doesn't it feel better to tell the truth?" Schmitty sobbed on William's shoulder. Patting him on the back, William turned to Francis. "So can you help her?"

Francis stared at them in panic. He had already hooked up with two of his frat brothers, but at least they had turned into girls first. The thought of Schmitty's bearded face sucking him off was horrifying… and yet, as he imagined it, he felt his weary dick starting to stir. Once again, the taboo was arousing him, and this was the greatest taboo of all.

Schmitty pulled away from William, snot trailing from his nose. "Wait, not yet! I thought the magic was going to turn me into a girl! I can't suck his dick like this! I'm not… gay."

William gave a tinkling, derisive laugh. "We've established pretty definitively that you are. But no matter. The goddess Inanna's greatest gift can still be yours, but you have to earn it. Are you ready to prove you're deserving?"

Wiping his nose on his sleeve, Schmitty nodded. Seeing that William still wasn't satisfied, he spoke up. "Yes, I'm ready to prove I deserve it."

"That you deserve what, exactly?"

"To be a girl. To get fucked."

"That's right. So, Francis, are you ready to help?"

Francis stared from one to the other. William's seductive smile and outrageous body, combined with the submissive expression of desperate horniness on Schmitty's face, were making his head swim and his crotch tingle. He felt disgusted and aroused in equal measure. Earlier in the night, he would have been even more tempted, but he realized with a glance downward that his penis was incapable of participating even if he wanted to.

"I can't," he said lamely, gesturing at his limp dick and shriveled balls.

William laughed again. "Oh, that's no trouble. Kitty, you'll just have to convince him. Can you do that for me?"

Schmitty nodded, looking more humiliated than ever. He stepped closer to Francis and gazed up into his eyes. Francis caught a whiff of an intoxicating female odor in the air. Across the room, the tablet glowed softly on the desk.

"Please, Francis," Schmitty whined in a meek, pleading tone. "Please let me taste your cock. I've wanted it for so long, I can't pretend anymore. If you get hard for me, I promise I'll make you feel really good. I'll suck it and worship it and you can cum anywhere you want. I'll turn into a girl for you, and I'll be such a good girl. Just please, please give me your cock. Please breed me!"

Francis couldn't stand it. Schmitty's pleas rang in his head, filling him with raw, animal lust. He didn't care that Schmitty was a man, or that William was watching, or what any of it meant. He was seized with a primitive, overwhelming need to fuck. His nostrils flared and his pupils dilated. The tablet glowed bright pink, shining across his naked body. His sallow skin became flushed with color, and the bags under his eyes disappeared. All the exhaustion flowed out of his body, replaced by supernatural vigor. His muscles inflated, and Schmitty seemed to shrink even more as he gained another two inches of height. All his senses were heightened, and he could smell the pheromones in the air.

He felt a surge of energy between his legs that made his knees weak, and all three of them looked down at his crotch. William smiled knowingly, but Schmitty just watched in rapture as Francis's withered scrotum suddenly inflated like a balloon. Within seconds, it was taught and ripe, so tightly packed with fresh cum that it hurt. Next, his tender penis flushed purple and swelled, growing to its full length almost instantly. Then, to Francis's shock, it kept going. It grew longer and thicker, swelling in bursts timed to his heartbeat, until it finally shuddered to a stop. They all stared at it in disbelief. It must have been nine inches long and thick to match, lined with throbbing veins and twitching in the air. It was rock hard and so sensitive, Francis gasped at every breeze that touched it.

"What do you think, Kitty?" asked William.

"It's beautiful…" he murmured, his eyes as wide as saucers.

"I think it's time for you to fulfill your part of the bargain."

Schmitty looked up at Francis, who nodded. Even after everything he had experienced, he couldn't believe this was happening, or that it turned him on so much. He realized with shame that even if he had the choice between getting a blowjob from William in her goddess body or Schmitty as he was, he would have picked the president. Something in Schmitty's submissive, self-loathing desperation was making him hornier than he would have believed possible.

Breathing heavily, Schmitty sank to his knees in front of Francis. He bent in close, studying Francis's enormous member from every angle like it was a work of art. He licked his lips, inches away from the bulbous head, but seemed to hesitate at the last second. Francis was so horny, he almost grabbed Schmitty's head and shoved his dick down his throat. Luckily, William saved him the trouble.

"Go on, girl," she purred, placing her hand on the back of Schmitty's head and gently guiding it forward. "Take your medicine." Tears streaming down his cheeks, Schmitty closed his eyes, opened his mouth, and placed his lips on the head of Francis's dick. The instant they touched, a blinding pink light shone from the tablet and illuminated the room. An electric shock of pure pleasure ran through their bodies, centered on the point of contact. As it flowed into Schmitty through his mouth, he began to change.

His lips, just barely grazing Francis's dick, grew plump and juicy around the head. As he slowly ran his luscious lips down the shaft, the changes radiated across his face, shrinking his nose and jaw, softening every hard edge and pockmark, and erasing his stubble. By the time his lips touched Francis's pubic hair, his face was entirely female and completely adorable. His greasy, dark hair lightened to a platinum blonde, twisting into chin-length, feminine curls that bobbed as he pulled his head back again. When the head reached his lips, he released it with a pop. He knelt there, staring at the cock glistening with his own saliva, and hesitated for an agonizing moment. Then, blushing crimson with shame and desire, he plunged it back down his throat, causing his neck and shoulders to transform instantly. His clothes melted off him, leaving his petite, half-male body totally naked.

Schmitty was unaware of the changes happening to him. If he had been more observant, he would have noticed the blonde curls hanging from his head, but he couldn't focus on anything but the penis in his mouth. He couldn't believe what he was doing; his greatest fear and most secret desire were being fulfilled at the same time, and it was everything he had imagined and more. The rock-hard shaft stretching his lips, the warmth of the skin against his cheeks, the sharp, salty taste on his tongue… all these sensations fascinated him.

He tightened his lips around it so he could savor the feeling of every vein and ridge with his mouth. This made Francis gasp, and Schmitty moaned with satisfaction at the knowledge that he was doing a good job. He increased his speed, remembering every blowjob he'd ever received and using that experience to increase Francis's pleasure. He slurped away with gusto, propelled by his long-suppressed desire to submit, to serve, to worship a cock like a good slut.

As he got more and more carried away, his torso continued shrinking. His arms narrowed and became delicate, followed by his hands. He massaged Francis's balls, and they seemed to grow even larger as his slender, female fingers shrank. Suddenly, his nipples started itching like crazy. He released the balls and began rubbing his nipples as he sucked. It felt so good, he started squeezing and tweaking his nipples with force, aware as he did that they were growing under his fingers.

Francis watched intently as breasts grew from Schmitty's chest. They started slowly, then increased in speed while he massaged them, moaning around the dick in his mouth the whole time. Soon, his hands were filled with soft, creamy flesh. His tits didn't stop until they were overflowing. They weren't as large as William's, but he was so much shorter, they looked even bigger on him. He released them for a moment, and all three watched them jiggle into place on his chest. They were milky white, with thin blue veins running through them and wide, light pink, swollen nipples.

"I've got titties," he gasped in a high, breathy soprano.

"And they're beautiful," William said, dropping to her knees next to him. "You're beautiful." They kissed passionately, their tongues dancing around each other and their enormous bosoms mashing together as Francis stroked his dick in front of them. After a minute, William broke off.

"You're doing so well, sweetie. You're almost done. You just need one more thing. Do you know what that is?"

Schmitty nodded. "A pussy. I need a pussy so this dick can fuck me."

"That's right, good girl. I'm going to help you out here. You just focus on touching yourself. That's how you'll grow a perfect, tight little pussy."

"Oh, thank you, mistress!"

William rolled her eyes at Francis, then plunged his dick all the way down her throat in one motion. He gasped as William began deepthroating him with expert skill. Schmitty watched intently, one hand massaging his tits while the other furiously stroked the tiny dick between his rapidly feminizing thighs. Francis closed his eyes and threw his head back, his vision exploding into fireworks from the intense pleasure radiating from his dick.

William and Schmitty started taking turns sucking him off, then running their lips along his shaft and licking him up and down in tandem. Schmitty's ass expanded as he sucked, jiggling in rhythm with the bobbing of his head and gradually settling into a plump bubble shape. His legs and feet shrank, as did the rock-hard penis in his fingers. It had almost entirely slipped out of his fingers when a salty rush of precum leaked from Francis's dick into his mouth. The flavor made his body convulse, and with a shudder, his tiny cock suddenly yanked backward into his crotch, which immediately flowered into a pair of tiny, soaking-wet lips topped with a fine coating of blonde, curly hair.

Schmitty gasped as her fingers slipped inside her quivering pussy, an alien sensation unlike anything she could have imagined. She couldn't help herself; she began pumping her fingers in and out, squealing with pleasure despite the cock in her mouth. She opened her eyes and caught sight of her reflection in the mirror. She saw a petite, adorable blonde with oversized tits and a round ass, kneeling and sucking cock while fingering her pussy. How could she ever go back to being Schmitty after this? She was Kitty now, and Kitty loved dick.

As if reading her mind, William leant over and whispered into her ear. "Ready to seal the deal?" she asked. Kitty released the dick from her mouth, a trail of saliva still connecting it to her lips, and nodded. She got shakily to her feet, helped by William. The three Chi brothers stood there, studying each other's transformed bodies for a moment: William, the tall, black-haired Amazonian goddess with the bearing of a queen, Francis, the muscle-bound stud with the huge cock and bountiful balls, and Kitty, the tiny, blonde sex kitten with outrageous curves. It was so ridiculous, they all broke out into a fit of laughter.

"Looking good, prez!" laughed Francis.

"You too, bro!" Kitty gave his massive dick a friendly tug. "I can't stop touching this thing."

"Hey, if you can touch, so can I." Francis grabbed Kitty's tits and gave them a rough squeeze. She blushed and let out a moan. All of a sudden, their laughter was over, replaced by wild lust. Without another word, Kitty walked to William's bed and laid down atop it on her back, her feet still planted on the floor. She spread her legs, grabbed her knees and lifted them into the air, parting her pussy lips and presenting the pinkness within to Francis.

"Please," she whimpered, blushing up at him with a nubile, submissive look in her doelike eyes. "Please fuck me."

Francis didn't respond in words. He simply positioned himself in front of her, grabbed her thighs, and pressed the bulbous head of his cock against her trembling labia. With one hand, he guided himself slowly inside her until his glans was fully inserted. She gasped, looked into his eyes, bit her lip, and nodded. With an animalistic roar, he plunged himself all the way inside. Kitty screamed. She felt a stab of pain as her hymen broke. For a moment, she thought the rest of her would break too. Francis's dick was so huge, it felt like it was splitting her in half. But when Francis pulled almost all the way out and thrust inside her again, the pain vanished, replaced by a surge of intense pleasure like nothing she had ever felt. She screamed again.

"Fuuuuuuuck! That's so good! Keep fucking me! Fuck me forever!"

Francis grunted and drove himself into her again. Her pussy was so tight it almost hurt, but at the same time, it felt better than anything he had ever experienced. He couldn't control himself as he began pistoning in and out at full force, fucking the fraternity president harder than he had ever dared to fuck anyone. But the rougher he got, the more she loved it. Francis felt a tap on his shoulder and looked over to see William's face an inch away from his. She smiled and kissed him. He kissed back, and their tongues intertwined as Kitty writhed and panted underneath him. He started groping William's huge tits while she fingered her own pussy.

Kitty couldn't even think. She was only aware of the searing pleasure coursing through her pussy and reverberating across her entire body. She grabbed her plump tits and squeezed them as hard as she could while Francis's huge dick speared her from below. She felt a massive pressure building up in her belly, so intense it scared her, but she was powerless to stop herself. It grew and grew until it seemed like she would explode, and then she did. Francis drove his dick even deeper, hitting her G-spot, and she screamed as her tiny body was rocked by a titanic orgasm. The pressure burst, and her pussy squirted hot juice all over Francis's dick, legs, and the floor. She was vaguely aware of the sound of William laughing, but all she could focus on was the waves of pleasure overtaking her body.

As her orgasm slowly faded, she expected the pleasure to end. But she was shocked to discover that when Francis continued pounding away, her vagina quickly began stirring back to life. In all her sexual experience as a man, she had never managed to give a woman multiple orgasms, or even tried to, and she had honestly believed that they were a myth. She quickly realized how wrong she had been. She felt that same pressure building up in her belly again, much faster this time. Before she knew what was happening, another orgasm washed over her. This time, she barely squirted, but the feeling was just as intense as before.

She marveled at the wonders her new body was capable of. She knew right away that she was addicted to this feeling, that she would do anything to feel it again. She looked up at Francis, whose muscular torso loomed over her as he thrust into her again and again. She admired the shine glinting off his sweaty abs and the strong line of his jaw. She loved men: loved their bodies and their smell, loved the way they touched her, and loved their dicks more than anything. In that moment, she knew she only needed one more thing to be complete.

"Please!" she gasped. "Please cum inside me. Breed my pussy!"

William smiled and reached behind Francis. With one hand, she gave his balls a gentle squeeze, while her other hand stuck a slender finger into his anus. He gasped and shuddered, then instinctively bucked his hips with great force, grasping Kitty's hips and pulling them toward him as he did. He drove his huge dick as deep inside her as he could, then grunted as it burst forth with a massive cumshot. Kitty squealed in delight. She felt the hot seed shoot directly into her womb, filling her belly with delicious warmth that seemed to spread all the way to the tips of her fingers and toes.

An orgasm greater than any before exploded inside her, intensified by the deep womanly satisfaction of taking her man's cum. She ground herself on his dick for what seemed like an eternity, savoring every aftershock. She was still cumming when Francis pulled out of her, his half-hard dick dribbling semen from the tip. The sight of that precious fluid drove her wild, and before she could stop herself, she dropped to her knees and began gratefully licking the last droplets of cum from his cock. She relished the salty taste of his cum mingled with the tang of her own pussy, an intoxicating flavor she knew she would crave again and again.

When they were finally spent, Francis and Kitty collapsed onto the bed, sitting next to each other and trying to avoid eye contact. They knew what they had just done, and who they had done it with. Worst of all, they knew they wanted to do it again. William, however, was smiling happily at them, without a trace of shame. She crossed the room, took a moment to admire herself in the mirror, then picked up the clay tablet. She spun around to address the pair on the bed.

"Ahem," she said, holding the tablet aloft. It pulsed pink, and Francis felt his balls inflate all over again. William grinned. "My turn."

Outside of Chi house, the night was quiet and peaceful. No one beyond its walls gave a second thought to what the brothers of Chi Chi were doing. But far overheard, a pair of dark eyes looked down, glinting with satisfaction, and a melodic, feminine laugh pierced the night air.

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Wish I had that tablet

KateElizabethSuhr13's picture

I wish I had that tablet and spell. I'd pray to the goddess and ask for her to bless me with my inner desire to be all woman so I can be the real me!